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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, September 24, 1913, Image 3

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«PAGE S *^&4ir &:GQQP PLACE TO' VRM&lpAfm-t Wftm- FlJRMTURE CO. Baby Cribs I , A new and complete | ' 4ine, the biggest display § in Pittsfield. | White Iron Cribs at £ $3.98 | Others at $4.98, $5.98 t© £ $25. I Crib Mattresses $1.75 to 1 $5.98. f NEW LEBANON. Miss Kiithet-ine Lo»t v lm< entered the teatJu'rs ' tcuining el i «s a t 1'nvena There an 1 quite a number o f no n resident in'!\'**\ nttpnd'K V lli<\ Infill si-hoo l a t \'en Lebanon NEW B&ITAm. >V^S5V*.-^ ,- i -^04% assortment 1 now •*is%etter.and bigger than ^eoT6^,^st: springs. ..- ^ — •1 1\ * '? . Prices from $9.98 to $35. J ^llerton Furniture Co., J297'\N6Hh St„ Opp. Y. M. C. A. Pittsfield, Mass. \ i Complete Housefurnishers. Cash or Credit F *|H(*1 •• As' Jojin \Vf King anil wife fo r their fu tur e hom e i n Brooklyn. For the 27 years o f residence here tl^ft ha% e made many warm friend s jvho will fee l th e los s of their rpmova l bu t ow­ in g t o ill health o f bot h riiey deemed it nd\isnle to settle preoinnentl y where thei r nniliT*. wi'r e spent an d a t this time\ They wish td' SXtCTlfl their thanks f to those who have oxtendo d many arts of kindness and eourtes ; during the pleasant years they'have dwel t among us. We sincerely hope healt h wil l e restore d t o them i n their nty hom e Clar a \ olt z Dowitt, daughter o f Frederic k \ oltz die d on Saturda y a t Stillwater after a long illness fro m tii berculosi * aged 2 2 years . Kunera ' »er Mrs. Mar y Fnrrerof Iludsoi i w i? a recent gues t o f Mrs. Mary B >l mi l A Honial dauce was hel d on last r'ri da) evening a t the home o f Mrs . Diedermann Au enjoyable evening was spen t b y nil present Musi c was furuihhed by Tompkins an d Decker's band William Bair d has moved his hous e \ sif ^ hl,rinl w(?re b(,,,1 at w u \' r hold eirect-s from the Ploughman co t ' or '' tage to Pittsfield . The Ploughman farm ha s been recently sold t o M r Lehninn o f Long Island _ \\ itliniii Sweet, mason i s |n\uig t h foundation unde r the far m buildings ' diui*htr r mi d friend . I \f. rwi, and of Joseph G ttadsworth l\ lf( ' of r \ rt Kn ~> n w( *\' \ VPr «nnday Mr and Mrs . William Berl t mi d \r Xshley' s son Frank, whilr on thei r way to I M , \' h I ban kfulness for • i; s -riiciou\ nt Siiii «lii\ nigl u i I \lomlav o>X at linfliilo, ' • Madam Sarraek will open In . mill i ner v jmrlor s this week. m V M \shlev an d famil y <if Brook I Ivn an d I I* A«hle v of king-'on of inter, st Messrs Kelh, Dunn mid Jcs»o p fin ^HMrfr^^^»<r^»»fr>!»»^»rtMc»*-fr5r Ir* »**•» »»»»»•H-»»»»»•»» »»1T ' ished filling their silos last wee k 1' ttsburgl i I'a . las t Tnpsdm slopped i rn \' Niagara Fall s an d other 1 Tl \' - h:1 * '' m< - : \\ \ \ h '\ thp point \ i-tern s Is Interest Of Interest? Why should j ou not participate in the earning power of your own money? The- Berkshire Loan & Trust Co., of Pittsfield, Mass., pays interest on daily balances. It also pays special rates of interest on inactive accounts and Certificates of Deposit. Such accountsjmay be opened by mail. WRITE US FOR PARTICULARS. BERKSHIRE LOAN & TRUST CO. Berkshire Co, Savings Bank Building 24 North Street, Pittsfield, Mass William (tearing v\il | I ing Harol d T \ meson •- I morn mg . W a I n i i la i r w i >n 1 t lie I O'I w i \ iui'iie-l i i ' I .M is. 111:,,,, |„. s, ofi. ..'I . hiuli s, I,,,,.; at Alliens l'u -oiuiiieii, < - In Tin fil l • •I IV t'll i | • ! V \ • 11 - thi s sei Hon Th e Village liupro* einei't held it s usua l meeting m, Hi ii. i»lit 1 :i - 1 , r .leti' n . ipmri '• iii*; » \ It hough t nr.