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• COLLINS & COMB~ P\L\'B. CO Office Jolu.\stown, :S. Y. \~·~ \ \~~. ~~ .. ?::,-;\·:· '?r·::\·~ ~: ;? ··· .. : · .· ~~- · · · . . ~ •,' . ' . . a . ' •. . ., ·' .. . • ~ VOLUME XLIV. B R 0 AD A L B I N, C 0 U-N T Y, .N E W · Y 0 R K., T H U R S D A Y, AU GUS T ·2 9 • ~nfO '7. ' Federal Judge Delivers Opinion to the EHeet That Slate Cannot Keep Case Out of the U.S. Court. THREATENED S'i'OCK YARDS STRJRE IS SETTLED. CHICAGO, Aug. '27.-Danger of a strike in tlhe stock yards was removed last night when th? pa-cking house· teamsters accepted In .olfer from the packers on all except two poinfs. '.rhe packers offered an additional advance in wages to that previously presented, and also changed working con{l!tions :. They agreed to give all teamsters one cent an hour increase ~nstead of .the 1 1-2 cent a{lvance offcrffi before to sixty percent of their number. This was accepted. PACifiC TRIP fOR PRACTICf ASHEVILLE, N. C., Aug. 27. Judge Pritchard, in the United States PROPOSED LONG VOYAGE OF BATTLESIDP FLEET MIGHT Circuit court, in a long-expec1:id opinion announced today in the rate case of the Southern Railway against the corporation commission, and the attorney general of North Carolina, upheld the jurisdiction of his court in the ·issoonce of the recent injunctions against officials during HAVE BEEN 1\-IADE BY SUEZ • MORE EASILY, BUT WITH LESS BENEFIT WAR AGAINST :BLACK HAND PENNSYLVANIA AUTHORITmS . Gl<JTTING A GRI!' ON THE ITAL· IAN SECRET ORGANIZA.TIONS 'I'HROUGHOUT THAT STATE • HARRISBURG, Pa., Aug. ·27. Effective war, it is announced, 'is being waged against the Black Hand throughout Pennsylvania by the state constabulary. The state pol- ice authorities are in possession of information that Black Hand opera\ tions are directed from central head- quarters in New York, and that the agents actually engaged in the work of intimidation ate not all for- eigners, some ·plica ted. For several Americans being im- months the state pol- ice department has l>een directing its attention largely to these opera- tions, and today it is said to be in possession of a mass of information which will lead to the arrest and . -,.. I INJURED BOY CRUSJD;ilD COGS, ON RETURN T~ WOJU{ PATERSON, N. J.t Aug. Z7. - After three weeks' idleness due . to 'having three fingers of ·his hand crus'hed' off at the '\Passaic 1\'!teel Works, James Butler, sixte<?n years old,. yesterday r~turned td wor]l: and was not long at his mach~ne when his trousers caught in the wheels . The boy's leg was crush!'ld in the cogs, and while endeavoring' to s~'Ve himself his left arm was drawn into the machlnery,too. putated. Both were am- fHfNCH PRfSS . CLAIMS fAVORS PARIS PAPERS ASSERT THAT GER.'\fANY HAS GIVEN THE Rlj:• PUBLIC A FREE HAND TO GO AID~AD IN SUBJUGATING MO· ROCCO. the railroad rate controversy, and declared that the suit is not one NEW YORK, Aug. 27. - Con· conviction of the ringleaders. PARIS, Aug. 27.-Tihe FTen~h against the state within the meaning of the 11th amendment of the fed- eral. constitution. That amendment holds that the judicial power of the United States shall not extend to any suit against a state by the citizens of another state. The ·decision says that a state legislature cannot so frame an act as to fteprive a citizen of a right vouchsafed him by the fed- eral constitution, and it does not possess the power \to deprive this cod'rt. of its jurisdiction, and the sooner these questions are definitely determined the better it will be for all parties concerned.