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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, August 11, 1909, Image 7

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A full attend&cer vt hoped far a s mo­ tors of .Importance will be discussed. ; • , ^Tv , . - . blned rato of 83.75 per year Let each Patron come prepared to road | \ J something, sing or tfiH a story. (Fireproof ) Unlit or bncJ* rtaiw »ud alee' -juth Carolina Are «od Beach, Atlantic City N J Near plore and BeardwaJk attractions, LI erul management. Capacity 400 goerta. 100 room »titi tilth Bmir 'e, o u unite H |>aoiun. jMaxxow. el vamr. Kicelieni tahv white wrvlce, l>re)ic«rr 1 'etinK tOKririui PI» I S'\'» ?1 \ wwkiT 8-to 8 O I itally Special tuaiHui ami faml ; rates, \liou A 1 LL'TBLY THS Ft N EST UtlTBL AND UJCA , rt TI\iN FrtR THE PK1CB. X Write for new Itttretnre [ n Charles E, Cope , NOTrCB TO OBEDia»i ^p ^rflSS%#¥5 NOTICE! , _ . .j ^L gflfl.. QeLmsJ^^^^^^*'^' of the Count? of. CoftwfeSppfr^ Subscriptions received through Ihe I \ 9M by given, according tq'^Sf/io.-sOt Conner to tit Albany Daily Times. P a ™ on » \^?. Tin S claims • o'r ^lfmwS ^r . TTn4«sn* ,! \. -tunes- ^gamsr EUzabeth Thmnpcdri^&ta^&& i Union wiU hereafter ha at the. canuitto town of Xibatbata iCjaMd^uk^_ | deceased, that tueyaro roqtaxASt<:£dzMSiiV l hibit the same, with the voacfrgrp—in ' support\ tberof, to the subsonbejSpOnj'^\ ~ administrators of said deceased,-at s tha ^C^X^C^^OCOCC^ atrha^^T.^Wo^ty, on or before tbc l.\>tb day of Septem­ ber next- Dated Hudson, N Y, this tfttt day — of February, A V 1909. _ , _ Charles B. Thompson, ' Hugh McC. Potter, Administrators of etc , of Elizabeth; 7'hompsuu, deceased. John C Ilardess. Attorney for Administrators, Chot^-jp. N. Y. TO Electric ParK AND BACK IN AN AUTO for $1.00 $ Oounty Court Columbia County £ William 1. Tetuerl), Plaintiff A l^||\ 50 anf ;Tip \~to \$18.00 Sufts^g^S-go one single *• All $18 and up to $28 Suits now go at the one single Cy­ clone price of $14.85 All $28 and up t o and includ­ ing every $42.50 Suit—All the very highest grades in stock now go at the one single Cjclcr- price of $19.85 Come and see me at the new stor Removed NOW AT 462 AlWurBiacR aftMlur Suits—as well as Ail Topeflafe^d ©ncoats~25 l eT Off Full Dress, Tuxedo and Prince jh Albert Suits- -Less*** 11 PER hall- Suits, jxoyr r 50c Boys', Kewest \Wash Suits, 81 to £4, /aom. lessSOpet ceiit off. \ c i BABBITT ® CO. Albany's Greatest Clothiers, 451 -453 Broadway, Albany. Trunks, Bags. Sun Cases. A big double floor Full of the New­ est and Best, n . v 25 per cent Off Broadway, Albany, } stores south of Ket'Ier's Hotel . . GOOD CLOTHING A T RElM'ChD PRICED Lea\p Chatham at u run- ¥ . , TJ , A,? ^ 1 nBt „ D „ O ^njilno Houh .'igOD, Thomas II Roff and \ enient time See the show y, M ; ,rv Roff. bis wife, the name Mary and otLer attraction-, an.l pet g K»ff'.fictitious, it being intended home at a sea.