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COLLINS & COMBES PlJB. 00 Oflke J'obnstown, N. v. VOLUME XJ,ID. :8 R 0 A D A L B I N, , F U L T 0 N • / I CHINfSf RfBflS • BEAT ARMY ' ' Emperor's Troops are Driven Back by Well Armed Forces in Southern ' MOpiAN p=r; ;:~ LEVEE. I SfVfN Kltltl,-,_ . ' LO~DON, june 25. - King Edward held thi'l last levee of the season at St. .James Palace at noon. Ind~an Mu- ' tiny >eterans agah;t supplying -the most striking ;feature. Tlhe secon'li group of survivors of the mutiny, including sev- ent-y offi.cers, of W•hom no fewer t:han three were generaJs •and seveml civ- 'i . IN '. ·' Italians Buried in _.~he · RJiris of a ·'l'enement 'iVhe~ th~ .. . .. . ,. . . Walls Fell at an ~rly . . ! ' '· ' ~ . \ •• Hour ~~~.f~~ff~~~; i · . ~ ' ' . . c •• . . ' Man Aeeused;ol M.ordenno Self Conlessed Assas~in Faees Man Who Tells ol His Plot , Against Steunenberg. ·,. .. ,~· ~ VICTORIA., B. C., Ju~!~~~,:_ Ref- ugees were fleeing ro Haflg.g from. tJhe d.ist.ructs affected fiy rtli(l jte.yolutio.n in South China, Wlhen the · steamer Empress of Japian, W'hicll al.\l'ived yes- terday, letlt Hong Kong. :ii'. · .i!!iHL-:. NEW YOR~i.~n'e 2S. · :t,- 1 Seven per- • <: ;:.a ' ! . . . ~ . • Esfes R~lates Cireomslaaees.':·~;;· · ol tbe. Virginia T.atiJe~~;;:\ :~_-:; ~, ' BOISE, June 25. - The Haywood vince the jurY ·and public tb:at for yea;rs a conspiracy existed· among trial was resumed at 9:30 1Jhis morn- the mine owners and employers of m.g. Harry Orchs.Td was called for labor in the states of Idaho cmd Col- 'llhe puiJpose of ~llow:ing >the defense to orado to wipe uni·on labor from the complete ;Uhe foundation for ihis im· mining fielld. After Orch•ard is ex- / 11-mined to-dlay, the evidence w1ill be- peachment. to gin with Colorado and Cr'ipplr Creek. Attorney Richardson wanted Witnesses are here to &wear that know if Orchard h.rud n9t told Max Orshard was the confieJdnt of themine Il-~ich in a Turltis.h bai'h establisb- owners, and their deteotives; that ment in Denver that Governor Steun· they planned, and 'he was selected . . . \ to exect,te :>.. mnmber of crimes. The en berg was respons~ble 'for .tllS bem, - 't' 1 t tes t'\ •t 1 ·t is . defense pos1 1ve y -s ~; u= a poor man and that he mtended to not their intention to conviot the kill him. Oreha•rd said he h-ad beeJ! Imine owners of murder a:t the Vtin- to tbe baths with :\I'alich, hut de,lied dicrutor mine and the In 1 dependance that there h·ad •been any such couver- depot, w'her~ sixteen men were sation. killed but they purpose to show Orchard next was asked if :he knew 1 . that the d·ea:th-s were ·accidental. They John D. Elliott. even go so far as to assert t'h.at Or- \1 do not,\ he replied.. cha·rld d·ria'Ws on his imagination in Elliott was in court .and was .re·l his re!rution of his connection wit.h quested to stand. up. Grcll'ard l~oked 1 the Vindlicator min<? and the Inde- at him, Elhook J:ns head, and said he' pen deuce depo-t, and tha•t he was not did not know the l;!Jan. He denied tbiere at -all. On the other hand, having a com·ereation with .the man, 1n counsel for the sbate do not seeni which he is alleged tO\ ihave told El· to be d,istnrbed. It is