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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, May 16, 1940, Image 8

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EIGHT NEWARK UNION-GAZETTE AND MARION' ENTERPRISE, THURSDAY, MAY 16, 1946 TELEPHONE 710 W o m e n ’s - G r o u p - P i c k s D e l e g a t e s j I n s t a l l s O f f i c e r s Charlotte German, .E,dwiiie. Jones .and Margaret Crowley , /Were ’ elected delegates to the State Convention of the Busi­ ness arid Professional Women's Clubs tcTbe held at Hotel1 '- Mary- | ( :' I ! . ier, Buffalo, May 23 to 25, at a, dinner -meeting of' the Newark Club at Woli.)' Hie's^ay evening.. Newly elected officers of the Newark cltib were installed at ’ the dinner session by Madeline Snyder,, president of the Roch­ ester Business and, Professional Women's Club, in an impressive •candieiight service Plans are under way to hold- *a .picnic jointly with the Woicott and Geneva-clubs in June as the activity for the month, it was announced at the meeting. Helen Austin is chairman of the affair. Aim Sydoriak is in charge of reservations. GIRL SCOUT S c o u t s t o S e a r c h F o r ‘B u l l y w u m p u s ’ A t B i g . C a m p o r a l The following Girl Scouts of Troop. 8 will spend • the week­ end at the Little House, Nadine Holland, Marlyn Pulver, Mary STATE SCHOOL BRIEFS The four 4-H Clubs of tbe Newark State School have had an active Spring program.. Offi­ cers from each Club, -with their leaders, attended the officer's training'school in\ Lyons oh April .27. O n April ,28. they ob­ served Rural Sunday by parti­ cipating in the Protestant ser­ vice. conducted by Rev Kuhne at the School 3 All the Club a.iis have been. Wilck, Eleanor Co 1 e._ Marlyn Doty. -\-Barbara Starr. The following girls of ’ Troop 8. have completed their musi­ cians badge: Sarah HaUagan. Dorothy Shearer,. Elaine Stro- bridge, Eleanor Cole. Martha Jolley. The Court of Awards will be held June 5 at the Girl Scout Fireplace. Mrs. George Chapman enter­ tained. the Senior Patrol of Troop XI at her home for sup­ per Monday night. May 13. - Mrs. George Chapman and Miss. Roberta VanDusen attend­ ed the Hendrik Hudson Region­ al convention heid in. Buffalo last week. The Girl Scouts o-f. Troop 6 gave a tea for their mothers Thursday, May 9,. in observance of Mother’s Day. The Girl Scouts of Troop I will have their supper at the Little House Wednesday. May 22. j Troop 4 and 6 have contribut- ed a total of $1.79 to the $5.00 !,contribution Troop 5 Is sending to the*Junior American Red A \Bullywumprts Hunt” will be one of the features \ of the Spring Camporal of Wayne District Boy Scouts to- toe held . . hat the-Curier-Ss&ut R e servation--!;13' ,m- the week-end o f May 3-1 to June Stephen E. Comstock, Mason St '.Rice, 2, according to Laurence Newark, camporal chief. TffiS novel .event 'Is a \cdntest ,|\ among troops,, similar to “.Cap­ ture the Flag”, to hold the “bullywumpus” until tlie hunt is over and thereby gain posses­ sion of it as a souvenir of the 1940 outing. Rice said. Many Wayne troops haye already signified intentions of attending the Camporal, which will be staged on the shore of Lake Ontario: just west o-f Webster Park. Earl T. Doty, Newark, dis­ trict commissioner, will act as first, assistant to Rice in direct­ ing the event, with the remain­ der of his staff , composed of community commissioners. Tbe Wayne executive committee will make final plans for the Cam­ poral at a session to be held at 6:30' p. m, Monday in the Kan- atota Lodge. Cutler .Reservation, according to Warner C. Land- field, Newark, committee