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BUSINESS NEWS. CHATHAM, TUESDAY, MAB. 20,1888. — Dr. Win. Robinson, the old reliable Veterinary Surgeon, can be consulted on all diseases oi domestic ' animals. Office at Mason House. — J. Edward Allen, dealer in allkindsof Cemetery work. Blue and White Butland, (Vt.) Marble. Also Boreign and Domestic Granites. Nothing- but A No. 1 stock used and flrst-clnss work guaranteed. School St., Chatham, N. Y. — Traver at-North Chatham sells a 25- cent bar of soap and scrub brush for SO cents; lib can of baking powder and a good lamp for 50 cents, rica 6c, rasins 8c, dates 10c, mixed spices, and Traver ’ s hard wheat best patent flour, the best to be had. < ■LOCAL RECORD. LOCALS IN BRIEF. — Mrs. Prank \E.-' Lovejoy is visiting friends at Springfield, Mass. — It is expected that Rev. A. P. Luddea of East Schodack, will preach in the Lu ­ theran church next Sunday. — Four members were received on pro ­ bation at the M. E. church, on Sunday morning. Two of them were baptised. - — Receiver Reynolds of the Lebanon Springs road has also been appointed re ­ ceiver of the Yermont portion of the road. — -There was more banking done in' this village last Wednesday than in all the pre ­ vious days put together, since winter be ­ gan. — Elias. B. Ray, of -Eayville, died on Saturday at the advanced age of 79 years. He was the father of Geo. W. Ray, of this village. ^ — Next Sunday will be Palm Sunday. — Sanford ' Smith is home from Cornell on a vacation. — P. H. Garrity has retired from the flour and feed business. — The ‘ ‘ spring ” term at the Onion Free chool began yesterday. — The sprinkling cart will evidently not be out as early as usual this year. — A petition favoring the pardon of J. W. H. Cadby, formerly of Hudson, is be ­ ing circulated, . ^ — The annual pew renting at the M. E. church will take place on Tuesday March 27, at 2 o ’ clock p. m. — Just think of the condition of the county roads for the next few weeks! First snow, then mud ! — Panels of grand and trial jurors will be drawn next Friday, to serve at the April Circuit court and court of oyer and ter ­ miner. — Last week it was an, easy matter to overcome the temptation to recklessly squander money in the purchase of postage stamps. — Rev. D. McCartney will leave town on Tuesday of next week to attend the meet ­ ing pf the New York M. E. conference, .at Newburgh. — It was hard work to keep the straight and narrow path in this village last week, although the paths were about as narrow as they well could he. — The storm had a ’ demoralizing efiect on the attendance at the Union Free School last week. It was closed on Tues ­ day and WednesdajL — Photographer Crapser took a number of views of the streets where the -drifts were highest and presented the most ex ­ traordinary appearance, last week. — An important financial business meet ­ ing of the W. C. T. U. will be held tomor ­ row afternoon at 3 p. m., at the Y. M. C. A. rooms, at which a full attendance of members is requested. — J. P. Hopson, late superintendent of the “ Pan Handle ” railroad is now “ super ” of the New Haven & Derby railroad, 12 miles in length. It is located between New Haven and Ansonia, Conn. — The B. & A. folks began to move freight eastward Friday night. Upwards of 100 stock cars passed through this village. One of the first trains out conveyed a car ­ load of beef for Pittsfield, which town was entirely without meat. . — Hon. Hugh W. McClellan, county judge, was snowbound in Hudson last week. He went to the- county seat on Mon ­ day to hold a special term of the county court, and had to remain there until Thursday. y — A “ size ” in a coat is an inch, a size in . underwear is two inches, a size in a sock is one inch, in a collar one-half inch, in a shirt one-half inch, in shoes one-sixth of an inch. -* Yery few pnrehasers understand the schedule. — Two of Sheriff Felts ’ “ birds ” — burg ­ lars Shanahan and Smith — had a neat job planned for escaping from jail, but tbe Sheriff “ got onto ” their scheme, and now they sit up in Beckwith ’ s cell every night and watch for “ ghosts. ” — Mrs. Mary Bemis of Red Rock, died last week, Monday, from the fdver epi ­ demic and it was not until Wednesday evening that a messenger could reach this village to notify Undertaker Hamm that his services were needed . — The Farmers ’ state institute will be in session in Barton ’ s Hall to-day and tomor ­ row. Villagers who can spare an hour or two to attend the morning or afternoon sessions will find the addresses and dis ­ cussions interesting. The exercises this ' evening will be specially attractive. . — Rev. J. N. Morris will conclude his ministerial labors at Brunswick, N, Y., next Sunday. He will then remove to Ghent, and at once begin his pastoral labors there and at the Lutheran church in this village. The Troy Tim-cssays: “ Mr. Morris has made a good reeordrin Brunswick and leaves with the kind wishes of his entire congregation. ” — Ezra Lay, who resided at the home of his son, S. G. Lay of Old Chatham, died last Thursday night, from an attack of pneumonia- He was only sick five hours. Tbe funeral services were held yesterday. Ms, Lay was one of the oldest persons in this county, for within the next few months he would have taken rank among The centenarians. ' — William, aiia-s “ Smock ” -Race, of Hud ­ son, who is now under bail on an indict ­ ment for larceny, was arrested at Roches ­ ter Friday, in response to a telegram sent by Chief of Police Snyder. Race is sup ­ posed to have been an accomplice of Charles Haight in the commission of sever- : al burglaries for. which the latter was arrest ­ ed about ten days ago. Race was lodged - in the county jail Saturday night. — Mr. George Tefft has returned to this village and assumed his old position as master mechanic in the railroad shop “ over the river. ” — The Red Rock mail carrier got through the drifts and arrived in the village Wed ­ nesday night about 7 o ’ clock. He started at 10 a. m., on horseback. — Ex-Deputy Sheriff Humphrey, of Great Barrington, is “kicking ” because he wasn ’ t invited to see Beckwith executed. Some people ’ s tastes are peculiar, very ! — The funeral services over the remains of the late James Beckley was held on Thursday, at the Reformed parsonage. The interment was in the Chatham Rural ceme ­ tery. — Landlord Mason expects to vacate the Mason House at the close of this month, and remove from the village. Messrs. Murray & Francisco have leased the hotel and will take possession April 2d. — The Rogers farm, of about 125 acres, located about a..mile east of this village, was purchased by John C. Rogers of New York, about a week ago. The considera ­ tion paid has not been ascertained. — The Methodist Ladies ’ Aid society is preparing for a sociable to be given at an early date. The proceeds, we understand, will be applied toward the expense of ren ­ ovating the interior of the parsonage. — The next court of oyer and terminer will he held on April 9th. We publish Sheriff Felts ’ proclamation in this issue. It is understood that the case of Andrew S, Ford will he tried at this term of court. — Y/hen the Boston & Albany “ flyer ” dropped the mail at East Chatham, Satur ­ day afternoon, the bag struck a snow hank and rebounded beneath the train. The wheels cut the bag to pieces and almost totally destroyed the contents. — The snow banks were so deep that Auctioneer Hoysradt could not get over from Kinderhook to conduct the auction at tka-H. B. Parsons farm near this village last Thursday. Accordingly, the sale was put over ‘ until Thursday of ibis week, whenH. R. Coburn will wield the hammer. — The dramatic entertainment to have been given last Saturday evening at Bar ­ ton ’ s Hall, under the auspices of the St. Patrick ’ s society was postponed until April 