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. '{. ... J ,_ . '· ' , I , I OW.iiANS &j CO~ PUB. CO . - \ ' ' , . · . r ·'· '· ISsUEJ1 .EVERY '' ' • ro !'~: Jo~wn. N.Y. ....... . ' ' ' ' ' I ' ' ' ·.· : . .. . . ' / : \ .' ~------~----------------------~------~--------------~~----~--~----------------~-----~~--~\~·~---~~----~~·'------~--------~~~~~ I • ., ·.· .. -. Y 0 R K., 'l'HURSDAY, A UGIT·:S.~ ·8; 19.,7;. VOLUME XLill. B R 0 AD A L B I N, NEW ,· PATIENT LIVED FOR I M~~no:~R •m, .. e..,. YEARS IN BELLEVUE. U . , ·L 1 Aft:, 'Jli. , IN CONStlifiON . JAP DfffNns· FRANcE AND sP.A.iv WILL • t WADSNJDS. J;JIIF .. ,, 1- ~ DO THE si>ANKING ALONE.l 1\ n r .1:' .~~.:·· ' ::., ~ ·, • ; • • • ,' ·, • l't .: ~ P ARIJS,' Aug. 6.:!-· Foreign Mi,;_~er 1 t .... ~ . ~ GfN. STOfSStl NEW YO~K, Aug. 6.-Bellevue ON lHf~ ' . . . . ... CAPT. ISUNODA, WITH NOGI BE· FORE PORT ARTHUR, . SAYS FORTRESS, AS HELD 'EILL ALL hospital Io,st a patient w'ho 'h!a.d 'been there ten years, wlhen Alfred Stew- ard, 25 years old, died Yesterday. Stewar~ went to .the hospital in 1897 suffering from a lesion of 'tlhe spine, and ·his ·Case has been iruteresting one to visiting ,s·urgeons and the internes because they thought tlhey could oure him. Twenty-one house surgeoD,!? were interested ~rut different· ti:Jimes in his c•ase in the t?n ye.ars he was in '., '. ·'1;;,4.1.' ' DIST. ATTY. JERO~, ·~~ . HUNCHAKIST BY·LAWS AND' DISCOVJllRS THAT , sqcmTY Pkh'On and_ 'ithe ·Spanish amh!lflsador here, Senor Leoney · Castillo, ibave agreed on .the terms' of .a .IJ'ranco-.Spallr ish· note, inf<Ol'Illin-g •tlhe powers sig· hatm-y of the Alegdras conYention, in- c1ml!lng the United Sta1te-s, of 1Jhe inten- ' of JJ'rance and Spain to keep with- COMMANDER OF. NATIVE • FORT, AFTER BE I N'G BATTERED • • I ·•, • • ' ' HOPE WAS GON:!ll ' . I ~Express Train Crashed Into a De- railed freight (:ar Before Crew Could Give Warning PARIS, Aug. 6. --Captain Tsun- oda, the Ja.panese military attache here, wh<> w'hile on the s,taff of General Nogi, conducted the \1-egotia- tions for the surrender of· Port Ar- thur, in an open Jetter today, came out in indenf10e of General Stoessel, the defender of the fortres~, {)n the eve of the latter's trial bY courtmar- tial for surrender to the Japanese. The Japanese attache in his letter painted a pitiable picture of the conditions prevailing in the fortress which he was first to enter. All proper food was exhausted, and the 20,000 Russians under arms were, he said, in no condition to fight. The key to the fortress, Captain Tsunoda added, was gone when \203 Metre Hill\ was captured, and the pass was at the mercy of the Jap- anese, February 1, 1905, when they took possession of the summit of Wang Tai. Gen. Stoessel, according to the Japanese officer might have held out for a fortnight longer, but the result would have been an in- evitable massacre in which it would have been difficult to distinguish-- combatants from non-combatants. In Captain Tsunoda said: the institwtion. - PITTSBURG, Pa., .Aug. 6. - .At least six persons are reported .killed and many injured in a wreck on the Buffalo & Allegheny division of the Pennsylvania railroad, near Ford City, Pa.', shortly before noon • to- Johnstown, Pa. The train wrecked was the Oil City Express. - A statement from the company says the accident was due to a freight car on a northbound freight train either breaking down' or jumping the tracks between Kelly