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·~ i· .. . '. -.::.. '. \·~ -- ' \ ..• . -~ F ' I : ~-~ . . ' ... ~- . --· ~ ... ___ ~- ~-.-r~--~- ~ -~·- , ,, ' . ~ \ . - ----.-.,....., ·--·-··~--· ~. ·\''. • COLLINS & COMBES PUB. 00 I ~· ·r',Aa---· ··v .: .. , .... ,. -~ - Offi.ee Jolmstown, N. Y. I ---- I ,. NUMiniiB 1. ~- .. : . ~ . VOLUME XLIV. B R 0 A D A L B I N, (1 0 UN T Y, NE\'! YORK.~ THURSDAY, AUG-UST 15, 1907'. FULTON -~-~ - ~ . SAW ~MURDtlif:.: . 1 1ffT -~ _· --~ ~-f!_:.: . ' -~· ; ,: ~ J(Wfl ·BAG· - ' . ' .. Even the Railroad Operators May be Forced Into the General Struggle····Canadians Be· gin to Follow Suit PITTSBURG, Aug. 13. - Because an operator employed by the Bal- tiinore & Ohro railroad company at Callery, Pa., near here, is said to have refused to handle a '\Vestern Union telegram yesterday, and may be discharged, the strikers here say the Order of Railroad Telegraphers is likely to be involved with the commercial operators' strike. 'CIDCAGO, Aug. 13- - General Secretary Russell today said: \All of the members of the national and executive board are in the. city with the exception of President Small, and he has wired his sanc- tion of any s!ep we may take in calling a genreal strike. A meeting of the executive board will be held at noon today, and in my opinion by nightfall the 25,000 operators in the United States and Canada who be- long to the union will be called out. Labor Commissioner Neill, Samuel Gompers, president of the Ameri• can Federation of Labor, and ·other labor leaders-, held a conference to· day. After the meeting bad been under way for some time Commission- er Neill declared that there was no imn>ediate indication of a settlement of the strike. ',. 0 . . >, LOCAL OPtR~l6RS NOT UNIONillMtN STRIKE WILL PROBABLY NOT AFFECT JOHNSTOWN OFFICES DIRECTLY, UNLESS MEN ARE DRAFTED OFF TO BIG CITmS The general strike of telegraph operators which is extending from coast to coast will probably not af- fect Johnstown operators. Joseph C. Clements, the manager of the lo- cal Western Union 'office, is employ- ed on a commission basis alftl as he is manager, is not required to be- long to the union. Manager Morse of the postal office is similarly en- gaged and there would be no caii from the unions for these operators to go out. Nearly all of the small offices aTe conducted on the same plan. In several places the managers of small offices have been drafted in- to the larger cities ,but no such de- mand has been made on the Johns- town operators, as yet. =~,.WfNl £1NS~Nf • )VJDOW OF POLICEMAN SLAIN IN MAKING AN A.llBEST, lUEETS ' . RELEASED··CONVICT FACE TO FACE!, ' . ' NEW YORK, Aug: . 1 iB: Jbrfven imsane by the sight ·of\the man she beiieved still to b~ ~n. ,state's prison. . ~ ' for killing her hu}lbaoo, MTs. Minnie ' . Horn, of No; 811l .Myrtle avenue, Brooldyn, was removed last n1ght to the Flatlmsh hospital where she will be kept under abserva:tlon un- til the doctors can determine wheth- er her mental illness. will be tem- porary or permanent. 1\irs. Horn is the widow of Patrol- man John Horn, who 'ten years ago was attached -to· the Vernon Avenue Police station. While .arresting I Pat- rick Roach ·on a charge of larceny, Horn was stabbed to death by Pat- rick Sweeney; a pal of Roach, the weapon used being a sword which Horn had found in Roach's posses- sion. Sweeney grabbed the sword from the 'patrolma11's · hand and drove it through his body. Horn liven a. few days and at his death Sw.etmey was arrested and indicted. on ·a charge of manslaugh- ter, in the third degree, it being al- leged at that time that JlOlit!cal in- fluence was responsible for leniency in hia case. Sweeney was sentenced to ten ye;trs, in pritj)JQ.. He gained his liberty a few da)'s ago, and the police say, he immediately returned ' to his old haunts. would take a vote on joining the com- NEW YORK Aug. 13.