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Eagle-bulletin. ([Fayetteville, N.Y.]) 1979-current, January 22, 1986, Image 5

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CO tfl & *' T *ot»«^^^gamsfethe suh-s, -glow is ve- the Rihd*pf?subjeckwe ve airphoto* • p^ai^ifrpnii^distancetoM^ppetit ^ paintir^g.J^ Bng^^gptiiQ a D^aorDfiyf' -— a., male.Cardinai h^dlellconrabare. ^ ~ :t \ ~ ? • flecke&with snow. phQtoj^al^pni^sibit,. aed and mat'ted^^ t gQodjudgine*nt. \' ., xperimental vein, \Frost Each.Twig\ depicts a> pattern of twigs Outlined by a.rime of white -against a mauve 'and plum'. backgrpund;highlighted,by^a blur of wintry sun % \Detau^Avalanche Lake\ ,and; \Adirondack Detail\ are studies, of air ^bubbles trapped near the surface of thick lake ice and they are totally ,abs|^c|jn,tneir effect. \Mountain jC&sc&de\ concentrates oh needle-like against a*rfi6und6f } refuse from^hicli springs a* glorious profusion of daisies. • \M^feftf^^^fs^siw fihfeT'sense/of cbrn^sMdttanq'r^bod in and \jftsten' for the hoctps,\ apftner . . study iwlnichvjias a'magical qu&lifcy. , T ^Ala^kan.JVilderne'ss ^&#%ooks Range\4s-one of t%^st,fj#ly^ realizedlahd^pesin ite.eff^ive^use jof light and shadow.\ •2 • A $ m SI 03 5\ . 09 nes^^|h%|pr6duced four covert for gr$phed|: affierwiard wondering why the years, ^n^otaiis.photographs was . we are really seeking is the^ssehfe.pfc^ •-, spfcesrofr water plunging over rocks Thephotographeris a^at^alip, \* -with ana&iral.eye for ; balian^^^ drama. Heroes not play esftter|<ir\. games with his camera, butrai^ieri communicates a real feeling fp.^the environment. Don't be^eceiyed^y ; the seeming simplicity of thesubjecp!.. One doesn't just/ahn and shoot to take pic­ tures like these! Political Traditibns He has knocked on so miahy - . Mr. Lytel now lives in Ithaca neighborhood doors in the last and is, working on a doctorate 14 years, David Lytel could degree ih government at Cornell probablv-draw- a map of the-University—He-has-* masters- Town of DeWitt and, properly degree in, communications from identify the town lines, all of the Ithaca College and is also afree- street names, and throw in the lance-writer for telecommunica- zip codes and telephone ex- tions journals, changes. o He started campaigning for Mr. Lytei's. knowledge comes himself last JMay and found the. Adds Hours Year 1 Continued financial support the dinner hour has increased am theicommunity'has ena- participation, bled ffi'e Fayetteville Tree Lib- ^ directi^^p^rfcibr 1985 rarytoremaniopentothepublic no ^^that 75j83d items were more tours than any other lib- loaned duringtheyear, a^bheper rary inCrondagaCounty cent: increase*when. cMpared Th^ recent addition of 12 ^ifi,^. n ^»t A «» ; : « m ^Ml&&AAi- circulating petiifidns^a^dthand- Wa^^'helsays. ingout pamphlets eacluall since He admits that running for he was a high school/student at political office is emotionally dif- Jamesville-DeWitt. He became ficult and adds that as a candi- his mother's campaign manager date, \you are personally er- in 1982, during her bid for aeon- posed.