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TWELVE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1940 TELEFHONi; m elk p h o n e Senior piay } HOUSE OF HAZARDS Artfati Taken Chapter 10 Ffom the side of the rOck on • ' the hillside Francisco watched his flight with a grunt of con­ tempt. \I theenk you not fool ’round j,: here no more,’’. he said calmly, and went back to his sheep. He had protected the honor, of his ’ • house efficiently and in his. own i • ' way. , . ■ L u Stanley drew, in his sweating , \. ’ horse only when he cante in 1 view of the Circle V ranch house. Virginia, sitting at Matt’s desk, heard her aunt’s terrified scream. \Stanley What has happened? Virginia!** . I*'1 t f i t I * I r4 - ! •r.” L * , ' Fear gripped her. She ran. --- Stanley was just coming irr; Blood stained.his shirt on -the shoulder, blood was crusted on the fingers of one hand, where he h ad pressed them against the wound to staunch the flow*. .\Stanley! What is the m a t­ ter?” . . - - . ____ ^ \Oh. nothing to be frightened about.\ He . Smiled . pallidly. “Somebody winged me7 Just a Virginia saw him go without making airy attempt to see her again. \No i ’m looking for you. I it out with the slightly .patroniz- ing air that his father particu- ■ pleasant littie attention.’’ Mrs. Archer moaned, but Vir- i ijp- ginia was very quiet. She was. as • pale as Stanley now. but her - voice was steady and cool \Sit down here in this big chair. Guriy, please help me.\ They worked quickly. A call to Ling brought warm water, iodine and bandages, \ptt# ■ Curly’s- strong fingers- made short work . of the stained shirt. Curly squinted at the wound judicially. \Whoever plugged ye must’ve been considerably high- : h e a r that you’re spreading- the report that some friend of mine tried to kill you in my interest. You happen to know that it’s a lit the first place, i wouldn't 1 so—er—harmless as take the trouble to have you: assayed larly hated. \But I’m hot exactly unconscious myseif. • And some? tiling seems to tell me that Matt Blair’s ore samples weren’t quite they were , Monday, the high school was;1 ■entertained by Mr. and M rs.; Raudin who told about the cus-: tom and habits of .the Indians. SENIORS KARIN’ TO GO ■ Gome on Seniors! Only two more drives! Letls go over the top in both! Friday night, the .Reds play their last home game in the Senior Benefit Game, Get behind the team! On Feb. 28 and .29 the Seniors will let off their steam in ”Tish\ a really funny play. 3 T ’S GET PINS . ,. . .. Jean Halcus, Norma Warner, Shirley Humeston, Carol War­ ner, Ellen Young, Jane Woelfel, Agnes Williams, Thelma Doreen, Elsie Sliibiey, Pauline Dey. Mary Jane DeBarr, Eleanor Finewood, Eleanor Brown. Elizabeth Grieve received 3T pins this. week. DOMECONS PLAN PARTY Plans are under way for a Domeeon party sometime this month. Fannie DeJohn is the chairman of the party planning committee with Margaret Lo- stance Clark, Mary Rainers helping her. ; killed In the second place. I ; don't hand over dirty work to other people, and in ,the third place, my friends- don't miss.\ The curt contempt of it brought a dull red to Stanley’s ,i facev •“Look\ ''here\ he . began j vqice I angrily, but the sardonic went on. \If any friend of mine Ringed you- like that, he Wasn’t trying to commit murder. He was posting er up than you was.” he said j a warning, and I advise you to innocently. \Did ye get a chance , take it. Whatever you were up to rtf U tr%i 0** i . i .i < _ ...II. Bradish's eyes bored' into the insolent weakness of his soil’s face. \Well?” he sn'appfd.-\Wkat of it?\ \Oh nothing.” Stanley was biand. \I. just thought I ’d re­ mind you that I have some busi­ ness, acumen myself. How about a h a lf interest, giving you a first option on buying me out? You advised Virginia not to sell, and managed my wife's interests my- at him?” j when that thing happened, d o n 't: serf.’ el don't go around armed,” he :<j0 i t again.” . 