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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, May 05, 1909, Image 2

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petty^-action made Van, Buren moro po^ti^-vlhanvjevfw 'and in. May, 1832f \\•• <— • - c elected on some, of bis earliest and -dearest friends. Jesse' Merwin, a teacher of i \ the school in the district embracing ,}T the residence^ of Judge\ Van Ness antT. the original of^Iehabod Crane, was the companion of Irving in many a foiling expedition or ramble through the hills about IJinderhook. * Katrina Van Al- 'len was-the prototypo of Katrine Van * * rMW 5 ' 8 * • • -T- • • . - H'^^.'''' 1 ' \• Blrth P lace of Martin Van Bnren at Kindernook. l£jg&t&!i*ka old house -where President \Van Buren was born vwas romodeled to ' '-*^»?fores«nt state, but part of the old building, the timber* the interior ' t.afropidwnrk remain Intact today.. - -and-the -November.—Iu 183&- he waa el *;> -^jejdliPreeident, receiving 170 to 73 elec-J still standing by the little brook that „^.i„ s f or wiijjam Henry Harri- flows into Kinderboak_ creek was the ffiof opponent, and a major- the homo of Congressman Van Alen !fe«^|6f the popular vote as well. At and his daughter. \Brom Bones\ was hiB 'inauguration the coun- easily recognized as>« one Abraham suffered' from financial diffi _ (Brora) Van Alstyne, an 1837,0, following the ' of specie payments by the ^i;tn : e .crisis came which is yot „ the f reatest panics President Van tonailitis,Ia «pp^^fMf improved, , V S&ggfetagg •Edwin 8..- Cornell *&M&Mig&& Mrs. Katie Llh'k'wh.b tiftfubeonraj' i -VMias Anna'.Furik hai^bei^^itihg i at, Mt. .. ROBS 'attended; ^inst^'ttt^ilast I'week at^Rhinche/k. * \.\ >' ' ^ • • the Veaaer^^ui^'J^^Tmo5Bh»g.^ll The 'Present Monument ^tmMiaaoxjl- cf ExPrerident Martin Van Bnren in her le'r's. •The Misses Jennie' .and May <Jip-. o£ Bull's'&ead are a£ Jesse,Sig- :—r-q — >- GEEEN BIVEB. Hillsdale Graduating The '09 class of the* Hjl&dala High school consists of four.,member$3 the Misses Kathryn Becker, Nell .B. 'sba-\ ? \ Jon n Scalley April\ «4th - .^B-JIILSDAIIE. -A /son WOB born to Mr. and Mrs. ver, \Mary Strevcr^and Deldoyd; NasfTj The class has organized with Mr. Nasb pro.sidont, arid Miss Strever, secretary. Fire In Hudson. Firo broke out in the crush*., mild' tng of the Alsen cement plant near Hudson Friday morning and the build­ ing wns nearly destroyed with valua­ ble machinery. The main plant was-j 'ninjured. |t %|te^.B / niMlfc established an independent ^trylvsyBtem ,for the care and dis- j>f^riublic money and for which was at length permanently his admimistration was chief- 4iptlngnishecL In 1840 he was re- ^i^^^sopinated, but the financialtroubles - lf ||^|;^^m6jra^d* loss charged agairjst him \553\ ^'^t resulted in an overwhelming ^^j^l^ej^at by TViUiam Henry Harrison. V\an v Buren was brought forward again-in 1844 for the Democratic nora- uf^^lC- ,*i ?i$MH>». was rejected? jon account of ^^lhliv oppoaitilon to the annexation of fii ;1848, he was nominated by party and his candidacy ^?»^^Meurea tie election of Tyler, tho Whig exception of \a European ?^BnV,fw>in 1835 to 1855, he \passed the of -Ills life'on his estate at Rev. B. Seeholzer and. son, Chak left^last -week for NArthfield, Mass., where Charles will enter the Mount Hcrmdn bchool. . —May 1st in Hillsdale is just like yow York this yeai, Bays the—H«rbi gee Z. D. Zeh is moving into- his retently acquired property, the Dr. Westlake place; W. \V. Erown is mov­ ing into the house vacated by Mr. Zeh, which he has purchased;' Ohas. Owen is moving to T. Johnson's house vacated by- M¥. Brown; and W. A . Maltery is ' moving into Mr. Owen's bouse which bo purdbaded a short time ago. Mr.