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TELEPHONE 710 NEWARK UNtON-GAZETTFE AND MARION ' ENTERPRISE, THURSDAY, MAY 16,'. 1940 SEVEN illmen, K a y c e e $ L o a m as Clubs t o B e a t A f t e r Smash Wins \\,,th two teams to show their . tonight, twp of. the four which inaugurated the ,<>(:tbiill season here this .State School IVJen’s Club Knights 1,1 o f Columbus, that they will again be , untenders for the loop each bov/Jed over ret muht opponents b y healthy -arm:'. K.n.ccfs. a near replica of ast’wars. Twangs, easily .di§- ootc i : Eiks. 10-4, ih the opener 'ond.iv. while Men's Club, de- end::’.:' champs, hammered: out l, 18-7 victory, over Roche’s n’Tue'day. To.Vvuht on the State School ejd the newly-formed Halla- aiw ten,. figured to give Men's, lub and K-C their strengfsjt ght lor open gru:.': State School Boys, Jd-Jo ritrlli will twirl for Hallagans, ppujet! by the Boys' big Al act? Next Monday the Elks .[.ice Hallagans oil the high., chu,t In, and Tuesday a first- lass clash will pjt Men’s Club- ga.r.-t Kaycees on the Hill dls- a»r.d m the first meeting1. o f he-e strong outfits. cm Back in Form , Th- H'limen romped over, at will Tuesday, \-with hi:..\ Buzzy\ Reese flipping nc-:'.-' bail until he retired in he mrTth with a >5^TJ leacl. oac!s Ken Witt, Reese, Frank or-t-rj epp' pea ' av Pi: ff At iul •h:f. b- rar.a . Fa: eu.- . he •... ur.- ’i . 111'., air ■: ut H- ’re:.:, orri) ■ er.’ • and Tom- Cirri ncn-o'ne, .:cw catcher, each, wal- ■.>\> 'ingles each and Mur- ivcr socked a triple— al! Bedette—led the Men's : ui-inning smash, in tiiev batted around once • -:x tallies in £he first “Now if these don’t ‘get away' before I get 'em to the Sports Editor, they ought to be good for a nice fat prize.\ Sponsored by the N E W A R K U N I O N - G A Z E T T E m cp-operation Local Pealprs and Manufacturers I f r V f.irpenter replaced Be- ' this point and limited u ■> to five hits ahd three - remaining three cantos, ii Dedrick’s double and a\ '.miles by Pelis stood t-'c gave way to Albert ■vho saw his first pitch r r a homer over left jv Jim Green, and three came in for Roches n by Ed LaFlame and uci w.icche before Wrench er.' ■ . the showers. -1 Mtimii at Bat, Afield uci DeCook, rookie Men’s be • trier, was the third •o’: n.iu for the winners eg-, tv or the last of the sixth cc ■. up one hit and three im ' i uc the lopsided, contest '.d. jLfi—laniing honors evenly iv.::- F.ik.' fought against the hitting, and flawless fib- : .J the Kaycees. desper- ’f.' -■ hi the Antler defense *!V : t ,n the middle innings - George Townsend’s ,m the contest. Elks were' hm J with seven bobbles, not ..i* severai- cases or tnis- in'-'r.\:.; while the Knights - li iut art error. ■ Priebe. showing more, in 1939. was given c-i ; .a the opening frame ’ S'\- and C-ucci singled, Hines ’a;k' .\-d DeWilde's grounder wti !?■ at home, with the ■;c<- loaded* Tom G-ravinct ,i high fly to deep cen- r Rubbo Robinson ran in u' ........ . it. watching it sail head for a homer to or' tallies for Kaycees. Ai.t.rr-. came back in their 4-f '- > counter twice as Joe £>e paised Robbins and-Roy. ayur: and Bob Burns smack- “ •* - ■ -d double to right, scor- J* i: •’dins, while Baylard came ba-'sed ball. But the continued to pound. - ortng en a e in each of, •' three frames: dr. second DeAngelrS‘ '■ -\id scored after Cucci’s, ac:‘; 1 tlv'to left; in the third ejd:-, walked and tallied as' Jf- .' uar, bombed, a triple. r,> : right-center; and in. 16 : - - h DeAngelis again hit, . hid Cucei drove him: '*“(■• a single, hf ’>. i';t tlle Antlers badly m and the winners tallied ii c . Tom Gravino open- ,' : '■ single, Heydens was, ■ Br-iwn's high tnrow. >k filed out, and Cole- ' p to rig$i‘ was’dropped. Gravino and Heydens ; Cuieinan came home, ■■ final K-C run on ap' „ ff nturino’s,, grounder. ■ .ctors coasted throiigh F ' ’•*.) s.t.anzas. ■■ ^ , t-iui, runs were made m, ■“!•<(> as, Priebe hit a -‘-tf then, with two down, .mod a long hofne run the left field Ifee, ndia-ahead-gf-htofe-Pe- CONTEST RULES Prizes will be awarded th e . £'■, person wlro catches the lafg- ^ est game fish- or string, hy weiglht, in any of the classes belaw between May 15 and Sept. 29, 1940. Pish must be brought to tlie Sports Editor, Union - Ggzette office, for .weighing ' and registration Only residents within 20 miles, of Newark may enter. • Grand Brize Who Is Howards Fishing Chomp ? Many talj tales of angling prowess are told here, but now the Newark Fishing pontest will decide the cham­ pion game fisherman in tfie Newark area. No charges; nothing to buy— just a lo| o f fun for sportsmen. Bring your best catches and largest string to the Union-Gazette for weighing an4.( w h o knows, you may win som e of the valuable, high-class angling equipment donated by your local dealers and co-operating majcers, as listed below 1 8 - - High-Grade Equipment Friases - - 8 Largest String jp O R ihe largest string of any of the game fish listed below, ac-, cording to weight, a level-winding casting reel, giycp b y N ew ­ ark store, Montgomery Ward Co., local equipment dealer. * * * * First Prize — Brook Trout HQ1CE offt g o o d . fly or casting rod for the largest brook trbut caught,’ yf'ill be donated by Garloek Hardware Corp., local equipment dealer. • . \First Prize — Brown, Rainbow Tropt C T R O N G , durable landing net for the largest brown or rainbow trout caught will be presented by Barker Bros. Hardware, focal dealer, in equipment. f First Prize — Lake Trout / “^ASTING rod, 4 l/ 2 -foot \True Temper\ steel for bait casting, 1 will be given by American Fork fk Hoe Co., manufacturers, for largest lake trout caught. First Prize — Walleyed Pike A 200-yard spool of “Princess Pat\ line, neutral color, 27-poitnd test, will be donated by *■ the Newton Line Co., Homer, N. Y„ line manufacturers, for largest wall-eyed pike caught. First Prize — Great Northern Pike ID UST-PROOF steel 1 8-in.ch tackle box, with two rising trays, will be given by J. J. Roefner, j-*-*- Sporting G o o d s and Billiard Parlor, for largest great northern pike. First Prize — Smallmouth Black Bass ■pINEST split-willow shoulder creel for the largest smallmouth black bass caught will Iqe • donated by Carl's Grill, 1 36 East Union St. i . i j F i r s t Prize — Largemouth Black B^ss L ARGEST largemouth black bass caught w ill earn one f$ff -wlsbing and greasing job, give! by Ed Canne of Canne Sales & Service, Contest Opens Today - - Closes September T ss H.yilfiis 1M. V’ainlfi'l’nu. K. 1 ft.lotn.iii, ff Yi-tttunnn