\ gressman Ernest w. Roberts, of More than fifty arrest have' been newspapers are energetica.:i-ly oc:cupi- Massllchusetts, a member of the made by the state police in the last ed with discuss.ing the recen•t inter- house committee on naval affairs, six months in connection with the view between ·t•he French a.mbruo\Sa- who is here with fellow members Black Hand operations. Nearly all d·or to Germany, Ju.Jes Crum,pon, and of the committee investigating the these persons have been fined or Prince Von Buelow, 1lhe imperial needs of the Brooklyn navy yarQ., imprisoned, though some are still chancellor, a..t Norderney, w!hid:t is said that the trip of the battleship awaiting trial. now deemed to !}ave been of the fleet through the Straits of Magellan greatest import to Germany a;nd The decision holds that the corporation commission are still charged \With making rates, the only limitation upon their power being \that they shall not make a maximum rate in North Carolina in excess of 2 '14, cents per mile. The corpo!'ation commission and the attorney gen- eral are 'specially charged' with the duty of securing the enforcement of Section. 4, of the passenger rate act, which provides heavy penalties and, fines for a failure of railroads and their officials to comply with that is for tactical reasons alone. li'rM:tce. Extensive speculations are \We have read with interest the· IRISH M p made regarding the scope of 1Jhe in- discussion of the two routes,\ said · terview, and i·ts IJ·robabJ.e efi'eCit on lthe • • Repres~ntative Roberts. \Now there _reJ.a.tions between the two con1:1!tri-es. ,.., act.\' ·All laws in existence on the pas- ISage of that act bearing on super- vision arid control of railratrds, etc., are to be construed in with the rate act. connecti-on \It is inconceivable,\ the decision says, \that a circuit court of the United States in the exercise of its jurisdiction · should be powerless to afford a remedy to one who seeks to assert a right which is guaranteed by the constitution of the United States. This is in no sense a suit against the state, nor can it be suc- cessfully contended that the state well as the end to be obtained· by the adoption of the same, show con- clusively that those who were re- sponsible for its adoption never dreamed that it could be used as a means of depriving an American citizen of a substantial right con- ferred upon him by the constitution of the United States. The 11th amend1p.ent, being a part of the con- stitutiuri., must be construed· so as to give full force and effect to ev- ery provision of the instrument 'of which it forms a part. Any other construction of this amendment is not one of us who does not be- lieve the Suez route is both easier and cheaper. But 'the navy wishes now to work out some tactical prob- lems while we are at peace, prob- lems that might become strategical ones in time pf war. \It is best that they should go by the hard route, if we wish to so des- ignate it. Not only will the ships be tried out' on the long runs, but the voyage will determine some our needs in the Pacific, particularly in the way of coaling stations on the mainland. I have not the slightest· doubt that $1,000,000 will be used up in the Pacific route. It w.ill be costly, but if· the naval tacticians wish to determine certain things now is the time.