- I manv fron \. I* |«r, sent Micietv lnesdil\ .th 11 j \ \ •line t u ill :i M , II .I ,,e n II ^ \ , a r I'.,- I..,.t I \Pittsf ield ? s Eye-Smith\ .... .• - • tr-~*—h JTE 1 \ 1 ' ' '—<• ' $0 ®r $p The most convenient and up-to-<fie optical shop in the city. One door from North Street in the Agricultural Bank Annex. We grind all our own lenses and can duplicate your broken ones fromthe pieces in a very few minutes. ELLIOTT B. SMITH OPTICIAN Registered Optometrist' 20Fenn St.. Pittsfield. Mass BERKSHIRE FARM O n U rilnr-il-i \ o f \n*>* wee k «. hit «1 I a t n»M -iml oa r tomulot*^ punipkui s , 1 ami tut loir- \wrr al l nffectt'd j Two i >f r I o\« who uri'\\ |Mita*ncs j in Tlnir rtArtli'M\ hiw * 1 niln'in au>l I one liiiil \ n poinii N itni tin* otlicr Iri 'l , j ' Tin \ wrrt 1M> II \ < rv u MI i;ar»l , i 11- ti< 1 'in' |'nf - \\ i re n f Inrif*' W i' hi\o !• nt tlo^n ! \ arros nf con |^ fin<l out' of our silos IN alread v full \ , •.till luru^r HIIU i s to tin fillt'd ve t innl 'it i s \ i r\ ilon lit fu l it «<• ca n pu t t al l 'ft I in' silo* W c were \cr\ fortunate n li;i\in ^ I M r im i Mrs. Falknor o f th e (leory 'Junior Kopulilir with u s last week M r 1 FjilKnt'T who UH » assistan t supe r in tiTi 'lent is mi cilil tio \ from our far m arid in* sunl that h e ha d ni«\i r boon in :i ^< lionl that li i'l MI I li goo d an d mnnl\ j bovs a s tin 1 II I V M r Falkne r spoU e to ii'* Tlmr*'ila\ e\ « u t\ti, Friday e\en in% *sutitlav nuirn .ii\ an»l Sundav o \ on mt; H e I.*, a ln\cr o f siiguij. 1 ' an d s o o n Tliur-ilav < \ i mug w e saiiy * * Nniror M \ <oil ; o The r fo r hi-* benefi t and he *-:ud *litt wr hid (ieort»e Junior Kcpiiidit stopp * d in \iii^ing •'! re ou r nuuiht r II.?.. 'I ,-, I F r,d'.\ . hut . li uii'l :iM .I'M,. 1 ! iii i II ii iiuii di. - \,d - , t M : II ( J la-t i r\ . . d 1. I tn i a .ii< rngi njT M - ( ).)!• t w ^nei • >t I ,eti;i nun v% h o had o\ i i \** i nda \ ^nt - v\ i \| \| ,tt v Si . n . hom e on Monday last The sermo n preach. - d r i v • . - held at t he K.ij * iv, stuiil;i\ ni ^ht last wa - i. u th e worshippers in -ir Ke\ \I r I'reiit iff « i- < W'l'nv niau, assisted 1>\ -*1 1 -i W ill* u. K- the r. nt t fit rom Hi II ?i 1 1 \ ; ea^.-d I'II iidarir- i jliT iin on -e r I - '11 i • \ t ll .lt .1- •* hi t . •! ' -H n nt MI T ' • -n I I mi ii d i n v 1 In t• 1*1 'Oil i Ml * fit \ | . \i . : odi- t • 1 ur. \|. M -Otl'- T p. tol l II « i tut t ' h I i >n ' n •d lipo , - \<>> -e *• n ' • Jin r< endatu *' Tin t he ofllt lit I i 11 £ He\ s H:i ker e< 11\ e past or- in r 0 ],, . .in i n thes e *-unda \ it i s h< hi Ii> us ar e rreneh hes of inv o f to I- as i (hit loiav i ell• to OLD CHATHAM I i ill 1\ eh tier ii h. r . .>! .w.l I uteri st . i I lin e f • I ' ho mi t teil for a si n It s,, ,||,|, l,|v ryotcr' . ifittle. r\ ft -ti*:il s , - 'I 'leil m f:i\ or o f r \ i -e u n* ron>l ' ' i nliner r st,;, ,i Prided \ ors h*i,l meet uj ; .'imi M r IV IO nut: i\ i rsnrv nf ( f i r lit ii i \ or*n i \ o f t Mr Let the Horses - Dig -- Your Potatoes with a Iron Age Potato Dig­ ger. The best digger made. Frank Howard 59 North St. - Pittsfield t Itou^li ' l.r\ J,a\ e • \\ o f Uoft. W <&*thi ii ilrnnt' - ' \Mi.hn. I », t 'rii in tn e T <n\ ii i,* -I 't'JJP solids. ()n ^nl in >l-i \ t , I 1 ' i -i:tt lriin It w ,^ , \ a.