rf 11 f I I <> i n I II 11 n 1 } 1 . u Tiit .ils . . . • .u K I.K < t i l At;1. U Blow n. rs II lifib liin s . «• 1 n BaVlnTrl. ^1. ■» n. BUTm. Ml .T VV. B u n n s . If . . . - 2 Beak**. \ • • . :i linliiaat.Tt, i'f . ;t Kmiit 7 . Jh - 2 Jjeho jd p .r. rf . . . I, I | » l\ HatL.nl* if l> •-’ltall l bull IZ 11 1 Tot a, is I H 21 H ii F 6 r I >*•- i * 1 , 1 * r in fift-h. f« r F r a t i t z tu s«>\fut.h h'nf <’ n — in ;• ' Kilvs J ll o '» L' n I K Ni>• 1 ♦ •i f h.isv^- - I **-. *•> K ftrrtfa't' h i t s — . tw o hasp h i t s - —In .\ oiji'i'is. K B u r n s , ih r ^ p ifa1-** lYits = t 'ol.-inan . Iiiiinp r u n s —>i !i .i v t no, Bvi’tt n d o u b le p la v s — B r o w n tu n - asBist«»th. B r o w n .-U ., B u r n s - R o h - »i * Tu s »!p« 1, fTur.-i L’ ('t.lc m a i '. II B u rns., {t.m u n 1' 1 f t on bases —K, of C* 7, KIRs *•. stru i k mit -hv I Ahg?r-t'.lIr I'n e b * ’ 3 . u t!<l flitches—rM e A n i?eiis 2, F’rieiie b a l l s —by t'u c r i 4= e a r n e d ru n s —R a.* Mlkn 2 u m p i r e . (leo. A d a m s . *1. C L 1 B U S ) * AB Ii H “ A K (\nnnc*. ih . . . .1 t l> 1 n r 2 2 1 1 •• linc'ie, p , J 2 2 n n o Kurtlial.s, ss ) I 2 2 I *» ( * irrtrtt,iroii»». «.lf i .7 u o l»rdn«*k !!» 2 ■? *0 n I*ehp, :ib . . } 1” 2 1 3 11 iFtii.ver. if ... I i i ii 11 . u T’aea. <’f 2 « • i 2 « 0 tT a U ii'i-t.'H . . I 1 o 11 f> VVreiu'h. j» . . , 1 \ o •• ft ,1 W hI. h e r , c • 1 o u 't <1 O ] >eCoi»'K p n o 0 <1 0 0 Tot .U s :’>«• H 1% 21 fi t KOCH IS* tr> AB ii H (I \ K Edwtirds. By DON BIRD j WORD reach-es us that \Pop- 1 eye” Reeves has been sold by I the Hamilton, Ont., team tq Fostoria, Ohio, of the Ohio S tate I League, where the husky local | hurlec is taking his turn on the 1 mound . . . This circuit is older than the PONY setup and suc­ cess there would mean a set-up for “Pope.ve\ . . . He won his first game Tuesday, a 15-6 triumph, and things look good . . . Joe and Frahkie Gravino continue their good work at Washington, Pa., and Williarnson, W. Va., we also- hear . . . .The Rose City- softball circuit has again been organized, with-Bloomers. Jackr son-Perkins, Men’s Club reserves, and Union-Gazette teams, en­ tered . . . A high school ten, former Imps, may also join . . . In the golfing field, where Jupe Pluviiis has raised havoc, it re­ mains for 17-year old Agnes Williams to show the way as she blasted out a fine 85, on rounds of 45 and 40-^the -latter wjth a ball out of bounds . . . The gaFs, long game is. better than ever this year', tee shots averaging 200 yards, and she expects to enter most Western N. Y. tour­ neys this summer, as well as th e ' state championships in- August. '#• early •TwaFIam*. 3 b Kantian, ss H. .\YHFirnn. ijrei-ti. 2h . . Bakor. if I 2 1 I tt - t I .1 n o Ii iy. . _ -enved jioitae . “stuff\ “ ■•' -d several pop flies, but; .' I'id-i ri out of several tight »y .mod fielding -of His, . _ ,i;,d some poor baserun-. ■ ' 'he Antlers. an n n <■) a t: X \y Lnr.l -r 3 ft fi 1 <> :: < hntn lan’l’l p. If . •j n u r? o Bvrtolte*. ■ 1 T 0 P 2 ft IJrpni jr. < 1 a* *♦ I n KHrc r i 1 '» I ri w i ‘an.. T* t fi I* 1 ft ii a 1* ii 1-7. W...’If If ti 1 •> w ft T-! 1 In us 21 H H t\’1. ' ■: '1 o rs r. ’I Itci’lll it ii (I II 1 1 ■J — , X S’t.i «• II as.s lit I\i Iv« V. !