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. \ ,. ~. COLLISS & COMBES pUB. 00 Office • .. 'j .ffllul&toWD, N. Y~f \ ,J, !i ( . ' --- r I • ' I ' • I . - ~ . ' ' . \ ' • ' - - . VOLUME XI .. m. B R 0 A D A L B I N~:-- F ·U ·L T 0 ·N 0 Q UN T_Y, l!f:ELW: Y 0 BJ\:, . • \ . '. fifTY SAVfD, ' fOUR· BURNfD f! \' -. ' THRILLING REsQljE FROM BLAZ. ING STEAMEI(IN l\UD;DLE . OF; LAKE 'MICIDGAN.-\'\1'· OR A F 'I' ' . ' OR()SSINGd<'ROM G$Ni). HAV· • . ' l - . Ali.FourT•aeks·of the-Central ~.,ad - I ,. . - - -. ,, EN tp):iuLWAt1KE:Jil''.'; ~ ll-t .~; d t ~ \ t f ~ ; i G R A N D H A. V Ei N, . ::\lie-h., · Blocked ·stx~.Jlours by Wreck. f ~ ( • 1\<lay. 21. - T'he steamer Naomi, of the Crosby Transportation company, burn· ed •to tht> water's ed,ge- at l;30 o'cl-ock this n1orning, wJ1He on !her \V'ay froPJ Grand Haven to )1iJ;vaukee. _ . ., of -Bufl,lo Special. ' L I T 'l' L E F A L L S , May 21. - In the wreek of the Buffalo & Cle- vel and Special, west llOJlnd, from New York City, on the New York Cerutral, clothing on fire. He was badly burn- ed •and was taken. to ·the h{)spital in thi8 city in a critical condition. Jolm Hyde of ReU>Sselaer, engineer of the •freight loeomotivl:l, was· badly F'ifty passengers were ta~en off by the steamer Stratford and h\msferred just out side the eastern limits of this scalded by escaping steam. to the steamer Kans-as of the same line. Four members of tlhe crew city a-t 1.:32 a. m., today one man was killed and 'two others: were seri- • ' ously injured. The del!U man is Bag~Jageman Isa·ac I I Finley, of New York or Rochester .. 'lihe injure in-clude Matthew )faber of I Syrucusej a fireman, seriously tbm·ned; Engineer! John Hyde of Rensse!,aer, JO<hn Trnmby of Albany; engineer of -the passenger train, was lmrled ov- were burned to death. e1· the -embankment, landiug in a hen- Among the injured is J. M. Rhodes house, but escaped with slight iujnr- of Detroit, who is in a -~ospital· bad- . ly injured. 1es. Noue of the passengers was serious- It is expected tha.t RJhodes will die. ly injured. All of the injured were Tbose rescued were taken off in talien in (lm bulances to the Little small boats. The dead nien were all J<~ails hospital. Traffic on all of the coal passers. The loss on 'the Naomi four ti•ad;:s was bl,ocked for six hours. which was in\ C!limmand of Copta,in seal1ied by ep:apin:g steam, and iu a Trains were sent through over the Th-omas '11raill is estimated rut $225,- critieal ¢ondition; Albert )-lay, orf Syr- west Shore tracks. 000. After the passengers and' crew acuse. Jrakeman. slight injuries: ;\lr. were rescued a barge whi-ch .im,d been attracted to the s•cene by the and :\Ir~. B. W. F'•olger of Toronto, A M S T E R D A M, N. Y., May 21. - In consequence of th1's morn- fire, put a line on the 'bt~:rning hulk, bruised, ·and \Villiam Allsburg of New · • ing's wreck at LiLtle FaUs, the New and 1 s towing her ill'to this port. York City feo>t injured. · Just as the Special was approaC'h- ing Little Falls, an eastbennd freight train running on a parallel track was derlfil by -a pile of