-While title u·easury are not sufficient to finance ~ ' ' striking telegraph op!'ra-to~s claim the ~- a protract~ strike, but a~e depend- trik · ~\' th t 1 h lilg on md from the alhed labor s -e agam,. e e egrap eompan· . mf>rcial men. \There's the. man that killed my husband!\ she shrieked again and umons. The Associated Press started its The Chieago, nurlington and Quincy again. ~h '\ ~ u · d p· tal Tel~ d · r•ailroad thr·ough its ,superintendent of •w..ce ,.-es,.,rn mon sn os ~ -through west wire to Clhicago an Ill· Neighbors took her home. She graph comP'anies state today that they term!'diarte points· <at the regular hour telegraphers issued an order that eom- l\;ept repeating over and .over again ies will ·be successful, the officials ot t d l · f 11 rt mereial bus.iness be accepted for trans- rapidly, o ay, am was monng a u repo - to her four children that she had · · 'I d h mission over the wires controlled by Th1s conditiOn also preva1 e on t e seen the man who killed their fath- and thai numbers of men are return- Asso-cia·ted Press east circuit from the company. Thus the efre.cts of O.e er. Patrolman Alfred Merrill at- ing to work. X·o disord!'r has been re· Xew York to Boston. strike are reaching in~o the dis·tricl in taehed to Deputy Com'roissioner' Han- port!'d by t-he police. Officials of both There were some affecting scenes at j whi:eh -±O,OOO union opera<torjl hold :son's · staff,, arrived ..at the -, H'or~ telegraph companies said today that 1·he stril;:ers' local union headquarters contracts with the railroad companies ho~e shortly .a:fte'r; it beittg- part of tlley had sufficient operators at ;work today. Old gray-haired veterans wt!re of the nation. · : · · ... his duty to report on the clrcum- broln•n, hearted at th!' 'burn of events. P•·ompt refusal on ~he part of the stances of famili~s of dea<l police- are handling their business last night to att<end to the despatching · t · th' b · · Several had forfeited their riglhts to a c·omp,ames 0 gn·e up · 18 usmess 18 men_ Actin\' on his advic~ · Mr f t 1 d that tbev would · ·ted b t th 'II h t'Jl t \' 1 s. 0 · e egrams, an ' pension fund, '1'\\hile others felt •that it expec ' u ey Wl ave. · 1 o- Horn was taken to the hospital. , make every effort today to fi.)l the 1 won!<' be ( 1 ifficult for them to find em- morrow to make formal ret)lles. By I places of the stril,!'rs. j ploy \ent again beC'~rise of their ad- 1 t~a·t t~~e the _res~lt of t~e referendum I BRfflf ON THt BfACH • YOUNG WOMAN AND FOMOT GQT .. EXCITED HER FRmNI>'S VALUABLES, WHIGH SUDDEN· LY DISAJ!'fl~ARlilD ': ·l i j ATLANTIC CI'IlY, N. J,, Aug. 13.- -l.. 'j • • :\!iss Dorotll.y' ''H~ywood of :rhtt.Sburg, Emmeu Foster, Witness lor People, Makes A S~rong Point __ In Test·imony· for the People. ' . got SJO excitec:f while ·~ateh!ng th~ lift;!- guards re•scue a girl ifrom drowning that she walked -away and left· a leather bag containing $3,000 wor·Dh of diamonds and m.ore than $100 in cash lying on the •beach. When she r~mem­ bered th-at she had left ·the bag b~ind and ran back rt;Q_ t!he beach it was gone. 