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NTTMBBB 32 SONS OF- .'. TO. START CAMPAIGN^ ^POE FUNDS. -, < ' to All the Colombia County Soldiers and. Sailors—Public Sentiment Seems to be.Heartily la,rayor of the Prop­ osition^\ - : jJ^^^isstpii^U.^jtpfs free,' 1 '-where entrioS; prietor o f ~ Clintham's S^^h\ 'ffi&eipni,^l)j ;; *oa\e^exlii'bit'or amount,lo' wdrks, who, with - •« *s ^*0 *' p i , ( . i / •\- -, , J V , - • * . I * \ Tbo members .'•of A. J^.Fellows'Camp Soli's oti Veterans of Chatham have de­ cided ,£0. inaugurate *a campaign for a •soldierig-'land sailors' monument to bo located.in 'Chatham, to the memory of the' sojdiers arid, sailors of ColuhVbia tfount^.wlio;, participated, in. the sever­ al' wars. . Th{s- proposition was made several mdntlis ago, just previous t o the serious .injury which was sustain­ ed by Prof .Sv.jr. SCood, who was-the commanding officer of the Sons of Vet--] orans and one of the most earnest- workers iu tho organization. Now that Prof Woo'd Is agafn able t o take part in tho work, the proposal has been re­ vived and..cvejry memhor ixf-the,organ-. kationy; together with al l tho villag­ ers to -whose attention the matter has been called^js enthusiastically- in fa ­ vor of obtaining such.a xdonument and the preliminary work ha? been started, C. Vfi Daggett being chairman of the Sonsjaf Veterans commltteo having the matter in, charge, 'The first stop is^to ^ct a n idea of the^T^'obably cost <>f a suitable, memo- jriaVvaftd in this wotk the committee 'has'a'willing ally iu-W. P. Pratt, pro- - Cha monumental characteristic public spirit, has offered to do whatever lies in his power in the way of obtaining price etracessions and to give tho com­ mittee the benefit \of his long oxpori- Toh<$ ,in \i\b.Q. monumental business. In thei'near future tho committee will con- choice wi)l£b> made and^ then will- fol­ low an effort t o ascortain how much .•sontimont there; is i n the county, for i ^uCh a nveiiioriul. r K In some of tho neighboring'\ States these njemorials have been eregted i n size of Chatham and it-5s a fact-that has \ occasioned-' considerable commit r Wj^ln %H ,of Odlufcbio. couSt'y there\ jj &3oS'mou «me\nT o}£ r tiiiS t *anrn.ctenj c'M^^a^. ,tho f c esjSense \of tlw .pijb^ic,' .-tBaV^-be -done oy tius : organizaijon,v^ jJ'ffho >1followjag? statement,.* the isusr< iti&tyjf^tici&fatxs deifdired by the in\--\ ^utgkof l?*o£\ \Cood, above referred to, jsTS-ery fitting qnd proper J - . uiomlinent be;«rected nee'dsa i |tJ ^^gjim_eht.to proves that it wonl ^-W-' l -%Sfrir^jf *<)1t\'\ar. fS longer riegioct- spcS? AO? expression -Of appreciation of t,^cr jJgjs'gnjable, \ervlce our ?p}aiersr and ^Hor't'^'ron.aere'dyand -bf ^pHr -riwi^^t ^'^Tevbreiicc for thpin wir}.fLtso .^e G-AREITY IS VETERAN OF E [BJs 'jHghfr-for-HlB County,—Prominertt- \la'J5d\icatIo £S '-aad OJher=-I*cai Af; fairs' la Chatham—Unswerving £> 'e4_ lty in EepubllcanPoliucs— xsithfvl Servant o f TJncle 8am, \ ; \ It would seem that all over the United States the p p opl e are coming more and more tp recoguizo the value and the inestimable work done by the voterans of tho great civil war. Wit­ ness any reunion or big parade, the men i n lino who receive the «io»t cheers are always tho members of the Grand Army—the boys in blue They fought, for