-a«*. B Y\ a«• u ' ’ rtM- I sac (\ill- it*. Kill \ •r. 1. ’ j « • t W t ba. h 1 1 t 'in liii jr mu ir.ll bl< t fir •0 In: I'ulv r 1.. . ii. i 1 1 s <»rt-f-i r ht» tl»r| -( rint •VV }i n* h : ■ajr . r ‘ 11 ^ C rn u - fi run • I. \\ ini’ll.' •irec n B.i<1 m 1. K \Va.-tf Izlt Mtin'*'X: >cft on lidfi’'-Mr 1 s I'lul R I:’nr ^ < In t- h-ra r .1 bv -- IB’t Kt* 1 1. VV •II i i.. :i> ( ’nrIv 10. I t »‘i. I’.i 7 lick • ut —Li V ■I VV n ilih 1 1 l'» Ol 1 Wllti p.li - tsarpca tel . 1. r.n Bali -off Ri ♦•‘• i -m-rfTh- ). JV n*f t n.«'h rrmt r« li­ r>..( wrti n.,K’ j V B tvm Head County Bowling C In 1939. the farmer received about 40.5 -cents out of every dollar the co-nsumer spent for food, while the other 59.5 cents , went for transportation, pro- icessing, and distributing ser­ vices, . ’ - SOFTBALL firsts: First pitcfi, Mayor Chittenden; first “hit-', Postm aster- BaitzetT first fijank stare, Police Chief Seheereps as catcher: first error, Umpire Christy . . . And for the fir§t time in many -years “the ' first pitch was oyer the plate (a littje low.) and the hattc/r h it jt, on the first siying as opf cigar-puf­ fing officials opened' ithe local season Monday . . pn the .offi­ cial scorebook went Cfiarlje Ross’ single as the initial year's hit; Bob Brown’s double .play unassisted another first, a s wejl as his bona ijefe homer, al­ though Tom .Gravino g ot a'four-' bagger on a fielding mis-judg­ ment; and Rqbbp Robinson's single vyas the first lift for him before mid-season in a fisjfu]l of years . . . First on our book is the unanimous approval of the work o f Ump George Acfom$, “the man in black\ after sev­ eral years »f umpfaeavals . . . And first a.t tlie epd of the. loop season, wp'li Wagpr, will’ bp Men’s Club, for the thirfi straight banner! Officers of W ayne County Bowling League fop l£|4][).<n sea­ son, elected at first loop banquet Thursday, ai*» frmp left: J . (C h u b ) Perdhyn, Newark, secretary-treasurer'; Lisle V W d k b ft, Bfesid«nt; A l Thomas,' Sqdtw, w c e - f ir e « ||n t. W a y n e P i n L e a g u e E l e c t s W i l e y H e a d ; : P e r d u y n R e n a m e d ! More than 80 keglers of the Wayne County Bowling League elected Lisle Wiley of Wolcott . president of tide loop 'for next • year at the first annual banquet t.iteid—hr Wvieott - last -Thursday. ’ A prize melon of $729 was also split among the winners and ■■near-winners on a percentage | basis. .Wiley succeeds Stanley Craver of Sodus as head of the circuit. Al Thomas. Sodus. was named vice-president to replace Gale Metcalf of Wolcott, and F. J. (Chub) Perduyn was re-elected j secretary-treasurer. The prize j money was awarded fly Chet (Myers of Geneva, new secretary 1 of the Finger Lakes Bowling As- jsociation, who was also guest speaker. j Newark ' Eiks, champs of 'the .circuit, carried off top prize of I $100, while Newark Tams and Wolcott hfetcalfs, tied for sec­ ond, each won $85. It was re­ vealed th a t the 12-team foo,p may be increased to 20efer 24 quints next year, with teams from Ontario, Lyons, an.d Pal­ myra as possible additions. --------- —o- --------- ‘Indian Camp Life’ Theme at Cub Meet Cu|o Pack 245, Boy Scouts, will hold its monthly Pack meeting a t Perkins School at 7 p. m. Fri­ day.. The theme for the evening is “Indian Camp-Life”, accord­ ing t o Alvin Dunbar, chairman j of the pack committee. W. W. Colby, eubmaster. and - .Robert BrovVn, assistant, will be in charge of the program. Ekch of the six dens under the leadership of their \Den Moth-, ers\ and “Den Chiefs\ will have a.