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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, August 27, 1913, Image 1

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CHATHAM, N.-: YV^^inaspAY; \AU^CIT 27, 1913 to. submit ^^^ii^te^on/your work. - plumbing • ChatbaiD. N: Y. ne. * ^IMteffb the 3t ^uy.;itatthe J^BAJTO/vJPErJlOWS \WAS • WIDELY n T ^<ffK*rowif v GiTiziar. p,-*&J<A J ''V'' >•' • ThroTO,5fapoir HSr Own Resources at i Uotj^c;^ Social/ Religious and Fratem- v'-ai>;OlBgea of ^HiftJItagi^Eat&usias. &C. Member {of wir\Eebinoa' Grange - • • r C^JEjinrsdtiy ,las|, Ut Ilia beautiful*! hom^tf^tup,'jib;aiibn valley, occurred the ja^a^lij'of'.Jfrank Fellows, one of Lobatxon '$ ,;uos't highly respected citi- xons; AltHough ailing for some months he *hjS -.able to be about upon .his spaelgtts lawn until a few days before •his death, which came as a sudd?n shbeg tt )}is 'fftn'lily and friends: I 'Bora.ia'iBra.inard-, Konsselaer county, 4 \Oet.\\23 1B3S, T\Ts life of loss than CO yeitrt was filled to overflowing with activity and determination, and his character was strictly upright and hon­ orable. _ r At .Qxe \age ^pf H. be atarted out to maJte.Tiiift.oWu way in the world, ob­ taining tinaided a -position in one of tho-iiugc hro'tel8 i|l iAlbnny. At S3, in Cdmp/a^y '^Jth Aflstia Schillinger of T|ieba1io,u, Kg 'went' to California -where he be'ejami a steward in a hotel at San Franc$c<>, later'holding a like position at. Nevada City.' Many arc the anec- dbtfcS aria reuj^iiisefin'ces lie laved to rclatq..of th,oso, ^ayly days,- ^Bolarriing after .'five years to his .nata^o.^towii he-wop. as his bride in 1884 - ohd-'(Jf*liebanon'« , fairest daugh tors. Hiss JEunico'J. Brown, and en­ gaged in farming 011 the farm of his i father-in-law, onc'und onc,-lmlf miles east of West Lebanon. In this calling hp became very successful, turning \hjs attentions, jnp_rc, pspecinlly to dairy­ ing. TWre-fcis. young manhood and per haps his hap7plejsfr «dny8 ware spent. , UjjottJithfe'death bf his uncle, Nath- ,anierJ-l?eUb\vs, Tie ie\\ heir to th'o beau »s '\ivueu 1 uuuble—untt' Sorrow came- to othors, his ieart- was as .sympathetic and tender as that of a child. Tho funeral was held-from his Jate homo on Saturday afternoon last and was largely attended, some -75 members of the \New Lebanon Grange attend­ ing in a body. The casket was al-, most buried in flowers, those beauti­ ful silent messengers of sympathy and love and emblems of immortality, ftev Frank Fittk'le,. pastor of the M. E. cbnrch at West Lebanon officiated at tho-hoose, -givijrg*t«\farnthful eulogy'on tflie virtue's pi the departed and speak jng_ feelisgly of the liospitality—And 3i $iinessI£ro. \Fellows bad shown him him during - the few short months of their acquaintance. At the Cemetery of Evergreens as the sun was sinking he was laid to reBt by the brothers and sisters of the grange, he loved so well with its beautiful and impressive ser viee for the dead. He leaves a widow, two brothere, Charles and George, a sister, Miss Hat- tie and a dear young friend. Miss Ua zel who has been for nine Vears like a daughter to them. Words fail to ex­ press, a pen to write, all that the heart of tliis community feels for them of sorrow and sympathy. With them, we mingle our tears; With them wo bow in reverence and submission to God's holy win. Finished are his labors. Spokon are all his words of council an^i ndvisc. 8ilent forever is the voice we loved so well. Ho sleeps. P M. S. PROSPECT FOR FAIR' NEARLY TWO HUNDRED ENTRIES IN RACES ^m ^&x?