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* VOL. LXVIII—No. 40 NEWARK, NEW YORK, THURSDAY OCTOBER 3 1940 E n t e r e d a s seco iid cla s s m a il m a i l e r a t N e w a r k , N., Y. P o s t Office, TWO SECTIONS — 1Q.PAGES- 0TERST0 REGISTER C a n d i d a t e jNEWARKER’S t, VillagetMake Plans To Set Up FUjral Fire District 1 Aotioa tow ai d establishing- & lutaYfire protection district in the Town o t Arcadia outside o t Newark was taken bji both the Town Board and Village Bdard m meetings Tuesday The town had\ previously offered the, vilp --------- - w ,— =-^- APPOINTED G e t s P c s f H e r e | J ^ Q D R A F T iteracy T e sts, R egistration Scheduled H e r e , on O ct. 9 , 1 0 , 18, 19 Registration of all voters to liable them to cast ballots in he general election Nov. 5 will I held here, on . four ' days in 1 lie course pf the next two •eeita. Literacy tests for all new |: oters wil! be held in . Newark I uh School during those same < , a. In the Village, of Newark reg?. ‘.nation .-will, be held; at-the re- uiar polling places Oct. 9, 10, nd 18 from 10 a.’ hi, to 10 p. m., nd. on. Oct. Iff frbm' '7 a. hi. to Op m. Personal registration is equired here. Outside the vil- age registration •will \be on Oct. o ftom 7 a. in; to 10 p. m. and n Oct. 19 from - ;i to 10 '-p, m. ersonal registration is not req­ uired outside'-village except by eiy voters'ih the district. The literacy - tests, under tipffvision of »E. jR. - Woelfel, uperintendent of schools, will held at the High Sfchool next ednesday—aBd Thursday. Oct. and 10, 'and on Friday-, Oct. 18. fem 7 to 9 p.’m.j and on Satur- ay. Oct. 19, from 7 to.9:45 p. m. ew voters ndust furnish evi- ?nce of literacy 'before they an register, ’and' the literacy' ni are -for those who cannot resent eighth grade, high -hnol. or college certificate's. Those e n tiacditp.-t^d^i|cliat^ -ts and apply';fpr;: certificates- re: Foreign-born ^persons who r? applying: for, -or have re- rived. their second or “final” ■ivmship papers and Will be •..tied to vote a t the next elec- oiv or Native-born, ..persons, will be entitle^, to Vote 'at' e next election, ' sued to “neW:, vdters’’ .as f-ote 1 —To ,gppilhWlrt» ^ h‘ . ntials sliow'tnat . they - com fully completed the work e-cribed for the sixth grade of e public day schools of the ate . 2 To applicants whose cre- iitials show that they have n; pie ted a course in reading , d -,v rsting English equivalent that required of sixth grade P— in the public elementary neis of the state. 3 To all applicants who have 'Cd ah examination or test iMiuized by the commissioner. ^ test is .known as- the New rk State Regents Literacy lage $600 a year for rural 'pro |state including Lyons and - —‘—- tection, but it was found ,iKa teShorts ville.v have adopted this — — D e n n is T a k e s T r o p h y and the law requires setting up a'form of rural fire protection R e v . C . T . Winkwor-th Be- i f t a w , D -i i fire district to catty thiough,the from village fire departments. I ' .... t ,. . 1 0 hirsts at 8 5 t p P al- i proposal. j.-s -.t, Village ■ solons also granted gins D u ties at\ M ethodist m yra Fair | Town ' Board members, .m^ge- plans for calling a hearing QT One Newark exhibitor walked . rural taxpayers on the proposi off with major honors iri the | Mon, although no date for this draft horse division at the 85th ,1 meeting was set Following such annual Palmyra Fair held last a hearing, the boaid will dfeter- week. Fair officials reported a n ' mine Whether the .public interest JUSTICE JOHN W. MILES N a m ed to O p p o se Gilbert for Suprem e Court Supreme Court Justice John ,W. fillies of LyOns was unani­ mously .nominated, by the Demo­ cratic SeVentt Judicial District convention irt Rochester last Saturday as his party’s candi­ date to oppose County Judge Lewis. A- -Gilbert ■ pf • Newark. GOP nominee, for a- full 14-year tefm as Supreme -Court Justice in the district. ■ •- • • The.