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' COLLINS & COMBES :PUB. CO Qffice Johnstown, N. l\. ' . ' ' ' ro - -- . . ·' \:! ., - ,_ -- -- ' . ' ·- --· / ' - - \J- -' • .. ~ ISSUED \ •. J VOLmm XLID. BROADA-LBIN, f U i'T 0 N. ~ 0 UN T Y, NEW Y O·R· K., T.-H U R S DAY, -l 9 0 7. ,.. ',~ ' ' Delense Recalls Chief WHness .. ' INSURANCE C()IMJ:\Al~nilS WILL AB~N T;EXAS. DALLAS, Texas, June 18.-Follow- ing a conference at New York ·be- tween directors 1>f non-resident ·'life inSIUT>ance companies, Mamice E. Locke, •artJtorney for ·.a majority . - TWAIN MEETS. SHA-W . i .. ~~ :-. .~ \Lake Shore Lirni~ed\ 11~~ ' - ported in the Di~ch:·at Open .Switc~ Columh!-lS~ Q. ,, ;' --- ........ JAPANESE \PAC~~YIN~\ I . FORMOSAN NATIVES • •-•~'• _ VICTORIA, B. C., June 18. - Ad- vices from Formosa by the steamer Monteagle tell of brisk fighting -he- tween the Japanese and 'Formosan n-ative~. The Japanese 'have organ- !zed drives with a daily extended line, gradually forcing back .the na- tives, who hold three-fifths of For- mosa and number 100,000. After mont~s of guerilla warfare In which numerous camp'hor workers were killed, the Japanes-e trQops were sys- tematicallY driving the natives into submission. The program is that LOOK Employes and the • Companies Fai.l to -1· lg,J:'¢¢· on What Constittit~s!}lj __ . 10 Per Cent; Rai~¢~·:.-;-.:~i·;; \ ,._. -. in Endeavor to Show ·Dis Spe~ial Malice. the more important non-resident com· ;panies, has •announced definitely that all of tlh•e larger companies' will wi1Jh- d~·aw fmm Texas July 11, -beca:use ot the inrubility of .the companies m !l(Oill- ply with l:he. law whicp requires. kJm-i · panies doing busine!l'S in Te~as tO de· posit 75 per cen:t. of ·~e !.'eServes· ~u' Tex·as_ business inside' rthe state, .ahd pay a tax of one per cent. on grGSS premiums collected. \ COLUMBUS, Ohio;. ' June, 1-S, - Bi.g Four Passenger ··Ti.,\a.ii:t ·N-o. 19. each 3;d.vance is m'<l.de permanent by t-he construction o~ roads, eto::. The ·natives are fighting desperately. NEW YORK, .Tune 1&., ...oz-. •Olil.~~·}~!'qi P. McNeil, United J~ll·! ~t.o'ii)mf:i::. The compa'llies which wiN with- draw ·are the Washington Life. l\IU-~ tual Life of New York; New Yark Life, Northwestern Mutual, Equitable 1 Life, Penn Mutual, Ua11hatt1an Life, :uassachusetts Life, and Home \Lire. :. - ~..... . ,.- . ' on\ of the fastest on ih-9 New: York· missioner, is exPected New York today to .investl~~,oj;e tl'!~l\:4i1 Central lines, ran into an open f!.Witeh tod1a.y, in the northern part of the city, while running at the rate ot 50 miles an hour. The engine and ev- ery coach was thrown- on its side, and the paasengers · were piled in heaps, a number of -them ,:J>eing se-- verely injured. Wiren· the engine struck the open sw1tch, the tender ran along the side of the traek fo'r some rods, and then plunged intQ the ground several feet. . The engine continued, along the side of t'he track for two hund·roo yea,rds, anlli· then· turned over on.. its side. ·Enginee~> William T. Smith stuck to ,his post and escaped injury. ·His :ftreman, Joe Mahaffey, of Cleveland, jumped, and is probably fatally injured. He was taken to a 'hospital. Th-e train is called the Twentieth Century lim- fiVf threatened strike of against Western Union Telegraph companies. It is 1}p.a~~···.:.; BOISE, June 13. - The trial of· formerly of Wallace, that he was a William D. Haywood, for the murder : spy, and and would \get even\ with LONDON, June 18. - /1. number IN THf -. LAKf thaJt Mr. McNeill will hear· bo.th•-$i:ifelt.•.