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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, May 28, 1913, Image 3

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Established\!889. Co' 1 -e na\g'ir > 8 Special Price On Couch Hammocks We will sell, for a short time only, a Couch Hammock like cut, for $6.35 v —This is an awfully g good Hammock, £ with wind shield, f and soft top mat- j tress, strong and § comfortable, which g sells regular for g j!8.50. If you need £ a Hammock, now is the time to get one, and save g $ some money. « g You'll find everything here to make yont Piazza * g comfortable. Crex Rugs in all sizes, Rockers and j \ Chairs from 95 cents up. Couch Hammocks, Lawn g Benches and Settees. Our stock is complete and g prices are low. jj> W. L. COLEMAN f Interesting Exercises Rendered in Dis­ trict Number Five. . The following program wan fnmwl ou t (it th e clonin g exercises In schoo l distric t numbe r fiv e New Lebanon, las t Friday' afternoo n Song. America Si-hoo t ( Beeitntion Idl e lien . I.loyd I.mnl r Bssay » Androw S. Draper May Finkle Hesitation Book Elves \\ in i f re d Si-tuifirl.l Ki'Clt at ion Mnth'T kl---i>il in* i>. n\ dream * .Murtl m l.uini r Song Where th e Kiver Shnnun n Flows. May Finkle, Kthel Stickle * Dialouge Spring Nellie Scofield . Helen llreeninnn , Bessi e Oa t hous e Recitation, The i'siil m u f 1 if e i 'iirM.u i I.iinil f Reeitatfni i The Fnrm<T Hnn.i. l I U'MI C Sung The Hns y Bee Nellie Scofield , Helen i• m miia n Bessi e Onthouse , Uarnli l l.iim l Essa y Im|irming schoo l *urr.iuiiihiii: - iMiu u h e S, nfn |.l Dialouge The Peacemaker Kthe l SIM-MI-I-, I.nor: i 1.1 r . iim-iii Esiny \rl.o r Orix Mu x 1 'n.kl . Kd itatin n Tin ' \ illag r I'.i i „s„,,ili Fr.. J II II nml\tfil i I >.imrM i r N< H- I < . I! .ili'lii - Si-ilfii'l I \1 ix 1 ,n kl, Si m I • • ' 1 - ( .inimiui.l * Wiu.il. .1 ^..iBi'ii l \! . • . 1 Diau'iM. i >n. Muthe r \ . MI ,,fi i ' i' t I ui\i . Sil l 1 ! u W , I, X , , A i I • \RELIABLE FURNITURE\ I NORTH STREET PITTSFIELD, MASS 5 o >o >o > Q>O>D >«>J3 >a*a*a:*c F. GIFFORD I MAKER OF GOOD GLASSES) OPTOMETRIST and OPTICIAN 54- North St. Over Hoot's ShoeStore Pittsfleld, Mass (Established Thirteen Years.) The most scientific and thorough exam­ inations Kverything Optical. H. A. WEED, Assistant Take Out a Policy in the Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York Both for Protection and Investment. This Grand Old Company paid over 25 Million Dollars in Dividends to its Policy Holders in 1912, and will pay over 17 Millions in 1913; . BOTH RECORDS. Make an application today. Call on us or v write us and we will be pleased to call on you. Cordially yours, GEORGE W. TRACEY, Agent KINDERHOOK, N. Y. WEST LEBANON. \I IHK Alice Dunham an d Anna Mi Muiio n u f Pittaflel d an d Marguerite .tnhuso n of Canaan weer week en d pnfsi H a t F J Bull's \Mi--\ VAwniH Min i <-ntt rr . 11 »-.