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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, August 06, 1913, Image 7

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*PJv>!l9.;-$-\??. a Qfi 'ctirner' grocer -inn' .tha;;toiuy'^art^Telio.-Is contributing to ,t^'S'^6r|${b|'pr^Cei^4he t , jjnlted- States fVdtli'^^g^^i^^Ctoti^ias, being {hO','ep'u^t|ifrw^|r.'j;he*high cost of liv ing)' whfenjyhe^lsn't.b^hgiag water for drinl?Sng;'^ppl^^gj;di*fiwa86lng or the various—ojtiter -thijigs- 'that for,- water seem tOxye'atn^witSqut .pnd, wb.en__ho Isn't plodding ft' njUi.or two in orSer to find .out tjiat .thb lettor or paper or package, he expected to arrive by mail thnt day isn't duo yet for a day or two although the starting point of that mail matter isn't more than 23 miles avray as. the crow flies. Here be gets an Insight- into tbe fallacy of Undo Sam 'a boasted instantaneousness as applied to tho agility df the mail service, particularly if a rural free dolivcry rotito happens to bp a link in that \instantaneous\ chain. This isn't a,crack at the It. P. D mau, h o has troubles enough without our odd ing anythfng to them, What we arc trying lo hint at is that after your favorite newspaper, already a day o r two late,, arrives at tho distributing postoffico, n- couple, of hours or a half it day after the rural delivery man has started on his 20 or 25 mile drive, and when he retoko» your cottage and fafls to place it in your outstrctchod hands you may consolo yourself with tho thought that you have only two dozen more hours—with nothing off for goo-'' behavior—to wait for it. And did you ever notico the finality.rf'the oonclu sivono'ss and tho sang froid tlioso rural delivery carriers can almost unco'i sciously inject into their announcement: \Nopg there hain't nothin' for you on board this momln'\t Thoy tell us this has becomo a national phrase, I n-yoar-around roadside expression, in th o sections whoro tho rural freD de livery exists, flourishes aid has its being. And we guess wo bcliove it. But we digress. Our original idea was to soy something about Copake lake, that beautiful and attractive body of puro water, surrounded by the fertile, tree-studded and undnlat- ing—but novor mind that.. Somebody pTSbSblyrea^tiotl hfife nfceaa of us and opened the faucet on tho tank of elo­ quence. Wo can say, however, with out fear of anyono discontinuing his subscription to the ^papor,, that when St comes-'& expansion, Copake lake surroundings have not been left en tiroly out of tho plans and specifi.cn- tions. About tho shores of this lake are 40 cottages or thereabouts with more folks-eontcmplaUng building and somo trying to. sell what they already have. W'hou tbo land along what is consid­ ered tho. most: desirable side of tfie lake, tho cast side, beoame pretty well covered by cottages, folks turned their attention to tho higher land at tho rear of those buildings and now the roadway is, bordored by cottages |H -J™ rows- deep. And they are of all H sorts, shapes, sizes nad descriptions, t bjit, for the most part, dccidely cozy and attractive. People possessed of i a •a novative .architectural ideas have por- 9 mittod. their fancies to run riot bore, pf and tho result has not been at 'all dn> J ' ploasing.'\ Frequenters of the lake arc' g not fatigued by gazing at an array of g buildings possessing the sameness that If characterizes, the duots, trios, quartets H or sextets* oOonSes in a factory yard. H Neither\^ -therQ 8 sameness in tho names of these • cottages. \Tbo Hal- -fysaT- .