1 ©radish regarded-his son with said curtly, \and he took good ! Without waiting for any reply i » heavy stare, care npfr-to show himself I was j he turned to. go. not by the \Trying to buck the old man, on my way here, just entering < he had come, but by another are you?\ 'he demanded. \Big- the mouth of Turkey Gulch.” {door. « ’ ger men. than you have tried Mrs.''Archer shot * triumphant I From Ehe veranda Virginia saw that, and most of ’em in the glance at her niece; Virginia | hitiv go without making any bread lines or adding up tempt to see- her again. She went—columns.'of other people’s slowly into the house-to m e et'sgts.” I her aunt. Stanley looked annoyed. \H o i-, \I thought I heard voices \ lister bucked you pretty success looked steadily down at wound she was bathing. Curly's brick red face was as nearly ex­ pressionless as a human face can be. The mouth of Turkey Gulch was in a direct downward line from Lee Hollister’s'cabin. THRU THE AISLES Senior Girls and Boys! Atten- know.” he added, “I might have | tion! *! Now is, the chance to get ’ ' a date for the Senior Benefit Game with Clyde on. Friday nite. It is the last home game and also the last informal .dance Come on kids, let’s go. Outlying towns hold great attraction for the students. Pal­ myra is coming dpwn to see Grace. Shirley, Gerry P. Gerald Ridley and John Ci.ll arc going to Clifton ,tb skate, at least that Is what they say. - Bill McMillan is always clut- •tering- up Room G during h.? JSJe^tumld—have—a--fleeter;-fgmarYOir“aon ’t know w Guriy. Will you. get him?” That was the only comment Virginia m a d e .. \ ’ ^\fll go and bring him,\ sug­ gested Curly obligingly. Mrs. Al- cher followed him with a ner­ vous backward glance at Virginia as she left the room “Stanley, how d;d it happen?\ — Virgin la’s low voiced questior came the moifient they were alone. ■‘Why. just a.- I told you. Vee.” “B u t you .-.u-pect someone.\ she persisted \Who is it?\ \Np ohe I would care to accuse,\ he answered evasively She Ignored his light tone, but she could not ignore the Impli­ cation back of it, \But I'm sure that no one here would do such - a - t h in g .\ . \No one?’’ he queried ironi­ cally. She flushed, \If you mean Lee Hollister., he would never fight th a t wayTfrom ambush.\ . “Oh. I'm not accusing him \ HP raised cynical brows that did accuse. ”, Out on the vefanda Curly took some hastiiy written mes­ sages from Mrs. Archer and started back- to the corral Stanley's waiting hore \He's a liar,\ reflected. Curly dispassionately. • i've been -plug- Mrs. Archer glanced nervously fully until I took him in hand,” j free time'. Give Elizabeth and past her niece. “You really ought he hinted sulkily,but got no | Miss Ratchford a rest Bill . _ not to leave that door open. Vir- the r . ; Artliur. JacQhs-.areu’t .you- rusk— tinrAliiaHFTiii? 'WKaTTTHaf *oiit There?’\ his i father demanded abruptly. Stanley went to the Window. “The gentleman himself,\ he murmured maliciously. “That’s your amiable ^friend. Mr. Lee Hollister. I wonder he's up to now?\ \Humph! Look* like a coinpe- When Mary Roberts« Rine­ hart's \Tish\ stories first ap - ; pea red in \The. Saturday Eve-; fling, Post\ they were accorded stall great acclaim that, Amer­ ica’s nibst gifted female novelist was compelled to write an entire series with the cl-ssically hum­ orous \Tish\ as the central figure. • Now Alice Chadwicke has. adapted these stories for the- theatre and turned them into a . •gay-and -jo^ua—mode-rn- -coinedyg- and the play will be presented here on Feb. 28, 29 at the High School gym under the\ auspices of the Senior Class. Strangely, enough this is not the first, time that ’Tish'' Jigs-; been turned into a play. T h e ; ■first