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YEAB CfiATHAM, N. it^^tM^j^WS^SB^ 29, 1000' \-° ..... .- - ^ ^ftKUtp BENE-, , %j*fm£&&Mx<m8 Endure as the ^^»«fc6fJ>to?o*-tho Most Beautiful ^J^^|^oj*,^TT8'efja Bonding* to Oo- *&» Morris Memorial. ^Igft^Hfg? Jennie. Porter Morris, aged 73 ''itWY^r^i-VPidfiw: of the lata Goorgo L. '^^|en^a|Lrjp'aasod away at tho dawning ^jS^g^mU morning; Although in wfflg^hcaltti for a year or more, her :,^&^t*vCtimo«as.'.a shock* to her .hoBts -of ££«-frionda,. .^'ie$i$F\th6 death of Mrs. Morris, Chat- fe^^^J^es^Aftt-only-a. highly respected j!^»fl(l>euUuTed-'Wonianj but a public ben- -„-.^^p»ffetqr : in..*;.ypry marked degree. It IfM^ii /jtia. Morris who gavo. the fir»i. £3&^£sjqra*gemeuij' to Kev,-M. A. Desman ^^S^t^S^S^H^sm ^M undotuato;, ^^tfc«^5*Mitiott^o£ i^ho . new Eeformed <Courier. ?i{^^iuri*|B«Saing. to \heir generous 1 TELEPHONE CONNECTIONS. ffieat Barrington phoj Green . -oftr'5xys7 :'»S^ It seems, tnoro haB been aQ^^trouble in Tsgat4 it» •tneYerectionfofWitrutrtr'i lino from Hillsdale to Greea^Biver. It is said by some of the officers that mat­ ters will bo satisfactorily adjusted in a fow days and that a trunk line will bo - built by the two -companies. This' will-, give much better service from Hillsdale to Chatham. It is said that a number of peoplo just over the state border are very anxious to have tho line extend to Great Barrington. The lines now reach the residence Builds Houses and Balaes Chickens— Also I IOVOB Qood Horses—Was Edu­ cated at Rev. Joseph Hooper's School and at Wyomanock Seminary at New Lebanon. Charles Shutts near North Egremont, BnfuB H. 'Shumway was born Jan. °*,'ll, 1861, at Lebanon Bprings, N. Y., edS&tionp^ai^Waaiiy ^iuiQ -.*«UUy-Mpsa*.: 1*^, test^to. oe^vj»i^iippliei)j|8 iw/ epaVali* enumeratc^ffe^pwejes -.oa^.ssatujM jii 'iJ ta.i. 'Ax. iv J&tii^O ^ViLii.,.*, .t >1 day> Fob, 5th, tht^ti^aBy^sM by' Hinted ,St»ie,.Cens|^* ; ' < '' 4 -*-- —*, l'£l£ii ~£L^i -...li-T-..._ -1 « ^3 9 .... _ I ^ ^^^la^^ti&u^ in. the beautiful ,^^^^i^l^&y|^^6Hftl:Vbjdlding&now an ^^'^I^^^BWBifiey^Ife is-'only to \be .j^VJ^^^^^fi^rte -the completion of JK-^'jbBUllmnctu^aad the working out of •^rt^.^^Ssisad.Tdeairca; was a daughter of : Q»0'rge W, Cady and ia *nr-. v % a half sister, Mrs.\] •CbSiii:;';Tn-.188p-Bho married Mr. Mor- -iJaCiaadifheiploasant home on Hudson •a^enue^hauCever boen a place whoro fri«n^~and .neighbors have delighted to ^'/siwemMfc-^Jcst nine months ago to- *.\i'J^£jMr^\MptM was buried from this ['\^itoh^^iihW! yestorday assembled many last sad 'tributes to Mrs. Perhaps no other woman has ./'•'•oTMV'been BO publicly recognized at away as was Mrs. Mor- ^^^Sjjjwli'en between tho hours of 2 and 4 ^P^jr aearty every business plaee ttempt to interest bflkMS-to-otbers cif 3 ' entirely.or-curtains were ieaia the project wiU Jie-made. ^^^^^^riiw m ar -mark- of respect. Ia 1 her Joss-be ««ipM Jj. eyfcj'A'wuik, \<if lurch. Thei.weelf ofgrayer 'o'eeurs\J AB. 8^ fCfieT pfogtata ta_-i^'iy s erBal throughont fehef'cou'ntry a^tdvia as*-JoiloW: j^nadafe.jan.'fl '\\TJo 'Ah^GMg Q^hm. -biL^a jnndrgjte of eggsfpr B M- aad -Trath.\ \ . \ >J 'v\ ,! f - ' .[.tingf. Another pleasure is .good horses. V^^6f.?SprIngfii . . , •j&djth^iema'ins wora interred i n JKural •^m^My^. surrounded by many ^jrlbateav £oral j.<>-..