^Bthipa means the occupants aro enjoying their besF TTajS horo\ \Tho Swastika\ porhaps means that tho owner figures himself decid'ely in good luck when ho is enabled to Spend two or thrco weeks hero. Then thoro '8 \Bcuna Vesta,\ \Mo;y>tnin View, 1 \JPiedaterro \Camp Lester, : -Rock Spring Cottage , tho first erecte d on the lake shore 2.—I/ooking north , \Suns Sonn i-o.tnge nt e\tr. r gi , the cottages. 0—An attractive portabl e cottage 7—Tho little newsman an d hi s prize pori) outfit * Wmtig s g on th e eas t shore K— looking sout h fro m a -point of vantnge 12—Young America ( \loti g t'rv and 4 I ! aii'1 In- aut o * \ tew uf '•omo ^ cllo . of the >l M' a h ioit«j;i - '•limps e prett y • of pot Notwithstanding <^he fart that the cottages along tho cast shore are closer J together than the houses in the- ordi nary hamlet, it is one of the most pronounced mind your own business I'iomliluirrtres in Columbia eounty«_jFolks down there don't know their noighbors much more Intimately than do the oe cupants of Now York city fiats. If yon nre\inclined to doubt this, kindly point out a'small villago in Columbia county whero-o'no can romain a week—not to montion a monlli—without having tho slightost idea who occupios the cottage 50 foot to tho north' or CO feet to tbo south. Thoro aro such instances at Copako lake, although we are not prepared to say it is the role. Tho'grocery storo follows tho settler overywhoro and Copake lako is no ox ception. A food emporium has been opened hero by a Philmont carpontor, named Young. Tho storo was oponcd July lat> <and will eloso about Septem- bor 1. And unless Mr. Young changes his ml&d it will romain closed. IIo do- clares running a businoss place in n' truM or the newspaper trust have not jet in\ahd these precincts consequent ly competition is rife. A Wost Co pake general nicrchandizcr named Felts bus placed in a lumber wngon that portion of hii stock which is suit­ able for the purpose of perambulation anil his effort.-, to supply tho campers with that which keeps body and sool together, const.it ute competition for grocer >oung who as have already said, is anchored here but who says he proposes to weigh anchor and sail away at tho close of tho prosent sen son bocauso ho can't dispose of his cargo. And then there is the farmer who sells at f> conts ptr bunch the beets that arc still in kindergarten class. Beats all how juvenile vegeta­ bles are this year This man together with the Craryville butcher with his den t of thes e Cnited Sta'esjif \inir ea Thi s youngster helie\e™in being promptl y on the jo b in order t o <olu i the patronage o f tin nij«l \ armed camper an d his part 'ti^ admonition t o tho campo r i* that he is nut the ft l low wit h th e autoniohiii Th e rural free tlo}<wM mn n i.oorg , Uiagnc r of t rnrNvillc n >o cn\rr- i -4 miles rout e da l\ has .1 o *now n K ^ enterpris e b\ flise-iidu e. t o oMtttiu irethoil s of tran<portjnon and each duy he whizzes oxe r lii« m i ! t.ox •'•>• te d territor y in a n or tugv rnlore d r >n nbotit, styled \The \ ellim Mrra V by tho lakeside 'l**n rue M ,l i'' uses nn oranir<' 11..I0 hei an- e li/. l*el,-\ . - getting th e mail should tie one part . ularl v brigh t spo t in the ilaiK CM- tence o f the camper' Ther e are bright ni^lit 1- 'In • loit es 1 npp . o .1 111, ..r a r.'l t.i 1 tie fu\ £ \\ iter .1 tl., r.n ! - u f .1.. 111 gen I 1 e:> l.» 1 a 111a 1 - froni : Orient inou'l -o(t:i I r. em ill' 1 M.II to : 1 1 1. ng - I..i-t hull 1I0/. their ila ! : 'oi>, il< t 1 n> 1 r he.i.l of \nli ' pnibab K some ]'la< ' uig 3\ it !|I|I»H^ - es (her. 11 i op. IIIIIIM'I N .le.l Lot I.' 1 1, W.