'file diamonds and money belongefl, to Mrs. George Murphy of Alleg'heny, Pa., a friend of Miss gaywooo. Wh!m :\irs. Murphy went .111 bathing this morning she cmTied ber diam>001ds and money to the beach and banded them to Miss Haywood to tak~ care of. A few minutes atiterward Miss Mar- garet Wells of Philadelpihia, Wlho was swimming in deep water, screamed and went down, seized suddenly by cramps. There was a great I!Jo do on the beach while the Ufe-gliards were diving for Miss Wells and while 'l!hey were bringing her to shore. In the ' excitement Miss Haywood ran with the c.rowd, following the lifeguards and leaving t<he brown leatb.ff ibag containing ~Irs. Murphy's jewels and money ly~ng on the sand. ·li:Iiss Haywood became hysterical when she saw t·hat the bag was not where she had left it, but ~irs. Mur- phy smiled and said iJt: couldn't be helped, tPlling :\Iiss HaY'wood tha·t she Wlls not ro blame. '£he li~eguaTds -and pollee got busy in a hurry and coralll'!d seYerai h~n­ dred bathers and bea'C'll loungers wb,o were in the immediate vicinity of the· .spot _whf\'P the bag of diamonds bad been left. tseveral wemen·--wld ·the' lifegua.rds !:'hat a ·t-all.lienvily built man in a blue bathing suit had been ·seeil TueSd'!liY aftrenoon in examin!lltion . railroad. tracks, FridaY night,' was · . . of Alfred M'llthe-ws, charged with at- continued Tues. before Record'er .. , tempted criminal assault 01 : Mrs. AI- Getman. The taking of testimoP'Y has been considerably faster today fred Pjerce, the people scored one and there have been fewer a.rgu! of their strongest points thus far. ments between the lawyers. Miss- Emmett Faster who resides on Prill- Helene' Moore is officiating. as sten- dle avenue 'W'!ls placed on the stand and testified •tihat he saw Alfred Math- ographer and the long winded, rap- id-fire questions and objeCtions which Recorder Getman 'had to tame ews near .the southeaSJt corner of the in long hand writing yesterday is J-ansen ·barn -about 8:30 o'clock on Fri- now done in a manner which makes day evening. Foster alleg!'s that he the recorder smile. The examina- was walking south when Mathews tion maytake two days longer. It came from the n-orth -and passed him. is understood that the def-ense will l!'o,ster said \Hello Alf,\ to whie'h the put in a case after the people ft~ish colored man repl'led, \Hi Foster.\ The and many witnesses have been sum- witness then went to .Jansen's barn moned. and did not see where Mathews went. Attorney Horton D. Wright of 'fhe Jansen barn is on wh-at is known Gloversville has been engaged to as- a's the fansen tract on the north side sist Attorney Alfred Dennison in the of East :\fain street and a few blocks defense. Counselor Wright took from the r-ailroad tracks and is thought to be a significant point in the CRS<'. charge of the examination this fere• noon, and a foundati(m is being es- tablished for the introd'ucti<>n of a • < ' lot of witnesses. Charles Morrison Dr. Yedder who was called to at- was the first witness called this tend. :\irs. Pierce while she was at the morning. He ·is employed at the sub-station after tbe alleged assault, sub-station where ~rs: Pierce came was also a witne~s this afternoo~. _after the alleged assault- a~d he tes- The witness testified to the f-ad that titled as to wiha.t was said and ddd t)le woman was·'-iji ~a highly . nervous at the statien. • Alfred Pierce, the condition' and detailed the injuries as husband of the complainant was previousJy mentioned in the reports of next called and testified regarding the ·assault. his wife's appearing at the station The examin·ation was still on at the and her telling him of the assault i:J;l hour of· golng to press. which sh edescrlbed the man as a to stoop 0\'er near where ·:\!iss Hay- wood had been sitting on tbe ' tienc'h, . The takin of testim~n in the and that afterward ·he had leoft the I e · t' g f Alf d yu th colored fellow, with a black suit of clothes, derby hat, wbite ·shirt ·and soft collar. Mr. Pierce was on the stand at noon when an ad:Journo. ment was taken until 2 o'clock. . . . , xam1na 1on o re -~.u.a ews, ~at~mg llace hurnedly. He couldn t 1 charged with an attempted assault e oun · 1 on Mrs. Alfred PieJ;ce along the A dozpn detectives went through It was reported last night that the I vallCf>d years. 