station and Ford City. This cr.ip- day. Passenger Train No. left Ford City- at 8: 0 5 pled car got on the southbound 76 which tracks, and, before the engineer of a. m., is No. 76 could bring the train to a said to ha:Ve crashed into a freight stop, it had plunged into the car train. and a smash-up followed. Among the dead is M. B. Irwin, Reports received by the company of Oakmont, Pa. The injured were meagre, but up to 1 o'clock were taken to the hospital at Kit- two were known to be dead and 18 tanning, Pa. Six dead have been injured. .A number of those hurt taken from the' cars and it is be- may have succumbed to their in- lieved others are still under the juries since then. wreck. Amo~g the dead is a worn- - A private telegram reports 14 an supposed _to be Mrs. Huffa, of killed. POLICt CAUGHT H[R ASSAILANT IT ALI AX CAPTURED AFTER A LO~G CHASE; HAD ATTEMPT· ED TO ASSAULT YOUNG WO• l l\!iL'V IX THE STREET. ::\EW YORK, Aug. 6,-An attempt to assa.ult a lone woman early today on a west side street adds another case to the already long list of at- tacks made on women and children here. Adelaide Wildrer, a trained TWENTY-THREE IRON MINE STRIKERS AlUJ ARRESTED. DULUTH, Minn., Aug. 6.-Twen- ty~throo •iron mlnf:,l strikers were rur- rested at Hi•bbing 1 1ast nignt charged with threateni~g to blow up' •an Aus- trian board1ng house. There wws a cla&h between the deputies •and .Uhe men, but all were landed in jail. Two strikers were arreeted at Eveleth, c.harged with ihMmitLmtion. Printed proclamations have :Peen distributed among, t·l;w strilwrs ·at Eleveth by the Western Federation o1> Miners, approving <the proclama-· tion of Governor Johnson, calling for peace, •a.nd commanding obedience to its mandates. To Enforce Card System. CUR( IS fOUND \If others 'forget it, we remember that Port Arthur cost us 60,000 lives by gunfire alone. We dug 40 kilometres of parallels and expended 30,000,000 rounds 6f ammunition. European history chronicles the glorious capitulation of Port .Arth- ur and it is so considered in Japan. That is why the emperor of Japan ordered Gener!l-1 Nogi to treat Gen- eral Stoessel with all the honors due to a gallant soldier. His own coun- try should treat him Iili!'lWise.\ IMPORTANT C'.@NI<'ERENCE - - - ON I<'REIGHT SERVICE. NEW YORK, .Aug. 6.-T11e import- ant cDnd'e.rences now 'being held here b<.'tween representatives of the trunl{ ,· '., fOR MENINGITIS DR. SD:ION FLEXNER OF ROCKEI<'ELJ,ER INST I T U T E F 0 R Ml<}I)IC,\L RESEAROH, DISCOVERS SURE RE..'\:IEDY. CL-EVELAND, Aug. 6.-According to privrute advices received l•ast night by the Cleveland Lewder from New York and OastaUa, 0., the wealth of John D. Rockefelle·r has made pos- sible the cure of lllenin·gitis. J;lr. Simon Flex'ner, New York ad- vi<Ces say, has de,scovered a serum whic-h will cure the heretofore fartal disease. Experiment-s made at Oas- ta:li·a 'have demonstraJted the effi:Cla\Cy of the &ernm. Dr. Flexrier is at th-e l1ead of <bhe Reckefeller l:nstit~rte for Medica'! Re- ~ ' search, in New Yo.rk. :He will return ' · ALLOW$ ASSASSINATIOS in jjl-e· terms of the convention. \ The situa•tion after the Ja!lldiiJ!g of trOO'PS I . lilt Casablanca :wi-11 ·1all'gely detetmine NEW YORK, Aug. 6. - The \Dis- trict Attorney has secm:~d: a coP.'Y ·of the \Fundamental·· Constitutiori and By-Laws of the Reforiiie4; Jlqn:-_ the BUbsepuent measures to be taken by lfTance nnd Spalin'\ who are charged ,w.ith rel;lponsi,biJilty 1lor the securtty of I_ \' • ' chakist Revoltttionary- SocietY!'