stone. - All four of the tracks were covered York Central railroad has operated no regul·a,r train tod,ay bet-ween Utica and Cen-tral Junction, east of this The fil'e sta!'lted n~a;r the ki-tchen, between decks, and spread so rapid- ly that the whole ship was a seeth- city, through and loca.l passenger ing fur!ance bef,ore the (')l'eW could trains using the Wes>t Shore trrucks get out the fire apparatus. Fire between the two p•o'ints ll'll.'med, while swept the whole length of the ship all freight traffic has been suspended and the upper works burned like tin- over the ll'loh'awk d-ivision. Until 2 der. It is considered mirac'U1ous th•rut the frelgbt declare that ~hey did not o'clock this after11oon the only train the pa,ssengers all eooap~d. Many of them were taken off in their nig'ht with debtis ahd 'tlie tmin hands on 1la vo> time to :llrag the express -before it plong.hed into the wreckage. Four oars of the speeial were 1!hrown from the track an<l two of them. a buffet car and day cC>aeb, were ovPrturned, and d1·agged for some distance befor17 the train stopped. to mov•e over the blocka:ded section wla:s a special for the acoommoda· tin at local points between Hotrmans and St. JohneYille, _.a dj&Jtl!,nce of 3 7 miles, which -m!~de 'One t\•ip in Qach direction, It i§ exveated tr;;Lffi.C Will be resumed thJi!! e~pjng. - +- ' ' ~ clothes, while sca:roely a,ny one W1aJS . ' more tha,n partia,lly cla4_. l The fire was not diSICovered by an# of the Naomi's crew bl~t was first seen by bh:e lookout on the $teamer Kansas, WhiCh was, preceding in the om;rosite ,dtfee:tto.n frim: Mlhv~kea_ Bilg~ageman Finley was in the buf- fet ('ar ·and was thrown out and cut in t'I\'O hy the wheels. ' :\latthew :\Iaher. of Syra,cuse, t:Pe fireman of the passell!ger locomotiYe, was pinned.. down in -tile -cab of 'his A L B AN y' )lay 21..- Inspec- to Grfand Havev.. T~fY,~a~ ~a,de tor Van Hoesen, of the state railroad directly tor t:he NW()ln1 and in 1:(M! -commission. was ij_ent from here this meantime the passenge~~-~ the ill- morning, immediately upon receipt of fa;ted boat were being 4akE;ned. of news o1' the accident neaa· Little Captain Thoma!! Tram'· was the ~-- engine under the coal from the tender, F•.1lls, to make an official- investi;;a-\ while hot coals from the boiler set his tion. Ull~lllfS. BILL , IN THf SfNATf . ' KUROKI l\fAKES FINAL PLANS FOR \'ISIT ~ E W Y 0 R K , )fay 21. - Final plans for tfte remainder of Gen- el'Ul Knroki's stay in the Vnited .States wo>re announced today. They pt'<lvide fot• ·a compl~te res•t tod,a:r iTh , 1n•epara tion for ·the Yisit to Boston and J'L'l>IfiJARY COMMITTEE ~~POR'l'S Cambridge •tomorrow, and the long THE MEASURE BY A YOTE OF ho-meward journey, whieh will begi11 11 TO 1., SE~ATOR l\lcCARRE~ ' ALq~'E AGAINST I'l' A L B ANY, May 21-- Tl;te pub- lic nullities bill was repo•rted t0 the senatej this morn·ing by the judJici-ary committe hy a vote in the committee of 11 Ito L Senator McCtarren a.lo•ne voted against the bilL Senator G!'aO.y was the only a:bsentee. In accordance with the eaucus ac- tion ~Pf