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(B) Comfort with boots and shoes, harness, and all kinds of black leather comes from the use of Vacuum Leather Oil. 25c. worth is a fair trial — and your money back , you want it — a swob with each can. For pamphlet, free, “ How to T ake C are L eather , ” send to VACUUM OIL CO., Rochester, N. Y. WILDE ’ S DISGRACE. HE WAS ARRESTED AND SPENT A NIGHT IN JAIL. The Ex-Esthete ’ s Own Admissions on the Stand Caused His Arrest to Be Made. Unexpected End to His Famous Libel Suit Against the Marquis of Queensberry. L ondon , April 6. —Oscar Wilde was ar ­ raigned in police court this morning after having spent the night in a cell in the Bow Street station. This adds a startling and wholly unexpected chapter to the proceedings in the sensational suit against the Marquis of Queensberry. The sesthetic Oscar, after making a fierce attack on the marquis on. a charge of libel, suddenly finds the tables turned and is himself languishing in durance vile. And now Queensberry has the whip hand. He is all smiles today, and the voice of derision over Oscar ’ s plight is heard from Mile End to Kensington. It came about with dramatic quickness. The verdict of the jury started it. Just as every one had been expecting from the nature of the testimony revealiug the vile ­ ness of the man, the jury found that Wilde ’ s libel charge was false. He had accused the marquis of libeling him by writing that he was a scoundrel and a moral leper. The marquis ’ son, Lord Alfred Douglas, was being debauch ­ ed in Wilde ’ s company, and the father warned Wilde. The passion poet retorted by suing the marquis for libel, and the upshot came when the jury returned a ver ­ dict finding the marquis not guilty of li ­ bel, going a step further and declaring that his charges against the poet were true and made for the public good. When the jurors had rendered a verdict of not guilty, Sir Edward Clarke assented and supplemented their verdict with the declaration that the charges made by the defendant against Wilde were true, and that they had been made in public interest. When the verdict was rendered, the Marquis of Queensberry left the dock amid loud cheers. The judge granted an order requiring Wilde to. pay the costs of the defense. Wilde was not in court. The wily poet had caught a whiff of danger in the air. Wilde Scented Hanger. He had hurriedly left the building dur ­ ing Sir Edward Clarke ’ s statement and gone to the Holborn restaurant. A war ­ rant for his arrest had not yet been ap ­ plied for, hut there was one to be secured to put the leper behind prison bars. After leaving the Holborn hotel Wilde went to the Westminster bank, where he drew out the funds to his account. He was constantly shadowed. He returned to the hotel, accompanied by Lord Alfred Doug ­ las only. Remaining a few minutes, they drove to Ely place and thence to the Cadogan ho ­ tel, where they temporarily vanished, and the Scotland Yard authorities issued de ­ scriptions of Wilde and spread them over the city. In an interview the Marquis of Queens ­ berry said: “ I have sent this message to Wilde, ‘ If the country allows you to leave, all the better for the country, but if you take my son with you I will follow you wherever von go and shoot you. ’ ” m. I. W. SILL. Pastor Methodist Church, Accord, N. Y., Says Cancerous Hisease Can be Cured. ' A ccord , N. Y — Under the old echo o method it was believed that any disease of cancerous growth could never be cured. The surgeon ’ s knife was resorted to, but the old trouble was sure to break out again. Since the discovery of Dr. Kennedy ’ s Favorii e Remedy, all this has been changed — the action of Favorite Remedy upon the system leaves no trace of poison in the blood, the seeds of disease are expelled and lost health restored. A notable case of the efficacy of Dr. Kennedy ’ s Favorite Remedy is that of the Rev. I.W. Hill of ibis town Some years ago he was suffering with a cancer of long standing, on his lip, and finally concluded to have it removed. In speaking of his case Pastor Hill said: “ About three weeks previous to having the operation performed, I purchased Dr. Kennedy ’ s Favorite Remedy and continued taking it for some time after the cancer was removed. Ten long years have passed since then and no trace of the ugly thing has ruturned. I speak with know ­ ledge in the highest terms of