-iim- M .• w - . t , et I \ eh l e one lirM -1 II .I 1 1 (.'If -1 ~ I-•! 1 1:. . - truil it siirpi ~e.| '•Illl^ll t 11111* . nn.l 1,: IM - Tli . ,oiir l 'ov« II t o 7 1 ) n s^,, , ,,, o.l l. \ t III - K. v Tli o Si-Mor 1 i \ i rv pleat-. i: ner tol'l us o f fii'1.1 's ilont n n n.l t lie t lie ltiittie o f V , ratuj;.. Our sn|.ei nt tuji'iit. Mr II lli.ir.l ln- ' lioon ognflnotl t o ln 3 appartmonts for a frt v rliiys wit h a severe cold We ha d a \ery i.len'nh t \;«i t fro m I Mr Pean t-inef o f the \orational ,li vision o f (h o stato department o f oil tiontto n M r Dean left a ver v goo d impression \t ou r rhaf.el spr\ Fee o n Saturday e\ en np h e told u s a very «itty stor^ in the form o f n fal.Ie nliout .1 selinol that ir«> stnrte d tho u siatis o f \e'ir s ago \nioti g othe r |.u piH i n it ue'-o a n t-;\£ illlek \ t 1 1 :i ill '' \\ o will now ha\ minules ' ~f)n (hi\= le«-oti th e tint'!; reeeived OIL - liuude r pt-r <•< i.i and th e he n and englo go t zero Th e next le * so n «as al.ont flving t o th e to p o f T tree Th e eaj;le go t a hundred , the hen Ri' and n hal f for i t tried , bu t the duck reeeived zero. There were other nn i mill s i n thi s elas s hu t eac h ha d thei r 'tin i In s •mil en . UYi I. , lui* i \» tin ^11 e| ,1.-11, , \ nun,I * ' IOIIMII in, - l i , -s ,t„ r I , t>. . i , „ r~ o f ,„. I W II •i \l «. ^1»sillo n - R.,ge «-Ui 'i! i I l-llllol si \ . \pe .1 id i \V> I gl e : i lien am i '1 h, t.-ii, li. I sa ., 1 s\ \ i ru in II g for 2 (1 ei \ in. nr.. - 'n> itid \ . I. o in n o .iM a s w.il 'i- v\ II , h t ,. M ^ \ \\ lis.m M \; returne d t o \, Mr I'oweli \\ r . spt t, t th e |>a* To,oar s 1,M* stn \ rher, tin * a.'ronipanie.l M Ixi \eu \\ o i K i\ it, [irinri 1 . - i * i n .1 ' ma n \ i r en >N t ',.i a < and rerif n n, \t -iinnn \\ l l M l 'o« e ,l I ii.so i > ' rti. >l .- ^ « Tiie , unroll i , -,....i reooi\ ,ng a \-i of great ,inpro \ on,, n n du o Mr~ 1 mii» fo i 1 . i ,giV i L 'i a n go j rogra in , i * in '\roll! l\ ill l.\ t in g til - i rojram 1 I \l - I'ort. II III Tin s ,[a \ ,» fl'll \ \ ll.l - -i niniers nt the I. I! Muring hi s Ur ^onthworth IM'II on the trip ua- made i n a la e wis h o f hi s rpro\e r «peedn% r Mr an d Mrs .Hid famih tia\ o 1 ,,rl g 'ii- 1 ;,nri' ar> ;<an \ii.ch i s a I niieli oredi ' - r i.ging i t ahoi . Mis s l\\a S : wa s a gues t o f M i - of Wes t Lebanon Hl.\p (Jeraldi last W ednebday . Itotn ronun g down to n n s«er th e \ oaliV o f th e grange riam bako poste r B\ th e way tha t clam bake was a huge success . No crossed F. GIFFORD (MAKER OF GOOD GtASSES) OPTOMETRIST and OPTIGI AN S4 NortKSt. Over Root's ShoeStore i smiths than school tenders, and so on. j Gladys Morey have gone *o Wihdsbr, several abilitie s Ko r instance the'wires were i n evidence, every on o r e . snako an d th e ee l R o it _ is i n ou r teive^l (food service and.it was a lato , scnooTs , \he suitl, some oclioltir» i-aii do , hou r wnen the inst pe/yo n : *hung up** arithmetic woll but cannot pain t a pie-. | an d went home , ttire and others will malto hotter black- PittsHeld, Mass- flSstftblislied Thirteen Years.) The most acrentific and thorough exsm- inations. Everything Optical. H. A. WEED,- Assistant. »Ci*. i He said a goose hatched out six little, geoso and one>eaglo's egg that a boy put tinder her. She. tried to toach the. little oagl how to swim but to no sue- ess. The whole trouble with tho af­ fair was that the eagle bad a goose for a teacher. This brought forth much merriment from students and teachers aliir.0 ' Mr and Mrs. E ( Sweet and Miss N Y , fo r the winter ~««nes Deisen als o wont wit h them . Van EAST. CHATHAM. Net TOc^ptvpf ; the\IrfiaJ[^s.; r :A.id ,sup.. por'jPriday oyening'w^te.