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' uigajxicaace> ox^tiuvnouqay ,{aoJy day) ^_ Or.'t..Y.ear.i l ^.,,,...^.;^ • -BprBJSBOB -.-.t.z&tr, hi,.. .few* ^4^^$^^^^^^^ ' Vtmf Months Klta •»,«» ^-i-Ti^*..' — c- 1 _ Four' Months Two Months Single CSpifcs 50c 25c 54 Saturday only 12.59 has como'ta^Saft'auytliiSg But a holy 6Tj j) g 26 - m day. It Tather suggests to one-the p. m. thought \of. aniuS'tanBAt. and gaiety. But GOING WESTi-=5.25 t . ^4Q_B^| TTtl. * A - 1* I' '.T • r. • * - 1 \ J. W. DARBOwTl^bllaliex tad Prpg>x^ .H. M» JKJTOj-Editoc -and- Manager. , r , ^„ \W; fc. -DABRQWr~Ass«rUfof-E^ > fi-r !EflM^-\fatU«;/h nw . may not 4 Entered as 8ecpnd ..Class. Hatter, Jan. *, 1908,. at -£ost, Offic5 r at ^0 ^atham, N, Y., under Act\ /JJbngrjss' oi |[^a^a^v^)-uBhojoj|:,- ItjjS ^bjf- solemn. ,13iqe&rna^ Cover- nhfj iffiyi? HtitT»a«\ f^JionSflthiti'^ t;o Ea^i^d;^hex^v:'bure may no t b<* the Gtofl\ ot .tWiPuri ^ana, as our idea of the ./Ja.. a .recent editorial in T^a Courier] we-cnujneratjed-variou.s things we would' \ £' '&t?'-i or ,th'o .^tieaefit of humanity if* wa ' ; had*the cash, ±horcfore,-wQ read wi^h '£^;^'great interesV»in 'an, exchange, the ;-;;{^ojinr .day^nbout the distribution of the ^ti'estat'e ,of a very wealthy New York V city^inan. •> .\' H?s name was John S. Kennedy, by '--^viSeation' a banker, and be bad the . 'v^'lstfjfc* $80,000,000 of it Ho also had 'jfp ,4d <}B8. similar to those w,e expressed in '''£-,^ihe,^abj>Ve mentioned editorial. S&W™ 1 fiWt duty he P crfonned wa8 > of for some other And 'or ««m« l^-^ uree - t0 P rovida handsomely for his j, uaed w yocant The balance some 430,000,0001 AJ) ^ ig tfle ^ <> f , ife ,e « t0 P u - bUo frWituiioM, •suehj thoro is in it B „ ( eveQ , n tbe eorxowa < oU eR fls > churoh organizations, mnse- j- or , if(J a pIace for ,. hunWsg i vin g. Let ^ rhnspitals, libraries and the like. , uH th(Jn rM0Mt ou - laTger blessings In making the bequests out of the | an ' d djs( , 0ver tbo i e8S(r oneWl Everyone fesiduo, Mr Kennedy said in the will: ] ftas Paua f toT gr ^.tx,^ on thi* day \Having 1 been greatly prospered »n ;am , < , ver j. dsy I'^i*,- husincss which I carried on for, ' 0 . mortUunn 30 years in this my adopt- 1 v f| , w „ 1B ng0 tnp rumor bccanre- ^j ed qountry, and being desirous of le«v ; t ,,,„,„, thll , , n<1 whp aw tire d may nropfnonrly express onr thought of ^uty^hai 'wb ^-of- praise aad Sfprmal fhait ?28giviQg. But the home gathering feature of ^the d>y is not Contingent upon |tt.ny special interpretation of tbe iTjiiiVerBe. That which ministered' to the needs of the early day, ministers to ours; and Accordingly Thanksgiving day finds the (scattered members of the family turning homeward. And what an ingatbering there is tho Country overt Chairs unoccupied for a twelve-month aro brought out and the fireside once mors is full. For some of our firesides an additional chair is brought out, and tiny handa -upraised mutely express thanks, though words may linger For other firesides a larger chair, if not so high, and ooeu- ' pied by one full glcnn. an helpmate a chair And hy_2.12, 3.0S, 4 .10, 6.05, 0.45, lO^flq-p; m. 5w>6T»y8^-25^.4,Q.55 n. ml; 3.68;\ ff.05, G:45V10«06* i). n». JEox- Bi^DSON—8.03,- 10 .55 a.m. 2.15^ 0.14 jp. m. _ Arrive from. Hudson—7.35, 10.25 a; m.; 1.3S, 4.59 TL, m* \ \ .For NEW YOKK-^6;00; 8.09 a. rolj 12-3Q, 3.00, 4.50-p:'m. Sundays, 6.065' a.