Dr. Kennedy ’ s Favorite Remedy as being able to cure the troubles for wnich it is prepared. ” One of our local physicians said, in ex ­ plaining the demand for Dr. Kennedy ’ s Favorite Remedy : “ It acts as a nerve and blood food, and to mj knowledge it has made manj% permanent cures of Nervous Debility, Sleeplessness, Dyspepsia, Rheu ­ matism and of the sickness peculiar to woman, where other treatments have failed. For headackes, constiptions and the run down condition, one often suffers with, there is nothing else so good. ” Grand Central Station Attendants. “ A practical demonstration of the wis ­ dom of establishing a free messenger and guide service at the New York Central station in New York city was given a few days ago, ” remarked a gentleman who had just returned from the metropolis this morning. “ I went to the big town on the 9.20 evening train, arriving at New York at 7.30, on time to a minute, as usual. In the car that I was in was a charming old lady who had a big satchel. When we got off the train I proposed to carry the old lady ’ s baggage to the street from away up at the forty-fourth street end of the depot. It ’ s a long walk, you know, from that end of the Forty-second street exit, and the old lady was all alone. I was j ust about to take her satchel from the porter when a smart young man in a blue uniform, wearing a round red hat such as British soldiers wear, and having em ­ broidered on the front in gold letters, ‘ Grand Central Station Attendant, ’ stepped up to her, touched his hat and politely asked her where she wished to go. He took the satchel from the porter and car ­ ried it to the entrance, where, after pro ­ tecting her from the horde of hackmen, he put her and her baggage on a cross town car and went hack into the station. Of course it was only what he was hired to do, but he did it so nicely that 1 was greatly pleased, and the little lady was pleased also. There was a troubled look, on her face when she stepped off the train, but when she saw the uniform of the young fellow who spoke to her it all dis ­ appeared. She knew she was in good hands and need not worry more. Thgt messenger service is a great institution. When a lady boards a New York Central train for New York alone now she knows that she will be protected from the time the train starts till she is safely in a car ­ riage or car in New York city. What more could be asked of a railroad than that. ” -.[Rochester Union and Advertiser. NEWS OF THE WEEK. Wednesday, April 3. The Illinois supreme court in anupin- ion filed decided that the Democratic ap ­ portionment of 1898 was constitutional. Some one has anonymously sent $6,000 for the Dr. Parkhurst testimonial fund, swelling: the total amount to $29,308.26. WilliSm Steenstrand, the cotton king, who exploited the great corner in cotton in 1890 which resulted in his losing $6,- 000,000, is dead. Captain Howgate has been indicted again for alleged frauds on tbe govern ­ ment during the time he was disbursing officer of the signal service. At Watonga, O. T., A1 Evans and Dr. Babb, bedfellows in a hotel, quarreled over the proper division of the hedcloth- irig, and Evans, drawing a revolver from under the pillow, shot and killed Babb. A warrant was issued in San Francisco for the arrest of E. S Solomon, at one time governor of Wisconsin and later gov ­ ernor of Utah, who is charged by Mrs. Lydia Yirgil with felony and embezzle ­ ment. The Guatemalan boundary question is\ settled, and President Diaz of Mexico has formally signed with the Guatemalan min ­ istry the official document which prevent ­ ed the threatened open rupture between the two countries. Thursday, April 4. The Sagamore, a summer hotel nearly completed at Nantasket Beach, was de ­ stroyed by fire. Mrs. Hubert W. Todd of New Haven committed suicide by drowning herself in Quinnipiac river. Dr. Wilder D. Bancroft, Harvard, ’ 88, will be assistant professor of chemistry at Cornell next year. Miss Sterling ’ s Children ’ s home at Mil- foot farm, Aylesford, N. S., was burned, bat the inmates escaped uninjured. It has been discovered that F. W. Griffin, assistant cashier of the Northwestern Na ­ tional bank of Chicago, is a defaulter to the extent of $50,000. The friends of John McBride, the min ­ ers ’ leader and president of the Federation of Labor, are seriously concerned regard ­ ing his health. Mont Deskins, a mountain desperado, was