stated most Ji:ott that he was in >the employ of the 1 positively that cross-examination mine owners' associ·ation. and rebwhtal will show t'hat rt:he de- Richardson asked Orchard if he •had fense has built up a clever fablida- not told Elliott that capital !had ue- tion that will fall under rebutta.l like termined to get rid O\f unlion labor and a •house of cards. wo-uld begin witb -the Western Feder· It is quite evident from the ;state- ation o;f )liners; tba-t something was ments made by Mr. Dta·rrow th& the going to happen soon in lda•ho, and I defense proposes ··to admit the con- would startle the world. nection between Orchard l'..D.d Hay- \I had no such conversation with wood, and they admit that Orchard any !}erson at any time or any place,\ '\VIas :at one time employed by Moyer. declared Orch-ard. But •tt is claimed thaJt all these con- Orehard also denied talking with El- nections were perfectly· lel')itima;te, liott about Governor Steunenberg. and had nothing to d-o with a con- \Do you know D. c. Coply?\ spiracy; tha!t Orch'g,,rd was a traitor, • anld that he sought employment and uYes, c:;ir.\ connection with thA officers of the Western Federat·ion under the guise \Did you in his room >!llt Sa.n Fran- o:isco, discuss the blowing up of Fred Bradley and that Bradley p;ot what of a union workman and a member he deserved?'; of the M'a.sonic fraternity, all the \I may have said it, I don't time being a de.teotive employed by All reported tlhe rebel movement .aa a most pretenttious one, 1Witll ·an lfil'II!Y organized after Eurapean · metlhods. War notes, wruch t!lle rebel leaders promised -to redeem a>t tJWi'ce tace· v·~I­ ue aft:-er •the d'all of ~nton, were be- ing ·1ssued, proclamations posted, and every.t.hing OM'ried out in .form. · Most of >the arms used are FrenciJ:I quic'k-fird.ng rifles, an'li machine guns, smuggled during the past three years, by way of Amoy and {)anton. A-fter calplturing ;the towns on the Wla'Y rOO 'SwatO'W, tlhe rebel ·fOTceS moved •agaln northward, seemmgly making to- ward Cimton. Hui'ehow on t!he Kow- Jen mainland, Ol)pos1te Hong Kong, was captured, t!he imperial troops be· ing baUly worsted. France is takin-g !lldvilntage of fue outbreak to press for sending a French expedition 1io Oan- •ton .to p'l'otect th>at ci·ty, and Pekin of- fidals ·are repot•ted as op:pos:ing s'll!c>h a m~ve. Large quauUties of suwlies for the rebkl are arriving at Hong Kong in the n.a•mes of foreigners. Some •bloody incidents aTe repor-ted At Wong Kong, near S,wl3.tow, w~ere ·tile civH and military offi.cials were J:mtcib.ered -as in other cities -taken, Y.ang, a cumoms officl·al, was killed by the rebels and ·t!heir sllan:'l>a'l'd was \ ' sp1•inkled w1th !his blood as were some of the banners. Families of some of the officials were -forc-ed to ·drffWn -.rhefu·selves in· weJi.s. Re1'ugees aro an·iV'ing in sad condition, m1any having aband'oned ev- erything, eyen <t:he sick and <lh·i!dren, in' .tbl'ir flig~ht. Ourtbreak:s have been reported also from Hunan and Szechmm. RAILlWAU THREATENING TO MAiiE 1'118 OWN RUI..S. PI'l'T·SBURG, June 25.