& GivE ltifll , fimn were Great increase in- Interest, in Floral Parade—Firemen and Two Bands Will ParUcipatow-TJausaaa Number of Applications for Midway Space-— Pleasant Weather All that is Nec­ essary. Progi^m of the Evening in Chatham . V''*, I Sept.. 2-rr7y3j5> P- m - Illuminated parade through the vijlagei |. Fireworks on lot near school house Band concept on Bank Square. Sept. 3f ^3.|i-p. m. Address by Hon. Martin H. Glynn ano'i&nging by Choral Club on steps of the TracyJW#ntQrial. Band concert on Bank Square. Sept. 4*—7 s Z0 p. m. Historical Pageant on the Fair Grfttmds. Fireworks on lot near the school house directly after the Pageant. c Sept 5-7.3? p. m. FafrQTOTind*- Historical Pageant on the rVAtOftBLE ANTIQUE ! IN FLORAL PARADE MOWING MACHINE INVENTED BY ENOCH AMBLER. :M Brief History of the Machine, its First Public Trial, its Sale—Improvement Which Rendered Knife Practical- Patent litigation and Ambler's Re­ turn ffoTa'+he •'Grave.*' 1 of tinrr pei mil, ur s i I I tie lalei, the—' i'<* oriuiek and other mower companies {:.,„, 3 -<h:it sprung up were parties to epprfr fuBP f imolvinK the o'wnership of^pa -.^^H yjteut H nu.l iiitringements oa t6e samp, \J^^S Here a man named Ketcham comfts nm comi\. into the ease and he appear- . ^ I into tb^ .:>v,- and lie appear- tj !>.• • nmhatt the MeCormick SSZii iWale was oaopoenaed '.^^p I t f - -t- 01 EVERTHlNa ^S*! 8 STiOOESS. RAM TO GREAT and tl'»' r .K .-rv^d sea:i Vi i ent- I Thf local fleolriv Itpht rooipan^ will Laminate the midwav and graadHtand but on the stage will bo focused three great calcium lights whose brilliancy will hung forth the ra»«l minute de , tatl> The music is to bo furnished by a larjje orcbe.stra led hv H.vacinth Sever : mo | Th e costumes are Prom Albauv and described as beautiful l>\ those who ha \t» vt'n them. < Ou Wednesday of this week will be held a complete rehearsal of the entire pageant n-» well on Friday aight j while Monday evening at the fair will take place i» dress re T7TR LATTTFRAVK FE1.1X)WS. r.Cfif#e^ibitt#\the Mash for Best j , he died uml-altio goodl y legacy beside-.. Selliufj flit other farm, tjiey remov i d about ten years ago to the new horn Thi s farm :epu£aiutt ~aotat> St^r nrrpM, IK ^itrrated lifion\' (he state' road mnlw :i> betweon A total of nearly two hundred en tries in the races at this year 's Chat­ ham fair establishes n record in C o lumliiii county Th e horses inclnde [-anilio of the best in New York , Massa­ chusetts. <'omieetieut. New Jersey and Vermont. In these races the entries ratiffe from eight in th«\ 2.40 county rnee on Wednesda y to 22 in the 2.17 j-nce Fridny ant' 23 in the 2.38 race f»n '' if\o ijtui S\S entries. The tfntriertiT the *' \ : •Othe'r races vary from liine to 15 horses JWin p th6 week thero will be a dozen or more races and the names of the horses, entered assure the best speed- contests seen on this track on recent years The (rreut attraotion the first day will be the big flornl parade. Durin g the j«iiJ _two ._weeks there has been a remarkable revival in the interest in this event and entries \have been com Hig feom al l parts o f the snrronndine seetion Ther e will be ton or a doz­ en flout--, decorated single and donble teams, automobiles a large duvision of specials, novelties, a children 's di- Two 'Events In \Striata and Two on r«ir^ound^a84|3P«'ojae Will Par- ticip«.tSj iri r ^jfifi Cteonnda Pageant— DiBpUr of PJreWorkB Near School BaUdinga. * I