J•a&t night, <the cOilllmirttee voted out the bill wit-hout amend- ment, two amen·dmeruts being wted at the completion of the ~ew England Yisit. The general and his party will leave New York for Boston on ifue 1 o'docl< express from the Graud Ceu- h·a! tomorrow. The stay , in Boston and c-ambridge. where ·the genet•al will Yisit Hanard university will be ·brief, and theu the par>ty will stm·t for the west. They will go by way of Albany to ~iagara, to see the great falls, and ilience to Chic-ago. ml!d op to Seattle. T·hey wilt sail '!'rom Seat- tle far Ja:vm1 on June 11. CO)Il\UTTEE OF S~TVEN iast II!lan to leave the steamer alive and his clothing was alm't>s.t burned off from him, ' - The cCfa! passers who p~rishet'l.• b,ll- low In -their hunl;;s 'al'e Jtellevl'\d. to have been penned down th~re b¥ the fiames. They are believe-d to have shipped from Milwaukee. It is said by the passengers_ tim,t . ' the screams of the dying men in t'he hold wP.re hela.rd, but that it was im- possible to rl'!ach them. • - D ·E T R 0 I 'I,'. )Iich.. l\Iay ~1.­ .\ !lisp a t<\h from Grand Haven 'says that n-.hen it was f-ound to 'be im}10S- sible to help the coal passers on 'the Naomi to esca-pe fro.m their qua1·ter~. below b<'C'1l use of t<he flames, one of the officers rellt'd to tlhem down a manhole to era '\I into! the hai!ast tanks. It is not kn~:~wn whether tliey did so, hut if th<'Y succeed-ell iii get- ting into the b:1}las-t tanks, -and were not roasted to death vhere by the heat, the~· may be alive. • GOVF.RNORBUOHTBL ANSWEHS CRITICS -= .BRt v i\t~ • . ~:... .. : . . ' ~-·· ' NATIONALIST OON'\i])NTION RJ:!)P• - .. ~----7 ... ~ '. RES;ENTING --\Lli. ~,W~; -9F. • • ' .~ \)! ' • , .EMEJl,AlJll JS~~·· w·~~: ~:W~ THE : BmREL ·~¥tASU~~!~ : _.~.T DUBLIN - ;· . - . . ~... ' \' ' ' ' - ' ~ ~ r ' f D U B L I N, M>a~- p.; ~.','Dlle NaJtionalisrt C>onven.U<Jil' ea.llell ·t·o de- ci-d~ wh-ether ·the Irish 'btH, intr~--' . ' . . . d11eed in the hM~e of I}?.~~M~S. MaY • • \\! l ' ~ 7, by the c'hief secretary i'or Irel,a).j.d, ....................... ' Mr. Birrell, was •aceeiltable_ to ·the . . . people of Irelta.nd, assembled \a~t nzyon NEW Y 0 Ik K, M·ay 21.'- taday in Mlansion hok\~. It became Ftiends ··of· Mr, and l\1rs. !Jindley known immedia,tely fuat the· meas- Murray Roe, wllo ,prooicte-d that · · ure, as a result .of yestterd·ay's meet- their nmrried life w:l,)uld lw a most · ha:ppy one ·at the thne of. their wed- ing of the Iris;b 1ea4ers, would be ding a little more thJan a yea/1' ago, rejooted, and th!at a r~solution, to be were much surprised when they introduced by John E. Redm6n4, learned >that Mrs. Roe had O'bti:ained a divorce in Oalifornia on the ground of incomvatil:ii!ii1Y. Mrs. Roe was MiSs FX~ances Doni- phan Thorntton, ll, :daughter of Mr. and Mrs; J. Q. Oatlloun Thornton, fm-merly of C'alifornh. -Mr. Roe is the son of E. lp, Ro'e, a well Jtnown novelist ·and is a cQnsul'ting engineer. ------- HOBOES' BANQUI~ A GIAT;:~.SUCCfSS < ' ~~ ' • • > BJ,tOTHERHOOD OF THE BU'MP.· ERiS GA~aERS ~ CIDC.'