'ote '1'\·Ill be \,no'l'l n and If the men so 6000 operators at Oanso, X. S., the chief Railroad companies reported today vote an order for a general strike ~ay .American cable station. '\\-auld go out that the strike bad not affected them, be flashed from one end of the Umted States to the ot'her. today. but the cable departments of and officers of the Ra-ilW'ay Telegraph- both compani!'s say they are handling ers' union said that no sympauhetic . fOR THf RACf othe ha rhhouses, and sear.:hed at lhotels and pawn·brokers' S'b.ops .but they didn't find a trace of the missing val- uables. :\!iss Haywood went to bed ill UTILITI~S BOARD l RAN SHIP'S NOSE INT.O . , BASE OF A WATERSPOUT AfJfR THf UNTRAll NORFOLK, Aug_ 1.3. The their businf>ss without interruption to- strike of the railroad operators would 1\.SSOCIATED PRESS WIRES WORKING FR-OM CHICAGO • day_ ' be called. ·~ T.he railway telegraphers said that All during last nig>ht pickets of the strikers patrolled in front of the build- ings oftlle telegraph companies, and sought to tm'll back strike-breakers. Their m!'thods were orderly. The police reserves from seyeral s·tations were on duty during the when they went on strike in ,the past the commercial qperators d\J. not go out in sympathy with them. Large mercantile IIouses say today that tile telegraph stril'e has not af- fected their business, and th'at wher- •·e-r urgent messages or orders are night but had nothing to do. There- was a gathering of striking ne-ceB-sary roe loug distance rtelephone operatoors in City Hall Park. late last is being used. night, ,but the cmwds soon dispersed. Omc<>rs of the United Press Assocta- Kept in the Building- tion said toda~· that their full force of ov .. ,· fifty of the Westem Union I operator.;; were at work on their opprators were housecl during the J.easeu wires, and thra·t -the 1ransmis- nigh1 in the m<Iin building. and food sion of ne,ws was proceeding uninter- - was provided by i!he company. The I ruptedly. · womf>n op!'rators were sent home at The strike situation in the Associa- nine o'clock. Xight Chief Operator ted Press showed a. marked improve- Robinson sai-d today that the company ment toda~- over i:hat of l'ast night, usually employed between 250 and 300 'and the reports rfom vmrious points men during the night, nnd thnt last show!'d that the news eYents of the night more operators we•·e at work world we,·e being colle-cted and dis- -than usual, •antl businegs at the branch tributed to the newspapers of the offices, ho\yeYer, ·he said, had been country with a -fair degree of fulness and promptness. hampered by the strike. :\1r. Robinson. declared that the charges that the companies were placing \dummies\ at the key were false. :Xe!irly 100 opere-tors worked through the night at the Postal Tele- graph comryany, and the officials said tod-ay that they ·were making good progreSs in getting off the business. '!'he company furnished cots oand food for tho:-;e opeM.tors who desired to re· main in the •building sll night. At 12:50 p. ~ .