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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, April 18, 1940, Image 7

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- NEWARK UNION-GAZETTE AND MARION ENTERPRISE, THURSDAY, APRIL SEVEN SEVEN TENS | Portside Flingers for NHS HIGH TEAM Latin Named Secretary and TreasuVer for 1940 C a m p a ign ark Softball League elect- , eti A.'irrt Gallant. State School Ah: •dr:.’ Ai:'’ hi It.. iriM-.ii ■II.-. ■it dub-player.-its loc.p previ- n tile first meeting of the ••.isnn. Monday night. Gal- .iiceeecLs Roy Follette as ,U tire circuit, iirnup also selected Robert Latin ;as secretary- : f. replacing Charlie Six teams were represent - r lie Session, including club, 1939 champs.. Halla- p ,n\> ’Ruche’s,, Knights of Col-., iiniou . Elk's. and .State School Bov.'- ^ i;::- managers voted to play , a>.. c.uiH s as twilight affairs this,' ve,ti, ioiclng the opinion that co.-t- ut lights on the new pro- povtd lighted' field could hot be financed They also adopted;, the •H.u.' iod Day-er-Nite’’ hall as the official league hall and agree,d that all teams who in- rnri to.compete this year must be M-prcsented at a second ni\. t::v; at 7:30 p. m. next Mon­ as' the Courier office. T,.;',c 5 discussed but left for fiu.i \fnsioH until next meeting ■ imitation of players on tea:;: -quads, entry fee and fin- anc\- umpires,, and playing Prcudent GMTa’ht yjdH ap- ptii.i: .1 thrce-mair Governing Boar.i :n the near future. M u-.liters at Monday’s meet wcr- Pat Donahue for Men’s O', .'a Fred Burgess for Roche's.: Art Biadley for.SS Boys. Mur­ ray uv tcher for Elks, Bob Latin oi ff.iffaga.ns, and Harold At-’ \i Op. ccr mi! soil H e is e Drills Squadron on Field- to Fill Five Open Positions On the shtfu&teft of these two left-handed twirlers, Charlie Hausman (left) and Bill. Porter, will rest, the mam pitching burden for Newark High’s diamond nine this season. The pair p osed during rush drills for non-league opener here Aprs! 30 with Manchester. PLAY and BY-PLAY representing Manager Townsend 'of t.he Kay- It is believed 'im perials .i.iiii enter a club of high .. . boys and Bloomers may • .-ponsor a team. - — o———i— \ o u r i e r s A w a r d e d L o c a l P i n L e a g u e T i t l e f o r S e a s o n A.t.-oush bowling in the vil­ er wague Will continue an- ncr i wo weeks, Couriers were . :i champs of the .circuit . ::x oasis of their teadi.ni •• as the regular season ended last week. i:.. newsboys, led by Capt. »'• cue. wound up th'e r e ­ late By DON felRD. ¥ Another Spring: another softball season; a n d ‘ another scramble to line up 6 n paper witli a winning ten! Balmy breezes are bringing the mushball maulers out in droves to limber up their flabby ftingers and Willow wands. Team m an­ agers are leaving no stone unturned to. contract the cream of the local short-diamond performers, but .from here it looks as if the 1940 race wili be wide-open-and elosely ‘fought. ^ A' * ^ , Supporting this brief is the fact th.at only four of last .year's seven-teams will return to the'Avars,\ leaving no less than 40 players to be split a’m&ng the remaining trio of new outfits. Men’s Club, 1939 titiists, is not expected to put its best dub on the field, holding the “varsity” for the county loop. Elks, State School Boys, and' Imperials will have about the same lift'etfp as last year. This leaves Hallagans, Knights of Columbus, and Rbche's to pick fiom the 1939 cavorters With Twangs, Bloomers, and Jame'ssons. Men's Club will probably have Harry Ros.