| ;it.im- I 1 ' JJ1H'- - I II rild X i-xrh u ,|, tiraiini i u f tier lurtliiln x l'lijn -r hanger- * from ' h.iltiuiii ar e ilerwra t ni g a t K 1) I umniing s reBi ileiue . Mr s Jauii' i Hull hu i reiiirnii l frui n I'ltlifieli l 11 lid th e littl e • i- i|.iwi| ; m i rlx 'I'll.' Si hi 'Ilei l.ll h \ Ilia 111 I'ltl-fl . 1 .1 II ii t« • I.IIE. IIIUlli I \ UlllllllTl J' 1:1-1 XXr .'k Wure u.'iitui g liniia t leu ' 1 1 NT >}>< ..no I\ Miir l trmi i 1 'ittsfi i M iu ti n iimr n ni g lir x Pr HOTV'.'V vi -9- -i ^ >•••' > I he M I- pin -Minnie on ^iturJ' .lein y |iv-,i.t a* th e ipmricly i .infer*'! . m Id ,il t he \ l 1- el m •. h I Id i \ I r Fi n k l e IIIMI a i < II - • t I\ ' I l e frni n tin * rillng i -lttin.iei i 1 ii, • ii -i 'x . . - *-n nilfl \ i ' * 1 • ' . 'i j • \ i_'.i« ui • i i i , ii \eiv I ei- i 1 i ' M fi</<l Jliie« iifl - a'i ,n . r \-i f I I 11 . • I Mi\ 11,1 j \ l ' . II . I . k >. i - • I 11 , f' \\ \' , OLD CHATHAM. Il.irr i l.a^he r o f Oxford spen t Nuri 1 dm in tn«n He hiiH bee n trnnsfer r e d I.. Keen HI-, S t Lawrence countv, ' i\her e he acting in th e capaeiti u f ; •1 **1- MI' - |.»-ri ii f. i ,li a' .i f 'In 1 B.. r ' Ii i II i hint 1 i \eii - da* iea.he .1 t h i — linage • na Xltini Uniille i Him o f Frank Bradle\ nf l'itt«tiel d i - danger.iiisl v il l a t :> liti-.pira 1 II l lii . ay. , MIfiVrIIIJ I with Sfii n a I 111! II I i j * \li iiii n iiit.ndiil thi. innerr t (»i-en h i Ike I'., i 1 rn U' ruer t eonipani priii in i ' I . I . * i iIT jie'rird n I in n ,1 i MUC. h ill Ti i .• lid. r r in ;i ii - 1 . L i t- • neaefe r '« a ^c i L thr . UMl- Ti. ' i - I . -, ' \ i <i,'j iraiw . i'i .In i \ • \i .i m May 2H ut t lie L'rfliiffe J'r.' f ••ra ,, ' Mu.l*iin en n piece s furnis h i , •d I ,. i ' - 1 r i • i\ ' \ t li. I l\ pre- I TI li'^. 1 I T',I r (-re- ' \. a 1 ' ' d:ii t i: I ' i,^*. u' ; r i le d h i r 'i. In.I . • 1 ' he divi r i , !,i II Mid I i | i I it Illii -.t * i , .it ' . tun e \l I l .i I . *-i p ~i.|.« i i i :l . S .. I • , . -ITKIXH • I » i- pri 'M'ti t IM. I xf 11 e a mi . i .n^ini^ an d itisp u nit: '-ill i Tile ei uer Mi*-*> \d. . \ . , \ .1 ••• I.nr/ h , -i- i ' . I h. r ia .ili.li . .i h ulti j ii' 1 • - 'i t l I Reception t o flajoi Gille t li >f ma i .1 mi Ill i\ BR l hi que l yiieu in th e '1 ruv i it i7 myht \liin,t of th e Heniur were present ,. \ i l .i ill, vi . , ,, , ,,rt ,i I i . . • . - -i I n.e, -H | \ R II M 'i - . VI 1 l.i .11^ \ .d m l ,r. ». |i . t . l 1 i ' h. i' I', II. •Ill ' . T\ I i \Yes our new wagon's a Studebaker — the only kind we KNOW * \The Studebaker idea has been in our family for sixty years. We nave never thought of buying any other kind of a wagon.*' \It's true, we're continually being offered other wagon s costing a bttle less, with lots of promises as to what they will do. But w e know in our family what a Studebaker will do. A few dollars different e in price doesn't mean much. It's the service a wayon gi\<s that w e consider most \Long service for a fair price means more eve-, time than short service for a few dollars le»s \That ' s why we stic k t o Stud«-balcr r — an d *Sti< U to Stuti r Baker ' is a prrtt y good mott o f<>r a ma