\ .As- sistant E>istrict .Attorney Manl~ has had the document 'tranalate_d..,;...'it is prin~d in .Armenian~and finds it interesting reading. By the regulations of the constitu- tion every member of the organi:za.• tion must take an oath' to -'pl)ey the constitution and bY·lJtws, .. and the constitution states plainlY 'that the. general assembly and va,r.i~us cen- tral committees have a rig;ht to condem!J. persons to deatb: and car- ry out the punishment. The little document J$ bound in red and on the cover is the seal of the Reformed Hunchakists. that is a flag, two daggers, a hammer and shattered fetters and cha;ins. The preamble states that the constUu-' tion and by laws were adopted in 1903 and amended at· the general convention held in Cairo last year. This is interesting as bearing upon present investigations for the rea- son that Martoogesian and other terrorist members' of the regular Hunchakist society were expelled in 19 0 3 and formed the Reformed Hunchakist lf(>Ciety. It was in this year, and following the genral con- vention of the \reformed\ at Cairo, that the president of the original Hunchakist was tracked to London rend slain. About the same time a regular Hunchakist was killed in Boston and anotnerl was followed from this country and killed, after being frightfully tortured, in Odes- sa. Many members of the original Hunchakist organization were slain in 1903 and in the subsequent years. The idea of the original Hucha- ki:JL was to look a.fte~ tne needy in Armenia and to resist Turkish op- pression. The original .hunchakist was formed in 1887, following the Armenian massacres of the year 11revious. But the \reformed\ gang come right out in their constitution and talk of .-murder as an ordinary matter. Moroccan ports. No outside power is eXJPMted to co-operrute 'Wi1Jh the .-reports ·that British Oil\ Germnn WlaTships m:e on their :way to Morocco. MADRID • .Aug. 6.-'.Illi-e ga1'l'i:&tm of Algeciras !!lear Gibraltar has been oo;dered to be placed on -a warlooting with the view of sending troops from there to i\Iorocc6. fXPLOSION WITNfSS STRANGU Y MISSING Henry Francis Lynch, Marine, Said to Have Fallen Overboard in · the North River NEW YORK, .Aug. 6. - Henry Francis Lynch, a marine of the bat- tleship Georgia, lying at anchor to- day in the North river, is strangely missing from his ship. The sh'ip's officers_ say Lynch toppled ,over the side of the ship while handling a light on Saturday night. Daniel Lynch, father of the missing or drowned sailor, believes that his son, who was to have been a witness in the investigation of 'the explosion in the gun turret on the Georgia, has met with foul play. Claptain McCrea, of the Georg;ia, made public today the official re- port of Lieutenant Commander l\U~fleS, in ,Wh~cll it was shown that :J,;yncn WJI;s :P:~9:1l~P d:~;owned, and' · tJ+at he eame to his death by' acci- dentally 'falling overboard. The report' state~:\ that when the' cry of \man overboard\ was raised, -boats from the Georgia and passing steamers were lowered and a thor- ough search made. No trace of the drowning man could be found. OLEVEI1AND MOB HAD NEABlN J,YNCHED A MAN. nurse, .fought )ler · ass'aJilant 'With a hatpin and finally routed lhim. · Miss 'Wiilder's screa,ms brought the police, who pursued the man to Central ' park, wlhere he was brought to 't>ay lines associa.tion