-- p art in this presentation. -o ---------- , Fornter Newark Man Takes Fails Pgsition John Cameron, formerlyrinan- ager o f the Newark Fishman -Ston'r-M,'rTkken-“'a-position .as- head of the hardware depart­ ment of the Niagara Falls Mont­ gomery Ward Store .and has moved to that city with his family. Manager of the Niagara Falls store is J. Wilson Ferguson, for­ merly managet of the Ward store here. Diamond forces of Newark High bowed in two Wayne Class A encounters during the past week and found themselves third of the four-team loop as the first round of play ended Tuesday. The Heisemen dropped a close 10-8 affair at Clyde on Friday and then fell to Lyons’ undefeated, defending champs here Tuesday, 4-1. The local lads face thre.e more tests the coming week. Today they are host to Sodus Iligh here and Saturday they play a postponed fray at. Waterlqo, both nOp-league affairs. Next Tuesday they swing ipto the? second round of tide loop at Pal­ myra. vvhiie Clyde invades Lyons. Molinaro Stars on Mound Squeezing fpr a wiii more than any other day of the sea­ son, Coach Bernie Heise saw his Reds turn in some good fielding against Lyons here Tuesday, but thpy were^shackled at the plate by hsrtlwbrking johnny Molin- arjx left-flinging ouudsman, who kept five hits 'ell scattered for only one run. Kenny Hueheler hurled a good contest for Newark, but got in tqo many tight holes ..in which timely Lyons hits meant runs, although, he worked out of Sev­ eral d'elicate situations. The Reds looked good in the opening stanza when, after re tiring the Lyons starters in order, Munn, Quinlin, and De John filled the sacks on a waik, fielder’s choice, and hit. Hart went down swinging and: Me Millih grounded out to end this early threat. First batter in the second inning, Goiatarci, blasted Huebeler’s initial throw over Muon's head in center for a ■home run and Lese followed with a walk and score oh Shaef- fer’s single. Jim Gannett opened the third with a single for Lyons and came home on Montemar- ano's hit. Huebeier had the bases full with two out in this frame, but Whiffed DeCoja to nip the rally. Reds Fail in Clutches Newark had men on third and second in the third and fourth chapters, but each'tim e Molin­ aro forced batters to dribble out .tp.-the infield. In the fifth Lyons twice filled the bases, but nice fielding throws from Huebeier to Haft and McMillin to Hart on1 grounders nipped two runs at the plate and the side w^s fin­ ally retired without scoring. The lone Red tally came In the sixth as \Bruisie” Fisehette walked, with two out, jo.e Foti hit a long fly to right that just escaped the fielder's mitt and went for a triple to score Fisehette. Foti was left stranded as Velesenti grounded out. Lyons added its fourth run in the sev­ enth when DeCola was safe on DeJohn’s muff of a hot -groun­ der and Shaeffer singled to right. Hornsby socked a two- bagger over second, but Munn's good throw-in caught Shaeffer af Tome for the final out. „ At Clyde the locals pummeled the horsehide