\00 ro 1\IAI\E SPEECH~ AND FEAST TO A FINISB ah-airman of the Irtlsh P'aJI'li'ILmen~aey: party, settMng the.: ·&.te of the biH, w-a.s prepared. The reoolution was as follows: \Thrut -t'hi.s couventi<ln, represen-ta- tive of Irish na:tioU!al opini:on, em- phwtiaally plaees on l'ecord .-its pro- found eonv-i·0ti0n tha,t . ~Oithfug C>an satisfy •the national S:SPiOOJt:i.'OlllS of Ireland or bring peace and content- ' ment to o11;r people, but a mea.sure . ' ' of self-government whlch w.ill give tb.e Irish people campJete eontrol of their domestic affP,rs. WILLING TO co,m.:..ool\IISI!1- 'That while we rua.ve never waver- ed in our belief thJaJt J,t is impossible to produce any logicla.l o.r worka;bl!\ scheme for tthe ell'tens~()n and devel· opment of popul'll.r power and: r-e- sponsibiUty in I~~Ia1i1:f ·short of the concessiol} of ho-me rule 'a,t tbe sa.me time in accord!auce wi.t•h th•Ei' r~lu­ tion of the national dir.eCibo~y of 1 the \•: c H i c A G o, 1~ay 21. _ '!'he fifth of February, 1~07', rund .~ith .. tl+e public decl'a.rations m1ani-e fram time \Hoboes banquet\ given by 1ihe BYo- · to time on our behwlf, we .h'!!-v.e .J:!een thel'hOOd \Yelfare al;socLatl'oJJ._. ).a~t )\'illlng 1Jo give f!lif con~'i1feration t>O. night wa~' ,a; 'success, despite ~.,,,--.,..,,,. 11 ~1 any ·s.c·heme Jjrepa:r_t~d bY.' the British· JiM:te' d'tawbaclU!, llUCh as ctlJ:e· ROl.t-at- . whic'b ill'\ t:lleit<-'' (1]1iin'i'OI1 tend>ance of , Wushingrqn Flat, ~ would be 'oonsistent:' vlit!l -a.nt '!~ad toa~tmastl:ll', who was driYen out of up to tbe' 1-ar•g@f p>ojtcy' 'to · Wllic'h town 1:5y >th<' police ·and the 1ieparture they were pledg~d; ·C>f Philadeip.IIia Jack and tho> Dancing UTTERLY INADEQUATE- Kid of San· Francisco before the beer \That having considered i:Jbe Irish was ser,-ed. 'l'hE>y explafued tbat council bill in~roqlJciw. 'py the ~ove:rn~ they had to catch the 11:15 \U\ ment, we decla<e thll!t. 'Itt is 'utterJy ~ • 4 • ~ .... • inadequa1te in its soope !!:nd unSiwUs- faC'tory in its det!lills,- and s'h<mld pe ~; freight. • Fred, tlhC> Bum, who was down for .. I -, ' < __________ _.__...,...c. . ' .: .. : ver;tion w.as \packed :w:ith Rt!dmond's' Cl'eatures,\ and l\fr. ;Redman~ compe)-!! led· him to take hi& se~t' for insulting' BlmEAU 0}1 !!'HE the c~nvention. ' . . . , ' · USHES : ~l<'\1\~ - . F A(,\TS AND 'ii;ICJUI]~, BLACii HUNDRED 'J'HUGS T:I!JREST TO JO:H.NiStt~W1fd fLE \-. BE.-\.T JE\VS OF ODESSA ' 0 D E S S A, :Way 21. - Fifty- three person-s were llaken to hospi- tals suffering from b-roken hea;ds or j ' - otherwise dtiin-gerously injured, as a. GQVfRNM~NJ fJGURfS- · .' result on the ou-tbrea,k ;of the Black · '· .,- - Bundrt:ids here yesterday, folloiWing SHOW 'A·· tjle ass-assina-tion of t'b·ree police offi- ' . - cials. ln 'a.dddt:ion, '3Jbout a hurudred ' persons were less seriou·sly injured. The vfctims ineluded w<lmen, child- ren and students. I•t is ·alleged th!at, · Four States Engagt>d in the out of revenge tor the assassination ' of the three officers, whom the Jews hla,d niclmamed ''Heroes of t'he anti- 'Jewish riots,\ -th-e police turned the Bl·ack Hundreds