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The $2 50 kind elsewhere. $2.00 LA ^ALBANY'S BEST CLOTHIERS SO. PEARL AND BEAVER ST& IN THE£ENTRE OF THE SHOPPING DISTRICT. * & 117 RELJiGIQN^AND for Religion arid .Christianity are not Bynon3TOpi^',.terni825i!pe.ople con have ^rt|^<^*.' , ^^o^;6eli%- .Christians. \ ; / religion\ in i ^hjdifliiM ^anal^^ ^t^iAk^^ia^timS^V^^ nor- CHATHAM CENTER. nip. — i |^|^Mra. McKenTon of Pittsfield, Moss. M ^vyaa the guest of Mrs. Vedder, JFri- p^tSi^ She received many calls from M^nlfkgieia and friends, remembering, her !£s &!2£», ! tl--- 0 taking at the death of her , Eev. Charles McKernor or here a few years ago. $jl$0i^p&pfo, Rev. Charles McKernon while Iplijpjv; —The Valatie Telephone company of ^|fe^htich Dr. S. Van Ness is president, jrojpixpt&IlBd a phone in his office Saturday. fil^ST Wldetstaad several more are sub­ scribers here. ^^Jr-The standard products of {£0 ^^i^kStchen garden\ have thrived. Horse ^S^3ji&^nj parsnips have had their mn- £f&i_k. l L i lV 1 j. ^fitn \Igith- pieplant and asparagus on ^^declk'aShd peas and onions peeking out. Isjyj .ii &rJEaia McNamara returned to Hud- *i ^e <^B,]da8t ; week on some new cases, j&jj ^fe-gpino of our farmers fear'd early Sj^sown oats -would rot but nothing seri- 0;p'ohJi:,.has. been- reported. A good denl ¥$%0>:£pia. ground is plowed and some iv'^gpi^TOiU. go in this week, weather per; 'and Mrs. Dean Mesick 'anjfc Of Spencertown visited, I'jnie •in' the\ airy Mary ,vo bTought in orchestra and bam swallows a now. p ^g|®^J!^preparations are going sSggjij^br^maTdn'g, the Public Euchre a As announced it will the there !i?Ii)€s'.,o£ } room. There will be good jpj ^iiSicj.for\dancing and many fine prizes ifSi'iitf&^een^ donated so some out and —A letter from Surgeon. Elting to Dr. Van Ness, Monday, announced the probable return of F. P. Van Alstyne to his homo here from the hospital the latter part of the week, probably about Saturday. —Fred G. Spath and family of Great Barrington, Mass., visited brothers and sisters here, Sunday. 0 ' HOLLOW VILIJE. —Born, May 2d, t o Mr. and Mrs. Molvin Friss, a son. • •—Miss Etta KeUs has been visiting in Troy. —Mrs. Black, who has been sp'eild'- ing some time with her mothot, i\rrd. Barteldi, has returned to yC<h home at Meriden, Ct. —Miss Grace Ho/ahng who has been at Eussell ConMin's home at Crary- ville for tho past few months, has re­ turned to E^fr home here. —Frank/ Miller is doing' carpenter wqr.K-iR'' Claveraek. l/T^Tesse Miller visited his daughter, t^Vft-s. Samuel Head at Boston Corners and son, George, at Millerton, last week, on his return ho spont a few days at the home of Daniel Miller, near Martindalc 0 MT. WASHINGTON. WEST GHENT. —Kev. Mr. Moorehouse has measles. —Frank and Olin Stnppleboen are doing the carpenter v70Tk on the wag- Qn house for Frank L. OBtTander, the framo of which was raised last week. —Mrs. and Mrs. George H. Kittle, who have spont the winter in Jamaica, L. I , have returned home. ,ChjtlaUkn^\The mieaibriar^ who goes to Kea,tb.en loiuijitq'preacn.> the- gpspeV does not iafe'to^eacl^thoge darkened ^D ^dafetHS^^ea^of^Qr«ldl^\K parMculali'thex «*!&8,U .^ ead y for him.' The objects of religious adoration are among the.\ most 't conspicuous things. -Heathen^Wbrshlp. .--Those lands areffull of temples, -al- tars, sacrifices, prtests, devotees. One' of the first things a, heaAben mother teaches Ijer child Is to pray. t Every. ^iome has- Its Idol god, every trade and profession its patron divinity. They have religion'enough In all con­ science, but their religion Is the pro­ duct of superstition, of fear, of lust, of murder, ^earthly, sensual, devilish. Natural religion everywhere teaches \men that they are sinners and the.t some rite, sacrifice or service is need­ ed to propitiate an outraged divinity More Gods Than Men. .Greek and Roman mythology, the Epic of Homer, which was the Greek's Bible, 'reveals to us the heathen mis­ interpretation. As we read these pages we see gods and men, not quite In equal numbers,, mingling in the fray, and sweeping in bloody combat about