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The Chatham Republican. (Chatham, Columbia County, N.Y.) 1886-1918, December 13, 1887, Image 1

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mm m VOLUME 2. CHATHAM, COLUMBIA COUNTY, N. Y., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1887. NUMBER 10. < P wm Business Cards. Q. E. Baxretti A TTORNEY and Counselor, East Chatham, N.Y. F. I. Pexk, /^.ENEKAIi Insurance Agent, Masonic Build- ing. Park Row. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Barrett, 'C ’ LECTROPATHIC Physicians. No. 18 Park T?nw. fVinmiltations free. G. K. Daley, A TTORNEY and Counselor at Law, and • “ - Civil Justice,, Main street. Wm. C. Daley, A TTORNEY and Counselor at Law. Office •A a . tn Morris block. Main street. C. M. Harmon, Examinations free. T'vENTIST. Examinations free. J L-' Building, Room No. 1, Park Row. Masonic Cornelius Shufelt, A TTORNEY and Counselor and Notary Pub- -cA. He. Office in Cadman Building, Mam lie. street. McClellan & Brown, A TTORNEYS and Conn **• in Masonic Building. and Counselors at Law. Office Park Row. Joseph, Summer ISSUES tickets to and from Europe for $15. -*■ Now is the time to send for your friends from.ali parts of Europe. ______ . P. H. Garrity, TVEALER in all kinds of Hour, Feed, .feeds, U Grain, Hay, Salt, etc. Masonic Building. Next door to A. J. Fellows ’ drug store. L. E. Callender, TTASHIONABLE HAIRDRESER. nnd nhildreri ’ s 1 ‘ and Children ’ s work a specialty. Masonic Rnilding, Chatham, N. Y. Ladies ’ Room 8, WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR HOLIDAY AND AT PRICES BELOW THE LOWEST. Silverware, Smyrna Rugs, Barbatine Yases, Carpet Sweepers, Table and Pocket Cutlery. Fancy Crockery, Hanging Lamps, Yase Lamps, Pipes from 10 cts. up to Glassware, immense stock $6.50, Azro Chace Hanor i and Surgeon. TDHYSffCIAN and Surgeon. Office in the new Jr McClellan Building. Hours, 8 to 10 a . m ., 3 to 5 p . m . Telephone in Fellows ’ drug store connects with residence on Payn Avenue. F. E. Allen, rERMONT Marble Works, opposite Ifesonic V Building. Chatham. Gramte and Marble Monuments, Headstones, Coping and Cemetery work of all kinds. Chatham Steam Laundry, I AUNDRY work of all kinds executed at - ‘ -•reasonable rates. Rough dried family wash ­ ing a specialty. E. P. Allen, Lower M%m Street, Chatham, N. Y. . Stanwix Hall, tv JAIN street, Chatham, M. A. Harding, pro- 1VL prietor. Free ’ Bus to and from all trams. Particular attention paid to commercial men. Livery connected with house. Chas. Smith & Co., CHATHAM Marble Works, manufacturers of every description of Marble and Granite Cemetery Work. Best of goods guaranteed at reasenable prices. Austerlltz street} near x>. 05 A. R. R. crossing. Chatham, N. Y. _______ Dr- A* M- Calkins, OTTRGEON Dentist. Office next door to O Hawley ’ s hardware store, Main street, Chatham. All work guaranteed as repre- sent&d. A. J. Fellows. TvRTTGS and Medicines. A full line of every- -LJ - thing, belonging to a flrst-claas drag store at popular prices. A share of the public pat ­ ronage solicited. Prescriptions prepared care ­ fully at the Chatham Phi Building. larmacy. Masonic W. H. FLINT, tlSDIETAKSH, FiiFcIaase ysms* CNF®ceFies of xas and Stave satfisfaetion of getting ttie best tbat is prodneed. Kalamazoo Celery, Plum Pudding, Salad Dressing, Bunch. Raisins, Cape Cod Cranberries, Boned Chicken, Imported Cheese, Seedless Raisins. Wedding bells will soon be ringing again under the hill. Ed. has taken his brother Frank fo study for a roup doctor. Mrs. John C. Miller, who has been sick some lime, is failing. The “ Hornets Nest ” Is quite an attrac ­ tive place for the young bloods these chilly days. The building erected by Wm. Corts and two aldermen for his fancy fowls has been taken in. Ed. Van Guysling bought most of the farming utensils at Goonley ’ s vendue. He expects to use them near by. They are having a spelling match at the Yellow school house every Thursday eve­ ning under the management of Prof. Ed ­ ward Smith. David, the tree agent, has been to Muitzeskill again and reports the sale of $338.75 for last week. He came back singing hymns. John K. Holmes, the straw dealer, is getting