of ['ailr>Oads -and t!he t:rons-Ailantic srreamsihip conference, in which shippers are taking a limited part, for the diSJCms•sion of the genernl question of .uhe desp-atch of freight, i,s said to a·lready :have brought about a from Europe in a few days, and is better understanding and may t•esult then expected to announce his.discov- , I ill an agreement. ery t'hrough the prope<r medical ch!a:n- .Art,icle 63 of the constitution says \the central committee by unani- mous vote can condemn any member to death, being responsible te the general committee,\ and then goes SOME, BEGS FRENCH ADMIB- - - AL'S PARDON FOR BEGINNING IT TANGIER, Aug. 6. - The Fre.nch cruiser Galilee was born barding· the Moorish quart,_er of Casablanca and the neighborhood of the city when' the last steamer which has just ar~ rived, left that pO!'t. The Kayby,les attacked Casablanca and t}le M()()1':7 ish authorities applied to the -C!J'thi. mander of the Galilee for assistance. He thereupon landed sixty men and a Spanish cruiser landed forty. This landing party was fired upon by the Kabyles and seven Frenchmen, in- cluding an officer- were 'wounded. The combined Franco-Spanish f-orce thereupon cleared the city of hostile tribesmen, guard-s were placed about the foreign consulates, and then the Galilee opened fire with her big guns on the rebels. LONDON, . .Aug. 6. - A special dispatch received here from Tangier today describing the bombardment of Casablanca says· that the French cruiser Du Chay!a, and the Spanish 1 gunboat Don Alvaro de Bawn par~ ticipated with the Galilee in the bombardment of the villages sur- rounding Casablanca, which were destroyed by the fire of the war- ships. During the bombardment large reinforcements of tribfl~til.en came up and many of them ,: were killed or wounded. The Casablanca battery joined in 'the firing on the foreign warships, whereupon the guns of the French and Spanish cruisers were turned on the battcery . which soon caused the Moqrish commander to send a messenger to the French admir~l ~equesting: hl~ pardon. , This was reful!ed, and· the admiral sent a pereii:tptory order to the Moorish commander t~ su~ren­ der himself to the French con:;;ul. TANGIER, Morocco, Aug. 6. -A column of troops from Alcaz;tr is marching in the direction o'f Fah~ to co-operate with the forces of Caid'. Bagdani, who is seeking to effe.Qt the capture of Raisuli, the captcfr of General Sir Harry MacLean. ORAN, Algeria, Aug. 6. -' The{ I French armored cruisers Gloire, with a fusillade of 'bullets from the revolvers of the oJficers. T'he man said he was Pietro· Daur- io, an Italian peddler. , . COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., A.ug. 6.--Hereaftm· .the card system will be rigidly enforced aga.lnst the West- ern Federation of Miners in the Crip- ple Creek region. This was decided at a meeting of the mine o'W1lers as- sociation held in ·this city yesterday. ' --------- DESPONDENT BROKER in llheiT history rtbe roa·ilroads have 'M:uch of the •credit for t·he su-ccess- 1 on to set forth that the general made a direct ]J<l\o.pooi:bion to es·1ffi.blisJil j fu·l use of tJhe serum will ~all upon a committee can condemn to death freight zones with a . 1ten1ta·tive Olevelan.d man. Dr. George T. Ladd, without stating that that body is '' a,ureement to deliver freigh.t to ·::s-ew connected with the Lakesid·e HoS[>i-. responsible to anybody. lt is learned t>hat for the first time I'\'\''\' CLEJVELAXD, Ohio, Aug.