the preservation of the Union and now-the people are -tryuig to repay as best they are able th i work that was done for f them With such aMhoughtUn mind fis-wel) as an intimate k'nowjedge o f the man, the KepublicanB of Columbia clounty have.nominated as their ^ndidate for Member of Assembly, Patrick If. XJar- rity- of Chatham. The man who i s best- known for his kindly qualities, and sterling integrity than^any lother, perhaps in the county. •• ' Patrick H. Garrity was born\ in Ira-\ land and but when a boy came ^ith his family to the town of• Austerlitz. Hore he atterfefcd th e SpenCertown Academy until he heard the call of Father Abraham and enlisted in the Union army and was assigned to the 91st N'ew York, Vol. Infantry Four years of hard fighting and hard march­ ing h e saw during that time One incident which i s related of Mr Gar' riay, b»A of which h e will say little is the manner i n which he WOB wound i cd i n frqpt of Fort Hudson, Louisi- ana. . a Mat -designs and prices after which ai' It was the 14th of .Tune, 1$G3, hh choic e wiitfK e mnd a an d then will - fol- T£ cgiment lay at the foot^oS tli<{ hills which surrounded this almost incul ATTENDANCE „ NOT WHAT IT SHOUXD' HAVE BEEN. Programs Were'^t«nJ»oiy Interesting CHATHAM MAKES NEW HAPPENINGS AT LIGHTING-CONTRACT BERKSHIRE FARM TUNGSTEN LAMPSj ^raa. rLLtrfeX NATE S!CEJSETS, Have PracticS ^^Sp^?ago o f Tfielr \ Subjects— Of Gr«ati<aBeneat la Work ! Improving. Eural Conditions. ^ The rural li|S conference held in There Will be a Total of 111 Lamps, 91 of 3 2 Candlepower,^ 14 o(_o50 Candle Powejf^and Six o f 20u Can- NEW GILPIN HALL IS NEAP EM O COMPXEUxcN die Power—\-Increased at Decreased Cost. Illumination , Tlu > contract for ^trct't I ,jhMnti UUK-II the Chatham Hectric l.ig'i'. Heat and Pow^r Company had «'th tht> village of Cba-tliam, expired sefeml months ago but by agreement between*] tain tlie jiiirtiei ah« lighting has been to n room tbe ^Morris Memoria\! i n Chatham un dor the auspices of the rhiimber of i'ommerce and tho county Grungos in eo-operation with the Bureau of Far ers' Institutes-was ^pHe of the most profitable -and ifiSSesting events in I tmired sinee thnt time at the -a' -s the history of, tlie^village and, ha s wlin li existed durinj; tm- five year \ U- been th e casd\ time and tune again when something of '^decided I \ superior nature has beon produced in t hathom the attendance was by nu IIICUII H what it should havo*.been. Those who list 'eued t o the thrje program- how «\i -r came away with enthusiastic worils a s to the benefits of such niertings The addtOSses'^and talUs were dvli\ orod b v men who have had years of ' of tin i-ontraet m _ Tiiesihtv hftemopn at a special li.ec l iiif; of tin- village trustee!, a new inn trail mis made which will continue in ' fone until It ralln for H I Tun 1 -ten Inmps of 32 eimdle |>owei eaeh. 1 4 tungsten lamps of -i30 caudle power each and BIS tungsten lamp- of 200 euudle power each a total ot 11 1 lamps These will take the place of the 23 practical .experience - along . various I candle power lamps that are now locat erable position. A.t~dnybrcak came the command t o storm, th e breastworks. SJlowly tho Federal troops fought theOr way tip, pittiless was the--ConfederatO viluWa /noft mofeVtbah \ono-teoth 1 