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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, April 08, 1908, Image 1

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tm ffi M Pal MM m mi OH ,£or 3?armers,-Sto< i mm Mi 3.buaty;. 1^ tief as f^lows-.'j-,; ^S^STOttij«%'A\«^' fpublie ^sh^-tLfat public isikept' ^^l^i^ ^gaoWncVi^jfep«a«t« r ' beM £l 'vtonrtnytte.G ?tfiat* StjitB „,,™,e*U„__,„ _. _ -2. Tuufe 1 ' truly,\ **.<?-f. Sanford \VV. Snjiith. \NEW •S50BK- >C'ONTEBENCE. •^States an^Oqagre^donal Ooliventtong _3^Tew Cfounty oSinmttteB Chosen, daaa. Tracy of Gbjent, Chairman. , e— 'Hudson,- yift>T?afd— W -in ^aiyve! . r K5W^b°oit^e¥ge ^'B_rowtt.,,,~ %JS«w. I$bandn-^Llncob«.fiaekett; i' TJag'ttkariie—WiHard Aivery. At a^fiu\bs?queut Meeting of thB com- mittee.-Charles 'Stacy of Gbent, -was chosen* chairman £ CbarJesl Bsselstyn of Hudson, secretary and-Sobert Hoes of Chatham, treasur,cj;., in J£mortJt0ffi ^ri§&^^ OSg ;3^«SS2y..1Ip» Profitable . H^^wM^onsJ^doptfed. \ f t •> whicb cloBei Friday Wol^wSSfJ^HVdi' d% declared .held- ia very cat|- BrpjojajSrff^aro^ 2&a i TW republican covfcty convent iou for l^oltoia county m|t at Woodmen's! - ^ Tr ,^ tm hall in Hudson, aatnfrdnv , sentation of delpgjitcs from every] ; Tfteto ,pf the Proicot-I Th by bounty committee, $\ho )nwi\\ stated Appointrnontsrofc 'Methodist Ministers. Aajp'n^i tho'' appointments affecting Poughkeepaie dis- g: Presiding Eld ffi^Mf&RSfr!*' •**' \-rsMf-.succeed Dr. Calmer. SbM^P^j ^tnnw?- I l ev - P*< -Oakleyj Copa.ke, J, Mi^taffoVdv'teaBt Chatham, F. X...Lan,e; f ^laillsaal 'e hglzori Jfor# th^®^?JS< ^UrjeVvisora^tl^ ajo^prrftham; Stockport ejl; Qae'ech'y. \V. Du Bois! Ajnong the . ,, ^ a^f^^J^M ^*ttJl 'a %lfe #»tor!i Who\\'are veU tootm in ^bo fo)lo W ,» K driers ™,> ,.r , W0 t rf^J^PindnTt, aw\ the following and their' fro f \ ,e vun \\ s «! w \ s „ „ , township and UudscSi city The con- T A ^^[^^ Pittsfield Paper. -tor and to ^||efiilyo .lnme3t shwii ? h«p but be m -result, b6^, 8 e thoj i^^aipA r* tbat tbey can bo^jt't to im ' .Oai-of the ples ^Mg- features* the'^4^ ^ B M^rfiBi program tins v ra ^m the ^^tr^^'w^^-aSS^L to OaveSa^ vocal and instr.ip.ental ansjc givAhy^ »- f ,,-frr-,,,. - - Miss Kliklaud ..t . nsfuun as _ a npat * tJlt 8W t,ott' director and . ^ ^orneV. impr£n e m |^L «, 0 0 1dar |#l vention- met to elect delegates to tho State convention to he held m New York on April llfh; a!-, .lelegates to the C'ong I oss lonal coil vent mil it Puiifrli keepaie on April l^tt. aii'i -el... t •. new county committee | The 'Pittsfield Eagle eayu editorially. ; auJ . Mr v )n) , ul be public..should not get the im ^prpa- t su.u that there is to be a trolley Hne Schilliug of < iiiui .n. as pianist; Mling apparatus tba€ sVa£ . daimg 'it ^^.v >Unt, eoraettst * _ _ yil and j^,, J&me^ Sbiel «ftJ|j. the publicshould not get the i^m- i Prin ,, ipai HilIeyB »f . hatbam, Prtn- Idgewood. \N*. J„ are •Waning e^WJ f Hl'l-'=\- .\4 Principal a Jt TCpairs . ftnd fanpr^^nff ms'M* eipal raxe built over the Lebanon mountain this ^ |, atne 0 j stotrvjll year In reality the matter is as ra^ph. coullI1 i tt<K , on resolunoii* and thoy res-. -t r^eas' ho remains .