\6.-An- gry men and women i:Jll'eatened to lynCh Walter ~i<:Cracken, a eaT·penter, on Carneg·ie avenue, SoutJheaGt, who, late last eYening, approached with in~ suits, uwo little g-irls. As a 'hatf dozen men held -;\!<:Crack- en to 'the ground and were beating l,lim witlh whips and kick,ing him with >Ulleir feet, otihers were searching for a l'ope. Jeanne D'Arc, Conde, and Gueydan, today, embarked detachments\ ol: artillery. and the foreign legion 1 • and a battalion of sharpshooters, and sailed for Morocco. ALGIERS, Algeria, Aug, 6. The police are searcthing'for an un- known man who attempted to as- sault thirteen year old S'aldie Momah in a hallway of •a.n office building to- day. •fhe asoou1t occurred in Green street, thro-ugh whi.ch scores of per- c sons were passing. The g<ii•l's Msail- ' York from each of these zones within ta:l and Western Reserve Medical SHOOTS HJMSflf a given time--say ten d<ays from Buf- College, CJhecked •an epidemlie of tile f.alo, twenty from Chiewgo, and thiDty disease in· CC!1>tarria, 0., 'rast spring. from Minneapoli,s. Since then p•hysici-ans tlhere and D-r. Member of New' York Stock Ex- A member of the Prolluce Exchange Ladd have been in almos.t co~stant Commi'bte sa1d Ull:less an agreement on communication with Dr. Flexner, change unde1; Suspension, Kills Himself BRITISH fXPfDITION TRrAT~D AS A IOKr Tlie attiv.al {)f tlhe police undoubted- ly saYed :11c0racken's life. CATHOLIC FORES'JIERS The French transport Nive sailed from here today for Morocco, with detachments of sharpshooters, light cavalry and Spahis on board. GERMANS DEPEND' ON FRANCE FOR PROTECTION ant ma,de his escape. The girt was stan(\ing on the side1Valk when a man s-eized her an'd forced her dnto tb:e hallway of a building. Her screa.ms frightened the man, a,nd he r:a;n. Several perso'ns pursued the man, but he made his escape. The girl was not h,_rmed. The police have a cl:ue which they· believe will result in an arrest. I the question of \reasonwble disvatch\ who haJS been watching the e~peri­ l was •rea•ehed d•1ring the conferences, ments. The results there were re- NEW YORK, Aug. 6. __ William t:be •whole que&tion wourd be. taken be- have been affected in three cases. s . .Alley, a member of the New York fore the inter-state commerce com- Cure of Thre CllSes- EJaptain Young Landed On The R{)yal And Waved His Flag ·was Invited To St~!-Y· Isle And l\Jl<>ET IN ST. PAUL BERLIN, Aug. 6. - A special - ____ dispatch received here fro~ Tan- S'!'. PAUL, Aug. 6.-)l()l['e ·thllln t:wo gier, today says that the -German lmndll'ed delegates were present at ·~he _charge d'affair,es at Tangier calied opening sessdon of the eighteenth an- .the attention of the Frenc]l charge nuai conrention of tlhe OailhoHc In- d'affaires to the dangerous positipn- ternational Order of For:re!jtel\S W'bic!JJ. of foreigners at · Mazagan, on · th~ began here .today. west coast of Morocco, and that .,the Stock Exchange, committed suicide mission. Nineteen persons caught disease in Oa;stalia. Th.ree were subjected at the. Larchmont Yacht club last to ordinary fever .trea'tmen·t wih.'en ,DISPUTE PEACEABLY. they exhibited thejftrst symptoms. As night by shooting. He died while MAY SETTLE STATES RIGHTS . CHICAGO, Aug. 6.