2d, on account of the storm. Later, it be ­ came necessary to abandon the entertain ­ ment indefinitely, owing to the sudden be ­ reavement that has stricken the family of one of the participants. — The first annual ball of the Naomi as ­ sociation will take place at Barton ’ s Hall on April 3d. The committee are as fol ­ lows: M. j. Rorke, P. Mealey. W. Col­ bert, P. T. Gorman, Geo* Mealey, John Lawless, J. AYoods, F. Riling, John O ’ Neil, P. Bruhl, Morris Connors, Jas. O ’ Neil, John Kildary, E. Drumm and Frank O ’ Neil. Music will be furnished by Barnard ’ s orchestra. The grand march will take place at 9.30 p. m. — Our local contemporary evidently looks at the tanks of the B & A locomotives with magnifying eyes. He saj ’ s that five of them relieved the water tank in this village of 150,000 gallons, in a very few minutes, last Wednesday. Let ’ s see! That would be 30 000 gallons apiece! Our contempor ­ ary must be suffering from water on the brain to take stock in any such absurd idea. According to our neighbor, the res ­ ervoir that holds our “ city ” water has only capacity sufficient to furnish “ a drink ” for fifty locomotives! — About ten weeks ago Mr. Thomas W. ! Stewart, who lives about three miles east | of this village in the direction of New Con- I cord, sustained a fracture of the right leg I just above the ankle while employed in the I erection of an ice house at East Chatham. ! The wound has persistently failed to heal 1 up and Br. AY. C. Bailey finally decided j that amputation of the injured member : w ’ as necessary. The operation was per- j formed last Sunday by Drs. W. C. Bailey | and J. T. ‘ Wheeler, Drs. I. C. Avashburu ; and A. C. Hanoi- being present and assist- | lug. The amputation w-as made above the I knee. Mr. Stewart appeared to be doing - j nicely yesterday, and the doctors are now : hopeful of his progress toward recovery. —At the Regent ’ s examinalion held at the Union Free School the first week in March, 4 pupils passed in Arithmetic, 32 in geography, 10 in grammar, 41 in spell ­ ing, 9 in U. S. history, 11 in Roman his- | tory, 9 in physical geography, 14 in pbys- ! iology, 11 in rhetoric, 9 in Ccesar, 8 m j Physics, and several others in scattering | topics. Four complete the Regent ’ s pre- I hminary certificate, and four the intermedi- ! ate certificate. A large number of pupils j from neighboring schools were present and j took part in the examinations. Valatie sent the largest number, twenty or more,\ j and East Chatham and Philmont came ! nest in the size of their delegations. Pupils ! were also present from Stottville. Stuyves J ant Falls, Kinderhook, Malden, North 1 Chatham and New Lebanon. A son of John Doyle, who lives near Mr. Henry Pierson, east of this village, a few days ago had the misfortune to get his left forefinger caught and torn off while feeding a straw cutter. Dr. I. O. AYash- burn amputated what was left of the in ­ jured digit. ' — As soon as^it became known on Friday that Fireman Riley had been killed the door of the engine house at Yiilage hall was draped in morning, the deceased having been a member of Ocean One. Last night a special meeting of the company was held when resolutions were, passed expressing the sorrow of the fire company. It was also decided that , the organization atiend the funeral to day. — Col. Bain's lecture in the Y.. M. C. A. course was to have been given on Friday evening. The lecturer arrived in the vil ­ lage on that day to fill his engagement, having received no notification of a post ­ ponement. The managers of the lecture course, however, cancelled the engagement and paid Col. Bain one half the sum he was to have received for his services. They were evidently afraid that the audience would he small owing to the condition of the streets and roads. A number of ticket- holders expressed their disappointment at not being afforded an opportunity to listen to