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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, April 18, 1940, Image 12

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TWELVE NEWARK UNION-GAZETTE AND MARION ENTERPRISE, THURSDAY, APRIL 18, 1940 telephone H o 4-1 NEW STYLES Association Annual Meet in Port Gibson Twenty-dye older 4-fit . Club girls and homemaking leaders enjoyed a very interesting meet­ ing in Sodus Friday evening., _Aartll2, qu A'N ew 'Spring. Clothes . and Styles” and “4-H Club-Girls Appearance”. Miss Helen McQueen of Wol­ cott gave a short talk on “New Spring Styles -and- Ciothes” and had girls model several dresses Port Gibson - - The annual business meeting of the Port 'Gibson Cemetery Association will be held Saturday ..afternoon, April 20; a t two' o'clock. . All -members of the association, are requested \to \be present. An election of .trustees-.w.hosc-U:Eins- have expired will also be held at that time. Mr. a n d Mrs. RqtssftrBurns of Newark spent Sunday with. Mr. and- Mrs. Guy N-ortoirand fam­ ily- ette Garlock and family of Vic­ tor were Sunday gujsts of Mr. and Mrs.. William Garlock and family. Mrs. James Crawford enter- BY isfied the Republican, spokesman: cratic point of view, is not quite of tiie Farm Group, Senator Me- clear. Nary, that he is the,-friend o f ; There are some who say th a t . . . if Mr-. Roosevelt should decide, the farmer and understands ^ jast t0, ,seei(, a farm problems. • : third term. Tom Dewey is the Mr. Dewey's friends are vigor- . o n ]y Republican with a strong '.enough personal appeal to have major work in .restatement of the law has been compared to the framing of the \Napoleonic and Justinian codes. Since it was incorporated; four members , of the institute's council have, been appointed to the United States Suprem e cour.t, nameiirl justices Stone, Hughes, Row?!1 :nrte) ’•ill) and Cardozo. Labrador’s Fishing Industry Fishing is the prlncip*; ;r4 , try of Labrador. W AY taihed the Friendly Club, at her home on ’Friday afternodn.' illustrating the various styles, ; Miss Edna Short of Rochester She also gave suggestions on selecting suitable materials and the types and kinds of material, to be used this summer Mrs. .fit, D. Nevin. 4-H clothing specialists, yiiustrated' ways the girls might improve' their own personal appearance She spent' considerable time showing how to improve the appearance of hair and discussing make-up fur girls of feen age. (Continued from Page Eleven) , , ,. ,. , . . “ . , , i ously promoting the proposition- . , _ . mg opposed -to a party which j tha:t .when it comes to adminis\- a -chance against him. But the has. been in power for eight ■ trative experience, neither M r.;conventions are still more than years, must nominate - tlje best |,'Taft, nor Mr. Vandenberg has..] two months away, and Senator, yote-getter they have, regardless ' any record to compare.with-that Taft is believed to have a very j . _ . of other considerations; And so I of Mr.. Dewey in administering j large number of delegates a:l- j Mr. and.. Mrs. -far as-tests of vote-getting pow- | the office of District Attorney [ready safely pledged to himself. ) er- have-- gone; ■ Mrr Dewey hasTihThEr naUmi's ISfgest and\T.iost; -----------0— --------- ,| ten XtlH ? 