-A s-peciaL to the TRIBUNE from . PoTt Arthur, Ont., says:- being removed to the hospital. Mr. Alley had been a member of the ex- \ change since, 1878. BROTHERS STILL HELD IN DAYTON• MURDER MYSTERY Mr .. Alley shot himself while in his room at the club. The sound of the shot caused much alarm among ,the diners on the piazza. Club mem- DA YTON. Ohio, Aug. 6. - A bers broke into Mr. Alley's room score of police officials, ·deputy sher· and found the broker lying on the iffs, and detectives were here today, I bed with a bullet wound in his head. seeking desperately for the man Mr., Alley was placed in an ambu- :who outraged and murdered Anna ; lance, but ,died before the hospital Markowitz SundaY evening, after was reached. having shot and fatally wounded Mr. Alley had been under suspen- her escort, .Abe Gordon, or Cohan. sion from the stock exchangy for Clues so fare have proved without almost a year, an:d since tha~ has result. The two brothers of · the. con'fined his operations· to the curb dead girl, who' admitted disliking market. He left 'l}o word as to the Cohan and following the couple for cause of his act, which, his frienda a time Sunday evening, were taken believe, wa's caused by despondency to tbe ho;>~ital where Cohan died, ,over his financial troubles. He was but he could not \identify them. 55 years old. They stoutly maintain- their inno- cence of the crime, and the officials generally accept their story,. sin~e the autopsy on the body of Anna ' Markowitz, performed last night. REFUSE DEMAND OF STRIKERS. i\IONTGOliERY, Al111., Aug 6.-The outlook for .a •probable settlement ,d'ay of the con.h,o\·ersy between the Southern ·railway and the state is good. Yke-President E. L. Russell, of the :i\Iobile & Obio railroad, represent- .ing Pres-id~nt Finley, of the''Southern, is in conference w.f.th GoYernw Comer. CY Two plan•s, it ;js said, we~e :~uggest- ed, one that .tJhe railroad be allowed to withdraw ,the suit taken to t'i'ie' 'federal court, ·and the other th'!lt '-a test ca\Se tie made, and both abide· ,bY'~tllie de- cision. CHAI'LAIN HARRY JONES D:Ei\lAl'<iDS T:Q.IAL ·BY.·JURY soon a£ it beea'mo evident 'th,a.t the attack was generaJ the physicians of the'viHruge sent out an a<ppeal for help. Dr .. Ladd h!ad been a cl'Ose stu- dent of 1Jhe experiments of Dr. Flex- ner, ·and sent for the serum. jW'hen it came he went to Cast-aHa and av- plied}i:t in three case:r-'-that of a man twenty-three years o1d, 'W girl of six- teen and ·a boy of ei~lit. The girl',s case was one of the worst in the Ust. Not one of ~the., three cases in whidh the serum h:td !been used w·as lost. AU the patients are now :re- covering. ALL RAII~AD.S :TO OBEY NORTH CABOLINA RATE LAW. 1;he Briticll flag is not flying over t'he Isle RoY'al yet. OaptaJn S. C. Young 1 11he Oanadian otncer, woo Slail- ed from thi.s p01«t to 11Jhse the Bri tls.h flag over the Island .in Lake Sntlerior ' ' returned Monday. It is not ,peHevecl CaptaJ.u YQUng '!lnd •his 'half ~ozeu :t'elh>w ~llbu!!t,ll<rers. ever ·rl!ached Is·l~ IOOyal, altlJo)lgh jj.lb'ey say -they did.· - .-·· _ ' Young says one of lllls -~E\U waved .,.. • I h ' _. ' linr<Hl Jack. over the J~(t . The United S~ates · cuS'Iioms ·o~s tJ:ea.ted the matter as ;a joke and offetted ·en- tertarnment to the villlif9'r.s> •... , • SUPERIOR,' Wis., : Aug. 6-0ffi- cers of the Candian p~ssengeir boat ~ORFOLK, Y.a., Ag. 6.-0haJpl·ain RALEIGH, N. C., !Aug. 6.-Gov- Huronip, which arriv~if fiJ.