-,, George Barthjlo- . mew, or some new twirler on the mound, while SS Boys will again , cltpend on Al Gatske. Murray Welcher, Antler pilot, will be loaded with two hurlers if Bloomers do net enter, Charlie Priebe and I Win Pishbaugh. Roche’s will be composed mainly of the pick of I last year's Rose City League, with Freddy Burgess as manager and Allyn Bedette on the rubber. Kaycees look to have the strong- ! est lineup, with canny 'George ‘Townsend’ directing, although no t pitcher has been revealed. Hall'agan.'s, piloted by Bob Latin, will probably put Jo-Jo Critelll tn the box, which will be no cinch for j optimistic opponents. Flash—Roy Follette, retiring league prexy. Things are looking up in the NHS Reds, baseball cam p ! At least the dire predictions pf woeful .trouble frbm a lack of veterans, made earlier, has .somewhat been dismissed by the shovmg c-f some, rookies who •niav turn Coach Bernie Tfeises nine into a clicking’outfit.. Staging their second outdoor workout Monday afternoon, the squad displayed spots Of gdod ballhandling .and stiekwork for thus-early in the campaign, despite a biting chilly wind. Although Heise declares his team this year will be merely an! experience-getter for sotfitpiip- coming new • pTaybfs, he and Dick Washburn,, assistant men­ tor, are working the squad ddl- gently and should present a fast, if not hardhitting, unit tor the opening fray April 30 with Manchester here. Huebeler Placed- ait Second Biggest change in original plans is the'shifting, of Ken Huebelen. righthanded hurling prospect, from mound work to second base. ’ yvhere he has shown adept handling of the horsehide and is expec't'e'd to fill that post. Huebeler will also'be aypilable for twirling, but Heise Will'depend mainly on a pair of portsider-i, Charlie Hausman and Bill Porter. Also working out for pitching jobs are two rigiilfimgers. Petey Minutolo and Jack Priebe. and either may be used in the clutches The race fur t-he catphihg assignment is still being waged between Jim Hart and Tony Fis- chette. with neither so far show­ ing an advantage in clouting the apple. George Quinlin. is a fixture at first base, with young Toni DeMarco as understudy. At second Huebeler may .alter­ nate with Minut'olo, . While Elks Point for Two-Game Will Little doubt remaine ^ , Clyde Shells moved back itito a “Ward Week”, a special period Week that Newark Elks will walk jjno[ for third with a three- ' of bargain savings staged semi- off with the first .Way,i\e County game sweep over Sodus G a it-! annually by Montgomery Ward Bowling -League championship^ Mho® ^ and.Sodus. B&fe. Stuck to ; & Co— oei^tmHy--.-ititrted^as-a- as the local Antlers pounded out \ third with another sweep over] one-week affair, but popular re- M - W S t o i r e O p e n s / W a r d W e e k ’ S a l e I n N e w a r k T o d a y today. ' Phelan said th is, salec held eaeh Spring and Fall to in tr o j duee new seasonal items, is hela simultaneously by • - a ll W a i? stores throughout tlie countrjj and is planned fa t in advance of the date. Such lhass buying;, enables the stores to .obtain riitu’Cban^fee ~frottr--ttutmtfaefttr-* ei-s a t reduced prices, thus.mak** mg possible the low puces -to. customers, Phelan added. The \Ward Wpek\ sale of the New- _____ . with another sweep over a two-game triumph over Palm- j Fbodliavens. , spouse foreeci the .company to era in their acid test of the year' Biiottas dropped another rung 'stretch the event to two weeks, last Friday to forge six games .1 down the ladder as they fell in.: .says P, J. Phelan, manager of .gamp?-, fce-HodusT t4'te-\Nbwai 1 te--Waiid--si^i^-^^ games to go. ' ' ’Kaners, dropping a pair of close launched its .\Ward Week\ sale end of next week, > Capt. Ted Beales led his Elk-1 lines when they could not ‘ ! ........................................ m e n t o victory, emerging lrom a c o n ie the toe's 46-oiii marg-in,' Bill Thomas led the Sodus riien with a nice 242 single and 610 total, while Fran Dedrick’s 589 total was be-u for the low-scor­ ing locals minus services of Joe Gravino i -T'nirtain BenleK duyn’s 229 iii temporary slump to crack cut ; 219-255-1U4 .for'i a hot 668 total j His first two! big games pac- i ed the Antler attack to cop] the o p e n i n g | p a i r without j need of their In the other match Metcalfs, lost two to Gootznian’s. Team , standings and averages are: j W L Pet. A’ 38-pin hand!- ,] Newark Elks c a p , w h i 1 c ' Wolcott Metcalfs “Chub” P e r - ] Clyde Shells . . the starter and j Sodus B&P 58 32 .644 872 52 38 .578 838 51 39 .567 806 51 39 .567 790 51 39 .567 789 50 40 .556. 922 46 44 .511 892 39 51 .433 810 declared he’s severing all connections with softball in favor of 1 R-a-lph DeJohn will have no op ; , i . ' ______ _ n j. i r t ' n • „ 1 ^ _____ I- t i n v 11 * n»*» ol- o L i A r t o t n n \DUI-tr 1\/T ■ fishing this year,, after 10 years 3 in the game as player and man­ ager. Al Gallant, successor to Follette. is an able administrator, former hpad of Men’s Club, but will need best wishes of all in a tough job. -V - * V; ' They said baseball was dead in Newark. B u t today this cross- tbree-natives worldng eu t fo r pro bull jobs—tlie' targest ff .aspilSftPs frbm- h'ere!'in a n y s ir ig le y e a r,'’ Joe and Frankie Gravino and- “Popcye\ Beeves reported for training Mon-* day a t t h ’e Cardinal farm training hangout a i Port'sir.'ftufh, O\hio w ith a h’ost ’o( play'fers and rookies, Joe has a return contract w ith W ashington, Pa,, but this does rrot necessarily m ean th 60 wins and 21 j th a t he will not be sent to whatever club the moguh decide are in need of him. “Pogieye” is facing his, second trial as a twirler and must make good this time or--curtains. f a i.,ie, a broth Of a lad at i7, may_or may not get anywhere th> y a r, But tb ’this corner, he has the 1 best natural ability of trie trio and the guy that turns him .'down should be accused of mjupia or astig­ matism! ti\ c:. •; ave and a half games ■ f Elks “Bucks”, runners- Thp title-whtiiihg quint : t hitled Charlie (Ross, Tom Dominick intense, aud . t'olacino. Continuing their rolling “for week, Elks “Does” up- champs with-a two-g'anio ■' mle \Bucks” wefe\sWebf)- i ,.,:i-c from Bloomers, which ; iiave broiig}it. them to : three games of Couriers imipetition were not fin- t.i.ib\ Perduyn, teXhibiting • 1939 championship form, \:.iit since last Bp ring, led Jtlcrm'meff Antlers to over- :n. Bloomers’ 31 handicap in ■ ’ bn-.p games, ‘‘Chub!’ h it the : >r games o'f BB‘0-5i3-235 'icod total of 628. Ted • .lided with 589, while > I-unbrazo’s 569 and Phil B ’ven’s 531 paced the : nen. v -8 took a pair from • ' .vs. despite the law’s 45- \i.irgin. Phil DeLso's 57.1 ••(I A. Daley's 534 led the Clyd- !. '\'fie Marsh Livingston hit 31 - high for the barristers. o ----- —— o e a l K e g l i n g T e s t W i n d s U p S u n d a y ; C o u n t y E v e n t O f f t..:r.ix of the local bowling will come this weekend Newark keglers wind up “\■r'Tiion in the village ha-n- Golf links of Newark Country Club will open for the 19th -season.this-Saturday, but not if we ge't even one drop of rain. So says Pro Don Bemfsh, Who declares the conrse is in perfect position at shortstop. Billy Me Millin appears best of the po­ tential ihlrdsackers, while Roger Smith is an Alternate and shows good future prospects in liand- lni“ himself and the prtl. Babcock Maw Be;Out ( tI_Ii ifh-e outfie!d-\.th 0 problem is greatest on revelation .that Bruce Babcock, only veteran fiychaser and 1939 leading swat- tpr. may concentrate on tl-ack and pass up baseball. In such an event leading candidates for the three garden.berths are