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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, September 26, 1940, Image 9

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S E C O N D * S E C T I O N W A Y N E C O U N T Y ’S M O ^ f f - R E A D N E W S P A P E R VOL. LXVIII No. 39 ’ Subscription — J3.00.’ a Tear P u b lish e d W e e k ly • NEWARK, NEW YORK, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1940 TW O> S E C T I O N S — 12 P A G E S (Continued from First Section) Mr. Patrick Adair of New York City is visiting. Mr. . and Mrs. Fred Thomsen of West Miller St. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dangler of Church St. are vacationing in New York City this week.. Mr. and Mrs.. Waiter Dennis and son, Jerry, spent the week-end in Jamestown, N. Y„ visiting her sister, Mrs. Harry ! Hammond and family. While .there they visited the Moon Maple Stable?. Mrs. Gladys Timerson and family of Colton Avenue spent Sunday in Cato, N. Y. Mrs. Wendell Fishbaugh of ' Moore St. entertained her sew- .nn club on.Tuesday evening cf this week. Mfs. William Cassada of Church St., who has been ill, is - reported to be improving. Mr Fred Daion and Mr. and M. - Ira Fuller ol Albany fpeirt the week-end with Mr. Deion’s brother, Mr. Arsene Dimi 'and Mrs. Dion of West Union St. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Voigt ir.uvcd this week from Lyons to 118 Stuefwald Ave. on. Thursday of iast week Mi.v, Jennie A, Armstrong, Mrs. Albert Merriam! Mr?, Charles Strgissori, Mils ‘ 'SuSfe' ReV- 1 itolds, MiSs Roberta Vart Dusen, and Mrs. Marie Heath attended the meeting of the Wayne County Women’s Chris­ tian Temperance Union held in the Methodist Church a t So- dus. John Gifford of Irondequoit ,*pent the Week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S, Gifford of Arcadia. Miss Etta Page of Cuyler St. entertained at dinner Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Page and daughter Mary, Paul Page, all of Newark, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Page, and son Tommy of PrattsbUrg and Dr?\ Arthur Todd and Mrs. Edith Geieaghty of Geneva. The Misses Jane and Julia W.vish. daughters of Mr. ahd M rs win Walsh of Van Dusen have resumed their duties ’ Brockport Normal. Miss June is manager of the Not- ir 'I Tennis Team, -and- Miss ’uha plays in the orchestra. Anna and Edward DeYoung Iff! last week for Holland, Michigan, where they Will at­ tract Hope College this coming far. Edward enters as a fresh­ man while Ahna is a Junior. Miss Betty Lester of the fac­ ulty of Warsaw, N. Y„ spent the week-end with her par­ ti: K Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lester ri South Main St. Ernest E. Short left Tuesday mining for Ithaca, where he will enter Cornell University a sophomore. Mr and Mrs. Robert Short t Perry and Ernest E. Short f Newark spent part of last crk at the New York World’s air Mrs. Edna __________ vaM Avenue has gone to live *dh her daughters, Mrs. lanklin Swart in Palmyra, '■ d Mrs. Fay Wolford at ■'rdsport. The World Wide Guild held weiner roast and regular noting on Wednesday eve- ‘ ■ng of last week at the home f Miss Ellen Dipn, West Then St. Mr and Mrs. Gordon Munn nd son, Sumner and daiigh- cr Beverly of Madison Ave. *cre Sunday guests of Mr. Uf! Mrs. Sam McMahon at Mr and Mrs. Fred Thomsen '\d guest, Patrick Adair, of f'v York City, visited Niagara alls Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Horace G. ' ■card of West Miller St., b and Mrs. Herbert Schaef- f: Jr., and Mr. Herbert aeffef, Sr., bf Rochester, pm: the week-end a t Blanch nK<'. Quebec. M ss Evelyn Gamp of Grace ’• rniie spent the week-end 'h Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Buck f Rochester. Mr. and Mrs. George Ser- ismn of Geneva, and Charles ereisson. of Newark will give concert this week Friday 'ming at the Christian Re- orrr.ed Church in East Pal- ivra Mrs IrvfTtg Clark of West \Pr St. spent Sunday and Monday in Rochester as the j guest of Mrs. Ralph Wilson. Mr. and Mrf. Robert Allen of Church St. spent Sunday in: 1 Starkey with Mr. Allen’s aunt.