~ of the controversy, -an·d then repoi:t't'Q:,:•: of former Governor Steunenberg, I Steunenberg. . of friends and admirers i!J€t Mark Presideut Roosevelt. \ An alleged talk with former Lieu- was resumed at 9: .,o a. m. tenant Governor Coates, of ·Colorado, NfiTHfR HOUSf RfADY TO, ACT Twain (Samuel Clemens) (1Jl' his ar- rival here this morning fro\Ji! New York. Among those introduced to The question at stake is the 10: - ·cen't increase in wages W!b.i:ch· ' Harry Orchard was rec-a,lled ·to the in which Orchard declared to have ' stand and was examined for im-' said: ~ peachmem by Mr. Richardson for\ \The more I see of my old part- the defense; 1 ners in the Hercules, the mo-re bitter Before Orohard was called, J. T. 1 I feel; they a-re -all rich, and I am Nichols, who was deputy sheriff in ' a wandering pauper. I'll get even ch.arge of the Caldwell jail w:hen I with Steunenberg yet,\ was denied Senate Takes Recess 'T1'll tb,e American humor).st wa:; George Bemard Shaw, the author, with whom Twain engaged in conversation for some time. HARDWARE MEN MEET Orchard was arrested for the Steun- \ by Orchard. . ' el\])erg murder, identified a copy of I At this point, the state took Orch- a letter received by or~hard from ard over for re--direct examination, Thursd~y; Assembly Ad- BOSTON, June 18. - Joint -an- Pettibone. Nichols said that Fred and the witness answered questions nual conventions o·f the N-a.tional Re· 1\Iiller, a Spokane la~yer, who now by J. H. Hawley as to his inter~st in journs Until Tomorrow tail Hardware association antd the is helping defend Haywood, visited 1 the ~ercules min~, which he said he New England Hardware Dealers' as- Orchard in }<J.il, after sending him a 1 . sold m March 1897. Morning Without sociation brought a l!llrge nuffilber of telegram signed \M.\ ' those tradesmen to Bostdn today. At A copy of the telegram was iden- . DE:NVER, Colo., June 18.-A~cord· Doing a Thing. the opening meeting this morning, tified. Niclwls was not cross exam- mg to a News dispatch, E. L. McPar- , President Bush, of Evansville, In-d., .. ited, and carries th:rough sleepers· from New York. These sleepers are wrecked, but the report · that the wreck caught fire .is an 'error. Four Women Perished In Their Heroic Attempts to Rescue Boy From the ' Water. SEA.TTLE, Wash., June 18.-Five p•eople, il:wo sisters, .a ·brother, mo!Jher, and aunt, perished 8Jt l\Iomllhan, in the W~Uters of !Jake S.ammamish yester· day. TJle d10ad: A:NTONE MEYER, 13 ye\ts of age. LIZZIE MEYER and IDA ~fElYER, - two companies promised to giv~~;o•iii:,;j March 1, last. The two co~rnpap;jrqf· -declare emphatically that they give the 10 per cent increase,\ W')!ltlJe:· telegraplhers contend otha.t only a favorites received the increase,' wl!'lle._r more than 90 per eent of the men ili;re getting even less than they were· re., · ceiving March 1st. The officials. of ·the Western Union company will not talk on the sub- ject beyond saying that there ·are no grievances on the part of thosEl_ .em-t ployed by the company. It was de- clared tha.t there would be no con~ ference between the officials of iJle company and the parties who iia:ve manifested an interest in the tele· ined. land, of ~Ianitou, Colo., a ·brother of of the National organization, Gover- Orchard was then reca~led, and the Detective l\IcParland, o·f the P.fnker- ALB • ,.,, J 18 Th s _,_ t nor Guild. Mayor FitzgeraJd, and ·\'-•' .L, nne .- e · ena•ce, a· questions asked 'by ·Mr. Richardson ton agency, 'Who d1:'veJ.oped the case of John B. Hunter, of Boston', vice pres- . 