his share of rye straw again since the paper mills ha,ve dropped the pnees. Ho is now-paying $13.50 per ton for bright straw. At the last meeting of the Blower club Uncle Davey had the chair. The roll was called and the mayor of Fiddler ’ s Green was found to be absent. The Smoker stated that the mayor could not be seen. One of the small fry was sent to find him. He returned and stated that the mayor had just returned from Schodack Depot and was on the war path, celebrating the elec­ tion in democratic style. He had just heard the official returns, so the meeting was adjourned. Whips ! Whips ! Whips I 220 TO SELECT FROM. O Ixoioe Hubbard ’ s Super, Flour Christian ’ s “ “ Best St. Louis “ 23 Bars Babbits Soap for 23 Bars Star (£ “ $5.60 5.50 4.75- 1.00 1.00 14 lbs Granulated Sugar 14 lbs Standard A “ 16 lbs Extra C Sugar 18 lbs Brown Sugar 23 Bars Tulip Soap for $1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 IATEE WHITE 150 TEST OIL, 11 BESTS IS 5 HALLOS LOTS. FTas returned to Ms old place of Business, and is ready to re ­ spond to all calls for Ms services. lO:. lET* X j X IKT *3?, East Chatham, N. Y. BULLIS ’ XIQtTOR STORE. HUDSON & REYNOLDS IVIaiii Street^ diatham, IV. Y. It would be to take newspaper advertisements for authority as no man can do a successful business without a profit. Goods well Bough! are Half Sold, and O XT 3 - 1 - ALES, WINES, LIQUORS, SORTER and CIGARS. PENNS YL TANIA AND MANY LAND Buys all goods in Car Lots at manufacturers prices, thereby enabling him to sell all kinds of House Furnishing Goods WHISKEY A SPECIALTY. Main St., Chatham, N. Y 'We Rave thousands of Testimonials to the (Trade Kvk.) IMPERI AL EGG FOOD. wnm LARGELY INCREASE EGG PRODUCTION. strengthen Weak and Drooping Fowls, Pro ­ mote the Healthy Growth and Development of all varieties Of Poultry and insure 1 Fine Conditions and Smooth Plumage. v i / ■ ' It Will help them through moulting wonder ­ fully. It will furnish bone and muscle for -young chicks, and thus save them. Prevents and absolutely cures the diseases incident to poultry. CHICKEN CHOUERA Is usually the result of weakness caused by a ick of th< lack of the proper chemicals in the system. These are supplied by the I mperial E gg F ood .' It is no forcing process; you simply give them the chemicals to make eggs, at a cost of less than one cent a week for each fowl. Ask for it of your local tradeaman; if he doCT not keep it write to F. C. STURTEVANT. Manufacturer of Ground OysterShells and all Poultry Supplies. Mills, 164-164 Commerce St., Office 216 State St., Hartford, Conn. SUBSCRIBE . FOR THE BEST FAMILY NEWSPAPER. THE TROY WEEKLY TIMES UNTIL JANUARY 1, 1889, POR ONE DOLLAR. at retail, at wholesale] prices and still make a profit. Black Walnut, Cherry, Oak and Ask Chamber and Parlor Suits Easy Chairs, Rattan Chairs, Book Cases, Eihrary Tables, Elegant Cherry, Oak and Ash Desks, Children ’ s Fancy Chairs and Rockers, Hat Racks in Polished Woods Dining Room Furniture of all Mnds. Folding Beds, Ward- Robes. and all kinds of novelty goods, in fact, everything in my store will be sold before Jan. 1st, AT CASH PRICES that will make competitors tremble. Send a delegate from every house to let us prove that what we say is trues, Al. goods warranted as represented. Main Street, ChatficmifN. Y. ier County. SOUTH SCHODACK. Mr. Wm. Van Vliet is on the sick list. BERLIN. Our cold weather has moved north. The old hand gave a free concert at Jones ’ hall Saturday night. Otis Butterfield sold his farming utensils and stocks.at auction last Thursday Gifford ’ s music hall has been supplied with two fine lights of the electric patent which illuminate it perfectly. Commissioner Miller was in town Wed ­ nesday as referee to take evidence in the matter of the appeal of District No. 3. Commissioner Miller spent Thursday in the different, departments of Union Free school of this place. He reports the school as being in splendid working order. The management is good and scholars are im ­ proving. Negotiations for right of way of the new railroad are in progress. W- F. Taylor represents the company, BRAINARD. R. Smith goes to-day to Albany for treatment at the hospital. He has been ailing