grounds will taki Last year nliilfeRtho aunplces of the bearsal at 7 30 then S}Xtin^Mnh association wa.s 0up of thp f „ of the beldaoneeve^celebratxon. It wa. which the ,. omm , ttee 1S ^ ble to a novelty for Cftthm.but,u.success | allDOUDP<> w ,„ ,, e th , aace of 20 warranted the bth<£ that it shotua be ln( . mhPTK ot ,- 0 n „, th infantrv Na niBdo'ajiermaapnHjteljitttnon. rx>r any , „ onaI Cruar4 X( , w Yorl> of £ haay affair .whit* cai»,*|jng five thousand j wwl „ taU ,„ de people to the villack is an excellent thidg, .So this ye^President Bouben Soymour ^tf thft^now^Chamber of C»m merce ujpjjoirited 'v 1^' January a com nutteo eousistlng'-'ljf the foUosving Hon. 3il5crL.S. CaJlan, chairman; Har ry Branion, Thp'nitr* Gorman, lVter Christenaen and \ejiarles Rundell. -This CommitteB ifis worked hard and industriously all'<gvinter and summer ou' thp pMgram Jifljich thoy have ar ranged an^ : feel <$rtam that their ef fort,s -wiU^l 1 6 re*itrded if only the • \ \ 4 One of the uniiMinlU intcre^t 11 g t**:i Hires ot the florai parade next Muii da.v Sept 1 will '— what is geoeralh ui'c i ptrd ix* th*' fir^' infininy marl nu now owned h\ lleun Mesiek nf N|.,- u certown. it liu\iu^ :it one titm- been owiii'il his grandfather This inarliine «a- invents.1 awa\ ti .'t. i, n i M.'di nr .7 h\ Ki:o< r \(nbl*-i HIKI rehid«d ou a farm about two mile- ue-t uf the village of Sjx'Ucer IUUD in i olumbin • ount\ I [* Itt that time * he onlv known method of i iittnig liryx a wa^ nith the »-r\the and tbe now x urn ' 'lie w .i* • 1 < 11T1 ft 1 % the fri ' ature of Amble ' s bruii; ss nothing of t ''ie -nr. had befort been Htternpted ' \ The w iHeacre 4 - of those da^'« poub poolied lup idea ut tutting hut mtb .1 mnehnie and when* it- ti al rame peo pie 1 1 oin uiiies around were anrai'ted j all of *hem sKeptieat t.ut Vnibler and | the latter not .th-tili*eU rer'a-u tlutt lll< IliVer i uli woull prove 'I -lire, .«• 1'rev .ou- to the trial \mtde ' uiud, overture- reaardiij^ the -a.*' nr -he patent tu Matthew K Itealt a prom itent ui'1 enmpn rati v eh wealth* re -i • lent of -'penrertow-u. IWab hnjll* agreint w • u Vrrble: that he wte'l.t pit \ tbe latter ilfHIII fur ;he | '.tell it '!i. tr.al of th,- ma. b u« f.roveil .i.-..-. t I he tria took plai'e n .» mea»1..w the \ 1 ll ut *—pen .i 1 Ion i 1 ..iv u* ;i a* tne .*-lilrthlir!-t meadow ami t!>'.\ tu the delight of \uibe i : h« mn< 1 <1 j .ill 111 • la itit ' v\ t.\' I'. ' 11 111 lie ft 1.1 —! 'Ill' In tin- -int as 1 wit ne— H e styled himself the', ''futue/ ot ttie ruowuig machine'' giv­ ing dm . .lit i .iw .ier. to Ambler u- the nw '1,,1 lieil e w -;i- nslted re- Lgarning tbe whereabout- of Ambler at that ti\u HI 1 be -« .| t wa- reported , thnt hi w 1- ll, n .| thi- report he 'belli ved •' ' .. .i-ii'uib at* he ! had b'ft \-^peui 1 rr .w - 'ni\ vears be- I fnre ai.d uott 111 tr ' ;m oeeti heard from I uiii- linuieil i..' 1 : v ai .1 he made this -tatenii ut the •!<, t . '0011. adjoin ing the eourt room w 1- opened and a uir.o entered and aj 1 neil Heale who 1 wa- ri-ked if he r »J.I '-\'d the new* 11 .ti 11 It.al e -1 nut'm 'Lut the nan wa- \mbler aud MI f ruved HiB- mo*»eoienifl from tiaw hi left Hpeacer town had been traced I > he otapany \••IMI-U:I ' the I 'orn'-.'iti\ m w hn- e behalf Beale wa- testifyin g and tie » M fin •ii|\ ' i. it.'