^nii: 6,40 p. m. Arrive from NEW YOEK-rJ.0.36 a. m.; 12.44, 3,43, 6.54 and 8.53 p. m. Sundays, 1 .45 and 9.30'p. m. For STEPEENTPWN and North— 8r05 a. m.; 1 .45 and 6.15 p. m. Arrive from North—7.40 n. m.; 12 .35 and S.15 p, m ing somo expression of my sympathy with its religious, charitable, benevo­ lent and educational institutions, I give i'rA'j and bequeath out of the rest, residue ife'V* ited remainder of my estate, after pay- ment in full of tbe gifts mentioned *in uto foregoing articles of this my will, other logaeies.\ ^ , The bequests to colleges in both and Europe amount to $1,550,- ?0(K), and other benofnetions are as fol .lows: Ten thousand dollars each to the' Prosbyterian Board of Relief for -„vj -,^.'I)i»ab1ed Ministers and tho Widows 8na j| aijd Orphans, the Presbyterian Home 1 ^^for Disabled Women in the city of York, Presbyterian Board of Mis of rrrpi\. ing for t'oeir uiilk^ whatever the Bordcns or other companies see fit *o pay them, had joined in a movement to fomi an ind>>pendent ussociatiuu through which thoy might deal with tbe consumer, receive better prices and I at the same titre give a better price J to milk users. But little has been 'hoard of the movement of late, bowev ' or. Tbe timo is owning, nevertheless, whether it bo by such means or some other, when the producer will have 1 ; something to say about the price be 1 receive for his milk. 1 giving ...wiTO *h ^5'\8lstofeMrA;'. Puivor .in —^Harry'pole lultf.been, irJcapftei'tntea fbr several days by an Injury to one ST Bra\E£fnW \• — ir-~rv •* —Mrs. ^^XttfM>y^^^n:' wall, dt, Wistiug^rn 'tTie ^'nWa 'pf>jher sister, who is ill. _ *~ —ChriBtopher Behm '^a? Wiibia ^Bjii:'. denly and seriously ill .oije' dnjr ^aSt 'J W«ek but is* now better.-. .• ; —The Woodmon have a big class adoption this evening at 80 'clock. —A dam chowder sole will be held at tbe Lutheran cburoh Wednesday afternoon, Dee. 1, commencing at 12 o 'clock. -t- A fine Barre- granite sarcophagus was erected in the Dr. J . T Wheeler plot in Rural cemetery, Monday by W. P Pratt. —Now Chatham Cd-oporative tele­ phone subscribers added this week are Dr Walker, Oeo>ge Sipperly and Wll liaui Wilder -Mrs. W T Dimmick of Hillsdale and little son, Walsworth Kingdon, are guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.- C E. HarriB. —On Friday evening, Dec. 3d, the official visit of D. D. O. M. John James will be made to Columbia Lodge, No. 98, F and A M —Frank ierilrins who has been in the Albany hospital under trcatmont for blood poisoning, returned home yester­ day much improved — The mother of Trustee W H. j —Services next Sunday at vne Jtfeth' tlousman is in quite a serious oondi-, odist church at 10.30 and 7.30. Pteach- tion in the Albany hospital vfhere she I ing and singing by tho Rincs Brothers —M. G. Bhiley ond'lfani^y'havo'TOpv^ ed from-<!.nureh •a.treet\.io: i --VtheitfTen Broegk house pn Kinderhookstreet.<\t-'- —Grant\.Lnidlow of phapritaiiiuJeT-.' intendent of ^construction for'\.th6j?Borr den company, was in \town yesterday. : —Mrsi\Joseph Guile and Mrs. l& C, Greene of Eagle Bridge, relatives of John C. Carpenter, were his guests ~a. fov days last week. —The high, school football team will moot the Lee, Mass., team on tho fair grounds tomorrow afternoon at 3 o \clock. —Local market men have pratically abandoned the attempt to get turkeys for tho Thanksgiving trade.. They soy 1 it is well-nigb impossible jSto. get the home grown birds at any