\ is in any wise a party in interest, would practibally nullify that clause insofar as the merits of the contro- of the constitution which provides Representative Foss, of Illinois versy are concerned. It cannot be reasonably insisted that this is a suit to prevent the state from enforc~ ing any right which it possesses, nor can it be said to be a suit to com- pel the performance of an obligation of the - state, nor does it in any wise involve a matter in which the atate · has a pecuniary interest be- ing complainant on one side, and the traveling public on the other . Therefore, the questions present- ed are not such as to warrant the assumption that this court is with- out jurisdiction, and a careful study of the circumstances attending the adoption of t]fe 11th amendment, as UNITfD STAffS HAS NfW S(HfMf iFoUJ\ ;Judges For All 'American Re· Publics Proposed by Joseph H. Choate for American Delegation. THE HAGUE, Aug. 27.-Joseph H. Ohoate and James Brown. Scott, for ;Acmerican delegation to the peace' con- !ferenee, have drawn up a new pro- position witlh respect to the a!l(}tment of judges for the Internatioool High C(}urt of Justice. In this .proposal the that no state shall pass any laws chairman of the committee, made the announcement that the commit- impairing the obligations of con- tracts as well as the 14th amend- tee would probably ask for four ment.\ more battleships at the next session of congress. He said: The opinion shows that the laws \We may as well make up our of North Carolina especially provide upon what terms an injunction minds now that it is necessary to ~~~·· 11 maintain a large fleet in the Pacific. he granted to suspend rates, pend- Our interests are too great on that ing litigation, or involving the con- coast to do otherwise. fiscatory nature of such rates; that the statutes of North Carolina ex- \It is probale that the committee pressly authorize the course pur- will ask for four battleships, to be sued by the courts when freight of more than 20,000 tons and 25,- 000 tons if practicable, Of course rates are involved, but do not even what the temper of ttle four hun- require a bond for such injunction when passenger fares are in litiga- dred members is, is yet. conjecture,· tion. but we feel that at least two great ships will be built. NOTABLE FRIENDS OF THE BLIND IN CONVENTION. t The committee will leave New York on the Dolphin at 3 o'clock this afternoon for London. Then ---- the members will go to Newport, BOSTON, Aug. 27 . ....!.The ninth con- Portsmouth, and Boston in turn., vention of the American Association of Workers fer the_ Blind, which was opened here today, amd in attendance many persons prominent through their worK in the interests of the •blind, SULTAN AGREES TO SEND A PEACEFUL DELEGATION CONSTANTINOPLE, Aug. 27.- some of them sightless themsel>es. The Persian legati<!n having protest· 'l'i1e feature of the morning session ed against the continued occupation· was a dtscussion on a paper delivered of P.ersian territory by' Turkish by Dr. (J. F. I!'rase1~, superintendent of troops and the atrocitie·s committed t.J.e Ha.•1fax, N . .S., school for the by Kurds in the disputed frontier Mind. Among these who participated districts, the porte has decided to in the discussion of Dr. Fraser's paper send a commission to the frontier which ·was on \T.he needs of our with instructions to make inquiry schools for the •blind,\ · were Miss co-jointly with Persian delegates;· unristine Le Barraque, the first blind and to order the withd!rawal of the woman barrister in the United States, Tur.)l:s immediately If it is found that and Dr. F. J. Campbell, the sightless they are on Persian territory. This founder and superintendent of the decision seems .to _promise a·· saths- Roy·al Normal College and A<!ademy oi factory solution of the difficulty. M:!lsic for the Blind at London, Eng. Is ARR J:Sffll\ Tlhe majorirty of th:e pa(pers express . ' L . . I) 1 the opinion tlhrut there W'B.s somet•nirug mot'e speeifi.c belhind the meeting tlhllil an eXJclhange of .amiiC~a,ble senti- ments, •as ailleged in 1fu.e official note J.UIES P. FARRELL, NATIONAL· IST MEl\-ffiER AND POLITICIAN ACCUSED OF TAKING · PART IN RiOTOUS ASSEl\ffiLAGE on >the subject, amd it is intimraJted tlba!t an understanding was Tell.IChed J>et>ween the two st\atesmen on tbe su-bject of Morocco. The Journal avers t'ha,t in spite of diplomruUc notes the \SI<eleton of LONGFORD, Ireland, Aug. 27.