-T•he Penn· syl'ran~a Railroad and tJhe Carnegie Steel Company are at loggerheads over tlhe manu.fa'Cture of new Oassatt iliuns, were ;present-ed a! Sir Ev>elyn Wood. I M!ars'h- T!h:ey made· a -brilliant sh<l'W, all wearing tlleir .fuH da:e&S uniforms. A.m- 'bassador WtJltelaw Reid was among :tlhe ·amba.ss·adors who lllttended the luncheon, and ihe preseq>!led Brigadier General Heney C. Codk. There was a large attend.ii:rtce, amimg tih·ose pres- ent being J. Pi~ilpont ·M:'I)rgan, who had been presented' a;t a prenous Iev~e. 6UATIMAlA AfiD. . . SALVADOR·.:uNtASY - - State _Depi:trtmeiU, :·Hears· . . 1\:lore Trouble Among the Turbulent Little Re- publics. WASHINGTO~, June 25. - The state department today receiv~d a cablegr~tm ·from A.meri6an •Minister \ons sdx of 1 t~ ; rn~n:i~rt;: . ?f. . ®e ItaHan family,· were ·killed 'tMil!-'1 m •tbe collapse ~ ~: .ramsnu1~k'!e. ~rietilent in the d'l)wn't1l~Wll Italian·q~~rrte-r. Three dllher members of tile sltlile flalll~ly, - ' rescued from. the rudns, 'including the favher and illlotller, i!U'e ~ a hospital, ·pa:infuHy injured, but w~U treoover. 'f!here were some exeitlng'· scenes f~h lowing tlhe a'C'cident,· one oi · Wihticl:t WlllS the rescue of •an old man flo.oon. \11. two foot led'g~ forty feet from the ground, this portion of 'the_ fallen .build- ing :having adheted to ·1ihe · ·adjoin:ing structure long enough to permlt -the firemen to get 1Jo the scene, l\a1se a ladder and take the man, .T<B!eob Reig- ler, a lodger, safely .to 1Jb,e . ground. Then iJt also fell into tbe ruins. The collapsed !building 'WAS a four .story affair, bUilt over fif,ty years a~ a-nd was located a·t Wru!;.er and Lafay- ette. streets. It •belonged to ~ Moses Taylor es1Jate, and for some da~s ih'd been in •a dangerous condition ·because of ex-ca'V'ations ~exf d'(){)il' for a new building. It :had been shored up, bUt the coMtant rumbling of SU'bway train·s, •a ]:}lock away, was too much for it in its weakened condition, and it fell >in, flnll!lly, ·alt 2 o'c1ock 1lhii.s morning. Most of the lten:a:nts warned by an omnious creak.Jn·g, fied' from ·tbe ]:}uilding a few minutes hefore it col- lapsed. Tne dead :are:-- TONY TORCHINO,_ 17 years old. MAMIE TORCHINO, 21. LILYJE TORCHINO, 9. Fft.ED' 'TOROHINO _ 10. su§trn ton.cHIN.0,-13. EDWARD TORCBINO, 27 •. ~ COSMO BEI,UCEI, 40,_ a lodge~r. Tom'<l.•sso and . .A.in~Ua Toreh.ino, fa:t.ter •and mQther of the un!ortuuaite famtly, ·and another son, George, .19, are sufferln~ from ~calp wounds and contusions. 'f.he seven persons- who lost !their lives were burded under >tons of deb· ris and it was not un:til the firemen. ' and volunteers hal !~ked for fonT Lee, at Glwtemala City, stating that the situation in Salvador is disquiet- ing; i'hat both Guatemala and Salm- Irnow.\ the mine owners and their deteotives. \Did not you say to Cop!y that The one g;reat crime the defense steel rail, which is expected. t~ take dor •are sending troops •to tbe frqptier. ·hours that their 'bodies were recover• ed. •Some of them hiad 'been lnos:tallll;- ly killed, but otbers :esea.pe'li dea'iih in the first cruSh., only >1;1) be· smother~d by bricks, broken timP.er~. plwster, an4 dust. . . . HOUSTON, · Va., June 25. - :,rille trial of Fol'IJller Judge Loving chru:-ged ;with tlle murder of Theodore