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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, December 29, 1909, Image 6

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1 K - Now begins the ^ ygar. ^c^s^p^b more than $150,000 worth of t^tiiasjS^^ ctotWlif into cash ia order to pay for the new Spring lines now ^b^ ^5||f Thousands h#v% Ijeen eagerly waitiog- for the announcement of this SALE. T&ey fchow froni expfcfienee jusi-what tMs : S$le means to- them ^;g: in-buying matcialess ROGERS-PEBT and similar top-notch makes at OUR Clearance; ^hey know of their own knowledge that we do hot rt H nlark this clothing up before we mark it down. They know from experience THAT THIS SALE MEANS AN UNEQUALED 0PPW, f TUNITY OF DRESSING BEST AT A SAVING OF ONE-FOURTH of the original low ^rice-^-and in some instances nearly 50 per c^on\^ broken lines of sizes which have already been reduced in price. It is the settled*.policy oi* this house to carry no goods over from ? 6he 'i season to another—hence twice each year we convert every dollar's worth of merchandise into cash^-and every item of this season's^ good* * ^ remaining after this Cash Clearance is over makes a final exit through the auction house. . 1 ill •mf- m m m ft 25 per Cent off Men's Dept. Note these „ most inducing savings on Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats and Raincoats. 0 Suits, Overcoats and ate, less 25 per cent. NOW Top- $7.50 $12.50 Suite, Overcoats, and Top­ coats, less 25 per cent, «t »Q oo NOW »J>7.00 $15 Suits, Overcoats, Tppcoats and Raincoats, less 25 «t g njj per cent, NOW «J> I I CiJ $18 Suits; Overcoats, Topcoats and Raincoats, less 25 (i<i fft\ per cent, NOW y 1 $20 Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats and Raincoats, less 25 afe | g* f\f\ per ceat, NOW iplD W $22.50 Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats and Rainaoats, less 25 tow nt $16.88 $25 Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats and Raincoats, leas 25 (to \fP per cent, NOW «p IO. / J $30 Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats and Raincoats, less 25 <£OQ tZfl per cent, NOW ip4*. jU $35 Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats and Raincoats, less 25 QC per cent, NOW fAO.AJ $40 Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats and Raincoats, less 25 *AA f\f\ per cent, NOW «pOU. UU $45 Suits, Overcoats, Topcoats and Raincoats, less 25 COQ 7C per cent, NOW «pOO. * ^ ALSO 25 PER CENT OFF ALL REEFERS—everything is included in the 25 per cent off discount except plain flitues and black SUITS. On plain blue and black SUITS the spot cash discount is 10 per cent off. 25 jier cent off j„ r Fur Dept: Note these most inducing savings on the choicest o! Fur and Furlined Coats and small furs of real, intrinsic) value all through. Hen's Fur Coats Which were $20.00 to $125.60 Less 25 per cent 5.0t to 31.25 Now $15.00 to $93.75 Women's Fur Coats Which were $22.50 to $155.00 Less 25 per cent 5.62 to 162.50 Now $16.88 to $487.50 Hen's Fur Lined Coats Which were 422.50 to $450.00 Less 25 per cent 5.62 to ll<fc0 Now $16.88 to $337.50 Women's Fur Lined Coats Which were . $32.50 to $68.50 Lees 25 per cent 8.12 to 17.12 Now $24.38 to $51.38 25irer cent off 0 ur ~Boy's Dep*t Note these most i-tducing savings on very smart BABBITT'S Boy's Clothing Double Breasted KnicKer Pants Whioh were-- * • -~$3;60 to j$15>QQV Less 26 per cent- • •••• ,75 to, 3.75 NOW $2.25toftt.25 Russian Suits and Sailor Suits Which were $3.85 to $12*00 Less 25 pet-cent.•• » .96 to 3:00 NOW $2.89 to $^00 Whioh were LeBS 25 per cent Long Trouser Suits $6.75 to $25-00 1.68 to 6.23- NOW *5 .0 ?ta$t&7$. Overcoats and Reefers Which were Less 25 per cent NOW • $4.50 to $25. W u 45i2 w tO<^»^5-.', $3.3&to $l&75 8 Plain Blue \or Blade SUITS alone excepted. On plain blue or Mac*: SUITS the' spot oash Bale discount is lO per cent off This present winter of 1909-10 models in Full Dress, Tuxedo and Prince Albert Suits of the very highest class, all will be closed out at a Spot Gash Discount of 10 per cent. N. B. While this sale is on we will close out our\ rich collection of Neckwear, Underwear, Gloves, Trunks, Suit Cases, Traveling Bags, Umbrellas, Hats and Haberdashery at a spot cash discount of 10 per cent. The only exceptions are a few items of Gloves and collars on which we are pledged to maintain the price SPECIAL NOTE—All our superb collection of House Coats, Bath Robes, Smqking Jackets 'and Fancy Vests are included in the Gash Discount of 25 per cent off. • '••it l-W>fi& BABBITT & CO. will give $1,000 to any- T\'\'—~~ ^ ^ body, either inside or outside this store, ^^^^^ sF^ it -^^-^^ who can show where a single price ticket has been raised during this sale, or any Albany's Greatest Clothiers previous sale at BABBITT & CO.'S. tf^%lVW A. rtf IT it's original jirice ticket in plain figures-- ^^V/l^Xl JULl^ JL and in Many Gases these price tickets already show, a'mark-down price, from^~i 451-453 Broadway, Albany : which you also deduct the spot. 9^-0 ' cash discount of 0 if 4 CHATHAM CENTER. i —Hnh, said tlie big goBBlef SB he man has ijBBir a lif <r loag resident ot (stnitted aroand the flonr barrel, \yon this town and many hearts will be LEBANON SPBING&. —George F. Conie rata rued from | won't have mnch on me from a finance saddened. Now York last week in greatly improv- j point of view, when I'm dressed for —The pupils of tha village school tne last moot i Bg of New 3^^. «a health, (that Vanderfellor dinner, even it yon rendered an interesting Christmas pro- aoon grange, the following officers were —Andrew Van Alstyne, Jr., aaa have got a \gold medal\ grain, Friday afternoon, after which elected to serve through the coming , bride returned from their trip arid j —Calvin Tobias of Cornell and Ed; Santa .Clans visited them and remem- years; Master, Austin Haight, over- 'wotiMtab: seranadea last week ffiioaaajr,'\** QraaieB of ^egats «j^r BdgfQdoi* |>e^-^«^*cTiUa''in- 4tSa.>^manl-4imm &'fp W t t B. j Bl EJchmoHd; 'Iee?nie'r,-''ilr8, evening. The \exercises\ were clos- t wero home for Christmas vacation. ful mannei^ Thj? pup^^r;BsenU \a »ihflir^ \ H.., W, -WrigntV steward> Edward \ ed,/with abundant refreshments. \ —The Christmas We '-sapper to the-- . Sunday school wars great social~'stfc- pf- $&lS «sjJk' ,-<n>«» 'tra> a gooS ««elaaanea-| todays (iWedneaday). .abiuida ^ce .iof ^eidailea^ .Every.) '-7*^\ ^b .el <Chadgoy. and Misjr^Site;, '-^B&Sy' ~8PfJ£ j 'aclcage 'if nuts ffom>>i Qarthwait^'^caa ^i np''itro*a BTeir Ymjt$ t ^'v .;Ve '^taW< Santa Class and fun abound-! Christmas\ 'j:V-v.vVi-2iS * •• I holiday i —Mr. Noble and family have r\0' moved to Now Jersey. , —^Irving L. Hedges has jnst put in h bathroom at his residonco.

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