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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, September 26, 1940, Image 2

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.TWO NEWARK UNION-GAZETTE AND MARION ENTERPRISE, T h u r s d a y , S e p t e m b e r 26, 1940 i« . telephone Miss Ethel Martin enter­ tained at a variety shower last week Friday evening at her .home on East Union St. jn honor of Miss Dorothea Deci- a-ick of Colton Ave.? whose ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED The engagement of Miss Jose­ phine Longoverdi, daughter of her parents at a dinner Sept. 22. The occasion aiso ™r« brated the 12th 0 * • ! marriage to Michael Grady of-* ' .Church St. -will take place next month.\ Mr. Frank F.altrel left Wed­ nesday to attend, the Postmas­ ters’ meeting and convention at Columbus, Ohio. Mrs! Harold B a rnhart of .Crosby St. and Miss Ruth- • Avery of Palmyra will «ente.r- tain at a shower this evening (Thursday * at the home c f ’ 'Mrs, Barnhart in . honor of Miss Theim.a B a rnhart of Palmyra, whose marriage to Ralph Watters of Palmyra will take place Oct. 5. Mrs. Richard Hoff, who was ill with the grippe last week'\ a t jier home on West. Miller St., is improving. Mrs. Sarah Edwards of 'Brooklyn- is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Earl Freeh of R.D., Lyons. Miss Ruth Estenzel of F a ir - port spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs.-William Guliek. of Cr dsby S t . — of Clarks Mills were Sunday .guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Jones of South Main St.. ter, M rs.E. G. Parker 6 f West Union St. and Mrs. LeRoy Kuhns and |. New York City, visited Niagara family. : Falls Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.. Joseph Longoverdi, versary of Mr. apd anlli’« Sheriffs ' ’ \ *’phonse • • .................. J. Coleman -oi wewant, iormeriy |-r;isner, ana Mr. Fisher 42 j.»R'l 129 Sherm an Ave.,. to Al |goverdi’s daughter Mrs I oleman of Newark, 'formerly Fisher, and Mr. Fi’shpi- ‘ / o d of Rodhestef,, was anndunced by I Union St. Miss Mildred Barnmaker of West Maple Ave. speiiT I h e Mrs. Arthur Christy of S. Main St. and grandson, John, spent Wednesday in Roches­ ter. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Wright of. Church St. are .spending the week at the Commodore, New York -City,- attending the New York World’s Fair, and where Mi-. Wright is attending .a convention of water works superintendents. ■week- Claire Hostef, and Mr. Hoster in Seneca Falls. Miss Milhe W right of Syra­ cuse is spending the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Le- JRoy Wright of Church St. Miss Dorothy Davidson will arrive today from Potsdam Normal Schocl to spend the week-end with her parents. .M r. ar.d Mrs. Cecil Davidson of Blakely Court. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hast- •ings of Tupper Lake were week-end guests of Mr'. Has­ tings’ sister. Mrs.' Harry Bab­ cock, and Mr. Babcock of .’R l o s s m r R n a r l __ . Mr- and Mis. B. H. Bowers of Fairvilie and Miss Alice -Harder,. ' Arcadia. returned Monday from a trip of several i .days to New York City, in- I eluding a visit to the New York World’s Fair, Mr. and Mrs. Bowers took home little Dolores Herman, one of the Fresh Arr children, who has been here since Juiv. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Pahner of Ford St. entertained the EBB -Class of the First Baptist Chuych with a w.einer roast at their cottage at Sodus Point . o n Wednesday week. Miss Ann Gabriel entertain­ ed at a- groceiy shower on Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Frank Dedrick on -Col­ ton Ave. in honor of Miss Dorothea Dedrick. Morton Farber returned Saturday to Cornell University to resume Ms studies after spending the, summer with -his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Far­ ber. The Rev. John -Minder. Miss Mary Minder, and Mrs. M. Minder of Tampa, Florida, spent the_weelc with Mr. and Mrs W W. Tyre of Prosngat - St. Miss Maxine Fcltz of East Union St. spent the Week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Foltz in Corning, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gulick and son, Robert Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bodler of Elmhurst. Long Island, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. William Gulick «of Crosby St. The nurserymen of the ■Commercial Building, enter­ tained .at a bachelor dinner at Hotel Selien last Friday eve­ ning in honor of Russell -Cuy­ ler and. -Gilbert Lewis, whos? marriages will take place Sat­ urday. Friends, of M r. and Mrs. Walter Dennis of Arcadia held a House warming for them Last week Wednesday evening, which was also -their -four­ teenth wedding anniversary. They -were presented with a set of .dishes -by the group. Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Van O.s- trand-and soil, Dean, of Van Dusen St. speht- the week-end in Akron, Ohio, with Miss Vivian Van Ostrand who has just '-returned from _a three week vacation trip to New Or­ leans, Vera Cruz, and Mexico City. Mrs. J. L. Buck entertained her employees a t Buck’s Fash­ ion Shop at dinner at. Spring- side Inn, Auburn, Wednesday evening. Mrs. Charles C. Michelsen of' Fairvilie Road; Miss Carrie Schwartz and - Mrs. —Lena Schwartz, of West . Union St. attended the funeial of ’MSrs. Maude de Za-fra in Rochester last week Wednesday. Miss Virginia -Cullings cf Syracuse was tire guest of Miss. Marllymi Frey of Colton Ave. rovei the week-end. ' Mr. Sully Dedomenico of Stuart Ave. has just receiyed a- letter -from M r.' Frederick Martin, director of M a rtin' Hall, Bristol, Rhode Island, w h e r e Mr. Dedomenico’s daughter -Raida -is, a -student, praising her as a student of exceptional intelligence- -and ability. Raida left Newark July 4 to enter Martin Hall> ■ •Mrs. Clifford McDougall of East Miller St. entertained., at a shower Friday evening J.at her home in honor of Mrs. Emniet Calus. Thirty relatives Mrs. Dongld LeRoy of Vienna St. and Mrs. George Farrell of East Palmyra enter­ tained at a formal dinner and couples shqjyer last Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. LeRoy\ ill honor of Miss Dorothea Dedrick and. Mich­ ael Gr.ady. Mr. and Mrs, Victor Stevens, Mr, and Mrs.. Robert Beach and Mrs, Peter L'eenhouts, Sr., all .of Ontario were .Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Millard. Norr-ison -of Frey St. .and friends were .present. Miss Mildred Perrin and Mrs. Frank Sedgwick of Jef- -Jer.son Ext. motored to Green- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Van­ Norman and family h&v.e moved from- West Pearl St’. to a farm north of Newark which they recently purchased. wood, N. Y., aiid were week­ end guests of Miss Gertrude Webb of Budd Road, who is a teacher there. Miss Rita Zomari o# Budd Road will spend the weekend with her parents, Mr. and l^rs! Joseph Zomari in Manchester. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wad- strorn of Hartford, -Connecti­ cut have been sp^iding sev­ eral days as the guests of Mr: and Mrs. C. B. Martin of High St. ‘ Mrs. Katherine Geer, who has been ill at her home on Moore St. is reported to be improving. Elsie Reeves spent last week at Mt. Upton, N. Y., visiting her cousins, Mr. 