• The Associated Press opened it second day leased wire to Chicago. At 11:30 a. m., the seeond Asso- ciated Press north wire from Chi- cago to Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minneapolis was opened. CHICAGO, Aug. 13. - ·The As- ~AOHT OREWS UP EAR-I,Y TO IN· SPECT THE 'WEATHER CONDI· TIONS J\'1' THE PORT OF RQCH- ES'I'ER. sociated Press opened three of its main leased wires out of Chicago at 7 o'clock this morning. On the trunk line from New York to Chi- cago, taking in Philadelphia, -Balti- I more, Washington, Pittsburg, Cleve- I ROCHESTER, Aug. 13.-As the land and Detroit, only Toledo was- yac]Jts ne•ared the finish line in a twen- misslng. The southern circuit to .ty mile ·Wlnd, the Sen.,ca had a lead of • Indianapolis, Columbus, and Louis- more than a mile. 'fhe result of the vllle was working. The northern race leaves the cup in American circuit, covering Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth·, and Sup- erior was opened with the regular staff. The southern circuit was opened from Louisville to Nashville, Birm- ingham, Chattanooga, and Memphis. The circuit to Kap.sas City and the Pacific coast was served with news reports over the commercial wires. hnnds. ROCifESTER, X. Y., Aug. 13.- Conltinued rocking of their yachts told the Canadian sailors in their cabin •berths, that a good breeze was agai'n •blowing on Lrake Ontlario for the third af tbe Canada's cup races tod-ay, even before they looked from the port- holes. The weather conditions, they found on inspection, were about the same as BOSTON OPNRi\.TORS WALK yes•terday. morning; a southwest OTJT. AT NOON TODAY. breeze blowing from 10 to 12 miles an ---- , , hour, l'i-ppling the river and making a BOSTON . .;lo.ug_ 13.-Thirrycfive·ope- heavier sea eut beyond the end's of l'ators at the PostaJ Teleg.paph com- the long piers. puny's central office here today ·joined It was le-arned that 'no changes are the general- strike; of te:legraphers. conte:mplated in ei-ther··erew. Skippel'- The Western: Un-ion operators.·.weDJt Han'ai:l may make· some changes in out at noon today. . ;·u. ~ the Seneca's canVllls. ·Today's race ---- .. : ·· -:-1 , ., wili l;le· I~Uiiled over a triangular eourse, . STRIKE MAY INVOLVE seven ll).iles ·to the leg.;. The start ·was ~ a,bout 11 o'clock. CA:N4PIAN TELEGRAPHS I at. the. M-alatesta hotel. . Baltmore to Newbern, N- c_, poked The bag, which is o:f fine h~own) leather, conJained a dii}~Ond brooch, with a cluster of small di·amonds; a Suburban Service Out of. New 'I schooner Charles T •• Strann, from York, her nose into a waterspout in Ches- i apeake Bay and came alarmingly ring set witlh -a la't'ge · s·oliL1h·e, two City to be Rigidly In- \ ' near to foundering. smaller rings set w~j!h diamonds; a turquoise ri'ng- and a small purse con- , . . taining the bills. JUDGE LANDIS DOGGED Bl\ 'I'RUST DETEOTIVES. LOGAXSPORT, Ind., l<'riends of .T udge K. :M. Aug. 13.-. Landis, who .recently imposed such a heavy fine on 1!he Stand•ard Oil eompany, assert -that the judge is l:leing s-h~.di(}Wei1 by cle- <tectives in the employ of the trust, and his evC~ry word and movement_ is being reported promptly -to Standard Oil people. Tlhe report ts f·ounded possibly 0'11 the Ifact that when .Judge Landis came here to spend his vacation two st'rang- ers came here also, and when ille went to Indianapolis they 'appeared and re- mained in that · city· whiie' be was there. W:hen he retii·r.'ned ·t-o Logans- ~ . . . port the two men carrie here ·a:Iso and· ilave been joined since .by a tlifrd. .Judge Landis is rei;>Oirted as ••IJ eing \ . !lldvised of :tJMi:r presence and ·as ing, \J guess· r ean stand ~ri~eeti<:~n:.\ Just what is expected to lie-' ga'iiied by ·keeping an_ eye on Ju(lge ·Dandis' no one knO.Ws. · - · ; \fOMt\.N AND- TWO J.U;EN IilLLE:Q IN BELFAST. Capt. Marshall of the schooner - NEW YORK, Aug. 13.