the-walls ot fated Troy. In that ancient world each fountain had its nymph; each brook its naiad; each wood its dryad; each wind bad its presiding god, and a deity was at the beginning and end of diversified hu­ man experience. The sea was heaved by them, the earth teemed with them, tne air swarmed with them. The uni­ verse, as they knew it, was believed to be filled with deities, Inferior and superior: and every natural, occur­ rence which they could not explain was supposed to be a direct interfer­ ence of the gods. Vast amount of re-1 Uglon/ but n o Christianity. When the apostle Paul was on his first missionary Journey be came into contact with this phase^of -natural re­ ligion at the city of LyBtra. Having performed a miracle In the healing of a cripple there the priests and the people straightway Jumped at the con­ clusion that he was a divine being in the guise of a man. They surmised that Barnabas, on account of his per­ sonal appearance was Jupiter himself, and that Paul was Mercury, because he was the chief speaker. And there­ fore, before the apostles khew^what was on foot the altar of sacrifice was prepared, the garlands were woven and the oxen were being led out to sacrifice. They said, \The gods have come down to us In the likeness of men.\ If not, something must hWs wrong AVitajts fond. If the mother's milK doesn't nourish^ it, stieineeds ScoffsEmiilsfori.\ It supplies flie elements of tat 1 \ required for the baby. If baby is not nourished by its artificial food, then it requires SCOTT'S ; ^teplfeh_^very'pj '^|^yTjg^n^g :ten#this taeot&g; l Mts, -Sr(kJ^^]^^,T^~ *^ :?iiS ^ matt-had charge .of the -program; 1 1 a — Aybm Dpy --was ohae '•y>iia'g<J'Vs'o,h\oia; •' -^3ffrs:'john : 'SJieklo' W entertaining ~' ^EdwaYd \Li DemareBt-^nd^aiBUv.,^. her nephew, Charles Bingham. have moved to Claveraek, EMULSION Half a teasjpoonful threeor. four times a day in its bottle will have the desired effect It -seems to have a magical effect upon babies and children. A fifty-centJbottle will prove the truth of oiir statements. S*nd Ola advertisement, togethar wHhntme of pjper In which it appears, your adiress and four cents to cover postage, and we will send you a \Complete Handy Atlas of the World.' SCOTT & BOWNE. ^6»,Pearl St, New York GALLATIN. ntflorse OEABYVTLLE.\ —Rev S.^P. Pruyne of Martindale preached in tho hall Sunday evening, May Oih. - —Mrs. Calvin Niver and Miss Luella Weaver were recent guests of Mrs. W m. Record at Carrrrel, N. Y. H££ffiffity%ejiiAi6 of your life, Thursday ¥<fej^%&$S^}; 20lh, as lots of tickets Ss^R^i^be^f.dqhated^so come out and y^|h^^nd;-'tb^e,xawqd is for iiiquuviay p.^Bf^[49Wi^J^5^^tett*? tmd school ^|^^|ft^y;o^eSi'h'o;*haa had occasion WS^^^i^k'sBthf^ and^ they .are jfrom' Itnii ^Ta^h^iwOuld.iikcn it to a canal —W. II. Weaver is on the sick list. —Guy Patterson is sick with an a t tack of the measles. —Harry Travis of Saisbury is repair­ ing James MacNaughton's house. —On account of the me&sles the north school was closed last Tuesday for a few weeks. —The assessors met a t the town hall Saturday afternoon to organize and re­ ceive the tax lists. ^ 0 ' Move Toward Reforestation.' James S. Whipple, forest, fish . and game'commissioner, ,4118 not onjy plant­ ed more trees- i»-Jthis' State \t^an has been plantedin any other state, or even by- the national government, aays'the, Hillsdale Harbinger, but this year he has. made another great advance in. : the \reforesting' movement.- Tho'cSommis- siorrhas sold to private land owners at' STATE OP tftW YORK DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE QUARANTINE AGAINST RABIES Albany, N. Y.. April 27, 1909 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Take Notice: That I, Raymond A. Pearson, Commissioner of Agriculture of the S.tare of New York, by virtue of the power and authority conferred up­ on me na such, and in accordance with tbe requirements of Article 5 of the Agricultural Law as amended, h.ejeljy give notice that an infectious or con­ tagious disease known as rabies has broken out and exists in the Towns of Chatham, Claveraek, Ghent