-,32-year old- Lyons jurist bps: been serving on the, bench siiice ffiis . appointment ..ISgt March to’fill the unexpirediterpv Of the late . Justice Clyde W. Knapp, Which ends this Decem­ ber, His name was placed in nomination by James D. Hurley, Newark, a delegate from Wayne County along with Charles P. Williams, Lyons, and David Cur- all-time attendance record of more than 60.000, including an t estimated 30.000 on. Saturday. I Walter E. Dennis. Lincoln Road,. Newark RD, won 10 first awards and four seconds but of his 16 entiles of horses. His- fin­ est accomplishment was winning the silver trophy offered by the New York State Draft Horse Club for the best stallion and his three best colts from a grade mare. Dennis showed a 6-year old Belgian stallion weighing 2.100 pounds from, an imported sire and three colts, which captured the trophy presented personally by Dr. F T. Sears, Syracuse, president of the state club. The local horseman had previously shown this stallion and two other horses at. the State Fair as part of the Wayne County Draft Horse CJab’s six-horse ex­ hibit which, for the second suc­ cessive year, won the state high honor loving cup. At the Palmyra Fair the fol­ lowing prizes were won by Den­ nis: First on champion Belgian stallion: first -oh champion Bel­ gian mare; first on mare four years, old cr over; first on mare three years old or under; first on mare with 1940 foal; first on 4-year old. mare under 1.500 pounds; first on 4-year old gelding under 1,500 pounds; first on mare or gelding under three years; first on three grade ani­ mats, get of one purebred sire; second on stallion over four yeprs; ..second ,anct: third .-on yearling mare or gelding; second,, two years old and under three; and second on a light draft team under 3,000 pounds. , I Another Newark winner at the fair was Mrs. Frances Bright­ man. 222 West Miller S t, who. took second in an exhibit of best special quilts. Marian M. Stell, 215 Wilson St..<won second prize for five best children's hobbies. The Newark Rotary-High School Band played Thursday and es­ corted Holton V. Noyes, New warrants establishing the ^dis­ trict and levying taxes for such protection on property oWners1 outside the village: . . The Village Board instructed its-attorney, W. T. Purch«<te.to* confer with the town attorney, C. H. Herrick, in drawing fyp-a contract between the village a n d town for serving fhe proposed district. This will containa-thet village's specific statement as ts* what protection it will -furnish; the township and., in turayths: town's guarantee for yearly-pay- Village • solons also grante d 1 permission to the New York! Central Railroad Comoany to! replace its traffic gates at the North. Mam St. crossing of • the - West -Shore Railroad with au-l tomatm flasher signals. Permits Church Sunday Appointment of trie Rev. Cyril T. Winkworth ot North Rose tb the Newark Methodist Church and other pastorate changes in this area were included in as were issued tp Earl R. Stott for signments announced by Bishop an addition to his business plant Charles Wesley Flint Monday at on West Miller S t. and to Tholn-1 the closing session of the annual au: Jv Colacino to erect a one- ■Central New York Methcdist -story .bowling hall adjoining his business p lant o n East Union St, • Police Chief .William Scheer­ ens. reported 102 arrests during the past month,,including 27 for speeding, 16 for passing stop signs and 13 for overtime park­ ing Police Justice J D. Hurley reported $^49 collected in fines and forfeited bail A permit was given; the New York Telephone: Co to flistall a pay station phone ments. Many other towns lh-.thej booth, in City Hall. tlsi. Sodus. _ ' ....... Supreme Court jurist in the ■ . . . , state, is a native of Lyons, a graduate of Alfred University, and of Fordham University Law School in 1933. He served his law clerkship in the office of the late C. T. Ennis, Lyons, and was associated with C. P. Williams before joining the firm of Ed- son. W,- Hamm and Justice Knapp three years ago. I t is now the law firm of Hamm and Miles. He had served: as Lyons village attorney and police jus­ tice before his appointment to the present office. In nominating Justice Miles. Hurley declared that President Roosevelt will enjoy a large vote in the rural communities this year