well for 12 safe bingles, compared to Clyde’s eight, but six errors spoiled the possible victory. Huebeier twirl­ ed the first three and a half stanzas, until Clyde opened with four singles and a double that, combined with two errors, gave them 6 runs. Hau§pian went in for the next two innings ahd gave up three hits and four runs, when Huebeier returned to the rubber and pitched the last half of the sixth with one hit scored. Hausman’s triple in the sixth and doubles by Qulfi- lin. DeJohn. and Fisehette paced I.VtOSH (»> f-IoriiHhv (Jftn iu 'tt. rf *. M oliimri*. p (jo U itu r r i. Ih • ■Mon.l.umanttio, L a s h . *<s ,L**sh. r f •. M e l'ola. If S liH r f f r r . 3h T o t a ls • ■ M-rvrAitK < Li V e li’s r n t i . If M u n n . r f ; -Q-w-L+U+h—11V r I> rJnhn. J I a r t . r . . . . M-rMIIIin. Ifu r h r h - r. K isrlu - tt i’ j-'nti. r f U w n \ K 1 1 I ,, 1 1 1. i. a ii ' 1 1 2 R a ft 4. a 1 fi o n 4 fi 1 2 2 fi 2 ! ft ft n ft 4 I 2 2 a ft 4 fi 2 I; - ft «:• t M 21 n 1 \H !•: H ( t A i;; -3 a 1 II a ii 3 a 1 (I '* (> ;U. 1» Jli (i 1 1 H ' T u t u h -’fi I •\ -1 18 3 1,\ inis II 2 1 «» 11 h I —I 11 1 Ni “ n 0 “ \ I « - t •'» 3 UuTi. h.flilt‘<1 in - i’olat.in- 1 . Mom* - mtti’-Miii., Sh.ni'tcr 2 . ,hom«: iun -t*rLitar< i. flirrt-lia^r Mt —oti'.- K n\ o-hnsi- Lit Hoinshy. sarVMirc — l‘i t'l -h.lSl'S Sharff.rl’,, Ajuiltl. n.' I' ivmi I . f'iiclut'U'. hasrs on balls- off Molinaro fi. Ilu* bi h r *J ‘ strui:k out hy Molinai Mu« h. |i’i , pjri Aihnnv. i I.VI>K i W NH u ■H »» \ V' (‘.tat lla in.. Jli 2 i» •a i m n ii I-’l’aCaiiUfJci 2b.«’f 11 ft 1 0 11 I h 'A m a to . rf ” ,2 2 0 (1 • 1 I'fp r ia u o . p. c , . . •'! 1 1 -7 1 O S tntifi 1 s.e 1 ,i- 1 2 2 f» A. < ’o n ip ilt’lla. . I f V 2 2 1 fi 1 ./ D a p n lito i*.|i ' t” 1 .1 ( *nni|Mt» lb». lb I 2 ft u Bi’P j.nu in »’f 2b 2 ft ft 4 n ft SVaT-.M. ' Tb - . T T ._r_ ' T —n—fp* T<>t |i b -*8 1.0 ft 21 I 3 NKW V IM v IK) AH 1\ Kl A K W k ’SrnU . If -i I ft 2 fi 2 M u n n . f . 2 r 1 ft ft p y d m B n . Tb — » o 2 *: -ft f* Jip .ltlu i. at- 4 1 2 fi :t 2 'H a r t. , I •I ft ; . o n Mc’M llllii. .U) 4 H u e b e lo r . 2 t> 4 » . . 4 a 2 ft l ft K is'dhette. rf,-21v ... 2 o 2 \ ' 1)' I T n v a n o . <*f ............ 1 >' 1 0 0 0 TOMMY GRAVING chops woods for title G r a v i n p C a p t u r e s F i r s t C i t y B o w i i n g C r o w n i n R n l L o f f Tommy Gravino, 26-year old bowling, softball, baseball, and basketball luminary, is, the new open bowling champion of New­ ark. The new' title-holder,, manager of the local alleys, cap­ tured the toga worn the past year by “Chub\ Perduyn in a five-gSme finals triumph over Fran Mason, runner-up, Monday night. Gravino and Mason emerged from a five-man semi-finals- field last Friday by posting highest scores in a four-game rolloff. Gravino hit 774: and Ma­ son 734 in this semi test. In Monday's finals both boy.s were afflicted with “splititis”. Mason running into \ll splits and G ra­ ving eight. The champ won out by a 45- pin margin. 1,010 to 965. over the five-line route. Gravino posted games of 214-222-179- 205-190. while the runner-up had games of 149-2HM90-224- 162, including 10 splits in the first three games. The titlist had one miss, and Mason* mi.