- .Mail Pouch. Tom. Dec. (Special)— '•'the \flyer\, '£<^*K5hat' catches a mail pouch it^to thB 'operation so thai of lettars f eU out. They maib'carrier and returned Tuesdayj Jan. *~ szJ f The yonadations Unshaken, ^l^iniovaulB,'' Wednesday/ffs.n. 5~\ The-Church of <3<Jd oii Ear.th. ,ji . Thursday, Jan. 6—\Missions the Kocessary Expression of Christian De­ votion.\ Pridayj Japv-7—\The Tilings \With- ia the\Kingdom ard Without\ \ Baturday, Jab. 8—\Tho Signs of the Times.\ - , Sunday, Jast.p^-Sormons, \Freedom Throngh the Truth.'-'—>fohn 8:31-32; John 16:13. ~u \\ • Wanted. M Vain and the prospectB are bright for Us extension into North Egremont. It is said that if a few of the Great Bar­ rington property owners will help puBh the thing along, the co-operative iines^ could be easily extended' into Great Barrington. The co-operative Unoa al­ ready extend over a greater part of northern Columbia and southern Bens- Boloo*, •couniwvT^ , ^.£«B&mnj$9n 1 ^ - tt>. ; son of Charlotto L Phillips and Wil­ liam J). Shuinway. Ho was educated at district slbool and a select school taught by Bev. Joseph Hooper, when the latter was rector of the Church of Our Saviour, at Lebanon Springs, and finished his education at the Wyoma­ nock Seminary at New Lebanon. When a lad,- he engaged in the- breeding of Tlrst Attempts 'to. \Organise Fail, OSat Promoters 'Will Persevere.\\ \ The proposed bread trust.-with head' quarters in New /5fbrk^*nd--ibranche3.\ reaching ont to- take -in,- .the largest-] flouring mills and distributing centers of the west has failed thus far. ,That a Berions attempt was made tp organize the trust aa announced several days ago has been <cpnfirmed. b y Max Btras- aor, president of the New York state; associalton^af master bakers, but Stres­ sor stateB that. the„. proposition was a failuro here. Max—Oscher, pxesjdont of tho American baling company of SL Louis, is reported to have been at the head of the trust. A capital of 415,0u0,< 1 000 wns<bchjind tho propositjoni r*ail ctar JOnraad nci^rding to .an juJ^b'uncSniBnt from taV. census: bureau loday. This will be a cpnifbrtijng assurance to the aeveral hjtfidred thousand wnb„nr'o believed to be! c<mtomplating application for the places. It was emphatically stated at the bu­ reau that the test will be an eminently reasonable and practical one, similar to that applied to applicants at , the twelfth census. It. will Consist of flu ing oUt a sample schedule of popaln i tipn j £rdm m 8 :) ,de^gyi'tipn l in narrative form, of. typical families, and, in the case of enumerators, whoso work will be in- the rural districts, they win bo called upon to fill'\out an additional sample schedule of agriculture, from information; furnished by the census to™?- \\ - All, persons whether women or men, Who inay'-desire \tqVbje6lne census eno- aleratwi^irs^iD^ciffwhB of the TJnlt- Gallatin's Bate U »8^:y»a?-'TEhan«aaa\j Aosterlita Is Next -With $10.24, Taghhanic, $19X2, Germantown, $13.96, Bate in Sows d7 Chatham is 913.20 aad la Village $11.18. HIGHWAY MEETING. •Will SerHeld TW* Afteraoftaran* ^re.' _-i; :- aing in Hndson. ,?5'bfi ^B^gn ^i^&^^,iaeBtiito Co5r : The county tax rate for each town in Columbia county, the villages and the city of Hudson has been fixed, and the table below will show the amount to be paid on each $1,000 of assessed volua tion. To the county rate for Hudson most bo added the city rate which makeB a total of $28.20 on a thousand. Ancram ... ... Auaterlitz . ... Canaan Chatham, village Chatham, town Clavorack, Pbilmont .. . Clnveraek, town Clermont ..... ..of hordmg-a^yab , liw;.' , iiMiptir»g Jin -the county. aa»a -aneefiri|f'^pll^b^ beia at iaa Court ^ooie<ini;JHudsoii »nd the ses- Bions-at 2 -ana's -o.'clOek > m., -will be in chargo jof»Bfon.' JPiani D. Lyon, \deputy conmriasioSBi^ttf highways. The Dbjoct'dfHhastfimeeting is to confer upon matters--pertaining to the public high­ ways, to the end that a clear under­ standing between state, county and town officials may be had relative to tho administrative and manual fea­ tures of the prospective work in the several towns throughout the county The evening scRsinn will be mads especially interesting and instructive by stereopticon views illustrative $13 72 highway conditions which will 19 24 I \ 18 Das ^ B °* general discussion. Mr Lyon's extensive observation throughout the state during the past year and his intimate knowledge of JBDWABD PHTEKSQlTTO^mi> PMtD H3»\T1ABJ |7 — Heart Disease is Suppoeed to -Hwf«v Been the Causa of Death—Wail '.* - Successful Parmer—Had Wm Xaisy Premiums on Farm Prodneo a* Vus Chatham Fair. 6d States; residentS-fiiLthe supervisor's district for which they wish t o be ap- ( , pointed; -most' be not Jess than 18 nor j more than 70 years- of age; must be .physically-able, to do.'the Work; must be trustworthy, .honest and of 'good habits; must hay£-at||ea*t an ordinary education and musfcebp. able to wtite (plainly ana with reasonable rapidity Those who can comply with these re-' Kinderhook, town qparomentB are invited to put in their Livingston applications, as there- will be at least New Lebanon 68,000 enumerators' places to be filled Stockport ' by tbn middle of March in preparation Stuyvesant jfor tho enumeration beginning April 'Tsghkanie '15th.. 1 Copake Gallatin Germantown Ghent, village Ghent, town Qreenport . Hillsdale .. . Hudson . Kinderhook, village 13.05 .. 11.18 . 13.20 .. 9.6S . 1U>8 .. 11.94 .. 20.09 .. 13.96 10.00 .. 11.54 .. 15.30 18.13 . 7.67 . 8.55 .. 11.17i 18.52 ' 21 71 ! highway matters qualify him to speak aytlioritSiively and instructively upon Edward B. Peterson, eon of Be»- jamiu iVtcrson, was found dead i a fed* barn on the former Henry Nilcs fans on thp Hpencertown road, Monday af­ ternoon about 3 o'clock, whoro he had Huddenly expired from heart disease. Mr. Peterson appeared as well aa arar of ] at noon and with iris wife and aoa om> form, joyed their dinner after which he vast to the barn to hitch up the teaat t*t draw man ifre to the field. He trad- g**e~ ont with one load and returned far a second <ind evidently hearing a kow cackle went into a stall in the bam and jdUunjed dowa to reach ia a -fcaat%- nest He was found a few minu*<i3r8f$ ? ~~- — the-different -phases of highway work, Oftd this me^tifig' is surt to be bt «e5 '-jw by \his son-,—ryiag pp-rt->\--T~ 'Se^saa-. side holding the egg in bis hand, fe«t life was extinct. Coroner Maxon was called and examined the body aad teak the facts of the case. Mr Peterson was in his 51st yastr and had alwayB been a hard werkiag and successful farmer. About tW* years ago he purchased the Nilee fans and worked it in addition to his eth­ er farm beyond Sponcertown, Mr. Peterson was always a progressiva ciaL It is the duty of the town superin­ tendent to attend this matter and it is also important tha the own boards be present and the public is cordially j invited to attend. o KINDERHOOK BOT HONORED. at Charles Collier Gains Distinction Harvard College. 11 66 ' Ros'on an d Cambridge, Mass., papers j farmer and probably has won more ^5?