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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, May 05, 1909, Image 6

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1 k?? & , < V?J .,0. T. TJ. INSTiTUTK. Interesting Session Held at Canaan v Four Corners. A brave ' minority of temperance W>rligra fa^od -Hve -storm- tra Frtday ami assembled In the church at Canaan for ihe^nslitute. .£~--~y&cio \mCa many traces of disappoint- '^aSwri ^vcif .the^failure of the Anti sa *''*•-*-- H\- e had dry\ officers in sympathy with our k rcforms, since taws are useless unless executed. Perhaps the two most interesting events of the afternoon wore the sym possium on Moderate Drinking and Mrs! fcamberfc's drill on state es<Mae. The papers for the symposium worn j written and read by Mrs. Kathcrinc j P. Williams of Clmtiiaiii Center, Mrs, i L. D Smith of Hudson. Mrs. Ten 1 Hrocck of Harloniville and .Mrs. \\ ll i sey of ' oral*e [ The summing up of tho whole matter decided that both science aud ex peri , i'i:<e | roved moderate drm ung to bo impossible, since alcohol is cummula tive in effect and destrovs in its vie *> - .... nr . r «otf rrcfj-qinf Jn famous old Czar of all these days of careful sanitation a drink -rot Infarifrar^Childrett. The Kind foil Have - Always Bought INFANTS /CHILDREN PTOttwtesDi^.tiohflttttftrl ncssandResLContalnsneittw, OpiuTw.Mori>hirie nor feral] Nor Jtf ARC OTIC. - finftii&tJ- MttttSdts- AiBtSui* ffinoStftf' Jen/US Aperfect Remedy for Consflp*-! !ion.SourStDmach.DlairtfD«; Woxins£onvulskmsJevEnslr ness andLoss OF SLEEP- PacStmfe Signature of HEW YORK. _ , \ Now^^siit IsT^P^. the Pf ^W^M lempU the j^fofc Wyt^|.cloth}!ig,- fort ™%f§|| quality an^yfe as >vell 1 ~^~-\; r ': told, w.e grew more cheer- that all was not lost, •- much had beon gain At 6 months oW Exact -Copy of Wrapper. In Use Over Thirty Years GAST0R1A TH C CCNTAU * COMPANY . HEW YOU* CITT . I will learn from our to gain victory at last. of Chatham led the op-' devotional service. Suporinten- r 0^$%P$ departments and some of the represented, reported the had been accomplished since ^nual meeting. % Pbilraont as usu away .the palm. ***** c - Pow ^ u *» ac - the white slave traffic which The heart of every par- was shamed by the\ thought things were possible in. onr the free. Mrs. Powell's paper ^§p ^\%$e*trii'fn rgreatly increased zeal ^F^? cap\?.- 0 ' P n . ri <7- , - v r * McNeil of Hudson read a fine qur hearts with fresh courage and on .on the A neeesaity of\ electing thusiasm. K. P. W, ih buiu ui.-.oa:-e to tissue and nerve should be as carefully ^uurded and prohibited as those containing germs of typhoid, tuberculosis, diph­ theria or smallpox. Mrs. Lambert gave us an excise drill. We learned however, what enormous sums of money ttre state excise cost, and that we may call upon it at any time to exercise its duties. In the evening the young men's quar­ tet gave two very pleasing selections, which were greatly enjoyed by the au­ dience. Mrs. Lambert's address, \Who will roll- away for us this stone T\ A re­ minder of the Easter season, filled all HUDSOH. fl^^^tMpb-Hoffman, .has leased th e a grocery '^-Tbe Cemetery Commission has on -after paying all bills a balance -^Physical Director Travaskio of C. A. i s trying to got to- % «&ninig '-S' -f\^\'*- t ,al g e containing earioads. of sugar was a track, team to compete spring meets. in the —fiev. J. H. Hollister and Frank Eighmy represented the Presbyterian church at the spring mooting of the Presbytery of Columbia in Windham last week. Rev. Mr. Hollister was the retiring moderator. —F. A. Lucas who has been seri­ ously ill with typhoid fever for sever­ al weeks is now able to be up and around the bouse. —At the spring meeting of tho Pres­ bytery of Columbia, hold in Windham last week, R. P. Richmond of this vjl lage was elected a delegate to the Gen­ eral assembly of tho Presbyterian church, which meets in Denver, Col. 5*£»£-aPl'. and Mrs. Thomas* Wilson and j —Samuel W. C. Skinkle will be a have returned after a do- i member of the Electric Park pofice -ffifrlSlffr* wjnter-jpent- in southern .Cali- J force this year. Mossra Shaw and Barton of last Stottville club, b<ive been signed on Valatie's fast semi-prof es- 'i'SJilieBe.; are busy times with the j sional ball team this season. ^c^$en/ii3 loads and loads of houso- | —Mrs. Cole and family have moved ^^^Vel^j ^odfl 'are being moved from one , from Einderhook street to the Callan ^^ije^^iif \tho city to another. > tenomcnt house. _ ^'*j-.