dramatization of Mrs. Rine­ hart’s. most popular stories was. ■made by that veteran dramatist, Edward E. Rose, as a starring vehicle for .the magnificent star, of the stage and screen. May Robson. Miss. Robson, opened in \Tish” at Powers Theatre in Chicago* and after a good-sized run a t that playhouse made a,* short-tour o f tlie South. The fol­ lowing- season she made a coast- to-coast tou» in \Tish\ playing,; to jh e absolute capacity of the, theatres she appeared in. i Since that time Mrs. Rinehart , has written many-more \Tish” stories, and it is these later and ; more modem tales that Alice T . . t Chadwicke has used as-a source There will be ^another Indoor , {or her 5 bright ^ exciting ’ comedy. Apparently, “Tish\ will never die. Recently Mrs. Rine­ hart's most popular heroine was bringing joy to thousands of listeners on the air with the. popular and talented Broadway actress, Marion ■ Barney, in one role of \Tish\,. These humorous stories have made millions of friends for Mrs. Rinehart. \Tish” is the. perennial spin­ ster, loves adventure, and always manages to get herself and her friends into a peck of trouble. Together with two boon compan­ ions.' Aggie and Lizzie, she exper- -a variety-of thrills Srrd embarks on many strange ad­ ventures. * Miss Chadwicke has had- ac­ cess to all of the Mary Roberts Rinehart stories of “Tish\ and has studied them diligently be- J \ ow’n special -AMD ■MQNKEVs AMO: ELfPH,Vir| TOO-SO WASH YOUR FACE ••• m'tL &BT STARTED. HI-Y FETE POSTPONED Due to. the 'Illness of Don Lee. the Hi-Y pres., the installation banquet was ,postponed. It will be held sometime in. the near future. NEW CONTEST SLATED Model Plane Contest . a t the Rooseyelt School soon as a tune up for a contest in Lyons. ged myself, and 1 11 bet two dol- lars’Mex that he carried cat scratch from a blame’ sight ther than Turkey Gulch ” The doctor came ' and wciij. pronouncing Stanley’s injury only a fiesh wound might be-painful for a few days, bur: was not dangerous. Virginia wandered restlessly . from room to room-c\' It was all 'maddening and impossible. Only ''one tiling stood out definitely. A guest in her house had, been the victim of a cowardly attack from ambush, almost the limits of her own land. That could not • be passed in silence Footsteps 'on the verar.da caught her attention She went to the door. “Good evening.\ .-aid Lee. “I hear BradLh' lias met with an accident.\ '■• “I should scarcely call it that.’\' Virginia chilled instantly under this casual reference. “Stanley was shot in the back this afternoon by some con­ temptible assassin who hadn't the courage to let himself be seen. He is a guest In my house . and a friend, and I .shall expect every man connected with the Circle V or interested in it to make it h is business to find the mam who did it.\ His steady eyes were or. her. unsmiliiigly. “Men don’t usually ask women to fight tfleir battles for thcw,,'r he commented. “He hasn’t asked anything!\ .she flamed back, at him. “Hope you find your man,\ he said politely. \Ls Bradish J;‘„? I ’d, like to see him. Alone, please.” Stanley looked up sharply at; the tall figure in the door. “How d’you do.\ he said lan ­ guidly. \Looking for Miss Blair? • gh’e just stepped out,”- . be out there in the dark.” “There is no one out there. It's perfectly safe.” “Safe!” Mrs. Archer cried hys­ terically;. “How can you say such a thing when Stanley has been nearly murdered! I shall tjot feel safe for one minute until we get away from here. I have tele­ graphed to yotmuncle and Mr. Bradish—” \Oh darling! Without even telling me.” Mrs. Archer flushed guiltily. “Why not?” she demanded with injured dignity. \One might almost think that you were try­ ing to shield this criminal \ She shot an indignant glance at her niece and then broke in­ to hysterical sobs. \Oh I can't stand it any long­ er' I've been worried to death for weeks, ever since that insol­ lawless man came east and persuaded you to come back here. He's at tlie bottom of all this; I know i t ” \Aunt Adeie. please. That isn't so.” \It’s true, V-irginia. And you jt^st-Jjeep on, dropping money bottomless pit to satisfy :ead of/laking the wonderful price . Bradish has offered you just you out of friendship and sentiment : Quiet and solitude were for the place!