and carry Miles into office | again- His nomination was see- Finance M eet Set T o n ight; V a n M u b en Gets P o * t Program\ for the coming year in the Wayne District,. Boy Scouts, was outlined a t affijqi-r ing of the district executive committee in Wolcott Tast -Week; At the same time .Lewis *' Van- Huben of Newark was appointed assistant to District Gomffijp- sioner Earl T. Doty, 'Newark to oversee Wayne activities. - The committee planned p. ; Fipanqe Campaign,,.whioh , be 'Organized a t - a meetlfig night e t Newark Country Club Appointed as neighborhood commissioners were Earl Gates and Harold Brightman of New­ ark and Malcolm Reed of Pal­ myra. .Objectives for the year were outlined by Field Executive Ed­ mond T. Hesser. He advised special emphasis on strengthen­ ing troop cmmittees by distri­ buting duties, on improving troop programs, on winter swirn- An enthusiastic group of 34 women attended the first class Tuesday’ evening in the Red , Cross First Aid Course being j place at North Rose will be tak ■' a n Kir t h o R a w T n n n \f n n r f n u spofisored-here 'by the American. 4 - To applicants who because physical disability are unable p.i'.s the New York State Re- Literacy Test but who n '.itisfy the examiner th a t ! onded by former Supremo Court ry could pass the test if it ■ justice James P., B. Duffy, Sid- re not for such disability. j ney Grossman, ’and J. Arthur -'Hewing aEe the general Jennings of Rochester. ihiications of voters: , | o ----- < ----- He must have been a citi- ;->r 90 days. He must be 21 years of age re IF must have lived 5 years ■h’ United States. Hr must have lived 1 year -'he State. He mn.it, hn VP liv e d . .4, L o c a l T o M a r k W o m e n I n B u s i n e s s W e e k Fork State Agriculture Commis-. ming and life saving activities sioner. to the judges’ stand,! ^ nearby YtMCA pools, on get- where he gave a short address j Hug. stouting before the com- and started the race named in j munities, on working with the his honor. . Red Cross in promoting first aid, on enlisting more .boys in sCout- ing, and on troop organization ( in Newark, Palmyra, Rose, and. -South Butler. . I Harold’ Dye of Sodus, chair- |m a n of advancement, said his Committee plans for commis­ sioners to promote training of leaders to plan their programs, push troop advancement plans, ahd secure more merit badge 3 6 A t t e n d S c o u t T r a i n i n g S c h o o l , H e a r T a l k b y D y e m the county. Ho must have lived 30 the election district. . Ho must possess evidence - racy, if a new voter. . p— -------- emetery Vandalism To Be ‘ Prosecuted 'rrnmed to stamp oht van- 1 ip: m any form a t Newark F'-'ery. the Newark Police- has i-otl notice that it will- deal v with guilty persons, and '■-inetety association has '■'“tf a standing reward of oo (,>r information leading to :i>rc-t cf anyone defacing premises. stern measures were :>‘id by the finding of a t w.onument last week that been tipped from its base irrntly by the use of a crow- iome other heavy instru- rf Police, and cemetery offi- li are determined that such \! vandalism shall riot o: again. -d- “Advancement” and patrols .v were formed. Knot-tying con- The 1940 slogan for National ' -.vcrc heTd urjder the drrec-- Busihess Women's’ Week. OCto- Thirty-six men attended the second session’ of the Wayne County Scouters Training School examiners\ W a rnV ‘<” “ 1 aridfltm sassussts.lte \ “ . s S S r r ? 5SaJ25.*t5“«»?“; \ S “ «ssj Chapm, Lyons;,Raymond Coop- rderi Club to Vieu> ulip Film in Colors <■ Newark Garden Club wili Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 7:30 m m the Newark Public i’-’1; v -A film. “Tulip Time\ in •'•scolor. will be shown. Neweil Robinson Mil | r the flower arrangement, Wi ' Harry Brown will pre- -Thp hostess will be Miss a Peirson. embers are asked to bring .