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Mlber- k l;-off Parker- 2; Chatham 8, Now Lebanon ..4 WATEBBTOY MAN CREATES EX­ CITEMENT IN CHATHAM. Took the Child From a Window and Was Caught Running Away \With it —Automobiles in Pursuit—Oiratham- ites are not Inclined to Believe the WILL WIN FREE IWMtL [-Changes in Ownership Recorded in the Office of County Olerk. \ t PHILIPPINE One of the biggest bearings in S»ir rogate's -court - and one which prom ises to be n hard fought one with inany interesting development*, was on 1 PRESIDENT MAY WIN VICTOEY IN before Surrogate MeClellan in Hudson ' yesterday. The caso is that in the contestod will hearing of Cloorgianu S. Con key, who died some monttTs~ugn at Stuyvesant, leaving a fortune large : ly invested in Troy. Phortlv after licr death her daugbtor also died, and the iluim is set. forth' that both were of Albany Johnstown, John 1) Walker, et al 1 liarleK .1 ( row and ano. land in • hathaiu $1 < liarlcs \\ it (.lionl. to ( liar iotte .1 H. Allen sunn place, land tn hat ham. $1 FINGAR MD-WLSM —CASES IN COURT KXNDEEHOOK ATTOENEY EAISES POINT OF LAW. m sound uiind and that undue infiu -. \Joko\ Story. , j ( , |]( . e wag brc , ng)irt0 bear ln thp maU Chatham has been treated to a style | ing of Mrs. C OB key's will Her e- of prn'tical joking the past week, the.tate is estimated as in the neighbor like of which has never been witnessed I hood of $300,000. i in these parts. Thomas B. Elnor of Waterbury, VI. is the self named Left on i olier \\^ f ro m b' s actions is apparent- [Iv heartless and thoughtless, to say the CHATHAM WOK AN TJNINTEEEST ' ' 'iN&'CONll^T^ON^ATirEDAT! '\'Si \ tment-Befeated- ^ld Still' Tied yfiytL- Chatham for Place-^Spencortown Defeats 0; _ but latter. Team Shows' Improvem* In Flaying. _ ' ' The Standing W Chatham. b jGheht Sponcertown ...,. It ' Old..Chatham -„2 New- Lebanon ... .2, Canaan..—,........0 JR MO MS fit Saturday's 'Games: v Chafhfm^20j f ;!N'e>^iebarfoa 3. Spencertown: J2,_CahaaB: 4. Ghent' -iSi &ldi Chatham, G. . „ ' Ohntharn \at JJboitt.. - OldjGjbatfiam; at'Spencertown, Canaan -at *3Jow; Lebanon. | least For sunie days Mrs. Frank \Appleby [ had as her guest her cousin, Mrs. Thomas B. Flnor and infant child, and [she had planned to leave for her home Waterbury, C't , last Thursday and ! expected her husband to meetfher here on that day But on Wednesday eve- jiiing nbont 10 o'clock £inderhook jstreet mid \\ oodhridge avenfce residents [were given a shock that will not soon ton. *i gray bojrse and dark '(rear runabout Wove ufj? in front of | Druggist Bxanion's resMonee and was I hitched to a nearby teTpphono pole by «. . , , . .. , . , .a man who afterwftrds proved to be tho tond J continued his good pitching for , , . . \\J_f ,T • ft.: .. . ..... husband of Mrs. X^lnjor. He quietly I throws, New Lebanon 6, Chatham 1 ?irst base on errors,-*. Chatham H. j Lebanon 1. Struck out, by Wil j\ £f, by Parker 4. Passed balls, New , IfftnOn 5. .Hit b y pitcher, Hochstim, I'\ lis. Umpire,,' Mr. Westover 1 1 1 Old Chatham-Ghent. fhe Old Chatham ball team was I the services of Sornbergor and i |nt Saturday and were defeatod by . f \\' ~ Jent, the score being 13 to 6. That ' for P oUo heir_ fielding was far from perfect is I |own by tho 10 ersors credited to | item. Ghenfr.made five errors. B. Red- Between thirty and fort\ porson- were present at the bearing, those not lawyerH being interested as henoficiar 1 IOS under the will or as relatives. o PEOMINENT MASON DEOWNED Oanai' Bonds Authorized—Change in Sentiment of Conferees Follows White House Visits^President Wants Free Ore, Oil, Hides, Coal, Lumbtr— -Many Clauses ui Tariff Bill Desired In-dint I .1 1 will w ,ii in- figh t tur i-> • -;iu- h u t dutj , on law uiaf i i-i.ti-. Nrail^ t'vt'f ) meiiiLie r ui the • ' . ! i i* tic. un Hi. ' t.irit t Ijil l eonceded .l.