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l'J; • -.....• ~.n: ,C 'Y:• .4;. _.,; ·_..•. .\ :• ~ \ ' \· OOLLINS & COMBES PUB. CO Office Johnsto\111, N. Y. . ....... __ _.,,. __ . ...,,.... ,.... ~~-·,_;_~ ~ ~ -- ~ - . •: ~ • • ' I • • ! ISSUJ.iD EVEBY ------~------~--------------------------~----------~-----~----------~----------------------~~:~-~~~--------------·------------~~--------~~~~~ ' B R 0 AD A·JJ BIN, F U L T 0 N COUNTY, N~ W YORK., '11--,HURSDA Y, SEPT·EJUB·ER 5,109'1. VOLmm XLIV. MAY ANNIHILAlf r~OORISH BANDS FRANcE ALARMED OVER GROW· ING RESISTANCE IN MOROCCO WHICH IS NOT AFFECTED BY CONT~D SLAUGHTER PARIS, Sept. 4. - The news of Monday's sanguinarY engagement near Cas!J-blanca has shocked well as surprised }j'rance. fighting demonstrated that the Moroccan situation is steadily grow- ing more serious, and-tbat although France is constantly victorious, the dogged fanatical resistance of the Moors, who appear to be mobilizing in larger numbers, may necessitate a distinct enlargement of the al- lied forces in order to bring tbe fighting to an end. a'S The Jump of coal. Redding would doubtless ihave -been killed but for the arrival of some of the Broold~\D's officers, who quelled the trou•ble, fl.Ud placed the rebellious firemeh in il•ons. R~dding was ·badly cut and--bruised about the. :head. - The fierce assaults . of the enemy are believed to be due to France's failure to annihilate the Moors dur- ing the early part of the expedition, a result which France was unable to accomplish on account of the re- strictions imposed on her by the Algeciras convention. HIGH HONOR fOR DfAD ARCHBISHOP WILiiiAMS. OF BOSIION. ' REV. nR. HANNA SE~TED ' FOR SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE STRIK ~=Rs W\_._ ··L- . ~~ IMPROVEMENTS STOPPED , L It ' ' ON CENTRAl, OF GEORGIA. LOOK foR WORK ! ~<\.CON, Ga.~Sept.4:::-A~ a result · - , , . , , · of the reduction ln: ~ass-enger 1·ates . . :' ·, . , . oand the general condjtwn of the money \ ' market, so far as railroads are con· cerned, 'all improvements have 'been ordered stopped by President F. A. TELEGRAPHERS S~ ~0 UFJ Hanson, of tbe Central of Georgia. SEEKING TEM}'ORARY l•~l\I· Rillilrood company. President Uan- PLOYMENT, WIT.JJ PROSPECT son snys the road his not sufficient OF JOBS JN OTHER VOCATIONS money to do 1he work. PRINCE SAW THE FAJ•LS ---- BUFFALO, N. Y., Sept. 4. Prince vVHhelm, of Sweden, left here this morning for New Yor'k. He visited Niagara Falls yesterday incognito, viewed the falls, and oth· er points of interest, dined pri- vately at the Clifton house on the Canadian side, returning t.o :Buffalo at a late hour. -AMfRICAN BOAT W~NS IN SPAIN ALFONSO HELPS CHEER FOR THE YANKEI.:S WHEN OHE- WINI{ VIII. R'(;'NS AWAY FROM THE FLEET. HfAVV WfATHfR_:. __ _ . . fOR- THf I JUDGING OF EXHIRITS RIGa:T AI..ONG IX SP!'l'E\ POUUiiNG RAIN AND l\-1AJ\ l\IUD. ' The heavy r-aln We1nesday aga·~ Y\\ vented the fair assoeirution from CS1'<' rying out thei!r pl.an~. 'roday's pl.(),.· · ~1·am will take place tomorrow, weatJl.o· (OJ: 1Jcrmitting. T.te -contJnued down~ pour has mado the grou:ltds a sea oli . · mud, but with :1 few hours 'Sun.slllne._ · and tiw amount or s<lW dust and tall!- bark rt:hat the ass-oci!ltlon .will }J •• Ye ._: (1istl'ibute over···the grouru:oo, ~very .. , thing will be in re!u!iness f.