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Newark union-gazette, the Marion enterprise. (Newark, N.Y.) 1939-1941, January 09, 1941, Image 3

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V%':kf W j \'-if W ■OECHES | Community SERVICES ARCADIA REFOKMTCD Rev B DeYdung Paster\' I Regular services nexc .Sunday morning a t 10 30 Sunday School a t 12 Endeavor at 6:15 With special speaker Evening se p j c e a t 7 30 with a special ; speaker concluding the week- o f prayer ©n Friday evening of v this sweek there will he a special' ser­ vice for prayer Monday the 13th annual “Congregational meeting lo r r lec? tion o f officers and business. All members are urged to be pre- f'gent- ~ Oxford Bible Class^-of the Methodist Church will, hold its tegular business meeting -and Clfee|lon,of of(ic^§, 4 t. thc church Wednesday evening,-.' Jan.’ -15. Hostesses will be Mrs. William “ oom\ Mrs. jdhn'.Herduyn. a h d Mrs. Caleb Kelly. Devotions will be.in. charge of i.irs. , Harley Lounsberry. Tuesday Club—Will meet with Mrs- Ha?ry .Ordfopt, Prospect. St., on Tuesday. - Jan. Tj.4,- Mrs.. J\ Sjuart Re.ed .will give the paper on Pulitzer ..and . Nohei . Prize •Awards, and Book Bindings. Roll call will, be favorite authors. Missionary Units Of Park Church Meet This Week JU N I O R JOTTJJiM Home Bureau Units 13 and 14, Sc Widewaters Unit—he,Id a joint meeting a t the home of Mrs. Genevieve Ragley on ' Monday, Jah, 6.; Miss. Adams of th e Home Demonstrations at Large group of Cornell University gave a talk on cotton- fabrics and the mak­ ing of -tailored cotton dresses. Charity teague — wiU meet Tuesday, .Jan. ' 14, with Mrs. Ronald Welcher, Welcher Road, with Mrs. Edward Welcher as­ sistant- hostess. ■ . • Coterie^-will meet Monday Jan. 13, at 8. ,p. m. a t the home of Miss Anna Allerton, prospect St. Miss Edith Brown will pre­ sent a paper-on-Finland. re -( ?e 5e 'j Jc tf I PARK PRESBYTERIAN |Rev Willis R §anaetrson, Pastor ^^Group.me£±mgs.oi..the. (Missionary Society. ■Surlday.-.. 10 a. m.—Church jcESoiSession 11 a m.—Morn- lg-GhurhhsService ;6 p . m.— ICefcing o f the Y P C F . ^Thursday / 7 30 p m.—.Choir (heaxsal. J - x- IlMMANUEL EVANGELICAL Walter H. Kuhne. Minister Sunday *• Mornmg worship 00 Sermon in -.A Crisis, hat?\ Church School 11:15, Iristaan endeavor 6 : 30 '. Evenihg Worship 7:30. Ser- pb: \The Army of the Lord”. Jtayer .Meeting, 7:30, every Knesday: Choir—of Park Presbyterian Church will hold a 6:30 dinner a t the. church' Thursday eve­ ning, Jan. 9. Ail members are invited. . Arcadia \HomeBureau 14 and lfh-wiil: meet .Thursday, Jan. 16, with, the Misses Emma and Minnie Hoeltzel. Slides will be shown \by . the county nurse on safety in the hohie. .. Christian.. Endeavor Soeiety- of the Emrrianuel ' Evangelical Church will hold .a soup sale Thursday from U-a, m. till noon a t the church. , 3C Club—will meet a t the home of Mrs. Floyd Harris on Franklin St. Thursday a t 1 p. m. for luncheon and bridge. a S it :e . i 4 <5 u. £ a in r. ol it \e| cl ^1 teg til y el til re l Le 1 a- 17 ’s d d E° CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Sacrament” is .the subje,et of Lesson-Sermon in all Ir>ches of Christf Scientist, on |&ayp. Jan. 12. , The .Golden SO s: ‘‘.The grace of the. Lord (us Christ, and 'the love of ,nd-the.