- Logan has purchased the 4-Mnilery_ place and it is expected ho + will' move in \shortly. \TWHEN TOUB- -PIANO---NEEDS- —Ezra Best is seriously ill at his THK'VAN AtT.EV HOMESTRAD. KFJDFItHOOK. N. T. ... WTiere lived Katrina Van Tassel tho belle ot \The legend of Sleepy Hqllo^.\ ( Martin Van <Buren himself some. Grand Matron Visi^B Hilsldale. , I years later attested to the fact that I The official visit of District Deputy ^ hiB connsel was fre- Jp8S0 Merwin TCas the origiD& i 6t the Grand Matron, Mrs. Eda Link, to Cul- ^^g^SaJ»tyy-ffl»8»»t »* P u ^«> a » d P°iJ. tical schoolmaster of the story, in connee- i Hn Chapter, No. 365, O. E. S., took ^ijt^\v^9 ae .*' ; ? ons ' ^ tion with a lecture tour undertaken plaro at their regular meeting \Wed- rV ' v° e ° W mansion at \Linden- bv Mr Merwin. Tho following is a nesday evening. Tho occasion Tfcas .•^aWi\. which was\ the home of- Presi- j copy of 3n aut ograph letter in the p'os- made ono of great -pleasure by the' -IT T> — — \ r \' - ^ ^ i-: — u - attendance of n-embers of the order from PMlmont, Hudson, Chatham and Troy, by a number of .addresses^and by ' den? Van Buren so many years .and ! sess , on 0 f David Merwin, his son, who occupies the paternal estate: This is to certify that I have and to which he used <to .take a constitutional ride 7 on horse -to' Kinderhook daUy, was erected Jndge--Potcr Van Ness, an , K *V<iontfecT in the-French Wariand the com ' _ ^^iwder-of-^iv^pimoift-a^ihe-defeat of, .^urgoyno^uiJ?^, a member of the, ^\^j^\ wUich adopted the, Consiltution. a rrember of Con | kyy^i4£&a£^i5!& first judge of Columbia ' known J. Merwin, Esq., of Kinder | a banquet at the close. Two candi- jk for about a third of a contury | dates were also initiated. ' ?.^an ^iTeBS n who sue -the- One of his sons, William P. cceeded him as mas ^\^*r'» second at tho ensu home hero. —lotilo Con Klin is confined to tho house by an attack of measles. —A. Fellows who has been connnod to the house, by illness, is able to be oat-againr.: % —Mrs. HnnnaTi Evans Is confined to her r^omo by illness. —H. Thompson of Amenia is now employed a^ the milk station here; he is staying at D. Granger's^Eome. ^Mra. M . McDonald of Athens Is spending some time\ with - her sister, Mrs. John; Scsuiy. « T-iSnA^K TJn 'derhili ,of fo^kers has been spending' a' few days at the Hillsdale house. ~°— ORABYVTTITIE , —^A horse - o wne'd' by -Leafetel \ Qnigg. and driven by William- WJUlisimso.nj»be- uamo frigdtened in Gftat-Barrington a few days ago. The horse waa stand­ ing at the .head of Railroad- street •vhen an automobile camo along, 'tho HdrWran close to several plate- glass iLdows, but Thomas Larkin brought the animal to 6. standstill near Ben­ ton's jtore before any serious damage ! '''-'comfdrfc '•\ • 1 With a \New Perfection\ 7*1 •^ ! k ; iti4.na «>ine C^jWEy-\TOP>^^^g»r f -Wen fitted wifli r»ck»/9r ^(MMfe \nd„«n.bfe >i4 with pr.^ho9tj?^^» »t your.,de^'«-«ddre S s our newet* igenc ^J^ The tyWdeale STAND A KD Ott. COMPANY ,|[l#e#ei»^M> W. A. KINGMAN PI4N0 uuo GOOD TTJKING UP SEND POB OTJK TTXNEB, WHO IS A MT1MBKR OP KTNGMAN BBOS^ PIANO HOUSE, AND OBOHE3TBA. —Curtis Weaver recently purchased two spans Of nice horses in Catskill. —Waltor Bearsley has had a.'paint­ er and paper hanger-renovating his house which lie bought- of Mrs. Car­ rie Toung. ', —Mrs. Russell Conklin is under the care of Dr. Skinner tit Copake. —Norman Ni'er has been confined- to his roonCJffitb- illness, —Mrs. Helen Post i£nd son, Elmer, have moved,~into tooms ih 'John Conk-, Iin'B ho»-»e.