6- T / ! C°rrU,)t - Cit,y *??. T?nnin£ M j L — American Law Institute i of ,it than either of his two chief ( war against politically, protectircr ^ , Ke American Law institute riyals. i crime, _ j s, 1J)acie Up 0 f 750 leading law- So the Republican leaders are | Democrats Active I ver^ jUfiges Gf. .all the appellate -beginning to study Mr. Dewey’s j It is significant that -some anddeatis Of the hattoffis other qualifications much more l prominent Democrats, as well a s I ou tstanding law schools. Its called on Mrs. Mary' Stacy and faintly on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Gar’.ock and son Alan of Victor were callers at the home of Mr ar.d- and daughter attended a social at. the home of Mr. and, Mrs. Herbert Sisson of Orleans last Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Edward DeLqoze called’ on -Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Young, of Phelps 011 Sunday. Mrs. William Garlock, who fell and fractured her left wrist last Monday afternoon, is now rest­ ing comfortably at her home. Miss R-uby Gelss, with several friends, was ad inner guest of other. purpose is to “clarify and sim- Mrs. William -Oariock. and. fam<-.>*L« ' H!ena, D??n Newark at 1 ag^cultural matters he has sat the home of Mrs. D. R. Culver, seriously, in international af- ■ Republican backers of fairs he 'recently talked like an; candidate-, are taking a more -;pii-fy the law, to better adapt it .isolationist, but lie still believes ; or less active part in the effort., to social needs, to- secure the •that Congress was right in re-ij.it.v \Stop Dewey,\ Whether he . better administration of justice pealing the Afrhs Embargo. In ' w regarded as tire most danger- .and 10 encourage scholarly and opponent, from the Demo- 'scientific work.;\ The institute's You and Your Should Have the •el Je r s e y G u e r n s e y TRY OUR NEW CHOCOLATE MILK Q U A L I T Y D A I R Y HAROLD C. WELCHER Phone 22-F-2 \ “Successful dresses are possi­ ble for all 4-H -girls.'’ declared Mrs. .El D. Nevin. clothing spe­ cialist of -Cornel!, at the leaders school held in the Sodus Com­ munity House last week-end. Girls who are planning to enter the “Ensemble Revue*' this summer also attended this meeting. In the afternoon. Mrs. Nevin. assisted these girls in the types of dresre?—prat terns, ma­ terials. and con-truetion meth­ ods which should be considered. She discussed hair arrange­ ment, posture and persona! ap­ pearance which are also judged . in the revues. , Indications are that a large group of older girls from Wol­ cott. Ontario. Sodus and Wal- ' worth plan to make or assem- , ble complete costumes for the \Ensemble Revue” Which is ; ify cm Saturday. The NeedleenU Thursday afternoon at home of'Mrs. Clarence Dtngman Mrs: Claude Wilson spent last Friday in. Rochester. Robert Ogden pf Shortsville was the guest of Harold and Raymond Lyon on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Gelss called on Mrs. William Hines of Lyons on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs r-nw nipt !•,«» • High Street, last Friday evening. ‘t[)e j Dorothy Schwartz spent last Tuesday evening with her grandparents, Mr. and Henry Schwartz of Newark -o- Sodus Center Sodus Center—Mrs. Robert E. Boas spent the week-end With Edward Knowles enter- her daughter, Mrs. Irvin Apple -ta tired the Ladies Aid at he: home last Monday afternoon. • Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Schwartz man in Rochester and attended a show at Green Gables in honor of her daughter, Miss Florence and daughter were Sunday j Schilstra. visitors at the home of Mr. and | Mr. and Mrs. Myron Sward Mrs. Albert Moore of Savannah . 1 hout and daughter. Barbara. Of!, Mr, and Mrs. Henry Lannonl Canandaigua were Sunday' of Clifton Springs were Monday guests of Mrs. Swardhout's •everting guests of Mr. and M rs.! mother, Mrs. Julia Carlson. Kenneth J. Lyo.n. j C. N Reynolds and Arthur Mrs. Deiber.t Featherly re- Mayou had business in Oswego ceiveri word last Sunday that I Friday. her mother, Mrs. Estella Wood I Mrs. Frances Eyer was a guest of Honeoye Falls' had received | of Mr. and, Mrs. Thomas Wrate tentatively ust 2 . a fractured hip as the result of a fall at her home last S aturday afternoon. Mrs. Wood is now resting.comfortably at Highland scheduled’ for Aug- ■ .Hospital in Rochester; Wayne County 4-H wiil broad­ cast Saturday. April 20. on the regular 4-H ■ program over WHAM a t 12:15 p m. Brudette Colvin, leader of Wolcott, is in charge of the program which is on crops. These members are taking part in the discussion and plans of this broadcast- Germaine and Judson Seelye. Stanton Colvin, and Kenyon' aiikie. Marsh all of Wolcott. r Mrs. : --- ■ -- 0 -r ----- ■ -- The more limited the piirse. Mrsr Emm'a Wage of Newark spent several days last week as the guest qf her daughter. Mrs. Edward DeLooze. The. Cheerful Workers met last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Andrew Bodine. Mrs. Herman. Brock is now able to be about again with the aid of crutehes, after having been confined to her home for thirteen weeks with a broken the more difficult it is to pro­ vide-ail the nourishment the body needs, Cornell bulletin' E-236 “Low-cost Food for gealtlr” may be helpful, and single copies, free to New York State re-.id cut..-. may ot had from th- Offic- of r u b l e . • w . Roberts Hail. Ithaca. New York Nettie’ Short called on Miss Edna Short of Rochester last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Geiss called on friends In Sodus on Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs, Frank Phillips of Rochester. Mr and Mrs. W A Bbal and d uighter Clarissa of M.iccdo:-. Mr and Mr.. Vtn- at Sodus Tuesday. Mrs. Eddie Keukelaar. Mrs. H E. Lockner and Miss C a ra Grimm attended the teachers Finger Lake Association confer­ ence at Wolcott Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Klumpp of Rochester were guests of his mother, Mrs. Cynthia Kiumpp, Sunday’. Mrs. Alice Ford returned Sun­ day after spending a month with her daughter. Mrs. Carl. Lockner, in EJmira. Mrs. Rose Hill of Wolcott spent Sunday, with her sister, Mrs. Charles Woodard. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Eyer of North Lyons called on his mother. Mrs. Frances Eyer last week Wednesday Several from here went to Bay Bridge Sunday to view the large trailer .truck ,1 loaded with tea that skidded Into Sodus Bay Friday morning. Gar lock ar.d a :. C . Co Geneva, and Mr. and Mrs. Ever- lerty. Low-Cost Financing If you are buying or building a home, it will pay you to investigate the Geneva Federal's low-cost financing plan. This institution also makes loans under the F. H. A. plan, a t 4 You place yourself under no obligation if you c a l l ot write. A r. v*\ F e d e r a l S a v i n g s AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 0 9 Seneca o t , Weal Geneva, N ehabilitati fare per (tv-. iThird' in |dh tin 1 -organ: iiifli the .Arc fliesi. Next Seoul--* • .Duram the Farjcv Wclfa* tad'i* ‘- mvc ser tiri: i 32 fair ,<f the .u-ute ltioiv that • then \IrpOTT petjra-tfnent. I.-. iVaimg . 11 .. witr , -rd. the makes ■mmunitj Cliildr ly I :u Aren Bk. < - and Ir. c . i 111 Jo ;■ .:c full Ion; r:od Iw::,-. Societ 111 ,' 1’ .-ilic We lupe: ,-;ilg Ifihfi. : bomc l;d - a ...ch ca lru:r. ;ubiic pental Aid Pu:-is th( progr: ca :i froi i.iinilic Kor.r. pb.r I-' Be::’ Id n. Ih.i-- -■ If!:-’ tfiuli' r el, pro ' it .ilren , oi an :..d ,v - '. cui; I no ex p>:i. fciet\ [ir-.: t> j! cj and Tlio ,pe; 1 :th a r rneh V.I.. A V mnuii . . .-reby (•'inn; purpc - ; 51 wa i i.uily’ • ■ -re bis,, (o-viimied lor • lrs. K a [ G r o u p me M it.iber • inner Newa otine ponsc . . lie .. in Iir I |V ..... F |f..: - lit ‘-re Dr, Mrs- Ill v. D. ncy. H Mun ' son. Mrs. ■'aii ..1 lll.S, ■imn .;o or .ah- ■ t WO t u I'll : ill - ,- cd that— cl .1 t I) I ' d • * ly ti 1 nbm t rc 0 n.'-cs i:!-Sp 01 I iir * i-X’opi ,.;r» ’■-> till Die ■ ,1 .>[ wee] ke ti nd . mis' 1 .... _ : , 3 Ml 11 p. I I*1 ft, ; ■*’ '■ ' 11(1 '••• ' kc ‘■\.ilia to - r!

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