*>' arrangements- and speci- , -oi garden flowers. The is invited. ber 6 to 12. is “Business Women in Democracy--Vote!” In observance of National Business Women's Week, the Newark Business and Profes­ sional Women’s Club has invited the League of Women Voters to hold a joint meeting Tuesday evening, 0 e t. 8, at 6:30 p. m. at Wolf's tea-room The gjiest speaker will be Mrs. Earl Stott, whose subject will be \Keeping Abreast with the Times”. Chief objective of th's year’s celebration is to stimulate inter­ est between Federation clubs and other organizations in em­ phasizing the importance of vot­ ing and of voting, intelligently. The Federation's theme of Women in the role of voters has received the earnest support of President Roosevelt. Likewise Republican candidate, Wendell Willkie, whose family has _ had three generations of professional women, extends his heartiest congnatulatipns. 0 ---- WOMEN VOTERS MEET Sidney MacArthur, Newark High School histo’ry teacher, will er. Williamson, and Dye-as--tho nominating committee to pre­ sent a slate of officers' at the tion of Lewis Van Huben of Newark, and a skit was put on annual distriotmmeting. by Edmond.Hes?er, Wayne Scout • - • • s field executive, and Lawrence Rice, Newark. Next Tuesday Thad Logan, Lyons, will discuss “Camping”, and the following Tuesday Earl Doty, Newark, will talk on Church Waives (Claim On Old Gym Property The old high school gymna- \Troop Operation,” The school sium finally became the proper- be guest speaker at a meeting of the League of Women Voters at 3:15 today at the home of Mrs. James Tyner His topic will be “Election Platforms and Politi­ cal Issues”. FATHER LANE APPOINTED Appointment of the Rev. James Lane, assistant pastor of St Midbael’s Chureh, Newark, to' direct the $250,000 Nazareth College campaign for the Sisters of St. Joseph ih this area was announced this week by Bishop James E. Kearney. ty of the village this week fol lowing a vote of the Park Pres­ byterian Church Society on Monday to waive I ts option un ­ der its 1917 deed to the school district. The waiver which had been recommended by the Board of Trustees, was passed by 49 voters without a dissenting bal­ lot. The Village ‘Board, in return. opened last week with Frank Mosher, Marion, outlining the relationship of boys and scout­ ing. Harold Kimber. East Pal­ myra, is scoutmaster of the course, with Rice us assistant, . ----------- O ----- Cub Program Starts; Pack to Meet Oct. 25 ■ r.?- agreed-*w wl'fh ‘ vl'flSge Cubbing activities for th« year sewers the large cistern on the get under way this week with SChooi property front lawn meetings scheduled by the six txrliiefa collects drainage water local dens of pre-Scout age fr0Tn the church root, if and r ^ P . l rSU CubmaSter WUham when this action becomes neces- A Tv, ? , ,, ,, sary, Mayor' R. E. Chittenden Colby also announces that the said the vill b d h first Pack meet will be held a t vpf. Perkins Schooi October 25th with “Cub Art” as the theme, to do ao this month followed by a Hallowe’en Party. t0 ao 50 ttlis mn°nth' ---------- In the afternoon of the same day a cub football game will be Rebekah* tn tnvtall played with dens 2, 4 and 5 ^ I f CO t \ S t a l l lining up against dens 1 , 3 and Officers Tuesday ‘— -------- o ------ ?— Newly elected and appointed officers Of the Stiver Link Re- Class Been as Step in H o m e . .. D e fense Conference at Syracuse. The Rev. Mr. 'Winkworth fills, the vacancy caused here last March by the death of the Rev.: Howard I. Andrews. A former pastor of the Port Gibson Methodist Church during stu­ dent days arid -for the last nine years pastor at North Rose the new appointee will begin his duties here this coming Sunday at the morning service when he will preach on “My Church”. The new local pastor’ was born in Kidderminster,.England, and came to this country with his family when he was 8 years old. He is a graduate pf Penn Yan Academy and Syracuse University. He was ordained in 1921 and served in Port Gibson and Onondaga Hill churches ' while still In school. Pastorates followed at Caton, Waterloo, and North Rose. The new pastor, his wife and 16-year-old daughter Grace, expect to move to the parsonage here sometime next week. The Rev. Mr. Winkworth's The Rev. Cyril T. Winkworth of North Rose who has been appointed new pastor of the Newark Methodist Church. PLAN RALLY Local W o m e n to Hear Talks ; T u e sday in G range Hall FOR WAYNE R e v . W alker,, Purchase P u t ' c a R ecom m ended List \ i b y G ilbert i\ - ’ I P;e,pavaticns for carrying out ■ provisions of -the Selective j Training and Service Act, draft-- - ing, ei.viUaoi for army train-ihi; j - in Wayne Gcunty were made.