^, 10.88 19.02 Mr tell of some honors recontJy won by 'miums at the county fairs on farm ajtaV, I dure than derhook hoy He has been awarded by , iCharles 8. Collier, Harvard, '11, a Kin |d uf0 than any one other person. , Death of Beaoal Bhormnn, , the faculty a place in tho first group ( .(f scholars in tbq University and re Application forms, will full instruc .„„ .tibns for fllling-in.? -Snd complete in 41Z&. 4.. ... . ,. ice -ved tbertfor an academic distinc in'g ia ffaifjrork to interosr..v*he larg.|^ n <>y V*to*T ^ buying a trio-« Bil- .ffttmatjon concermag. the test and the] ^ chathami Det 2g (Spec ial)- 1 tl0Di .. a Detur,\ a h.ghly prized hon est bakers^ his proj4, \6sciier tobl -1/ er Dorkings for $5, Which prov-, method of appolnt^^nl, *an be secured A ^ ^ ^ ^ tg cbrooieie or hQ waa aUo fioclcd t0 ph[ Beta ... ^ „\_ , to be a success. He waa soon ship-lby ^ting to the sdpcrV.sor of census, b rf & fa estePmpd • ( . o „ ^ W , J0R0 mem • to almost overview the supvisor's district in whi-n th*.' .„„-„„„ • ^ - S J .. . l'cterson is survived by his fiiijf^ and one son, Delmar, who have ths^ sympathy of a host of fnendB ia this.'' very sudden bereavement The^faaelt^ al will be held Friday.at 1.30 frbn»'*aja house. f - up the matter with N|w Jersey i_ other bakers and tho ou&pme af>Ws6! P 5n S e SS s and fowls t0 almost oVer y „ . ,. 4 „ ... '' state in the Union. When a young | applicant lives. AUinpnl 1 ™*' 0 *''- o»op man be learned tho carpenter's trade | eriy }filled-in must..bo filed with negotiations is \not yet certain.-' 7 'An at- Tba Week of Prayer. tho man ne leprnea mo carpemers traae|— J f- ' \\' \ 1 Monday afternoon, aged of his father, -being the third ^^^^^J^^} \ .tumnl which will bo under the aus i tion to become a \carpenter which oc- : enpatioa Ko Jiasfoliowed^. aadr. al^ pres- Monday, Jair. Si—\Humaa Hisfery a Witaess fot-'^ooV.\' i*'' tintiei to breed fancy poultry which is one of his pleasnros in life having tak­ en many blue and red ribbono. Last Kindsrltookf Man Xajored. ^ B. Eart Kilmer wn*o resides near Kin­ derhook, nearly lost his-life one \day last week, *when he was pinned under a>larger falling tree. He waa cutting tho tree,down whoa it suddenly gave w«» •'tr!o_ >«fin* Attn** n >ir:i »i.« > He was married, Qet 6, 1887, Leb­ anon Springs, to Emma ia Smitn ^^Vey .have V? childrea, trviag H. Shum- way, aged- 21 j and Folernce L Sham- way, aged 8. « In^ 1900 ho bought the Dr. Pierce property which they now occupy as a home and a few years later bought the Sanford property which adjoins. ~o BOSTON AND ALBANY PENSIONS. Ocac It is understood thit the Boston tad Albany raHroad company ia common -with-4hajBtfcer_New York Central lines will soon pension off a number- of ii older employes in point of service. The number of men who will BO be treated on the .Albany division of the v ad ia five, but'their names have not been made public yet Three of these are men who have not been'in active serv- co any. rjcei.ved after that; date caopnr be 1 . -^^^^UasShu^t trjt ^J^Tit o'closk in the •--4*4>»S0gV!»* Tor this ^ ^ A ^<^^ rm in _th»ieb- ie ^\ 'anon cem-tciy. Seaih \f John Keenan. The State Farm. The establisbmniit of tha State Farm for Women on the Winno place, John Keenan, a well known reaidontj of the village of BZiiiltlbook, diad Sunday morning of Bright \< dtseare, with a complication of other u'.i -.n ins. n «ar falatie, provided the projoet goes He was over 80 years of &#} aod Mine ' 'brougb will also involve the pnrchaso to Kinderhook in his youth from hi?! 0 ' a-strip of land on the farm owned native country, Ireland, l^e was «ie-l' , y ^ ra - Wilson of Valstio. .