Col. Bain, who has a good reputation on the platform. — The good citizens of Malden Bridge cannot get along without their copies of the C hatham R epublican . They hun ­ gered for the paper until Friday, last week. Then finding that no mail was likely to reach them m the. regular way, they got the postmaster to send James Rouse as a special messenger to this village. He came by way of East Chatham at which place he took the cars for this village late in the afternoon. He brought the first mail of the week from Malden and took back a big bag by the next train. Mr. Jgmes AY. Becker of Malden brought in the mail on Saturday afternoon. Jan. 18, 1888. Do you hear the call at Chadwick ’ s.^ All kinds of Boots and Shoes at reduced pri ­ ces for the next 60 days. First quality Rubber Boots for men, boys, misses and ladies, youth and childs. Also buckle and button Arctics; Alaskas for men, boys, la ­ dies and misses. All new, fresh goods; no old stock that I can ’ t give away. All will he sold at the lowest possible prices. Nicest goods in town. Repairing neat ­ ly done. 27 Main St. , Chatham, N. Y . HARLEMVILLE. The recent sociable at Charles Stickles ’ netted about $10. Mrs. AYm . F. Mercer was quite seriously ill at last reports. — Congratulations to the merry month of March. He has beaten bis record, and bis record has always been bad. As a meteorological tough, . March heads the gang . — Jfeio Fork Star. LIST OF LETTERS. Remaining in the Yost Office at Chatham, .Col. Co.. N. Y., Mar. 12, 18SS. Persons calling for them will please mention date of advertisement. LADIES. Miss Annie Powers, Miss Came Skeniil. GENTLEMEN. Seth R. Milbury, Geo. Thompson, Leslie Percy. GEO. MCCLELLAN, P. M. Married. EITLEMAN — HAMM — At the hirue of the bride ’ s parents, March 7, by Rev. W. W. Tay ­ lor, Louis A. Eitleman, of- Glenco Mills, and Miss Annie Hamm, daughter of Philip Hamm, of West Taehkanic. Died. LAY — Old Chatham, March 15, Ezra Lav, aged 99 years. RAY — At Rayviilc, March 17, Elias II. Ray, aged 78 years. RILEY — Near Coleman ’ s, N. Y., suddenly, March 16, Thomas P. Riley, of Dover Plains, formerly of this village, aged 31 years. Funeral services will be held to-day from Michael Riley ’ s residence. Lower Main street, Chatham, at 10 a. m. and at St. Patrick ’ s church immediately afterward. GATES — Near Colemans. N. Y., March 16, Luther J. Gates, formerly of Chatham, aged 44 years. Funeral services will be held at the M. E. church, Chatham. (Tuesday) afternoon at 1 o ’ clock. FOWLER — Near Coleman ’ s, N. Y., suddenly, March 18, George Fowler, of Dover Plains, N. Y., aged 34 years. Funeral services will bo held at the M. E. church, Chatham, this (Tuesday) afternoon at 1 o ’ clock. SHERIFF ’ S PROCLAMATION. To Htc Sticnfof Columbia County : A Court of Oyer and Terminer and Jail Deliv ­ ery, in and for your County is to lie held at the Court House in the city of Hudson, in said county, on the 9:.h day of April, 1S88. Y OU are, therefore, commanded to summon the several persons who shall have been drawn in your eoun'y, pursuant to law, to serve as Grand and Petit Jurors at the said Court, to arp ■'ar thereat: lo bring before the said Court all prisouers then being in the jail of vour county, together with all processes and proceedings, iu any way concerning them, in your hands; to make proclamation in the man ­ ner prescribed by law, notifying all persons bound to appear at said Court, by recognizance or otherwise, to appear thereat, and requiring all Justices of the Peace, Coroners, and other officers who have taken anj r recognizances for the appearance of any person at such Court, or who have taken any inquisition, or the ex ­ amination of an prisoner or witness, to return such recognizances, inquisitions,and examine-' tions to the said Court, at the opening thereof, on the first day of its sitting. W itness , the Hon. Samuel Edwards, one of the Justices of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, the 15th day of March, 1888. A. B, GARDENIER, District Attorney, Columbia County. . Special' . N-otices. TYASTiKK CAKBS of every descriDtion at - H j WM. H. WAIT ’ S.