11:25 ~.m., to-day took <a recess until showed that the defe'nSEl, proposed to conspiracy to murder 1\ormer Governor ident of the New England allSOCia- The severely injur~d: Mrs. Eliza:beth Lowry; aged 60, C1eveland,' hip hurt. . J. G. Greagan, Clevelan·d, ~ack sisters. MRS. MEYER, mother. MR~. JOHN HERTER, sister Mrs. *eyer. graphers' complaints. Th1s would· of not ·apply, however, :to any investi~ gation to be made bY' commissionel\ sprained. prove that Orchard for ~ars had Steunenberg against offi·cials of tile Thursday at 3 p. m. 'Dhe ~assembly tion, were among the ,;cheduled hated Steunenberg. The 1fa.me of '\\·estern Federation of ~liners, will adjourned until to--mon·ow at 11 a. m. sp'eakers. Th·e·• four women lost the[r Uvea in I H. L. Reed,' Manslle~d, face cut. a vain -ruttempt to •sa ve !llhe b<Y.Y. :Max :Malich, of Denver; was used in go to Boise to testify fot· the defens The •assembly adjourned without do- this connectio:a ,Orchard being ;tsk- in the Hayw·ood c1ase. During the dng •any bus-iness. Assemblyman SPRECKLES OOIIROLf . Mrs. Dr. Hyndman, New York, back hurt and body' bruised: Joe Maffey, firema,n, fatally in~ ----- BRILLIANT, SC(Nf ed if he had eYer threaten)Jd to 'Kill s.trike riots in Cripple Creek, :\IcPar- s Rogers, of Broome, fraid rtlh-at in the teunenberg before Malich. He -de- land, who is ·a silwemaker, was de· nie-d this, whereupon Richardson ported from the e:istrict al,iJti'g witli \iflhe said he would produce Malich in tra'inload o-f union miners •ami sym- court. Orchard also denied that he path-izers, who were .t·aken over the had made a similar remark to Lot- line to Kansas. A telegt,am was re- ,absence of a quorum be cwould objE>Ct to -t!he p·a·ssage of all· ,bills. This re- sul1:ed in all bills being: -put oover:. \1\Ir. Spea-ker, what •ttre Mr.· Rogll'rs' ' . THf CITY GOVfilNMfNT jured. The wreck occurred in a.portlon of the city wh·ich is alm()St inaccessible, · ·- .: ··-'iT 1rrnr uJ:A- ~ ~ - • ~ .. #. '!RI\\ ·~ lt1tU I\ ·~1111ll.1 - '. and it was som-e efn;t~ . before aid tie Day in Denver, \Kid\ Walters, of cen·ed from C1arence Dau·ow, sum· objecti-ons? Are they on th~ir merits ~·· • Cripple creek and th d or for spite?\ asked l\Ir. Ilhirlips, of Schmitz m Jail, lS Declared reached the passengers. AH seri- ously injured were hurried to the hospitals. Many of the passengers in the sleepers wet•e only scrllltched and slightly bruised and :were able ;Famous English Race Course • o ers, au fur- moning :McParl-and to Boise, and he ther denied telling Dr. S. J. McGee, arranged to leave at once. · Allegha·ny. .. to be Unable to Act \N eithei',\ replied l\Ir. Rogers:. Center of Great Social lAND' ATIACK TH~ I MRS. POlUR PALMfR . GRIAUST DANGfR TO MARRY AN fARL New York City Batteries Are \)!y objections are baaed on my con- stitu1tional rights.' Majority Lend<er :\!orel-and s•aid that when occasion demanded there would be a full house an-d the bills desired c·ould be passed at ~imt time. 0. U. A. M. JUNIORS as Mayor. - .to walk to a street car or other con- veyance, and came into the city. Many refused to giv!l·their names. It SAN FRANCis-co, June 18.-Under is not believed that _.any or tb.e tn~ Gathering. ' ' Exposed to Assaults From the Rear. Chicago in a Flutter Over N <:!ws That Wedding Will Take Place in the Fall. orders of district attorney Wimam H. jured except the firem;:tn will ·die. ASCOT, Eng., June 18.-Despite an La,ngdon, the board ·of supet·\·isors The wrecked train carried a -overea<Jt sky, tbe ga.thering •at As(Jot last night adopted 1a resolution de· thrqugh sleeper from the Lake··shore Heath to-day, for the opening of th<l daring Mayor Eugene E. Schmitz Limited, and leaves- Oleveland at great four days special ruce meeting temporarily unable to perform his 7:25 a. m., daily. No. 19 is known was the most ·brllliJ\m•t ~f ~ec~\\ BOSTON, June 18. - The open- ~ ~ ~ t=c offictal duties and appoin,timr super- among· Tail road men ~s the Lake ~h .._,__ . . I ing today Of the thirty-ninth. natiOn· ~ years. .._. e !houses in ...,_,e VlCimty, for 1 . visor James L. Ga·ll~·gher a<~ting m~y- Shore Limited. ~·hl'·ch \.a:bul·ous ren-ts '\\\' ,..a:r·d \'or a a conyentlon of the Junior Order, \ t• ..... \ ., 'L United American l\4ech.anics, in Tre- Or. (fallagher sayS 'he Will assume few days use, turned -llrunfueds of / WASHINGTON, JuM H. - Gen- CHICAGO. June 1S.