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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, October 15, 1913, Image 11

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•xtstiisir- nrCt'ntr- courta-«r*-cohtiriutdf end ^fce Jndtfee thereof r..«f l.rj ofljce »h«II fiatd tbotr __ n ~c« until the expiration of'their re»pectlr« ierme. Jo the .^ountr of Kings there afiall be [two) four- cfcunMr^fodgn. Tie number .0/ county judgesJn atpf.fouMl) mail also be increased, from, Mm« toJtme,.by tfle, legislature. ,(o 'iwA rtum&w ^SSfeBftfttit jMt«.me«.^)}fe.; ,. , . . r . , -. ^'|^^' n .^<^^\?^u ^WoffiWnMmt4. end .A*.! ty 0 '*!'*' ,< \< 1 ' number of ooiAtty' /IU1;M /B an» C ^^^r«'OWKijl »iciiIij|('\'«(i *m\ ; mlmi7otUoiWtIon-»«T. «»oH pot exceed one for every > »n.;o( i -*rU<!«-«M of tin contiliutiin, relative t-9 I* 10 0 hundred thousand, or major fraction ^^'nsr'pHvrte projHTtjt (or'jiuhllc UBfj [ thereof, of the population of tueh county ,.. . ... — Jwoll c u_! —~\Vh.*r«t3i'-Tli e legideture at Iti regale r feeritm Sirjlteer i Jitinilred. (11(1 twelv e dole allotte d a fV^~{J««»',WW. ..popoilnR «n_,imendrberi t - to, uKcttoo x&fiUivfeii- : of';*rtlel e oa« ot the \'corS&nrrTon \ttl»- : f«T».jt£tt5ktB«: privat e proVertjri forrpubll o uae t r.v.-*'>.-..• -wESZ:*,-...-.- -'-'-....•,„-v^ tr.-S-^j^,. comtlto- action , . ..... t» eon- .„„,.,. .. ^yjattfiectli m teven. of •.article'.on e of the 'yic 'J 'JM^.tntlon/^sniendjd^to readmi t follow*: I 7 . property^»h«ll fee'tekrn, fu r any •?K$-rao}fe tujtj^thit conipen««tlon_to.. : Se nude tBw» - >y the Stf V»taW akall'itie '»x^ilned,.bjr.,«i:'inry.'or tj l the, ; <«£< ^^\•^iftoiiera^appolhted jby^ a. J -e#wt v ^.record, u V ;»'VV etall: hi^prcicribjd tar law'.< Prlsale.'roeii mae -,.^£*P*»«9' In--th e manner to be pretcrfbe d by Y: .titer;:Jn-erer/ t que the neceadtjr.o f th e road ,,»ad.^» imjount ' o t el l darriaire to b e eqitalne d by w^.,^ the ipepllie thereo f «h»U bt flret .determine d by ,. f'-Jvrr «f>freehdlder>, end tuctj amount, togethe r -1 ' \• Wit h the., earperuee* of the proceeding , thal l be . «*ldlby the-pereon t o he benefited. Genera l Utr a b* P**\\* pennltUne the owner * o r occu- ' |itota,ci.egtffcultiiral'land i to conatruc t an d main - .*/ , talci .for .th e drainag e thereof, aecceurj r dralna, ' J^' Btchee aid dyke*, upon the land s of others , unde r 'Jvjj .'proptr reetrictlon a and with Joat corapenutlon, i ' ''Vy|^c }»o' v '«pt «i»l law * ahal l b e enacte d fo r iiuch >: <!jfi. Furpoeet'rijT** legislature may authorize citin ' f <td;>fq)ei_.tnora land and property than <• neede d fef^ettKlI construction <rt the laying out, teidening.leatridint; or relocating parks, pub- - Uo'pldcet; Jkighicoya or ttreett ;• provided, how- - fctr, that the additional land and property <o authorised to he taken thcll be no more than fufiMent to form tuitable building sites abut- Hutf oh tueh park, publio place , highway or Itreet. After to much of the land and prop- trty ha» been appropriated frr tueh park, pub- Uc place, highway or ttrrct ai is needed thirr \ for x the remainder may be told or leased, i HeaaTred- {It the Senat e concur) . That th e fore , . JcoinftC UbAudment be subnillte d t o the people tor kppron) at the genera l electio n to b e hel d f th e , reernineteen hundre d an d thirteen . I n accordanc e \ trttl) the provlalon a of the electio n la w ' 8taU o f Ne w York . I n Senate , Ma y 2 . 