^;H^izjniii'/?' I AohoTTOP-n -rohn have about twenty sugar wa s unloaded a t & A. slip last week. I t was ^;\i»S *;\OTOr the B. & A. for western mar- VALATTB. THE ADMIRAL IS THE LATEST AND BEST MOWER THE SUCCESSFUL FARMER KEEPS UP TO PATE On Farm Machines The great advance in farming methods has kept pace-with the improve­ ment of farm machines. The most successful farmers have always been ready to consider new ideas and better machines. Fanners - never have been more progressive than to-day. That is why.the Admiral mower has so quickly established itself in their favor. They recognize the great value of its features, chief among which are: Powerful-keen cutting appa­ ratus, easy foot-lift, increased tractive power without corresponding increase in weight not forgetting the * floating frame,\ ge)ruinejnnderdraft, ^-uniform tilt, and ail the other features that have made-Walter. A. Wood mowers famous wherever grass' is grown. If youvare^fgoing to buy a new mower this year, investigate the latest,—The Admiral It's a pleasure for us to shov the Admiral to a progressive fanner. So).don't \hesitate to ask us at any time—the sooner the better'. • \ ^ , LISTER'S CORN FERTILIZ R. NEW CAR AMERICAN FENCE. LIGHT BUGGIES. CADY A. BAIL)EY, CHATHAM, N. Y. sfaOTfr VTTiTiTl. uality in cloiljes^goes'- deep bow iWsur f The one^L^icS: good-ibr a while. -the : other IS goocT^all the-while. • - Buying is- easy and pleasant for you % at this big i>tor/. Located at the heart of the shopping district, you can g?t exactly what you want, when you want it, with our generous stocks before you. Our system of BUYING and SELLING lor CASH ONLY baves you $3.00 TO $7.00 on any suit, or overcoat purchase. L » >' IP PS: V- - I I —-This Store is the Home of Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothes You'll enjoy wearing our $2 hats. They^re full of style and smartness and cost up to $J ebewhere. ••1 t Cldthiers: So. Pearl and Beaver' Sis. ALBANY, N: •j ^> who have boats -Dr Donald Boyd who has been un- here' for use in the | dergoing treatment in a Now York city no shad ; hospital for some time, returned to tho off Hudson villago this week to resume his -prac- account of tico. ' that prevails. I —T. L. Jones and family have mov- for some time and he will ; it in the future and make &fo- improvements. Mr . Eoso«febal. OOIiTJMBIAVTTiTiTi. ^Vym. Boss, local barber, while at Hover's null, recentily ^ofcfi^t-''\». a gearj taking the index oft Van Bramer has. the Smith, agtnt at the ir.-:?:.,C .1 11 - transferred to Hu 'jUpii a local plant of th\ Rensselae- and Valatie mills. PHILMONT. —Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Shults and Miss Leah Decker who have been spending- the past three months in Cocoa, Fla., have returned -home. On their return, -trip they spent severttl days a t points of interest. ^ ~, Arthur Dftiheimer and lb ride have jefnrsed frdjtt ^thcir >edtti'ng trip. 1 ••—Sharles Se 'hryver will move to; Su'dson soon M 'hia child recovers from'; ^^B^'GirKjy.er has moved into hid %&w?T s &eksmtth -shdja' in the village. —A quiet wedding took place at St. Barnabas church on Wednesday \even- mft, when Miss Josephino Clino, daughter of Mrs. Valentino feline, was united- in marringe to George C. Thompson. There ' ceremony was per­ formed at 8 o'clock, the Rev. A. M. Judd officiating. —Tho Ladies' Aid society of St. Barnabas church will hold its annual lunch, ico cream, cake and apron sale in'fn'eir rooms on Saturday, May 8th. —The funerar of Mrs. Lawronce Bur- dick was held from ber late residence on Wedneetday afternoon and was at-' tended by a number of relatives and friends. The Rev. James M*icFelle read the service. James Haun, Henry J. Ham, Frank Strong Stott, John Mel­ ius, William Errickson and Jacob Her- mance acted as bearer. —The chuldren of tlje public school are proparing for an elaborate pro­ gram to bo given by them on Arbor j- Day. —Mrs. Charlotte Jones who has been making her home with her daughter, Mrs. Simon Roosa, has moved to Cottekill, N. Y. —Mr. and Mrs. James Burdick of Stamford, Ct., have been spending a few days with their sister, Mrs. Wil- liat_ Flower. - o WEST CCPAKE. -33, 1 —-Peter Miller purehiuw'd'a Vew'pldl of draught, horses, r,eeen|ly...,. . ^b^ssVohe'i:>'^•d^~Vw^l^*m; 'has been 'scraping'tfoads in.\ thi«;*?dj(»fj F*« towii^^;; |> • |,. Hjf 5 J ^ultry hquse^on W^.pB«>}^5»J^|- *' ^:«>lt*ria«t^XL.--.4|: i— Sqnm- ndw. : ntajl l>oxes aj ;e./being pat.tur; ; on route No. 2,- —5?.\* ^ftherwax wh» had h»'\lejf in jured—reeeutly;- -by- a - -wigon—wheel- Albany is certainly the placein wliiah to trade | This Spring. Everybody knows]! we are Selling Out; ancf the f merchants in~Albany have put down thdir prices^! to compete with our Selling Out Prices. It wouM^ pay youjfcojsome 5fiQjBJles tp gsito Albany^ihi ^i spfii%^if ypu^want to buy any furniture, ,68^gts^ Grtocli^ry oK^Btovesr Youiean b]%:. of :; ^Isbm? Jrl -M.*,,.' ;^^^s«fAlaa. Shutts fs/sponding somev, going, over it, is not gaining very-rap- V , '(D^o%^th>^pnio : of Myron Hess. ^ . ^dljp._. Dr.^ Wilbur .operated ,,qn, 'it. re>- , IS

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