shot and mortally wounded at his home on the middle fork of Licking river, Kentucky, by Deputy Sheriff N. P. How ­ ard while trying to avoid arrest. . Friday, April 5. Dr. Foster of Toronto has accepted the chair of philosophy in Chicago university. Burglars broke into and robbed the postoffice at Monsey, Rockland county, N, Y. Manitou, the only county in Michigan which went Democratic last Monday, has been wiped out by the legislature. Two trainloads of supplies have been sent from central Illinois for the destitute people of Galway county, Ireland. The Ohio miners, in convention at Co­ lumbus, are expected to adopt a scale which may stop the Pittsburg strike. Mr. O ’ Grady of Monroe introduced in the assembly at Albany by unanimous consent the Lexow New York police bills. A cyclone at Jeffersonville, Ga., wrecked the negro Baptist church in which a school Was in progress. The teacher and 42 children were buried in the debris, but all were taken out alive. The San Francisco chamber of com ­ merce adopted resolutions and telegraphed Secretary of tbe Navy Herbert a protest against the sending of the coast defense vessel Monterey to Peru or to any other foreign port. Saturday, April 6. An unsuccessful attempt was made to wreck a passenger train on the Alton road near Joliet. During the last six weeks the price of beef in Kansas City has increased from 30 to 35 per cent. Richard Gates (colored) was hanged at Legrange, Ga. , for the murder of Lee Siege, another negro. The strikers at the Holding silk mills in Northampton, Mass., now number about 140. The mills are still running Combustion in Plummer & Finch ’ s roll ­ ing mills at Augusta, Wis., totally destroy ­ ed the property, causing a loss of $35,000. An attempt was made at Minersville, O. , to blow up with dynamite the family boat of John Forbes, a miner who had been imported to take the place of strik ­ ing miners. Governor Morton signed the bill legis ­ lating out of office the president and trus ­ tees of the village of Saratoga and chang ­ ing the manner of electing the president of that village. Monday, April 8. General William Mahone has made an assignment of all his property in Peters ­ burg, Va. Professor - Behring, the diphtheria se- rumist, is suffering from incipient con ­ sumption. A dispatch from Stockholm says there is good reason to fear that an open rup ­ ture, with consequent hostilities, with Nor ­ way is imminent. Marshal E. Price, “ arrested in Harmony, Caroline county, Md., for the murder of Sallie Dean, the 14-year-old schoolgirl, has has made a confession. Chief of Police Michael Brennan of Chi ­ cago has. resigned, and the cause for his sudden action is supposed to result from a quarrel with the mayor. Guilford, containing about 300 acres, the country seat of the late Arunah S. Abell, the founder of the Baltimore Sun, has been sold to Henry Rice of Boston for $1,600,000. Charles Hawthorne of Cleveland, who sued the Baltimore and Ohio railway for $100,000 for the loss of both legs and the crushing of an arm in a collision, has been awarded $30,000. Tuesday, April 9. Charlie Chase, aged 72, known through ­ out New England as a lottery king, died in New Haven. . William Henderson, one of the founders of the big shipbuilding firm of Hender ­ son Brothers of Glasgow, is dead. John Stephens, a farmer residing in Marion township, Noble county, O., mur ­ dered his son by striking him on the head with a club. The expert thieves who - looted the Springfield (Ills.) postoffice are known, the postoffice inspectors having discovered their identity. The Standard Oil company is making arrangements to remove its northwesterij distributing point from Chicago to the head of the lakes. Before a crowded house the speaker of the house of commons, the Right . Hon. Arthur Wellesley Peel, M. P., arose and announced his resignation. The appeal of Mme. Joniaux, the poi ­ soner of several members of her family, who was sentenced to death in Berlin on Feb. 3 last, has been rejected. THE PRESIDENT REPLIES. Says Hr. Lansing's Charges That He Was Hrunk Are Calumnies. W ashington , April 8. — When the report of a speech made in a Methodist confer ­ ence at Salem, Mass., by Rev. Dr. Lan ­ sing and his subsequent published in ­ terview accusing the president of intem ­ perance was shown to Mr. Cleveland, ,he said with considerable warmth: “ This is simply an ' outrage, though it is not