- A1gecil,a;s ratt:les in every 1olnt unde;r James P. Farrell, Irish Nationalist the irrestible pressure of·· circum- stances.\ . r,p.ember of parliament for North ;t.ongford, an\1 forty · other persons 'l'he Matin and the Petit Pa:ris!ien .were arrested early ·this· morning, say they CC!_nside.r the interview to be and are. .now being tried by special a :happy a.ugury for generall ~. court, ·convened for the purpose, on .and the Echo de Pla.ril'!, a.f't:er ad•ro'it- the charge of taking part· in \an un- Ung tlhl!Jt it is in tlhe dark on 'th·e sub- lawful assembly likely to cause a jeot, al'lks whoBJt definllte armnge- riot.\ Mr. Farrell had been holding Jllents re[:aJt<ing to ::VlOf9e<JO could hiave meetings throughout his constituen- been made, ~adding: cy, at which exciting ·-scenes occur- \Our rl?~artlons to. Germa.ny couM red between Nationalists and mem- bers ef the Sinn Fein society. In addition, many cattle nave been driven from the grazing lands dis- trict, which the- prosecution alleges was encouraged by Mr. Farrell and other speakers. Large· forces of pO- lice are being despatched here, trou- ble is anticipated. Mr. Farrell is the editor and pro- prietor of the Longford Leader,· a Nationalist newspaper circulating in the counties of Longford, West Meath, Roscommon, and Leitrim, and ·is the author of a \History of the County of Longford,\ and other books. At the general election of 1900, Mr. Farrell was returned un- opposed from North Longford, suc- ceeding Justin McCarthy, who re- signed. TfXAS (RO~D STARTS RIOT OVfR A \SCAB\ Striking Telegraph Ope1oators Sa.id to Have Been Concerned in Affair. Dallas only permit of a business pa,ct.\ The consensus of o}J'inion appears to be that Gennany probobly ·haJS agreed not to oppos.e Fraruce bedng .g.iven a flfee hand in M01rocro slhouid the Sli>t1~a:tion wa.rora:rut it. DispatCih'es received ihere from ·M'a- dll1!d tOday sayg thalt t'he Spooish ·CliJbinet 'h:as taken action on title sub- ject of Morocco ·but ruid th'alt tlb.e step taken is of s'llch a \delie~aste chlar.apter\ •as to render !t im<possdil}le to publish\ its nature:·. VIce Admiral Philibert cables from Casablanca under yesterday's date that all the MorQccan ports re- main calm, that there hils been no further fighting at Casablanca, and that the French scouting partise are not encountering any resistance. The Europeans who presumably left Fez August 2 4 for El Arariah will on their arrival there be taken on board the. French cruiser Du Chayla. l{AJSER THINKS SWORDS'- HAVE 1\:E.I\J THE-PEACE. ·BERT,IN, Aug. 2'7 .-Klai.,er WoJ.l- bJE'!l m, in rep-lying to ~a~n a:ddress o! welcome by tlhe Burgomaster '0\f Han- over yesotel.'d'a.y, saJd: \We biave -to tha~k the grooious dispensrution of Hea.voen amd 1allso ·tlhe swords of our . ·trusty troQPS •thlat tt hlas been possible to mainta:iil pe'aJCe sa long.'' OLASH AT IRON 1\lL.\\lES. ,, Mystery ol Vanishe·d Young, Lady Solved by th-e·.