<Jr· the bat. · · ' ance of the w~-ek. '.flte judg~{)-f ~ departments is taking place· righ1( along ·as :ta:st as possiible in spite ofi ·tiie weather. M. Regnault, the French minister at Tangier, left Paris today fqr Spain, where he will confer with the Spanish officials on the subject of the enlargement of the !tCtlon, and co-operation of Spain and France. HOSTO~, Sept. 4.-Honored by a prince of the church, the cardinal arch·bishop of Baltimore, his intimate friend for upw-ard of ha'lf a century, by a host of prelates and priests, and by the- commonwealtb. of Massachu- S!:lttS and city of Boston, where be was born when the metropolis of New Eng- l.and •was yet a t()wn, the •body ()f :\fost Rev. John Joseph \)'ill!ams, D. D., Archbishop of Boston, and dean of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy in the United States, was, tml-ay, placed in the ~rypt beneath the high altar of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, which staff of six officers, is expected to ar- the Bannister b-lock was '[l'UrehaoSed by riYe here tomorrow on his way to the ·Secretary w. H. -Brush of Ne'W·burgh, BILBOA, S•pain, Selprt. 4.-Tihe American Sonderklasse yaJciht Che- wink VIII. won t:!Le first T'alce tod·a.y !In tlhe internationrul oorrtest for the M!rurde Oh-risltine cup, d'is1tall1Ce 7 1-2 Jllliles, ti;me ·2 hou•rs, 14 minutes, 11 seconds. The yaJCht Mwr•bQehea;d 'Wl3.S secon1d, Thud tJhe 8]J'll.ni~ yooht Dorig1a' w-as tlhiTd. The Amecr'i•ca.n y·ruciht Sp-okane I. flntslb.ed selvenlth. The baby show will be held tomar-· row aft<:>rnoou, and if rrossJ,ble, the racing pt·ogTam anrumnc~ f-or todaj'\ · will take place tomm\l\OW, -although ·ill is doubtful if the track will •be in con~ dition. The Barney Demarest combi• nati()n will give exhibitions and if old J. Pluvius will only give the fair asso- ciation a half a chance, the people ~ Fulton eounty will have a faiT in spite of all the opposition from the ele-o ments. The judging o.f -the Sheep. goats and swine was completed thiS morning and the winners in the dif• ferent breeds are as follows: Sheep-Best imported texile lbred; sheep. W. J. and .Addie Griffis~ Mayfield. German. army maneuvers, when he . . will be the guest of Emperor William. for ::I<Iille. Gill of the New YQrk Eques· EIGHT FRENCHMEN lULLED BY DETERMINED ATTACK CASABLANCA, Tuesday, Sept. S. .__ Eight Frenchmen were killed and seventeen wounded in an en- gagement yesterday outside the camp. The dead include Major Prevost, of the First Battalion of the Foreign Legion, and Lieutenant Benizzas, of the Second Battalion of Algerian sharpshooters. The Moors concentrated the largest force they have yet, mustered in this vicinity, and returned to the The officials of the PrusEllan Railways trienne comlbination of Which Barney a.re unusually alert at present owing Demarest, who ha-s a wild west com- to the frequent accidents which have bination at the loc,al tJ:ack rt:h!s week, CANADIANS SWARM recently occurred. is tne manager. 1 IN BU~fALO TODAY ::11iss Gill is in John~t()'Wn this week HEARTBROKEN OVER· and is one of the greatest lovers of horses in the country. She has Md-a.n eye on '\Ltttle Teddy\ eve-r since he aT- rived at the fair, ·and the purchase- was · negotiated through ·Secretacy Brusl:i today. The price paid is stated Two Regiments from the Dominion Take Part in Exereises During DfATH Of BROTHfR to have been $1,000 and is the highest Old Home \Veek BUFFALO, Sept. 4. - Today is officially known on the Old Home stands as a monument to his endeav- ors as a bis:hop and shepheTd zeahms in the rwork o-f 'saving tlie souls of Two Men Had Reached Old Age To- price ever paid for, bo!