-sed twice. In the semi-finals Lhe three other contestants who • were eliminated scored as follows: Ed Palmer 701, “Chub” Pei'duyn 676, and Charlie Ross 662. ----- safc—0 ----------- WAYNE CLASS A ’ BASiEBALL LEAGUE iVeek’s Results Clyde 10, Newark 8 Lyons 14, Palmyra 3 Lyons 4, Newark 1 Clyde 6, Palmyra 2 Standings W Paitl D. Reeves was appointed' field captain of Newark Rod'anti Gun Club by D ^ D . F. Johnson, ' president, this wjefek, Thu field captain will be in charge of aij trap,. sk.eet. and rifle shoots qf , the’ club and wiii handle all equipment for these activities, A trap shoot slated for last Sunday has been postponed in­ definitely because w.et. weather .prevented erection of the trap outfit on the club's new raffge at the Harry Artlip Farm, West Pearl St. An important d u b meeting is scheduled for 8 p-. m. next Monday in the Aiigust Mauer Post rooms, at which time by-laws of the club wiii be adopted. — - o— - C u b P a c k F o r m e d A t S t a t e S c h o o l W i t h § 3 M e m b e r s . An induction ceremony for five dens of Cub Scouts w.as hdld? last Saturday at Newark State 'School. Thirty-three boys, hbvt ing. passed the “Bob Cat'* achievement tests, make up the first Cub Pack in the institution. The pack is sponsored. by the Occupational Therapy Depart­ ment. - The'induction program was conducted by john.E . Shmffi. Cubmaster Edmond Hesser, county field i,x< outi-ve, talked briefly 011 ' tlie meaning of Cub­ bing. Miss Dorothy A. Pollock, chief occupational therapist, offered congratulations oii be­ half of the sponsors. MTS\ Albert Cowles, den moth­ er. and Robert Soner. chairman of the pack committee, praised the Ciibs for their interest and urgbd continued efforts toward attainment of the higher ranks of Cubbing. Five Boy Scouts, of Troop 147 are den chiefs, with A: jr. Bradley, Ralph Hinchmun, Francis Dedrick, and Charles Harding as the pack committee. Lyons . Clyde . Newark Palmyra L 0 1 2 3 Pet. 1.060 .667 .333 .000 •' Games This Week Tues.—-Newark a t Palmyra Tue.—Clyde a t Lyons H.iusnwiu. 1* I I Totals I* «■ a K«*» i '.istAlHIM* iu T«>ii.rt-l 1 \ \ t> \ I v t\ 'I ' \V\v-.irJ< . H 1 l» - \ I ” * s I- •» Runs in M« MiBiii. ;\1 11111 > Q u ln liu 2. *St6r»IVT; \ rT..m |iit* IB*. (MpBllCo. SalGCiio. n Aitiiiic. I'Hifl* ,tiu>. I.hf« •-•lia.Mt Lit Il. 114 i -p 1 .ii. * vs o I.hhp Inis !>» lolui 1^*11 ul 1 n Uist'h • ttf J r'«iTnpltp|U». ^tnlrti liases - Kisc’h»-i t••. V »'\in- pitpllu lupi ’' o»t li.illa nfl * Mf.rl.i in* i\ Maiiolil- .1. ii.u«lM-|in 'I. Ii.iu-insui HtriH’U nut' liv t’iyn'j.ino I tn ).'•.» irmiiiKP. I»apnin*i 6 in I1. fnmtiKS*. rfut-Bvli-r *» Ip 1 imilttn^ IJ.iu**ui.i *» 1 tn i iii.nliips, PitB— «»fl 1 'ipi pup* iMjMilitp 1>. • 11 ii* ».*!*• »* G I I.mi -’iMf’ *?. wlnu4im \ntchci. i>{ip>-ln<* lu^Inu pitfhor. Hiu«*mu.n: tiniptr*-, «!allu- Klipi. — when the’ verdict is ren­ dered. NOW is the time to buy- SUFFICIENT liability in­ surance to meet any judg­ ment. We will )?e glad to advise and equip ,you with the proper insurance . 1 Geo. W. Muth & Son Old Line stock Companies Lincpln-Aliiance BIdg. Newark’s Oldest Insurance Agency Phone 416 $ 3 0 to $ 3 0 0 •— 2 0 m o n th s t o re p a y To re-establish your credit consolidate debts, have only one place to pay — come in — phone — write. 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