< IHIU .limit- art . that when in- in « t.irit ! I ill l.i i mm - H law tin i.ii* > i-n I In tr ' .).•- , w hi t li HIL I 'ri'& i '. 1.1 tl. ^ 1 1 1 <1 l o ' i. iu trt. w il l li e a a ( , .--i n M li r -HUM* Ha ni l tl elm H \i.-trrlit/.. $1. U iII Hi in .•r m I, tt , 1- Iwiii l i n llill-*lul t I't. l i rt I Ki|.|' \ \ K ipp n :nl witt i. Kiiitl.il I, 4 I Man II i i in.I t I •-mil h v < Hi- v i - ir lv i utlerlit M . k *l < liarli- - *> I ) w t ii '4H i A Mai llnl-dali +1 A u-terlitz place lunil ln I i t V. il-i. n tii. l w.f, . • >iw a l a ' l^tlt'it . -aim' ( Jas place i ha- land to i.j^-ft P i ani l wift -unit - |'h u e . t u Ui Intl. ! If.i. Eev. John Laubenhelmer Meets Death I In Lake George. Kev. John Laubenheimer, Grand Ma p Bonic Lecturer of th> State of New' York was drowned Thursday afternoon |.| 1 n nl 1-11 1 1 111 • ate Ii . . 1 tin rolled , w t h -r, litt pn -tut l all ,, 1 I i ft nuu pri.tei I II , i. ^ I il i hult- 7 ' j h.ii ii i pit -eut iate '* 4..hi- a I mi , pn - t ti l iiiiulnT |>robabl\ $ 1 J\ ) filiate laTi'-*\lll titllshed a n i a 111 1 a I ri'iltn tiou A Busy Mali it. i^ 11 1 i i n i ! u | • | i' j 1 1 in - tin- i r-i l In,, I t In u Ii iml- i- i r v Mu>i lull tn t. f -p. . ml run tli r>- » .air f irtnt t n tint' with Hiram Philo, a mechanic and J o I ,.| us „ uu |,| y, K seph Hanson, colored engineer, when I iro , 1( , huul tlil | ullll „. r B 1 , lt . lluil the Ruth Alan, a 32-f06t gasoline launch , VUvll the l „„ lt . r ,.^ llallNtl . rr ,a t „ went down in a terrific gale off Sab | ilu , , r ^ ld( . nl , , f „ rit ,,, uusl bath Day point. Tho bodies have been , i]Uji . tU riiw recovered. iiuuteruU „ n ilu tree 1. o j— Discontinued for Summer The - \ .\I .1 I . ~tl in nit i I..h i i - I ..- I Suinia\ Mi'lititi l i t .|i-ci.iit iiau 't l t ,,r tin iases Must Go Before Jury at Next Term of Court for Decision as to Whether Liquors Were on the Prem­ ises for Illegal Sale or Other Pur­ poses. It\ ' h .i 'ljiiin li(|tinr asis nf Fingar i I '> - , n i aim up before t utinty ii.l... I'in.t/ tur a hearing vesterday. In\\ in. n ri'iitttK tlirrietl in their 'i 111ticat e- when charges iL 'aiii-t them shortly af , i t In \ li.tt l tn » lu-euse to i -rartli was made by the IK.1 i * — , t tin Stati K M I-I Department i (i-iiii-.-- an. I fiillowiug this I I .1 li.|.iin Harder of the I . t iii.nle a seizure of li- I II tin' premises of Wil- igar Twn barrels of whis* 'iii-itier.il.le amount of bot- 'It't .j I - ..1 a -pintnmis nature was now in pi >HKe8sio n of the i a \ II i'l . at. i nl' - ii,. I I .i. I , i ^Chatham and struck out 11 men, | Ceiner fanning eight. Oeven hits were (Continued on Page 7) istole up to one of in the Appleby 1- I through the opeu 1JIM0 GASOLINE ON HIS AGED WIFE sleeping baby while, the mother wast tree l.