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2: Tax Cut? F'villa Schedules Budget Hearing ».. - ^ 5: Visitor Grammy Winner Plays At FM IB: Tutoring LeMoyne Students Aid Youngsters (USPS 1636 6000) Wednesday, April 3, 1985 VOl. 72-73, NO. 14 Secon d Class Postage Paid at Fayetteville N Y 1 306 6 Program Aims To FM Students Home A program, still in the embryo stage, to provide drinking stu­ dents safe transportation home got a big boost from the Manlius Village Board recently when it offered the Manlius Village Centre board room as a location for a base station. \The reaction at the village board meeting (March 26) was incredible,\ said Linda Espinoza Edmonds, Exploring director for the Hiawatha Council Inc. of Boy Scouts of America. \For them to listen to this ninth- grader and give her a place was incredible.\ Wendy Emily is the Fayetteville-Manlius High School ninth-grader, who wrote to-the village board about the program and asked to be put on the next meeting's agenda. Mrs. perienced drinkers, who are also inexperienced drivers, home safely.\ The Safe Rides program is chartered through Boy Scouts of America as an Exploring post. The only other program like it in New York is in Scarsdale. \This is a new concept for the Boy Scouts,\ Exploring director said. \It's rather dramatic for the Boy Scouts to get involved in controversial issues. We are usually seen as a traditional, non-controversial program. We do stress the dangers of alcohol in our regular program, but there is a need to do something about the problem of driving while intoxicated.\ Mrs. Edmonds presented the concept of the Safe Rides pro- graWto Ijaura.Matbis, president . JDrivinftsDrairjik;„. ----- _ - \ * M, * fl mimW ^i\™-'* S ^^:Aftei -SiatMarcH -5\meet. S^eT^des, an .Exploring pro­ gram,- ;yet to ^e ^established, needed a location where^a small group of students and a super­ visor could meet Friday and Saturday nights. The members of the Explpririg post would pro­ vide ride's hpnifefprJE^students who have been drinking and are not able to, urive.of for students ing,' Miss Emily took it. upon herself to ask the village board for a location where the weekend base station could be whose driyef has been drinking including babysitters: ^ho/dOn't feel comfortable riding home with parents .wiho have been drinking. \The aim of the program,\ said Mrs. Edmonds, \is to get inex- '°jhe onVylway this program works is if tiieMps are excited,\ Mrs. Edmonds 'said. \We hope to continue toget : that-kind of re- ^ponse-^m-the-kids-aRd -adults- to get adults, particularly those from the Chemical People pro- gram involved) would .operate\ the base station from about 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Satur­ day, depending on the partying habits of local youth. Rides would only be provided FM stu­ dents as a means to limit the area to be £raveled, but the stu­ dents would be transported home in the area. \We first must assess the need for Safe Rides,\ the Exploring director said. \If we find that none of the students would use it, it's not worth having. But I think one call a month is worth it. If we can save one kid, get one drinking driver off the highway, then if s worth it.\ The members of the FM SADD chapter will conduct : ai. survey ,at use SalfcBides .. , ^ . _ If there is a positive respuhse, a meeting will be scheduled to enable the > students to explain the program to -the. community and to ask for adult help. „ All participants would be The order to reverse the flow oJ traffic on Wesley St. I* Manlius will be given at 6 aJl». Monday, Apjif 8 when the bags covering stop and.one-way#ign>wjlfc^ Persons driving to 4b£-post<oifi$e{ %0fri *)£^$ft&r Vitestey St. from Bast Seiieea St. Wesj^y S^tr^tfic w?JII exit onto Rlesisarrt St. Drivers are rej^lndi|d %o ^ti^aleri „u»^y^prie t has 4ie^m€ei^^ii|iji^1^ in the community.\ If the enthusiasm and support continue for Safel Rides, the pro- ^ gram could be operational as early as the end of May. Students and adult super­ visors (the SADD students hope The '-Fayetteyi|le-M^li ^8>\: -^fen^nri^nHJtf ^j^jay^f Board of Edusa &on ,meta#«p£~ •^0 ^i00^^h ^0 '^;..'ihr. cial session Saturday^.March30, PKKpTliK ^nV ^M superintend trained, the ^regroup by rep- Ife - *^ J ^ppoiiitoeiit of ti&j&L C'} : ' \ resentatives of BSA, the Red ^X^f rt f ? U S l f ?&F7 u M^^y*^^** Cross, the county jfttaict atta* P^i B alofAeFMmgh|chool. h ^4^fio ^M - — Toived appointment is effective CoUege, his master pf;art degree doctorate fpijfaji tSolvimSai^ Col- ney^s office and r' other* involved ^organizations, ^hey would In turn train others. \These students are concerned about themselves and their peers,\ Mrs. Edmonds said. \Their big motivation is a desire not to hear about a friend killed in,an alcohol-related accident.\ juiy i Dr. r^uklis, 45, is currently as- sistant principal for curriculum and ^struction at *he 2,500- pupil^iihgtorr.High School eepsie; lege. Before acji^piUflgithe posi­ tion at Arhngtori-riigh School, Dr. Kuklis was socfal studies .^, ?W! ,_.. J .,.,. chairman.and,has hada variety Helwas. selected from a field of of social studies teaching poai- almost100 applicants. The field tions at Northhampton Hi^h ~%a8 ,.redu^d to 10. The^hree School tW ^P^^V^tfb ^liii^ finalists w.exe interviewed last;. Mopxop^^^ox^- and;P\lari week. /RJiverhi^ac ^ioote'Jii^i^V^^ , Dr. I ^Hs, will fill the vac- • He and,jhi$ wifej;vLouise,- and ahcy^ereatedlhy,^he resignation • 1beir '4wtf'-d^di^^ujifb, six, of Dr. Leslie^ Loomis- last \ and Tiraotny,\tn^e;yeara/plan November.- Vincent. Hemmgrj to relocate in the Syracuse area assistant principal at the high this summer, schoolvhas been actingprincipal . Dr. Kuklis is to be honored at since Dr. Loomis' resignation. a reception from 2 to 4 p.m. \Jle (Dr. Kuklis)'was selected Wednesday, April 3, in House J because 4 )f his strong academic cafeteria attiie high school. Manlius Budget OK'd The $ 1,722,694. budget for 1985-86 the ViUage of-Manlius was approved March 2§ .by a split vote of tHe trustees. The tax rate fbr;j985-86 will oe $5.25 a $1,000 oilassessed r valuation, a $1.70 a $1,0Q0 reduction when corporate more properly to ih,- .crease the tax base. Trustee Harold Hdpkinson noted.that the Jiigh;tax rate in the village B6m*pai^ r ^th : ''tj^e-^ town was not ^5iii (?eritiw^r property owners f~ • L3 - T1 ' \ 1 r ^\ Fayettevtife-JManUus junio^^^ toward the Henhlnger Qoa^n. this play during Satli|(dajg^^^ lacrosse ieam t opens its league season at 1 :p.m., Satli%)f^Vli^3^fKs1t%(c'erS' North Syracuse at Coy he ReJp'. : tHe e^oo^irich i^ttiioni^M^l^Mr^^ pM3olct|lop^n^^otea against thaH^ere^^25per^ent^ tt^fm^^<v^%»^§h^ .?. ^oii,|a;ta : e^^^ate^^^(|]^ The March 2$. budg ^hearihg >- ; per...c^ waa|#fended/by more .thari 18 ' w;,^^^^^^ village 'tr^sidehtSi sbmeM wfiom^ ^h^er'laILy!^i'# ^a^'antedS; j^^irrent v^ager^dlge^lkn ^C

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