- Mr. and Mrs. William De- Cann, Jr., -of Newark enter­ tained Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Feipck and daughter, Gail of Lyons and Mr? and Mrs. Isaac Havert of. Arcadia at dinner on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fynaut of Syracuse visited friends in Newark Saturday. ■ Adrian Fagner of Cuyler St, returned- to his home Friday from the Newark Hospital Where he underwent an opera­ tion. Mrs. Grace Page, who is em­ ployed at the Wayne County Infirmary, spent the week­ end a t her home on Cuyler S t. Mr. arid Mrs. H. M. Howard of West Union St. spent Tues­ day evening in East William­ son, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Buerman. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Clark and family of Blossom Road spent Monday in Canandaigua. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hen­ drick of Colton Ave. and Mrs. Albert Hendrick of Vienna St. spent Monday in Faff Haven visiting Mr, Hendrick’s sister, Mrs. Irving Siliman. Mrs. Jacob Dey, who has been ill a t her home on Madi­ son Ave. is, reported to be im­ proving. Miss Dorothy Stearns of Auburn was the week-end guest of Miss Marian Lee of Crosby-St. and attended the Pelow-Chase wedding Satur­ day. Miss Alice Hyman of Roch­ ester spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Susie Hyman of West Miller St. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Le- Rpy of Sbdus apd Mr. apd Mrs. H ^^Y o u p g s\0f.>Sifason( £ i* v spehfr- \the week-end with friends in New York,. Mrs. Frank Rasche and Mrs. Estella Sherman called Mon­ day afternoon of ’this week on Mrs. Nellie Lookup, who is : confined tp the Wayne County Infirmary with a broken hip. Daniel Mills of Marion- re­ turned Saturday from Newark Hospital to the home of his niece, Mrs. Merton Wilson, E. Miller St., where he and Mrs. Mills and their daughter, Shir­ ley, are spending the winter. £ Miss M®ry Kennelly of West Miller St. spent the week-end in Rochester. Miss Mildred Perrin and Mrs. Frank Sedgwick pf Jef­ ferson Ext. motored to Green­ wood, N. Y„ and were week- - end guests of Miss Gertrude Webb of Budd Road, who is a teacher there. Mr. and Mrs. C: B. Martin pf High St. and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wadstrom of Hartford, Conn., spent Sunday\ at Letchworth Park. f-Ma-r— i |f | ion is spending some time with her sister, Mrs. Godfrey- Genthner of West Miller St. Mrs. Aq’uilla Melton, who. was ill Iast Week in the New­ ark Hospital, has recovered and returned to her ‘duties in the hospital, Harold’ Martin of High St. Will return to Ithaca College to resume his studies today (Thursday!. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beach and Mrs. Peter Leenhouts, Sr., all of Ontario were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Norrison of Frey St. Mrs. Hugh Archer of Dear­ born,- Michigan, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Reed of Mason. St. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wad­ strom of Hartford, Connecti­ cut have been spending sev­ eral days as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Martin of High St. Mrs. Victor Moore of Roches­ ter is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Charles HUmeston bf West Miller Si. Miss Marian -Lee of .Caze- novia Junior College spent the week-end with her par­ ents, Mr. and: Mrs. Leon F. Lee of Crosby St. and attended the Pelow-Chase wedding on Sat­ urday, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Martin of Minsteed spent the week­ end with Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Martin, Si-., of North Main St. Miss. Alta Clark of West Pearl St. Road spent Monday in Rochester as the guest of Mrs, Katherine Schneible. Mr, and Mrs. Coles Redfield of Bartle Ave. were dinner guests on Saturday evening bf Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pearson -in Rochester. * Miss Dorothy Marsden of West Miller St. and Mrs. Joseph DeWaride! of Washing­ ton St. returned Monday tq, their duties a t the office of the’ Cjbmstock Canning Corp. after spending their vacation last week in New York City and at the