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COLLINS & COMBES PUB. CO Office i i •-tc. J~stown, N.Y. ~\!-· .... , VOLUME XLill. B R 0 AD A L B IN, See No Menaee· in Sailing· ol . ~~~~ American Battleships from the' Atlanuc to the Pacific. LONDON, July 9.--The Daily Miail, in an editorial article on the Japan- ese-American situation, &ays: \Around the immense a;rena of vhe Padfic Ocean the embattled nations of the world a;re gathering as the nai.ions gathered around the Med'i- terranean two thousand yerurs ago. careful observants wi11 universally on this side will not be permanent. Of cou;·se, the flee-t will not come here to tu.rn rou·nd and go r.lght blaJCk again. How long it ·will remain in the Pa<'ific will be det·ermined at the proper time. \There is no sound reason or ex- cul!le for all this tallr by the pu·blk and throug'h the press of an' a:t.tempt to overawe the Japanese by a · w-ar- HJ~e naval display. I do not be1ieye CHIEF ,. .. - f N E iW :., Y 0 R K., THURSDAY .·. CHA:RA:CTERS\.' JN THE TRIALi .·: ANIJ\. ·.' -~ ' · . .' .. ·.:!.1/' . ~ CONV.-IC1HON 'OF. SAN FRAJiTCISCO i • : \ : ' J <~;' ., . ' ' ' 1. ;:-- •• ... ~. · .. • MAYOR . , I I ! ' the th'at the newspapers are jus:tified or be right in 30 construing and coloring vast the cruise of warshti!)s to the Pacific. · \Every year the Atl'antlrc fleet 'ha;s been sent on. a cruise. l.ia.slt year it \Wa1· between J·rupan and America agree that the great -even,ts of ~ twentieth centur-y, probably will . ·, I occupied with the rim of ·this saucer. was ·sent to Guantanamo. T·his year is almost unthinkable. We believe . . it Will go to the Pacific. The long the. mtent10ns of the S'tlatoomen of orui's - 11 • t\ h . e Wl · giVe .,e men and t e ves- both counu1es are profoundly palcific, I sel th h t d · - . . 1 s a oroug est, ran Improve ana that the mc1dents at San Fran- the ffi · f b th \ e 1c1encv o '>\ • cisco are not resporu;ible for the · movement of the American fieet. YAMAMO'rA'S VISIT. DELllYS AOKI'S OUTING. \J'·apan commenced the w= wilth Russi-a without previous decl.ara:tion, I by destroying half of the Russian• fleet. Such a move was very efl'ec- W ASHIXGTOX, July ll. - Viscount tive the first time it w:as p-erformed, Aoki, -the Japanese ambassad-or, has and hencef·or'th no n'aition wil1 wait for ·been deferring 'his depanture from this a for~,n1 declara,tion of war, but will city for his summer vacation i-n anti- be ready to strike while there is yet cipation of the·· arrival pf Admiral no sign of a diplomatic rupture. Yamamota, who is expected to reach \Th-e cautious and wise_ statesmen j Kew_ York so~n from Europe. The direoting American policy are no1t ! ~dmiral, who 1s one of the four offi- viol atin.e; prudence in deciding to con-~- cers uf_ t!he Ja.~anese navy holding thart centrate their forces in the region rank. IS on his way 'home -to- Japan, where the eye ca!n detect the menace I but will spend so~e time in the UI~ited: of the obscure horizon.\ States before sallmg f.rom San ] ran- cisco or Seattle. His visit to this JAPAXESE CA ... ~ SEE NO ' MEXA.CE IX l\IOVE:\IE:..