- t it was Uo t believed li e would meet wuh sin cess Small Pear Crop. I , , . * i in I ringing about a t hanged -tniiiiitui Some fruit growers say the pear crop, . ,, , . ,. . . , i b j i i i.i re.iition t o tlie-e artiiles. h or t -ov Jower windows K CoJumbia county w ,„ bo remarkably , ( ^ s hv ^ ttt ,„ L ., uU . rs , lf reached | 8mall this yaar ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 1 uouse and not a few of them came away eouwnced that the President wa- Fair Premium List nllll. l MIL I in ritT 'l e-t. i .lu v :. . t I v th ...in. I haw Bidence, Edow, grabbed his I l . II 1', n.l v hati I- , 1 1 r | re m i urn 1 i- t bn ,1, r - ami w i 11 , n in a few II be lav- LITTLE BOY WAS ACCIDENTALLY SHOT!: WITH : ANDREWS CLAIMS HE DID IT TO KXLL VERMIN. (Saturday Mrs. Andrews is 70 Yearj Partially Orippled- out of the room, she having just \got ten the little one to sle'op, and started for the wagon. The child began to cry ami this cry not only awakened the neighbors but frightened tho moth-, er and Mrs. Appleby in tho most cruel I manner and Mrs. Elnor ran screaming |out of doors and across the street. \Ho i has stolon the baby \Get an officer. I Qh, my baby.\ Is it strange with this l peculiar circumstance that our citizens' I were aroused in sympathy and indigna-1 „, ., m _ _. _ . „t A»» o„a 1 , . , . ,, , . .Victim Was the Four-Year-Old Son of 01 Age ana 1 1 ion f A crowd quickly gathered sum drews. Pro- j \»>ned by telephone. The man with tho 1 ^ ^ j0hn Dolan Who Were baby got in ^the^wagon and Druggist BROTHER WAS ^PLAYING LOADED SHOTGJTN. right iu insisting ttiat all ot these ar ticlos could stand lower duties, it was not believed he would bo able to put ides, lumber or coal in the free list ! but it was acknowledged that au\ re jdactiou of rates of the pending bill un CHURCH MEMBER had there been no appear- • i hatha ui men the liquor been declared confiscated •mil tin Man u.nild lia\e destroyed it. I'.IHI \ -Mii .th ,,f North Lawrence was I r.-i nt t.. n pr—eiit the State Excise 1 )< part ni t ut ami I 'rank S Becker .of ' \ u.lerl.i.t.'h uppiared fur the Chatham- 't- A ii'her iinusiiii I fact developed. \.r lii-tkir i-iiine prepared to argue 'hit the li» lallinjx^ir a vori-fied an- • \\IJ^\?^?..! Branion declares, there-, w^tg tyo, .men t\ Would Bother Her-/TTnder $500 Bond, i in, the wagon as they drove away, an Chatham was ' . .. t .t. 1 the mother in pursuit trying to clam- of excitement the 1 , J °, , ' ber on the rear that ho heard a man's ln Camp at Kinderhopk Lake—Elder Brother- was Bevffl^garg OM..,_.„ . A*^3islr#ssing accident occurred at Electric 1 ?ark Thursday afternoon when had the Waterbnrj/\joke\ baby steal voice exclaim, \Wo haven't got your - lohn ™>™> ^ d fol,r . V0Ilr8 . sou ° r f\' \ baby.\ And following her was Mrs. r\ ''^^j^^ibi'^^^Bintijly devoid of >\^S^.l^o..'8W»:'''Va8 20 to \in l^-V '^awfo'f crh ^'thamy It is due the Leb- * anoiTfobwMlwy,' however, that they ^ ^_ * •wero^ftnout 'ih<? services of three of j quleted dbwn ^^jf,, Thursday tho , r ormerh - Miss Maud Appleby •-t^-PS^V^p^nms T5 «me, lb .^itjzens JiKng in/ tho *icinty of Mai- • • ^ lhe site of the , v - ^tf ^^oweve ^df^ey could l>«™!den Lane Were /aroused by hearing ^ ^ ^ ^ woroen got ' —wtfj^&aft %'Sl »e 'so. > pjajers bWn in * uo (g- roanSl and\smeging a strong odor of'. . x ^ A i^,,^^ 1 ^.g^ii^iTs^Ao .Cha.tham boys had their ^fyiVtVn'gtaud rield>^ eyes wido opon'snd ^ iy'-^$i?i\*y0M l * tbat !ilrs. Frank IrJorews. When neighbors -r n ~\ B \p ratt wns cal , cd up> a l so Dr | rfr > h a 1,ol ° l ,lowed in Ui head ' baC ^,°f ^^SC J- t ^«erit to\ invesfigate, Mrs. Androws, « - V&ix&ri dfd'Vlio^flineing for lao ' LIFE SKETCH OF LEWIS ROWE OF NORTH CHATHAM. these articles would amount to an ad ministration triumph In effect the President was told by tho conferees that If Iron OTO oil, hides, lumber or coal were put on the free list, or the ruteb reduced below the figures adopted in the Senate, lie would \ ha^ e to get the \otes. \ it was recognized that it, would be impossi raving a Retired Life to North Chat \hie 'lu^Jut hfdes, lumber mid coat ntf>~ -\\ t r w a - ii in u i- .1 hupter li .iM'i .r Mr • b par t inei' t - a i -^m^ueti t la w l.