\ around her, Far above, a hawk On and on and on. Accusa- wheeled in smooth curves, tions, pleas, bubbling, hysterical, watching for prey. Back of her reproaches. Virginia closed her [was a grassy fiat where a few ing ahead quite a bit escortin' Fritz Barthelmpw around Paul Stott has broken down and asked a Hi-School girl for a date It was- none other than Wanda Howland . . . Some of the Sen­ ior boys are taking dancing lessons We know some others who should too. Don’t we auis? Uncle Ab says the problems of the family next door are more important than those of Europe. During the past 25 years, poultry raising in New York has developed from a side-line in­ dustry to a major’ enterpn.-e. ■>.---_■ ■ ■ ^ How to help children enjoy themselves is told in Cornell bulletin 420, “Working Priivnples in Child Guidance”. For a rooy, address n. post card to the Office of Publication, Roberts Hall, Ithaca, N. Y. eyes. “You needn’t worry any more.\ she said wearily. \I wrote to Mr. Bradish soRRT'days ago that I was ready to sell. I’ll keep my word.” * 9 * A-second telegram a few days! later announced the hour of I Milton Bradish’s arrival: Virginia went to meet him, and he greet­ ed her genially. “How d’you do? Has that boy of mine been making trouble.lor you up here? I’lL take him in hand. By the way, just drive around to Gideon Morse’s office first, will you? He has - some­ thing therc*j.hat we’ll both want to see.” She drove him there. Half an hour later, when they left Saun­ ders.. Bradish was in an expan­ sively contented frame of mind. Virginia was' unukualty quiet, with' steady eyes fixed ahead of. her. “Well, what have you beer, up to?” It wa? the first moment that Stanley and his father had been alone, but there vj-as more suspi­ cion than sympathy in the stare that Bradish benii on his son. Stanley, lookedvsuiky. \l*vf' told you I was riding horseback in this infernal desolation and some sniper tried t.o pick me O ff.” “Don’t talk bosh with me! You were probably meddling around 1 Wife-some girl. One more ’ol jh a t kind and I'll cut off your . | allowance. Yoti must think I’mj asleep.” . -Far from it.’’’Stanley drawled | tent young deni ” Bradish stared after him with interest \I was a fool n ot to get him on my side,” he reflected. \Maybe I ’ll do it yet. Rifles like an Indian a-nd has as cool an eye as I ever looked at. Bet he rail handle men I'll get, him I'll have him or. my payroll inside of two weeks \ — Lee had been looking for Vir­ ginia. going first to make his inquiries of the friendly Ling, but Virginia was not there. She had slipped out .without a word to anyone, wanting only to, away from the house- and ever.y- ; one in it. High up or. Monument Rock where they had cantod her father to look down forever on I leaning against the rough the Valley of the Sun. she sat in; of a pine. a disconsolate little ..huddle, her ! \You wish to see me?\ asked Chin- in her hand, staring out at | Virginia. the rugged country he had loved, j “No. I not wish to see you. I Hot tears came into her eyes I hate you. But I come.” She laid her cheek against the 1 \Rut why rio-ym^ hate-m,- rough rock 'd had to do it! I \I hate you because ho love had to! You understand, don't', you! I hate you because he ! theenk always of you and never ' of me I hate you because you throw heem away like a soiled rag. like a poison snake, because you see heem touch me.” Virginia listened, astonished and a little angj-y. Tire last words caught her attention sharply— - - \What are you talking about? What have you been doing?” (To Be Continued) squirrel darting pines -whispered. A whisked up a tree; a \yren scolded. Virginia jumped up quickly. The girl from the sheep ranch stood a short di.