n who u»*-s w«^mi \btudebakr- T wagons ar c buil t o l £«u »d stuff I hr \ rr n * • righ t b y people who've ha d year s an d jears o f rxprnrn. c making the m right—people who ar e trustr d th e • 11 ! \rx **Studebak« r wagons last, becaus e the > rr madr t n S i \Look ou t fu r th e deulr r wlio te'la vuu his wagmi i- jus: V ?ood as a Studebaker Tha t s mv adii<^ « ( \*r a gi >»d dra 1 r experienc e - an d th e expenem r u t alt i i tn v people \lo u t*-t a StudrbdLc r an d you've gu t a sai e investment . •See cur Dealer or write us. I STUDEBAKER Nl- .1 II 11. K M^.Ni-AKilJ h . til' Al*l bl'SIIJN South Bend, Ind. LlAU A b KANSAS I ill DEN PR SAN KKANUSc u I HllJUJi.. I H1A .t : e V] CATARRH GOES Sninn'i .u d Havn.'.u g oeasf N'ORTH CHATHAM M , i In n , • ll- ii I 1 : I l .'i n :i 1. I r..\ < nr|.-. la- t 1 i on e hundrti l uu'iul.er - iiu d junior r..inpuiiit\< l.i-n ( VV Intno y Tilluij; , i 1 V i • V! f 1 • , . ,.i i . II , - m i> M i i • I, >\ \ in j - . t ! i ! i „_ \1 . I .:i ^ \>t \ w 1 VI \: - i -11 i. vi s a t \ cry \tac b id of an d VI I.. * •ir-t, »t fl LEBANON SPRINGS - r - sr. I r v • • I . ,ifJPr i n.i' at Pulver's M • M 'IT ai ! -I 'lJilreD . r • , vat « en ,. hast , Jd who preside d us. toastina<t i r jiau l n flawing tribut e t o Major <ii l le t v\ lio^ e hom e is in New l.i liiiiuin an d who was th e republica n candidat e for rciemlier o f aiuembly n U u ii.nnt i las t fal l I aptai n ( harle s \ Ma -Vrti.ur »h,.| n ' \ ' sureeede d Major (iillet, |-ui d n Injrli I l'nt-fi i LI I l;.. »n t i.. . ,i,| f it i r In.i 1. n£ V r l in. r Upstairs at Rosenfeld's $20.00 Suits for $15.00 All the year 'round for $15.00 HOW WE DO IT— We sell you a Suit for S15 00 that will take S20 00 to duplicate in any store— This may sound a little like blowing our horn pretty strong—but if you consider— OUJl UPSTAIRS BUSINESS EXPENSE-- combined with 40 years' actual olothmg experience—manu­ facturing-, wholesale and retail—you will no longer be skeptical— AS TO STYLE, WEAR—QUALITY— We value our reputation too highly—to sell anything— that would not help us in retaining it ROSENFELD'S tribut e t o his predecesso r He trace d hi s histor y fro m th e time of h m ttbtm l dn\s m th e I nite d State\ . Nuwi, :u n<l emy a t Annapolis and \ uniifr.i •> an d -ai d thu t ivlnl i th e I m'.- d ^t ite - lost an iiiiiiurn l i nmpaii _ A ^ a n.'d a t rnptain , a majo r an d protml. U a ml 1 onel , a s Major (ullet i-t boun d ti j;.. [ h ighe r He the n pr»-i i.te.l MIJ.T (nil. t «;ti | ful l field ei{i . f.»i''i.' fr.ui i l .ri.l.*- field £lrtB « Vlai.i r <iille t was profus i ' i n hi> thank*;. He w aa loudlj . . h.