-<onalilp hour IIMTOIIV to dfcignute the w>f«, if any, g >f tbJ defendant, Tliumas H Bofl, « Defendants. ~ g' TO riif: ABOVE NAMED DEPBN- T liAVTS — Only $1.00 per perSQn. * Uu Are Merebv Summoned to an- r\u« _ «.t- J • • — O <wcr tin- i-iuiiiiluint in this action and Cheaper than driving. % ,„ sirw . „ ,.'„, v llf your anflwer on y 'he jiluintifT - utturnrv within twenty O • i : ns ;ift« r tie si-nice of this Sum- 5 »i\iis i \ . .~!\. ,.f ilii- day of service, v 4 J '1 in <a-» .'f vtiur failure to aripear, • r an-wi r i nl^tni-ut «ill be taken 3 ifiin-i \ • J ! \ litault for the relief V ' 11 <!< -1 r. I i . r, ii i limit Lca\i wrders .it Mining (<ar :in> HOUSEMAN S AUTO LIVERY |W.H. HOUSMAN | | Chattuim, - \ \ | T<' it . I 1 _ ' Ml'.\ ' 1 i U 1,1 TT, ) !T - A t t'irncy, ' h i! In'ii New \ ork. [•h;e 1, i l -i^\*ri Tliumas 11. V , r '1 N • I I I n t GOOD TEA ... i GOOD COFFEE. Store Closed jFriday Evening.. Open Every Saturday Evening Until 10-3 0 O'clock | \-\\' —^jfho Snnday sihool will bavo tlre| ilQCatioji iiusier consideration ) ttearl Sunday. A good attendanco is! Scholarship Campaign li'ontinued fi.fn I'.ii;'' <»• —QeOTge.E. Ctoss, anflof Muit- zeskill and -Aire.'- Mortlfo .Caipantdr, f OX j^ cte( t formerly Martha^oberffl«hbrn- of , ib»' 1 ' ^re^tjaW^t^okfel^j E^ T'C HATHAM. on fnonaa.-' 34r. grossTioTai tfio 0fl>ft>3 -of ComntlSjbao 'j *\df \Jurors 'iff 'BengseW laer county^.: \ \ •• -^Tborp -Sfipre 19 toon and two wohi- •eu at 8cboot£weeting last Tuesday evo- ning. As -w. H. Qoold rofnsed a '•B'toottago nomination for-trustee baWe serv^ _ Rev _ ana ^ ^ _ , ratl0n for . on The ( ^ Dannie Yorricjt Burial of Soldiers. [ -r-SSiss Mary T*idlor'is spending somo time with Chatham Outer friends. •—Miss Florence- liiggart of New York has joined the cart) :it tho MTiite —Spa. *W./ •jMyton- *Qoold r vrho vvith. Afi- drew Vtfn AlstyYjo, clerk, were eloct; ed wothout oppoSittonJ M-anrico Shay ^J and J. Av.'^&n.AIs^ne raiitie for coV lertor, wliicb was fiasHy, docidod 5^ another ballbt, Shay winning by t%s> ; -majority --^thirtcYm • hundred dollai\^ -•were voted \3for running exponsos -unci M. 'C. Tuokor at Frankfort, N. Y , b&S been engaged as principal and Miss Louise Sullivan will resume charge §f —Mrs •Eviilya \SjniUi of Now York S>as bce^vsjgaaain^-a iow ^ays with tor paretitA'; Mr. ind-S&s. A. P. Wll litiiinr.-i), oiie, one that >;nei all »;iri.-i ,n yt . ,1 ucation so that no matter what kind ul a course the applicant' may nam it is w hi „„ r41 . , I M , ( provided in the scholarship* «l,.,Ji I'hc ( t ourier will award. Tho youtlg peo| lo of th -<•. aiiuul'l not delay in tiliu t ' ti i • A new raw increases the ninniiiit thit l mi . r- . . I. r I ti' li.il I . , i - •,.! - ! \i • . • I 'It * < J i\ i' Sonic i >i J '111(* a Trial * CI \*\ MS A •.. V\ , ., , , , , ; A 2 ' 1 % SH( >h^ - - - e « ! \ ,,.. i. i . - X I ii W • \| , A i',i \ \ i ,'i i :,i - inti'. the name i.