price. H. B. Boag and family have mov­ ed here from Canaan, Ct, and' are ye- j siding in the residence opposite the' Borden milk plant. Mr. Hoag ~iB the; stables. Brail Seiches is planning to build a new\ theater in West End, Albany, on Central avenue. Mr. Deiebes has beon very successful tn his theater and moving picture .venture on South Pearl street' in that city. went for an operation. —Do not forget to have the family represented tomorrow morning at the union Thanksgiving service in tho Methodist church at 10.30 o'clock. sious for Freedmen, Bible House of York Bible Socio stion Association Young Women's It is said that the amount uf t ulum I bia county pork now available was nov er hmaller than at present. The ren 1 son the butcbors give is tbat the farm ! ers were so busy last summer selling '-'Act -'-~r' . „ two cent milk to 'he Bordens (for Association of Now York, . • ... . , -<'Uarles Clapper, who has the Harlem road faithfully for 29 yoars I has been promoted to be a passager truin baggageman, succeeding William ! Kvarts, resigned I —W. A Dardesa who lias purchased the Shea ice house and outfit haB as­ sociated with him Thomas Hartigan, who is now busily engaged in erecting u residence on Hoffman avenue. gf^ey.sy.-!W^-sjjlV.ati ,wnTk ArpM^J at each service The fieformed^ and Lutheran congregations will unite in the evening service. —The King'8 Daughters oty tho Re- ! formed church spent a pleasant even- served j in R at (he home of Mrs. Earle Fellows, tho president of tho society, on Mon­ day Inst. It was a \ponnd social\ each member bringing food supplies of various kinds to bo distributed among the needy in the village. .^^Bgbe^Jjarawoy h>s mev&^n?th^e;j —Mr. and --Mrs. W. P. Pratt will spend Thanksgiving with relatives in-l \Bfd$klyn.7 • -' • • * - • Mr, and Mrs. dfark oj Plattsburg -ore; guests of Mrs, Clark's, -mother,- ^~-'^iinriy^^ibp:— \ ,j •j- : Charlea Mesick is ,«pen^ing his brief sc^$oi,jKacatiqj|^wi$h: Iris''brother, Dr. Thomas Mlesiejc in Syja'Cntfei, \ i^-Jff^E. Cranstop.'and wife'of^ Pitta; (flcld-^Jll '\be Thanksgiving y gueats of. 'their daughter,- Mr, and Mrs. IST^D^ Odnch. . .. - The. annual union Thanksgi .vingJ pp4iy service will ho hold in the Metb-\ odis^ church on Thursday morning at. 10.30, at^which, the Rev. A. W. -Baker v<HI preach the'sermon. Besides music by the church- ohoir^ the Kines Broth­ ers will eing one or two selections. It is desired—that not only shall this be a' service to be participated in by tho Reformed, Lutheran and Methodist con­ gregations, but that nil- who desire to express/ their thanksgiving in worship ( will also unite in tho service. —If thore is any, town that has o cssion to feel proud of itB water sup^ ply,, it is; Chatham. Notwithstanding .the general drouth: vyhich is so Berioualy ^ffceting other villages and the coun- ^^tround-ab^nt, Chatham has all the ^'eVaV-cAit\ UBB an'd '.npwardB of-350,- supenKe ^aeTrro* tho BortTO fer^^ and promisea ta be on> of the I soon to be increased to ten cents. and between Buekloyville. It looks now as though 'the new railroad elety. Association for Improving the\ -\~ yard would be in that vicinity Condition jof the Poor, Ohfldren's Aid I Tfae u m ° tbe ^ ^ of , -Mrs. Thomas May died at her home Society State Chanties' Aid Associa- chatham „„ nhout mfiQ0 moro tnan in Valley Falls last Friday. She was t»on and Alumnao Association of the I , . ., m tuey were a few months ago. That don't really look like hard times. 