Bii! Rich. Vinnie Velesenti, Tony Tavaiio. Sumner Munn. and Gerald Ridley. Porter may also see outfield service. The- entire club,- excepting Quinlin, DeJohn. Fischette, and Hart, is a lightweight .affair of Roy Baylard's 216 in the second j Newark Tams . aided greatly. Tom Gravino had:|, Clyde Palmers 603 to spark Palmers, hooking j Newark Biiottas '201 as Frank Gravino. h it 214 in j Sochis Kaners . the thu’d line to win their only Wolcott JanewayS 38 52 .422 755 game Of the match. Elks game | Sodus Gaudinos 37 53 .411 764 scores, were 1023, 10i4, and 935 .; Sodus Goetzmans 38 56 .378 758 while Palmers had 928. 883. and.:Wolcott ’Havens . 32 57 .367 678 988. o------ Needing only two more games | R e n s s e l a e r S o c i e t y in. the win. column to clinch the ! / . >r , .gonfalon and $100 first award : I n i t i a t e s P i e w a r k l t e . This they can and should do as I Harold C. Crouch, of NeWark, i they entertain Wolcott Metcalls. has been formally initiated a i runners-up, on the Newark alG - P -1' ^ ^ of Phi Epsilon Phi fra- i leys next Monday night in at ternity at Rensselaer Polytech- ; -postponed fray. Elks'WiirTiave i ,ue Ittstitntb, Troy, where he is | to give Metcalfs 23 pills, but [ 11 ‘soPkomore in the mechanical j with Beales. Bavlard. Perduvn. ^ enUmeei'ing' course j and Stilwell in normal form, f Wn^ , lsnth V mV I ^ r pair Of ^ i n f n h f ' - e -i Newark Tams held to a -third-' NPWark Hrsh Schoo‘ place tie as Palmers dropped back to sixth The locals, paced by T. J.. Coiacino’s 560. took two from Wolcott Janeway.-, and thereby retained a m athem ati­ cal chance of winning the lea­ gue if Elks lose all but one and Tams win all remaining tests. th S. RUBBER'S fctttAT NEW TWE- Xs LOW AS 6 4.^0 - 21 WITHY<^& 0 T»£ (white ndtwalh slighth htghtr) SIZE PRICE 'sizfe 5T*.VV’. Srt.52 i: 7 .m» ti ufi-rfi s,ra r.til ti.70-16 10.57- W h y THE U. S. TIRE is TODAY’S SREftTEST TIRE VALUE DOUBieftiOAitANIK BRIGGS MOVES STUDIO ; Ralph E. Briggs, photographer I whose studio in the Marchioli . building was recently damaged ‘ by tire, will open new photo- ■ graphic quarters in the first ; floor of the DuBois Building. 138 j South Mam St.. next Monday FLATTER TREAD FOR 3 V STAGGERED TREAD BLOCKS MORE-MILEAGE FOR MORE COMFORT a * \ s sharp ribs for : s i r new streamlined MORE SAFETY BEAUTY- “ J BaekH by A TI&.I 1 ourptrMn* « 1 al- f 1 t**»alU9 la nlM ii . T i i . i . i r w Ufa- ■war.- C u r d s C. S c o f telil Newark, N. Y. Phone 708 xhAbe a t the current writing but on the verge ol softness if Jupe ; second .and_third-year men. The Pluvius pays a visit . . . Mort Farber, son of Mr. and Mrs, Abe | last, sharpshooting infield is Farber and known here for his good tennis, has been named .expected to form a tight defen- mafrager of Cornells varsity boxtfig team and assistant busines, j sive unit to compensate for iu- mawager of the year book “Cornelliati” , . . He’s a senior next i experienced hurling and lack of yedr . . . Ed Palmer’s quint of Newark bowlers walked off with $50 ■ power at the plate. in p'rizes dt the Finger Lakes Bowling Association tourney-in Can- i . - ahdaigna last Surfday . , .’TMe- team took second in the five-man | • cfontest with 3,041 and had h'igh team single game of 1,034. f r m a n c e i s TT ' r ‘ —— 4 ■ f j V . » V V/.. J4 ? S • -.t 1 i>:n tourney',.which started Saturday. The county tour- originaily slated for 1' f'k-en.d at Ontario, has '•.died off, according to ' i Perduyn, league seere- i'u- -to lack o l entries. 