-CQihmimion of the ply. Ghost, be with you all” [Corinthians 13:14). . ; She local services are held at Se -cpfner of Mason and High PtSi-at .11 a. m. Sunday School a t (0:15 *m t .Wednesday evening Vryi’ce a t 8 o’clock. | Wednesday afternoon the oorris 'are- open fr.oh. two until t our,■o'clockfor the purpose of anii obtaining iiterature. I sire most welcome .to attend |dur,services a n d visit'the read- ig-rooim - ----- - - - Lend-A-Hand Society—of the First Baptist Church w ill meet a t the home of. Mrs. W. E. Pierce, 213 . West Mjller St., .Wednesday, Jan. 15, a t 7; 30 p. m. A ll the ladies of the. chdych are invited. v^cb Philathea - odist Church will hold its annual tureen supper and election of officer's a t the home of Mrs. W. C. Chittenden, 115 East Miller St., Monday evening, J.an. 13. Women’s Christian Temper­ ance Union — will meet with Miss Jennie Armstrong, Pros­ pect St., this (Thursday) after­ noon. \FIRST BAPTIST Theodore C. Meyer, Minister Sunday,- 10:30 a. m. — The Dhiirch- a t Worship and Study, lev. Theodore Meyer will spfeak |gjft' “ W e' ,-Must Be Christian”. Topic for the Y-oung People Ind\’ adult departments in the iiurch school will be “Christ’s' lobhei'h’ for' Persons”. ' ’ , ■: IMuridayj, 7:30 p. m.—Sohg and IpM se' S ervice,' f 'i r i d a y : 7 p. m.—Choir Re- jje^ifSal, 7:30 p. n t—The Mis- (sidiiary Society will meet at the home of \ Mrs. Cecil Davidson. 8 m.—The Young Christian (forkefe Class will ■ hold, its Monthly .meeting’ at the home bif-'Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burgess, 1-134HN. Main St. FIRST METHODIST LSunday morning worship at POO, Church School at 11:15. Topng People’s meetiftg at 6 fc.CiQ.ck. ' . I'We.Ck n ight devotional service, ’sday at 7:30. IM o ir rehearsal, Thursday -eve- jing-at 7:30. I The newly organized Board of ‘‘ ration will, meet at the Par- obage on Thursday a t 8:15 f’otdck, The Young People will meet Monday evening for a re- Ulhr moiithly business meeting |iri£L social program. A-group Institute will be held Ift -the Methodist Church at (Lyons Tuesday. Jan. 14, at 7:30 for- the study of Sunday School problems and promotion of Mis­ sions, All Sunday School teach- lers.-and officers should attend as (well .as those, who are leaders in the missionary work of the Ichurcli. Arcadia Unit 5, Home Bureau .will meet on Thursday (today) a t the home of Mrs. Gordon Halcus of West Miller St. .Mrs. Harry Youngs will -be the assist- ant-hostess. A 6:30 dinner will be served. Non-Denominatipinal B i b l e Class—will meet Tuesday, Jan. ,14, a t 7:30 p. m. in the Library. Study of' the Tabernacle. Mrs. -Ethel. Fishbaugh is teache.r. The J is- welcome. - FAIRVILLE METHODIST J Rev.. H erman Murdock, Pastor (^Sunday morning service at 11:15. (Lock Berlin service (9:15). Sermon .topic, “Christ the SaYiour”. Special evening service at '■ Berlin Church at 7:30. r — r-O-r -------- few Rink Expected l;To Be Ready Friday 'Official opening of the new Village , skating \rink -at Colburn lE a rk was-cancelled last Sunday •When arrival of -freezing weather Pias^ delayed! lbng epough to (prevent forming iee for skating. (Aivetii of low temperature this % eek has, however, enabled vilV jjige forces to build up the rink ' i th a t i t will probably be avail- lable for public use this week­ ends J^eRoy H Wright, superinten- Iterday that his dep%irtnient has used a new sprayiiig device to build, u p a solid ice foundation bn the one-acre plot and that, Bf freezing weather hdids, a final smooth surface should be t6a-dy for skating tomorrow or featuiday He said signs will bfe |csted on downtown street cor­ ners when skating is possible, firemen, of the Deluge Hose Co. bave completed the new shelter pouse a pacious building on the duui eage of the rink in which liie company will-operate a food loncession.'. W . ■ The various groups of the Mis­ sionary Society of the Park. Bresbyterian Church .will ,me,et is follows: ’ , Group 5—will meet with Mrs. Henry Qoetzman,1419 Madison Ave. Friday, Jan. 10. Miss Adah Phillips will be the speaker. ■;' Group 7—will meet with Mrs. • j . J Boynton, West Miller St., Thursday afternoon, Jan'. 16, at a 1 o!clock birthday luncheon. ” Group 10—will meet With Mrs. Rayrhond’ Wilson, East Maple Avenue, at 3 p. m. Friday, Jan.* 10. ' | . Groups ,11 and 12—will' be Auction Bridge Club — Mrs. entertained a t the home of Mrs. Fred Thomsen of-West Miller 'St. John Porter, '824 Church St., a t will entertain the Auction 3 P- m. Friday, Jan. 10. Bridge Club -at h e r home on Fri- . Grpup; 13^-will meet at the day, Jan. 10. _ - - ’ home of Mrs. Charles .Wright-, .... .7? . 910 North Main St., a t 3 p. m. Ever-Ready Bridge Club—will Thursday (today). Members of mee't 'wItll'Mrs: KafhTrme“ Geef ’thlS'group-aTp-asked-to-note'the- - of Mpore St. on Tuesday, Jan. 14. change of date. , - ' Group 14—will meet Friday at Ladies’ Aid Society—of the 2;:3Q p. . pa. a t the home-of Mrs, Redeemer Lutheran Church me.t Fred Witt, Mud MUls Road. \Wednesday evening a t the home of Mrs. Conrad Mohr. DEATHS IN ARE A ■ Mrs, Jacob Van Koevering ' Newark Mrs. Je.nnie Van Koe.vering, wife of Jacob Van Koevering, Newark RD 2, died a t her home Tuesday, Jan. 7, 1940, at the age of -70. Funeral ser­ vices will he held at 2 p. m. t o - . day in the Sehulz funeral par­ lor at 215 South Main St., with the Rev. Willis R. Sanderson officiating. Burial will be made. 4n-East--Newar-k--Gemet&r-yT - - - She is survived by her hus­ band and three daughters, Mrs. Nellie Glouse and Mrs. ■ F rank Fagner, Newark, and Mrs. Min­ nie\ Beader, Willard; three sons, Henry, Peter, and William Van- Hoeveripg of Ne.wark; three brothers, Vincent, Christopher, i and William Cusse in Holland; .and one sister, Mrs. Leonard Cole of Newark. .• • Measles, birthdays, and holi­ day visits have been keeping th e . younger set occupied the, past week. . Little Richard and Ronald euest\!\ ■DA7ie^’ who have been spend- - . isig several days with their grandparents, Mr. and- Mrs. A. • E. Peake, of Elmwood Avenue, have returned to their home in, Rochester. Sheila Wilson is confined to her- home' on East Miller St. with the measles. .. Joan .McDougali is ill a t Her home on East Miller St. with the measles. 'Donald and Leo Goddard - have returned to their home op -West'Unioh S t, after speiid- ing a we,ek with their grand­ mothers in Cuyler and Homer, N. Y. Mary and Billy34 Rider - of Bartle Avenue are \recovering from the measles. Freddie Peirson of Cousins St. celebrated his tenth birth­ day anniversary on Monday,, Jan. 6. f Sandra.Blair o f Church St.