tfeiWrC, tUo 91st *>#w YOTK WJI S in tile Yyery van.,. Sudtle\ily color ; line's, of.'rural iife Wfirk and for this •reason tho Jf'ons^tbey convoyed were of more than ordinary . value These speakers were EdwSfd Van Alotyne of Kindcrjiook who-spoke o n i-ho work itself, who discussed apple orchards and who gave the closing words at tht evening session. Jarcd Vau Wagonen of Lawyersville whose topics were i '' Maintaining Fertility \ ond \ The Good Farmer,\ the\ TJevj- \\ arreu H . Wilson of New York wljose address on \The Rural Church\ was one of tbe \best ever heard in this village He had made a close study of this prob lenj^for a number of years and. he ad- iu^erotjXaujtances 'throughput Lfj?6jHa\to aWkii,'\other 'states. and r -.itf, i; -^o^ht'vby^'jjr'^s 'sa'ilorS^if^iiur. ^titriotls'in^ig ,stirrgd' as j anifthoif* r h.crp>sm ( \.thon wfiy t ;shonld-'w6J s not-g'ivo- «\ome.such tangiblt) evidence sC -*' 1 ' of i t i n such o n appropriate\^»nd \ef- fiWtve nia^nnej as_thi^ an^jio it-ttiileJ ^-yct a^fotv survivors,are left to .appro: ci'ate.and feel gratcfill for'iff\ .thtL -jmoney rai^ ed on the majoritv of the streets and of the arc lamps of various candle power that are located a t the points where there is' the greatest, need of lrght, In'mloptiug tjie tungsten lamp, t hat ham is following the lead of practical ly. al l the. Other place:, m th o state where electricity is used for street lighting. -The are light, once consid­ ered the acme of perfection in elec trie lighting. i« now praetieally obso­ lete the tungsten having succeeded i t on account of th.e latter s economy in i-urreut consumption, its greater bril­ liancy and it s freedom from troubles vS «§d many new -arguments and di i which beset the a^c and interfered with 'reeled-'the thoughts of hi s hearers 1 ''s operMjon along new channels relative lo the The making of thi« contract Eives mnintainence of tho churches in the mm-li satisfaction to the residents of sparsely settled communities. I < hat ham wluo have-for some tune real Mrs. Rose Morgan^of New York con '' z cd that the vUlage was not strictly ducted the women's'conference a t tile ; up to date i n Che matter of street nftornoon session and gave an inter lighting. .^There i s further satisfac- pretfttion of the'folk songs of,the vn tiou in the fact that the new system rfohs countries. Mrs. Morgan has been \ill provide probably three times the engaged in this wo\rk for a number 1'ght that is a t present being given, of years and i s thoroughly familiar j To furnish this tight will consume n o more power at the electric plant in- O.s in neb as the tungsten lamps consume imich less onrrent than the ontjquated j^rbon^lmjnt lamps _now in use; In At Present There axe 87 Boys in. the Insittntion—Night School Has Been \ Opened—There Were Many Visitors During the Summer. (••Ipin Hall i s i.f-ariug completlOu It i s of hollow wall concrete with slate i roof, has modern plumbing and nsbes tos jilaster on thj e interior walls, mak ui£ i t almost fije)>roof. It is *o con ii the busement, boys' common toilet shower and baths, lock er room- store rooms-, etc The first tli.o r - to have Kitchen and bakery worker* gathering room'aiut a »eries of li .ir r .lining room- each dining room in :i< i orninodat i J*» l.o v - Then will i>. ti.i. r ronuil tatrle- HI each dtujiig rimri i .ii.. I tin' worki-r- will be ilistrub •.;:<.! .inning mi ,1 tTerent (i mug r<iom«. In in - tin' Jifferriit grtmps o f T»ov - aii onlitig. to a^i' ami rottnfje will bf -»'|»ar?fli.