\iT. ·Country, howeve-r. is an entirely un- official one. although i't is exp~cted he will be shown some courtesies by the TOKIO. July9.-'I'he Asah'i pub- g?':ern.ment aut-h?rities, including a Iishes an intervie.w with an ·infiuen- ·I VI>Ht ,:o the rresid~n.t at ?~ster ~ay. tial Japanese nraval expert, who says: He ~' 111 be met on h1s arn' a! at ?\ ew \It would be improper to infel!\ a York by a representa•tive of t<he Ja-p- d~T(lonstration in the transfer of the anese go'l'e'l'llment. The admi·ral is ac- Ameri-can fleet to the Pacific This 1 companied, by sev.eral ~apanese offi- movernen<t is part of a pre~a·rmmged cers. An opportumty Will be at'fm·de<l plan, and is ~ result of the constant the visitor~ to go . through some of growth of the American navy, and ·the 'big manufacturing and shipbuild- the increasinl;!; importance of the Pa- ing establishments if tbey care to -do cific inte 1 ·ests from the st!'ait!gi•()al 1 so. as it ·has been unofficially stated point of view. No significance need I this was one of the purposes of the be aJitaehed until at !Hast thirty ships b\·ief stay in the United States. Ad- have been tr•ansferred to the Placific. mira! Ya-mamota was one of the suite I At>'D.HAM \R.UcF CoiJIU£SIIf 010 COL~\ e:RS \N1!.&..11:.LY • CROWD CHffRS,AT SCHMITZ SfNTfNCf Judge Dunqe Score(Rrisone'~ ·and Reprimands His Coun- · sel. 'Vho Retorts With Warmth. ' ~i:~·t!t~~Yi~~::Useitfy~h~~~nfidence I ROCKfD Tnf· BG.Al ·. BA7)l}~~P~~:::T: ELKS. Attorney l\!letson interposed: \We 1 . · ,' · • ·. · · · · ' -___)- ~;:tuhr:~~ to\;~ not to be 1 THR(t DROWNfD A~!!~~~~!!~:~:!·•th:u~v~ d-e- Judge ThrE'a.ten<;; Fll-hmitz's Counsel- · · · 1 .. ' • ; Captain Edwin C. Pendle- \Mr. Metson,'' said Jud·g~ Dunne •cQPJ.'lt1¥1:Uc~arlt,of 1Jhe League Island tllfi•t rt:he 'bat- Kansa.s bft ov-. re]JalJ~tied, -anif'·.iJ&iei'Wise warmly, ·'if you in•terrupt these pro- . ceedings .agam I will send you to jail. 4 Yo1 1 wo~:ld be in fP.r better business I Seven 1\;len Throwr1: Into the if yoa w,e!! her~ b~giug;,fo.~.~ .day Hudson Ri;ver Through the put in coridiUon·.1.qr the participation ln-t!lre '!!n11·Ua'1' xMinion ¢ 11:ihe Elks here 1n court to an..sw® the c:lm.rl':e t<h.rut · ' yor:. willfully ··and imp·roperly at- Recklessness of Boister- ne:l>'t week. The lblg wars:htps will be tempted to tnmJ.Jer w~th a juror in an-chored in the Dela'Ware river at a this ce.se.\ ous Sailors. p-oint near ·the center of the city all \I am i'eaidy,\ responded :Metson,, of next week rfor the inSipection of <the · • J \to answer now. or at any time., any Y'isiting El·ks. Prep_ara·tions are being ·•harge that ma.y be lod-ged against made at the na-vy yard for t'he great •• SAN FRANCISCO, July'~.:._Mayor Schmitz to~day was sentenced tq five yen rs' imr>risonment. The passing of sentence upon the convicvted mayor wa.s accomp,anied by 1a moSJt remarkai.Jle demons>tj;ation. As the la,<~t words fell from the lip3 of the judge the great crowd that had stood throughout the· dramatic scene, sent u·n a Lhnnderous cheer. Men-threw their hats in the air, others C'limbed upon chairs and the greatest confusion pn>v~ail<;ld. Cou)# sel for Schmitz protested rund ~ppe:ot-1- ed to the court immedi.ate·l·y to !.mt a :ne. I take exception to the remarks NEW YORK, Jul:lf ~- -- Three mem- number of persons th;rut are expected 1f the court a-ddresoed to t.tle defend- 1 hers of the <erew of the s~eam yacht· to visit the naval station next week. :tnt and to the 1mproper and unc;rll- Yacona, bel-onging to Henry Clay ~d for insinuation of the court against myself.