New York World’s Fair. John Bennett of Church Street is a patient at Strong' Memorial Hospital in Roches­ ter, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Wright of Church Street are spenck. ing the week in New York City. Mrs. Walter House has re­ turned to her duties at the office of Montgomery Ward Company after spending a two Weeks vacation in New York City, the World’s Fair and Seneca Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Filkins of A r c a d i a , Mrs. Raymond Combes of Scott St.,, accom­ panied by Mr. and Mrs. Jud- son Padden of Phelps', left on Friday for Jamaica, L. I., where they were guests of Denton Bastow and family, and visited the World’s Fair. Mr, and Mrs. Richard Ray­ mond of West Millet Street spent the week-end with re­ latives in Auburn. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burgreen of Wilson Street attended the funeral of Irving Gillette in Fairport, last Tuesday after­ noon. Mr. Gillette was a for­ mer resident of Newark. Donald Lee of Cazenovia Junior College spent the week-end with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Leon F. Lee of Crosby St. To New York City The gift to the City of New York of more than 8,000 spe­ cially selected ahd cultivated rose plants now included in .the Parade of Modern Roses at the New. York World’s Fair, h a s been announced by Jackson a n d Par­ kins Company of Newark,-New York, the world’s largest ipse growers and sponsors of the Parade of Modern Roses in the Gardens on Parade Exhibit, where millions of rose blooms of every type were shown to the Fair public both in 1939 and 1940. Park Commissioner Robert Moses has already transmitted to Charles H. Perkins, president of Jackson and Perkins. Cqjh-” pany, the City’s acceptance Of this gift as a part of the whole Gardens on Parade layout teibe retained permanently within Flushing Meadows Park after the demolition of the Fair buildings. r Mr. Perkins has also notified the Park Department that has company will in future years, send to this garden, plants of outstanding new varieties . of roses developed in the Jackson and Perkins Research . Depart­ ment, without charge to the. City. Thus, New Yorkers will be! given a permanent opportunity; to' see the latest and most imr portant rose developments as well as to enjoy from June to September of each year, the beauty and fragrance of several million rose blooms covering every important variety and color of climbing, tree and Or­ dinary roses. ■ : Since the Jackson and Perkins Company has been responsible for the development of many of the most important new hybrids' in the rose field, the garden should form a nucleus 'of a cf \ attraction which, may, in tii equal -eti M #.. ford! .Connecticut, Portland, Oregon, and ■ other localities where the blooming of roses is the occasion for an annual fes­ tival. , ____ 6 Exhibits Shown At Palmyra Fair By Home Bureaus Six. exhibits are being shown this week at the Palmyra Fair by Home Bureau unit?. They wiil'be found in the annex to the inain building and will each show one project in the educa­ tional work of the bureau. „ In Foods and Nutrition, the Macedon Center uiiit has a demonstration on the use of cal­ cium foods for strengthening teeth and bptiy structure of the body, Macedon No. 5 has an exhibit On correct working heights for the - homemakers daily tasks. Visitors- will be urged to go in and try out various table heights to. determine’w h ich‘one is best suited to lessen fatigue for the individual. There are two exhibit-demon- strgtions on Care . of Clothing. The Wellington unit -is showing the making and use of blocks for knitted garments and Arca­ dia No. 2 shows how pressing pads are made and used for men’s suits and other heavy garments. The Marion unit is showing glove making and IybPS will demonstrate the making of slip covers, With help on buying ma­ terials. The titles and chairmen of the six exhibits are: Calcium for Body Structure, Mrs. T. R. Bry­ ant; Inches Make a Difference, Mrs. W. H. Allen; “So They’ll Stay Like New’’, Mrs. David J a n ­ sen and Mars. George West; Glove Making, Miss