·, . . t· . Finding ol Corpse Floating. in Lake Hopatcong. ' • j PATERSON, N. J., Ang. 27\. - The body of Miss Agnes Brooklyn school teacher who mysteriously disa.ppeared from a riage at Nolan's Point, Lake Hopatcong, N. J., on Saturday night, was· folQld in the lake today. Pa1•ties have been searching for ber ever sm'ce· her disappearance. \ NEW YORK, Aug. 27.-The dis- essary to drag the lake. BOOJtmen. appearol!l>ee on Sa-turday night o>f Miss Agness Maguire, the Brooklyn sc!hool teac'her, in tJhe wods at L•ake Hapat- cong, N. J., rema.ined a mystery last ndgihif:. All day her re'lll!tives sea>rched frlil!lllt;jca.lly for her, aj>ded :by the camp- ers· in the immediate v'icinJ.ty and :f!rliends from Dover. ~'llen eve·ning c.a;me not one reJi-a?le ·clue had been d1scoye-red otha.t woui>d Show how the gir~ Ie.ft the hug.g~· in which lh.er cou- sin had left her fo.r a few m4nute.s or and campers h·a·vc rowed all over 'it';o watching the· bottom' -t~.u·oug·h fJhe clear water. Furt>h·ermore,. a .SJtr'mi.i wind has been blowing inshore: foi<. the last two d.ays. Men fulmdiJliM': w'ith the l>al<e say that it sure~y wo~Hi have brought the girl's body to•shor.e hao she b~en drown&i ·amywhere neli.r· · < ' • ..,.: • tib.i,; s·pot.· The young woman mi.g,M have roor:hed the lake at a;nllJitijle'r. SIPOt where the wa•tm- is deeper. BuT. this would 'have been only aft!llr · ~ w-alk of a q narter of a mile o'V'er whalt cpurse She took w'hen she dis- st~nes and through br'llsih. a\P-pea•red in the storm tlhat was ra,g- Girl li'E'ared Lightning- ing. ~ Allthoug.Ji a major.ity of 1Jhe summer colony aTound the lake are incJ.ined to believe th-e mystery event<uru1y will ·:M>embers of t'he girJ'.s l'amily sa.y that she ha.d been suffering with· a· nervous tr(}u:ble for a-bout two Y618lrB.' · They deny, however, thlat s'he ·mile{ be deared up by th•e fimUng of Miss sym•toms of melane>holia. She we'Q.t;:' Maguire's body in the -l-ake the girl's to <her unele's house o:n TI:mrsd'lLY te- fta,ther and 'her other rela-tives se.em . recupe•r\aJte and on, sa.turda'Y ~r- . to thdnk th~t it is nwTe likely that . noon took a trolley ride wi'tlh rela.• s!J!l w.a•s overtaken by some ot~er , tives. On t'he r~de Slhe lwug'hed ~u.d f.rute. They fear that Sihe \W'8lS assault- .~tJrulked · so toJJ.at ·they commented on. e4 'IJY some disreputable ~en who are her ·spirits. 'l'here was one tlhiing s·'he not unknown to ·thi!Jt reg'l-on or tha.t ha,d a parti<:ula:r dread. Tbwt was flhe..·-wan'der-ed into ·the woods a:nd li~htning. eilbher died fro.m f'l'ight or WUIS struck I A'C'Cord>iug to her cousin . by U.g'htning. • who left her in the buggy at -the camp. IJalre Very Shallow- . the lightning h.ad juiS't begun when 'lh<f l These fears aTe strengt-hened by hitched the horse right beb.'ind tne ifhe !iact thlllt t>he lake where she \P-ro- ' old barn. Miss Maguire !hliJd expll\.€\SIS-\ : ba.b!ly would 'have app!!'o9.1Cheill. it from e;d ·some fear 00: it. ·He -.ys tlhalt 'he t'he camp where she was laBt seen asked her -to get oiz.t, but slim 'P'I'e•fer~ is very shruHow. The bnJDks a.re not ·red to remain m the- buggy •because· precipitous and .for many y-aJrds from when she had teJ;t h<>m<t.-her re:Datdves-. tJhe shore t'he wate·r is not more tlhan · haid •a'dvised her not to g_et 'out at J!lhe·. two feet dee<p. It bas not been nee- 1ake. ' ' EARl, Oli' DUNMOUE DEAD. .AFTE-R SUDDEN ILLNESS. LONDON, Aug. 27.