and Kin- derhook, including all villages therein, County of C olumbia, and State of New York. I hereby warn all persons now or hereafter within the limits of said Towns of Chatham, Claveraek, Ghent and Kinderhook, Including all villages thorein, County of Colnmbra and State of New York, to seclude in' or upon their premises any dog or dogs that are there or belong there in such man­ ner that they cannot escape or come in contact with other animals, or to BO muzzle said dog or dogs that it will be' impossible for i t or them to bite an­ other animal; to take such other and [-further precautions as will prevent the said, dog or idOfca'from-going or being taken outside the limits of said Towns of Chatham, Clavorack, Ghent and Kin- derhoo'k, including all villages therein, during the pendency ofv thia order} pr regulation, and^to take ^snchjfurther j precautions as ffliy-'beiecessaryUo^ire- ' —Mr and Mrs. George Whepler of \\ mated, Ct., are visiting relativoa in this place. —Milton Van Bensehotcn of Stan- fordvillo, is visiting his son, Cornelius. —Mr and Mrs. Jasper A Hicks re cently visited Lauis Smith of Pine Plains. —DoWitt Burger of Stanfordville, is visiting hiB parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eg­ bert Burger* ; , —Miss Emily Briggs of Pine Plains has boen visiting Henry M. Rockefel­ ler. —Sunday school has been organized with tho following officers Superin­ tendent, Milo Carl; assistant superin­ tendent, John A. Cole; librarians, Geo. Reuffer and Miller Lasher, secretary nnd treasurer, Mrs. William Van Al­ len; organist, Nellie Buerman —David K. Bush was buried lost week in the Reformed cemetery Tho Masons conducted the service. •—Preaching services \were held in the Reformed church, Sunday 0 OLAXERACK. Much of the chronic^ lameness in .horses is due to neglect. See that your horse is not allowed to go lame. Keep Sloan's Liniment on hand and apply at the first signs qf stiffness. It's wonderfully penetrating—goes right to the spot—relieves the soreness — limbers up the joints and^malces the muscles •elastic and plidnt. Sloan's Liniment will kill a spavin, curb- or splint, reduce wind puffs and swol­ len joints, and is a sure and speedy remedy for fistula, sweeney, founder and thrush. Price, 50c, and gi.oo. Dr. Earl S. Sloan. - - Boston,, Maas. Sloan's book on horses, cattle, sheep and poultry sent tree. ;»£GllIoitbi^as ^rBold- -the- i\ohn- •ISyndeifepyoperty'' on\--Meehahie. gtreet, action he^can accumulate a stock of animosity that Is exhaustless. Men vent the spread pf;:saididisease,!bf ^rab ies through tbe^ed^m^i',«^d|'dpg-.oi '5ogB. : ' If the'iiald.' dog br r r dbgs iarS,'inuzi ziepTJ'^theniuzzle\'must' t cbver:,the^5i<fnth\ I h'aye'vin accoirda^cefiritt^the' prjpvi- .'8henfl .'.rof'',thiB ^jountyi.tp'enfbre'e/tBe pro'v^sibn^6f:-.this s -nbt«K'r;2:;. si^ierrshM^quar^tine^'a.^ ;6Us't^t5prfterHtb^fw •si^^in ^fibic ^p'rev^htin^ thfespreaii>bf .'dfigrl 'lJe?fonhd'ioose'^within'-iittieYsaid .Icmzrfintine diBtrictirf viblatioh of : s'aid .qdktiiaiipb or .regulation, any^p'oraon may kill-er cause to b'e'killei such.dog and iVfafi not M.held -liable jCbrdam-' agea^for auch-,Huuiig.' •- K n ' * Section 8?,^perialti«s—Ahy.-'-per8onrpsscoiid violating,-^duidbejTng or disregarding the -verms-ofrajry noticeV :: «FdeT orTegn:- lstion, issufld or prescribed .by the Com­ missioner under this article, shall for­ feit to the people of the State the -sum of One Hundred Dollars-for every such violation. wno refuse to wear the world's gar­ lands, must expect to feel the. world's cruelties. <^ *'\\>. Public- opinion Weather-vane. PubUc opinion is like a -weafhervane -which whirls about whichever way tho wlid biows^and-haa ncrc^er-proEerfy than to point out its direction. „Sueh considerations should cause' ns to properly estirnatejts value.' No man should be puffed -up when. garlands are woven for,his brow.tihd no man should' complain, when he is made the target of abuse. Paul had not the least Idea that he had any 'godlike qualities when they ssid her.