^f ;Ann^?,, jjjf «./.• appointed a Stilbrland i'rqn,erty.,laS^^easQdjj » ... , or in the air\ as ever To be sure the m>d tho to ii„ w i u ^ v ,„ui were unan- \- t he \ Q j a mcs %o»jiaB ^SV «rW He eo^ention ^ e-,lle.l f. order ^ ^ ^ ^ {rfiaMe<} from '^Ov \, rP UtMig ^WPkrb^ Nassau through the Massachusetts whereas, we the tearing „t the Sec I O t io- lV ,i a y /an0btfrisa'5c ®%r'2 hne has begun to put some money into ol|d Commissioner Dist rut el j,,^ \ . Rural demetei^t U - ..mintv have -completed a in^' l'rofita- r- _ \ _ aptioiiit'm.ents: Fred—Hr—Burning to l ^^^^^^l ^Lon ^tfoot, Poughkeepsiej/G. Austerlltz _.i T b(1Tm . ^4d %r^eKi.H; Cheseborp, to Wmgdale and Davis _ Brown D w . Lasher ItiwSjand frnnclnse would be \<>id if its owners L. Barrirtger Clark 1\ G --o — -i >figPP 8 « 1 Kesolved that wo express onr appre-, ISSjS SundavMiSoS ,1„1 nut spefl.l a-eertam per cent of the eiation of the practical ^d effic^t ^Mf^J^ ' , , „ work of orff severajl Insttuotors, , yli \Yg£.' \ capitolizahon m actual ground con- ° H ^ oW J , bat ^ glSft ^na.e of this4;< stmction within a certain tune Thi- - • • ' decision hits the promoters of the Le anon -\allev line and they immediatel !98 jJamieson. -'V TO TAX AUTOMOBILE^ FOB BOAB* \SensStS Ajjr^fong *lnSfi^ces BSl'Of\4 era* 9 ;t^it«»«&<«*-e J^^fe^^Iaf^-aS tax payable Canary 1, is im- ^i^&'AhS^ggr/gato^taount of. claims-J ^iM^mPoMa. of Supei.visprs aga?ns| .^^fto^niyl^or-servic'egjiro'wmg. out of lti5iSiiUl35 !SSs ,»«S»|.ttn- tervMr^nnil tllfirflforO i fetfomliteiilo^ by^the. e'pQcial bxgbwj^ knvestigating* eotftmitteo was intro- j .du?ed \today- by -Senator Armstrong, lf :;-i5h*M ^ n tt rt-c tt>o Ftiininee committe. An Potts, Fted J. Mpoje, -^UuiBioW&fer^the pwspccts 'of the «tr »i .-t ..m u> a ^nod •«^Lj RS ^ k-°T*t*£*J*®Z a tlT . 1 -POS04 Lebanon line.JhW u ^ t w.^J^^^ ?J/KeUy an« \p GbwtT-LotusT. Payn, J B. Siacl^j {Ji - f l pres( . nt dl . pr()ssion spPll( j s «s Besolved that^bililt^' \' 6A,taorrX II. Kivgnburgh, J. AC J 00( , busmess ^ ns to corae back < adffunistratiou ,. wmi George- ' - . where jt wft8 a ve,r or so ago. trolloy '.^^^m^m^^^l ^ wU \^ DistrieV-ft .n^'X- 'VTIIOL rviiinxri flni mm posed according to *tlie weight .ot the machine, and it is ^stitnate'd thp.^ tho act would yield at least $2QO,000 ayear 'I^jajSmtaittbo- w.or -%ana theroforo ^-&^v&S&few >.«i.--tTin' istUtcmont con- epclosed with -or otherwise, j „u fines coUected'-in !lbxal .pcJico-eouT^yj- 1 e ' r for vioiations^aro. -made payable .to \the the tax, ab,qve, npce4aary espenseS, and. Greenport—^Frau k R Hatltaway, Ezica aBrber.'Oeo. E. Hallenbeck. i where it was a Year or so ago. trolley enterprises will nSturaDv revive and , Shaver to* laca aBrber, l.eo. i.. HauenDecK. . anl0nB tno very first mar be counted i ^qxt -^ecS7 ^^%a -HiUsdalo-S. I> Zrt, K T. Benedict, [bp ^ ovw , h(> m0 „ ntam t0 Nassan. J. H. Stcitz, Alexander BUls, 2d. ,. osS1 , l)v this road inav be built witlftrf^-* - * v SPpSw Hudson, First Wnrd-,rohn C Bus-, • f ^ , ue cuaneo9 a ^:1 Swn.. brt^ia ,cr%- ^^faSe; ' *\gjte engineers finishi fepur \t ''O *-Malda .a, route tbiS ^S sell, James Ryan, horen L. Edwards. Hudson, Second Ward—Thomas infS to begin with. Tbe S ntire proceeds:jojH °-«^ U u, 1 Lavatories on TroUey Oara. • - J- — !