\• and broiii;tit i.n» iiO't as tue-- in tbo hof>e tha' his tests- inoi -i would nullify that of Beale but ••neb did not prove to be the case. Neither Hot-He o*r Amble r had heard tie othe- te-tifv and when the cesti- mon\ of the two wa- compared it was -o \earlv lentu-al that the presence of \mble ' 11 \I en I'ffi' i 1 whatever on the case For hi- re-tinion> in tbi- ra-e Beale a 1- pmd $-'in<» and this in addition to tbe $10(Mi paid bim for his potest on the track clearer b> the Me*'oT«ii«fe eonipnnv brought him $30itu for his. pert (MI of the owner-ni p of the ma- 1 h' ne V 11 ;'p. m J p:. I lyreement between the compan I'uif.ieTnring machines was fin aehe.I which enabled all to make Ambler - ;n\entjion qr portions \lthimj;h more thau i5 years In\ '•ribiiig the departure of the troop- fur the civil war These men are member- of on., of the twu companies , w I ifh were sflceted to e-cort Clover iKif - Hughes and nix froni the entire . third brigade of 1000 men at the re 1 it' Witrreti count v ci 'lehratinn ' \iiother feature of Mw -i -ame epi -ode will be the appearance uf the -ur \i \ing members of fJeneral IvOgan Post (. A K of Chatham who w ' | enter efter the guardsmen have left fo- the front f. n \ni|. in be a-cerl n i ne read ret! t '.nil I t \ unier completed tne e-*etitiiil pnnei- \t . I the patents on tin ibiitit I ringing it -t 111 | e * fr t itlO A a- K 111 1 ,\ 1 1 a- t 1 1 ii' w I I i 'i V i 11 i lt d m I or r a II t part in IIIIIH nig machines \ < . or 11 \ j: ' u ' h e tt <le i 1 1 - dent- u f machine lu -••» t„ a -till t , HTtl 111 It*. 'I • tl 1,1 '. •• -fll i bo - • n t hi- upi ra tun tit tul I |. \ t Spen.-ertow ti tbe tu. i t In \ '•>rg e i i«<on that will be of much interest, a ^nu#n^\c^entr This will conisist of an illuminated pa rada, -composed of the fire departments I of Ohatfiam.ami Valatie, tbe fraternal orders of. the village, the < huuiber of Commerce, as many of the floats ' »n^jlecqr^ted vehitles as the commit | tee can procure from the floral parade i of tho day before and automobile- J The parade will assemble ui tentri^ • Square at 7.30 sharp and mo \e n\er the foUbwing 1 \streets: Kmderhoo- '•• ' Woodbridge averie, to Church -in. t5\Hudson- avJenue to Main to ' .i\.u. Square whTeie it will be di-mi>-e I 1 »r Fay Maxon is marshall of this , i. n- < and will isBue his orders Snturdnv l Following the parade will com a REPUBLICANS CHOOSE VERY STRONG TICKET , , ^ fti»i .puhHc_Jri.il of th^Muefiiu c n .J-- i% 1111*--ei| b\ a \'oiiiie man who v\a- iw . to utu of i lie 1 irge number ut people p '-e -ent Tin- voung man ob -. I ve.i 'i i at each of the four .-on er- of the field a man »•«< stationed w ,.i i t.ll i It tin- ti 1 I'll e *i -T 11 ! • t the IIIUWI r are the same today t v w.-n '.. II Tly knife, with v.ep' ui ut being notched, ope\ i ••-> • i I d then and the kaife I- n r finger- a- thev were styled • bi, t ire v i\-\ uearlV identical -• i t • e present time. • - ii • w.i- u| ri ted by one wheei .u tbe nm of Which zaaoy -pike- were placed Those en •ereil the ground and prevented the > from -lippin g Th e axle extend ne •'.roii.j,, tl i c< ntcr of this wheel Voutuu.d a c« K .w^o^whieji^em^g^jrl^^^ •i Vjk- «••>••! I on an upfight nhaft, tW\'' • u -i rmo 11 r,..| |,\ n larg e ' tl- w i n i i about which passed a belt - i \t i II.1 1 tu. ii uiittii' r it 'i.'i 1 n-i n aec- ,,.1. 