- TT IS FASMIONABILIS tn send your friends . JL Easier Cards. It is also the-proper eaperto buy them at , W. H. WAIT ’ S. \CTIOK SAI7E. — Ooolev Creamers, Ross Fodder JC Cutters, &c. A. B. HOWES, 24 25 ' Post-office, Canaan. TTOUSEHUNTEKS should advertise in this IJL column. Only one cent a wor.-l lot - eaea • insertion. TpUIi SALE.* — A new Wheeler & Wilson sew- JU lag machine of the latest pattern. Can bo' seen at the store of WM. II. WAIT. ■gVRFSH CANNED TOMATOES only 11 JL cents per can, at KIN UM ’ S B A KF.RY. TUlOK SALE. — Fine Swell-body cutter, nearly _L new. Inciuireat PENDLETON ’ S RESTAURANT. HP© LEX— Five acres ’ of land;- good for gnr- JL den or grain. App'.v to 22tf R. H. FINCH. Chatham. ■ I\ OT FOR SALE ’ cheap, ou Kinderhook JD street. Enquire of S. B. Williams. Chatham, Col. Co.. N. Y. TUTORTH KIVJ2K BLUE STONE for side-' IN walks. H. A. SEYMOUR, Agt. , Chatham, N. Y. O M. WHYLAND, House and Sitrn Patatinsr, ^ ' Graining, Fancy Paper Hanging and Church Decorating. A LL THE SUNDAY PAPERS can be ob- xjl tained from Smith ’ s Ne-vs Depot, deliv ­ ered immediately on their arrival. TTjTREjE CONSULTATION — Prof. Cahen J? Leon, the Hudson Specialist Optician, will be at the Stanwix Hall, Chatham, Wednesday, March 21st. TTOIi SALE. — A purchase money mortgage- X 1 for §2.0C0, interest 6 per cent., on property worth 87,000. Enquire of 24 tf GEO. II. SHUFELT. W. SPELLMAN will deliver first-class • well-scree-ted. Delaware, Lackawana. and Western Coal of al! sizes, anywhere, about the village of Chatham. Prices reasonable. Orders received at my office, Alain Street. TTOR SALE OK TO KENT. — The bouse and JP barn on HudS'-n Avenue, lately oceupied by A M. Mason. For Terms, npolv to owner. ROBERT LOCKHART, 23-26 374 Iteoad war. New York. TTVARM TO LET ON SHAKES, containing JU 250 acres; two miles from East Chatham. Good water, large house and bams. Address H. D. SAYRE, 23 24 East Chatham, N. Y. •\OESIDENCE FOR SALE. — The bouse on .Oi Centre Street, owned and formerly occu ­ pied by James Beckley. Is heated with steam and has all the modern improvements. Plenty of fruit and three acres laud; Inquire of L- K. BROWN. tf TTOK SALE. — In Schodack, 155 acres of hay 1; and grain land; 2 set of buildings; 2 orch ­ ards; a large wagon house and horse stable, new; c>w staLU-s for 30 cows. Ooe mile from postoffice, 2Rj miles from Castleton. Terms easy. Apply to I ’ . W. MES1CK, South Sch'-dsck. TXOTEL FOR SALE. — Railroad House 11 (Knappen Hotel), Old Cbateam, N. Y. Three acres laud, good water, blacksmith shop, ice house, good stables. Sold cheap to close an estate. Apply to G . K. DALEY, Att ’ y, tf Chatham, N. Y. TPOR SALE at a low price. One • 12-f not JD HAL LID AY STANDARD WINDMILL and Tower. Also one 3-inch Double Acting Brass Cylinder Windmill Pump. Second hand; in good condition. Apply at mv office. P. B. BLJNN, J r ., 40tf Chatham, N. Y. YjiOIt SALE — Five cows, three with calves by Jlfi side. One pair 3-year-old steers, matched, and fit for beef or work. Three head beef cat ­ tle. Also one black horse, 9 years old, weight 1,200 lbs., sound, kind, and guaranteed right fia everyway. Enquire of WILLIAM G. SMITH, Austerlirz, N. X. ■PROPOSALS FOK WORKING ROADS. — 1 Sealed proposals for working the highways of the village of Chatham, for one year from April 1, 1S8S, will be received by the board of trustees up to and including March 24,1888. The board reserves the right to reject all bide. Bids to be addressed to J. J. Morehouse, chair- main committee on streets and sidewalks. A UCTIONEER. — i take great pleasure in x\. announcing to the people of Columbia and Rensselaer counties that I am still engaged in the Auction business. I guarantee good work at reasonable prices; am ready to sell at any time or place where my services may be desired, and can refer to hundreds of pat-ons who have expressed satisfaction after employ ­ ing me. Call on. or address, C. D. VAN HOESEN, Auctioneer. Brainard. N. Y. QTATE OF NEW YORK, COUNTY or CO- O LU.'