chair-- man. ' ---------- o ----------- °‘ot'5,ng. cP™J!, Cross to swell the' “Children’s and gardening Last Saturday Crusade.Fund. £o{. Befugee Chil- the'Four Leaf Clover Club., with their leader. Mrs Fttchpatnck. enjoyed an afternoon hike in the country.. The Happv-Go- . ? E b r - K K c E : ™ , ; 5 W « leader,, heid a business meeting dren in Europe.” Troop 5 will be presented with their Junior Red Cross- Pins at their Maypole PaTty .by Mrs. to plan their Spring, hike for next Saturday The Happy Home Club,, with 2ffi> Mech-ie a- lead­ er, held a business meeting and discussed gardening projects. The Red Wing Club, with Mrs Utter a s leader, held a business and social meeting \Forty-one Boy Scouts Trrtop—,1-47-altm d e d -t-he- cretary of the Wayne County Chapter of the American Red Cross The troop is the unit oFGirl Scouts in Newark to be organized by Miss 1 Hallinan as a Junior Red Cross group. Mrs John Metcalf, chairman of the Wayne County Chapter, has I appointed the junior Red Cross f I Unit to arrange the Display of .torn . genior. and Junior Red Cross A p p l e ------------------------------- Local Grange to Hold Memorial Program Annual memorial program will be.observed by the Newark Grange at its meeting at 7:3D p. m. i EST i this Friday at the Grange Hall. Mrs. Albert Hart- nag,el will be in charge. Among those who have died during the past year who wil) be remembered in the program a re. Mrs, Clara Mills, Peter Leen- houts, Mrs. Fred Graf. Dr, J. F. Martin and John DeCann. \Alaska’s Silver Millions\ a film dealing with the sealing and salmon industry, will be shown at the meeting by 6. W Harris of Geneva. Auxiliary to Hear • Indian Aide Mrs. Charles Harris, welfare worker a t the Onondaga Indian Reservation near Syracuse /will be guest speaker this Friday at a meeting of. the Wompp’s. Aux­ iliary of St. Mark’s Church.. The meeting will be held at W a y s i d e C a t h e d r a l I V H o l d S e r v i c e I n M a r i o n M a y 2 2 The, Wayside Cathedral, which is a wen-equipped Church oh Wheels, will visit Marion on Wednesday evening. May 22. The service will be held in -the Fire­ men's-Park a t .7 o’clock Daylight Saving Time. The Rochester Federation of -Churches, the Protestant, epis­ copal Diocese of Rochester and the General Assembly of the Preshyterian Church sponsor the visit of the Travelling Cathedral to this community. The First Reformed, Second Reformed, B a p t i s t and Presbyterian [~ Churches are uniting in, this service. A speaker., of note will, deliver -the-message. The Travelling Church con­ tains an electric organ which will furnish the music for. this, service. A most cordial invita­ tion is extended tihe public to attend this unique service. :— o— --------- . L a d i e s P r o g r a m S l a t e d S a t u r d a y day evening. May i8; will fee 1 test will, occur at this meeting, i:Ladies Night,. A treat \may be.. The prize cookie ffia£er jM J h e | expected for a “surprise pro- j. grain” is promised. Maple syrup biscuits: Will be served. B y l v i a n o n V j r a n g e , Th e Grange^ baking contest Marion^—The meeting \of Mar- 'this year is .limited to roiled ion Grange, No. 214, on Satur- sugar cookies and the local con- Marion Grange will compete with others of the coiffity a t the Pomona Grange when one will fee selected to compete in -the State Contest. A new-set of by-laws has been ■read at] >11011 ai prepared which will- be this, meeting .and- acted the next meeting.Juue t In the recent es-av co-testl -on the topic Highway safet,! eskays were submitted by f f T j Ward, arid Lewis .Milke. 