Dora West­ fall and Well Diressed Furniture,- Mrs. Dwight Munn. 0 N E Y ! $ 3 0 to $ 3 0 0 —- 2 0 m o n ths to repay • To re-establish your credit consolidate debts, have only one place to pay — come in — phone — write. LOANS ON HOUSEHOLD GOODS CO-MAKER AND AUTOS—NO INSURANCE REQUIRED LOAN SERVICE CORPORATION 34 Seneca St* Over Keilty’s Dry Goods Store 2nd Floor Tel. 2334 Geneva, N. Y. LOANS MADE IN NEARBY TOWNS “Information, Please” \New Fall Suit, madam?” \Indeed no’! New only in appearance, thanks to Stott Dry Cleaning.” “Well, to your inquiring reporter, it looks the nearest thing to new I ever Saw.” Dry Cleaning S a t i s f a c t i o n G u a r a n t e e d S e l e c t i v e L a u n d r y S e r v i c e O n ly Entire . W a shing & honing 9 l b . Except. Wearing Apparel & Launderers P h o n e N ew a rk 6 4 5 or 6 4 6 “The Cleanest , Spot ih Wayne County ” Fall Fashion Leaders! Brentwood* Frocks 1 . 9 9 • New Prints! • New Styles! Bonnie scotch plaids, eye­ catching prints and rich sub­ dued solid colors—all the fa­ vorites for fall! Crisply tailored sporty styles or softer, dressy types in soft spun rayons or rayon crepes. Pleasingly low priced, too! Sizes 12 to 52. •Ili-B. I-. S. Pat. Oft. S m a r t for all occasions 0 . 9 0 So little for Quality and Beauty One of the most exciting groups we’ve ever presented at this Raw price! Dress coats—draped or soft reefer types—in needlepoint woolens! Jaunty sports coats in sturdy tweeds and fleeces! All richly lined, warmly interlined! You can’t afford to miss them! C Y N T H IA Long Wearing — Beautiful Fitting! 9S< Cynthia slips are just as perfect as we can make them, for less than a dol­ lar! Trimmed or tailored —bias or straight cut. We have your favorite and the quality never varies! For a Lovely New Figure! tion! [SUM SYLFIES O f T w o -W a y Stretch “ L a stex” . 4 9 1 The exciting NEW roll-on girdle, that geritly — but , firmly—gives you a sylph­ like figure! The boned stay- up top and flat supporters insure a srnooth silhouette! Sanitized* for your prqtec- rtpR, r . s. pat, off. Men’s Balbriggan or Flannel 1 4 9 The smartest, .warmest, best looking sleeping garments we have seem Big variety of styles and colors. Men’s Red and Black STAG H U N T IN G C O A T S 8 9 0 Extra heavy, double thick. All wool, and water-repellent. Talon closure front and game pockets. The warmest and most useful coat you've ever seen. Men’s HI-CUTS Pliable retan up­ pers. Sturdy coin- D e ­ position soles. A « J O 16 inch. Pair M en’s W ork R U B B E RS First Quality grey rubber. T o w iicraft Sanforized. eg i A Woven-in I •pr « f pattern. S H O E S f o r t h e F a m i l y New! Lizard Print! W O M E N ’S O X F O R D A small price for QQ sm a rt reptile p rints A .D O or black suede! Men's Towncraft!* Antiqued co p p e r 4% QQ tan with straight tips, perforations! • •H e g . r . S. P a t . Off. T H R I F T V A L U E S Men’s Oxfords. M QQ Straight 'tip style, JL •**\ composition soles! B O Y S ’ D R E S S SH O E S Sm art wing tip <p%. 7 0 bals! ’'•■ Sturdy dfc* leather spies! . . » M E N ’S M A R A T H O N * H A T S Favorites For F a ll - Genuine fur felts * featuring wider brims, colorfulu ;bani~’ Many new fall lightweights! in-g. u. K 1 -iu. oir. .u'dnusi- 2 - 9 8 Boys’ Felt HATS 9 8 c Save on Quality Sfart new snap brims in wool felt! Feathers* Townclad SUITS of DUNBURY WORSTEDS 1 9 7 5 Men! Don’t buy your new fall suit until you see our new line! Feel the-luxurious new fab­ rics! Try them on, see what they carS.do toward improv­ ing your appearance., Smart fail shades in sturdy wiry weaves th a t will wear and wear! Cassimeres! W orsted Weaves! Men’s Fall 2 . 9 8 Penney Savings! Colorful, bold herringbones, nubs and plaids for smart sportswear! Handsome stripes, plaids and solid tones for dress, in the new off-shades that are such hits this fall! In pleated and plain front styles—whichever you prefer! M en’s D R E S S SLA C K S Gabardines! Cov­ erts! Tweeds! Pieated styles! L E A T H E R JA C K E T S Top: grain leather,■ fully rayon lined !^ Sports backs!

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