\ • , ' ^ We give a few namei of people whom we tune, for? | Mr 1 . 0. W . Daggett, Mr. Barrow, Mrs. P . Blinn, Jr., Mrs. J. W. Boright, Mrs. Ik Dillont Mrs. O. Schufelt, MnT- M. B, Muzxy, Mr*.' K. 0. White, .Mrs.\ Gonld, Miss Stenezwald, Mrs. J. 'W»- Blnnt, Mrs. M . Bonle, Miss Florence Jones. • t Address, ^ Kitigraan Bros. PITTSPD3LBv. ^ MASS. typps he mot in Kin tbe characters of his drlicht \I or end <jf Mrepy Hoi Tit Famous IcK»t>o4 Craftc^ihsuilJiOT-MiKincitrhook, K, Y. getter?: ;tml l>i I pif him to be a man of honor and intr rity, and that he is the same person celebrated In the wrllings of A master of caricature, with power of description that amounted J'^\-^ ^ Mh . , n ., undor tho to genius. ..jgnsMnston Irving, howev fon(atuM of I( . hftbod - n hU fa . Arbor Day Annual.- OOPAKB BJON'WOBrS. Ml fllflHEY THE BEST WAY TO BEND MONEY B Y MAIL 18 BT MOIOT.- ORDER. THERE ARE SEVEEAL KINDS AND ALL AM OOOD. Bank Money Orders '$'[. (American Bankers' Association Form, Guaranteed by American i S*r*ty Company of New York.) - , Ar^ Best THEY ABE MORE EASILY OB TASTED, ABE LESS MBaayrl -TO? CAUSE ANNOYANCE AND ABE CHEAPER THAN EITBCTJ!lNW!£ OFFICE OB AMERICAN EXPBESS ORDERS. . ij ?;j%f LT LOST TN THE MALL, N O \BED TAPE\ DJ NEOBSSABT ORDEB TO OBTADJ A DUPLICATE. V^i-? ' *l TF YOU HAVE EVER LOST ONE ISSUED BT THB POST v OWTCB OB AMERICAN EXPBESS 00. YOU WILL APPRECIATE TTTT8 AD VANTAGE. AIK FOB CIRCULAR. '. I BMW; CHKHHH, t.i. \BfOT LAftGE, BVT STRONO.*' —Tho Misses Nora and Lena Silver- nail have been bo'nsc3^iib.' illnjjs. —Miss Jessie. Stickles: .attended the institute injpJhino.be\ekj .last week . •• —Elmer Austin o f \Hillsdale has r>con enpng'ed to teach our nw t term-) if school. • .' —Mr. and Mrs. Ezra -Niver of Hud- V>E , have bqen spending a few days virh Mrs. Mary C. Brusio. o—'-——•— Pittsfield, r ' c >\<' Mass. BO. BUSIEST STORE j Pittsfield, Mass. : WEST. TAGHKANIO. t j -#«und the feelings of a. friend or «- - \MARTIN VAN BUREN. .and so, thtfUgb tho proto . <Kindorhook> May 10> lg40> • Tho New \York State Educational department has issued a very handsomo,| \Arbor Day_jAnnuar\. Mr^ Draper 's; —Mrs. S?.S. Simmons is ilL —-J. H. Mackey oFPort Wnshingtott J has moved to his new home that waa formerly occupied by Wm. Sheldon. I —Miss ^tr^el Proper is working ,-for Mrs. E. Kilmer \for the knmmer. • ^^^^'^ir^^l^^^^^^' Jjnffoduotoryrln the Annual says: \Let us -observe Arbor Day; let us plant freehand pro .tect them; le^ tiab^-l suro _^bnt._Aur. play f rounds and 'ou .r,^ school houses aire, clean,, ana 1 wWlespme and inviting. JBnt let us dn more .than .|l.| jfiilMB ^wrTra\ ifesfilve -uffffr ~&vjfzktovr ' J3ay, with, -its •messages *6ft .spring .and returnlsg^ Uf;p ,.^to ; give -Satqro^ils; .-|chanco Ynraliiits^forms; to ^wowitfiel thin gs that ,jare:ybo ^-ns-Tn ~lthe IWQ^SB\; and- -in ihe ^flcTS ,\t:in--Ui&s^am|f aiif i thkes-and on the mountainiXahdJt 'husV sot only fWiden. our, .knowledgeirand': useful rL '< L •-^-^1^^ **aT^^an?.ufteaeyteefteifc^iM J^f pcracs ln^ &~$sssppoh j;**^-: -While Sylvester Miirdr+^raB- plowing-. in' the yard at the horoe'of IJ^^^ We inyite yoa jo the Free Exhibition of the $100,000 National Painting GETTYSBURG THE SPECTACLE OF A LIFETIME. The Battle 1^ < A T great exoeis a we have procured this wonderful ' ri icture for a two week's exhibiiion ending Saturday • - j - Miy 8th. Wi'hout douV, this mammoth canvas.- ••^$®«%i&v 2 ox 7 i-2 feet is the WORLD'S GREATEST BATTLE^ - ~^&m PICTURE. -Begun on the?fieid of Gettysburg two aavs after the bat •<? ,.y;$psp*pr by an,olficejr'lnthe btttle, a famous artist, and taking 8,\ l4:$-$W$t

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