1913 - The toregolrt g resolutio n was dul y paved, iw o ' -thlrda o f al l the Senator s electe d rating In favor Uwreof. By orde r of the Senate , MARTI N II . ULTNN, Prealdent BUb > ol New York . In Aaaembly, Uarc h 5S. tSUsTrTK e 'foregoing ' resolutio n dul y passed. Efro-thlrd* of all the members electe d t o th e As- \aeasbly TOtlhg\|r i (aror thereof. B y onfe r of th e taaxnably . ALFRED B. SillTn, Speake r State <jf New York , Office of (b e Secretary o l Rate. as.: I hav e compare d the precedin g copy a< concurrent resolutio n with the origina l con - Mrreii t reedlutlo n o n .file I n thl a office, an d I d o hereby certif y that the sunt la a correc t Iran - .scrip t therefrorAi and of the whol e thereof. Given Bnde r toy band and the sea l o t office at the Sec­ retary at State at the city of Albany , thi s twenty - eecond day of July, f n th* yea r of ou r Lord, on e Himaaaaa '-srlnrr hrm-rrr l an« tWrtetn, [L . S. 1 tOTtflrTirj J KAY, Secretar y of SUte. rOKK FOK StJDinSSION OF AMENDMEN T NUMBER OKE. e%aJl the ptropoeed amendment to Sectio n Seres It Article Oae o t the Oonatltntlon , designate d i n MM eleetloa notice as •Amendmen t Number One , la relation to the method'ot ascertainin g com - sensatio n on taking private property to r publi c see, and empowering the legislatur e to authoriz e lausiclpalitie * te~-condem n property I n excess o l __ junffonX-Actnally - needed—tor- public parka , jtreeta and place* , be approredr . CffLANATMN—MATTE it m ITALICS IS NEW. STATE • OF NEW YORK , OFFICE OF THE fccretary; of'State, Albany, July 82, 1013.—Pur­ suan t to'the prorlslqn a >ot sectio n on e of articl e fourteen «{ the Constitution ot th e State of Ne w fork,. aiidJecUon:twoJiuridred and ninety-five o t tht Election. Law, notice i s icreby gircn that the ~lollowigg . piu|Ki»ed amendment TO articl e oje ot bW'OdnstituUori o t the State o t New Yor k la t o be. jrubmitted to 'the people to r approva l at the soft general electio n in thi a Sure to b e held 00 the' fourtJ^day .of 'Norember, ninetee n hundred lad thirteen.' MITCHELL MAY, Secreiar y of [and the additional county Judge shall be chose n at the nut general election held after th e adop ­ tion ot this article. ] The addlHqntl county fudge* in tfie county of Kings shall be chosen at the gotcml election held In the tint odd- numbered year after the adoption of this cmendment. The additional counlf Judge* tehote office* may be created J>> the legislature ihall be chosen at the peneral electio n SeJd in the first odd-numbgred year after the -creation of tueh office). [The succeaaora of the several] All county Judges, (ncJudln p «uo- oeMora fo exUting judge*, aball-be chosen by the elector s o t the counties tor the ter m of sis year s from and including., th* first day of Jan* uaty^foftouHng their «I«xrt<o*v-- County court s MUThate th e power s a^ :v J^fii»dtctloa the y now patseaa, and' also original Jurisdictio n in action s for the recovery o t money only, wher e the de ­ fendant s reside I n the county, and in whic h the complain t demand s judgment fa r a su m no t ex­ ceedin g tw o thousan d dollars. -. Th e legislatur e may hereafter enlarg e or'restrict th e Jurisdiction of the county courts , proTided, however, that their Jurisdiction shall not be s o extende d a a tr authoriz e an action therein fo r th e recovery o l money only, in whic h the sum demanded exceed s two thousan d dollars, or In which an y person no t a residen t ot th e county ia a