- this week with announcement by County Judge Lewis A. Gil-;-, bert of Newark of his recom­ mendations for members of. two draft boards and two advisory boards to serve in Wayne. * Judge Gilbert said his recom -' mendatious have been sent .to. Governor Lehman, on his qulst, and. that he believes f in a l. appointment will be - made by - President Roosevelt.. 4®fae: Act,' provides one draft board for’ - eas-h 30.000 population and Wayne County Was arbitrarily,, split up to be served by two ' boards, since the county’s popur lation is about 52,000. .Two Newark Men Named One- board, which will serve the towns of Arcadia, Sodusx ~ Williamson. Marlon,- Ontario,, and Walworth, has been recom­ mended by Gilbert to Include the Rev. Charles W. Walker of Newark, Geor.ge-Knapp of Sodus, and Norton A. Waterman of On- Legion Auxiliary. The course is being taught by Mrs. Charles W. Burgess,* who reports represen­ tatives attending- from the Le­ gion •.Auxiliary, Business and Professional Women’s Club, High School faculty, Girl Scout iead- ers and other groups, i M t j ,Burgess skid women may -sQlI 'enroll for the course. In which the second lesson will toe given next Tuesday evening a t the Red Cross rooms, 120 East Union St. She stressed the im­ portance of learning first aid rudiments, especially in view of the measures being taken for home defense. A first, aid certificate will be issued at end of the course - to those receiving 20 hours of in­ struction and taking a final examination. The course is free, she said, except for .a 60-cent charge for the textbook. ,— „ ---------- o ----------- N e w C o m m i t t e e s L i s t e d b y S o d a l i t y O f S t . M i c h a e l ’s -Committees for the year of the S t. Michael's Chur'ch Sodality were announced today by the Rev. J. C. Lane, director, as fol­ lows: Catholic Truth—Anna Mar- chioli, chairman, Mary Doyle. Rose Haney and Rita Nolan; Apostolic—Edward Boyle, chair­ man, Franklin Alien, Margaret Kelly, Margaret^handi ip Rcbor.t Beck,.ThoTnas Healy, Jr.,•Bertha DeWeaver, Richard Vickery. Howard* VanderMortcl, Anna Marchioli; Social Life and Mem­ bership—Howard Vandermortei, chairman, Jack Hodgson, Al­ phonse Coleman, Florence Pal- riiefl, Josephine Longoverde, Michael DeMott. Publicity—Richard Vickery, chairman, Charles Ross and Kathryri Hines; Our Lady's Committee—Mrs. Bertha De- Weaver. chairman, Betty Kelly, Evelyn Camp. Josephine Lagana. Rose Mary Albanese; Eucharis- tic—Thomas Healy, Jr., chair­ man,- Agnes Curran, Robert Kalb, Ruth McGowan, Pat Smith, Mary Alice Kelly, Made­ line Keokhuyt. Next .m eg.tinfL. of-The. -Soda-Ut-y • will be Monday, Oct. 7, at 8:30 p. m. , ------ -Q—‘— ---- en by the Rev. John V. Darrow of Morrisville. Other changes affecting this area are; the Rev. Paul Kirkpatrick from Port Gibson to Lodi and Logan; the Rev. Albert Trickett from Wa­ terloo to Port Gibson; the Rev. Herman B. Murdock to Fairville and Lock Berlin; the Rev. W. Carleton Stevens from Clyde to East Syracuse; ...tha ’ReT: C. Comstock from Trumansburg to Clyde; the Rev. Arthur E. Morey’ from Wolcott to Manlius; the Rev. Charles C. Beebe from Tully to Wolcott; the Rev. Rob­ ert C. Hebblethwaite from Wil­ liamson to Conquest: the Rev W. ChaHes Pittm an from Mar- cellus to Williamson; the Rev Lester Schaff from Clifton Springs to Mansfield; the Rev W. M. Hydon from Towanda to Clifton-Springs; the Rev. J. N Bragan from Pultneyville to Waterloo and Junius; the Rev Donald Cronk from Seneca Castle to Pultneyville; the-Rev. J. F. Hamilton from Savannah to East Troy; the Rev, F. H. Vonscoy from Ovid and Varick to Savannah and Tyre; the Rev. J. W. Lewien from Deaver Dams to Manchester and Shortsville. : 0 ------ VFW Names Group to Plan Home Defense Future measures for home de­ fense were taken by local vet- , eran organizations last week when the Arcadia Memorial