-The Ear'l of Dunmore. (Cha.r~es Adolphus Mur- ray), the mos•t prominent Christi-an SCJierrtist in ~g.la.nd who last Decem- ber visited Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy at Concord, N. H., died last nigiht at Trlmley Mano·r, ne.a.r Canterbury. He •hl!id n·ot complained of , heing ill a;nd w•a:s sudden-ly a•baJcked by Ulness, and ctied before a. doctor c'Ould be summoned. The deceased, who was th-e seventh Earl of Dunmore, a >Ui:tle created in 1686, wta.s born in 1841. He ma..rrded a damghter of the second earl of Leicester, a.nd leaves one son, Vis- count FincJastle, a mJajor of tb,e Six- teeTI;th Lancet'S, and five daugthteTs. He was lhonoriJJry colonel of the Fourth Battalion of the Queen's Own Oa:meron · High[anders, ·and owned 78,800 a;cres of land. . . CARONIA PASSES THRO<JGH NEW YORK, Aug. 27.-A:m'b.roase _,. . Channel, the new deep Wll!iterWJaY l~admg from San•dy H(}()k over tihe shools of the lower b\'lly to New York Ha.rbor, was tested for the first time one of the b[g tra;lliS-A·tlanitic un:- GUARD N·tGRO . .. ' fROM JHf PE~~sYI.YA~\'A ATITHORI TIEs·:. . ' . FEARED LYXCHING BY MIN•: Ens oF' BLACR i.\'IURDERER 'oF POLJCE!\BN WHO ARREST HL'Ii. ~ EASTON, Pa.. Aug. 27.-·'l;?!t~Ei\ was much excitement about the COiiiU,.;·,.c,'' ty Ja,i! early this .morni.ng due rumor from ·south Bethlehem pa;I'ty of determined iron 'h>ad left that· borough in an 'alll'W;i!: es, l!l.Ud .aroused and 13!riDE!d d,ermties, p·U't double b<ars on en.tr<hll.Ces to the ;prison, <and entire poli<}e force. sba:t,igiJ:>Jd tJhe ja.il,. . The prisoneT .w.rus :· ·.United States announces the willing- :ness of ail the countries of the Ameri- can continent, in-cluding ·the United States,. to have altogether foUT judges, d:o be aPWinted for the twanty one countries comprising the continent, on !the understanding, arrived at through diplomatic channels, that this w.m re- duce the number of judges to fifteen. The p:ropoS3.l does not go ·any fur- ther, but it is understood that tile Amerk·ans h<>pe the other eontinents 'Wilt take simHar action, that Asia will be a-llot<>..d two judges and Europe nine. .:Miss Helen Keller, one of the most AMERICAN GIRL MARRIED prominent blind persons m this coun- try, and General F. H. Appleton, sup- CPi.ntendent Qf the Perkins Institution for the Blind, welcomed the delegates at the QPening of the eonvention. TO A BRITISl:l OFFICI<JR DALI,AS, Texas, Aug. 27.-Rioting whom were recognized as striking by a mob.of UO,men and boys, many of telegraph operators, occm·red here 1ast night. 'fhe cr.owd surrounded a~ man carr~ing a bundle of laundry and the Iea{ler accused the victim of being a ·•sca!J.\ This was indignantly deniea, the man decla·ring that he was in the employe of ·.a laundry. , 'I1he leader refuced to be!il''I\C this, and, falling from hls een and •hid!d<en in.'~ r.orner of t!he . pr.ison celloaT. SUPER'IOR, · Wis., Aug. 27 .-A ers toil;aY, when the Cui118!rd liner wlaliting nnltil d'awn for J!Ihe a· ~;llij~~ demonstration by the ·stri.k:ing - m~!ll- 081ronia safe'ly pa:ssed through it on a t~e supposed lynehel'S, ,fllie bers of t!he We§tern· .. Feder~on of voyage to LiverDool. were dismissed. DAUGHTERS OF LIBERTY IX NATION~...L COUNCIL. on the victim, bore him to the ground. LONDON, Aug. 27 • ...,..... There was Rega-ining his feet, .the laundryman a large gathering <;If Briti;;,h !,llilitary ran, crying for help at -every step. men and Ameriean a.t Christ cliurch.' some of th~ mob criet1.out that mount- Mayfair •. this afternoon,-f\)r the mar- od men'were coml.tlg and the leader 'LMOST uuJ:•NY riage of Miss Mal\y Latrobe, daugh- hastily boarqed·a car and disa~_)peared. A IJI -1 ter of the late R. S~ewart Latrobe, The laundryman, then escaped. No Mi:ners occur-red at llll~vellli ·· yes~- The ·new channel crosses the Shuman had hearo of.,'4·.;_ti<9gi!r~> day afternoon, and ilt :is th9ugoht tha.t oa>~()fails in a stra:i¥ht line, -and wiU suiting won:).e.n in a lonel~ :$!GI\lo~~ rubout 100-'miners w.el'e.