-ccssful ia the pursuit of his tmde, that of stone maBon and 3u 'r\'.asfi ti«t citizen and friend. After masjt months hcrsHp is b-scd upon scholarship and 1 of illness Bcnoni Sherman fell aslec[> ,-haracter—being one of eijjht students 7 years. The so honored out of a class of about R00 f He waB initinted mto the Phi Bet j tho Masonic fraternity will Kappa Dec. 17, and was also elected the orator to deliver in April next the oration before the members thereof, of the junior and senior classes. On December 16 in public comnetitinn witb eight contestants selected from the va­ rious undergraduate classes in the uni­ versity, ho won the Pasteur gold medal for superiority in a debate upon s, topic drawn from French contemporary politics. His friends everywhere will bo pleased to hear of these recent hon­ ors so worthily bestowed. Mr Collier is a son »f Gen-it 8. Col MBS. A. M. SHAW DEAD. The ad ditional land will be necessary to pro vide a siding to be laid from the Al tnac or stone mason ana nu -r-.iw-'t \ , , . - XT „,• -, «,_• „ ,. _ .'v.__„ g .„,L._, _M„.J «„ «hn hmlH 1 lior, president 01 the National Union property on the cornerof Chatham and Jaay t0 the buJd ; Ka nk of Kinderhook and was graduat- uri)i; nn . .irufc nrhnm fi» mmit.iA n I tags on the State farm. ) ........ . . -o- William streets, where he opoaod n hotel which -he condncrad fur ro: ny years until rocontly poor health com­ pelled him to rptife. Ho i« survived by his wife. Burial Wednesday m Al­ bany. Helping the Temperance Cause. Ponular Y. M. C. A. Lebanon Springs, Dec. 28 (Special)— The Y. M. C. A. 1 B fast becoming a popular resort for young men who havo a little spare time. Thtf rooms are kept cheerful aad comfortable by Jan­ itor Lester Turner and* are opea every ~\fenIB ~-noTe. There\ was' -wailing and gnashing of teeth when nothing but the straw packing arrived. Case of| first aid to temperance cause by ex- press action. 0——— way. 4Hia \fattor C, iKUmerJjce. for-ihn^gKaJer pjot of the pastj-week day afternoon aa'ai evening. More and'G&o'rge Clow were working; near' - «~--»«:: \'__«.L— zr—^-^^ -. A.^J *— ,U and cjtm'e.to bis assistance .rCHoVIng ths .trdnfer-aad—teUsBlng him. - ; They year. While the number of nea~oa the Boston division wm> will benefit by the pensions is not known here, In .conveye&aim to Us-Eoma where a n ex-*jvlevr of'tEe ^faeT'thiit offices of thai aminaUoa^ cyacloseA ^^factrthat •aoldivisjon are in Bbstpti, It la btlieved that a large number of men\ will be pensioned, in that \division. - ' 8tephon' ChapIA of Springfield is one of thJjBtca-wicoKilUpVpbably benefit by^iho pensious^tyien they aire first adopted.. Ho has worked for the road bones wofo'\'b'r6kon.' His shbiilder and? i'right.-'leg were ,vety. badly braised.; 07\ •Vaaderifta-OlDelL \Valatie^ Decs 28 (SpecIaO^-MwaNel- ile M. ,.pi>ell.';pf.' tali^iila'g>;aa4-JAl? fbooka are needed for,tha library and anyone who has books tp dotiate will receive the hearty thanks of the as­ sociation for the kind-favor. Clayton j.Hnight is' tho .ganeral^uretary. The -membership ia oa the' increase, about 40 names are already-^a 1 Abe roll, Bpeapartowa pbguopby. Spencprtown, Dec 28f; (Special)—At ' \•'•--* wb.0. a\ [tcpngratuia- Chatham Conter, Doc 28 (Spocial) Mike O'Connell Bhipped from Now 7ork a package containing one dozen 1 Kank of Kinderboo-k and was graduat­ ed from Kinderhook High school and later from Hudson High school. o Death of James Ritchie. Well Known Woman Passed Away a£f i Spencertown. .»;'?