Estes, was resumed today. A.ft:er an argu- ment of an h•aur, .Judge Barksdale permitted the defendanrt:,. wlho was on tJhe stand, to rel·a.te a conversa•tion with his brother-in-!ta·w, Hlarry Sneed, wbo told :h.im of the alleged~ drugging of Ibis daugihter, which led <to 1'he killing. He said tJhat on the morndng of April 22, .Snead came intto his office and with some :hesitation sa·Ld lhe lhad a painful .story to >tell as to ·an occurrence with hi'S daughter. Sneed !il!lid while ihe (.Sneed) wa<s out ·buggy-ri'li1ng mi. the evening prior he saw Elizabeth Lov- dng and Theodore Estes out riding. E. !J. I~idd c;tme to tihe :home of the Stevens and inquired for Sneed, say- ·ing that Miss Loving lhad returned _from ber buggy ride in a ba'li wndi- tion. Continuing fue witness sa-id: \Sneed went :to the room at 1\Irs. l{idd's a:nd saw Miss Loving on the •bed. She was deliriou's and her con- dition pitiful. •Sneed •said thiart in tlhe paTlor of tile Kldd home he saw M·rs. Kridd ~~tnd '£\heodore Estes, and told Jjjhem he would go ;for a d10ctm\. Es- teli!, however, ·ip.sisted on getting a doc- if;p~ hlW~alf4';' .. ~1,~~t~.jlr ar~ive-(1. and 'file did not recognire !him. Harry ~a'i,:L .• thtat 1\{isa LO'Ving was In the cll!l'e ot.bi..~tl-o!lller .. He t:Ilen wtmt·down the street, when \w. B. -{..ee, a JIIerc clmnt of Lovingston, and kiliS!ruln Of his wife, told him that· Dr. Strother bad said that Theodore Estes had in- fOl·med him (Strother) >that Eliz.a'beth was drunk, and 1Jo >trea.t her for it lllJld say nothing of it. \I was shocked,\ continued Lov- ing, \and sent for my w.ife and daug'.h- ter. I received a letter from Miss A.n· nie Kidd, !!laying 1Jhat •my daug'hter was still there. My wife went -ad'ter Elizabeth 'in a surrey, Teturmng wi!th her. \A-fter dinner, I told Eliza.-~llll­ the conversation with Sneed. d'Own .her knees and between. so~ tears said fuat •Sundiay· even_i~- E~tellr.1i;i~~' requeste-d iter to go 'bllg~~~L·lti!P'J~. ~~ 'him; s'he ,9eclined, but upon urged, accepted. After 'l.ihey got --\ =- buggy they drove dQWil. to 1lhe :b· .ou:se-· where Estes live'li and got out --~_,,_ mained for some time. '.Dhe'J\ drove, she said, in the dir~tion the Gap. 'While tr~tu·rning ES<I:es pro. duce'li a bottle of whiskey aild offered ber a drink. Sh·e declined, imj; later- did take a drink, and in a second. felt d'izzy ·and queer. She requested .JI;lim to drive faster and return !home stead uf continuing to Lovingst(Jll, He wen.t IJapidly up the mountains in an· opposite direction. After that she lJeoO came unconscious and did not knoW' wha>t happened. When asked if E$• tes h.ad asSJaulted -her, s'he said Estes ' . had fore~ ih·imself upon· !her and she ·' ihad only ·a faint recolle'Ctton. \This revelation came to me as ·m · . ·tlhumlertwlt fd.'om a cleax l!lky. I lo'l'edi .my daughter .and no power on elll1'tli could have restrained niy !hands.\:.: Here the witness wept and sev~rd of the spectnrtors gave way·.to tear~ Continuing, .Lo.'