.tniA. C lerk ’ s O ffice . — Notice is here ­ by given, that on Friday the 23d day of March, 1888,10 a. m.. Panels of Grand and Trial Jurors will be drawn at this office, to serve at a Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held in and for the County of Columbia, at the Court House in the City of Hudson, m said county, on Monday, tbe 9fii dav of April, 3883. WM. S HALLENBECK, Clerk. tt-n ’ MSO ANXIOUS FOR THE FIRST H. OF APRIL, ” said a Chatham house ­ keeper to an aqcuaintnnce. the other day. “ Of course, my dear, you can afford to say so; you don ’ t have a house-moving this year. ” “ Ob. you goose, i v as fit thinking of that. ” “ Wfat then ----- - ’ “ Why, John J. Hobel is going to open his new market iu Mrs. Fish ’ s building on Lower Main street .And I know it will be stocked with the nicest fisb, clams, and oysters as well as the best veg'etables and freshest canned goods obtainab e. Kobe! never handles any but the choicest goods. I know; I ’ ve bought of him before. ” This conve:sation is a frozen fact, and the lady was correct, too. H. Ft. COBURN, AUCTIONEER. AUCTIONS. Tlae 8 m I fescrifeeF wilt sell Feifelfe A imc => M2 at tlse M JLS30.M lg.siisa ? W* is ©SB. n ■ Y At © o ’ clock.-i. m M the f ollowii)# described property: '•.L-ia 11 |i p g m e ifl If ft. *3 u .. A I . -mat ■ - fine ami ihifc. Trotting - Horse Billy P., Record. & years old. Three- Good Work or Koad Horses. \'YM ‘ THIRTEEN WAGONS - \'UT .i m a open ana d Top Buggy wagons (nearly new), i o and 2 Canopy Top Surreys, New Payn Sulky, Stiver ’ s One-Man Wagon, 3-Seat Passenger Wagon, Delivery Wagon, 4 Carriage Poles. S heriff ’ s O ffice , I H udson . N. Y., March 19, 18S8. f TV 7 HE REAS, a Court of Oyer and Terminer is V A appointed to be held in and for the Coun ­ ty of Columbia, at the Court House, in the city of Hudson, on the 9th day of April 1888, 1 do hei ebv, in obedience to a precept to me direct ­ ed and delivered by the District Attorney of the County of Columbia, on the 15th day of March, 1888, make proclamatkn to all persons bound by recognizance or otherwise to appear at said court, and notify them to appear there ­ at; and all Justices of the Peace, Coroners, and other officers who ha ve taken any recognizance for the appearance of any person at such court, or who have taken any inquisition or the ex ­ amination of any prisoner or witness, are noti ­ fied to return such recognizances, inquisitions and examinations to the said court at The open ­ ing thereof on the first day of the sitting. Dated, Hudson, N. Y..tbisl9th day of March, 1888. JOHN M. FELTS', ■ Sheriff of Columbia County. MONDAY. March 26 — POSTPONED AUC ­ TION. — Jared Best wilt sell on his premises near Chatham, horses, cattle, farming ma ­ chinery and implements. C. D Van Hoesen, auet ’r. FRIDAY. March. 23. — Valentine Knobioeh will sell at Canaan Four Corners, on the Warner farm, 3 horses. 2-year.'fid Jupiter colt, 5 cows, heifer, sow with pig, 60 fowix 2 business wag ­ ons, 2 lumber wagons. farming utensils, etc. 810 and under, cash. Credit of 8 months at State Bank, Chatham. Cbas, Bigelow, aucfc ’ r. THURSDAY, March 22 — Fannie L. Garner, JA mile from Ghent Depot, 5 horses. 10 heao Jersov ea- t ’ e. Yorkshire sow. 4 sheer-, 4 iambs, 25 fowls, wagons, sleighs, harness, hay, straw, corn. oats, potatoos and a )a r p;e nssorrment of farming implements ete. Under 810, cash; ■Credit of S»inor.tfes .