-'-T'he Public said, when he reached here, that it Service CQlllmission decided yesterday : was the worst experience he has ha.d in his twenty years at sea, and vestigated to investigate the su'bul'ban railroad that nothing worse, short .of sink- ser\·ice of the Xew York Central rail- ing, is likely to overtake him. road. This action was tal\en after the ; _The schooner had a cargo under receipt of a complaint from the Civic decks. A torrent of water poured league of The Bronx tb:at llie company upon the deck, carrying away stay· was not operating enough trains to ac- sail, boom, jib, boats and everything commodate the local traffic of its lines. movable on deck. Even the heavy· The board will give a public hearing hatch covers were displaced. •Tt$ on the matter in the City hall on vessel groaned as if she would go - ' _Thursday. 1 down and then righted herself wh~m _ The complaint received yesterday the water ran off her deck. . \ from the league said t'hat if the Cen- I Mariners here say it is the first · tral's looal lines were operated 'prop-! time. a waterspout has truck a ves- '· erly \they would add laT3ely ;to the \ sel m these wat~rs within their ·. tt·ansit faeiHties of the ·borough 'and 1 knowledge. woull! practically solve the ·transit -------- prdblem over the larger pnrt of the SEC1RETARY TAJ!,T GOES TO '\'ISIT SICK MOT~-- borough for many yea·rs tv come.\ ., '.rhe complaint !lldds that while the Central had receiv!'d many valuable 'MIJ ... LBURY, Mla!SS., ·Aug. franChises.from the city rt:ihe company's l William H. Taft, Secretary cif WaT~ local Hnes were oopel\ated in \an in-l arrived here from · Murray BaY~­ competent, unsatis:flaclory· and il'logi- : Can'!l.da, for a few hours' Viisit.:.:!i~:lh'i~. cal manner -and Wlh6lly ··for the benefit mot{ler, M;rs, Loui'se A. Taft, W,llo ~ of their 'Ch1ef 'stockhOlders. illld wi:th been i'll for some wealrs. utter dl&regru·d .and lnd:ffl'ei>ence to th'e M'r. 'Tiaif.t found his m6tJher welfare of the community through ally recovered from a relapSe' wl):l~~l;l. which they pass ~Rnd to the aecommo- she experienced last week, dation of -rhe pul:>lic, which is more or- in a condition to cause an:lciety :6\1rin'lt<':': less dependen•t upon them. Tbe train to her 11-dvanced age. T'n.e seoore>tlcl1Y • serv>ce is in4'requent and insufficient erpected to leave for New Ya.rk The women op!'ra•tors did not re- main on duty all night. Reports from other cities where the operators are on strike are·. con- flicting. The two companies assert that they are moving business promptly, while the strikers de- clare that the opposite is true. At Pittsburg nearly 200 messengers em- ployed by both companies struck in TORONTO, Ont., Aug. 13. -The Telegraph strike extended to Toron- to this morning, when about . oO Great Northwestern operators walk- ed out in Syll;lpathy with their con- ferees in the United States. MOORS' ATTACK . . . ) . ;BIDLF.A:ST, Aug. 13.-During and the rates of fare are unequal, un-' go 'f~·om there to Oyster Bay to·:w ... ~_ ... ,._ ... , fair and s-o •high as to he oppressive.'\ President Roosevelt. :Many clerks in both companies, who had not worked an instrument in· years r~>mained at the offices last night. • sympathy with the operators, caus• ing much confusion. There w<l.s no disorder anywhere. IS RfPULSfD About half a dozen operators It WillS deeJ.ared flH'ther that thQ rioting last night a \o/0'1llan . 'and men were killed. A recurrence· of' the . · ' New York Central and New Yorl;: and lUNG' WILL TAKE BATHS d·istuvba:nce is expeeted ·tonight. C!!'l'i- V,:fSJ(\l'!~};; Harlem roilroads had from tlleir in- AND MAK:E ~ tured riotei'S are taken ·before tbe mag- LONDON, ·Aug. 13.