-.tauce away, dramatization. The -result is a !. p!ay that is crowded with laugh- ■ ter and one that convulses I audiences everywhere ! — o I Show Lists New Diamond-Studded Movie Programs The Capitol’ wifi'inaugurate a new program of \Diamond Studded- Entertainment\ next week when two outstanding feature pictures will be shown in each performance for three days. The new program yni begin on Tuesday with “Nlnotchka\- starring Greta Garbo. and \Congo- Malsie\ with- Ami- Soth— ern in the lead.. . Greta Garbo in ''Ninotchka\ her first venture into sophisti­ cated romance of today, pre­ sents a new side of her many talents. - In her first ultra-modern | role In some years she piays a j ! Russian commissar who finds: on a government mission to Paris. Brilliant comedy lines are contrasted with gripping dra­ matic movements. Garbo is.gay, sings, dances to swing music, wears gorgeous Adrian creations, and in eyei-y detail presents an entirely new Garbo to her fans. Come to Strand In Human Story Ethel and Joe Turp begin, th e ir screen careers by .proxy in th e persons of Ann Sothern and William Gargan in the filmiza- tion of Damon Runyon's widely- read story. \Joe and Ethel Turp call on the President\ which comes to the Strand Theatre Sunday. featured in the cast with \Mr and Mrs Turp” are Lewis Stone, momentarily forsaking his .fam­ ous characterization of \Judge Hardy” to enact the Chief Exe­ cutive, Wal'ter- Brennan. Mar­ sha Hunt and Tom Neal. Brennan, twice winner of the Academy Award for the best supporting player performance, has what, is, hailed a s the role of his career in the new comedy drama His roie of Jim, the postman of Flatbush, Brook­ lyn, carries him from hjs early twenties through more than’ thirty-five years of his life. Marslra—H tm tr enacting the sweetheart of 4iis youth, ages similarly in the course of- the story The plot centers about Kitty • Miss Hunt) whose son di%r I , appears and becomes a criminal. I I To keep Kitty from knowing the [ ' Jtm writes letters j.a-re supposedly from the boy \ and delivers them to Her. Jim i I paints a glowing story of sue-1 ' cess in far off places and Kitty, I • growing old, lives only for the | j pride she holds for her boy. i Finally, a real letter comes for I Kitty. Jim opens it. It is from ‘ the state penitentiary, telling I Kitty that her son. who has ' been convicted of a crime and ' sent to prison was killed in an attempt to escape. Jim destroys the letter. He is arrested and summarily dismissed from Jhe_ posTaLsprvice. Such is the case that Joe and Ethel Turp take to the Presi­ dent.. o make the picture the outstand­ ing Broadway Melody ever to-be produced in Hollywood. New songs, new dance steps add to make the picture the’ outstand­ ing musical to be produced thus Astaire, Powell Paired Together Tonight and Friday . . . JOAN BLONDELL - MELVYN DOUGLAS — i n - - “THE AMAZING MR. WILLIAMS” —With?- RCTH DONNELLY - EDWARD BROPHY Saturday - - Feb. . Continuous 2 to II P, M. GENE AUTRY . . . SMILEY BURNETTE — in — “IN OLD MONTEREY” With GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES THE HOOSIER HOT SHOTS — MARIE ANND SALL1E 10 Sunday - Monday - Tuesday Ebb. 11-12-13 ANN SOTHERN - LEWIS STONE »- „ WALTER BRENNAN “JOE AND ETHEL TURP CALL ON THE PRESIDENT” ! — Added Feature — EDITH FELLQWS - JAMES M c GALL i ON —in-- “PRIDE OF THE BLUEGRASS” Wed. - Thur. - Fri. Feb. 14-15-16 MICKEY ROONEY LEWIS STONE - CECILIA PARKER ‘ --in— “JUDGE HARDY AND SON”'? Starting at the Geneva Schine Theater