for a long time. Willie Bingham has been quite sick for the past week. He is now out again. Mrs. Geo. Davis of Valatie, is visiting relatives here. The heavy r&in caused a washout in the ditch. The paper mill is not running, as Fow ­ ler & Co. are putting in new machinery. Ladies Aid society meet on Thursday afternoon next at Rev. T. Harwood ’ s. Sociable in the evening. The person who had the buttons cut from his coat the other evening thinks best to take it in church with him for the present. NASSAU. Mr. Hotaling, our former baker, was in town last week. Yesterday was the beginning of a new term at the academy. Miss Amy Budd, who has been quite sick at Saratoga, is much better . Mr. and Mrs. Etheridge returned last Monday from a visit to Claverack. Dogs got at the sheep of Joseph Brahni, Wednesday, and killed two besides biting several others. / The dogs of N. T. Husted and William Kellerhouse went around-the country to ­ gether last week, chasing horses and cattle but were stopped before any injury was done. The scholars of the public school will have a little longer vacation this year than usual for the holidays, as the Reformed church fair is to he held in the school house Dec. 22, 23 and 24, afternoons and evenings. There will be a full display of useful articles at reasonable prices and oyster suppers will also be served. The admission is free and all who wish to pur ­ chase Christmas presents will find it to their interest to look over the articles offered. Of the cases of diphthena in our village since last summer, two only have been fatal and these were children, one under three years of age. Dr. Curtis, one of the state inspectors of health, visited our place last week and examined into some of the matters to which his attention was called by our local board of health. He said that the sanitary conditiofi of our village was above the average and whatever of the dis ­ ease there was here was due to contagion. There were four new cases last week but all seem to be improving. STEPHENTOWN. per Mrs. J. D. Kinne is visiting in Troy. Potatoes are quoted at $1.75 to $2 barrel. S. C. Brown has broken ground for a new blacksmith shop. Mount Whitney Institute closed its fall term on Friday. Two weeks ’ vacation. The community was shocked at the sud ­ den and unexpected death of Mrs. Dr. C, N. Reynolds last week, Monday. The de ­ ceased was 36 years of age. She had been sick for a number of weeks but was not considered dangerously ill at any time. She was feeling much better on Sunday, and up to within a few minutes of her death, which was caused by heart failure. She is sincerely mourned by a large circle of friends and acquaintances. Her funeral which took place at her late residence was largely attended. The doctor has the sin ­ cere sympathy of a very large circle of friends. Mrs. Reynolds had been a mem ­ ber of the Presbyterian church for many years. SCHODACK DEPOT. R. Turk has a relapse of typhoid fever. Mr. Van Sinderen is very , sick with pneu ­ monia. Stephen Becker made this place a short visit last week. - Stephen I. Miller, jr., spent Sunday with D, L. Comstock. William Maguire has returned home from a season's work the river, Supervisor Jacob Lapsing is attending the board of supervisors at Troy. Frederick Wood , again made his wel ­ come appearance on Wednesday. The Beta Literary societywill hold its next meeting at tjie residence of Eugene Bame. As our blacksmith is not fond of repair ­ ing bis own wagons we advise him to drive slower over the rough roads; SCHODACK LANDING. George D. Shibley and family have gone to Cohoes to spend the winter. E. Duntz has moved to Castleton to fake charge, of the ice house put up on Shad Island : John Hudson, while at work On the new ice house on Shad Island last Wednesday, had his arm broken by a timber faffing on him. Once more the wedding bells of this place rang out their joyful tidings. The happy couple being Gedrge A. Reynolds; of :this place, and Miss Viola Bame, of German town; The wedding party was met at the depot by a delegation and escorted to. the home of the groom. CHATHAM CENTRE. GARFIELD. The highways are very rough and busi ­ ness is dull. There will be a