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Ambulance op 3: Centenari 6BTEVILLE FREE LIBRAE 1\/>M 1 (ZI3/IZI3/S& 10 111 GENESEE SI FHYET TEV 1 L.LE NY 1 306E f A nuhifier of-proposals were reviewed gy ihe.Manlius town Pianhmg Bbard'at its April 15 ^ard d'Hara, speaking for a Frank Pizzica proj|#,presented; tfiefideaytri the^Ill^ers^al; a portion bfthelandm the raz'ica project, calledTrolley Crossing, be \absorbed? ihto'the Residen­ tial Five zone adjacent to<uVlt is located off Rt. 92, opposite tie Vefbeck development. The zojre ctemgepflTposal must go before the town board, and the planning board's input was being sought on it. \Aren't most planning board findings based on hardship?\ asked member TonrKaW.. * Jan Farr-l attorney?5for the board, satd;the board also^ has tfte^^orSniitytointerpre£the ordinance As a transition project, it Steve McGinnis presented would be ideally suited for plan- plans for Glen Eagie Wbdivi- ned unit development, but we sion, off of Enders Rd. tne plan don t have that to work with,\ was referred to the county for Mr. O'Hara Said He said he understands the re­ luctance of the town to Jtllow spot zoning, but .-since the apartment land would be adja­ cent\ to the Residential Five zone, it would really not be spot zoning. consideration and, a public hear­ ing will be held on the subdivi­ sion -May 20. \ Glen Eagle; which; i8 located south of Benthropk subdivision and north ,of Kimball Rd. and Mallard's Landing subdivision, The planning board seemed to I s a * 2 3-acre project.with 142 feel, generally .that the develop- Mn gl^fenuly^lbtsl^posed. It is ere were trying to get too much }nna * aA -™- r.--.— ontotheparcel. The matter must go on to the town board Spruceridge^a proposal off of Brickyard ^Falls Rd., that bor­ ders the Town of Pompey, was not considered Monday night, to the disappointment of at least located across from Enders Rd. Elementary. The subdivision of the Good­ man Farm on Peck Rd. was dis­ cussed. Planners said six drive­ ways fronting on Peck Rd. wouid not be afeceptehje^^ ^e^jcep- rooaT.fr,+;..~-fK- —'-^Bisliop^said Fayettevlle'*;^ ^yzftii; % .,-„ ... . ... k ^JM***^^ ^ts ^oflunnini^^^|i3 pags^alHlyabc^eJamesyilleas together.\' r > ' Itt\ feWtoa certain vJ dumber ofre&oh^ to discuss a Wt .^een ^nt ^t^ ^ ^SS^SJSL secession sjudy ^iear about Mr. Nash saidifce^eaWs|o ^SF^^^-S-*^^ 638 tuning tU^mS^^ to fM outif the neighbors P^Me damage _ ^ , , Mrs. Bak'^r said she felt i|be to hear aTtou^the Qtisca plans ing tiieir^interests to%eaii.\i\ presentation by .O^sca on the tpr Alpha Portland £ement F and Gary Krainer, a farmer De- companys plans far the old to .dia^.^^B ^^vdriilKed Witt coiincilnian^afe~ a pre- Algha^Portland cement plant, a. Stone %ar^ expansion prop-, sentatian to Jamesvilie resi- W&F* on tne Jamesvilie hori- of&-. ,.£? • • dents, seel^iheir participa- *£nV#ere presented wellfand ,f We accomplished exactly tibn in town government and \Sjpnnj officials were open and what we : se£outta> <Jo,\ Harold explaining how to run for town Wing to explain their aims. Nash, presideai of tbe South board. - AdiscusaionofpolicecoVerage Area .Hpmec ^ej ^-Aisn.^.said Mr. N&h said-the various jfbllowedas well - Thefirstclock b£ wound $qj »eaL- —— u : -r -sr. ^ u, - ^.i \^re^b^ferian ^£&urc1i in tfte'days whe^|i 'f^Dt ^^^^>T tihie piece was part qfWery village and clocks weie.pnzed.. '' faniii^pos^sessidns. . '~ ,\ < .. T^eorigiha) woodeii«hurch buUdn^«fa |4 ^kc |4 b^hie < presenfchncfeifer^ AfSQ^v ^L^d ^^^g ^g^^f\' mailed a r part ofth^tower with jgjot ^^A^g ^l^^^pr\ forattentiortis«ifter1a^ PayJ^Sawg^ :ifaSghtedfacea'fau and the geh ^healfe -nBedl ^totre^ chejt^^|^ r ^fe affer .electri^s^tthsr'-:;-- : ; The >hdf ^6ck «amg wasmost^ngyj&lfby^J^e^ •FalW^and h^'^M'^^^^m^^^' abbivs^Tco ^ununmes, family^and ^dies^urt ^^^J^nf^ ltfestyle^n their oWas peers sttidanta-and to develop. \Pa# of me, mentally, is still in Burma. P™^ 810 - y Tlie^o^n't^ay^t^algp^^ Dr. I^ess«selected-Mr; ffiintr about my experiences there,\ says mna * »nnmnriato rJiot ^V.

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