Sunday. Feb. 11, for four days Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell pair together for the first time in \Broadway Melody of ,1940\. Tlie outstanding dancing of Fred Astaire with that of Eleanor Powell • combines to OHM M K LYONS, N. Y. Feb. 8-9 Thursday and Fridhy . . ‘Tull Confession” VICTOR McLAGLEN - SALLY ELLERS Saturday I \ ’ ' 7~ “ Matinee a t 2:30 “Irish Luck” FRANKIE DARRO ■—And— “Tfee Big Stampede” JOHN WAYNE Feb. 10 Sunday aiid Monday. - _ Feb 11-12 Contmuoiis Sliow on Suftday _ Starts a t 3 o’clock ThaUs Right You’re Wrong” J ? * KYSER AND BAND ADOLPH MENJOU - LUCILLE BALL —And— “Little Accident” HUGH HERBERT - BABY SANDY ~ Feb. 13 Tuesday “Reno” RICHARD DIX - GAIL PATRICK Wednesday . - . Matinee Starts 3:30 — Children 10 Cents — ON OUR STAGE — Tom Grierson With His Own Electric Organ — ON THE SCREEN, — “Sued For Libel” KENT TAYLOR Evening 25c to All Feb. 14 Thur. - Fri.. - $at..| Feb. 8-9-10 ’•1rt<G « U w T !'M iyit Met No Advance in Prices 4 Big Days — Starts Sunday, Feb. 11 ANOTHER DIAMOND STUDDED PROGRAM Mirthful . . . Mu-ical| MASTERPIECE ! ! ! Alss Cartoon Comedv Latest News STARTS SUNDAY, FEB. 25 ENTIRE WEE] , “GONE WITH THE WIND” •Ail Seats Reserved — Seat Sale Feb. 11 Money Orders Given Prompt Attention N E W A R K . N .V - Wednesday'- Thursday - Friday nib _ DwoihylAJiOUR AlimTAMIROIT Jok* HOWARD February 7-S-E WaltecflfiSEflN R B 5 T Q N FOST E R . ■ February lOOj Added —- Chap. 9 of ‘Tracy’s G-Men I Comedy - “Blamed For l | Blonde\ - Cartoon, “Wirh'j Waeky Romanee” - Ne«v| Sunday - Monday The romantic adventure story of the famous “Fighting 69th\!! ^ Pack up your troubles and smile! Laugh! Thrill! February lTb| ■ i / V // \ mu ent Lopez And His - Cartoon - “Small !r' IV mid \ews Events Tuesday - Wednesday . Tln.rsdby . pubiisheel ieverj [ Milier Stiy Nfewa ; a c6hsolidatxpn_s V Tht) Aroadian W Eutvre.1 as seCQtu 3SCR% 'TION BA far this year. Also on the same prog:.ur.l a comedy, featuring -GeoJ Murphy, a cartoon in t,, color and latest war new.?,, war on land and sea in Etnopl in the nnclen Inin's life-are tljr ,i'.,iislomed to iL.it monies ru-nte nixj only 1 alien the average leyond seventy, I |,merican people 1 By taking the which each pei las compiled a ta |.rne very interest In the year I1 limld expect to !iv || life for males h lues indicate that lie expectancy tha |clter chance for i ■ir; longer than Some of the re l.un enough. Bat in infancy. Ah h.in it used to he. liidfinic pf 1918 l«i J 5 million in. Iliolesale cause of any great numb hiedic.il science liltlten s health, a ent to advancing fise than from anj eniv conquered. V.’lth jnore pei |nuer. the average e days pf our gn The proposal, i p.ident be-given mi emergency\ h: • o! America's ‘t 1, h' t he extension ■er the Individual li'i'trcy and freed< |r,ment. The job opnsals and to re; Author of tcH. and Influ SHE GOT l ie re - the stoj >M,i to earn th- f' herself a job a fh.it woman is Jjcrt m ,One.\ Mrq- Ray was Suddenly her i ’’ f,“ ail indef JTIive to go n,isi.,ke so me jg.iv-piimly. 1 he -frr-Tt'thing \'r'h She decic \■\uld sell an j:pL.y ,■ r these tw 1 and herse |ns Was excellent 'he things she |in.'. and she dec | r i iieen m anagint uned in caption (he world of ft br.ithv f-’arker. t lie). hi doing this •e.quaintances. a | npV. -She wenl fer.- was a job v jinujedge she po ht an advertit pr'.n Cosmetics ( Jea into operatio jmpany, and wha fnted to repacka: ’\ 7*0 rnoderniz, b.ie eot to wor |\;|K tfume bottii I 'i^verlising can prked out a rad: Then she wen lie men listened. |t\nidinvent. W: Iput tins business |r vire ptesicjentr Pi -me with exce \They did! hi.r made an. I11-' (he men ha I •' ine.mtime. h Mrs. Ray | her job, and tb Inyone can 1< 'k. in rold from P h a t ompany -voiirself, the j Ddi v on l

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