-Th~ Tribune erai lVlurray, chief of artillery has last nig'ht receivoo ad-vices. from Lou- returned from New Yor~, _where he don, rtelling of an engag.em~nt o;f ::\.Irs. was an observer of the JOlllt opera- Potter· Palmer t A b F't 1 ' . o u rey 1 zc arence twns of the regular coast artillery- 1 Earl of )lunster. and Baron Tewke; men ~nd the New York state militia, , bu~\ ~·h · . . , 1 .. J • ..L e eng.agemen t ·bas not been m repellmg the sham naval attack announ-ced officiall but rth · T .· • upon the defenses of New y k Y, e nbune s . , . • 0 ~ • cor1·espmrdenll: declared :there w-as no H·aVlng planned these :l!)mt dnlls . h th :c> • doubt ·an understandi'llg bad -been w1t · e special purpose of ensurmg . reaehed. T·he weddl!ng Will take the existence of a sufficient force of trained volunteer -soldiers to make good ihe great deficiency in num- bers of the regular coast ·artidlery, General Murray is extremely gratified with the exhibition . of interest and enthusiasm shown by the New York national guardsmen in the success- ful work of last week. He now pro- jects an extension of the plans for joint drills, based upon the fact de- veloped by the experie~ce of last w•eek, that the real .weakness -of New York's defense lies in the dan- ger of an attack by a l-arge land force in the rear of the fortifications. It is General Murray's plan to h-ave cer- tain organizations of the national guard permanently a:ssigned, year by year, to the same defensive zones, so that they- may become thoroughly . familiar with them. Of c«;mrJ>e this can only be done by the ·hearty co- operation of the officers of the na- tionai guard in the various states. General Murray will soon mal;.e an- other visit to New Yorll: city, .a11d perhaps Albany, where he may be able to lay his views bel'ore. the special legislative committee, whic'h, it is understood, is to be creat~d for the purpose. · FIFTH BODY FOUND pla·ce in London in 1the fall. ,..Phis report eomfirms rumors that -b!ave been current for some ti:me. The veer who has won , t'lle- >heart and. fortune of Chie>ago's socia'l leader is ·a bachei'Or orf :forty-five years old . a'lld not blessed wirh a super·abun- da•nee of thi-s world',s g>oods. He, ·howeve~·. is s~id to be 'handsome, and a man of chal\ming manuel'S. He has ·had no public career •otheT 1:1mn >!'hat of gentleman usher to King Edwaro. His Lond·on residence lis 79 Elizabe1th street, Eton square, ·and he has a ·house at Brighton. For :the rejuvenation O>f .ilhe ear-l's establishment, Mrs. Balmer will bring an ircome of more._li:han $350,000 a year, dl'riYed enti1·ely from the \Ohi- c:~go real estate ·and other prO<perties left .by }!r. Pa•lmer a•t 'his dea-th in 1902. l\'Irs. Palmer has P~'oved a pru· dent adminiSitrator of <the esllate, whic'h .at that time was estimated to be worth $8,000,000, and w'hk'h has stead-ily incre•ased in value. E;NGINEER AND FffiEMAN KILLED. IN OOLLISION NORFQJ,K, Va .. June 18.::...T)}e'bo(ly of Midshipman Walter Oa:rl Uh-icb, of :1-Hlw.aul•ee, one of tll-ose -'W:bo w-ont (liQwn on the ill-fated lau:n·cn of >the .1JattleshiJ> Mi]Jnesota in· Hampton Roads -a wee!