\Se fiesh m.Ful- toli eounty. \Little Teddy\ weighs fD'l'tY·fiYe pounds and :at the price pahl every pound 'E)'f 1:rim js: wo'Mh ~2.22. W~k program as Canadian Day. Thousands of visitors are expected • IIl'€:11. . attack again and again after en- countering the deadly tire of the 'l'he solemn ~eremony of transf~- ~tber, ln\\'Pftrabte' in Busbiess and ~~ection. ROCHESTER, Sept. 4. from Canada incl~ two regi- men& of Canadian soldiers, the Royal Fusileers of London, a,nd the French artillery and machine guns. ring the body from the huge catafal- The enemy's losses are described que, upon which the casket had rested sin~e :\Ionday, to its place of repose, followed a pontifical mass of requiem as enormous. The fighting was started ' by an attack made by the Moors on a French scouting party. special from Sod us:· N, Y., says: A The little horse will be exhibited with the Naw Yorl>: ·Equestrienne combina\ tion at the New York state fair, and at Bath, 'Ringhamton, Virginia, Not1:h Carolina and Texas, where the a•oove Thirteenth Regiment of Hamilton. The soldiers will parade this after- noon 'escorted by a battalion o•f the ~2th United States Infantry, and SAYS WHISKft ISN'T A CONSUMPTION CURE Henry Phipps Institute Also Calls Attenti<Jll to the Fact that Con- sumptives Have to Work for the re-pose of the archbishOJl'S soul, celelbrated by Oardim1l Gibl>ons, whose red 11at was bestowe<J. upon him by the Roman Pontiff at the request of Arch·bishDP Williams, who had de· clared the honor in his favor. Before the solemn pontifical mass, masses for the late archbishop were said or sung in all the parish churches and chapels of the jurisdiction. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 4.- Whiskey neither cures nor pre- vents consumption as many persons believe,• according to the annual re- port of the Henry Phipps Institut<?, one of the leading institutions in the United States for the treatment of tuberculosis. The report, which has just been issued, says:- \ As our statistics on alcoholism in tuberculosis grow it becomes more and more manifest that all extreme views upon this ubject will have to be abandoned. That alco- hol neither prevents nor- cures tu- berculosis is evident from the num- ber of alcoholics who have come for treatment; and that it does not strongly predispose to the disease :oeems to stand out prominently from the vast preponderance of non- alcoholics among the applicants for treatment. Neither can it be shown that the children of alcoholics are more prone t6 tuberculosis than the children of non-alcoholics.\ It is pointed out that nearlw L It is pointed out that nearly one- half of the patients treated ai the institute followed some ·occupation while undergoing treatment as their lack of means would not admit their not doing so. This fact arouses this observation: \Is society doing its duty by these people? Sick horses are n'ot per- mitted to work, and sick cats are sought out and humanely cared for. Sick brothers and sisters, however, not only are permitted, but are compelled to work at even laborious The procession consisted of more than 500 clergymen, the last of the officm·s of the mass being the vener- a-ble prelate, James, Cardinal Gi<bbons, the celebrant. During the exercises the city bells and fire alarms were tolled. City hall was closed <between 10:30 and 12 o'clock, and the flag on the building was at hulf·staff. SUNK BY A DREDGE. I GALLIPOLIS, Ohio, Sept. 4.