\ • · To this .Judge Dunne made no Peixce, of St. Louis 1 were dr.ow>11.ed in fue Hudsop river e,arly today, when a small yawl carryi~ Sis of ·;t>he Ya- ,Jly. Turning to Schmitz, he 1 umed: ~ona's crew, and a .'dock m·an, was WO'i\IAN 'J'.IDRR4:)RIST TO Dm. MOSCOW, July 9. - l\lme. From- kino who in Mar{!h !last, attempted to as~.assin'llte <General Rhein•bot, the· ex- p:;cfect of police, and w'ho, M·ay 13, made an attempt to murder lthe in- spector of the political prison here, wounding :him with a pistol, . which \You were elected to DOsition oe- , -capsized by a saiior who r&eked t!ie eause of thP. great confidence and boat. Four of H1e pa,~cy 'll(!l're picked crust imposed in you by the peo•ple. up by a passing tug: - No traces Jla,·e· You ·have by your winful criminal 'be~n discovered od' ·it:lie three ·missing :·:>t. so a jury oll' your fellow-citizens men, and t1Ie pollee are · conyinced h·ave declared, broken that confi- ·!Jhat they are drown·etl. They ·are: \lence ~n dbetrayed that trust.\ RUDOLP:EJ JOHNSON, FRED ERICKSON'; had been' mysteriously smuggled into ·her >eell, was rl:oday senten-ce'd to death. . '~ . ' The Asa;hi also published an edi- torial article setting forth the sa,me ·of Prince Fushimi on ·his visit to King E:dward. ~top to this mo&t unseemly occur- renee. VICt -PRfSIDtNT RISKS Lift SAVING H~R~J.AX VON ~OR•SE_N - . 1 T'he Ya·corna c-am~'- iti>to pol:'t yester- ! OONAN DOYJ~E IS TO BE 1\IARRIED IN SEP1'EMBER. views. lt re:,;rets the Ameri'()an fleet cannot visit Japan in order to enwble Japan to rea;>sert her sinceri~y and reciprocate the naval hos·pitlity ex- tended to the visiting Ja.pan.sse war- ships at JameSJtown. The paper also urges the abrogation of Al't'icle 11, of th<e existing commerci-al treruty, in order to .vnt an end to the cause of the anti-Japanese feeling in San Francisco. Almost all the newspa- pers treat the matter with calmness, finding it natural fOr!' the United State:; to re-di~tribute its naval forc- es as a result of its imperial policy. They generally express regret th•at it will be impossible fQr Japan to ~xtend hospitality to the Americ,.n officers in return for that shown the Japanese officers at Jamestown. SECRETARY METCALF SAYS THEitE IS 1\'0 W A.R IN SIGHT. OAKLAND, Cal., July 9.- Secre- tary of the Navy, Metcalf deprecates the warlike -aspect that· hills been given the order for 't'he (;ruise 'of the grea.t ba1Jtleshi'P squadron from the A tlan.Uc to the Pacific coa;s;t. The secretary said last night <bhat the pro- posed movement was that of a prac- Uce cruise, and that .the fleet would not be ~ept in the Pa:cific :permanent- ly. He declared that the length of time th~,t the fleet w.ould··remoain on, :tbe west·ern sil\B of the continent had not