loose, armed wi•th clubs and rub>ber sticks, Jewish I ped~tri•a:ns Wel'e brutai!y beaten, I aJnd many houses in 'the Jewish quar- ter were looted auld their oacll')Jiallts assaulted. '11he disorders la.s•ted for so:rp.c hours, the police m1a.king no rut- tempt to suppress it. Further out- rages are expected. .TO-DfATH fOR A MURDfR Importation . of. . \Sidt Goods a New Dep~e, Highly Developed in \Fulton coau; ' ty, 'Where the Greater Pll.l't of- th<f ' Glove Bnsiue&s of the Natio.n fit ' - C-entet>ed. - The Cone~nt~~f:loti :.c:it Plants and Labor signed as the Causes ot Apprir~~ Decrease in Number of ' ... and Employes_ - Much Wor\\ ~ ~ Now Done by Contt•act, Fonnerly Exeeuted in Factories - WASHINGTON, M·aY 21. -·Bu1le0. tin 72, just pub-lisbeq bYy the bu•ea~ •). !'I '''\\' of t:he _census, pr-esents sbaltistics rl!\'' ·m,i\~T:.gl . ..-~~~.m; WHO KILLED ll\<ttjpg .j;& ~tli~\!' m:inhfW'c;tu;e. ~f· ·-\' \ ~~~~' ~w-\;.'\'\ . ..... I.U]:~i ro~. A 001\IRA.DE, _oN I an11 shoes, lea.r.ber, and NOV. 3~, 1904, DIES: IN AUB\U&\i t g!oov.es and mittens. ''.rh.ls ELECTRIC oau;& was preri·ared und:er the SUJ.)'el:Vil~l0111' ~ \ · of Mir. ~ltla.m M. St-e:mutt,- •c-ht•&f AUBURN, M-a.y 21- ,.-Carlo Cial'ldi, who 'conv.ioted i.n ItJhaca for the murder: •of Luigi Porzi, on Novem- ber 30, 1904, wlas successfully elec- trocuted in Auburn prison <bhis morn- ing at 6: 3 6 o'clock. tiEYtican for manafaetutes, 3.'1lt<l·_::fa!\P!~;~ a J!l¥-rt of -the census of :mallll:u.:t.iil~ of 1{)05. Loo.ther Gloves and lfitte~ ' · · ·,t In 1905 leaj'her gloves ru:d l#:L'tt~~ff.'f'i* were n,ade in 339 Their total capital vms they emp•loyed 10,645 VI'<!J!>!~.~~~-~J;'~ a s']leech 011 \Why I bang around bar- rel houses·~ pid;:ed up too man;t drinks \'he!folt't'- J:J.e• arriYed and was··found un- der the table, \;ben his 11ame was 'call- ed. .. reje-Cted by t•he Iri$h n·ation', and we reg.anl the produr..£it>P. · o~. s!Wh ;;~o out any sign of emotion went to tile. paid in wages $3,840,293; measure by a BritiSh gov>ernment c!J,air. He sea,ted himself easily, n.l- teriaJs rosting $10,000,889; _ pledged to home rule as e&nfirma;t'ion iow'ing h:is h;llldS to rest ca.releslllY manufactured pmducts. valued! The execnti·on was without any un- toward ieatur<!. Cl·ardi calmly en- tered the deat:h chamber, and wi•Lh- \S·hoestring Ch-ase.\ a panhandler, saaudalize?- his fellows by passing his hoi t amoug t'he guests of ·tlhe <hotel, during a ·Jull in the banquet. After a dinner as good as a group of bankers or merchan;ts could w.an t, the long :vrogram 'began. Bum )Iil'!t Caset interspersed the courso>s wivh bi;l.( \c~aws'' of toohacco, an<l I•'red tho> Bum insisted on singing \Where is my wandering boy <tonight.\ cf the position we h'!i>ve •alwtay's'caken on the cha~r arms. -tha-t any attemp\t- to S?ttle r.he Iris•h StJrute Electrician Davis :;.dminis- $ 17 ' 7 4 1>•. 