- celebrated her third .birth­ day anniversary on W ednes-. day, Jan. 8. D o l o r e s Hockenberg.ee1, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Carl Hockenberger of Fairville is celebrating her fifth birthday anniversary today, Jan. 9. Sandra Mary Richardson of Church -St. wUl celebrate her third birthday ■ anniversary on Friday, Jan. 10, as will Beverly Huff of West Maple, Avenue. Betty Ann Schuler. of Hoff-. m an St.. is recovering the measles. Richard, Barbara, Marjorie, Patty a n d Nancy Reed of East Miller St. have recovered ffcimK the-measles. ' < if- _ v. from -'Only Medicine I Ever ' and now I'm 81! K » o t A D L B R IK A an hand tHo linn* 2T year*.!' (O. \ T e x ,) ADLKIIIK,V contain* 3 tive* for atilek bow e l action, caiin ln n ttve* to relieve n u paln lb,' -S e t A D L K iq K A today. A t yoflr druic -store. — & I t pays to read the Union- Gazette Classified Ads; -CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE CHURCB- 237 E . M iller Street Morning Worship, 11 A. M., Dec. 12th M x$. ..Thom C a r ter “PriS HlBRgclist'* - Guest Speaker A personal message about our funerol services ^ Home funeral chapel. Finest Equipment; wo graduate eihbahners Years of'successful service Lady Aaaisti|nt: • Dedicated tct-a reasonably priced service for, the community ^ *■ r Member \National Funeral Directors Association Newark Contract Club—will meet Thursday, Jan. 16, at 2:30 jo. m. at the Jhoftie of Mrs. J. Elbert Fisk, Myrtle Ave. Past Noble Grands’ Club — of Silver. Link Rebekah Lodge., will meet at the home of Mrs. Ar­ thur Doane, West Union St., Thursday, Jan. 9. Mrs. Marian Thraves will be the assistant hostess. Roll call will be a New Year’s selection. Silver Link Rebekah Lodge— Regular meeting will be held Tuesday, Jan. 14, at 8 p. m. in IQOF Hall. A committee will be in charge of refreshments. Missionary Society — of the First Baptist Church will meet Friday evening with Mrs. Cecil DaV^son, Blakely Court. Assist­ ant hostesses wifi be Mrs. Byron. Carr,. Mrs. Lyle Thraves,.. Mrs. Bradley Palmer, Mrs. Alice Reed. Miss'L. M. Hay will h ave the de- votionals. Mrs. Charles Herrick will review the book, ‘'Dangerous Opportunity\. Resolve to Save Money During 1941 — 't's When You Shop at Your Big M-B Super Market i Pure White lb. Print Fred Fisher Newark—The- death of Fred Fisher, 70, occurred De.c. 31, 1940, at his home 202 East.Miller St. He was a life lonig resident of Newark. Surviyrag are his wife Nettie; two sons, Clarence Fisher of Oakland, Calif.; and Winifred , Fisher of Newark; six brothers, j Henry Fisher of Geneva, George of Bloomfield, Jacob of Phelps Will , o f Phelps, Bert of Honeoye ^alls and -Leon of Romulus ; . -two sisters, Louise Treadwell .of Chicago, 111., and Helen Baker, Lyons; a n d one grandson, Rob­ ert Fisher, Newark. Funeral services were -con­ ducted at 3 p. m. Friday at the home 202 East Miller St., Rev. B. B. DeYoung officiating. Bur­ ial was in East Palmyra Ceme-. tery. Frank- A. Sherman Newark—Frank A. Sherman, 65, of 107 Moore St., died Tues­ day, Dec. 31, in Newark Hospital-, after a week’s illness. A retired farmer, he was born in the town of Phelps, N, Y., to the late Eddy and Mary Sher­ man. He was married to Jennie Corwin in Februa'r#, 1899. He came to Newark about 25 W ars ago. He was a member of\the Methodist