!ing. Sl!'i(t: , · \In tl}is cooo~tion ot· mind I w~~ir <OU.t initending :to put tb~- m~n to d~:tb,. · . I ~ my !!!bot gun and qrove to ingston. :when I got tlhere ~ called~ boy and asked for Estes. I lea:l';ii~~; th'at Estes was in a oar at >!lhe sj;!l!tji()):!; I then turned my home to a liv~ ~ stable. lmd got out of tbe bugSY. l · saw Estes in the car wotlb. two negi).'Oe,s·· . , . and w.a ved 1'1lem a.s!de and sa1d t!:o E)~ · tes: 'You :u·e the YQUng man who .. >!Jakes l•adies out drivling and <~,rug~'! an(! . ruins them?'. I' 'heard no reply andl· w-hen he made a motion to leave tlle ~ - car I shot him. · I then surrendered ' .. .;.,- mysif:elf to tbe nearest magdliltrate.\ · ~ .-. He was ltfhen followed on the ~~tail.(li: . ' •by Sneed, who ~orroborated :him. · ·Physiology, Rochester. D;. ~ :» R. H. there wa.s ·anothAr man who had a admit that Orchard cpmmittetd· is · th\ place of the present ;ty:[Je of l'ail ----- hand in the Couer d'Alenes trou- , th·e rnunler of S·teuenberg, and run- in general use. T'he Cassatt l\ail was NEW ORLEA.\\S, June 25. _ A bloo, Governor Steunenberg and this ning through the whole of the testi- invented by ·the late A. J. Cassatt, >d:i•s!Jatch from Port Barrios, Guate- man had driven you out of the mony will be the motdv<> Orchard presidell't of the Pennsylvania Rafl- mala, saYJS tlrat the forces at t!he east country, and you intended to kill had in seeking revenge against the ro~d;, and for several months•th~ Oar- c{)oast vorts :held in re-:>.diness to re:[Jel liim?\ man who as he thought had robbed n~1e Steel Company bas ·been·llrianu .. invasions nll!mber 500 men at each George Blumenthllli. the. -~on>l:ractor, W'ho bad cllll!rge of jjhe repairs and shoring up of the J;!atltl;ip.g, w>Riil ar- rested, charged wit!h ~Jin·idde. SANITA ·1S ' BfACH'S TOPIC Chemistry, Plabtsburg. Dr. SUrgery, Dr. P. M. Orandlllll, York. \No sir; 1 didn't say just that, him of lais· rich interest in tbe Her- 1iahnring and testing it. .. ' .... -- place, ea·C'h battalion'· of .tnis size nav- neither in substance nor effect. cules mine. Ev\eryth·ing wa·s moYing a1ong nice- ing six rapid fire guns and six siege There was a conversrution in whicb The cliaim thll.t the defensA will ly I until a couple of d:ays rugo, when g~ns. T·he dispatch also confirms the Governor Steunenberg's name was rest within eight days is looked up- .J:h~ Steel company 'llotlfied the rail-. T.eports that coast fOl''O.'ioations •aTe be- men>tioned.\ on as quite speculrutive as the cro:;s- road th;at it would not make'tbhe Cass- ing ereeted at several .ports. Tbe 0Tchard next was confronted by examination o! many of th~ir wit- a.tt rai! for ll'sS than $33 a\ton while 1 Guatemalan government is reported to .Charles A. Sullivan, a miner from nesses probably wlll takA consider- the prH~e of the present standard -rail ·be negotiating. for ·a 4QO..ton steamer Cripple Creek. He said he knew •a]:}le time. is $~\· The .railroad refused <t6 agree of ~8 kno•ts speed to be •armed with S.Ullivan. The state expects to take a week t-o the increasro cost an>(} notifioo ·tthe eight rapid fire guns. in rebuttal, and the end of the -case Steel company fuat unless the price BOISE, Idaho, June 25.-Begin- ! is not looked .forward to with any de- was ~ut $5 tile railroad would go into· ning with the appearane of the first \ gree of certaunty until the bast week th~ steel rail manufacture >it1>9lf. 