Christmas festival at the Baptist church on Dec. 24. The magic lantern exhibition at the school house, Thursday evening, was very amusing to the young people. .. The district school under the direction of H. W. Barnum in District No. 6, is in a flourishing condition. Fisher Green was chosen Commander of Coleman Post No. 54, G. A. R. at the an ­ nual election, Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sluyter spent Sunday at Mellenville. The Hawkins bridge men -finished their work here and took their departure last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Sutherland and child, of Canandaigua, N. Y., are visiting at Milton Sutherland ’ s. James Williams has a printed pedigree of his bird dog, “ Charlie,\ furnished by Ben Phillips. Jim has been offered $75 for the dog and refuses to sell. Miss Louise Van Alstyne of Belchertowh, Mass., who has been visiting friends and relatives in this section for some time; re ­ turns to her home to day. Messrs. Powell, Williams, Goodrich and Borgardus of the Wilhor Gun club captured ed most of the prizes at the pool shooting matches held at Chatham, last Friday. . The oyster supper which the Ladies ’. Aid society talked of having this week, Thurs ­ day evening, has been indefinitely post ­ poned on account of the oyster supper to be held by the Good Templars, to-night. Joseph Spath has just completed for John J. Wilhor a new hen house. There, is ho law against his naming It whatever he- pleases, and we suggest that he call it after one of the kings of England — Hennery the Second. ' , :. C. L. Francisco, who intended to assume* his new duties in New York . city, last week Monday was prevented by a sudden attack of sickness, and has since heen un ­ der the doctor ’ s care. At present writing he is thought to be iu a fair way to get out in a few days. “ The Three Ages ” is the subject of the lecture to be delivered by the Rev. W. W. Foster, Jr., of Albany, at the M. E. church next Tuesday evening, for the benefit of the Sunday-school. Mr. Foster is an elo­ quent preacher, and as a lecturer we doubt not that he is just as interesting. The ad ­ mission will be 10 cents; tickets are on sale at the store of Andrew Yan Alstyne. SOUTH STEPHENTOWN. R. A. Holcomb has given up teaching school on account of sickness. Mildred A. Holcomb is attending the high school at Stephentown. H. A. Wylie, who has been in Troy the past two weeks as juryman, returned home Saturday. -The man living near Lebanon Springs who had two teams plowing Sunday, Nov. 27, as mentioned by your North Chatham correspondent, is a Seventh-day Baptist and keeps Saturday as the Sabbath instead of Sunday, CASTLETON. The church social in the parlors of the Reformed church on Friday evening was a very enjoyable affair. It is rumored that the Owl club are arranging to give another entertainment soon. Jas. Van Buren & Co., have added to their stock a large number of Christmas articles. Both church choirs are busily engaged practising Christmas music, In the Re ­ formed church special service of song will beheld both morning and evening of Christ mas Sunday. Columbia County. NORTH CHATHAM. M. Yolney Van has a model pig. Mrs. Sarah Niles is visiting at N Hill ’ s. Lincoln Seaman is sick with Bright ’ s dis ­ ease. Miss Crosby and Mrs. Secor have re ­ turned to New York. Best and Filkins run the Sunday-school library. Mr s. Dr. Peck has visited her sister, Mrs. Clyde. Henry Walker has opened a meat market in Albany. William H. Yan Viiet is very sick with bilious fever. Mr . Bissell. of Ballston, was a guest last week at Dr. Kunker ’ s . This place is perfectly free from diph ­ theria and! has had ho cases; Mrs. Frankie Weiderwax ’ s little daugh ter is very sick with pneumonia. Mrs. W. B. Collins, who has had an at tack of pleurisey, is gradually, recovering Mr s. G. W. Bain has returned to Lock- port accompanied by Miss Louise Bain. Some of our, folks say they will “ git that ” when Sam Jones ’ lecture gets to Va ­ latie. v Mrs. Hopkins, who had an arm broken some time ago and has been kept housed is able to be out again. Our school girls-are glad the-new se^its have arrived for the school-room, but the boys are afraid their