-j. i-lature ml - 1 ri < kt •.I Was Educated in Poultnoy, Vt.—Mar ncd at the Age of Twenty^^-Chose Farming as His Vocation—Is Now \ t rifi. •li e ac t tl), , .1 .. f HIM , . M r Hi :, . hear that , urred in In - .n-titutioiiiil This law ';: •! the Laws of 1909. •-until representing the ml that was so, but a sub- had been passed by the later in its\ session, which u tmiii the ait the word where it twice occurred in department being convin.c- uiu uustuutiouahty of the her said he was pleased the legislature had con opinion that n bill p'ass- and instantly killed by bis Rnymond, aged seven yenra. Mr Dolan was camping near brother, the eat to investigate, Mrs, Androws, a , ParkSr; dldrjhr ^flinging for Iho KOVB | woma4 ovcr 70 yoars 0 f ago, was found vfroin_ ,;rUd6nrariaj.ana although he pitch-j ^ th ^ hairj clothing and even her •ker -.^'fairli'igUo 'Cgsme, the Chathatn, L 1inelf ^.raterl w\th ciisoline, poured I t!ilT,,rd w,th (he freo list if the conference report was to be adopted by the Senate t 1 ,i-l ra' e- on t he-e I W iliiam Dolan of Valatie wns shot | article- could be reduced That a change of sentiment had tuken place HI the Senate in the mat ter of free iron ore iin-t free ml wa- ii matter of t minium go-.-ip about the cnpitol It was -tated inst a- euiifl dently that the 1 \i pi r tent ad %al,,rem rate on bides would hu\e to be cut in Starks and asked to hurry with their ,lie ri t h * enr. the shot having killed half although some ••ppoiieutj i _to the automobiles to the rescue and E. K \ him._i»stnntly. At first, it is said ; prupo.-iti,.n of putiing his team found willing, young Hnvmond, a brother, agpd seven ham. w e I I w 1 - tl l. \ tha t l.oi U w is ilegal The sub- -equent act -bftd lltit tieen sent out? iov present Kowe \ .. 1:IA ti n of the pn ture of lie- t know n _-ei u rn ! rea. I e. l i in r-i 1 ii,- t nl u t io n no t in ihe t.id.r ..f i ,n n l it m i ht r. i n tl.\ ' having boon its printing groana and.smefl.ng a strong odor• or • E]nor ^ ^ aw IeaviDg 1 park with his wife and family. When gasoline coirangfcom apartments^.« the • quan dry)U.o people arrived at the tent the child ^eed tenemontfoceupied by Mr und, „J^ crowa of terrified cMzona . was found lying by tho^ide'of a bed 3i : -\ .ai3?^1^.0 n -?il% n ^ 0 -.* 0 fin ^ be ^ aU \ 'over her by, her \husband Frank An ^lOa thrdVing J toj$ases was very poor.j^. In y«. An Crews complaint sh< neighbors to acertiupany hira and all hnd ?tst?d that h? was playing l^'sve ^^rid'was.iesna 'Dsible ^ox sev Ui Ieges tliat hd^hme in about 8. ..f^ 5 ;&?r 4ho^^3--nm-3o bjr-Chathtun. | a \ ^.tf gasoline and ^toio l '''ifew .feciJ'SnSiiL tenm. taken as u ' ' ^e.l^475ai.8prafcl$ and »»=s2SS ^K ^SSS «teTi;'iS;l.-_ 1- Sl-erroifS; agaipat the ^team. only the 'v, ilS1 ,,„ « Cttatham ^ria,\WT>jt '.\feaseball club\ •wnfch was '^offerea ;*h8ri= prizes by Hardware Deal- jeT;-,^tttn^:B.- Eratt '- . v'Vt-.V ^i-^ <A^ '-^^ - I . , ^l)Etl^:ana^toker^'TosDttrg ^^'a^e^ipmo tin on- ft.buniV-poox hide* on ^h o free list are .