-sriULcer- tainly Mercury, the spokesman ^_f* Jupi­ ter and he \had no wordi of' harsh Vituperation -when they'sfid^jte, was a-frmudi-an dmao^w^^^^g^jjatSMM llfei jf J ^e^ut*the tfmt&j&tii 'proper; 1 ! t j)|i^^^p^^^e ^.li ^p^fli|i^Ut) r -terr/ssOT^dep^^'ii^^ith \lt»'-'pjow«ri-'Jf Didn J t-Send .Ohiid to Schb'oL ,'-Ed. -Quiver of Copako ..chafggd with not .sending iw^apghtofcjlo^choblipiirj -offense, was ' sent\ uy for_3fl' -dayk^. —On Friday evening the Methodist congregation held a social at the homo of Miss Delia Miller. A program 0* musical and literary numbers was g on. —Henrv Smith is having his re- j _dence on Main street enlarged and greatly improved. Frank Miller of Hollowville is doing the work. —At the regular meeting of tho grange, Friday evening, School Com­ missioner Saunders gave a talk on tu­ berculosis. —Edward Pell has gone to Plainfield, N. J., whore ho will drive for Mrs. S. P. DuBois, who has -bought a home there. —Mr. and Mrs. William Krell of Al­ bany woro recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Bam. —Louis Van de Boo has been spend­ ing a few days at the home of h^s grandmother, Mrs. Catherine Bristol. R. N. Sannders has been spending Become Uke Their Gods. But the character of their religion was speedily shown up. For the mo­ ment they discovered thefcr ludicrous mistake they turned upon the men they were just about to worship, and permitted their Jewish enemies to Btone Paul to death. The extremely pious worshippers of Jhpit«r one mo­ ment, became a riotous, murderous lynching party the next. It was gar­ lands of roses at first; It was the stones of the highway? maledlcUongLg^ew days in Millerton and curses the next Religion, nat­ ural reUgion stretches out its hands In the darkness, feeling after God, but It has no answer for the soul's cry tor help. It has no transforming power over the soul. They become like the gods they worship. But Paul was not the first, nor the last man, t o realize the shifting na­ ture of public opinion. Many a preach­ er knows what it Is to. be fawned upon at first and scratched later on. Nothing Is too good for him at his coming; nothing is too harsh for him at his going. In one sermon he can make life-long enemies. In one trans- No need of taking up Carpets to cleSn-\\. 1 hous e if you use an DEAL - VACUUM - CLEANER The greatest convenience* and -labor saver ever invented for the housewife. Fuir partic­ ulars by addressing H. N. PARZ^ - - - Chatham, K. Y. -.\' \Care V. I. fT)BL. N. Park, Insurance Agents,'\ ^ —Harry Casey of Providence, R. I., was in town last week. MANORTON. purchased a —Archie Goons has Maxwoll automobile. —Harry Vosburgh has a Jersey cow that gave birth to twin calves req$nt=. iy. —Mrs. Jacob Proper and son of Pino Plains have been visiting at Ira Williams'. —Mrs. Frank. Jones and Milton SAFE KX CREAM WITHOUT CHURNING Jones visited recently in Poestenk&l. —Howard Burtle and friend from Brooklyn recently visited at Vi. J. Fo land's. if HEADACHE NEORAjiGIA aVssss '^tsstisrfl • ~, ST £.7 y - s ^sBjry _OjsssSRj,Y ,--'.f-..^>-.;w-; :^.:***.<3CUTICAl - TiiytolrimplyrJsangthelagtedienUma freezer and Utet finding tho contents frozen into the most —^^^^^m dilicion crtams or ices, absolutely smooth Tknd velvety. All wkhoi* lsbor. AU without the uuul danger of ptomaine poisoning. Jt seems like magic This wonderful freezer does it. Buy the Sanitary Crystal Glass Ice Cream Freezer Poor the cream into tbe glass freezer. Pack hi ice^nd (alt u umiL Setaside~~ aitilfrokeB. That is easier than gnndiag for even tea minutes. - Lift jar from ice .'* ' ' pacL Ri»o off under * faucet. Posh the rod against false bottom. Slice. If you do not wish to use all— repack The cream may he kept a week by renew­ ing ice pack. No dashes to dean. No machinery to rust, clog or wear out. Guaranteed as represented, Price $1.S5- MadabytHB CONSOLIDATED MFG. CO. Hartford, Conn. ''Ask your dealer for them. If he will not Bnpplyyon. refnsAtin substitutes, remit amount -,by M. Ofo us, antt we wil* prompUy ship by ex- rWs^r 3 6 GonB&lidated Mfg.^Co.. 39S s Asylum ^ojt., Hartford, Conn. mm 7mm

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