'and Mrs. Frank Windus. • Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sarantis pf West Miller St. s’pent Sunday visiting friends\ hi Rochester, Miss Lenabelle Knowles,and Miss Alma Hartsough of West Miller St. entertained at a var­ iety shower at their home -on Ml's. Victor Moore of Roches­ ter is visiting her parents, Mr. and .Mrs.. .Charies Humeston of West Miller St. Miss. Marian -Lee of Caze- novia Jun’ibr CoRege spent the - week-end ;with her par- . ents JM r. and Mrs. Leon.F-.-Lee- The Rev. and-Mrs. Thomas Wilcox of -East Miller St. at­ tended the .conference of -the Northeastern District of the Christian and 'Missionary Al­ liance Church at Elmira last week. Monday evening in honor of. Miss ...Marie Kouwe, .Whose marriage to LaRud Sitt-sriy will take place Saturday, Sept'. 28. Those present were l^iss Melba Robinson, Miss Esther Farnsworth, • Mrs, Waiter Thraves, Miss Mildred Lyhn,. Miss Jeanette Welcher, and Miss Mdrtha Newton. of Crosby St. and attended-the Pelow-Chase wedding on Sat­ urday. Mr. and Mrs Raynor M. Holmes returned. last Thurs­ day to their home on West Miller St from their vaca­ tion trip to Washington ar.d -North Carolina Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sawner Mrs. William Wolf is spend­ ing some time with her.daugh- Miss Margaret German of Wilson St. spent the week-fed in Fulton as the guest of Mr, The Misses Jane and Julia Walsh, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Win Walsh of Van Duseii St. have resumed their -duties at Brockport Normal. Miss Jane is manager of the. Nor­ mal Tennis Team, and Miss Julia plays in the orchestra. Mr. a n d Mrs. Fi;ed Thomsen and guest, Patrick Adair, of Mr, and- Mrs, Horace G. Howard of West Miller .St., Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schaef- -feri—Jr., -and - -Mr. Herbert Schaeffer, Sr., of Rochester,. spent the week-end a t Blanch Lake, Quebec. v- Miss Evelyn Camp of Grace Avenue spent -the week-end with Mr, and Mrs. Alvin finely of .Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. George Ser- glsson -of Geneva, and- Charles Sergisson of Newark will give a concert this week Friday evening a t tke-Christian Rer formed Church in East Pal­ myra. (Continued in Second Section) —— o— - - - Ward Off Fatigue by Fresh milk aids your alkaline reserve, which helm t -counteract fatigue poisons in your system. So try a t or two oi our fresh, creamy, -pasteurized -milk before v™ go to bed feeling- low you’ll find it helps bring you back to- par. CITY DAIRY 26 Junior Jottings \ Eleanoro Gail Brcwn- cf Fayetteville has been spending sever,al days with her grand­ parents, Mr. and Mrs. William L. Brown of West Union St. Little Dolores Nicholson, daug’hter of Mr, and Mrs. D a ­ mon Nicholson of -Newark, underwent, a second operation a t the Genesee Hospital, Roch­ ester. last Friday. Her condi­ tion is satisfactory. Ruth Ann Dion of West Union St. celebrated her fifth birthday anniversary on Sun­ day, Sept. 22. Keith ’Wilcox, son of the Rev. and.Mrs.-- Throngs Wilcox of East Miller St. spent last week' with his -grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilcox at Waverly, N: Y., while his par­ ents attended -the conference of- the Northeastern district of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Elmira. Billy Parker cf West Union St. has been1 ill at his home for several days. Joyqe Ameele, of Elmwood Ave. will celebrate her tenth birthday anniversary [tomoi'r- row, Sept. 27. * - to 2 3 $ J o w * i h 6Very ^ af u —' >'°o'd exn pr'ces Miss Marion Clark. R. N , of the Wayne County Infirmary, spent last Thursday in Syra­ cuse. . Eleanors Gail Buapwn of Fay— retteville, who hasibeen visit- ] ing her gr.andpafenfs, Mr, arfff Mrs. W. L. Brown of West . Union St.. left last niglft for Geneva, to visit her aunt. Mrs. ’ Charles Wiltse, and family, ! for several days Ires?