-till hopel'i I of retiming a rn** * M - hiult ^i- in ner ct ui she sr arteo oiu IO t inej supjioseu i\iunaj >i ><ri , , = t 1 at J > out- a tun, it wn- ile 8 30 with aceoiupaniod by Deputy Sheriff Seymour , I'loded. the conteuts reaching the broth [darn! would | rev, -ati-ta, t..n to gasoline and dluiberately' \ nd oflicor I'^ko- Mr Housman and | l ' r - uh 0- wn s i'laying under the bed. .e\irv .-cctum e\ee| t him n which poured it over hof and said \I'll fix! 1111,0 l' art y vnmin B from Electric Park | Tll <? ^tUe fellow, when questioned in | tear- that the imln-tn m th.t state Vo''so no vermin will bother vou \ A \ l?re nl, ° I >re8se<1 inf0 servicp. Mean lhe ullage in the evening, said he f might be ruined l.\ 'heap < .• iia .iia .i i That lie said ho did not care if it did ' wn ''* Elnor, bis wife and Mrs. Murden nover made such an admission,' also coal. It ,s nnder-tood th.t the 4\ spoil her dress that he would drive l Tm '' 1 ^vixen to W hito Mills turned at!\'\' 10 !? that 'somebody didn't know j cent rate if arto]He .i will provide tor hb-r out.4t.nd ^0t rid of her,~Mrs. An-l th< * M y prs <, ° rncr nnd was •\eturning to » -1.- ll~.l. ~„™;„„ „„ Wnnil til l dre\vB says that be has often threaten­ ed to kill her and was very angTy with her when he came in with tho can. what they \were talking about.\ Wood ,'\hi the newspaper man that his broth He j no change in the -ting the village limits coming up . bridge avenue about a half hour later \ was crawling out fwm-under the Mrs. Elnor and the \stolen\ bahy, hod and knocked down the gun whicli . , , . . . ,. „ , „ „„ A ! alightod and Elnor and Mrs. Andrews then blew out tho lamp and \ *• . I , .»»...• ii • i J continued the drive going around the (Oeft his aged_anrt»partijilly crippled wifo '-\**** v u b b sitting in tho darj^but with a candle an\d\\matches near at hand. That she did not immediately get nip and light \the candle saved her life as the door jyas loft open and the gas had time to Escape. The gasoline irritated tire block a couple of times and seeing the crowd still on the corner drove a third time down toward old pond hill. By this time Jifr. Pratt and Officer Poakn and party hnd nrrived-and -still no one could \explain not even the mother, as to just why the baby was taken out of the .window in that fashion. | Indignation continued to rise and Mr.' Pratt turned -on a stream of gasoline and tore down the old pond hill on high gear when suddenly his head 'lights j^Jashed on a disappearing wagon which was- being, driven in the old unused field road at the foot of'-the hill and in­ to tho Bold went the auto party but nftt a 'ijoy\ ride. Mr. Elnor was quite, indfgriant when asked to explain which\ did sot make matters any the .niore.-plottsing to th.e occupants of the' ajotq'... ^oy ; ^roe^backi;o' tKo'Jf-- , \ fc ™ Murden' \ us standing alongside the sleeping place. If this story is correct, thore is much Wonderment lis to how the trig . ,.t l \i rents a ton on -lac* but that the El kirs amendment, prnwdiug tlo't tlu- rate shall applv only to natural slack, shipped as sm -li at the niim- accepted President Tuft will win aunt her will be de in ili-uel i- put in i . , i-t - rtie stat t i n . i-e must go be- , , i- a - to whether • I I pr . ini-es for illegal I ..-!