knives will be spoiled because:the seats are of iron; A delegation of 14 from, this place had a grand time at the Old Chatham W. O. ,T. U. convention and were highly entertained both intellectually and stomach-ally. A number A. P. Smith's sheep were bit ­ ten by dogs last week, and one was so much injured it had to be killed. Next day the dogs were tracked' to Jefferson Hill where they drew blood from ; Giles Kirby ’ s sheep and had a yearling heifer down for a feast, as if they had been griz ­ zly, bears. RAYVILLE. Mary C. Palmer has gone to Madson, Wis., to visit her brother. Anna Pinney and son have returned from Dakota and are stopping at Allen Reynolds ’ . M. J. Piatt, of Maryland, N. Y., was in town visiting relatives on Friday last. C. Webster and B. J. Decker have started in the butcher business. Miss Knowles of Germantown, mid Miss Haight of Ulster county, who! have been visiting friends here, have returned to their homes. The effects of the late John Coffins were sold on Friday last, under the hammer, by C. D. Yan Hoesen. A petition is in circulation and is being largely signed for the purpose of asking the commissioners to lay a short road from a point in the hollow near Daniel Hilton ’ s, along under the big hill and across the present bridge near John Finche ’ s residence so as to make safe and easy travelling for- the public. a ' : GHENT. M T. S. Mason has returned to Jersey City, after a visit among friends in our town and vicinity. W. B Wager ’ s daughter, Susie, is quite sick with the fever, but is doing^as well as can he expected. Cyrus Wager returned to his duties aa secretary of the Y. M. C. A., at Hartford, Conn., bn Thursday last. The board of supervisors and their friends paid their annual visit to our county house on Friday last, and were entertamed by Superintendent Rossman and assistants to the entire satisfaction of all who were there. Coroner Byrnes paid a visit to our county almshouse on Saturday last, and empanelled a jury of inquest on the remams of Thos. Callahan, as suspicions of foul play were reported in a Hudson paper. The remains were buried at Chatham. MANORTON. Immense telephone poles are being set up through the town, intended to hold 51 wires. Eleven are now in place. Preparations are under way for an enter ­ tainment on Christmas Eve, to compensate the Sunday-school for the loss of their an ­ nual picnic. As his official duties are not heavy, our post-master is going to peddle oysters, fish, and similar delicacies. He has just re ­ turned from New York with more stock. The church sociables have commenced; the dominnie set the hall rolling at the parsonage, Thursday evening. The pro ­ ceeds are to go towams the new organ fund. ■ ' .' While playing “ crack the whip ” during recess at Blue Store on Thursday, Mary Fingar, who was on the end of the whip, was thrown to the ground and rendered, senseless by her fall. ■ ’ m •-N-& ?- - VW ■' ■- yM AUSTERLITZ. ! Mrs. G,.D. Brown is slowly convalescing^ E. Parks is attending school in Pittsfield, this winter. ;. Mrs. Z. Alstead's'daughter, of Connecti ­ cut, i8 visiting at her house. o - Mrs. Parks contemplates spending- the. winter with, her daughter, Mrs. M- McMichael, who resides in yiitsfield. ’ Mrs,. S. W. Almstead has ten quite sick for the past few weeks. She caught a very bad cold and then had a severe attack o£ asthma. She is now convalescing. SPENCERTOWN. Mrs. John Whiteman is under the doc ­ tor ’ s care. Mr. and Mrs. Huntington, of Schoharie county, are visitmg at Adee Vail's. , A concert under the . .direction of Prof. Ober, teacher of the singing class,, will be given in the M. E. church on Friday even ­ ing of this week. Half of the proceeds are for the benefit of the church. ■ ANCRAM. William Peck, who has been out of town for a few days, has returned. Mead Carpenter, of Lakeville, Conn., has been stopping at G. Rossman ’ s for a few: days. ' — Our grocers have.reduced the price of Tulip soap and are now selling five bars of- that famous soap for 25 cents. — Just think of it, five bvs Of tb® famous Tulip soap for 25 cents at Hudsoo. & Reynolds ’ . \ ■ • ' V-'-'ll ,. J mmmm I it

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