- it licmjr in - j'. tIn wif e . ' I )ii>ina3 H if is served up- r-i tut to an : 1 i Dunry • •* >^ N Y . > and i • Te ..lln-e of iniv i>i i.ftinmbia ^ \ttiiruey, — ' !,»• hum, N Y \I \ TMI\ -V ATK OP \ r r '- i s - x • li t i r J. H. PAGE ,, i i \ -<1 i! I n TIP O 2 >o»o*o>o>o >•:•>-. > i i\ (.tjiolarship brigade The cauipu t a «ill not last longer than t »-*l \e iMek-- -IU-I ^S.\\M : Tierney is spending tho' LHC , TLRAV ^ ET *\'J\ 1 ' - \\«\-• 1 ' N week in Albany and Miss Margarele ono 8 ******* » dur.uK the c n rl, ILetney with fnend of Albany is look ; ,itt >' > of tbe «\»P\irn 'h're „ . , - ..i. i I ri8k to run in this campaign ^IUII.IV ing after the home here. , • h ' - _ r 4 „ -,, ^ ... „_ „ r ' S el tjiree pfloiile to endorse you and »MrB. Alleo Van Wagonen, a for . n ' ' J *~ ,\ . . , . .. a _ forward tho roKi»l rul| on '\ l'he Schol merirosidont has been visiting Hrs. . fe . amlup Jiuniiger, care of Tho ( ourier ' . . .^Larajiman. t^r^^^iti-'^'^^f^rF-^sOs: -JfrretlB and dnrrgirttrr, bydiH^j A Woman Waixis The Home Paper nsye .been, aj fow days' guests at \\ nl tor Barton's. •JSrg.- Clifford At;an and Children tKo pTima^£gepar;tinent for thy coming j ^ ^fpw'-yorTt are spending a»few d&yi •»*i»r ^7\ >. I nrity TicT'sisters, Iloag^ Barden and Cole. -IViJliam Orchard of Now York has ,, -i-,- m i -«V — •« - i „ - s ii 0 \>ed bis family at tho Preston farm, ^lote^^toirjbr Nowarj, ^ TCcej£3 wjtl] fripad , I? Uf ^ft\^ - -^roha Cady with friend, Fred we«k enAgnost-'ofi-hef Bister and b'BS- jr t eBoIi*JCaoy's. RAYVHiE. . -^unda^s^.o^or^^tilst hTCUelwTnF fl „W. Saturday «d »• i -Frank H.ltor K^, , , •days;- TSSrewty sbarinjr up-to 87 . Wl , . . , cranit mi ton was elected tmstie .-l^Lii*- B ™ , tampd with several bushois. | af t ho recent school meet,** grees in tbtt. g^a 1 —3fr.^-a1»6^-2iljr3^eto^ Van- -AJstjcnoi church, will hold an jce croam salo at on Saturday evening of this Wallaro Wheaton of Spiing- fleld wins an over Sunday guest at Bicb- j^ir^.Garnoy's. L-j^&io Chatham Giants came hero \SiftttT^ay afternoon to play our boys buti^brp'tbeaten by.the score of 10 t o Full instructions will ha-sent-coth andj ' e\ery applicaut und each^ ouo will boiLy(J |a E. Pinkfiam S given W9 vnlyuble a.-ufstancp from! Vegetable COITlpOUnd time to time. Anv man or woninn who, * , , . . \ , k Vlaona.'W. Va.—\1 fealthatlowe knows of a boy or K ,rl whom they. g^JJH^ 0* nw Bto to I.»di» would like to see win one of theso |m ,^ljJ! 3 J^' 5 -^i'c-il F T'lnfrhfl.m's Ve« hipa eau K 'gibti'i -fttt'rn ~ \tty TT S\^ mg the registration blank below nny young man or woman H nuine will he ndd«d-^to tho Bi-holarslnp IIUHK. Tho motto for all is DO IT M>\\ 1 „i t. r I _ ege- -*tabla Comp o und.. Eleven years ago I was a walking shadow. I bad b«en under the doctor's care bntgotno relief. My baaband por- suoded roe to try Lydia E. Pinkharu's Vegetable Com­ pound and it wor&ed Iikeacbarni. It re- IT THE YEAR ROUND Ueved all rny pains and misery. I advise all suffering ; women to take Lydia E. Pinkham^s MAKE HER HAPPY BY TAKING ^\ • n< ' 1 11 ri. I : ii . in..-\ H.- i r 1-' ' II V\ M ' ' ol.ji, s ,irr,, L -Hl# \f .'n—p -f -r nt\ * 'I 't'lill'\^ nr >tt^^ tf ' % > t :tr < r <t t.. ,w to n\ ••-<-• ,,<•>. r 1, -i U DESIGNATION OF !