0 Written for The Courier. THANKSGIVING. 1909. Presbyterian hospital While every cent of tho money be ~~ queathed by this charitable, generous and warm-hearted man, has been well < placed, none will serve a better pnr pose than, that which be gave to tbe •hospitals, the homes and other charit able institutions and by none will his .memory be more tenderly revered or ~ —his- generosity- more thankfully appre­ ciated than by the beneficiaries in _ .these institutions. We remain stead- —. fast in the belief that in the_ after, , ,- — • , , _ y litcasKW- ;rre more fittingly \or more i&\ T summer's sweet and haunting face, j Endeavor society will meet promptly •By Grace Ada Brown. To day we stand in Thy clear sight, Our hopes and fears .confessing. The hands uplifted toward the light Are heavy with Thy blessing. We thank Thee for the tender grace the niothor of Mrs. R. H. Molding of 'this village who with her husband at tended tbe funeral Sunday last. —Messrs. Din?artsk arfHiiiiit, the future proprietors of the Ball & SOD •tore, have leased the commodious and sigbtlv residence of the late Mrs. A. 1C. Percy and will take possession at once. -At the Lutheran church Sunday —The evangelistic aervioea conduct­ ed by the Rines Brothers opened Mon­ day evening with a large attendance and again last, evening more than 200,| were1 pjpaant to listen to the special ehoir led by Mr Frank JRwos. 'llie • morning tho subject of the sermon will Tnow \tedvoa afTZ.WP'm. instead of 1 be \'Some Lessons from the Church Our -cpascgiide oversowing, \^'Year. thea ^eniflg the. Christian generously rewarded than those who, I Mnde fn ' T \\ D * springtime *s sowing while on earth, or. who, as they aro | About to abandon the earthly struggle, I w » tnBnh \\\\a toT harve-ia all, give liberally of their abundance in] For bounty and for beanty. Older to smooth tbe pathway and ren } p °* H°' k * » n tM - foT herds in sol­ der more cheerful the lives of unfort-| Por to do . 00T Aat 7> .nnate bat deserving humanity, assum . F » r 0T * a { o see. hint duty plain, ing, of course, that this obundance was l ' or ncart t0 lov ^ tuo ^hor, honestly acquired. We, read tbat no F ° r thought, no strongth 13 usod in taint attaches to tHe weath of Mr I vo ' n ---Kennedy, that it resulted from his in­ defatigable labors, his business acumen ~ and his honesty of purpose. '- Would that thdrc wore moro John _/S. Kennedys in this world, more man ' who soeK to desenre—the- -burp—8>IHJ-|- ' crown in the mannor in which bo sought • to deserve tbem. That helps to lift a neighbor We thank Thee that our faith and hope Are ever growing stronger, That wide-eyed Right with Wrong will _ .xopn, Nor Wrong .bo victor longer, i Tbat Bumnn needs, not human creeds I Must draw us to tho Father— at 6.30. On account of the special meetings at tho M. E. church the eve­ ning service will be omitted. —It was the request of the late Mrs. Percy that her paintings should be sold for tbe benefit of St Luke's j church. Accordingly these pictures j will be placed on exhibition today at j H A. Blunt's store on Park Row and I persons desiring to secure one or more of them will have tho opportunity of doing so a t any time after Than tragi v ing day. —If you want some mil 'vntemmi, go down to the shooting range of the Chatham Gun dub, ~tomdrro\v—irrtrrr- sermons aro earnest and pointed; serv­ ices every evening this week except Saturday evening. Mr. Frank Bines gives an illustrated* talk to the chil­ dren at 4 o'cloeic this- afternoon. —A change uf time- went into effect 011 the ii and A. and Harlem roads, Sunday, and several trains *weQS taken off Train going east Ttt ~~G$£ \Jtr^TOT does not stop. Train going west at 9.35 p. ni. has beon changed to leavo at 10.06 ,p. m Train for Hudson now leaves at 2.15 instead of 2.25 p. m. Train from Hudson now arrives at U5 Instead of 1 45 p. m. Harlem, train IB 1A 2 3 4 . 