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TEN NEWARK UNION-GAZETTE AND 'MARION ENTERPRISE, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 194.0 TELEPHONE 7l'u Scout Groups ToMark Birth 30 Years Ago Scouting Beckons AH Boys WOLCOTT Good for Every Day Occasion |-i; . .'T h e nation's 1:330.000 Cubs. Boy Scouts, and their leaders will celebrate the 30th.. anniversary of -the incorperation 'of the Boy Scouts of America in a week's •observance, beginning Thursday. ■Feb. 8, ■■ ^ , ■ Boy Scout Week is--the most lyflliniyortant week in 4 he Boy Scout ;>! calendar and nine million pres­ ent and former Scouts arid lead ers will join tlie celebration .Milch this year has as its theme '‘Scouting — The American Way” . ' The Scout Program with its . Patrol method and ‘other group action,’ features is a “school for citizenship* v Since Scouting ■provides for domestic group, de- cisions and group action, the celebrations throughout the na- tionrwtll he greatly varied. Each . Troop will celebrate the birth r .day, anniversary in accordance j with its own plans. Radio will play an important ’ role in the Boy Scout Week cel- 1 ebrations. linking together, i f ' - 'only for a short time, the Scouts -■ hi the great rtfiai areas .with . those in the cities and towns. The high point of tlie week's . observance will be a nation-wide broadcast from tlie White House. pyeiy.ng. Fphvnnry R . in which President Roosevelt, as Honorary President of the Movement and himself an ac­ tive Scout leader will talk to his : When the Boy Scouts of America’’celebrates Its 38th birthday on -“fellow Scouts and Seouters” os 1 Thursday, February 8. all of tlie 1,330,000 Scouts, Cubs and Scout Well J* The miii nnf frfenrit:leaders w l l re-dedicate themselves to the service motive which has Well as the millions of friends characterized the Movement for. three decades. Scouting offers ad- 01 Scputrng. venture, fun and achievement-attractive to ail boys—through the Speaking alsct during the I democratic life of the Scout Troop and Patrol, as essential ingrcdi- Presidenlia! broadcast will be cuts in its Character-influencing program for the boys of America. Walter W Head of St Louis ■ drawing on the rich experience of the Movement, local and national President of f he Boy Scouts of Sco,lt leaders anticipate the opportunity to serve more boys annually. .America, - who will speak from . ~ 5-1 1 V\ ■ T* Detroit. Mich., where he wiii be ‘Good Turn’ to American in London 'Alice Steven-on of Wolcott won the title of ehamp'on Way-rie County cl’ri rv pie baker at the contest .held at 'Leaven­ worth 'Central School, Wolcott.- last Saturday., and. will compete with.winners from other West-? eru New Yofk counties for the state crown next Saturday at the Rociie.ster Chamber ol com­ merce. Newark’s contestant, Marian Rykbost winner in a local con­ test a t the High. School last week-: Wednesday, failed toplace tn the .county-.competition: Second In the local' contest was Florence Baker. Mrs. Dorothy Holmes was judge.. - • • Nine girls competed' .in the Wayne County contest, with Irene Corgenell, Red Creek, and' Doris Bond. Sodus, taking sec­ ond and third place, respectively. Other contestants' were Betty Jane Maunder. North Rose; Frances Kenneth Marion; Leola Moorman, Williamson; Antoin­ ette Canton, Ontario: Pauline Catholdi, Lyons. Other.county v. inner.; who WilL compete with Mi.