-The r'-lls~enger steamer Henry )L Stanley crashed into the ,pnited States dredge boat Oswego at Gallipolis island, in the Ohio river here last night, and sank. All the passengers were taken wboard the dredge boat. GRifG, NORWAY'S GREAT COMPOSfR, IS. DfAD --- Had Started Out on Long Journey When He Became Ill and Expired Soon Afterward BERGEN, Norway, Sept. 4. - Edward Hagerup Grieg, the com- poser, died here today. He intend- ed sailing for Christiania yesterday and his baggage was already on occupations. How strange that there ere no societies for the prevention of cruelty to human beings.\ ' ' For fifty years Lyman and J. mentioned combination has dates this Franklin Rice, two prothers, have lived together here in bachelor hap- piness. They were partnerl:l in the mason contracting firm of Rice .fall. Brothers, and lived together· con- stantly, cooking their own J meals. Lyman Rice died yesterday,, aged MRS. fARLf NO. 1, BfST 7 8 years, after an illness of several months. His elder brother, his on- ly surviving relative, wlll inherit his fortune, which is said to be large. The elder brother, wealthy in his own right, is inconsolable over his life-long companion, and brothers death. • Of -fRIENDS WITH NO. 2 No Hard Feelings Visible as Dis- carded Wife Prepares to Depart for the Divorce Court NEW YORK, Sept. 4. Mrs. the officers of the 6.5th and 74th regimentl:l of New York National Guard. Canadian DaY in other respects will be full of entertainment. There will be a lacrosse game, motor-boat races and other sports, closing this evening with a grotesque parade ma(le up of maskers and burles- quers. The Canadian soldiers will remain here to participate in the dedica- tion of the MicKinley Monument to- morrow. LABOR MfN LIABLf Ferdinand P. Earle, the wife of the GASOLINI= NFAftl V artist in Monroe, N. Y., who says L Ll\ Ll TO fiN( AND PRISON place in her husband's household I fiNISHfD flft(M(N \ she has agreed to step out of her I and get a divorce in France in or- ! der that he ~ay marry anoth~r I, New Zealand Court Holds tllat Ar I woman, who lS already a guest In E lod\ T k f In\ bl • . xp 1ng an o - .• atnma e b L . d the house, came to New York fr·om bitration Award l\!ust e Ive Monroe yesterday, and spent sever- Stufl' Spread Over \Vater in Cel• Up to by Unions al hours here completing arrange- Jar and Blazed Up LONDON, Sept. 4. - Dispatches from Wellington, New Zealand, state that the court of appeal there has finally declared that the. strike of the slaughter house men and. their sympathizers is illegal. The workingmen, participaUng in it, the court! holqs, are violating - .... ' the warad of the .;ourt . of arbitra- ments for her departure today for Europe on the steamer Ryndam. In the •mming Mrs. Earle went baclt to Mdnroe to spend the last night unde1· her husbanll.~s roof. Ferdinand ·P. Earle and the wom- an he is to wed, drove to the sta- tion thts morning. Mr. Earle . at-. tended to . checking his wife's trunks. When it came . time for lier to take the train he lightly tion, and may be fined and in case of non-payment of the fine .may . be imprisoned for a term not exceed- kissed her farewell. The future Mrs. Earle waved her handkerchief. ing one year. .. REED· MAIN. : .. , The steamer Ryndam sails . at Z o'clock 't'his afternoon f.I'Qm Hobo- ken, a:nd· there, according. to the NEW YORK, Sept. 4. - An ex- Ki'in:g AlfonJso wi·bnessed tlhe ·smrt, bu:t -did nat follew tlhe I'aJOO on ac- -coun<t of a por.tion of t'h.e I'li'g.