1 Hiinght -haft on the left front po'tii'i of the machtiie \ t the bot- , . , , . , . , .. , .elaborat e display of fireworks oi th- good -ized class of decorated bicvcles i , * * . . , T . , *- • | vacant lot near the school house i he P H GARRITY O F CHATHAM FO R ASSEMBLYMAN John V Whitbeck of Hudson for Sur rogaW and John Traoey also of Hud son for District Attorney - All are Men of Decidedly More than Aver ago Qualifications end horsebnek riders Th e Chatham firemen wilt nb\o be in line V ith their 1 <i>> IHtWffSrd-and Albany mid is up to-date . r<lat nniforms Hn a handsomely decora\! and-'modern in every respect. Here he; tcd ||0<i(l ,,„,., tllpv wi) i rj0m p 0Se a fea- Coeame 1 -still more successful in l>i» j f llrr e 0 f the parade. In past years fhe • cUpscnl Calling and also built up dur- j , lovs of Ocean One. havo never foiled ing past flv'o years;,by untiring j to Teeeive a liberal amount of applause ^pstom. Gnndirig Mornings : hi*- -\V \'^'-iH- ': S -^-'' - V 'S*' ~ • • -*J 1 i ——•» ^upjidrt^'-hblding the 1 office x)f-trustee jFor.; over a quarter of a centu.ry,',and ^^niso'^aeiitg- nt on.o r timo supoilateiideht \ ,pfxJts\-^wd?y^hoo) For many Tyenrs %<&$&s}tivstai+Qt : tha district .seKool ; Vn'rl'; y^o^heid the- office of justice- ot, ''tfrS)fye$^i$oFg*?r r it was in, tliV grah^e;tlia,t 'tSe.ilight\of;his life anone\ activity and the hospitality and' nflkbil- ity of liis nature, a vci> toge aud lUc rativp business in ministering to tbo wftnts of the touring public^and as t'he-proprietor of 'tUvcrdale Farm bo was Imowa- in many states in tbe un­ ion. —Soon after .his ..return from Califor-- nla lie united by letter with tho M. B. church at West Lebanon and was. ev- o*r'-Jnost Y active in \its welfare\ \and cost of this display will amoii t • $100. Th e exhibits will nil 1>« n a so tliSt all may see. Then there will come o band concert by the Woodn i baud of Chatham The bnnd hue taken a big interest in these e\enm g celebrations and donated their si nm- K. i ..I. , • m i ' t o.iin i it tct o pirM met Tue-ulav (if • III ! ll ILL' W t I ' has thev passed ardTUid tne trac> -i , .. „, , ,, . „_ l 1 _ » gratis. The concert will be given on these events. In qunntitv m( parade IS,,-. . ,„ ,..„ v . », i a J * tt. i Banh Square under the large V\ e will be up to the standard of other i ^ .... years and in suality it Wds fair to eclipse the former events. Two bands will bo in the line this year, the .' Indies*\ band of Walden, T., and ' the Woodmen band of Chatham. nrf hi»u-. n Ifiiii -O 'i \>i it\- il 1 i.'iuilid'iti- for the com Mi' • 'i , Tweii'i tin r lO 'iitul' llMendnur, the gntll t li:i '•at 'iniuM- tine I '•* T r i ' 1 1 ' • \i r r * \ u f i 1 1 'i 1 11 tin w a - - t I ' w 'n- I, lb,\ uf a--euib|\ nil i lu' uf . in IK hll- -it,, tell uf I h.-l t linn. I in -II i rii^nte John \ U iiitli.ii i. .'* jl'i'l-oii i i n i 1 on niot'on of lorn .pard of Hiy^on On motion of rrederii l S, eber of lllld'nil .lohn I f thnt i x\ wa- de-ignnted foi . ,, ... , . ^MTss Fannv Leggett will stag \Amcr A well-populated midway is a feo .,-,> w, • „ &b ,, „ „, „ „ ' . . • ' ' , \ ii. !ica. , T Then Hod Martin IT Glynn will hire of any fair. At Chatham this ' ,ttnj«nte$^ sign which will be displayed agn' this year . ^Wednesday night on the step- ui 'in Tracy Memorial village hall nt '» » choral club under the direction of ' Trncv li-trie» nttorne.v. The following delegate- were np veSf it- has been a djilicuU matter to < * e ii* :er . n n address following which the pointed to attend the -tnte convention find sp^ce'for.tKoS who'degirc'tt not - ch5rol <luu 3in R \ Th « Kfnr Sna \ s « , l\\ ,,,1 \ , '' • N '' , \ f Vork ctv l .oir withstaiiSinc the iact tnnt eVarr ftr> glcd BRnner \ wU1 con \' an , K 1>nv \ rhntham Jl > hn F Jessup pUcation ^o r ^wAoASsteB.'