- -r ** Miss Katherine Brown, daughter cf Mr. and Mrs. Duane Brown of G rant St- left Sunday for Skidmore Col­ lege to begin her freshman year. Finest Gas , — *75 rtATuJcJ.\\A,~-r'<y! R* msi * * Miss Marion Barlers was .the guest cf her sister. Mrs. W. R, Hughes and family in Fulton, last week. Lewis DeRycke and family of West Union St. spent Sun­ day with relatives in Ontario. Mr. George Ware and Mrs. Earl Bradley of .Clyde spent Saturday in Newark. SALE! 80 SQUARE 1 1 o 10 Yard Lengths 15 c tp 17c Yard Valuasi Mrs. Frank S. Wiebeld of West Ave. is- spending two weeks traveling with Mr. Wie­ beld around New York City and Poughkeepsie. S a v in g s th a t p r o v e id s W a r d s fo r sew in g v a lu e s ! E v e r y y a r d is s t u r d y , w a s h a b le, 80 sq u a r e . (160 th r e a d s to e v e r y sq u a r e in .) R i c h e r lo o k in g p r i n t s . 3 6 ”. yd. David Meyers and Mrs. C. Meyers of- Grand Rapids. Mich 4 are Spending some time with their niece. Mrs. A. L. Hendrick, and Mr. Hen­ drick, of Vienna St. SALE! CANNON TOWELS 59c SHEER SILK HOSE Gay Plaids. Rich Colorsl You Sava 20?o Now! I f you w a n t lo o k s an d w e .a r w i t h a th r i f t y p r ice, h e r e ’s y o u r b u y ! C a n n o n m a d e fo r q u ic k d r y in g , and r e a l s e r v ic e in th e h a n d y 18x36 u t i l i t y size. P l a i d s or C o lors! 5 Super~het with BuiU-in aerial I Compare a f $9.95 H a n d s o m e w a ln u t p la s t ic 5- tube a t the price of a “4\! I n ­ cludes r e c t i f i e r ! S-inch su p e r - d y n a m ic \ s p e a k e r ! A p p r o v e d b y U n d e r w r i t e r s ! In iv o r y , $7.25.- F A M O U S L o n g - W e a r in g F t Full-fashionod 3-Thraati Silk Chiltons. 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J j Sunday' is ■ |a::y Day in services i Ir day, I.Winning W Inn \Followi T world Like jrhool 11:15 s IChristian Ei A'eniiig ’Worsi Ice. 7:30, witl | play. “Wake [are of the st |Tl:o choir ■ • Iu-ic in .the le Male Chon lal selections fcrvxe. pa r k p r ; iRcv. W .’B. Ss IFriday, 6:30 Icr members ( |id all men in- to Mr, Erw Ir a- hot dog r [Sunday, 10 fchool Session.; Bily Day-Serv hd Church S< lived. [Monday, 8 i |j.is will have ’ the Fall a t 1 fenneth Jones. [Tuesday, 8 ■is nonary m lurch' |Wt dnesday, i.'trr Class wi ■rcfuig to ce Ini.vcrsary. ■Tne annual C has been se HUISTIAN AN ALLI 237 E. D J Thomas A,. \ ■F.uiday Schoo It Worship—II - m Faith to • i'o 's Meet—-6 .- Thomas I •..cc - 7:45 •ri'.-, Picture c P:.iyer and.Bi r'd.i-y at 7:45 i t:. clay evenini |:ner Meeting Gladys Ti: < HRISTIAP > i-'cal serv ■ orner Of M; -it II a . m. 5 3 o m. Wed c at 8 o’clo REDEEMER Bertram Dallr Is-vices: Sun •: at 9:45. P qed scheduh Sunday me ■'••' a special • cation wi h r the mal Call” to C Lord’s St -rated on th (<- tober. r Aid Socie ‘v of next \f Mrs. Jo; • Men’s Clu e.-imd Frida • one o f Mr. J FIRST B |fv. Thcoc i •.da-y. Iu: u.e to A s Ip ration. _ -r wil) - i ’f Chris P - 'h set *•« peop Jt’nients * |i- and H u.sday, ehurc: T--P Sup |C ,aa- wi ■Jay. ' al '• fine-.c ; —it he home f ( \n suj A p e r s a b o u t Membt

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