-eS \\ . I I '^ 6t ^V'-T-'l°rr A ^J <0 ^^>^W ^ttnfio community isn't what Promised Und, rr \Bon ^W,*^rT^y x -^z^L„ ni J tnhn __-„ n .\Sunnyside \Elm Yiow,\ \Kock Spring .Cottago t \ many that aro name- lisss onqt thon tho cottage owned by A. Tt : -VXra^Pr- - w - R StariSj W. B. Da­ ley and W, C.\ Woodward of Chatham. Thoy wanted a nnmo and \Mr. ViooH- L«vJi>t^aj;!a8' WelLas'any,other name that '^^fe^Q^^efr^enfp^rbaps bettor '\\\\\^wb'it^^O^e^-jiSilJt for. AffL '' Sfti, ,. ,. rt-.s»; ~;<t^fcltiS.-'ii.ii^.aK^.»ATiAo«>*;' o ho supposed it was going to be. —lie Bays that When ho announced ho was to -open a, store at tho lako, cotttigo own' era expressed gratification at tho pros-, poet and' -pTonnBod to patronize hit&. Evidontly his anticipation* exceods his roalizatioH. inasmuch as* bo says those people, as well as others, bring ample stores of provisions or drive their au- tps to surrounding viljngos or ti> Hud- gott to make the.fr- piirehasea except I .those )>f',wMch:th'ey ; BTO in. immediate 1 Tfctrdr^' Tt.\y<vrVlr1'IJA»wifnre jenr^ thtlt. I'^lr.'- 'is opig\ is posing- jiot only profits but Jfatih, te' bu«i«^attirc. . Somo of. thS-cotthg'ers \who aro not content tp^Tgpe vtW spring, vrater that is nrailable ber.b; have bid. or-aro hav­ ing y^;^rn'l^.^v|^'Jteani' ,ou.tfli has been bifty.'i.^'erorrtr^sb'mo^ timer. Jn .most 1^8^«e^i|^*m^r^pbtain'e4- wben -.the •drilL^eaoh^-tbi^rlafa^ pno~instoca ^T ^eri^^ O-— •*K«.''r.. 'A^WIVKW A -XnvtfH^ ' (Titan. 1 .1 \t ^WERtJ 5 \'*MOTHER\ HERDEK\ SE RVED THOSE FAMOUS MEALS. \.^hoirjo'mc^ats ^i*, business card, on the sidcl.of bJfecarV and t)io loesi'mi^anafij** ^qojc'k v of'^sp6'e.cH'' and quicker .of'.action, ^Imj.inip^ses-jdJiCijns tj^iji^'^Msessoi.• I-,6f^cT)H^teUtvdi;siro. f to' got'Xqmdvfhoro jOxistonco, particularly, whon tbj \Turn •V th' 8oad 7 ' cottagers, arid tboir tel- '• Atives, or friends in nenrb'y cottages combin.o their floett and hold\ia .boat ; \parade witb'-japancsbs lantcittsrdahgv •I.nh -| i . w it' i « ' i \( 1 \n. t t Hi. -i ! \\ m.'- >iol I- out i i •arn to -w rti Tee-* mn kno w « tier< th 1 thi .Irv.-^t | inent in l.e wiinliol. c U hut t'n f ut u ri of t lu» pl .i he no 010 iaD sav I: is thi popular resort o f its Km.1 ill < olu ' eotiuty with i^iiee. In Inki a i lose on.I Mor, cottages w,| ] prutoihii built bu t just bow far t ne eipen will go will prc»lribl\ be l-i p t erneil b\ the deersion of tin o tow n flume* who own larg. .\; i of lake front and who w> i ••' disposed to rent or sell am •• t the time of its purchase by ti»-s. pir tics various announcements wee made rolntivo to their plans, but, notwith standing the ftiet that vnnon« cott-i g cs were ordered removed therefrom nothing has a s yet turn tlone wit h the land. So far as cottage ownership^is cou corned it is a pretty race betwetjn New York city, nBd Philmont with Philmont four cottages in tho lead. The New York people are as follows: (i. E. Wellcr, G«orgo Welier, Jr., Wil­ liam- Valentino,' Richard Valentine, R. A. Knox, William! Harvey, Arthur Har- vory. Robert C.VS'c1ia]l, Carlos Nadal, Danipl Pattcrsonv;ir; \W. Hatch, H. A. Krpegor.. Tho PhTjirnont 1 real estate con tingont'bero is crSnij^osedof W. G. Van- .derpqol (thrc^.p-^^agos), Milo Jen­ nings, .^ewton\OTa|j&o ' litrs.