< l ami Inner training in the vva v of mauto rs will lie oliiumed It will aJ-o ti e po-sjhle to serve food more nU 'Hi 'iveh -ili' l Ketter ke«-| ' il l touell « tn the Lov- The ute i to have four ioirni ;i yron|-- One for dilitin ii.l one for i he i 1 one in the Main house and one in I'errv hall (the old chapel) and in em h cottage MEETING TO CONSIDER STATE ROAD ROUTE TO BE HELD IN CHATHAM ON OCT 21. State Higflway Commissioner Carlisle Will Hear Arguments Relative to Course of State Highway From Hills dale to Valatie via Austerhtz and Chatham. Next Tuesitv ii, i there will be held i Memorial hall li v M,,I missiouer John N < i to the course ot lout. Last winter a lu l i n tlie legislature vv road from Hillsdale ic to I'leeu Kiver to Ai.sierl cert nv \ n to < hat harl i 11 <i \ ulat i !•> meet at t 'l.T. (• II i : - p m , i u Tracy ^ II * .ty < 'om • 11 relation mhi-r one - introduced 'i -ught this • :tf Hillndale to Sj«*n - ee on to Kounte Ti n iiie.i- u n . to. 1 I (.a^sed both 1. o v . J a o' .'iii^ghatham Center. .Och- 14—The /re - ^nmins of Elbprtj, O.^ Van Slyek were bronglit hero b y train Priday after- jirtoon'ffom Attleboro, ilass., whertf his .Seath^ oeeurWd at' the home o_ff his son vc k, ne.'jivioney rais- i °. . . _ .; ^.^^t. . v ,- -j, (-.^..v., *>»w» »^»*» Itpown bCen^muIa 't -J ^^f^tJ^f\^^^^^ t >p^ive'rv1hc|road ^^^^fSSlfg\^ his entire regiment bo-.weu^np tujf^Jjgh. k\ eccfcfcvblo\ hail, storm; 5t sfi^ffetf* Superintendent Berkshire Fnrm. ... \people *ofji Ghathttro- ah;a~l =}• viciifVy - havtjnknown. \vj 'f\ the e>cc'ellonce .(of, thovprogramSt there Is. .little dpubt -j -tha^ „Chc audiences. -atXcncL session ] ^.woulS'havo taxed tho'c; there will be arranged a common room for the boys of thnt building. The matron, of each cottage group will sit with the hoys in the dining room, and we hope to I. mid u| > a cot bout tye, ^pniiderabiy le^s'tban at present. The 'a&'^andle. power lamps will cost $l3o .per^'nionth each, tbe-^00 candle -power $3.33 J-3 per month and the ?50 cnndlo_rjgweT $5.8? 1-3 per month. Th\e~' service will \be provided al l night and every night and the trustees have the right to change the number city of the 1 of any or all sizes- of the lamps so long 1 tage feel.nc and ^|.nt l.rminnj; room. ' ro^'^V • . [ as theso_ ehanges do not reduce the to • rivalry and lovalt* It npt kn.oWn whether an effort tal amount o f voltage o r candle pow t*P <fa\-» n t.ii|. n l.a .'i .r i will be-^uade to hold another •gather | er. ,• i ond floor a fie. lar^e do m.t» 1 ing of^ tilts nature *est year^ It i s to' Gratuitously the electric company i pable of . u . nniiuuil.it mj; i.ov- hoped, however, that those hehind i provided two 32 candle power lamps in - • -'— '•\ ^ho enterpruse will, not be discouraged ' the clock tower, two in the room in LaJ tho- outtomo of tho first- attempt- • the tfid\\village hall building where ?he J^iinxL that fhoy will try again as those I fifo apparatus i s housed and two on conferences aro of ^p'estinra'blo value | tho second floor of the building where in, ^Ii6- countrywide effort \now <being | the village jail' is to be located made to render rural lifts JMor< « attrne fefffi^ ,;a f e B l<\* .prontab^- »•' J^ormer QhathMrr 'Center -. Man Died ' ' Attieboro, Mass. with- her subject. 