-'port ·-l~!it It was Shown by the autopsy that a double crime was committed, the slayer assaulting and then kil- ling ner bY strangulation. Harry W. Jones, U . .S. .N. indicted ·by ernor Glenn h·as received a telegr.am !fight from Port Arthu'l';_ s~~.Y'the're­ <a 'Norfolk gr<and ju-ry on the oh~J,rge f.rom the ~uthorities of I!ouisv!lae & . ported \invasi.on'~. qf 'I~l~ s:-o~~le)l~ of passing worthless c.'he4kllf, su' :rr<en--:1 Nashville Railroad· lfihat t-he ~owd Captain Young, cf Port 4'rthu~, is dered l•wst night -to Comriwn'Wewtt::h1:S wouJ.d pu.t t:he staJte 2 1-4 cent ra.te a canard.: , . . ~­ Attorney, John G. Tll'ton, gave 'bo~~ into effect on August'S, Purser James Ro;wa~ said Jhe. ~­ for his appeai'an>ee in .-~!he cor.p~r.a:ti<Oil This fs the l'a!St' road to surrender lieved the foundation,;;-~ 0 1f1 the-.;:' P~ court, and demanded'-an iimmed·~afe to the state la.ws, •and on :August 8 port was a lark o1' ·aq~e; Ca:na!Uah and Lu~Pl'TI(' eounti£>s here yesterday, trirul by jury. \ $ all u'he rallroa.ds ,in' Nor.th' (la.rolina enthusiast, :w'ho went ·~:venJo ·.th~,-i~· .j·t was unundnwusly ng1reed 1!l11at it -·-- . •· ·above sixty miles long will be using lanEls in a JJ.ew Iaun~. llfllllli. tl;i:e -SCRAXTOX, Pa., Aug. G.-At u conferen~e of reJ)Tesentftd:-ives of more N1oan forty silk mills in J,aeka·w.anna .A colored woman who lives near the scene of the murder 'is quoted as declaring that she heard a wom- an scream; ''Harry, Oh Harry. Harry Ma;rkownz still maintains that his sister Bertha can cleaT qp the mystery if she d~sires. Tne girl, however, 9ontinues reticent to the point of sulkiness. Both 2lw and her brotners are still 1n jail on suspicion. Gordon, or Cohan, died today. ··' ' 1 ' o'\-.. ~ }f;' 'I . ·woul'u •be imposSiible to grant ra shorter. FERRY AND NJjlW DotJ.Kl'i . the state rate. ' Union Jack. ,. · i -~-. , : workday to silk workers. More tba:n . ' : · • ·•· · · ' · ri,OOO operative~ ar-e now 'on strike. ARE 'RU~NED AT 'l'ORON~. ,BOY SHOT 'Hil\fSELF. Much of the time of the :meetin:!,'l:! French official thereupon directed will' be deYoted to .a discussion of tlhe a French cruiser which arrived a:u .. ~ viS\d.hility od' raising the insu<t'rulee Tangier yesterday to proceed . to t A '\'t ·. Mazagan. . t ra es. commLL ee a'[lpomte-d at the . last meeting to inyestigate tlle matter · _rmans a \'!lazagan~ · I · · I The manv Ge t ~ wm report tomorraw. m?st of whom hve outside the, city:, w1ll be protectt;d by the French cruiser. \ SECRETARY ROOT'S SON IS ALSO ENGAGED. I EABTH SHOCKS FELT L'i • ~\EV\ YORIC, '-7 , ElJROPE AND SOUTH .M:JERie~'- - ·' ,. Aug. u. - .AnnOun'<'e- , . - .. , .. mentt is made od' the: englllgemen-t be- '.rlUElSTE, Aush·i:a- Htnr\'·~\\' · A;,';,-- . .tween El~ihu Root, J~'., eldest sQ.n of 6.-The ins~meJllts in the \'1\;.;~~e·~ -~ Hl.ihu· R~t, ~~-e·ta;ry od' state, and serv1atory roooo.'(}ed. heavy -eai'liihqlll~,:- . ,.MisS .Mid1a I-1vmgston Stryker, elde1rt, shocks this rnornilllg wbout 2,000 .~1i~· .- daughter o( President M. Woolsey distant. The •beginning <Of d:llu'l'i~ Stryker, of HamHton'OoHege. It wa.s turbance wa>S reg1istered at ,7:5~·2t:l' only a few days ago that the_ engltlge- o'clock, the maximum slh<.>ek · · \ !·' · m(lnt _of the dlll•ug11ter of .secretary 'Port€d lilt S:OS:r.i1, nnd the l~Qot'to U. S. Grant, son of Geneva.I coased at 8:36:ri9. Frederick D. Grant, WaJS .made p-ublic.· ' .SANTIAGO DE\ OHILE, Aug. An earlJhquake shock •WW> 'fe1t-:vi!~· tet'-'''\\~ dsly\tt Yalpa'l'aillo. R.~OES AT JtUQi!S'l'OWN.

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