385 • Th~e figures ~ Jll'll'blem by ha.l.f-me>l)Sure.s would 'be tered'the fir-st ·shock at 6: ZZ. It was eent increases ove:r ' 1909 of 1S.9 ,JJet. ,!'lntire1y nnsuccess>ful--and we ea.ll ttl} 1,980 volts at eig'M and a half cent in capital, 6.6 per centt hi. coSt on the Irish 1Jta,rty tO' o-ppQfle tlie b:Hl a.mperes, 'and was con-tinned f!Jr a of mruteri•als, a;nd 6;1 per cent in·va:I; . In •lhe }-,{)use O'f 'eop:i*'?n~ \·a~~ pr~s minute. Three oth~r sh·ocks were ue of products; and decreases of ~11: noon the gxJvernme1>t witl:i -a!ll .tl}-eir adminis-tered, the -second -at 6:25, 1 per.~~nt in number of e-stJabl'i~h!mea'b!' strength and power\to! ip'~rqdul!f'')' the third at 6:27, and th1:! 1-alltt a;t ,._ . - .> measure ~or t'he ~s~blish~.elfl~ ora 6: 29 , These were s'hort of three or 124.!l per cent ljl1 wruge-earners, ttJUd. n'rutive parliament-..with a r~sp(UlS'i.'ble seconds' daration, and Qlf full 7.5 per cent in w,a;ges. The d'6CI'ease executive power ove: ~~~' p'ur~l>: f~?ll VO:ltl}ge. The volt•ruge used this mom- in• number of est!l!blishmell!ts is dil~ affairs -,-and at this ·cns1s in tJ!,-e f-ar- was mU<r;b hig'her than at the •to the ooneolida.tion. of some of t:h-e tunes of Ireland :wa 1'1111'ite aH 11lfe i\-ia- · f s ·-\- th 0 \ · ·· electrocutwn o •a..:con, e anan- smaller plants ami the discontil'lu:. ·' tionalist forces of, the · countro< ·\<to daigua: murderer, When it register-ed • · · unite in support.-~' our r:ep_tli!sen~- 1 , 740 voJ.ts t·a,nging from three and aflce of others; and the- falUng o.tr)J1 tives in parJi.rement ;and en!ll;bi<f-.!'ll~'!ll a half to seven -and a h·alf amperes. wage'-eaJrnero and wages may·be ·-at-· to .effecuivelY ·pres.s· .for' ·the speacb C'iardi was conv-icted on _April 11, trl'buted in •pa;J.'1t to >a -p.rM'l'!!lletelf. oon;~ tanil genuine settl~~bnt· of :th'e' I:r.~i.Y 1905, before Jus-tice G. A. Forbes, test >between capinal and l•ab-or' question.\ an-d was sent-enced to die in the elec- Ji'ul'ton Oou-nty\' N. Y., ''b\'OII 10!1!-Wi!Ji'J} UNANIMOUS VO'.FE+-\ 1 tric·ahair some time during the week abouit b!a.!f the Yalue of l>l'Od.u~~l''of: , The convention .un~niihPu:s-Jy of May 1a, of the slrume year. Tbe the in-dustry oomes, a;ud-1n'\':i:nf;: d own viva voce. One offen!d by ' · DECJDh\S TO RESIGN SEma.tor .McCarren, provided for the appointment of the ·public service c<J!Illmmissioners in the first district • (New York city) by the mayor·of that 1 city; the secon:i, · offered -by Senruto:r Coh,al:an, Democrat, prov.i-d>ed for their election. S A N F R A N C I f'l C 0, :Uay 21. - The •·committee of seven\ ap- pointed hy the five commercial organ- izations of San Francisco to take oYer some of the p'ower of l\Iayor Sc'hmitz, resigned last night, The reason -as- -. . - .signed by the comniitto>o> .fo!-' witll.,draw- D E :-1 Y E R, Col., l\:{.ay. 21. - Governor Henry A. Buchtel answer- in-g :trticles iu the public press !j.lld versonal letters addres.sed to. ·him yes- terday issued •an a1itlress to tb.e _pub- lic expl•aining why 'he is po~verjess •to act in preveuting the· pri~elig!It sc-hed- uled to take 'place here. '-t~igh.t. be- ._ • ' l T•he regular program be_gan with a pQem by Chicago Tommy, entit!M, \'I'ho> face on the barroom fioor.