„ \ .-.i \ - • i. 1. 1 i r , uli- ,] tht • \ Ii iif i,lent in I- H 1 ,,.,int\ ili-renB 1 J^b^*' tli»'\ lire reiji.ired to exh.hii 1 K ' \ ' ' e 11 1 ice of God 1 ' , • li i * I ,, I ium A t 'ran\ : r 1 - ' ,A anil next i r h deveaeod, I r> *.<!rncoa fl -re t . ert ainod -' >\ • ,, « i h Homer . I . r« Ht Inw t • \ i i I , 'a'9 f v i' i -> , uli.mlna, decease'd, r ' 't f < ' q , i i i ' *- ^ ( ounty of l\i'iini! la t.-uli 1 a1 1 'y mnd8 - • r • iti' s Court .• i to have a i\ntnip relat- „ •» ( . r-onal estate, , ' \\ ill and Tes- \ .i,;i liullis. dox —\ • t i'in'h of you - -. | T'd person- \ - r I. fore our said > w 3 - -- . ,!.- s Court, m^d-i^fi • 1 . nth day of \25 i iork in the> ih«'n and there\\- 1 ?? \f laid instnl- . ( ^S arid TeBtanjent^^ , t I ,«e of you who • • ' . ivt v one years . , - \ \ \mir joiard- : \ ,oi have nono, i up;.Iv for one t o , *' i eM nt of your ' ' , io >o a guardian - . •! ' v th e Surrogate t o , * r \ in 'In theso pro- > - I' Vi >\ \ \\ HKROF. Wo . , i *• i 1 th e Seal of • ••' • f • ir >;aid Surrogate i i e hereunto affixed. i*^ • - • I'NI .ss (.eorjro McCIellan, -^,:rr>cate of our said Country, t t'c i\;«v of Hudron, tbe »\ ••\ onv of lime A R 190?. >,Kt'K<U Mc< LKLLAKt, Surrogate. t'nrilec. •.\\TW f-'r Kieeotor, i v »t 1 n<n \ Y . . -Tltft LaTltes• Ajd of the M. B. ^ -Mrs. Charles Ri RK s and little son. , Vegetable Oompound.\-M JM . Bitv* A Penny Saved Is 1 \ ' \ \ S \\ ' ' 'W^ BEATON , Vienna, W Va. _ - Lyrlla R Plnkb^'s Vegetable Coin- A Penny tamed Ijtejrl ^feaji tbo best game played here fhla^ca^- .A. Davis struck out ll men WiVav &jiVvrJvJiri aoor). fninnort all aronnd. jin'd^^iji'yfln good- support all aronnd. ^afWKK^\'^ 8 * Chafhani, Davis' and •^p^Mo'^Cbathami Giants, MaoArthur Calvin axo at her fnthor s, i alv.n t nr penter this week. —Mrs. Jennie Pratt spent last week \ ^rts7cont*insno norcotdcs or iann- ormd, made from natfto roota and with hoT cousin, Mrs. W. II. Thome. —Mrs. Blocksodt and daughter and little Margaret Shields from Albany jirrivod at George Foster's last Satur- day ovoning. the Piniluni laboratory at Lrna, -Mr. and Mrs. Boy Clark are a t hor M^. torn = father's, Mr.. Basltford. I female oatnplAlnts, tnflaminatloii, nl-! oeiatl»«,^pteo«m«nt*,flbxoW tumors, j and to-day holds the record A DOLLAR SPENT AT HOME t.ert drrensed est nnmbar of actual care* \ _ .. _ _ ^ _,. Joho < Pardons min-\' niih the ^niii-hern in sup i - 1 ii,, • t, the in - i r or the ad t -in r * of sn *\ <1r. erne*' n't he. , . i • f • \I 'l-'l r ' 1 -i t - I n* , '1 • >.-. rts 81 ] rh . i MI , Mr-,iri\ 'i> the ,;m oltne ot ' ri ' l».ir I, in \Ii * 'lace sni' ••mn if i hii'hnnn ' oKinhia rnunty v \ on or I., fo-e the I'th ,lio nt ^i l,« f ne\ l , 1 tl ,- 1-t .lav of \Uivh. A D Frances Corjrsilt, -\ ITI niptrntrix of ctf , of Anson Gil fnl for tho of female diseases of dna In the country, _ - Toluntary tesUmoulaui arc on §le in the Pinua m if any slinllar m«dl- , I» a Dollar That May Come Back , and thousand* of to Your Purse Attoney for Administratrix, Chathim. Columbia Co.. N Y TIMES AND PLACES FOR HOLDING TERMS OF THE COUNTY COTTET. I' ,'- i-. ' '• tho provisions of the I ' ' 1'roreiiore tho under- out Judge of th e ( ounty of • i ', 1 1 »• l ,i i >n\.! \ ftppmnts the times .