'W•ttness for the defense on the stand r in Jtt})'. I ~h~ demands of ttlhe Carnegie Oom- to-tlay, the story of .Harry Orcha-rd's \ pany are ·said to be bll'cked by Jf!he JAPANESE AGENTS AGITATE AT HOMf life will be •tr-aced by a successdon of NINrnJ DROWNED' B!fthieh1'lm Steel Oon:pany. 'Wfitnesses caned not to sustain, bull;/ Lll \ to contl'la.dict all the material faets testi1ied to by the chief witness against WHli:tm D. Haywood. Or-~ chard himself will be in court again IN CHILfAN WRfCK to-day, and counsel for the defense l will lay the foundation for his im-J Only Survivor ,of the Di~~ter. peaohment. The \Jres•entation b)I'Clarenc!l I)Ja·r- was the Fourth Offi'cei. row, the attorney who is conducting ,. the defense, has cleared the stage' SA~TIAGO. Ohile, June 25. - It is officially announ~d ·bY fue Pacific Steam Nav-igation 100'IIlvany 1lhat only one passenger was a•boa~'!i tht:l-o. Santi- fll,go, wrecked. in a :heavy squall fif.ty miles north of Corral, and lhe was - d•I\ow:ned. '.l'he only survivor 1was li:he foorilh otli<:er. All the rest of tbe ~re-w, numbering ninety persons, and indnd•ing twelve English ofti.cers per- ished, Slo far as can be -as<:et1Ja1ned. Only one boat was· 1-a unclled, a.ni'f it wa:s da·sbed to ple'Ces on >th~ rocks af· ter driiit!ng for several t.ays. JAP WRESLEit OOMING. GEit.'I-IAN OATHOLIOS ELECT •. UTICA, ..June 25. - TJ.l~ .,!i\_tate A.l- Ua:nce of German ea-ilholic' 'Societies. .. ,~, rr ,. . . elected .these ·ofti.cers last rilght:. - . . r· ~ . , Spiritu·al •adviser, Rev. •···i~;lphonse LehrschiYll, 0. M. C., Al\b~tf Presi- dent, Jdhn Hoymayr, B~f6~tlo;. !hoonorr Pacific Coast Orientals Pro- pose to Investigate Amer- ica on tlie:.Spot. ary president, Louis :\iey~!.l',t[.:J!ca; vice , _ ·- presidents, Frederick Hoebiiglhi)Ul!len,·. Yictnria, June 25;+.--A.d,,i~·s were re- Brooklyn: Fran:k Horn, Ro~li~!;.ter; Pe· ceived ·by tbe Empress ·iff J~pan yes- ter F. Strausburger, New _Yj)rk; re·; ·terday 'from Tokio that Yamaska ot- cording secretary, .J.osep'h 1\1. .'Schiffer, akichi, of Seattle, who with Ya.ma:d:a, Buff·alo; corres.pond!ing s~etary, .A:I-' uf San F·rnnoc1s_co, ds in J·a-pan tarousing oys J. Werdein; Bnfllalo; ·tr:easurer,, public ot\:inion -a'glainst the, United Virgil J. Essell, Utica. · .: states witb IJ.'e~ru\C! t-o :bbe San Fran- 'f!.he next conventi'On will be ·iheld a.t. c~co -affruir, in an int-erview wiltfu ~Vis­ -Buffalo, May 31, mid 'J'Ull:e 1 and ~ •. coiurt Hayashi', fareign minister, urged 1908~ ... .fue. adoption. of propo~a~ls ·that J•apa;n reject the Amerioan~Jnp•anese treaty QUAKE IN VENEZUELA . mutually reewrcilng immigt<ation; th!at -~ ·. . ' ; tlhe la.tter part of _,tl\t!cle 2, of ;!;be come CARACAS, Venezuela, June ,22. _; merciui t~eaty,. ·be deleted wthen tbe Via Willemstadt, JuJie 25, -:: A·.strQn-g< treaty: is revised in, 1900, ifl!lis passa_ge earth·sihock, .t.asting three ~i'!nd:s, w·a:f :bcin~£ that·.tlie stJ:Il#}ations--of •the ~r· felt ·in 4Jhe >federal'<ll~\# 1;:1~ a. iticle sh'Rll not affect \The -Ia.ws 1 .PJ:4ill- m: yesterday. No damage.wa~_done~ all'ces, and· re~lutioll;\\ 1n r~d to ' · ... · ~ ,· : ·, . .' ' ~: :itteymlgrimts and (YI.'her -matters, ''~ich · O]:}stetrics •a·nd gynecology, Dr. W. Potter. Buffalo. J Ba>eteri~logy, Dr. F. w. Adrla-nce,~­ New State Board of Medical Elmira. T!bJat many mm-e persons did not lose theh' lives in the oollapse .of tlhe old build1ng was due to two of the y·Qung- er occupants of the iJ:Iouse having at- tended >an ltali:an e~lebrattou l.alilt nigM .. The ·boys reacMd.lhome_ short- Examiners Holds a Prelim- !y before two o' cloek 1ibis •roll'l'ning Diagnosis, Dr. W. s. SE-arle, lyn. - . and <Warned by tile l!lewre Sb.a!cing and inary Conference in creaking' of the hoUs!! r.a.n ·t!i!ri>o-q·g'li\ -The ~onference adjGurned to in tilids city on August 1, ne:x;t. bu1Iding and warned tlle sleeping ten• Albany. auts of lim'Petlding d(~~~ter. Do~ns ~ OANADA SPRI:NKLED persons ran Into th~ ·streets in theh.' WITH JAP Dll!lC<:m.t\.~[()l!i~. nightclothes, and · ma!lY of 1Jb,em · · ALBANY, June 25. The new · ,/ sca'l'cely gained the s~et bef-or-e tihe VICTORIA., B. C., June ;5. ~ A1!1~·!t~:'; crasb came. . . ~ S'llate boam of medica•! examin~~s held mark of appreciation of !fihe __ f1'tJl~~pl~: The work of the tite>;~;~en ~il- d· a preliminary conference a;t tlb.e state 'his imeprial hlg~hness, Prlnee ~ended With great d•!ing~t' ·,beOO'USE! of education department yesterd·ay;.State of J·apan, has received d~·l't'-i:ng·_j;t~[~>i~~[~;c~·~ tfhe shaky walls, wliMi ·t~reat~ed to Educ~j.ti~ltJ\,<;'oi¥missi<ln.er, Draper, Re- it tQ Oanada, the Emperor or.~'l''J;l~\~J~~'·:;-;F fall on tlb.em~ . gent A!J;bt'rt Vander' Veer, and Flrst conferred tile foJl.owing .d~~]~a,il:i Batllalion ·ahfa:t Ga-l'l;m:a'l!ld Lait:der- Assistant Com~ssi(_)E-_er_ ()f _Education Upon Sir Thomas ··E !<hll.ugnei~~pm.wt<< man Samet.'. w'ere 'bwi.y\ib;~rt ·by .~e Rogers, met With the e:x:anniners. iden.t of the Oanadiml P'lli'ci1tQ'J,:~!~~j col1apse of-~: waii'.:WJ:i{i~ }~Jh.ef -:!b'.e.. - The members of tbe new tboard re- ·the order of the ~acred· .. 'l ~e~~~~~~::?~~\ men were hurt ilnd··i)truf~lf'but ·l'.o•nq cei~e~f ivhe-·c.;hslitutioiull ·oa;tlh· O'f; of: .the Second Class. •. -r r, • ? • tainued ;to ~o~~· . . . · ... ·, ' fice 'W:tli~4 .:w'R§ - adm~~~t~. >to tjlem Upon OfiaxJes M.. Hays, ·&e'C!?l~dj:,y',l!)fti~;: · · · i ~ DeputY ~r~:v''of State James president of the Graild_ ... 1 :-r.u~• ~~!~~~ . .-:. ~~- .. · ·. ' s. Wtb·alen. Thl()se. present\wocpe · Drs. way, tbe orde:r of tbe Rtsill;g •SiliJ?. '(f!]!b~ · ~\ · · ·~ . ElY, Beacll, Adrlanee,\ Smi-th, otter, Thir-d .01-a-ss. MRS. J,' w. ~-N~- . . Williams, Frornswor.th, Searle, 11.nd Upon W. R. BakerJ :ass1sj;a)~••f.<i'·t~l~~~;:~ WARSA. W, Ind.,--;r~-~5.:._;,.. Mrl!; Cr'andall and .Secret:ary D.r. l\I. J. tpresi\ient of. tlhe Oanad:i,•an J. Wilbu·r Chap-n:t-aiD; s9 yefiV~~bcf ~. Lew.is. reiiroad, ·the order of th~.~;ac:t€il'1if~~ wife .of ·a I'r.esbytel'ia'!l,~V~wiells!q-~ Or·mmissioner Dra>per addressed tbe lire, of the Third Ciass. - .of blood' poisolling .tlij\ 'l.W'? board relative to .it,s funcliolllS and Upon David Pottinger/.~n¢1~ weeks ;!gO one ~f -ha(1eg:S._;-~~:,.~ the theory of the le~lS)Ill'ture in paSIS· •ager of the Inter-Oolonia1·:r.a'Jfltp~ tated. The body w!U\·be..'