• ago tOd!i!y, was fu.und lrute yesterday <af-ternoon. ''rhis ~~ / fl\·e bodies recovered th~s far, nhose in addition to Ulrleh be~-;o lfid\llhip- men Field, Stevenson,_ -mid H-o-!CQ-lnb, and l!'lrem·an W ~stp'bal, . . . .. . ' mont temple, found more than 150 >the mayoralty at once. NEW YORK, Jm;>.e 1:8. - oftl- society -people on .to the fam<>usHearth, deleg.ates t'6sponding' to the ron call. Dishict -attorney Langdon, Ran- cials of bhe New Yorl,t ~ntJr:tl rail• while thou !'lands of oiliers motored The convention was called to oi\der dolplh Specl\els ,aiJid .their immedia•te road h•ave advice:s from Columbus, ·from London. EJin.g Ed-ward and ~ ~- . ~ by National Councillor W. L. S. Gil~ assoe~ates in the pros-ecution of mu- Ohio, which say, that indications are Queen. Alexandra, with their guests., creast, of Methuen. After a 'lhor'. nki.pal eorruption are by >this mm·e that it'he !'lWiteh was tru.'own l)pen by a ineludilrug the Prince and Princess of business session the delegates took· a lllaced in aetual control of the muni· gang of boys. The .. .supednteadent Wale<;, and Prince -snrl Princess An- trip down Massachusetts< Bay \to Na~- cipoal S'ituation because the snpervis- of the Big Four at Colu;mbus; tele- ~tasket. -~ ors owe immunity -to confessions. to graphing to officials ot t~ road ·here, <drew •of Greece, drove in state from Windsor, w-here Their ·Majesties are entertaining a ilioust) party f·or the fRfNCH DfPUTifS . SUSTAIN eROSrEUTtDN Action of Against . . the Gove.Inment Wine .Grower ' Agitators · Meets With Approva.:l. PAR IS, tion of the mining to June 18:-..,.. The government in .deter· prosecute 'th.e ·...grl:i~ bhe district attorney. states that another tr{iin paas.ed ov- J -It is the plan of the district at- er the road twenty niinl!tes \befo;-e torney to call for tfue resigna mons saon of some fifteen supervisors T-hese forthcoming, acting may·or Ga-l- •Jagher, it is plann~d. will appoint to the v~oa~cy a man named ·by rtJhe dis· tric.t attorney. As soon .as rt:his man takes office Gallagher will resign f-rom ilhe maY'or's e.hair . Unless disturbed -by the courts tlhe new regime will last until next J·an- uaTy. ·Mayor- Schmitz· remains iln ·jail. D(S MOI~fS SCANDAllZED &Y RILIG1618 CRANKS. No. 19 came along, and t'b!e . engin· eer noticed a crowd ~~ boys near Ute sw:itch which controlled the spur of track intfl- the sew-er- pi1Je works, where \the wreck oc_qun-ed, CHINfS( RfBfLS -HID fHINGS THfJft -OWN·:-WAY . ' ~ . - ' Captured Cities, ·. Officials . 1!-nd Slaughtered l3eat. the meeting. 'Dhel\e were rt:en caiTi-ages i'n .the royal procession, 'W'hioh :was preceded by an escort IJf cav-alry and •aecompan.ied by outriders, which Iiiade a •briHlant specta:Cle as th:ey passed il:he crowds · O'f beaulbifully Mc-Neill .as a govern~ent official. TRAIN DESPATCHERS MEET ~ BOSTON, June'18. ., D~~=~:~:·~: from every: section • of: the \ w&e:.present tQ)liy- a:t tJ:tfl·,apening of the 20th annual -convention of <th.G Train Despatchers' Association Amer.ica. .AD:: :addresS'\' ··of' wa.s made •by President Lucius tle, of the Boston & :Maine ra:lllr.c•I'Ldi to wihich James E. Halloran oodj John F. M'RCkie, respectively, -presi.: dent and secretary of the assoc~ation~ responded. ; ,. RUMORS STILL, OF REOALL TOKIO, June 18.- (Tu~ay a:flt~~- · n0011.)-'l'lhere ~IJ.'e s<brong lllld1cati~ th>a t Ambassader Aoki 'Wi!H be· re¢ai!i~ . ed. 'Dhere is an !inclination · to con:..: nect the rnmor of his repol'tled ronl:dng.:\. reeaU wit<h Premier Saionjd's audi~ · ence with the Emperor this m~! •ll!fter lthe crubinet council. SAYS MRS. WDY 6AVf HIM Boston Newspaper Man In- sists that Christian Science , · Leader is Perfectly ·Sane~· . '

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