yet been definitely decided. . W!t:h considel',!l-ble emphruois the ·secreta.ry- voiced his O!linion that the warH!,;e interpretation tha.t h>Ml,'!Yeen made in connection with 'the fleet's moven1ent was not justified by- the fa.cts. HP. said: \Th'l fleet which will bA moved from the Atlan1lc to the Pa.ciftc this winter is coming to this side merely ' . on a pra:etice cruise, The fleet wUI / . consist of eixteeo or more vessels, not more than twenty, a.nd it& sta;y JAP BONDS LOWER. BERLIX. Prices on the Bourse to- day '\\·ere weaker upon the :1\ew Yol'k ad vices and the fall in Japanese •bond·s reported from London. In tMs market Japan~se 'bonds were sharply de1lres- sed. PRESTilENT OY :FRANCE WILIJ TA!i:E LONG TOUR. PARIS, July 9.-·The plan ·for ·Pre~ident · Fallieries: trip abroad Pext year will be mu-ch sive than one which was a~'a.I!;d:C)llled owing to the. inlerior FT'Ia:nce. ... ·' · •; · .... He will ·be ¥rst thl;! gu~t d_t'rung Edward and then. wilfv!Sif'~fii« Ha.- akon, of Norway,' Kiiig.' ·,~~~r-Ick, of Denmark, a·n:d King . ·o~cra:r; of Sweden. •and may continue hi.s jour- ney £o St. Petersburg, and visi:t E!ll- peror Nichol-as, but this has not yet been definitely decided upon. r ----- \. In .passing sentence on tlie Mayor: Jh-dge DnnnP. osid in.' !)art: · .. _ · · •. \Eugene E. Schmitz you have here- . ' ~. I day after a weelt's>ernise tn Long Is-1 A GIRL I land s-ound, and Captain -!I:IcDonnough ! ga ,.e se'l'eral of the crew ·l!hore'Jeav~. Sixiof the Yacona's'erew •came.dQ<wn to tJ:te 1-and~ng a.t \Ei.ghty·sixt'ir stJ:eet ''Buttermilk Charlie'' Fair- early 1 today, afteor lllq_ all ntght fi·ol1c, 1 and paile<l the Yaoo11a ·for a• laun~. T-he1ie. was no answer 'fro'Ul thi!' y:;r¢ht and iu 1Jheir anxlety.-.'fo ¥et.aboo~'-the .sailors induced Gus -A.ppfema'n, .a doCk- man, to take th€'ID' :9ut 'l:o the- yaeht. banks Shows How He Can be a Hero~ if Necessary. CHICAGO, July 9. - A dispateh to the Record-Herald from Yellows•tone P.ark ·saysrthat Yice President Fair- hanks on Sunday r-isked his life to , T<he dockman wanted -to .. party and make t~~ 2 tJ;iP~: birt';i.,gailrisl: his warnings all ·.,.,.,,.. _ yawl .and i!Ii!f'JJ;tea$.:\-j~l@i:-. Severaf man ~ers meuts 'cl'aft. t-he Ya<wna. yawl a viol~n'IY!\ ltiOOl~;:lep:~c;·~W,~ft_:.1 sized, thrmving ;water. sailot·s. special di-sprubch to the St!n from London, says: -S-ir Arthur Con<a'n Doyle. the novelist, and :VI-iss Jean Leelde wiH be married in September.· • tofore occupied the hoighe·st office . which the city of San ~-Fran~sco ·.~i!n ST. P.ETIDRSBURG, July 9 .. - An confer on one of its' '•cf.tj~ns. • '.Y9U. OLIPPING DU.lfA'S WINGS. sav.e )!iss :i~ena \Valters, a waitress at the Pai'k 1;_!otel. While sitting on the hotel veran1'la the dee president he::trd rscreams from the lake. • Seeing tbi y·911.ng woman struggling in tlle -water, :.\Ir. i<'airbanks ran 'Uo the shore. He rusl,J.ed p~st two men oiL the pier wHh mpi).ths . agap in a1a-r.m~ W•hen ··the. Yice pres]dent leaped ill'to .1:11--e wa,ter and ma.de--for the girl, one of the men followed. The men d.!Jagged the un- cons:cious' ~~ •to !Shore a·fiter _ ,hard work. ' ¥any pel'sons wng,.