0p renditions were 'ontluisiaaitcally received ', a\n*dan lotiieK-^Onferenco ig lielti )n,^Chn|tiom. ijn>tho\?coiiference \former making Industrial ELBEET O. VAN SEYCK. shell\. Ho had nlmbst Te ^kea \h^ and w ' asie Her v ot f6ro clless'stm and i t Was.not tintil en-[ jn -j no adjoining'town o f 'K \nac'rhookJ i tli e uJ >aImef plant hao^een bbrnebrWe'I'Sows federate^lines when h«_ toVlfctt '?ffl|S *#^>K Sjidhftmosro^fifs\itfo-^ri^tilo Ida caiivof a shortage at tt»Blinn plan v, C'd. All day he lay out nnder thtf*5tteT-v' —i'^- t. .i i .'\i— i~- . * . ^ ! I n .. r. . 1 If i.*i\ a l , ^. 1 ,Vntit 11 V\ n _ tuiftlo pigs *. farm and\ ; In ^.various, pursu'lt^here\ ond Ijh. e total ,i »xpenso of the -operatibn \_gf , - t»*' n vt no adjoining town of \K^nae'rhooV ^^almey plant hao^een bdrne^y-tlie' ttTg came that he was foundry f his' \Vo.remember ^im^ as A -Bchoolmate viiihgc^iTh'o original eontra*t\•'ford :l $hoatS Comrades »kd takcn^^o .-i J th.c;ho^Ittti.^«^'i,„t v« «j »\»n^«'A'' 5 « u>i»»f ^ K^^I <-'«*- .„i-j.'«!»^- — i— »i 'dic 'i'3T!~i-. e^tb-.Austerati^ fa>med;-fo>Ca^s)Jo.rt- : t 6wn^n ; d;«ouity, wheVhe^kd'a^tkeav _ At th o outset thee trustees are t o name the locations fo r th e strec\ nips but Subsequent changes in these ocfltions.nrc t o b o made at'the ex penso 'bf the village, and the village is also to trim the trees nlonjr the ! streets in orde^ to provide adequate ' clearance for tbe wires. ~~ A supplemental contract lias nNu been inade befvve.eu the v illoge and the electric light company relative t o the pumping o f village water. Tins agree Thont is to the effect that in the event of a shortage o f water a t what is known as the Blino plant, where the electric pump i s located, that the vil lage aid the -electric light company shall divide the expense of the opera tion^of tjie Rtpam pumping plant, v—t » £taat, on'virooc^-. said expense to include- ;.pii,m))iag'water has three ycax3«$^$Vto GafcjoV\.. ^•I 'lkjnnd's^in July ;Smtnia.-in' August ...... ;Jtojw>dsr.In--September .. m%f?mz. ^fl^*corn; . ........ jSrilni\'. :il.,.., ' the same - /e and «ha|.e a- the on. i n the former i,il|.ut ha'l Tin- dorm.torv occupied tvv u -torn- On the se, oli d tlo . M :ir . .il-.. »iir h ers room- six i n -uutnl'fi a- \vel ( as a yuest roojn toilet l. a t h room i> et\. etc tin the tn.ril tloor .i--i Tou t mole 1»e d room- ami toilet and I'.-ii Ii 'oorn v It i S KO ar^aiijieil tlint the vvorkir who lias i narce of tin doiuiitorv ua- his room next to 'he lornnforv »\ n -i vv.u.iovv iookiiit. i n . ' :I u N;IU H -o that he at ail tine- rii ,i * control the situation. Vv e have ai |.resent lio v s . Follow t ujj i s the rgcord for the dif ferent diparttnents ^6r the past few moiit h- I- W .lulv ' L'l.'. ' \ugust. L'.t.-.-J September . . , . 1.'17M_ Our stock now consist of the follow ing: Dairy cows .. I si Beei- -^ail ages) 1 \• Heifers (2 years) . . s (halves .-». Bulls ... Swiiie/— minit .ei lv\o liou -e- I'li t I /*' i t.reat mtereM v\a- inai te-i«d i n t 'n » adoption ol tin - measure Sujw 'rvisora Mallerv .