\ It wns a long poem recited with deep gl~avity, ancl was the story of a hobo, \Ostler .Jo,\ ·who told a crowd of sa- loon loafers how •he iliad faUen, illus- tratin~t; bis story by dmwlng the face of his lost angel wi:fe in c·halk on the floor and th~n falling dead. Pllilaflell:1'hia ;rack Brown recite~l a poem of his own composition. -J<>bn Smith. a h<J.rd f:;tced yoUJig _man wi.tli fl collar on, told why rlle criminal has a hard face. He said he ·had spent fourteen years iu l~enit-entiary-, · begin- ning with ·qis fi1·~t term at the :J.ge of 14 y.ears. · He said-. it was worcy tfuat made ·the lines. opted Mr. -Redmrtia~ t'eS~l.ut~~n r-. ..... h~·,>,,..,. was appealed and on Apll'il 3, · an increased tendency ~o ·!!:' ta'V.e'~liVJ j-ecting Mr. Birreli'& ·-tri$'h bill.. last &e court of an peals affirmed ~d•one by ~ontl'lact. 'J'he• Speeches secoll'iiing ilhe · J>e~lutifO-n the judi'ment of t:he.-!~we.r. court anq bles in Fulton county AJ'e·~l?:~-gi~!}j-;. then were made. ·: J.·'Ii~tj:ltf. '&'··\'\-\\ ~h~ de,a,th pen-altY. ¥/'as .fix?d fqr t~¢ fesponsi'ble ~Joo for ·thil•e~~~:=~~~~(:j~ eran hofne-ruler, -'.W>a's' tlt4'fift1i'sl:'::~i~!t~.L\'l-r~•k of May H!.. _ _ . · Qf tne percent.3ge of J er, nftet• which ,li)'t:..ttfi!lg~ili~~~ 'killed h.i;; victlm that bEl 1 t'{},tal value of lt~:~~:i~~~,~~ll~! aroused the . t:O.b ,~~:W o~ ;$. .. ~ ~ :tja~· ~<.>Zri · h~-4 1 ma~erials used wei'~ J: gatE's by ~o P.ring q1s_ 11w~et~eart from 1 wh1eh cost $8,10_9_,y23. of bile Hish in The ·murder wa.S·a premedli 7 'j us~<t in 19!)5, i~t.1:4e or-1i-er. \Do yoil 1\hillk, ;rine- a~d the €:~ciek~e-' w~s- c•:m• 1 .!_of.al eost, were _h?rse .'~~~~~~~~j;J]' .uTORTIONl\O!JNT CO)IMITT-EE .. .... l\IEF.TS TO 1\IAKJll J>L&:NS ing was <that it ··had been una'ble to . - . - - secure the co-operation of Rudoip•h Srn·eckles ·and l<'IJlncis J. Heney, 'who are the .bead of the graft investiga- A L, B A N Y , ~!ay 21. - 'lihe tion. senaile <Special committee on appor- 1ionment met this morning for or~<ln­ ization .and appointed <a sub-commit- tee, consisting of Senators Tully, C~b and McCarren, to dra.ft >a~rear)portieu­ menit bill. 1'he pkm of :re-appot·ti1ln- The committee was to JJ.a;e acted ing 1!lhe state was not considered. Sen- ator Cassidy said after the _meeting that he would not op-p·ose the plan to allolish 'his district a:nd sc-att~ it am- ong the 41st, 42nd, and 43~d distri'l!ts. ''The 'personality <1f one man\ /he saidi, \shoUld not interf• ,with >a cOO.- conmtutional -apporqonmeni. Bh•l if it can be secure•l ·hY dividin!J my dis- trict I shall not oppos<dt.\ MAYOR THO»PSON RESIGNS K I :S 'G S T 0 S, N. Y., 1 MII,Y t_r. - A. Wecsley Thompson, toduy, re- lli!,.''ned as maror. He is a wsbier. of the :~ondont · Xational -baillt, and i;;.p·e flaillng health as }liS l(taSqu - fO'!! re- . ,. llf&nlDi· ' . in an advisory capacity to t1he mayor. and the latter ·had promised to carry out whiatevet' it recommended. OBI'I'IJ ARY -- tweeu Han·y Lewis anq ~iml}lY Gard- ner.. T,he governor s'{lr!l-~b~i the adov· tion of a new char~:. ~or ~,Denver which t{){)k from the goveruo~ the ap· .. ~ ~~~\' \'~ pointJment of the ,fir~ J o~lll}. -. l,l9.!it'<; boards deprived the cpief exe•cntive of • • t I the· power to coerce j;lle city officials, and unless tlley •are ~Uiljg to act of their O'Wn accord, be ~nnot compel them to, ·and incident_al!y -thfol gQvern: or names three coudlti!).US ll.S cprse~;~ to our civilization, namecly: The 9~n salo9u. •the .prizefigiht. and the so-·caU· ejl yellow newspape~s. . . ·Old Man steers .. 