*,t State Bank, Chatham. H. R. Cobur::, Auctioneer. WEDNESDAY, March 28 — C. S. Kfcmo will sell at bis -residence, on Railroad avenue, Chat ­ ham, hi? outfit of household furniture, croek- . pry, glasswai\'. carpet! cooking utenrilB, etc. Under 810 cash: over §10 a credit of 3 months at State Bank, Chatham. George H. Shufelt, auet ’ r. TUESDAY. March 27 — Mrs Sarah A. Albright, cue mile south of SpeucerfO'vn. vill sell pair iron gray roa isre ri S i ears old, bay mare, 5 cows, yorrling heifer, wagons, sleighs, liar- ' lies'!, farming implement?, potatoes, seed/ potatoes, seed buckwheat, sheilea corn, hay, straw, fence rads, pine- ash hickory a'd wbite- wood lumber; household furniture, etc. §10, cash. Credit of 1 year at S ate Bank, Chat ­ ham. H. R. Coburn, Auctioneer. SATURDAY. March 24 — A. M. Mason, at Mason House, Chatham, the furniture of hotel, also horses, carriages ere. com prising hotel livery, H. R. C 'burn, auet ’ r. See full details in our advertising colutus. , WEDNESDAY, March 2S-John W. Boright, committee, will sell on the H. B. Parsons farm 1(4 miles south-eastef Chatham, 2 horses 4 cows, 30 fowls, 12 tons hay, 150 bush of oats, • SOObush cornin ear. wagons, harness, farming imnlements, household furniture. £10. cash. Credit of 8 months at State Bank, Chatham. H. R. Coburn, Auctioneer. THURSDAY March 22 — POSTPONED AUC ­ TION. At 12 o ’ clock noon, sbarn, Mrs. Leroy Patrick will sell at the farm of Leroy J. Pat ­ rick near East Chatham, horse, cows, 42 sheep, wagons, harness, farming utensils, also lot of household furniture. Terms, $10 cash; over, credit three months; notes payable at State Bank, Chatham. THURSDAY, March 15 — Edgar EL Wilsey, one mile south of Van Hoesen ’ s, on farm former ­ ly owned by Wesley I. Miller, S hores, bay colt, 3 Jersey cows, wagons, sleigh, Royce reaper, Bradley reaper, cultivator, plows, harrow, harness, implements, tools, etc. Also a horse, hay colt broke double, road cart, robe, blanket, barrel vinegar, lumber, etc., the property of the late C. M. . Dawson. $10 and under, cash. Credit of 8 months at .Na ­ tional Bank, Castleton. . • Sale postponed to Thursday, March 33. . FIVE GOOD SLEIGHS, )e Portland^Cutters, 2-Seat Family Sleigh, 3 Seat Double Fun ­ ner— all nearly new. HARNESS, ROBES AND BLANKETS, SI I r- - • ■ Y e set JLignt Double Harness, 7 Set Light Single Harness, Sin­ gle Business Harness, 5 Fur Bobes, 10 Lap Robes, 20 Blankets, 20 Whips, 1 Dozen Halters, Brushes, Horse Boots, etc. ONE DEVONSHIRE COW, Coming in, April 18. 3 months ’ old Heifer,^weighing 560 lbs. Hew John ’ s Fanning Mill, Cultivator Lawn Mower,* ^Harrow, 8 Plows, Donglass Force Pnmp, Grain Bags, Forks, Shovels, Hoes, Rakes, Baskets, 10 Cider Barrels, 2 Refrigerators, 24 Tea Cans, 2 Coffee Mills, 4 Show Cases, 4 Hanging Lamps, Regulator Clock, Singer Sewing machine, Square Grand Piano, 6 Stoves and Ranges, Oil Range. Whole House full of F urniture , consisting of Carpets, House ­ hold Furniture, Crockery, etc., so much we cannot enumerate it here. Hall ’ s Safe, 4 Scales and 1,000 other things too numerous to ■mention. ©F S&IvEs — All sums of $10 and under, cash. On all sums over $10 a credit of ten months will be given on approved endbrsed notes, payable at the State Bank, Chat­ ham, M. Y., with interest at 5 per cent. Mo goods to be re ­ moved until terms of sale are complied with. a . m :. THE PEOPLES .fix ;i§ HIM MSMC OUT SHE. 14 Great Sacrifices and Unapproachable Bargate MY IMMENSE STOCK OF jfi! Carpets and Oil Cloths Menear 5 Hosterj aid , . Crockery til Wall Pap - ;■ - NYU ■■VI For The Next 6G Days.; DIP ns IfcH'Fisig ©fis* iSpeeiat Sale we sfae.II «i© 'tnasissess For .slants 11 .ftut lots ©if |p©Fye HaviBag MitMte sufs * tiis §• e m € ss 1§ t& e He eta. elass.iige iM asiy foiastiiess^ • tlie aftove '©ISFeir- iasgs j&re s^eiiraime, s^iidl esLsfi taj-ers wilt tSSia*! ' Isaterest to ealft. THE ABOVE GOODS MUST BE SOLD; - will fee sold if' , ■' ©ppoFtmiify is : -W-'-k i ©fterect. O. ■ JS.riEi . ■; -. . . XKT KT IES, « 3W- ’ S ’ . ■ ■ , • . ■ . .c ■--.' ,D.. v,fi.

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