defendant . Court * o t sessions, except I n the county of New York , ar e abolished from and after the last day of De­ cember , eighteen hundred and nlnet> live. Al l the jurisdictio n of the court o f sessions I n eac h county, except th e county ot Ne w York, shal l thereupo n be rested i n the county court thereof, an d al l actions an d proceedings thrn pendin g i n suc h court s ol sessions shall b e iraniucrred to said count y courts fo r hearint r an d tK'K-nntnatlon. Ever y count y Judge shal l perform tui L uuues a s fAry may b e required b y law lit* ,alary shall be established by law, payable nu t <>r ih r count y treasur y A county Judg e of an, • uunly ma y (hol d count y courts in an y other cuumj when re­ queste d by th e ludge of audi othe r county 11. Resolved (if th e Seoai * concur). Tha t th e fore­ goin g amendmen t b e submitted t o tb e people for approva l a t th e genera l election tq be held I n the yea r nineteen hundred and thirteen , i n ac ­ cordanc e wit h tile proviaion s ot the election law . Stat e of New York, I n Assembly, Fel>. 11. 191s. —Thia resolution wa s duly passed , a majority of al l the member s elected to the AascmMy votin g In favor thereof, three-ftftha being present. B y orde r of th e Assembly, ALFRED E. SMITH . Bpeaker. State of New York. Ib Senate, March 17, 1811. —Thi s resolution wa s duly passed, a majorit y o t til the Senators elected, adting In favor thereof, -tnree-flfthf being present . By orde r of th e Ban- ate, MARTI N U . OLYNN. President. State of New York, Office of the Secretary a t State, aa. : 1 have compared the precedin g cop y el concurren t resolution with the origina l con­ current resolution on file in thia office, an d I ao hereb y certify tha t the aarne l a a correc t tran ­ scrip t therefrom, an d of the whole thereof. Give n under my han d an d the seal ot office of the Sec­ retary of Stat * a t th e city at Albany, thi s twenty . secon d day of July , I n the fear o t our Lord, oat fthousan d nin e \hundred and thirteen. [L . •> ] MITCHELL MAY, Secretary o f State. rOBM FOR 8UBU1SSIO N OF AMEN&XEHT NUMBE R THREE. Shal l tbe proposed amendment to Section Four * A NoveUaation b y J. W. MoConaughy of the Success­ ful Hew Play b y Harriet Ford, Harvey J. CHlggiria and Dotorjtiva WilHam J. Burns, In Which Robert Hilliord Is Appearing :: :: Coprxisbt, ltU, tT JournaJ-Ajziert- caui-Kbrjunlnar. SYNOPSIS James Argyle, wealthy and eccentric, l a found nhot dead I n tbe library of his New York home. His only BOD, Bruce, an art­ ist, and his ward, WBI Mary Maxuret, are suspected. Asche Kay ton, a detective of repute, l a called In. Pe I s given carte-blanche as to expense and told to run dowp the mur­ derer. The library where Mr. Argyle was shot is opened. Kayton and his assistant. Manning;, ar­ rive at the Argyle mansion. They ques­ tion Pinley. the butler, and search for finger prints I n the hope of finding a clew The detectives And a woman's finger prints on the library table. Mrs. Wyatt, Miss Mozuret's companion, tells Kayton that the girl's mother was a Mrs Nellie Marsh of San Francisco. Hurler sails OB Kayton In his office and Inquires about the \fake\ advertisement. He I s told I t concerns a large legacy for Mrs. Mnrsh A telegram from San Fran­ cisco Informs Kayton that Nellie Marsh had b«\>n i n prison with her husband, a Dr Krelsler, the head of a band of coun­ terfeiters. Mrs Marsh anawers the \fake\ adver­ tisement i n person