· .flll.&:Venoted ebmin81te the deVIOUS turnings of the Sout'h Bethleihem a.nd from goi~g to work .. 'be:fj)re sl:rip shannel now used by the liners I quarter to ma;ke an Kent ll!ind Deputy . rup~ in W'hich they frequently-go 'liJground. He found Handy, and -on •the SC>ene and dqs~sed \'lill.{j str-ilt- . is s~v~ miles.1ong and when com- tempted to p1a.ce •h1m utf{l£~. of Bal1lfmore, Md., to Colonel Arth-: arrests were -made. ON U S CRUIS J:R ur P. D. 1\(arris, of Jhe- Fifth ~ight; · PORTLAND, Miaine, Aug •. 27.-The •· • L Infantry, Indian army. After the ers. sever.a!l of t1i~'ol-atter w¢'l'e in- .1.1llete•d w:Ill_ be 2,000 feet wlde and ·the p:egro opened fire. · jured in the clash Witjl,;i>Jie,()~eeri!J. ·. · feet deep at low w:ruter. At pre- entered the po\lceman's il!od¥t; . ' . · - . . ' sent it is. a,bQUt\ 800 feet . Wide . and died soon a'l!terw.ard. BOth amnua! convention of the Nation·al ceremony there was~ a reception at- ~RAZII\ JiEADS '1,'Hl\J LYJ:TLE Council, Daughters o! !;ib!irty, was tended !Jy intim'ate frientU;. ·., NATION,S AT THE HAGUE·· tolrivtr \two feet dWJP at _lhw wa:ter. · ·res~ed and hurried to j~m · l)l.obile. . ,.-, · :> CZAR IS l!HANKFUJ,, ... eonvened today tor a two days ses- l\Ien R<•fused Shore :r.eave for Two Colonel and Ml'S. lla~Jids ~ill .pr;O- • · ' ' SAULT ES~T~E~ll···~~~:~~~~!~('~~ slon. '.rh<>re are 14 sta'te cotmcils.; Months A,nd Are In R<\'beUions · ceed in Q!ltober to Ib:dia, where tb,e . RIO JANERto, Aug. 27. - It is .z7,.-The c 679 Sll!JI)rdlna te councils, and fl net i Frame of Mind. colonel will resume command of -b~s: .official(r announced here that Bel- ·try Privorute ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 2 7 .-In membership of 56,331 $iSt€'rS and 13,·1 ·. regiment.. ·--·.- . ,. :';'glum, •Swttzeriand, R.oumania, Den.- iBraJ~Y: who CWJ~rwt¥l•~:~;t:ions to Pr~- HANOVliJR,. Prussia, PRINCE BUl\iPED 208 brothers, a net gain fot• the year HOXOLULU, Attg. '27:-T·he officers ·mark, Greece, serVia, .China, Persia,. killed M•ll;OiS Eliizajpe:~iff.'•IJ!f\T<let1fb.<ii!l!oL,,)i:if fofiliiel'' Stolyp;in, ~n the .a:I!Il'iverlSiary of .Crown Prince William 'Of 4,889 m~mbers. 'l'!Ie total cash llll(l men of the l;nlted States cruii!er GOLD Fon_.l!lUORT · !Argentine, Bplivia;· Chili, Ecuador, ·F£1-gus, OiJ1.,-ta.st .:a;ttempt of blow u•v 'llfi'll v;iUa, of in an autQmobiJe near :assets of the c;:ouncils al'e glveJl as Raleigh compl'ain ·O/ havJng no shore ~; . ''Mexico, Para-guay, . al,ld · Ur'Ug;jlay., ia W:f,d\1':!~ o!. .prime. minister w!Jth 'bom'llS. the .. thirty-five 'miles from Hl.-ID~¥~ $434,970, u net gain for tll~ YOOI' of' leal:e for the ll1lst two months, As a . NEW YORK, Aug.\ 2,7 .. ..,..,. Muller. ·.will support the Brazilian p\Foposi- 'b.e ·made to 'serve a. !illilid! · , ' ·day collided with an e~:~~~ $36,73fi. The amount paid for 1·elief result tbe~·\ bas !ken almost a mutiny Schall & com-pany. to'4&;v. · announ•~ tion regarding the organb:atton ot letlte ftlP.'d h'aNe. !Jlll.ni · offer a· tOO:dk!ul,,~~ tti ~·· .&lightly damaging. the and benefits during the year was on board, and the coaling of the cruis· an engagement of, f50:1),00tt ·ln,. tM InternatJ(lD.al ,High Court ot JuS.. ~urts on ill,~ · sa.ved tour life'· thillt · !Ill:(· mQ.y Nol:)ody, ·however, was· U!ditri'ilct:''~ $176,057. er has been (}elayeQ.. •gold for e.xport ... · ,_. \~ •. :: ;_'y~:ttee _at''l'he'~gue;: ~-: . \t•r. wOrk mt!h'su.~.~· reslilt of the-colUsion. .. ~ . ( . . \ . ......\ ~.. ._...~··,. ·..:-- .

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