·a:tulated t'he 'l-ice presiden-f on :his eour.age dur-· ing rthe dray. a tug wl1kh had ''b e~i~·1J£tl:'!).; shouts <~f the Sir Ar·thur Conan Doyle is a bac'he- . , lor. He is 4!! yeats old~ ·-- FltOlU ~~ EXPltF.SS enJargemen't -of, the imperial pr•er•OO:Ia-1 were eleV91ted t'o .that ., ', ibe~· tive was annoull'Ced today in a cause of thfl · · · .· . boa·rd ll:he Yacol).a; if· l~'tit11'i! t!h~i\Criea ir)' distre!!li!J- ·th<rew a_ nowe,r!Ill ~~~~el*1$!ihi KIJ~LS A TRACii-WAUiE~. Jon of the council of ministers to add the frontiel' guards to vJ;le ar~ and . navy as .being a f.orce : ibeyood dlhe competence of ·p-arUament to inter- ferE' with. 1-tUSSIA BUILDS NAVY. ST PETERSBURG,- July 9.- The council ot mi.nlr:ster.s has a,uthoriz~d an annu-al ·e~nditure of $15,600,- 1)00 from 1908 to 1911 tor the.con- ;;truotion of new waN!bips •a.njl thei:r arm·amentf?. - :· . -:U<rs. M-ary Fonda· is v1&tt!w{ at Lake ~eorge aDd Saratoga. _ L 6-ver the water BY HER' 1\IOTHER'S PIE. search for the thr~el-¢ii!I~:Ug;·~;iP~li{ ·BINGHAMTON, J<Uiy 0. - Yester- --- No traee~ of 'th9-pt\'cgil day afretn()on as 'the'·Btad.: Diamond HAGERJS'l.'OWN, Md., July 9. ered. ';l.'he Po-lice.~~~ ,\,~·~~·~·~!ii~U:;'::· e!l\:press eastbound, on the IA'!high the room, ''to Miss Josephine Eavey, the daughter of river without reSii:IW; ·.: , . . . 2 , ·' -v~llley ra~loo.iul, -was ·pa·ssing Ulster, a your bands, •rund Samuel Eavey w·as rthe v-Ictilm of a H-enry Cl'IIY Pi~~\l!il, ,1jhe, ;owillei\ ·or I.Jne<ce,JYI coal feU from ·the .ta·:i:l!k, strik- b)' a leett~·re w.hle'h the, :pecullru: accjdim.t fJillrt will ·!Jlillr Iller 1lhe ~::~.cona, is c-'llla.~~·pJ.'\.\t~~~\.d in'g TrackWalker Russell Spttrks ' on can :repeat) 11 1 _ prin-t.\. . beali•ty for life\ ?f 1:1I!~ Waters-Pi~ ;(iitf eo~;{(¥'~'.~f the head. • A't this there was a; bufl'S: of- . WllliJe she was heipipg her mot>hee l\flSSQUTi · · · , ·.~ ·> < ' ... ai\ skull \Wl!!s f-ractured and menta-rid sliifttng of feet · · it<~ makeoe;nstard ;pies,Mfss.Eavey f{l:init- .' ' ... ,. .· )· ·, , died in nwnty ··minures at tbe'Faeker floor and . an eager, f'o1&~ 1 1iM:, 1 E~1jll1,q .fell w~th. ;her .face· in a p1e fuat lirospital at SliYI'e. ··, · by lthe' crowd that.'. · Mr~. ljl'&vey Ilia~ ;Just:;-t!lken ;fr(Jill ()he. from the· eo~nsel -eltll:!'<.-e. · • _. . -' :KIEV, oecu>pied cbah•s. · _.¢hll ' 1W8.$ :Mfht· '!lb!lke qf. {l.ll:rf¢ult\: .l'll,-e.D.l!nne paid _no scl!lQing eontent& «· :iltg prepared.; .:;1!'11~· iD!terr:upt.i®. lherauhill aud· -Mre::. -ttl ~v.e reeour~ ·\You -were ·. · · -~UJ to .ml!ef·, . ' ~·.DJE OF' HEAT. - ' . . - €HlDAGO,, _fjuiy : yeSi:Eira:i.i\:it•Yri1-~t1 I JSSUJID D~ffNSf'_ • j MORf r Depositions of VariOus sons Unable to Attenq~ Haywood T1·ial ed by the .. PrisoileJ Lawt_ers. BOISE, Idaho,·. July 9 .. ,_;;. ing of the depositli.ons tall~'en l!'rancisco in connedtioai <W•Illi'hr ·'1ti plusion at the· residence of ... ,~=·· ley, whom Orchru:d 'SWearS- attempted to assassinoate, c~=hl~t day, as on-e of lj:>he closing 1fue side of <tlhe defense in tlia William D. Haywood ,:accu~ed ! . murder of Frank Steunenlbet.g. By t'he sta:te the Bradley is looked up'?n as one of the most portan't ,fea·tures of theii case ' port of th~ Ol'ch~rd story. · fense has all along maintaineu · attempt to poison Bradley whole J:touse'ho1d ·and 1fue cexplt)l'!i<)]l.