•- I n accordance n t lie • il-es WCTQ put term of i mintv court Hcptcr \ Failed to Pay Alimony .llL - In - w . ; • b , , n .1 re. t . .1 1 ..! iiiei ;\ | -.i while then In tl.oji hl'ii and -i.lents of North < liatliiini He was >rn in Milan Dutchess county. N Y g<r happened to bo in a position us to I culeT^x ictury in the Philippine free cause tho discharge-rrhe» tho gun fell. Coroner Woodworth arrived later and postponed the inquest. The body of 4Jie child was taken to •the hooio in Valatio for interment. o Shot White Squirrel. South Stephontown, July 20 (Special) —One day last •weok,°\George RoBe, of South Stephentown noticed an odd an imal in an apple tree near his father's barn. He shot it and found it t o be a pure white squirrel) without, a traco of any other - color or^ it.'Nothing Bke it was ever \s ) een - 'h'ere i before. - •Ian lo„ X\>-- \° ls \ H > Ron °^ (,co i rgi> I.. Itowe and Sally Moore ln 1S42 he was married to Elizabeth Miidi^ Three of their children are liv irrpr—i •WJ^-HUIUJO. B. Howe, Elizabeth a letto. It is expected thai the Philip pine section as approved by the sub committee will be adopted by the con­ ferees on Monday. It provides for the freo admission of 300,000. pounds of wrappor tobacco and 1,500,000 pounds of filler tobacco and 300.000 tons of sngar. With the exception of rice and the limitation 'placed upon tobacco and, sugar, all articles,\tho growth; pro- ',i.jFhp Waitqr\\ijjE ,tldyigtreets earao .opj duct or manufacture of tto Philippine trnde provision The sub eommitteo which ha- been considering this see tion has decidrd to permit the free almission of ].iO^>OH ,00() cfgarffTTtrnTml ly as requested bv the President in Nichols nnd Kllis L. Rowe Tn 1876 stend of 7n.ii()i),p0il. as would be ad- he married < lara Morehouse of Dut mitted under a Senate amendment i chess county %-ho died Aug. 3, 1905 adopted at the instance of Mr. LaKol ml !ii-i,i of Miidsoj n~T*t f'lmer -K. Ma •:u-e w h\ he is noL^svJ! I lit illlliotn \\'lllelt iv the i-oijrt l>r Martin* diced in ^-tott\illc and wife i red a divorce he wa — tfiri eteii to pay ilitnt'in w an h it is alleged, he has failed t\ do The paper- are returna­ ble la fere .h.stice Hott- Four Species of Animals. ^ Ijebanou Springs. <k>ly 20 (Special) — \mong '\wild ntiimals we have, known\ were seen here recently by one of our \iluiger- while crossing the mountain HMWI I'ittifield Four different species nt oi . i Tnmig them several beatnifrtl d -• i Lebanon Crops. Mr Ho^Ve was educated in Poultney .-t- \ t., and at the completion of his ed- | lication, chose farming as his vocation | x ^ebanou Springs, July 20 (Special)— and followed it for 62 years since i ^ e tnl8J . spason with farmers has be- which time he had lived a retired life i n )n locality Hay promises to in the village of North Chatham and bft of finc q„ a i,ty tyuch complaint is during 76 of his 87 years he has been a member o£> the Methodist church. His life lias been that of the average farmer. His farm was well-tilled, his barns well filled and the fact that' T?e was able to retire and spend his de J clining years iir ease is ^ampjo evi­ dence-that bo did'not find tilling of £he' jani unprofitable. \ -^-±-f* --r- heurd relative to tfic -potatoes being affected with blight. v 0 ; Bee Sting Caused,Blood Poisoning, Bought Himself a Wagon. Miss Mabel Mason of Stuyvesant was^ stung by honey bees last week whilO;^ changing tho-supefp, and it dovelo;ej$ into blood tioiaoii' Whicli waSiteiy 'danEI' ,^erdns. r Sii,e js'.^i'ow' re^Vering. viil^^ • SpefaC\ertown July 50 ; JSpepial)-^ = V . L,, -• ? JiS^^ ;Jado>;H, : Qeatiyg 8^'^etm ' Mrs. CharleB '^Salrick' of -Ca^& -i**>««r*t.in» ; Corners. iaa'^er'.-hV ^00:^^0

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