^ ^ ^cn k nrrkej, Pra nli K Albai<r , A ^ ^^Z^^fj* »^«»#^« Stat e TrSastfr|r. £pr u^in tho maiaten- I '. 1\ \; twenty nve muc , 0 r more oparu ^ «tglri&^^^^^i^l £«*g ame of impro .«:ca :.lugiway8^.Tbe tax ' \ '—«-'' <•*• -w-\-s—^^i'SK «8 ?«,afl£fe iB $5 for ;'\rnficbiJne8 -n-eighing 1 1,50,!) pound*- or^ess,' ^lWor .mach^es'.S 'eigS* 1 , ing (rote J >5qp tt^fe ponnd^iJa,^ - ..«ddnion-.l v '<o^er«^0 pm >naS ^W^^« adS0 ?I .^Z^ Mc • biy\ was abandoned. In- vfs^rjgi: ord r-oiKa magazine artiW|r^oni-TOrj bril requiring that cars on* steam and ho ^M? hai?^.^^ B - trol .ev We, Ihe terminalB Of whjch ^rej t ^|> n f, e -» ~ Fui twenn- f.ve mUes or more '.apart, of Ul8 ll « ,e }. ^b'ejejj^gestioh 'of'}thVHudsOn Begis- -eggs 0 f 2,500. ' ter tfiafebe^cpmpaTalSTii' table' pub- ; Hsb.ed ! it^Cb* feoufer >f >oeE jWas f ' Jcthtt X' Y«x Ho<5Sen. iWaaa 'tuiJVof. ijffete3t- cbnijfieai%ociairy Walslu , Hudson; Third Ward—Alfred Qhace, Madison Miller. Glen wood ger, ^Thomas Berrtdge. j '• Httdsoa, Fourrt Ward—.John Fitz | ' passe Gerald, Bartholomew Delaney, Samuel j ro(lse ^Ontgomcry. . position by the railroads in-Site Assflii^' -Hudson, 'Fi — ' ' ,r - - ~~ - t'~i nown, Henry JSnderho.ok-ueorg 0 n nrowu, ^. As amonMd bv tue SeBate tMaaffia*f§ -\-iii towa^ > ~fcorif«Sn*e i 8^ rcitb^np^ SJr.\''f4n B$8BW »- TrtS ^ HI m m town, Henry Hudsonf Willis riowvor form tbe b j U applicd w B mrtB ^^i^i Hnderhook—Georgtf? H Brown, C. ' As araDnde % by tbe s ona te th^b^W ; ttNgjfieynplds, Albert <|^Callan, Xathan, hcs onlv {b ^ tbat haTe.:^^ng;| J&^ild, Edward Mesftsk^ George Silver-• .. ' J.- .Wffei Sail. ^ V-iiivingstbn—Austin M. Hodskins. Iiivingston Crofts. Wm. -D. Woore, Ja cdb Ra'ynor. 'Stockport—B. F. ' Haigh^. Charles 1 Christian Endeavbr Union. ; <afeprge, Dr. James W. King, *!fi'ta. J t The annual convention 6f tho. Oo- [.Sfeaw. | lumbia Cotrnty OKristianJElndoavo* Un- .^StjiyVesant\-Dr. X\J» Glover, Wm. \ j 0 n -will bo belt/ In, Sip Bef6rm«d Hi- D.elamater, ' i church of GhcnYpnTnifsaay, April 53.; j ji^agh'k^nicr-'Wm. H. Hawver, Jr., | Among tlte.'spenlcerB will bo •.'^c'tor r Cdle^ ^larohco E. Hawver. ' j Edds, field sectf tary stato ^iiie ^rdon^ fiov. Her T . TmT\B<K t«r ' ,/:'Ori anotton of Al£ea , t B\ _ CAnce; ofj'Kev. Dj; Jtoi \.^Ctldsoni-S^ ^fdllowingt were named as_ man ,jHagomar ftho^^e^^tes^o the^tnte jwyepiioji? f or m 'sa -an $t .u^l(»rp societies of Ghent-P? 01 \^' ^?AH»iB,>I;oi4sjF: Ptf^n.-^Cbatnara. \ J . . nnito rn^ea'rin'g-iof the •gatbering.- ;^^ai;:i ^6 ^viindsB^oaS^. ^ r\ >,v• ^^Wa^Va^W^*^ ' EditQ>€our^ert^ar:Srr--'S^iai f.v/^2^itffVrI',-i.„ik^\vrf.S^» -~ ' * writes: Find money enclosed jfaf •T<^0^-^S-^-}^00' Se^of sub«riptton. I thank ^lS? ftg^lMli twTESiUy sondjag tbe paper 4if|3r /'tbj. •^^^•^«^«s^ time expired for I did jiOfc- tniss any of tft* copies. .XTittil ni: tbas' been imfjossible for am* ^.cia^ausiiffl',?

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