1 . ical runoff will continue Saturday, and Sunday • --lides there, with pin- I’cmpetting for prfees in ‘ - and doubles events. '■ r Newark tourney only a ■'“'I of ma-ple-tdpplei's en- 5e first week-end of the out fairly low se&'es are ''\tl to attract a host who ■' ’op the current stand- Thus far John Bilotta ’■He singles event with a k. followed by Dom Vlt- 618. Bill Egger.t and Bur- Kflle.y at 612, -and Phil at 610- ''Hies are so far paced 'by f V'le pair of Police Chief 0:r‘ fiallaaher and Phil DbLeo, - -ted 1257-Sunday, Next in iri‘ ' -.Tom Gravino and •• - l .R. oss \tit -1249, Gharlie- ■md- Frank Coiacino at ’ Hoc” Paimeri .and Fran ■ • i t 1246, -ahd John iBilotta ^ •Mike Coiacino at 1233, Hr 2.1 R o c h e s t e r R i l i e r , C o p s C y c l e E v e n t W i t h 5 7 - M i t e t a A motorcycle ffiat ran ifloi’e than 57 miles oil. two quarts Of gasoline won the “economy run’’, first outdoor everit O'f Ihe year sponsored by Wayne Coun­ ty Motorcycle Club here last Sunday. The. machine, an English i “Triumph” ridden by Rod | Coates of Rochester, traveled 57 ! miles over a circuitous route . between Lyons ahd Newark and, after all of the other 13 con­ testants had been forced out, his fuel tank, still contained a small amount of gas. Don Cole of the Wayne club took second with 43.2 miles .and Gerald Reiter, a IocaT ' member, made 40.3 miles for third. Al'Boutle- gier and ROy Palmar, Wayne riders, scored fifth and sixth. .Aill 'winners were given AMA medals. Each tank had been drained-, filled- with -two quarts of fuel, and sealed before fhe- run, which covered the old- Route 31 to Lyons and the new road back. Sunday afternoon the Wa-Co- Mo Pals, girl’s unit, staged its fii-st event, a “scavenger hunt”, fri which Vern .Kelly and Tean- nie Pritchard tied for top-hon- ors. Ken Manges was second and Sob Wynings of Rochester third. Thebe winners aho received AMA medals. Friday ' evening the club held its annual Old i Timers’ party, at whigli former ! Knights of .Columbus Veteran riders of this vicinity I Jamesspn’s enjoyed cards and recounted | Lyons Insurers cycling events, of the “old days\. Edgett-Burnhams . . . _ KAYCEES HOLD LEAD Knights of Columbus bowler.-- contiued to lead the Arcadia pin loop this Week, with a four- game margin over Jamesson'.s Standings up to fast night were: W I. 44 25 40 29 31 38 23 46 A - .■>] . . r i s , \ ‘i l l , is - > ' ' **r Sir ^ }iree when former extra-priced gas Buyers voted by a big majority that - ■ • ;s v:-7 TAXI C o m f o r t a b l e t r a n s p o r t a t i o n a t l o w c o s t ! • Better... in 75 fays Biggest heating values, in our his­ tory. See Iron Fireman’s ’’I Points Of Superiority . . , inclvtdirtg new simple, quiet ash-removal mechan­ ism . - * exclusive control instru­ ments . . . self-cleaning ’’carburetor’'’ . cold-rolied steel conveyor . . , d/O p -forged gears. D o n 't wait longer for automatie-heating; can be instalied'in yourjresent furnace r. boiler in a few hours. ASH REMOVAL Standard: ( ash removed automatic- j ally to sealed'cans. O p ­ tional: ash deposited in pit. >f ANTI-KNbCK 4 POWER 4 MILEAGE 4 PICKUP ' 4 ALL AROUND PERFORMANCE N O-W - y ,s L O W A S 5 0 F. O. B. Cleveland. (Plus ireiRht and instaltation.) Terms low as $ 5.93 a mofttii. W e e a t l e l l f f i r W IN A R IcllN t REPRESENTATIVE fcROSS ^ R V t Y AT SUNOCO StAYTONS BY ANOTHER UNBIAS¥5 AUTHORITY Recently a survey Was made among motorists, who wpie- asked, ''W hat do you want most in a gasoline?\ They answered, \Anti-Knock Power, hlMeage, Pickup and All Around Performance.\' On each of these qualities ■’they-waited, they we're all asked, \Pods Nu-Blue Sunoco fiU the Kill?\ They votdd by a big majority that \Nu Sunoco does gtve-us-whaf We want rhosFTn a gaspHn^-* For best results use Kfti-Sfue Sunoco fu ll strength. Oort’t ditutG it with other gasolines, s . ” Phona S7 SELLS BT REGULAR CBS P R IC E

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