She i s known as Mrs. Martin, she tells Knyton, and keeps fur­ nished rooms. He secures a record of her finger prints and then arrange* with her to ta.U > Mlas Maxuret aa a roomer Miss Mnzuret unwillingly tells Kayton that she had' heard angry voices late that n'lght nnd hnd thought that Bruce and hln father were quarreling She admits that aha knew of th* will *u<litc ta her fsvn- rvayion telephones Chief Wllkle of the tjnlted States secret service about the mysterious counterfeit Later he Inserts a \faker\ advertisement I n one of the newspaper* I n the . hope of locating Nellie Harsh. \I could kill him,\ he »a<d. «lth I'r Kit 'isler? WUnt arc ion «o )n« to il<> ivltli Mr Krelsler?\ ili-riiijir n>si> p.iKsiorjatpIt lint Kuy- lon -b'Mik ti* lic.-iil I < tin t do ;im tlilnir fur I>r Kicis !«•!• In ri'|>>«*i| lirtistiui'li ' \I>II IIIII-I \ \ mi shnll' MTiMUU'd thi- Mnniin ns th<» ili >or un * tjunt: | n|\ n mil Kri -lnlpr hlm --i 'lr HUTIIIIK ll»I<> I in \\ lint < lln-'- Wh.il - III. ill lllll lllli-ll lnoklll.' <|'l l I 11 1 th u It h ird !•«• her * « if. i i.-lil i- -li- :l! ,1 _ili|..-, l I- ;i \t.ini ninl niltli- I I'N IIMIM K K |llll li v I llH IIHXt lll-l lil t till' il l i in! !IM ^ ( .i l tinl K r< wltii i Mi. ' i*-i n -..i i ini r s..f1 1\ i.inn il\ m\ ili-ii r i|iui'tl\ 1^ Ml tin * t' 1(1 N(.\ > [u^ _'rtiiilt n li.it is it '• lll.tll**!' - ' kn fimn •l il.lifi l :i t f.'l-i't 11 _ e» r •Ml il I'll' i h.i.ir-i II\ 'rue -lint nt.. Hi. ; in..in li K I I.'I! I rn Mine Maxuret I s told that Mrs, Martin's finger prints are Identical with those on the library table. With some apprehen- alon the girl goes with her Kayton and I his assistant so to the Martin house the I next night. Before the counterfeiters re- tae n o t Articl e Six o t the Constitution, dedKnata d I turn they install a dictograph Then m tbe election notic e as Amendment Number Kayton goes to Miss Mazuret's room. Three, providing for an increase of two i n tV a number of county Judge s in Kinge county ; also providing tha t th e legislature may Increase the number o l county Judge s I n any count y no t t o nreed a total of on e Judge tor every 100,000 pop­ ulation or major fraction thereof, prescribin g the time o t election of additional county Judges; an d providing tha t th e term of ail county Judges shall i begin on th e first ot January followin g their elec­ tion , b e approved t ; -JUfCTDMOTT OTVDER TWO. Concurrent .Betoluflo n -ot- tbe Senate and As - atmbly, Proposing an amendment t o articl e on e *t' the. conatltutlon. relating to law s fo r the se ­ verit y and'prqtcctioo ot the Uvea, health o r safe- b/V et»ph>yeesv N ^errat, -The legiflatur a at It s regula r aesston i a t aineteen hundred and twelr* duly adopte d a . 'faaeitftloa proposing an amendment to articl e on e ail tlMXCQtutitutun, relating to laws fb r the te- - ssnity'.'andi protection o f the lives, healt h o r , Safety ,etJ.ae«ailoytfes;.'tird Whereaa , Suc h resolu- • ttoo 'has hein\'duly psbUahed ia accordanc e with .