76 yeArs ef {lgt'>, told o, .pitiful story o£ .se~ing wurk ana· how ihe ·wtas:~nlrned dawn ev,ery- wbere. - Willie, the e~-Soc-iety .man,.. toid how to reform society. Tire Lo.uisville Kid rJcited -a voem called ·~a'he SroleA I Ge1•man 'Frit:r. and O.hio Skip- '\Vlho were down ·ron 'bbe program. left word that they had gone to New York, on rthe bumpel.1'1'f. Before 1loo Dancing I<id left for San' l~raneisco, he smi.g a song ' . abput \~here's aiW!ll:VS '11' moi!b.el' w~ut- ing at home for yon.\ I . / tasl> l)f Ml~. ' ~Cialfdi)~c;lii{ :v:lii~,.fo~·- P.?rr fslieepskins ( domest~eh· - . to be m'a(Je ·any '11a'bter wa,~ Q_~ ·,~is: -~ay tq . snil;4$ (imp•Qr•ted)-, 1Hd ann:d~~-~~~~t*]~~l ··;~.~.ve'i>l1rd\Vii He \b:i1t him on 'the he!lld witll (dg-~estic), deerskins, j leagues u (d!o•m'esi;ic' -~lid:>'· '.):~1 the rrlsh people and then s-trangled him· wi-th (imported),, hQgsldns you today will belt. 'This was o-nly ·accom- imp1jf-ted). ·his ·colleagues ;rl~lii'ihe1d '-after a severe stru·ggl~, ansJ. Prq!Jucts- Oontinuing, ~i~~1:~J(wri:i:'·.~~ii!~l l'A\\''~' .-.~a.s Jlreven,ted -from· hUrl•ing The total nu·mber gr~at applau>~e body over a gorge· bY' the · B;P- tens and gauntlets m_:an·ltfr<~tCti+-re(,':'i~~y th1lt so )ong of ot•her· workmen who !J.ad the;,,;!Hlited Sia.tes Boers wd!o ru\Jtraeted. ·l)y \llb.-e .noise of the 2,8!Hi,661 dozen uairs -bea·t 1ber\) ,more- ~gh-t. t dozen }Ja.irs, or 16.4 per: l)eiit,·. _a1$i:f~t ~.c-4 C' dl L A..~dy mn~ •\nrieu• in th~S d ·rrish. ·the n•i_sh Iar -,. -.,.,.. \\\\ ·u ' tlheii' VlJ.lue incre3;se Oltl}\ vent t;he alliaMe $1:6,039,168 to $17,1 w:hlch 'England' 1 · per eent. The di.,;pr·o-p,.Prt~-<1·rili~te Fai!J;ter Davld· '1\fANl!I)'.'\C'rURER.!;\ 1\IHET j crea~ in qul3-nlitY and value · &PI!f!kE'l', provell . N E W Y 0 I~ K, .May 21. ·-The ablY accouu1e<l for by tb.:7 'l~crE\ilir n 1 ent. ;4al\iiOlla.l Assoeiation or Manufactul'· Jl of ~:n1lle and cow 'hides, m)i!,~~~$~';:.' ·•ca1iholies wHI be!tn itl:L a.nnual eoll:Vention 'wh!~h are cheaper and ).lt<WeJtirra t.nr'l•~\ ·at the Wa.ldorf-A:sto!'i-a. · than deerskin and -- ... '''\\ ' ~, Tll~--llt;r.siden-t, J. ,W:.,Voiin _Cleave, J rou£h &loves. !\W.zt's ' will rea.!'l 'his! 'll'nnttal ad• in~ gloves and .m\ttens . It is con<S~dlired certain l,ing. nJ'odncts, <lOIUlll'ising .5 , d r \ l:iiJI.'at:#,te:~~ar·iff litlte::;tron' in~t.eoll'!;~if 'the tottl output (}f gl(lv~ The is mi'l'tens. Women's and :ib~~~i~~l~1f -~ !B.;b&l,\ gloves and mittens· wl\iri Ne,a.t·J,y)lY!~t~::r~-~b-~.t: is I si~el~· made ,owing to s_cl),~·ei~y ..,,.,_.,,.,,.tt_~ · l able sldns and ~st &f' Ja,}lor. '

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