5 us 7 4., 1&67> and at 4.50 p: m. instead 5,04 ljo._m. Only one train for New York now^unoays anbTlTiat *T8KV83-\St p. in. A corrected timo table will bo found at tbe head of the local sews columns this week. Meeting of Town Board. A meeting of the town board of Chatham was held Saturday afternoon with Supervisor S. W. Smith presiding. It was a meeting fbr the annual audit of bills and a large grist was presented for action. Prom\ the start Supervisor '_|Smith took a decided stand for a care- f'il inspection of pai'b and every Jill. , tfvou the printers' bills were under the search light nnd any item not regular­ ly or Inwfu'Iv ordered was abbrevi-. noon at 2 o'clock and watch tho slangh ter of rlay pigeons. Chnrles Abrams C. Mnxon ADOPTING THE VOTING 3£AOHINB'^\ ot hending low like bruised reeds—j holds the banner with Dr. F mm _ J But trusting children rather brought up it gave .Supervisor Smith an_ opportunity to express his dissatis­ faction with tho custom which has pre. In a, recent issue of the Hudson Re- ?..-i,.j,pTlhn«an : tho following item appeared: . \The people of the town of Kin'der- It 00 ^ nro talking up tho matter of buy- j-ing a voting machine, and -mSy get one .^ti\;.. soon. The time is coming when vot- ^.Tsp machines will be in nso in. every: ^/^•V'tlown. in Columbia- county. Hudson has them f 6Tr ajmmhsr of years, and them because of the' : ee-, anci accuracy of their work.*' ^^XWe-Senbt the general adoption .of thej ^^jjfyoj^hg machine' In all fEo- towns-of the. '^%!S?otfi4l^very- •^TOni-^^riajly'^hen^ an i When folded lio pale, weary hands, And eeya grow dim with sorrow.. We thank Thee thero aro other lands Where dawns no dread tomorrow; ThaV V cate T \and franqVu Vm^'feel I -W^unda^orning Roy J, A, An ^.'iuir-m!- . : r iBurits^ partoi ^flfr-Jthe^Beida- Baptist . /JLsafe within Thy keeping, And know tho hand of love can h^n.l>| And change to smiles our weeping* . -We thankiThee, that ojr'rvCou'ntlry^s T3 ^1^^rs;strehining ^ariandVw n close second, thus far. Tbe clnb aJeo 1 vnilod for some yoari as'to th*8»grftdual invites yon to .bring along your shot I increase in ecnstnblcs' and'in, some gun whether a member or not and test\instances justices'-', 'fees/' .Sfc.,'ShiitIrj your nerve and eyesight after your •*»••«—»i>»-««- i-r-v.j^-^i* im Z: Thanksgiving dinner. 'thdnght'it strange, -thftt in' ViewjpiJthe fact that the v.m ige'^porConviif^.jtTie; town which is more.^VckIy c .^6pjU4}ed^ with its> nnniorous i f\i«iftoaoy.; i a^|^:^ yet/bad.sq few'/cs«W'ol^,ibtQxicaUoh\'W road company - uses nearly half- .that, quantity aid Superintendent Sharp says that theyVcpu^-fle^vor 6p0j000 gallons a day if it 'were negdefl.' The pumping' plants on Woodbridge avenue and on Hndson> av'enup are oberatedf al­ ternate weeks. This is djone so that the plants may be kept.in shape ready for any emergency at any time.. Beted Notes. Ehotoricala in tho high school to­ day are: as follows.; 1. Music 2. '^eourtshipof Miles Stanai8h,' , dramatized. Characters. - , Priscilla ... ...... .. Eva Marks Miles Standish . .' Carl Ctrrtib John Alden .... Raymond Hawver Messenger .... Eowara Gardner ^Ider .... . .Stanley Ashley, Recitation—'*-The Spinning Wheel.