-in d \ i n Hoe^en -pending inanv Javs at th « cajotol while tne Cliatham < I ainLer of < ominerce through a loniniittee consisting of Hon All .ert >> i ailan Hon Sauford \\ tsuiith and Frank I t Pratt repeated v uryed 1 1 - e nart in * u t Its special value to the village of i Imthnru rest IIJ i n the fact that i t would have brought the road through the village proper li v the way of Au« terht/ »t ret t thence to Mail, street, to l*ark Kov v to Kniderhook street and on to Aalatie assuring a macadam pavemei on all of thesp thoroughfares A fait win. h al l must concede i s vital Iv ne.e -.aiv -ind vvhi.l i would have bet u done at the expense of th e state and out of th. recent #,'.(1,000,00 0 a p propria? on W i *li t tie oiuv cost to the \ illaj;,' o t V\>\ i M.I i per mile for in a i n 1 1 n.i net Sunt the ttto .i t me b II there has. been a -trine, insistence that tb e mat ter -l.uil'l b. re op. tie d and in eonse tpien. . tm- ^liearui(j This will not create a new road liu' oue already des,nat i .1 l. v law Tn Ian only de fining -ucii pomts .f *<i vvhere^it will cro-- *li . .oiiuty iin . the manner i n ubuli i t -hall proceed i n a northerly •direction finallv meeting route number tvvi o a t a point at or near Valatie, the intermeciyi 'te jioints being the question involved\ hstanmi (\haniber of Commerce asks'\' ' everv member to be present a t th e ' hcarine. m order to show the interest w ;ni li i - taken in this matter by the bii-ni -s me n wuile \ illage President \ \ illi.mi II . Dnl«> urges aJ J to attend n ord. t to prove that < hatham i s in - stent tor these improvements. A I.t r^ t delryit-rion i s expected from Au< ttrlit/ and i t is probable that the vil- la .' t of Valatie will be well represent .-•I -i - r!..- latter community a few ve -irs ;i L n t A the insistence of a few o t it- .iti /en.- secured the paving of tin en -in lower end of the village with what i - known as route number two. of the state higbwnv s-vstem an d of .mir -f ilfsirt number one to meet the road n t hoi i v illacc • »• The -peakers have not as vet been -elected but there Wil l probably b e set era I \fter tin hoar in; ; Mr Car 'i -'e will determine tin' wav the road shall go . n- b\ the iSovernor - v . to its direction becomes purejv a matte of discretion with the highway department an d not i n indatorv i' \ n'v'i-at .vi * action as ^ would have been tin * i asp had th e .Mil - — o f \--emb, vtt .an Hover' been signed \ * \ ' IS IT A WILDCAT? Strange Animal Killing Poultry Near Chatham. 8 I in i. at the pas; few weeks the resi­ dents between i hatham and Chatham ^ i enter have been missing chickens, tur- -J : nevs. ducks- and geese and somtrlave T been found dead on their premises4a a mutilated condition. It was presume • >'*.•'-?' ed that uhe depredations were commit- ' ' 'i* ted by some animal and a watch Sfraa s kept but i t was not until a fevr days s ago that anything was seen thatt^vould\ .f\'-. ; .f y ; „_ i throw a light on tho mystery.VvAjman named Everett, employed. oji^thfe-D, H-^V,^ Angell farm, heatd a ^cratSingrotfjaif^vJ ^j outside door and >on opening .the. ioor;-V'i .»Si ..S9I9 . .6914 ..5464, & a c. I lr. y >?. f t it* m r, r«>ty •• 5 »t> CTl .->T_Jili a:r» BVAcii *'c ^ .1*. ..tr be two balls Tho. outlines largo\ .aumaiy,Ver.e£

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