-i re-i when he ian i ' I nnnld rathe r b e ra p 1 tai n o f i nnipn m \ th e i itiren s < uri\. tha n bol d un i othe r I 'liifiinissp. n wnh n th e power n f 'he _'..veni.. r uf t h - -1 JI * • { t o C^itlf ^T Hll'llt I whil e . M - II '. . v.ii.i I Mil.I I, ! ... , tl VI. 11 ,| l hex .1 ix '.a - leno m i r tin I | xx Henry J. Evans .. EYEGLASSES ... IS NOW AT 75 North Pearl St ALBANY, N. Y. On Ground Floor i vi, GO TO THE RESCUE. I -ti. I VI VI r -Miller Bldg. CLOTHES SHOP. On The Arcade PITTSFIELD, MASa. Don t Wait Till It's Too Late—Fol low tho.Example of a Chatham Citizen. He*cu e th e a. hin ^ lot. U I i II.I :it . I I I If it keep i on aching troubl e roin e © Often it indicate s kidne x vx.nknos i If yo u neglec t th e kiilnex- nnrninj j iAink 'ou t fo r urinary d.MinliT* This < hatha m citizen xx'ili sho w vuu how t o go t o th e rescu e Joh n I) Heed , (enter stree t i hat ham , N Y , sav s \ 1 hu d terribl e pain s acros s th e stoat ! of my back 1 was s o lame an d sor o 1 coul d hardly straighten The kidney secretion s | were painfu l in passage an d looked un natura l I too k several remedies hu t di d not , see m t o ge-t muc h relief unti l I trie d Doan'» Kidney PUI R . One box drove away th e pains i n my back an d strengthened my kidnoys. Whenever I havio use d Doan's Kidney Pills sinc e they have helpe d me.\ For sal e by all dealers. Price 50 cents . Foster ililburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sol o agents for th o United States . Bemomber th o name—Conn's—and take n o other . . inll - , ral. I - in.l.-i< .1. of 1 . Kin »! ••nute fr o n -I\ • r-u t M- I :i I - xx i v a ti 'Xi Mr- 1 Ki . hm..ii . l IV .iple -ii me tl neetailx T o 1' ; -firlo ar e rejiiicin^ n the | n x il.'ci . .. f a r .l e i n a n . xx- )> i- « h i -li nu- placed ..n the rpad lact n e . k and xxln .- h xvil l ri i da.ly The fa - fr..m one citv to the other be .np $'J , « Mii.. M I Han. ) after a fixp xrecK«f V ltlne\ 1 - xx. t h a \iolcnt attaik of c ri l ' ' ri and 'iiniciilar rheunia: .- m I . !.. . - VI - - \l \ I S \ 111 VI r. 1 ., I : e. le.- I. I f Ix ,. n 1 \1 >- M .1 .1 1.1. VI Mare .i.| l ir e I V . ell H I., 'lit . '^Ttxj• \i.r- if ••-T'l •*?xs A-v 1 xii »S5 «iV? '<' y \ .V. m x£.*Ji. •. We Offer the Piano Buyer ;• ^Vv ., v \r tiie,advantage 6i bejngjableto select from a large 'Variety-Ofl^ett^ji^Pi^os of ti'quality that will at all time^'erit the patronage of f^^^iscriminatingpeople. ' ^M^/^-^ - \What This M^eanjg'torthe^urcKfci*^ Biavwy,,.. - »-• .; v -.x ,v*^.v •':•J /i ;.v ^^.:.^•i1 >EgxVKft• w A?i*-• cnnxalescin p thoug h K t h nnatil e '.. nut o f dn'. r exerc ie We ar e pleas e t o hea r tha t T» ' W e r o f i iinan n ha^ a denta l ofti e v Krook*. ' \ im ca n pee hi m Tue-.ln v Friday eac h week o NEW LEBANON tak e t« ,1.. .I .. 1 I At the Church o f the Ommnculati Conception last Sunday the Reverend William J. ITalpin o f Rtephontoxvn snn c his first high mass. He was assisted bx Father Smith who preached on the Christian priesthood Tho sermon wa« historical in which was seen that Christ established the Apostles as His priests and gave them priestly functions, thus separating them from all others. He told them to break the broad of life and oxtend tho benefits of salvation to the people. That priestly work is as necessary now as it was then and hence the priest in modern lifat There is An unbeoken line of priests from Christ down to the present moment