-.s Stevenson for the state cro\y.n next Saturday are: Robert Crane.. Webster, Monroe County: Betty Flick, Geneva, Ontario County; and Barbara Mathes, Albiotf; “Orleans XV-lW a4l. is said,, and, .done. nothing is nicer for small girls, thaii a jumper frock with a crisp guimpe. Your own daughter will I,look sweet enough to eat i n .857-9- i—ithe puff sleeves and square. I the vibrant new Vinter colors. ['Pattern- Includes: detailed sew | chart. - . j r ’“tiWH(Tse-dfris-^tpoH-d»V: vvithi [your patter,it.order. 1 It pays to read the Union- Gazette Classified Ads. skirt rippling about her knees. | ,| The skirt has rows of gathers ! [at the high waistline, making, i-t- i Ipi-efty full, and a -saucy pinafore' bow blooming at the back.. This, is such a practical style, too, be- '-cause one dark jumper and . several white guiinpes make it easy for you to keep her freshly! ' dressed1 for every day. I Challis. wool crepe, linen and Newark Union-Gazette Newark, New York FOR PATTERN send 15 cents in <?oin (for each p attern desired) to-, gether with your NAME, PATTERN NUMBER an'cl SIZE. Address: Patricia Dow Patterns 115 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, N. S’. DUPLICATED HDW.CORP. E. UNION ST. County. Winner in the state contest will represent New York in the National Contest to be held at Chicago Feb. 20, 21»and 22 as the climax to National Cherry Week. Grand national prize will be trip to Washington, D. C. a Two-thirds of the entering classes a t the United States Milir tary and Naval academies are composed of former Boy Scouts. igingham are nice for the juinE?i: 'er; organdy, dimity and lawn for the -guimpe. Send for,the, pattern today.. A step-by-step!, spW .chart is included to guide you, Pattern 8610—Even the very simplest little frock can be sol smart,, so ftgure-flattering, so; truly feminine, that it makes you look giamorou-S: This one, for; instance! There’s so little detail­ ing to it that you • can easily make it even if you haven't had, sewing, experience, arid you'll certainly toe proud of the re.- .sults, - -Every line of-It'is alive with- youthf-ul charm—the wide cor-' selette girdle that makes yotf look supple and slim at the waist. The skirt, with graceful, all-round fulness. The double | collar effect, that frames your face in snowy white or bright: Contrast. Pliant fabrics like velvet, -chai­ ns, flat crepe and satin are best adapted to the softness of this frock. Choose black or one of 2 3 cents a pound for those delicious Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters or three pounds for 59 cents. FRANK J. BALTZEL FORD ■ MERCURY LINCOLN ZEPHYR S A L E S and KARLW. HERMAN 319 W . UNION ST. TEL. 555 attending n dinner of--Scout Cave Birth to U. S. Boys Scouts leaders. Mr,, Head will speak I briefly and then introduce the j President- of the United States j a 11 American business man and-atjthat point the broadcast d ,n a London f g hwe de_ Will switch to the Nations Cap-} „ . ' \ . . . j-jal j cades ago. and from the mist a . A 'feature of the White House j b°Y appeared and. innoculated j A ft C f i n i l C broadcast will.be the annua! re- )i«ri“% ifh(the germ of a moye-. I f I f l[ i , 1 - dedication by the natron's Scouts™ ment which is to'be|;FeIebi-aL4cr_ _ ,i _ rP , sodus-Prestor. “ ’A'^Gnylord ve.r-aiy of the founding of the j.a ,. been spending ter. days in Warrett and Sayre. Pa. Teacher of School For Santa Claus to the Scout Oath which is the guiding princiole of Scouting At the conclusion of Sis ad- „ , . . TeSSc President Roosevelt win :’B»P-Scouts-of-America—an ' -ask the Scouts, listening 111 . ev- ganization which has penetrat-. Maine Forster was ad- ery part of the nation as well I ed every state in the union and 1 nvitted to the Myers H&spitai for as-in all of its .possessions.' t o ; h a -- to'.ci part,, of take the Seout Oath, or Promise ; eihzeaship of neailv 9.000 000 , -left-by Mr. James E | West, Chief men ar.d-'boy- Scout Executive and Frlitm- n f 1 ,,-j-The man who “shows -Santa Claus how to operate”, Charles W Howard of Albion', will be guest speaker at the regular meet mg of Newark Chapter 1.17. Royal Arch Masons, next Monday evening, ac-coudiug. to Charles W. Burgess, high priest. • fliowajd. who funs a school for would-be Saint Nicks ju hid hometown and is known as “the dean -of Santa Clauses”, is ex­ pected to tell of his novel enter­ prise at an 8 o’clock session fol­ lowing the chapter meeting. Lunch will be served after the store :n tlie trrj-t.neut la s t’week. Mrs. L. T. White of New York ... spending some time With her j program parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. B \Boyjs Life” who will be “cu t* g inatedin^n^lanT'through Ihe'I KeUy. Mr, Kelly Was taken to An Eagle Scout ranking is oft- into’? the broadcast from Miami, 1 efforts of Robert S. S Baden- i t*1* Newark_ Hespital last week I en considered the equivalent of Scout Executive arid Editor o f ; The Scout movement was ori- *]'{'■ Fla. Sunday, February 11. will be Scout Reverence bay and in thousands of church.’ • ,.f every , denomination • there will . be Scouts attendin': .pedal- serv­ ices. More than had of the na­ tion's 43,368 Cub Tacks. Boy Scout Troops and Stiuor See n't groups arc sp, n-n-ed by the churches and svu labcues of Am­ erica Scant., ..f .t'cwisft ;a;th will hold their -p'cial services #Friday evor.r-v February 9. and' Saturday , - ' Special emphasis wu;i be placed upon the twelfth pear.: of the Scout Law which read.- - ”A Scout is Reverent He is rev­ erent, toward God He is faith­ ful in his religious duties, and .respects the convictions of oth- Poweil. 111 charge of the South . fc>r observation African Constabulary. He recog- ' District Deputy Clyde Mason r.ized men lacked ch a r - ! °f WilLam«on made !u$ two years of college training official acttr t.iey knt-w nut'.ni.g of pior.eer.iig. of the outdoors.; of the things he believed es?.,en- i ■iai t for the life Ordinary processe.s of military training did tit-then: for iife m South Afr.c.i. To improve them a s ! indr. .duals-bnd as members of society, he developed a scheme 1 :>f group activity with emphasis on the outdoor life. ' I M S'rar.gely. England's youth i t : . S e c ’ Lodge F & A Tuesday evening. Feb G. Mr and M: . J J Jemjerick. Mrs C. L. G.-.yiorri and daugh­ ter Katharine aw .‘-pending -a month in FI\: .da Mr and Mrs Rov Ger,timer of Newark called 011 -relatr.v■- here Sunday. Crawford Adams will return this wpek to Cornel! Universi-’v iift-e passing TJve m.d-year re- ecs.; with hiv’mother Mr; C, B. Ada 111 s Sodus Center ers in ...m a tters’of custom and Sodus Center Rules Given For Driving Safety , assimilated his views as he ex pressed them m booklets Possi- . bly. the attraction was because of youth’s inherent love for a- uniform Nevertheless, he revised ; his program to suit boys and in- : corporated in it the somewhat similar views of American youth • leaders The Boy Scrurts were ‘ ims returned they therefore established Hospital mu’ch improved One of Baden-Poweil's early Mr and Mrs E. Lock- . Scouts was on the alert when an * m-r ati.4 Mr and Miv George-B ! American buskiess man. William Borradai'.e called 011 Mi- E R D Boyce, found himself lost ir. Mnr-hail at Geneva Sunday. : a London fog.. He aided the via- tor. but instead of accepting a gratuity, l-.e explained that he George Schiller ■Sodus 1 . A BIG GLASS