Church.. \ Surviving' is one brother, Charles, of Clifton Springs, N. Y. Funeral services were held a t 2 p. m. Saturday from. Parker’s Funeral Home, Rev. C. T. Wink- worth officiating, with \inter­ ment in Willow Avenue Ceme­ tery. Tasty Flake Soda 21b. Pkg. The Memory, o f The Filial Farewell In the sorrow of a be­ reavement -there is ir measurable consolation” ' in the fact that the final farewell is a fitting trib­ ute to the departed one. To this end Schulz’ funerals are carefully, thoughtfully arranged. They require but mini- , ' -TOum-atte^tisn' frqm the bereaved family at their time of deepest grief, for our service embraces sympathetic and considerate handling of all details. The use of' our beautiful chap$ is included. Funerals conducted in the . church, home or apartm e n t' if desired. *? * , A rthur G. Schulz . FUNERAL DIRECTOR ,, 24 Hour Ambulance Service ■** Lady Assistant ^ ' ’ft 3 :..-»'(.IL ■- ..................... ' M-B Large Loaves 15 c e Makes Whiter Washes W hite Rose ' Family Santa Clara- ^Foil-Wrapped 2 4 % l b . j 11b. f i e m u s e /e S u ild e r Lg. Pkg». TAHITI-Fruit COCKTAIL IOC 'v No. 1 Can JELL-O 3 p,*‘- 14 c Six Delicious Flavors . . Dole’s Crushed Pineapple 25c Green G iant 17 Oz. Can. 2 9 c New Paek ORANGE PEKOE TEA BAGS 15 f.or 1 5 « L M-B Salad Dressing Pt. Jar 1 5 C -There’s None Better Wyman’s B L U E B i m E S 15 Oz. Can 15 c . FLORIDA GOLD G R A P E F R U IT No. 2 Cans 19* Sweet & Unsweetened L U X TOILET SOAP 3 Bars 17c RAKES Sm. Pkg. 10c Lg. Pkg. 20c MAH JONGG 2 3 9 Med. Fkg. 9 £ Fancy Western Steer Beef (set Acquainted with M-B Economical Heat Cuts * ' ■■ „ 6 .-- C H U C K R O A S T S I R L O I N S T E A K Genuine Spring Lamb SHOULDER ROAST LAMB CHOPS lb. lb. SHLDR. CUT PORK SAUSAGE Made from 100% Fresh Pork an d Pure Spices SUGAR CURED SLICED BACON BOLOGNA LARGE SLICED lb. lbs. lb. lb. CAPITOL 2 ib.. 2 5 c CSLI Mod Freestone > PEACHES No. 2 % Gan 1 9 c Trae-Sweet, ORANGEJUICE 10 c Tasted Like Fresh 12 Oz. Can Golden B a n tam No. 2 Cana 5 c VISIT OUR WINTER GARDEN OF FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES Crisp Bunch New SOLID HEAD A j Fancy- Sunkist California Doz. Large Bunch Fresh Bun. U. S. No. 1 M acintosh APPLES . : lbs. C of H PANCAKE FLOUR 5 >b»-21c , Flain or. Buckwheat. POPULAR BRAND Carton\ $ 1 .3 9 / Pkg. 1 4 c These Prices Good In Super Stores ROYAL SYRUP Q t Botli 2 5 s O d d M s d d E s a r 2 4 '/2 lb. S a c k 8 9 s K E R M A N 'S G r a n . S O A P P k g , 2 3 c BARED BEAKS 28 oz c a n 132 C O IN E D BEEF Anglo- N o . 2 c a n s 3 3 c F R E N C H 'S C R . 'MUSTARD 6 o z 9 s C H O C . BA R S N e s fles 2 lg. Bars 2 5 s W K E A T IiS . 8 oz P k g . 1 0 c C&M MEAT 3-9 oz Pkgs. 2 5 c L A M O K A COFIBEE'- lb , 2 2 a G R A P E JU IC E P t. 1 5 c LIFEIU OY T o ilet S O A P 4 B a rs 2 3 c HUNT CLUB D O G F O O D .5 lbs-. 3 9 c PALMOLIVE T o ilet Soap 4 ^ a r s 2 3 c JANUARY SALE/ Jersey B rand Bod.; HEINZ y F d s 3 cans 20c J u ^ cP h s 19c Appetizing Biby Food C of H ’^eaTaut Butter ift lb. Jar | Q !C„ J a r 15 c PENN RAD Tax InciildeJ' Winslow Asparagus Tips 13 c .10 Oz. Can , , Hershey CHOC SYRUP °*- SCOT TISSUE 2 lioii. 2 0 c Petal Soft \ 'T, 173 E. UfnSoft St. in the Coinmerciai jSldg. Open Saturday Eyenings /

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