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Eagle-bulletin. ([Fayetteville, N.Y.]) 1979-current, March 27, 1985, Image 14

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1965 Class Members Sought Forrest Thome, Barb Timbie, Nada Tutt. Nancy VaiiVajkenburg, John Webb, Keith Wentworth, Sue Williams, Mike Ward, Dick Gasen, David Price. • ^The, ;Payette ,yille .-Manliu8 Mike Gaitley, Raymond Gar- cT^wflii^5^'^lf^Diiigita20th dinier, Sandy Gaylord, Para 't^i^B^^^it»,oi^asa3B^ are Griffin, Bruce Hale, Ray Ham- hayinjj di^^ all mond, Charles Harmon, .Holly thewicla88inate8 to let them Hennine. Liz George. > know 'of tlie preparations. The Lenna Hopkins, - Clarissa reunipa.wll beheld July 5to7. Kobiyn, Tim Kress, Al Lagoe, About65niember8ofthecl8^s Virginia Loretz, Steve Mahler, are still among the-\missing Marcia Maisel, Bonnie Malone, aiidif localfesiaeyite can supply .Mkrcia Metz, James Miller, .in addresses for any of the follow- Linda Miller, Laurel Muller. x» 'S$g peopleVythe information Cheryl Nelson, Tricia Nye, :TV *Jjt &jJd ;bej^^ Richard Olsen, Edward Owens, S ^Llpyd BrSt, 210 \Mdlprd Dr. Carol-Parker, Francis Pjccione, JZ ^e^S^a^;^L320fii ^. ' Terry Pindell, Dave Potter, Glen v «S y^^^M^^f^^^^^i^J^y Rasmussen, Janis Rich: '•g *Baird, Jim Beidelman, Marilyn Bob Robinson, Dick Robinson, !'c'^^W K '©n^r^c «9wwii »PauIa Sheryl Sandell, Judy *j ICalahahi- Richard Coffman, Schumann, SherriVSeymour, - , , 5 ^Stephen Crp ^ut, Bob Davis, John - JimShepard, : John Simms, Tom 12:30 ^ Saturday when the S msmia, ^ Terry Dwyer/ Jeff Jones, Sandy JarVis, Carol property owner was burning ^Jjldwardstfharies Erlandsom; Siwik.rjphn Stoned RiaThorne, grass m front of the barn, which ^•&*?&<v ? ' . 4i&i<- : .7. >. was being leased to a farmer for hay storage. The wind spread Fire Destroys Manlius Bam Firefighters from six local de­ partments worked ahout seven hours Saturday, March 23, to combat a hay fire at the Donald Martin barn on Hoag Rd.\ Kirkville. The blaze ignited at about UJ Dr. George M. Mackor, D.D.S, Family Dentistry. The Market Place I Re 92, Manlius, N. Y. 13104 f .rr- (directly .tvhind FISIKT Bro.O the fire to'the barn. About 100 firemen worked to control the blaze. Minoa firefighters returned to the barn for about an hour on Monday when the fire rekindled. The Hunter And The Dog Orion and Canis Major, the hunter and the big dog, are > constellations of winter. They reach their highest point in the southern sky in late January and February, and indeed they are often veiled at this time of year. But on clear nightsthey are worth looking for. I consider them old friends, for I have watched them for more than 50 years from many places. . \' They are noteworthy for the bright; stars thatrthey con­ tain: BeitelgeuseandRigdinOridnya L the \brightest star in the'sky, in^Oa^i^Majbrr^-^'/^ ^te r th;e dog at^eel', or^snap^ anyone's. The.cpnstellatiQris. are rife with free-form imagi- natjpn, resultmg from main's insatiable talent over the ; ceilturies for reducing) natural things to human Reworks. 7 jg7 Wh^re constellations are concerned, I am a realist rather ^tbin^ romantic.. Ajrenditjbnpf them by Picasso would be a T fascifi&tii^ exercise. To me they are ftameworkiBj bla'|>a^rns, familiar patterns, and I can't be ' : bot^ Pc^fib |ieTfdf :spnng^%ill mjss^iim^:.. his bones, that is. . V/- Deserter links — herringbone and[ rope chains Heavy 16; ... solid rope chain shown Compare at $46^, '\$'i ; 2l 'Q9-5 f-' *ilA'n\cxqnuitt'coHecdbr¥\pf nagger. ,'}<rwe)ty: light Charm ; as shown '•. --''CornpareaiSt?^ , Diamond'&.prccious slprie. rings-. A. very speviaLioljcin'on nwr bt-fiire displayed at our show*. Magnificent collection of designer earrings Compare at $75. to $250 $29.-$99. 10% OFF on any ring in bur entire Inventory — Diamonds^• Sapphires, Rubies, Opals, Amethyst. Hip ^'dr^r^^cqwit» apply - '* ..' 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Studio.315 Is the name given to Qjtiondaga^adl|on B.OGES' current graphic design course fdr^^aduits^tthe Zogg Adult Edu- ?latloiv Center ln ; Llv^pobl^^a^^ak, fuMrtlme ^irseljegan last §eptemtilet;JG[i«pttcd^^i. anildther ^iiif raining for Employment'^r^r)|Mgdi^!9f :caR ;be; Visited at 1 p.m. Thursday by in^6ni*;intere^ed1jKfull- tlme courses geared to lead to employment. Need Hosts For Teachers Host families are needed to better ^mders^riding' for more . liost -English-speaking'Euro, l *3 f 0 \d6 ;jE%llsli^|»e«ikiiig i^iVmerican Host ^ounHaxipnris |-5JK ^^r ^^^fe^w<^ Anyone intertitJeWhf^ng: a TX... - ^s^tearni^gim^^u^ftrie , fouhdation 's activiiiBJB ^iin 'ay f^ilies .rlt .is a nationwide;home al ^^pspit^ij^ Di ^ani, 'that is en

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