~·~e ing .the new llliW and Dr. ROgers out- order of the ruking Sun, e~ bany, N. Y., her ,.'fi~~er-. :jl!Om'~'\' ~ ~lJ:le'li the me~OO.~ of procedure in oiass. . burin-1; ... . __ .. _ , _ ., 'k-eeping vi\i~b- the departme~>tal rules 1 Upon H. R. (l},,.;oJ,tnn r.•iL·flh~•:.r.!l!'!i: an,d regulations. -The new ·bot~rd ef- Trtlnk R·a~lway, f{ll}ted' a prelimin<ary O'('ganlization ·by red Treasure, of the si:xt;!i':>(~loj ·the eleetiou ·of the >folloowi!lg: Presi- P·rince Fushlmi pE~rJ;;,onl~.t11;y\:lt\l de~t, ·ru. w: W. Potte'r uf Buffalo; :Mr. Baker 'with the ordeJ;. \l~~~~ 'iW&•-'bl:n:tlll·l vice pt:esidoo•t, Dr. W. S. Searle, Brook- red. TI'easu.re; at Government ... ·~ Jyn; • quMt-ion ·.<!ommtttee, ~Drs. L. H. last! nig:ht. · ., bnrtt:A, 'Buffalo·;· w. W. PQttet•, B!;J.ffa- •· -- •. · ~ lo.; F, w. A.l:lrran_ee, E!ilhra; R. H. 'Wil- -il~mS; Rruifiet~tel'. · .:WILL ~ERMIT FIG)JX •... · ~- . _,_ ,~- }- ..-- -:; -----. '''~'\£ 25. - Sir J-ohn New Zealand, is UelliQ,., in 1S24. : ~ I for t:be new internreta:tion of motive on the part of the chief actor, or as the defense claims, the puppet wbich pl-ayed the priooipal par•t in J.liiMlY tragedies and surrmg events be- tween the year 1899 when -the 'trou- bles in the Couer d' Alenes reached their hei.ght, and the clol<!e of 1905, when former Governor 8-teunenberg Wa£ assallsinatcd, followed by't•he ar- rest and confession of Orchard rend th arrest of Haywood, Moyer and :E'ettibone, early in 1906. Darrow's development of the matfve tile d,e- fense a.ttri·bute to Orchard and hiS' explanatioa of >the cir-cumstances on 'Which thA sta.te of Id19.•ho bases its cla!m that he is guilty in common with Pettibone and Moyer of a con- spiracy to murder the leaders in the fight against the methods of theWes· tern Federation of Miner~;~, opens a. field for coitjectur.e. The defense elalim they wlll, tfirougb their wit· aeaees, be able to completely con- VICTORIA, June 2!5.-The Jap-an- ese champion ,wl'estler, Tanyemen Jichl$\e. known as. Hitlelhlya.mi, who weigh~! over 350 pounds;' Is coming to A'J!lerJ.ca. 11?;. 0 Au~ust, .J~LCcompli.ni~d -by some flamous wt'e&tlers -. ana . jul jtt&U>. ex.Derta. BIG FIRE IN tr'l1l0A.:. ·; are( itt· !fOl'(le Ol' .l.nilll', ~ ~~~~en.- -..;.....-~ ~ ,; ; ·\ _ ' a>Ct~- tn · etther of tbet~o oo1m;~es;'-' :nr'\'\' 'hiuuh'Erd. UTICA., June 25. ...-. ·-.w~·~ vf,n.t at .and Jtbnt commlasimrer.S 'Should •be r::!,~f:fJ~~==~ ·. Ttmll'(>mrY a_ssigllment of top1cs was •. . m;a. ~,,as folloWs:.· . . . . l SA...~ FRA..\'WISCO Jl~~~~r~=mi~~~~ ial'l~,>~nn1W.. f~·i:J!~· .w. S. --~, ·R.oclles.ter. board of su:vervlsors i · ;a:ygi~~- -· t~an.i£attqri:; Dr. E. per_mtt for the Brit1;·'~.~1ffi.m_ <!o~i$t::<\ ~;1eJ:t; ,Glll~~:ville;{ ., · ':•( .; :. _ . ?n :t,.he nigl:l.\ a! July 3. · ,~--?, .. ~, __,-. . ~... . . . - . \ . . . . . ~-\... \ • 7 ' .. , \ .. : • :r ~ tlbe Utica Drop Forge 1m1l'1,ool.·~'' tti j.Oll.lifornia , by .. tbi!;'J' ,Tokio ;..'Ul!iJ-1::9DiilllE1tt111cetne~~t)i~ pany wa.s destroYed bY, ~~·~~~·-m-e~tLm m~t~.!Ule-.ma:tte.r on'~\ .~·~ii~:il:·:t~btt~ q ~ta-iling a losii,,; -~\:\.: l',l . .;~ · - · · · ··. • ~~ # ~- ~~.:;..;.~ ... ~~Jo:··, .. .:!i:._ •• ' ' , ' 'r ' • ~ 1 ~:;. '

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