61,1 Auxiliaries to Hold Dance at - Hospital The American Legion Auxil­ iaries of Wayne, .Seneca, and Yates Counties are holding a Spring Dance at the C a n a n ­ daigua Veterans’ Hospital on I Wednesday. May 22, beginning 1 at 7:30 p. m„ and ending at 10 . p. m. » Newt DePuy’s orchestra will | furnish music, and refreshments I will be served. Mrs. Ross. War- I ner is chairman in charge of the affair. „ ■ ■■si i , Projects to acquaint Comrnuh- Fef 7 at7 at' Pa!tniyra’jity chest contributors with its Saturday, with their Seoutmas- j wdrk n ^ J rra\n.Cu f\ DA*row ,AI1 par\ ' Joan Bloomer, Nancy Dee and acied, with -.some, acung. as I June Negus of - the Brownie iscorts to the queen, and with ; Pa;ks and Sara1) Hail.agan, the Drum Corps- c.outr..bu.,ng,>.Ejafrig strowbridge and Ahrie marching piec.es , Ks^ankiin -of Troop 8 have been - 0 ' • ' invited to serve as hostesses at Com Meal 500 Years Old i-the “Maypole Party\ Wednes- Corn .meal 5.00 years old re- . cently was .found in the ruins tof an Indian- Krva near Glor- ietta, N. M. Implements by fchich tb e Indians ground it were nearby. '. day. May 22. on the Brick House ■lawn from 4:15 t© '5:45 p, m. when their troops will be the guests of Troop 5. The older Girls are busy making the May­ pole. Adieu and Thank You! Since i am soon, to be married and will make my' home in Buffalo, I have closed my beauty-shoppe to enable me to make arrangements. To my pa­ trons and friends, a sincere ‘Thank Y.ou’ for your marly favors. —Carolyn De Smith • C a r o ly n ’s BEAUTY 307 Madison St. SHOPPE Newark It I ) • The tire with the original S ileot-S a fety w indshield w ip e r t r e a d . O n e o f tho greatest tires of all throughout— not gn ounce of carcass. « « « H f Factory Trade-In 2% Cash You Pay \ List Prit* Discount Discount Only j 5:50/16 *T4.35 *4.50 * .20 * 9 .6 5 ' 5:50/17 14.80 4.61 .21 9.98 6:00/16 16.15 5.03 .22 10.90 6:25/16 1 8 .90 6 .4 0 .25 12.25 “ 6:50/1.6 2 0 .4 0 6 .9 0 .27 13.23 7:00/16 23.1 or 7 .8 0 .32 14.98 I Other sizes proportionately low. 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S e a S c a l l p p s R e d f i s h F i l l e t s b l 7 c • M O i A m . LX it niilinucd f F.ciivard D'< a; emplc Si' >:t\ a t We .Miss Alice t -:o! spent t in-: mother, i f West Mi-ii .,r.t cried the ii at Keq M: - Fred- Mined to he .iMrr spendir: he: daughtl Ka.iivah of U ■ Mrs D?M. ii, en spendin, ■, a :;i her ('r.arles Bornl :iy ;r,'Oswego cad with her R: ti.-A Isabel $ (ius Road m w.nig club E T im .-day even: Mr. ahd Mr .iiiri daughter era. and Hoy Sv-.'ark. were Mrs Arne of Ma Mr Samue Canandaigua d.uightcr. Mrs .ir.ri family of Mr.- Amelia Mi and Mrs, A iinn-n .spent, ^■.icsts of Mr. i.are Lindstroi Mr and Mrs. f Jefferson E: u.;h Mrs. Sed M: and Mrs. O.itario. Mrs Elia L; | M m i n ill a t her M.u:i St. 'for s .aiproving. I-reddy Lum 1 spent £ k .:i, Glen. Mic-auuLMcs : Geneva we: • ■ . c nests of 1 Finegan, ’•!r and Mrs. Gamy of Bart M M.er's Day v '!i< r. Mrs. C i no Mr- .c F El t:L..r Robisoi ma spent I <• as tlje gu « Howard of J li-.i l Peirson >;x:vdmg some --•Titer. Mrs. E ’ Miller St. 'J- - Geori Ave., ■ '.erbacli o T Janice I rl.a.incd 1 - at the ‘ .: zie in hi '■ r K Zornot s' Guests wt H.ocien. • Mrs -iw Mrs. A M:> Wendell Mr.- Bruce Ci a V - M - , \M! . P.-tt ■ i tt D.iu : Ui.iy ('\■oi v ard. Doanc i* 'Sodus P ( ' - H o lland m y m g a w 1\ His duties •School. ” -rge Mott 'veek at :li ■'l,‘ Avenue. 0153020153235353000102010102000102024823482300532348530201530253485353534823534848535348484823020148484848010123022302

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