Post, Veterans, of Foreign Wars, appointed a committee to work with the t'.vn AmgHcan-Lcsicft A mammoth rally for all vot­ ing women in Newark and vic­ inity is announced for 2 p- hi. next Tuesday. Oct. 8, hi Newark ! tario Center. An advisory board Grange Hall as the local cele-fto assist the draft board will bration o f ' “Willkie Day” include Wilford T. Purchase, throughout New York State. The Newark; H O Button, Sodus; affair is sponsored locally by a n } and Stanley Albright, Ontario. Arcadia Women’s Republican, The second board will serve Committee, with Mrs. George R the towns of Palmyra and Mace- Fellei* as general chairman. The assemblage will listen to a nation-wide broadcast of a speech at 2 p. m. that day by Wendell L. Willkie, GOP presi­ dential nominee, and will also hear other speakers as yet. un­ announced, Mrs. Feller said Music, entertainment, and tea wilt be enjoyedi She said, and al! women voters are urged to at- . i - - -?~,r The chairman listed: a group of 19 hostesses who will assist a t the rally, as follows: Mrs. Lewis A. Gilbert. Mrs. Ernest A. Smith, Mrs. Paul D. Newton. Mrs Ar­ thur N Christy. Mrs Rhea E Chittenden, Mrs. Charlotte Bloomer. Mrs. Stuart D Hal- lagan. Mrs. Frederick Donnelly. Mrs _A_ Eugene Bolles, Mrs, Wil, Iiarn E. Buck, Mrs. Murray S. don and ihe eastern part of the county, including Lyons, Huron, Rose. Wolcott. Butler, Galon, and Savannah. This draft board will include, by recommenda- - t.on,. Michael DeVito, Lyons;,-..! Elmore Ayer. Clyde, and Homer • S Osborne. Wolcott. The ad- : visory fopi.this area will include J Francis Lines. ’ Palmyra; Ed­ win M- Harvie, Savannah; apd d James. .E-TMomFsoni oJJftoteottr- . *’i Registration Set Oct. 16 Judge Gilbert said he has re­ ceived very little information as to how the act will be adminis­ tered and nothing definite as to what Wayne County's quota of draftees will be. It is known that all men between the ages of 21 and 35 years will be re-, quired to register Wednesday, - Oct. 15, at his election district Wayne Ghme Group Meets Hare Monday Quarterly- meeting of ^.the. Wayne County Federation of Fish and Game wiil be held in Newark nex t- Monda y - \evening.\ with the local Rod & Gun Club as hosts, according to L. F. Lee, secretary. Delegates from each sportsman’s club in the county wiil attend The session will be held at 7:3d o’clock at Canne Sales & posts here in formulating de­ fense ’plan;. Previously Newark Elks had named their committee on this matter. . Commander William Teirson of the VFW appointed Frank loeie and Edmund Synesael to act with him on a committee to meet with the Legion represen­ tatives'. He.said recent dfafting of National Guard units for ac­ tive training service had left communities without any local defense groups and the present action is definitely necessary. — ‘—— o ----- Columbus Day Fete Set Oci. 15 by K of -C Annual Columbus Day ban? quet sggrisored by the Newark jforiheastern,-Poultry...Produce. PARENT GROUP MEETS The PTA Parent Discussion bekah Lodge will be installed by 1 Service showrooms. Delegates of Group of Lincoln- Schooi will D’strict Deputy Mrs., Olin Cor- i the Newark club are Floyd Har- meet at the school today a t 2:30. neh of Newark- Tuesday eve- ;rts, Cart - Schultz, William In- Topics will be “Routine from ning. Oat. -S. a t 8 o’clock\ a t the ' man,' and Frank Sedgwick, ate One to Six. Years” and “Can regular meeting in IOOF Hall. though all local members are Parents and Teachers Get To- Refreshments will be served'! also invited. Three movies gether?