^ji.-'.-. Missf-Aagie, Axtii- .of \i|i.tt8fieid -was ] in'town; orer •i'hHarry/BaJrno3-'has ; /Jj.el^OaTiih'o^sick! ^or'i.ijr'oad;; ii/ji^^^^if^^^i^l0.-. =J?jfAlf) oife •'-j M-x, -'and? Al\r8jrJam^8^:-i'rhbma3fan'\j ^oiiiStiniihgtq^'iiy^tW CANAAN TOTJE. COENEES. Mrs. Ilarold Harper returned home from her visit and is preparing to go to housekeeping soon. Mrs. Elmer Williams and daughter and her sister went to Rochester for two weeks visit with a sister. - Wild geese flew south Saturday which is a sign of*cold weather.-. _ '. , -Bertha 'I<ord is ill ivith 1 grip and. ^stjaina. \• ,- ' V'\£*raiJK. \Hosltimer has . completed his ;15i^-'fie14iwhich he has beenrplo>iligfqi'^ j 4 'tytf^THe/raln.'-'will be a.\great;«eiidToff r . Cbleman. 76f \Pianos of Established Value\ The price of which because of Actual Value and Musical Worth have been adjusted by years of Actual Test. These Pianos of Established Reputation Fully guaranteed by the makers are offered for sale at a liberal discount for having been rented during the past summer in Lenox or Stockbridge Your Permanent Satisfaction is guaranteed by a business reputation of more than 30 years of Piano Selling in Pittsfield PITTSFIELD, MASS. NEW VICTOR RECORDS Valatie Children Dear! .1 M l 11 i . •„• .I..-.I Many Don't Know It Mnh\ people reallv need (.lasses who don't know it Some people go \ pars with constant headache which come? from E\ 1 STKMN'not giving it a thought that it tniglit come from their eves We are Lyesight Special­ ists If \ou consult ns we will tell you if \our truul.lc comes from \ uii r eves ELMER. 48*No. Pearl St.. Albany, ft. Y. Blakeslee Lumber 264 North Street, Pittsfield, Mass. Co. Lumber, Timber, Lath, Shingles, Flooring, Doors and Windows, and all kinds of stock and special Millwork : : Telephone 570 At Our Expense Buy Jewelry From Schwarz 20 Fenn St., Pittsfield Mass. YOUR HAIR TURNS SILVER SOME\ Alia in this world may be attributed not to the lack of industn, but putting off the time of commencing t<> SHU - Don't delay—start your bank account today. M OST of the poverty and want hp nrrrihiitpH nAt tn fho Dividend at 4% WE SOLICIT DEPOSITS BY MAH, TEETH THAT LAST FOR 30 YEARS That's the Kind We -Make for Upper or ^oWer-Sets,. -..>'^rhos?varo i: onr special gum 'fBe'cBon'vteetk-^-tfca -gams nev.er |^iidftVi \C;\vT <3ii»'>ge --J col«^-becaiise Ti^y'iifSre'il \porcelain; twCng opr.-.T.sp^ela]t .-jDeaL vinfeathetid 3 Spj ^)^a \jo^ tho'\sains''' j';'o»;gg3..^ti^eA<r.'^^o'h i : f JISTEp5pTAL;;C0 CITY SAVINGS BANK OF PITTSFIELD Cor- Noirth and Fen n Sts., Pittsf ic!«i. Mass ,1 1914 BUICK MOTOR CARS 1 'i • S'!OV *>\ i 2^ For 1914, We offer Hlftb. Grade;.FJiii ^JifejiirB ElecCric^farlers,. Blectrtc Eitffe*»^ ? eC <«Haoa X ''D^^^| i&<%ws?=a»^afr^5 a. K , Ut>m B—3?—$i36&—35 it^ir — ?-*v^»^ {Model B—38—Cbupo—$1800—35 IL P.. Six Cyl. Mbacl B—41085—48 ft. *5'>!^ ' ^KTXSrABOUXS. F. A.

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