and this is the glorious heritage, of the Catholic. Mr. Poller, the architect of the new : school building was out from Albany last week to inspect the cement work already done on the foundations walls. Father Smith will deliver the oration on Meaorisi day at Caattram in the af­ ternoon. \ . ' . fejPiero -will a a doncfe at 'CLtirili Trail: \pa Thuisjlay night of thia- -week givef ^ryr-iho -yonnff-people -of th4..CaliD0lic; '.ehur*h\3Siisic. from Nassau and \refresh-. Seals wDl\\be'served. • '_[\ '-•sMass will be said noxtSonday at the ChuVcVof the Immaculate ConijepUon i I I I l> .1 n..; . .1 ret .rn. * I[i..Uui . Tti e fa ' I Vli~ - 1 ,li . fo r \' • r ..(.lit - ii,. th e W :,l t. - in.l put in a . i in m e r , ; the I i n c h ' essp.uil in a Kappy possessors of a dyntiUy- .JPjy-p^' r ithTsror~^r~r.i~\ $h*?& ifcifli Uttcl«a ^T«^t.-ya»ety;\-o|: ^pnn.'i r^ >x e r f- fnrni 1 n- 1 xx e i k for Mis s Kv* Main e Mr\ t.ertnide ^mit h remai n verx- seriou s conditio n Mi« Mabel Jermend .if Va^inii wa« a recen t (rue« t o f Mrs Sanford i U V a n Ms! x ne an d Fred Sanford h.ixe hee n il l with throat trouble. Mr an d Mrs i .1 Sheldo n an d so n of Nassa u were Suoday guest s of Mrs. Sheldon' s father C G Van Alstyne. Miss Mabel Barrmger of Kinderhoofe bas been visiting her sister. Mrs. Her bor Hogle. Robert Hoes and Miss Alice Vedder of Maiden Bridge were callers at J. H. Vedder's during the week. Mrs. E. Lewis and Miss Velva of Rensselaer were recent callers in town. Miss tdith Johnson was' presented with a. new piano on her birthday. L. J. Ham •& -entertaining his broth-J or-in-law Edward Lobdcll. _ Charles Johnson o'rVCohoes and Har- very Johnson of South 'Schenectady \were Sunday guests of their parents, Mr; a)id'^Irs. M. L, Johnson. - 6x «n«ilos'tft^iWson% ibn Wtr ^iUSp,ta.\.'Dailr E^CPt ueT5\TOgjfotH 7 aw m.— ^ZMFm&T 48 STR, loot of istopnofeBia-iSb 'SO jP 'WTf tiiiiir.jteeat day.'\'line etTamlson Otis a. u». Sunday. .Through f lctesta—one way and cscuraleft— > oS -sale-at all Htatlons. Staterooms boosted at ^Ittsflolft and Cbat- —!- ' ^nmjJckrt-bfflees^'?. ytxp?-:c**Z -'-'\- ' v \ \ • ' -\•- ' A (iOOD PL\CK TO TRADE ATHERTON FURNITURE CO., Our di.-play of BABY C^HHI U'.L> 1- at its \^-t now. There are carts of eve n description and a person i an find one to suit any purse. When the name- of He\ wood or F. A.Whitney are on a (io-( art vou can depend on fjuality. Special Values offered from $9.98 to $15 Annual May Rug and Carpet Sale Now Going On. Buy Your Floor Coverings Here. Store Open Tuesdays and Saturday Evenings Atherton Furniture Co., 297 North St., Opp. Y. M. C. A. Pittsfield, Mass. Complete House Furnishers. Cash or Credit Furniture for the Everything Jtor the Summer Cottage—to \snake* It Kvabjeand pStty. Prices represent quality &tat ttirfilsual even fo* this progressive store. -l?bts&fe ^il Oa£ Dresser and Glasl'' \ . \ ^,Oak ChifiEdJiiei' aad.^lass OkktDhiffoniex ^^yr! . - .- , ; Gr '6od Ctit^a ^grnig \ z \ •. . . —^$3,255 m

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