-cid |iJ.iees for holding th e terms of the • ,o,rt • ; SKKI eonnty in and r tl,. M 'ur I ' and until otherwise i, ui 'ed iinni.'li - 1 M 'i li\ .f Ituiiiary, 10 a. to , ' ' - r f It us*' ', 1 \1. IIIIII \ of February, 10 a. \• nt ' 'itir* Hoti^r Seeond Mnndnv of Mareh. 8 p. m., •it < ourt House. ' Se.'oml Monday of April. 10 a. m., at < onrt Hiiiise. I !S »>o \nd Monday of May, 10 a. m., at I ' ourt House. Second Monday of June, 10 a. m., at Court House. Second Monday of September, 2p. ^^h'o^ycreirarrmiia ^vas postponod [CyRo, Ario ® ; ^Papers Aiisco Films And oth^r'AiVsco Products; Luriiiferes la Bailey's irr>i «i «iti6», periodlo pain ^baokachA j tndlgeattati and nerroua prottaktion. Starr inch BttffaringwornanowM it to V )^jowV^^S**Wi*l»iW«> 1 1 | 5 vprv an| l »bout yonx ca*e T »rit« » conflden- • LilYXZlJ ailU tUl. letter t o Mr*. fg^l ^Hn, »t XjffitlHjka* H»«iM|>rttfnt» «ad:M«roya helpnu* . , NOTICF TO CREDITORS—By or dor of lUrtt. George McCIellan, Surro <r»te of the Connry of Colombia, notice t at ' ° ,lr1 House, is hereby given, according to law, to l-irst Monday of Oetober, 10 a. atj all persona having elnims or demands nt * ourt House. V against George L-. Morris, late of the Second Monday of Novcjnbor, 10 .a, \ town of Ghent, Village of Chatham, in m. nt Court Houso. 1 «aid County, deceased, that they are Second Monday of December, 2 p. Feed Stables f at | Chatham House | * Cfcartham -1 Ailractive; required to exhibit the same, with the touchers in support thereof, to the subscribers, tho administratrix and ad mjnistTator of said deceased, at their place of transacting \business as such administratrix and administrator at State .Back, Chatham, N. Y., on or be­ fore the 18th day of October, next. Dated this 12th day of April, A. D., 1909. ^ Jane C. Morris, Administratrix Herbert A. Humphrey, Administrator Garaenicr andxSmith, ' \ Attufinrw-ior Adms. r. of Hon, X>n \\ m., at f'ourt House. A Trial Jury will be drawn and sum* mooed to- attend the terms \appointed to bo hold on the second Monday of March, September and December, which - tonus are nppointed for tho trial of ' issues of law and issues of tacts. A 'Grand .Jury will - be drawn and * summoned to attend, tho torm ataioint- e'd for the second Monday in- Doc-em­ ber. No -Grand Jury or Trial Jury wiU be drawn or summoned t o attend, any of tho other\ terms , hereby appointed, and designated. * • Dated, 'Huaso 'nyKLSSi. January 1st;- ~ •ai tho\ county of Columbia-; notice^.' is' 1 •§*^l^~Bi5en r \fils6dfSJn^^ ^5 %6><^ . ,pgrgon8 tKvin|t, clajms^^^.-.^emiijtdsj T^^s6JH«jratgij L'.~^tnitlrr;lat6fof fho- CCBnn^5ao>. .noxt

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