~ng of the roy•a'l Y'rucht h~avin.g ·boon caTil'ied •arwa.y. His Mlajooty congtWtu!lla!ted -the winner and drank the heta1th of 'tlhe - ~mer.ipa!JS in the C·l ulb ihouse, Wihi'C'h mng-'·Wftti, -o·ooeNl fol> tlb.e vic- torious AmeriCian yrucihtt. .FARMER'S DE.-\.TH OAUSES COHONFJR TO INVESTIGAT!E ROCHESTER, Sept. 4.-The death of .Alexander ~IcReady, a farmer liv- ing on the Hinchey road in the town of Chili, is being investigated by Cm·o- ner Kleindienst, -of this city. Mc- Ready was in Rochester yesterday. At 7 o'clock last _ evening his team dashed into his harn at his farm with MeReady lying across the whiffletree, unconscious from ·a fra~tured skull. His b'Ody W3JS also bruised and cut in many places. lt is possible that he may have been th~own to the place he was found ·When his horses started to run away. He was 46 years old, -and leaves a wife and a daughter. HAS THREl<~ BROREN RffiS. Charles Schroedc1• Against Beer .Kegs Sudllen Move. was Forcecl by a Horse's Cih!!l:r'l06 Schroeder, one of the '!)1\0- ·p.J:'ie;tors ot the St. Glra;rles 1 hote.1 in Bleecl<:e:\r • st-reet, Giovel!\sYiUe 'is con- find to hls home wi.tlh ti!JJree broken rilioo, wh!l-c:h ti·njurj' he sustained by be- ing forced ag•a.'ins•t a pHe of kegs in ·bhe rea.r of t:b.e ho-tel re,ce.nt'iy :Jly the sudd·en movement oQ;f -a llw-rne· he w·as lea-ddug. \' ,. l \\;p·aM1f • No sel'ious results 111re anti- PfRCfNI AGf. CHANGtD BY·lHf STAU BOARD --- Fulton· (',oun•ty Among Those '\\'hose l\ignres ;n-o: Alte>·cd to ·Snit Views at Albany. ALBANY, Sep-t. 4.--<l,t the meet- of t.he sta;tQ bowrd of cqual'izalbion today, t<he equ:a.Uzed percentages of asse-s,se·d va.lua.tiollil of aH Il'l'Ope.rties Best ram, 2 years old-' -Quacken· bush Brothers, Johnstown, 1st. 2 year ram lamb~-W. J. andl Addie Griffis, Mayiield, 1st prize. Best ram, 1 year and under---~ Mosher Bros, Johnstown, 1st. do, 2d. Best 2 ram lambs, Mosher Bros,. Johnstown, 1st. do. 2d. · Best 3 ewe -Jambs, ·2 years old. Mosher Bros., Johnstown, 1st. Best 3 yearling ewes-Mosh'e* Bros., Johnstown, 1st. • · Best 3 ewe lambs-Mosher Bros. 1 • Johnstown, 1st. • ' Best 2 ewes, 2 years old and un;; der-Quackenbush Bros., JohnS... town 1st. C. 0. Cross & Sons~ Johnstown, second. Best 3 ewe lambs-Quackenbu.sti Bros., Johnstown, 1st. . C. 0. Ctos~ & SOns, Johnstown, .3d. CharleS· Veghi;e, Town of Johnstown. 3d. ·: Angora Goats Beft ram, 1 year old and undel'! two-Seymour A. Snell, Ephratah. Swine chester White, best sow-Johiii Fosmire, Gloversville, 1st. Best sow pig under Veghte, R. F. D. No. 1st. 1 year-Chas. 3, Johnstown, '& Best breeding sow with not less than 5 pigs-Chas. Veghte, Johns- town, 1st. town, 2d. Jas. B. Putman, Johns- Best boar, 1 year old-Mosher Bros., Johnstown. 1st. Beakle Bros .• Johnstown, second. Berkshire Registered Best Boar pig under 1 year, kle Bros., Johnstown, 1st. Dest Beakle 2d. sow, 1 yenr old or over~­ Bros., Johnstown, 1st. do, ' Best sow pig, 1 year old-Beakl~ Bros., Johnstown, 1st. · do. 2d .• Best sow, 1 year old-C. '0. Cr'ost~­ & Sons, Johnsto'l'i'n, N. Y., 1st. Best sow pig, 1 year ol•il---<:ih~td<?::(; Best sow .. 1 year old~ Putman, Johnstown, 1st. Yorkshire Registered Best boar under 1 Veghte, Johnstown~ 1st. B~st sow pig-Charles Johnstown, 1st. -Best breeding sow-C. & · Sons, 1st. Speci.\tls Best and largest hog o. -Charles 0. Cross & Sons, .Jeihtt$;i. tow-n, 2d. Charle,s Veglite, towit, 1st. / \ Best 4 pigs under 8 ·m.on.th$7\. H. :Briggs, Johnstown, 1st. H. Baird, Johnstown, 2d. Cheshire Grade Best sow-M. & D.

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