O F MILK at bed tim e w i l l h o tp brighten tomorrow. M ilk has an alka - .LINE REACTION that helps you back to normal after fatigue, high-tension uving. Was a Boy Scout and could not ■■ Lyon Mr and Mrs Charles Wood ard entertained Sunday Mr and Mr- Milton Stone and family of'1 and Mrs B e rt1 For motorists who would avoid 1 take a tip. He had merely done, a ■ good turn”—a chance • good turr.” which transmitted the Bov St ih r winter casualty lists. Juiten i ®cou;. Irom England to hi H. Harvey, maimgmg director of the National Conservation Bureau, accident prevention division of the Association of Casualty and Surety Executives. Tecomtnends the following rules: Reduce average ,-peed below tji&t used in months when there is no snow or ire . Reduce night spe.ed below day­ time speed. Drive steadily, avoiding den starts, stops and turns Watch put for children on '-.sleds, espr-c.aUy where reads are America. The English Scout, whose name has been lost to record, introduced Mr. Boyce to Baden-Powell, and the two con ­ ferred or. several occasions, dis­ cussing the Scouting Program. iM.r. Boyce was a Chicagd pub­ lisher interested m boys. On his return to America- he interested promifi-ent public men in the enterprise and as a .result the BOy Scouts of America move­ ment was launched. and Mr of Alton Ml: - Arthur Converse of Ni'Kh Bo-b' was a recent gue'-t >t her brother Charles Woodard Mr and Mrs Ludwig Griff rath have moved from the B J. Case to th'’ former gean’ on Geneva Road 2. DO OTHERS envy your co m ­ pl e x io n ? If you hav e s k in tr o u ­ b l e s , t r y m i l k , richest o f all n a t­ ural foods in cal ­ c iu m ,th e elem ent m any skin special­ ists [prescribe. the than during &illy. j'mohthiv -Keep brake*? and air pressure “The pedestrian aJsn needs-t'o 211 a^l tires equalized. be reminded1,of special hazards Remember that pedestrians rduring winter.\ Mr. Harvey add- ■wili be wearing dark clothing ed. “For instance, deaths among and. wUl less visible, so slow'pedestrians aVe particularly con- dow^i and be particularly watch- icentrated during hours of dar-ki In- t V I I ' r ful at crossings. Since stopping on ice.requires about 5 times as great a distance as stopping on dry pavement,, allow,a- considerable stretch for stopping. , Apply brakes gradually and use second gear to help s!ow down the car. especially going down hill: ness. This means that to be safe the walker must realize that the driver's visibility i,s drastically curtailed at night. The pedes­ trian should be specially careful not to step into the roadway be­ fore making sure that no ve­ hicle is close. He should observe, when , at night even more th.an in the daytime, the rule of crossing 3 . N O W is th e tim e to fortify the O'OP.r S°r- 'sy s tem against this w i n t e r ’ s c o l d s . D r in k fre s h m ilk twice-fi-day, build txp your health re­ serve With VITAM IN A. th e p r o t e c t i v e yitdm in. M • 4 . STARS like Juno \Duprez in Alex- m i d>e l K o r d a ' s technicolor pro ­ duction, “Thief of B a g d a d .” drink imlk because it builds up v i t a l i t y without PUTttNQ ON POUNDS! * N ONE too youngs none too old to benefit from milk, nature’s you Residence Cheapest, most perfect food. Drink fresh milk at least twtce-Q-day. ary Keep fhie Windshield wiper only at intersections, in Walking And defroster in good condition., along highways in open country,, .w a y s check them before start- he should face traffic and keep' uA o n .’a trip off the travelled portion of the, dfee chains on packed snow or pavement as much as possible.!’ ■ ice. but do not depend bn them to save you from tfriffbie at high speed. Do your driving during day­ light hours as much as possible, keeping, in mind that there are from 3 to 4. hours less daylight | I At w est Point: where adfitinis trators recognize th a t food wel chosen and properly prepare: plays a large part in physical fitness, a quart of milk a day is allowed each cadet. _ _ Minnie F. Snyder Phone 241 Masonic Bldg. Reprcsonting THE TRAVEURS, Hartford B ureau o f M il k P u b l ic ity ,. Albany, N.Y., Dept. Z Please send m e t h e booklet. “ Milk - T h e W a y to H e a lth and Beauty,'* FREE a n d postpaid; Nnmn ......... \ I 1 I Cily - J Sialc L fi.e a s e p'RINT r i n t pLAINLY lain L y mmwmtm P | OM-M mm mm mm wm THE STATE OF NEW YORK l e o k k i f c r . | Friday and Saturday! The Snbrici’iption Price of the Newark Union-Gazette Marion Enterprise . (Regular Subscription Price $2 a Year) The Gazette Office wiii remain 9 P. SATURDAY IF YOU CANNOT REACH THE GAZETTff oFFICE ON THRIFT DAYS, SIMPLY MAIL THIS COUPON WITH $1 OR S2 TODAY, TOMORROW OR SATURDAY AND YOU THE GAZETTE FOR 9 OR 18 MONTHS AS YOU ORDER. . WILL RECEIVE Special Thrift Days Subscription Offer -- Piease send me the Newark Union-Gaiette 9 3IOM HS TOR *1.00 18 MONTHS TOtl I am enclosing $— M ftrk H e r e NAME: A DDRESS: (Receipt will be mailed) (FEB. 8-10, 1940) Yh® Newark Union-Gazette NEWARK ADVERTISER ■ LLPHONE 7 r pli.vc A. Gonnl hu>,.r. widow v. IdMMi is the wimw . . . - I .mi prize awar Brer Rabbil ,■ i- 1 utext\. sponsor ,,'i' Ford', Ine,, Lt.i ■pi recipe for Molas Tcakv won for Mr: : .pkicv in the con; ,•>(•(1 inore than £ : t - and 13,000 rec lie ihctcs I . Miss C ■.'icl. r -food editoi I,-..u; ileralci: Mt L a d and Miss -Ml!' I; cTeei'ded in favo Inlvv's recipe oil tk 1 m lit y. pi'acticalr Si.e.-iiits k tlie recipe: piulasses Chocolate >i p sugar vui< xhorteiving ■? pggs. well beaten i. I'-uii Bier Rabbit, ! pM-poon soda I: cup bfiiling wate.i Jl.', cups; flour |3 i.tbU'spoons cocot g ai»poc)n-salt ? |l :eU'poon vanilla , ■cam sugar and si | “ ic beaten eggs, soda which 1 Ihcd-'in boiling wa I'the -dry ihgredlen I been sifted togei ly I lie vanilla. Baki |.-.d pan in a 35(5 degrees F.) : a.- Top with frc >-c! crea-nt.’This- a moist fbr a weel Gennley, who ii e Street. Medway submitted her Iri.mklili Sentinel: |f i.iunung the co 'immunity. It |cd the best for t: pt the four weeks .p:: the $1 00 cash week Automatica was entered in p: competition for*t ir. sf.ii pinching i ■r •are it’s not all a [ G.u m.ley said yesti ■ : frieiids and it • d at her home ,'o- licr oil her gc jndges’ ehoi Oeck. she had a: re certain, pr , \t a dream” G.ntniev ' insis feu her three ei : :• fourteen — : culinary i ; along the -aa -in- ha* net sin- will spe 'on can rest a: , io a- good t ter.d.s ; . the natiot ..isscj Contes • Tin,, newspa\ Fmmv-.Gazette, .’s .nppreciati: who eivtei ■ . -t conducted-1 • Dorothy Hoii weekly pr s!i for^tkis^ 'lYT- ■A,:V A p p le .tluffins > d iiolir of bak-ins t'.i'Poon of salt -' .ispoon of sugar ' \f milk ■hlc -pcions of t-.t-d . and ■‘iiplesauce flour togi baking, ac Th eh mix ti ’’ oe.iten egg ■ and stir '0:- the liquid 'U:' at . stirring c ail the fit by spoc aufthi tins, -s i ':; of a.pplesa \vlien half f tlie apples •In: mixture. ■*”V hot oven fc ‘If raw \i-eshalf ct :v higredienti •sliced apph ^■ddients.i ■ -upper r ■jaked pott 1 a-ucci chi] -..cherry the' clii 1 if dcsii ■ k III: ' xper.ta say it “ ‘■tie on friendly ■ '°w.s, as they r ' antl gentle trea ( Pouucihg cpws esp crvous tempera

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