the first time a thing of this kind has been, attempted. I cannot avoid a feeling of indignation that any man who makes claim of decency, and especially one who assumes the role of a Christian minister, should permit himself to become a dissem ­ inator of wholesale lies and calumnies not less stupid than they are cruel and wicked. ! T easily recall other occasions when those more or less entitled to be called ministers of the. gospel have been instru ­ mental in putting into circulation the most scandalous falsehoods concerning my conduct and character. The elements or factors of the most approved outfit for placing a false and bare faced accusation before the public appear to be, first, some one ■'with baseness and motive sufficient to invent it ; second, a minister with more gullibility and love of notoriety thhn piety greedily willing to listen to it and gobble it, and, third, a newspaper anxiously willing to publish it. “ For the sake of the Christian religion I am thankful that these scandal monger- ing ministers are few, and on every ac ­ count l am glad that the American people love fair play and justice, and that in spite of all effort to mislead them they are apt to form a correct estimate of the char ­ acter and labors of their public servants. ” B oston , April 9. —Rev. Isaac J. Lan ­ sing, pastor of the Park Street church in this city, who. in an address before the New England Methodist conference at Sa ­ lem last week, called President Cleveland a drunkard, has declared himself as fol ­ lows on the subject: “ My allusion made in a temperance ad ­ dress at Salem on Thursday, April 4, to the drinking habit of the president of the United States was based partly on com ­ mon report and partly on the testimony of eyewitnesses. From various and inde ­ pendent sources which I believe, to he wholly reliable I had been informed that the president had been seen on different occasions and in the presence of many persons in an intoxicated condition. “ The case being one of conflict of testi ­ mony between witnesses of equal credi ­ bility, I cannot decide, and since I have no personal knowledge apart from the tes ­ timony I withdraw the statement and ten ­ der apologetic and sincere regrets to the president of the United States and to the public. ” *■' PLATE GLASS TRUST. The New Combine Organized With>a Capi ­ tal Stock of $10,000,000. P ittsburg , April 6. — The combination of the leading plate glass factories was consummated at a meeting of the Pitts ­ burg Plate Glass company held at Creigh ­ ton. It was for the purpose of ratifying the action of the board of directors in in ­ creasing the capital stock from $2,250,000 to $10,000,000 and creating a bonded in ­ debtedness of $2,500,000. A vote of the stockholders was taken, and the matter was carried. It was also decided to elect two additional directors. A meeting is being held today at the Pittsburg office at which all the final details will be arranged. TWENTY-ONE DEAD. Coal Miners Hilled by an Explosion In a Mine at Lake Whatcom, Wash. S eattle , Wash., April 9. — A New Whatcom special says: -News has just been received of a terrible explosion in the Blue Canyon coal mine at Lake Whatcom, seven miles from this city. Ten dead bodies have been taken out, and 11 are still in the mine. Every possible effort is being made to rescue them. A steamer has gone out from this city, with Superintendent Don ­ ovan, three physicians, ten miners and press correspondents on hoard. The mine was inspected about three weeks ago and pronounced safe. A Message From tbe Beina Begenta. M adrid , April 9. — Further evidence, if any were needed, of the loss of the Span ­ ish cruiser Reina Regenta was found. A bottle that had been washed ashore was picked up, and in it was found a piece of paper on which was written in pencil a message signed by the captain of the cruiser. The message, which is dated March 10, 9 p. m., 12 miles distant from Baje Aceifanos, states that the position of the vessel was then hopeless. Society Man Arrested; P hiladelphia , April 6.— George E. Coolidge, a prominent society man of this city, was arrested and held in $600 ball on the charge of nonsupport, the com ­ plainant being his wife. -Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge have been living apart for sev ­ eral months, and their marital affairs have been previously aired in the courts. Cashier Grady Stole $38,000. L ancaster , Pa., April 9. — It is now believed that the defalcation of T. M. Grady, cashier of the First National bank of Marietta, will reach if not exceed $38, - 000, which it is feared will he greatly swell ­ ed by the sums secured in a semiofficial way. Congressman Beltzhoover Injured. H arrisburg , .April 6.