\ Helen. Pratt Recitation—\The March of Miles Standish.\ . . Meri&ra Nellie 3. Mtisic. • —Attendance report for Chatham 'Union, school for week unating ypv, 19r J>sgULLJJ»!i »i- ••. j^e*» Grad tefeaT .. 35 . . .22 .45 . -.53 .47 49 .. .36 . . 40 ......45 S., B.60 S., A.59 Albert Bines, Harry Bines, Frank Bines THE SINGING EVANGELISTS Now conducting Services in the Methodist Church Every Evening. EAYVILIiE. EAST CHATHAM. —George U. Reynolds of Pittsfiold! —Net receipts of the New England\ spont Sunday with Mr and Mrs. J f supper Friday ovening at the Bagtist W. Finch. -The Euohre club met on Saturday {-oveniilg of last weok with Mr and Mrs. Chsuncey Ashley of Old Chatham. The cluC'is grow;*}8g*'rnpjaiy in momber- pCasuTeB of the winter season —Edward Rnnsford and LeRoy Vu- rian drovo to Stamford, Ct„ Jast week; -rMrs. *' 'Blizabotb Hansford and daughter were in Albany on Friday set­ ting {ho good example of doing \early Christinas shopping. —Charles Hulburt of Old' Chatham was taken suddenly and seriously ill at Frank Ashley's while .on his way to l^iis work on Friday morning. Dr Southworth 'was summoned and he- is now recovering. —Mr .and Mrs. CharlosRiggs and son weru holiday guests of Calvin Car­ penter's. _ —School will close on Wednesday | —Bert Ames is entertaining his for the weok as Miss Crowley returns•> brother. Will, from West Unity, O. to', her homo in Troy. \ I —Pnion Thanksgiving service will —Very attractive post cardB aro on.bo held this year in the Methodist sole at the post office including both | Episcopal church, on Thursday evening Christmas and New Year \s cards at all j 0 t 7.30 promptly The paster 'will prices. Also Ghriatmos tngs and book-1preach on \Tho Beatitude of thtf-Hu- church were $23. —James Thomas of Now York bfts been enjoying a fow days at the Rook- ory- , —Rev Sevolle »and family loft.^ Inst ' week for their bomb where ho is to\ take up preaching again\. ' -• _rr-^ —Miss Agnes Salmon of Pittsficld was a recent guest 0! Mrs. May S.atmo^ * —Mrs. Frank Johnson and c 4 hildreU'' 5 '»\^' were over Sunday guesti of Reosselac?\ friends. ' . » -«..»' —Miss Mary Fidler wishes to ox- press her -thanks to her many friends .--' who so kindly assisted during the re­ cent -contost. —Mrs. Dietrich, state evangelist for tho W. C T. U will hold a meeting at the home of Mrs. Larkin, Saturday af­ ternoon at a o'clock. All arc cordial­ ly invited and a good attendance is. desired. lets. end —George W.. Adee is a week gudst. aji P. Reynolds'. —Grace and Fowler Root are visiting man 80111 \\ e extend a cordial wel­ come to everyone. Please make' it a point to come out for this service. We I desire especially to see a great, many their graaaparentg, Mr. and Mrs James j w ho live out of the village. Special Fowler, ,^1—in i.«».n . ..i.i . ^...i... . _ mnaie - will bo provided and an. inttoest- a^Hariiy ^^lSn^ MggWiHrftl^fjfSBMl^^ —H>.. - Totals 491 10 6% .6% - 4 ' 5% 7 6 7 10 78% 0 Q 0 u 0 0 0 0 3 2 4 9 . 3(k88 94-09 97J.1 98.46 98:54 96.66 96,50 97.55 **-99.5Q. 06.61 . 