-King '~l!'li~ '> Warned Against Trouble- RAJJ,ROAD MAY BE Tilm UP • I along with the chiefs are left. DY STRIKE. . istrates at ·the i;Joint, of. th·e· <bavone·t-\l. cept!on sal'rificed the ·needs of !the lo- oa1 patrons to tJh!'ir through traffic, Reinforcements • are · coming Some of <the streets were lttnmg \and through incompt>t,e.uce. stupidity, lf'ft · Englantl today f.or '.rne office of the local un]on swarm- ed today \.V'it!h striking operators, who were told to (•rf>a1e no i:rouble, and that if thry ;rema<hwd out, the com- panies wonld be forcl'd to mE*'t their STRIKE IN RICHMOND CHIC1\.GO,_ fl_ng. 13.-Two great systeoms of l'ailr:yad~ are tbre.'ltened 1 1 RICHMOND, va., Aug. 13. -The with a strilte beeause of the use of the Western Union 'operators here struck r.alh'Oad wires in commerci·al transmis~ at noon. • demands. It was said that the ope- rators ~mployed by •brokerage houses sion of me!11l'!>ages. S!'cretary' Russell ~ . -~ would not be affected by tile SJtriJ;:e, of vhe il:elegraphers' union was noti-' MESSENGER BOYS GO · · FOUR THOUSAND FANATICS 1\IAKE DESCENT ON CASA· BLANCA BUT ARE BEATEN BACK BY THE l!,RENCH GARRI· SON. shortsightednes>: and inf>ffi{'if>ncy have .b'arlJed wire to entan~le the cavah:y,_ and the g<as mains were cut last nigM. nPglectffi and r!'fURPd to proYid·e ade- quate •ac(•ommod•a•tions for- handli~g such loeal IU'fiffic.\ , I VIRGINIA TO\VN IS :BA.llLY BURnD ' but that they would ·be <assesseu to fied that the CJ:iieago and ;Nol\th·~est- OUT IN SY.MPA~HY: TAN'GIE·R, Aug. 13.~Four· th·ous- help the strike flilld. Deputy Presi- ern railroad ·'lvas sendin'li,-\commeycial an-d Moors attltcke·d. · Casabfanca yes- NORFOJ,K, Va., Aug. 18 .. ;;....:~ '14I~ge OB;,-ECTIO.:N~LE . FOREMAN OUT,- ;M'E;N--lr:IAY RETURN. ---·~ where he will take the kinu will me!'t Emperor 'Viilif>lmshohe tomorr(}W, and following d·ay will !have -a leii1ti(li;yi.,~<~i fereilce with EmpeYor Fl~1li<4!i-'\l)o.Sl) ~ at r$Chl. ~luch dlplomattlc im.P,d~~ is aJtaeheu to these me•eti:Ug':s; .dent Thomas said today tlhat tlhe com- mess•ages from the l\!ilwauke_e office WASHINGTON, Aug.. 1;3.'_;...Part; te;ua~-: b~t w'ere: repul's'e!l.' . portion, if not the entfr~ btl!'!l~tl!$>J;\s:eC• panies wet-a so badly crippled that of the road. E. J. Cassidy, an official of the messenger force pt. }lOth the· . Siboubeker, go\·erno;:··of•Ca·sa•blanca,· :tlm.i of Princess ~rii,·~ta~:l\l~tlf~l>o:•~s LOS X'N'GELEs,'ca-t, Aug; 13.-As they were tmable to hamdle the. busi- O'f the telegmp'hers'· union, ttotlfied .Western Union and Pos¥ttA~J~graph · ·has .bf!en dismissed :for;<lra\ing abet-ted --anrned ollt' tliis.:IQ\il~li! Forel)l·ali' -Cflt:'ter; of·, tne· loeaf ':.S:a~ri.' . TOKIO;\ Aug. 13--L·iill,e''El ness. . Ptesldoot. Per};jl\}ll oi ·the Ordflf.-\O' companies,-here today_ w~~·i'o~·;strili,'e .. th·e--·massacre of ·E-qropeans at \:hat• ·re:ported that ·.the .. ~t n.' l'i!F nmn'l'mtroaa:·stiop~,nha$ reslglliia, .flie the retiring Anieriean .a,n1'1}~~!,~ Tbe-·strikin~ telegrap\'lers. privately . .Rail-way TiJlegta*rs :that ·the .ap~-. in sympathY\ with the: . .tele~pli-:op-·. 'plaee .. -!s,lboubeker ls·m~ a prisoner .;a:llira1J.S. tl~e ~!*'1\Jtl:Of~li~~el~tii-!i'e:] , ·&~li'OOl'ennaft~~ 'hM<\e' i»'Qo~bly Japan, ··sta-rted to~~'Y admit that the funds in the ~Ilion tors in the . empli>Y ()f · the SYQ~P:'berators. : ._, ' ' __ : ~~!_~~~.~ :· __ --~ i off bOjU'f the Fr~c~rm.-utser GI~ire. :. ;.bll!l;, ·bp.t >llbis .was ••f• 0_1 f.tfq il~~~it'*'it''l:t,il) <s~~JleO:dee(.ar~~.'~;, ; ~ ._. ·- .. ·.. . .' . to. the: United S~es . • : -. ,. ' ' , '

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