— Congressman Beltzhoover' of- the Carlisle district at ­ tempted to alight from the St. Louis ex ­ press at the Union station, this city, while the train was in motion. He lost his foot ­ ing and fell, sustaining painful injuries. General Markets. N ew Y ork , April 8. — FLOUR — State and western inactive and featureless at unchanged prices: city mills patents, $ 2.90@4.15 : winter patents, $ 2.80@3.15 : city mills clears, $ 3.25@3.35 ; winter straights, $ 2.35@2.80 . WHEAT — No. 2 red dull, opening Me. lower and ruling weak; under favorable crop and in ­ different foreign news rallied; May, 60%@ 60 9-16c.; September, 60J6@61c. RYE — Dull. CORN — No. 2 opened quiet but steady, and ruled slow, sustained somewhat by steady ca ­ bles: May, 51%c.; September, 51M@51 9-16c. OATS — No. 2 dull and nominally unchanged; no speculative interest beyond small local trade; May, 33%c. bid. PORK — Dull;' new mess, $13.25®13.75: family. $13.50. LARD — Dull; prime western steam, $7.10. BUTTER — Weak: state dairy, 10@19c.; state creamery, 20®20J4c. CHEESE — Quiet: large, 8®llMc.; small, 8® 12c. EGGS — Fairly active: state and Pennsylva ­ nia, 12M@13c.: western, 12Mc. SUGAR — Raw steady to firm; fair refining, 2 ll-16c.; centrifugal. 96 test, 3c.; refined quiet; erttshed, 4 9-16@4Mc.: powdered, 4 3-16®4?ic. TURPENTINE — Nominal at 31M@32c. MOLASSES — Quiet: New Orleans, 33@38c.\ RICE — Steady; domestic, 4%@6^c.; Japan, 4®4%c. , . TALLOW-^Quiet; city,:4%c.; cbnntry. 4Mc. Pianos and Organs . M. V. SPRAGUE MUSIC CO. McClellan Building, Park Row, CHATHAM, N. Y. m n It is not An experiment — but a Proved Success. Thous ­ ands of housekeepers who at first thought they never could use any shortening but lard, now use COTTOLENE and couldn ’ t be induced to change, simply because it is better, cheaper and more healthful. The genuine has this trade mark — steer ’ s head in cotton-plant wreath — on every pail. Look for it. Made only by The N. K. Fairbank Company,: CHICAGO, and Produce Exchange, New York. 1 S:\-p YOU WILL REALIZE THAT “ THEY LIVE WELL WHO LIVE CLEANLY, ” IF YOU USE SAPOLIO GREAT VALUE FOR LITTLES MONEY. WEEKLY NEWS OF THE WORLD FOR A TRIFLE. THE HEW TOBK WEEKLpiIE a twenty-page journal, is the leading Republican family paper of the United States. It is a NATIONAL FAMILY PAPER, and gives all the general news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its “ AGRICULTURAL ” department has no superior in the country. Its “ MARKET REPORTS ” are recog ­ nized authority. Separate departments for “ THE FAMILY CIRCLE, ” “ OUR YOUNG FOLKS, ” and “ SCIENCE AND MECHANICS. ” Its “ HOME AND SOCIETY ” columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorials and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive A SPECIAL CONTRACT enables us to offer this splendid journal and THE CHATHAM REPUBLICAN ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $1.00 O-A-SIET ITT -A.ID'V_A_ITOIH j - The regular subscription for the two papers is §2.00. Subscriptions may begin at any time. Address all orders to T-HE REPUBLICAN, CHATHAM, N. Y. Write your name and address on a postal card, send it to Geo. W. Best, Room 2, Tribune Building, New York City, and sample copy of T he N ew Y oke W eekly T ribune will he mailed to you. GErffS SIZE DON ’ T PASS THIS BY ! FREE! Elgin Style, Gold Filled Hunting Case Watch and Silver Set FREE ! No Money required in Advance. FREE ! A Hunting Case. 14-K. elegantly engraved, full Jewel- vinder and stem setter, Gold filled Elgin style Watch. ed, stem winder i ________ — , — _ — ------ (Ladies or Gents size.) 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Therefore order, as you have nothing to risk and all to gain. ! Wo are the largest cigar manufacturers in America, and this is a ,. positive introductory offer. Address in foil, JSUltOPEJLy CIGAR CO., Department.™- 48 & GO Cortlandt St. s New York City* Stem Wind Cut out and enclose this Adv. with order, and mention the C hatham R epublican '. ' : -.■v ; '4 v'V- i ~ V ii : ^ ' vV ■ - ' : W

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