\ 'W. *UbV \Xoufig;\ youfigpfegT' Jennings, Edgar tan\ an.! elsewher e abon* ar. a few cottages, possibly i.e ^raiol total to 4.3 i I io t lie credit of ail these . i)Tagir« tt.. v hcUc\e in tiee » Mani \hi. i plai. ted uian> are being planted • ioI iii \ « M be plauted, ami thev « \itriliito IQ DO small measure ii .0. attr -i. neness of th e lake snr i.i ii J m;- i ' 'fie comfort of the cot : .t-e-- l ti II. III w MO bniM s here procures i r.o< boat as soon as he fiu.shes hi« cuti ige ne\t he builds a stairway, • aln .g f -iiM, tin highway to tbe lake ill tn 'i ' i i- ambition is still in joo>l trim h^ builds a roadside 'and i tiie sain. line lakeside) settee or • i, i. r. re L 'iii '1 \fin d under the nhel !• • • g I r , . < ct a i .e e and here th e i t . rs f s \ i —:T or watch the bath > -v roMt .o.-it - or motor boats. Of th e i • ' er. an se\pra l on the lake u t J ro-pee t of more II.II ( g. t tin impression that life i i ..pik,> like is marked by hitstlo, I - n. .in.I u.livity It isn' t It is I • u l\ , plac e of rest and ipiiet ii I . is -.if. to predict that when it I .e.. .ine s an\thkug else, it will lose a lai^. portion of its regular summer p<>l ulatioti W ith its many flngs, ban— nere nn.l ppnnnntc wgv»ng in tfce brac­ es the many cottagers promenading the east shore, the man\ boats to be seen on the lake, pnrtirulnrlv al Iwi light when the fish are biting well the wn\farer might draw on incorrect con elusion as to ('opa'ke lake, but a so journ there, although it be brief, proves that th,e recreation and repose to be had bore aro the qualities that ronder it attraetivo to those whose reg­ ular duties or occupations bring them in contact with the busy things of life and who seek the revorso when comes the opportunity to have a change of. scone. \The more robust, onergctic and am­ bitious of tbo cottagers occasionally essay a walk around tho lake. Occasion; ally is precisely what wo mean for i t is nino and one-half ntilo stroll. If ,pur- re'eolleetiott.,oi.. mathematics serves' us correctly tbe diameter of tbe lake \should .therefor^ abbnt; three;trrilea» ]Th<ey .tplC-tl' 6 .story down bere\ oil\ youWsNVwi^Yorkpfc cwho \la 'i:-V- _'^i.-'--y it * : i„s. - -L „„ K - *. ;i-ional!\ a brui e anil groo m s e Ij'i'i i opake lake a- an ideal spot fo r a hone\ moon an d perhap s it is it ti.ev don t find to o iuanv of their fr ends ther^as di d John Kykeman o f l'lnliuou t and his new wife , who was •fo-nierK Miss Kathenne Young of the sam e \illage I>ast Wednesday even in/ th e I'lulmont < opako Lakers , who iiad no <i i tlirult v in findin g reinforce inenr^ tiirnei l out e n mass e an d with < on. ti shells horns , pans an d other line a bra e Home was never made to hou l more than was a portion of the east shor e .lohn di d th e honors . On e o f the needs of Copake- lake c eems t o b e more boardin g house s to ai .•ommo.lat e peopl e who eithe r d o not 'lc-ire to ren t cottages or wh o cannot obtai n t brni , als o a place whe n the tourist spending a da y at th e lake, can obtain m*als Ther e is on e farm house located in th e fork of th e lake roa.l and the < rnrwilic road, where THE BEA.CH-H0tJ§S71- Now going -to--tlcca.y. summer -boarders £ndTA\6£mt.uodaLi<ms and aitothar at ;i tbt) &fl-eV?ehfl, of '<k* lako, but TVO ' ,beli&ye' -Jt;.lietei*-wst« ^.r^p^«lis^jo^al'- «trcmiUes*and ^ft\ 3pcid^S^e^<iiuid.''.'B0t. «bmplqto •^'ndVt^Ve'o^ar^ters.-mu68\tic iiadVju^t-. -cdverifet^'be&^liu v T».a'cbbd bis-'-cbti! ^outSv;bavp ; ^^mig^V nimsrdf, l had- ; ba. covered the iour,Rad^^bBU\ _ iail!is-b'y- 1 completing tbo' journey on 'which' ha ulbSrs' attd\' jifilli£,-tbo, > i!v6l; •**$ adVprt'iBpd--tboV• ; -wbuldj-tpr.ltick\ 'Soz2$£& Sork ; Byidibai;o);is. Uose<i\io LV*'7puh\i^i-;5 'Iic,' ; ls^g6ia^\ tCi'vlC5!i.x^'n;a^'''ocoiip^i^a.'''i;^ t ? During iflss li?6tinis-,ot > '^rK.:-H«rdir7.x3;; ;

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