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By Barbara S. Rtvette For the local weekly newspaper, 1936 brought hew interest in the cam­ paign to \straighten put Genesee St.\ and replace , the sharp $ curve, at the bottom.. One\ of the ear­ liest recorded accidents at the Limestone Creek bridge was when Barney Karker's stagecoach horses went out of con­ trol, coming down the hill, tumbling the woman passenjgeX about. Although many accidents took place, ovej the years, therehtfere no fatalities. The wide straight \new\ bridge that now takes traffic over both Limestone Creek and Mill St. was an impor­ tant improvement when it opened more than 20 years later in 1958. The Eagle Bulletin in 1936 ^as\an important ' ^partPOf /V£flage iifel ^carayM of Kirkville, Jamesviile, Delphi^' Oran, DeWitt and Lyndon. In addition, there was a regular weekly column \The' Political Circus\ and chatty \news by \Connie Converse,\ who was actually the late Clara Griffin, one of the workers who carried on^ the office business, as well. The paper was pub- j&hedJb: an t. V; 4. \* Tractor Track Is Damaged On Hill Driver Is Alleged To Have Lost Control of Vehicle; Operator Is Unhurt FAYETTEVILLE — Another accident was added to the many others on the. Fayetteville^hill last Saturday morning at 7 a,m. when a heavyiduty motor\^ractpr/'^pull- ing a hig freight ^fflffer'^-Ioaa'ed mater.. INCLINE SLIPPERY Hill Not Sanded at Time Of Accident Is Report Of Observers +J~ that separates the roadway of the bridge from the footwalk. submit this report to those inter, ested ior -what, it- k worth. forcing him on.' But he did- man. age to headii the t heavy vehicle enough toward ;the^roadway to jea- - cape crashing through the. guard raite into the creek.' \, Iam^stonev.jCrjee -stop, smashing the steel '• girder -kept bumping;-into the* tractor :: —iTHE—— J ;!CHATTERBOX s j; •'., Connie Converse \ '• gardless of the disagreeable night' all the tables were, filled, the re­ freshments were awfully good and it\ was so very successful! that an­ other one has been planned for the near future. The°'dcfor \prize \was awarded to-Mrs. Francis Deer Chamber Plans New S-Curvl Elimination Widening Of Street ^ and Bridge Seen Absolution To Local Problem When all Fayetteville was peacefully going about its daily duties last Friday morning, some Jntin T. t .TOllnn ^Lu ^were ignorant,^*,^,th.e^i^^; pTb^uleTTntht^P^^ * same building as now at ?* 8 h * r t£ ™\B«*J£ n *f ™l the corner of Elm St. —---- ™* *• ^ rty last Thursday .evening at and Brooklea Dr., which the -KUi ^f-Fr^)r ^ncBTn ^-l3rS^top^ FAYETTEVILLE — Radical .measures in eliminating the men. 'acing s-curve were voted down at the annual meeting of the Fay. itteviUe^^h^mbW* SB WF KI ^ommerce held last Thursday evening Jn the dining room of the Fayetteville inn. Ajbout forty members attended waR-then-called-Mill-Str- Mr. Dillon was a true newspaper man of his time who would gather news, write4t/while he sat at the ^ linotype machine, write the edito­ rials, sell and make up the ads as well. Sports news is sparce in the 1936 papers ex­ cept for the bowling re­ sults. The OrviltelBar- becue team at^96%pped the league beating out Kinsella Coal team at. 94 with Manlius Publishing Co. team trailing at 75. *heHai ^f-*V^r -a>OTffiB -t^^bj^e-,past.pr.esiient L Robert Por. at.the- gas station.- of Tracy and Sons. ~TJbw that was .'something.. They had the car filled with, gas and oil and while they were get. tir^_j^tei^up^OT^Mrs, Roosevelt and her companion Miss Cook got. out \to stretch a\-bi^and\ went in 1 , look •V?' the bank corner and on the curve just past the library. The bridge would be widened and j shifted to another angle which wouYd do away with the s-curve but would not be so drastic and costly as the original proposition to build a new highway and park in the lower jnd^flfjthe=village Mr. Collin Armstrong heads t committee to -enlist the support oi the state officials in this project A. report on his progress is expect . fid-in-the- near-futurer— \ ~ > Tracy.'*, office ; \to\ Stake v * after 1 ' wjflich - •refreshments were served.-—-— •— * * • The Women's Republican- Club of the Town of Manlius will hold their February ''meeting at the home of Mrs.., John Schermerhorn t; Spring., street on Wednes- fJtm 7, look ,Sp «ttg ;str6et m Wednes- ment of highwaya m w id |5mg :.ihfl ecfslie^-gettin'g 4ay ^rnoon ; .Febwary 26th at bridge and atra i gh tening .i|h6ihfgh; SsSiSe ^ouW. MO ^k.'It will be a social ^^front recourse to/extrenifl afternoon, with^ lots 'Of^ fun .plan- r ^ lfleation ^ f the thn^tifa^. a look around n't see some different wood\ that she might use in the manufacture of- her furniture). She was very much interested in their show room and X spent some time in chatting with the Tracy's. So Fay. etteville wae on the map again and the Tracy's took all the hon­ ors. While Fayetteville sits shiver. mg among the surrounding snow drifts, at least three of bur local- ladiea will be on their way to the land of sunshine and warm weath­ er, as onJ : Wednesday Mrs.- JPercy; Jarvis, Mrs'. Russell Chrisman and Mrs.'Louis Arnold left for a trip to-Jfermuda.\ • Th« Women's Democratic Club had a delightful party on Monday evening at .the Legion rooms.. Re. neoy<iesjtdes , a fine^prgram.vlt will bS$!joint Lincoln'and-Washington celebration. jter. A lengthy discussion followed concerning the grade elimination on the hill. After -much sharp dis? cussion a vote was taken on the matter.and it was decided;tojen -r list the aid of the state ^(depart­ ment of highways in widfenlng>the, ^ reallocation of the thoroughfare. The plan agreed upfon'-^by the chamber Mvbuld widen the street at ^ 9 $1.00 Per Year Unliiis Village Board Proposes Purchase of Fire Fig COST APPROX. $7,500. MANLIUS -r- Recognizing the Heed of the Manlius J£ire Depart; ment for better' e^ipmenft/ the 1 Manliui Village Board has adopt ed and will submit, |o the- taxpay. era at the forthcoming village; elec. tion ta -proposal-to authorise, v the board' to purchase, a suitable, fire truck and equipment at a cost not to exceed $7>600. Announcement of this was made by Trustee F. D; Richburg at the .monthly meeting ci the Manjiusi (Chancer of Gonf- inerce held last night in the Bap^ tist gymnasium with the Manlius Fire Department as annual .gu^ets cf the/<Jhamber. he -provided with up-to-date firje^ protection received some discuB. sjon. .The'village^hoard is-not hoS-p fjjile-toward »-fhe|!^establi«hment>,- of kySxe xonej .-indeed; would^wielcome it,' and has devoted, considerable time and : effort, in that direction, but^it.^s only ^fai ^tts 'tatethmthiM The idea of lestablwhing a legal- far their etto^/h&^e^it:f)&tjgffiy fire zone to. embrace the yijlage with mdjfference and unwiUi^nesa and adjacent ic^imf f ^%^ r t^^ to ^oo^per^^dn'the^part. of ^tovm vquate equipment 8upplieds..,ahd; bodies andV individual? approached, maihtained by. the taxpayers^ in \ - the entire zone who in turri would

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