\ The Perkins group met after the meeting. All those tak- from the U. S, Department of yesterday. Miss Laura LeRoux ing an office are requested to | Agriculture will be shown,’ and is in charge of the discussions, wear white. refreshments served, | I has been scheduled for Tuesday evening, Oct. 15, in Hotel Gar­ denier, according to George Townsend, grand knight. A 6:30 dinner and patriotic program will be open to the general pub­ lic. he said. James Lannigan of Fulton, former delegate to the Supreme Convention and grand knight of -the-Eulton. Cauncite-Wi.tl-.be. „ speaker, Alphonse. DePorter is general chairman and District Deputy Howard t . Franklin will be toastmaster' Anthony Cola­ cino will be im charge of enter­ tainment. which will include musical numbers. CLERGY TO MEET HERE The clergy of the Diocese of Rochester |ffifm e e t in St. Mark's Monday. There will be a cele­ bration of Holy Communion and the Rev. John G Spencer of Hornell will speak on “The ’ church arid State.” Welcher. Mrs. Albert Snyder, polling place Mrs. Earl M Welcher, Mrs Roy I Filkins. Mrs. Edwin Baum- | partner. Mrs. William Bronk. i Mrs. Joseph Drake. Mrs. Cora Verbridge, and Mrs. Sanford, Farnsworth. ----------- o --------- ^ T r a i n S t o p , T a l k B y W i l l k i e H e r e A i m o f L e a d e r s Determined efforts to get Willkie's special train to stop in , _ i i __ Newark .on its eastern itinerary i 'I , . , . n na lottery fora short rear platform talk by f 11 ^ hcld an.d whose reg- the GOP presidential candidate ^ be drafted into t'aim n g service publican leaders y h thc IocaI draft baa«>s* » * i , ,.u J believed ohnnt 4fl0 OPO m e n w iU . f from this drawing ^ laN . ! - d - t th;,r S Christy. Newark, S.tate Repubh-.; ^ a f t bobrdl: Wmking with toeh ’ can commllteeman. in peison . advisory ,boards, wU1 determine whether claimed exemptions are All election in­ spectors have been asked by- . | the county election commission-' ' er ■ to sei ve that day without pay as a contribution to na- ■ 1 tiofial defense. 1 It is anticipated that about ! 16.500.000 men between these. | a g e s will be registered I in the nation, under the t nipervision of the local_ d raft------; |boards. They will also fill o u t , questionnaires which will deter- I mine their classifications and,' . thereby, their qualifications for I exemption. I Must Restore Jobs Monday of this week when tie visited the committee m New York City.' Willkie’s train is expected to go through here on October 15th and if a stop can be arranged it is planned to have delegations from all county towns here for the occasion. — ^ — o------,— Way he Boy Places on State Judging^Tearn Bruce Pollock, Ontario, won a place on'the State 4-H Poultry Judging Team and a trip to the Convention at Atlantic City October 3 and 4. by placing sec­ ond in the State Poultry Judging Contest held at Cornell Univer­ sity. Ithaca, in September. The three high judges in these state contests were named to repre­ sent New York State in the Na- valid, but conscientious, object- (Continued on page three) o ----------- Delegates to Attend State DAR Conclave Colonel William P r e s c o 11 Chapter, Daughters of the Am­ erican Revolution will be repre- ■ sen ted at the State Convention, at Utica on Oct. 2, 3 and 4, by Mrs. Olin W. Bumpus, Regent, and Miss Anna L. Miller, dele­ gate.. Mrs. Grace D Fort and Mfs7' Emma M. Garlock, _.are . alter- , nates. At the close of the session Mrs, Fort and. Miss Miller .will spend a few days, in Coopers- town. as guests of Miss Kather­ ine Van Hoeseh, who is a teach­ er there. o- tiona! contests at AtlantieCityri Chutch toH ectr Talks The Wayne County Demon-1 * u lT O Rey- worth placed second in the state contests at Cornell. Donald Huntley, also of Walworth, com­ peted in the judging contests. JURY TRIAL SET A police court jury trial was set for Friday, Oct. 11. by Police justice James D. Hurley yester­ day in the case of Frank Mason (Mancusoi. Arrested Sunday toy Patrolman Irving Clark for pub­ lic intoxication and violation Of parole. Mason, asked, for a jury trial through -his attorney, Joseph A. Haney. By 2 Guest Speakers TWO guest speakers will fiil- the.piilpit of the Christian %nd Missionary Alliance Church this week. Friday evening, Rev. L. J. Isch. assistant district superin­ tendent of the Northern District will speak. Sunday, Rev. Bryon E. Smith, head of the Punction Creek.Mis- sion. Swampton, Kentucky,, will, speak. . Mr Smith will relate - some of his experiences with the Mountain People: He Will speak at both of the regular -. services, 11:00 a. m., and 7:30 p. iri,. The public is invited to attend.

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