^ i ASek /oncert. ; Hudson - haHe* Traev. Ghent, Alher . tioaahle nature -has^ -Been-denied The'\- -°\ Tiu ™ a «y evenin g win occur tne-S. v«l m i. ar.d J. Rider t ad y managers arcAd'otng OrtSir bes^ toward pageant on the fai r grounds nt | Hudson Alternates, John L. Crandell cbnaucting -^iL. d'ein^etxnTbiiion ' ^ S0 * n which 250 P°°P Ie wiU P artici |'la\erack. Charles Van Hoesen In ArJef, every aVraneement for the i )ato and which unquestionably wil l be terlitz, Charles S. Johnson of opening- of the bniyVfatr i a OolumW * ^e biggest outdoor even t ever held in Chatham ^«~*Jk.^.i\r„3&)ii-t i- • ^.J Columbia ctunty. Followin g the pa- 1 nmiitowu and Alfred I). Curtis bf Hills T\V< VHTT M\v\ Ml N I- KI I fe i et-tu.ie tin • Uiiie and » tn , in i / to -liarpen the knife i' j «!' ^caTly-.c'omplated^hiSa^f.: the- [wea,thej> WiU be ... JUU ^ r r^'Sark \Dunta oT'Claveraeu. TorWuT | worltlTig\ of \the machine. The ^^.Hnft^ is ^Xe^iuSm3lft^aa£l£^^^'lia^e^ 3 \\The MTountT'spont\\for , Shufelt of Chatham and John Crandell j man in question saw what ao»«4f tlie i^^iX^i^i^:^4i.^^. /^S* u ajgo^ioo and will be ' of Claverack were named as the jo-J others among the spectators obscn- Aus East OCT tint iron 'KMr oue tiplnced whin the machine wi.s making | edgi ut wi C' I w • ue .ever the circuit of the lot. This reipnred , or bar tli.it UIOM .1 tin- knt\e- bnck and four nun be-ule- the driver of the iia I torth n~ the whfel turned The ma­ chine also four knives, the length of I chine wa- crude < limi-v and *aeavy. \ach f>»Mi'g nhno» ten f ,i »t As long I During the process of evolution, these as a knife remained sharp it cut the | three undesirable features havo begn gras- cleanly by its backward and eliminated but m other respects the forward motion but it refused to cut I present day machines resemble tha 1 \ t«< soon as fhe edge becajne dnlinl anl ' fir-t notwithstanding that dnring -all this large amount of labor eon-titntcd f the tears that ha*e intervened many n serions drawback to the Mice, «sfnl ; inventors hav«> attempted to' devifio lot 'fireworks on the same place as those \tiiiS exhibit is also $100 .entirely different from the former ex dicial committee of the. Republican hfbit. ' , I party in Columbia county. • Qn -Rlday the pageant will be re-1 The ticket is one for which peated at £30 and the big weok come apologies need bo offered: Mr* Garrity t'b'ian-'-'end. |is one of Chatham's besj!Jcnown eitjt- *^It,.wjH\be all'for Chatham and ev- zens, a man wbtf has rctirc4,ifronract- ^fygne.w.hp.'helps.jnABt feel the reward lvo Vf» and is in .a position to'glVe- ^.ti,ii\t.'tnev\hav,cdone''s6mcthI^ , for tho his UridlyidedVatjtcntion. to- th& duties ed. i. e.,'by substituting nocthed or saw knives \for the straight-edged knife the cutting qualities would be im'\ proved and the necessity of the fre­ quent shnrpeniug of the knives vould bo- almost if not entirely done oway iWitlu ^ . J ' - »If ; . Spenccrtown'-traditions relative . tb.tiiiB inciderft\ar^corrcct t, rojan was jn-the employ, of men who uI-\ 1 ^erwa.rd •jforuied the'-JSuTc'ConiKcfe iBftw;'\ .lag.-macTiipe'^ompaiiy; {OToy^'hadJ'hcflrii.l ot/Ajia'ollorV-ihTeB'tipa'ianfi^^Cic^j •.>'-fcJ'-.^'t-.'_'.<;:.....:C' w _i.J^Vj! *tAW»-|ffc'rfit'<W : on the original, idea. THE RIT&AX- CARSLUE Some of the StttfngsJHe is .^^%£i>:g'??$r BtKtniEcci ,'to, The rural maii;^09.Mtr*^n\^5es^^4f ient desiriotr to'iinow'inStTno^mu'etii^eS'N Gheat the' ceiife, Wail

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