{ mhe 'hou<~e w!h-ich Orcrha-xd says causeq by a bomb placed ~Y ihim ra;.!i:!\I!J a fa,brication. Or0hard say-s was ~ommissioned by Haywood '!;o :to .San Frandso andf klll Bradley; 'had been a conststent enemy tQ o!j~~¥J~ ized labor. He swoce lthait' !he P.:1~/~ poisoned the milk wi'(Jh arseD:i.c, - c\ failing in this, placed a bom:b Bradley's tront droor mat, .,.,.:mhi'·'•i'i string ruttached to the lha01d1e. ..It ;,.,..~~·,;;;-,\ l!X!cording to Oreh>ard, one bomrbs invented by Pettilbone. rtime given by Orchard an occurred at the Bradley house liradley himself was coming fhe bouse smoking a cigar. -Br:al;l:~~ was terri·bly mangled, but ·Shortly after t!he eXJ)_)losiCJI!l- .t:lie ''I!Wll·~~;{f Of ,'Ql!e 'll;oll.S~ su.efu. ~llhe ·· gJiS caJrrip:~]~~i2~ for daanages, and got a jud!gment. ft:i¢:i<i{ cause of an es'cape of g.illS wh~~ .. ~, ~f~~~ daimed, caused the ·explosdon. 'E ley still main1:ains his ·beJief .. .,..~ •• .,... explosion was caused by gills. It is nQit likely now ibh~t Moyer_ go on the stand'before llJomorrow. ·testimony will probably rtlake one· and on Thll'rsday Haywood· will c-alled. His examin.ation will take the ll'emainder of the week, anil state's relbuttal is hardly lOQ..ked _· before next M-oru'llay. 'I'here were few spec'taJtol1S l'iP-\'~'+ courtroom W'~ tl,le tria.l w.!l!lf· sume'd to-d·ay. 'l'he -dillY begu-ti · ·\'·'\\\'\' a continulllnce of the t€Stimony B. ReillY, who lived neair the :S.t\lliCil!i•?: ap1artmeruts. Rel'lly dee1llll'.ed passed the apartment house minutes before the saJW a Japanese servantt nlj~J!I;l~\~~t stoop 1aij!,d vestil.m1e. He lieve ii w.as w.tithin ra.nge . . . bility for a.nyone to have ])l;aie\jj~ bomb th-ere in th:e manner in~~~ by Orcblall'•d in the time wllieh between his ~as.<>ing and the ·~[i!ei~t g the<,explosion. ) · The next de:Dos(tion ta.lten .upo··. ·;w•- thaJt of Mrs. Chm-1.-es as Mrs. Crow, hail betm e~rujl1{;\~i~k the Br.wdle;y;:; as~ co6k. having smelled gas in the n. ~ll.~:'l~f!f:! sevffi'a~ a·ays prior rto the .and had ·called u-p the g;as e61~ to complain of .J..t. l\frs. Crow d~nied al:tso>luitel)Y..,;:t'J she had 1!;'one to th~ -tJh.eaJtre 1·-orclcraicd as h~ lu.d testifiaa:·,; OLD CIDEF GERONJM() TRTES TO TAli~ \VlUU~!'~ _____ f\ OHIGAGO, July 9.-A {lil;i)~(Jt~1ttil the Tribune fl•om Cache, J'b.e old Apa;;he warrior whl>J te-rrorized t·he so•uth-\.ie.W;i§ many yeail'S wi t:h liis btand, while attending at Ca-che un-der parqle . of the Comanche chief ker made !In a1t'tempt >to ·the T:exas panhandle ico. He was Ca'ilt1Ire··CI sev~lr la)te;·. '!\he old w>t.rri6r•'il!'fld,l; the 'trou'bles of the A~~l!,~>;:;;~~i1t zona, who, a;cc9rding. have -Lhre~tened to go .011'-l:ne>'\ pruth, ·The ehief says go with' hJ£; people, ::tttd' fij~l¥\. fig~t. C'HICAG:O, July w$s n\Mle last ni~,t tp home of .John Ci'>ridon~ tr2~~~- .k,:. owner; lf)llider. ' , ~,.., .• be1t-wee~ the

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