\ He says that as a man- gressional seat, and again in ager for his mother's campaigns 1983, when she sucessfully ran he could stand away from the for county clerk. heat but aff 'a participant he He.says, \Coming from a polit- didn't have the luxury of being ical family is like coming,from a cboly objective about his perform farm family. When if s tinfe far mantes. .the harvest,you are there : an&; 'ffis^c^utipjugn was.als6waged you help,'when it's time focain?' .jimJSm^i^^cale then w«fe his paign you just do it,**' ' ino^ii^|?Me«iia'd Jio.liea^ttlar- Mir. Lytel also claims that the ters r other than 1 his living room apple doesn't fall far.ffonf the andfj^it^asu^ of a tree, and in 1985hejapplied his sm^cbBCJ^gjftj^unt. „ ~Ho\eo£ political' iTte^.^df^^ex- Air. Lytel plans on promoting pertise to campaigning for. a seat economic development in Ithaca on the Ithaca.city xpuncil^and and hojpes'to encourage investr won \by a ^Be^^lianlwo^fo-prie meiua 'fif local electronics-, and -margin^er-^e^RepubliGa&Gon-- maSuTaeturing^raas; -tender;- Charles'WrPappas very no p£4;877£egis- 1^06 first an­ nual report, it was noted that the because I know you're open,\ is a room' was used by 4,830.people planWmol^^SSe^ ^uent comment heard by -JjbB and that 2,215 books were able 'future? ' ; J7?t*i library staff. Being open during loaned. He took,the,^ 'iFlv'iiyiriri (^rriirco r r, x in 9 uourse couticirmee|^|^uajy^ | A National Safety Council New^Yqrk. S^te^dnv^rs who t*y^i<^fer^-w^t-e)mire {six-hour defensive driving''''completeihecoii ^suie eligible for' four ye^^hpwever his, au- course will be held from 8 a.m. to for a 10 per^ cetft, reduction in tumnal habit of shaking hands 3 p.m. Saturday, January 25 on motor 'vehicle' liability insur- and ringing doorbells will prob- the lower level ofDeWitt Town ahce premiums forarthlree-year ably^fmdib^jcain|^gn^g this Hall, Erie Blvd. and Kinne Rd. period, plus'a reduction of three -yel^.f^r Igiia^^el^. v - ~ A fee of $28 must be paid at points from their driving record. \Kyou\.g^^^p!irf\a.polftical registration.which will be at the JFor more information, call fa^^^i^^dAyJiB like 6ir&- door of the class. - 463^42^6^ and feaster all in one. Itis com- jletely*and^tally^ormaMor-^| me to go door to door in the fall.\ In.ffiej).emq(;ratic-primaryjG3.r__po3itiQn_on_^ : the Sejdond ^a^d^pommo^ commitee in order to prpmote'his CounciKhominatiohJhe edgeaT~ideasr :\ ' - out party 3 jravorite\KIark ! At- if e says^hat Ithaca ^is a m> banese with more than-57- per idue community^composed of cent of the wte. 30,004 xe^dents, 2b,000 of FOR THE MOST INTEREST RATES l^Otf YOIIR 4 ^^jf.; 7 If QVLL \: 500 Si SALINA STREET . S01TE 1124 ''SYRACUSE, NEW VORK*'i3202 ' PHONE' 315/474-1091 The Comput^er^ las fldoyecl!. Better ThjeA^yeri We £ire ojffexing , Wiriter-j^c^gr.ams' In: • SAT Hep, • t S£eed<,Reading • Regents Hfrath & ehemist^^torials CALE US TODAY 422-4436 . _j The Cornputer _=™ Learning =i<EIinici;rnc. ... :e presents \TJic :I|^lI^glg,^^^prenew ,, UGl Feb. 22: March lr March 8: March 15: March 22: March 29: April 5: vlApnl 12: to*' 1. Incorporating Your Business 2. Money and Banking 3. Business Insurance 4. Financial Planning- lnsurance and Annuities 5. Financial Planning- Securities, MutualiFunds, <IRAs 6. FinanciarPiannihg- Taxation, Betfrement, Personal Affairs 7. Perkonn'el- ResUnieS} Interviews; Hiring 8. TCe'Ex'ecutfye Package- .•^Wardro^i^hsultatfon,

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