<&^§>&? s f Fannie Almira Shaw, wife ^^tS ^M ^aM' A. M. Shaw, formerly pastor ^^^M Presbytorinn church atXfJ^j^Bg^- 1 ****'-''' died on Wednesday morning^sJSf at 4 o'clock. Mrs. Shaw was the oldest Auig ^^^M •of Ira and Fannis Nowlen. 8naji\ bom in Coleaville, N. Y., onn Septf iwvira 1829. Att rVTOHin-SenHna^ax -srSSIl^^ she was a graduate. bottles of Christmas joy to hU par I on Wednesday afternoon, the day he Altooaa Wants Pulton. Hank Kamaey, manager of the Al toona club of the Txi-State League, is dickering with the Goldeboro team of ths Carolina league for the release of Catcher Harris Fulton. Ramsey is anxious to grab Pulton. Fulton caught several seasons for the Chatham nine. • • • • o Death at Stuyvesant East Chatham, Dee. 28 (Speeial)>— Mrs. Alexander Van Allen, aged 50 years, \daughter of Mrs. Eliza Vosborgh of this village, died at her homo, in Stuyvesant Sunday, after an illness of t(vd years. Tho funeral was bold from the laie home today .-(Wednesday)? James H. Ritchie died in Phllmont was 63 years old. Hia'doata-waa due to paralysis and pneumonia. He had been in failing health for same time and had been confined to bis bed tae last three months. Mr. Ritchie was born n*ar 8toek- port, but had lived in Mellenvillo and Pbilmont the last 40 years. He was a blacksmith by trade aad aa expert workman. Oa account of declining health he was obliged to give up work-, ing at bis trade abont three years ago. He had been a member of the M. E. church for many years, and for a num­ ber of years post he had beea one of the trustees of the church. Ho was also a member of Cascade Lodge, Knights of Pythias. The funeral was hold on Sunday afternoon, Rev. A. A. Walker officiat­ ing. The services at the Mollonville cometery were conducted by Cascade Lodge. Deceased is survived by his wife, two sons aad three daughters. o Sept^^p^S A PrankHn -SemiDaijyaf- 8ho was kndM^^I for ber brilliant scholraship, particulate^ iy in the subject of higher mathematical. _)| In 1860 she was married from hex besHt .„ V in Oneonta, N. Y., to Archibald Mw 8haw, then a recent graduate of ACS -'-!-' burn Theological Seminary and a gradk-- 1 * jjt nate of Hamilton College, Class ag * 1856. 'i 5^ For more then 40 years ahe was cloaaw iy associated with her husband ia 'kia pastoral work. Her boundless eyatr pthy with and love for children^ wan* the most striking- elements in ber a*- ture. Of every church orgaaizaiif*^ she waa-the-choacaJeadcr. As A'iaBtfc or she waa no less, devdted, perspaalryf \< directing tho preparatory edaeatioTTTstr ^fi her son aad daughter. The- latter,6Ue<f--jV»|ri in 1887;- The SOB is BOW tba P™l«^^^ pal of Hamittoa Institute for- Bajrcr.^ Kew York city. ^1 On the retirement frora-at^Te^aerrrf^i iee of the ministry, Ber. and Shaw came to this village where, tk^^'Svi; remained for three years, Imring^fcsr-?^; past six years their home -has bbeaf.Jt;'^;-.^'. Spencertpwa, N. Y. . Though an invalid for more taaa^ArV|^'i|; years, Mrs. Shaw was alwayaj^risCK^^ and cheerful waHSng^iia, iPAfiencaJitSfel^ the relief which '^^eHi ^txoi^^^M Her death-was ^ «.i .-4V35Js5??«s4fl a s<K Rev. Archibald SOT N. Archibald'Shaw «4^i^^^ff|^ survivors of this good ^biaia^^i'Sif^i

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