1063.04 Av. 96.64 daughter Rock City. —Mrs. Clinton New and axe guests of her parents Mr, nuiTMrs^ Martin Shufelt ~ —^Mr. and Mrs. Norman ABhley v?ill cat their ThankBgiving turkey with: their daughter in Schenectady. \\* —The petition to tbe Rutland rail­ road which has been circulated' by Chas. Abriel was signed by 47 persons and forwarded to the company fl}e,yi6tl£. It is hoped the railroad'\will consider it favorably arjd stop hereafter 'at -whit. JS known as \Angell' crossing^ fVr pa* angers. . - . •^eVn amusing farce (thV exact date' tor which will bo /nblished in next', \ivbtik's paper^^s-bein'gpprepared - and. with a few- -fine recitations andLsaaniQ. music, will fnmiith an-evening'B-enter- tainment which -will be.wel.l wprthi^tne'; ttiine that^'jffill ; -be ^argpd':.f^r^adffist sion. Following Is the cast x of. *hajrac- jters fdr>\The. Roclr-^f^-AB^Iao'n-. 3ale : » 'U- Mr.- Willoughiy^^W ^owV^^. JSlisha Clark and Mr. >and Mae. Tborne Clark spent a-day-with Mrs, M. L. r Th'6r*6 ia's't ^ook. , —George Foster is^appointed truant officer for .the district schools of Chat- bam, y —Mr. and Mrs. Charles Biggs and Son ftro Spending Thanksgiving at her father's, Calvin Carpenter. AXTSTERTiTT^; —On Sunday mornihg next at' ltj.,30. tho pulpit in the M. S. church will be occupied by Mm. Kmmu G. DioIri£k_ stato evangelist for tho W. x »C. T.' If. ^and in tho evening at 7.30 Mrs. Diot- rick will spook from the pulpit of the Baptist chnreb. These will both* par­ take of tho nature of union services- and wo hope that both congregations will maker It a point to co-operato is at-\ tendance. MrB. Dietrick is srioken of very highly n» a pliWic speakor aid she is well acquainted with her mes­ sage. —The- dance held at the home of Mr. and.Mrst Wells Weatoyer was a so­ cial success. AH report-a very pleas- ant~Ume. —Mrs.., Horace Bailey and Mrs. G. D.! Brttwj^e^lc&'on Mrs: J6Seph*Bluat, a!' —Mrs. Ear! Nlver former \resident of thisJvillage.Jine: Say last-wee kr- . —Do not forget-the Tbnnklgiviug .services to>.be \held in tho Pxesbyteriun- chiirch, Thanksgiving night.' —Rev. B. G. W<jod,' pastor of the •Presbyterian -chnrcluwill bo absent for GHENT. tbe\ next ..'tw^SnmI»j«' v and Dr. BakeJ oar-former v p_^st8r^ wiir^jeenny the -pul- PJf. \..-«;''ii'\ \ 1 ' —A social .dance\ was held' at the home df Mr. MdMra: Edgar Alrhstead Monday oyenlrig '^aha was ..greatly on- j^edirJyj-alL.. V ^ ' '^-...^—-v. u^5^^\b'e£t;^a5t js^viaitirig friends in tft^p^MAh^ri,'~^b^iih^p and ^^r^-'B._^SjB\eger visL \-w.orlpng -in n Wmp Tvook^ \T iipnn. . • * \ ? _ —DoWitt Bolf Cromie place. —A en-rringc m which am' Mrs. O. \\ l.uomis was run down b yanothnr wagoa While- on Lh« way from Chatham ta rO^ont. has moved to the John Black were riding •Kicnmondj ^Bsa. - {-meeting in |li Sarn-lfof ^orrnaii.\Bailey of* State Line and-hds { r6^i |n^^ho ^ci^—...' •' .- ^^Hor^e'''Sailo ^.;wn0^pM^ visj Thoy escajied with n fow bruises.~ H —Dr. R .. --- ... (.New VorV trill *wd Tte»e *i|i^^^ under the parental roof — J - C;i;i,'' t< —Mrs. E. 0 Dictilch from.: I^eV .will give a lecture in the intemt^f^thte, ,5, W. C. T. D. Tuesday, even'ragf 7$ti$Jwy,..^ in the Reformed church. A „-t . '•—Thanksgiving services \In\ Ihe )jMp-^^ formed church, Tlnu^ivitf£^&i!j^.*^« —The annual Bible\' socie^^li&lAy »t»X,^ ziz^^lMli* -Saa^«pi^t\e*t'hWarge4Jay- evening,—Bo v. Air-.- SJ^'tttouer \ ^ «-«chosen prsoident, a e y. -Mr^rao^fvic^ was run Jomliyinifni'-^^ii '0$^-$ ident and R ^,8-^^^^^

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