^ T W#^ta^'W?cc^ituU6n aMrcfeT^Td to this leg- -lata4^\fo_ra«!pn;-ithereiora Sectio n 1 . Reahlv 'ft (U'the'Aisembiy concu^.That articl e one of Ike conatltutlon'be anwnded by . adding,»t the en d »' new' \ section, i :to7 t be'.'s«ctilje>Jjuacteen > to .rea d •a foU'owa: IJJj^^aiMng.jcontgined .tit,- itls ta^KtsWtoH ^7irn'-\R ? c»iMtr»icoT to limit the fwiecr-of ;f»« legislature^ enact 'later for the' ^.protection of:the lice*/h*althi or tafety of en- \ fT*)ytM;\ef'for'*** po»>menJ, either by employ- tj*,'*rJbv : cimployer*->an<l employee* or othep *tiit7* either •directly or through a ttate or \' HAcr system of fnsMrance fir otherwise, of i ttmpauation f'qr injuria to employee* or for ^f^ploTim'T^Hif 'from snch in- firlei tciihout regard to fault o» a cavee * thencf, creep C schert th* injury is occasioned , by the tciUfut i.ifCTttoW of the injured cm- yloyee to' trtriy^jtoul <>«_<nj>ir 1 ' or dcfltA p; \7 dMfhT?T~oT^ner* the TnTuiy '•-remits tolcly from th* intoxication of the, in- fired employee uihtle on -duty; or for the ,ad- fiutment, -determination- and tettlemcnt, tdth tr.tcithoul trial by 'Jury, of issue* tchlch may • swif f Wilde r tilth , (efltsJatlon ; or to propide tkaf tki^.right'ol tueh compensation, and the rem- • ety' therefor thall be tJXlutiv* of all other ' : rif itk^emd -remedies for injuria to employee! ?.t*jtri.eTcatK mating from tueh injuria; or '•\K-'.to srfioieJe.'t/idrtae r amount of *uch conpenaa- . t^.fer'-deith thall not'exceed a fixed or de- vWisifiiri fCjKgLPfortdcd that all moneys paid •'^^.tsi'tm employer, ta U*^employee* or their legal v6Jg »»'».» i it«f < \ ! *' >**so* ot «*• wtdctwienj of MreOi authorised, snail be Zl*t*tVitfr*ti4&~$)reper charge In th* cost of 'ea »e »we*i*T thi business tf the employer. 12. v ; a*aeelved-(if:tte.i*MieJnbl y concur). That the fora- i\ajeia«;ajnradnieeit\te submitted to the people-fo r i\ tfji 11 it 'sVllii 'j -fifr -Tl aleotioa to b o held in the 'rhi ^idred , tad thirteen . I n accord - o* the electio n law , *ae ^^ew,^orr,Cln lasembly, Apri l *, IMS. ' •'•^:^T >e ^ffcreeit^^eioi<idiKi was duly paased, a ^ff \>11 'nr'i^n i 'lnV-rr T '-^t1 to the As - B y orde r ol the --^AT^iai ^jsirjrTa, epetto. ;/^^^«.'ySTO^>r«?-Ja'Jh-att; March S3, Ull- ^,^l^\»oeW^a« : t»iuaU<K',V»4 duly f*t*ed, • ma- ?^'i') i ^-^^ : '^\'' S ^ l, ^* l,,:t * 4 T*' js >* ta bT<lr ^.^B^'aWeriet^tU .JUnata, iUSXIS H. V. » {< th*. geortwy ct Jiceceuln s cjpy c..~i'_, =.—'^^iy-f ^vtii^;:-**' u«,«ci«iwJ. «»» ','r ^»'i.rOT -io«'-tU'.l»;ia^:^-., ajvj I d o \a uKnei tr*a> ' Clrta •f-!>«-**> ta»V troitr- 1.. a> i i fl aW-^taUrteam; ' 'CL. ' S. ] aWTUM BXL'.laA Y ^'•'•M s»tf;,fi|! i l\issiaaai'iat'^..artk*.. 0*5. the .tek>cti<ei : EXPLANATION*—MATTE R U J ITALICS I S NEW; eiATTER I N 0UACEET9 L 1 IS OL D aUTTKB TO BE OMITTED. STATE OF NE W rOKK, OFFICE OF THE Secretar y o t SUte , Albany, July IZ . 161a.—Pur­ suant to th e provisions of section on e Qt articl e fourtee n o f th e Constitution ot tho SiaU o t Mew York , and section tw o hundred and ninety-five of the Electio n Law,'notic e is hereby give n tha t the loUowin g proposed amendment to sectio n seven o t article seven of the Constitution o t th e Stat e at New York ia t o b e submitted to the people tor approval a t th e next general election l a thia Btat e to be hel d o n th e fourt h day ot November , nine ­ teen hundre d an d thirteen. aDTCHELL liAY, Secretar y of State. AUENDVEJJ T NUMBER FOUR Concurrent Resolution ot the Senat e an d A#- setably . Proposing sn amendment to sectio n sev­ en, article seven, s i the oeaaatttaxlon , i n relatio n to storage reaerrolra and hydraulic development s Is the sorest preserve. •action L Besolved (i f the) Assembl y concur) . That sectio n aeren o t article seven e l th e consri- tution be amende d to read aa foUowa: I 7. For ­ es t preserve . The land s ot the state, no w owne d o r hereafte r acquired U eoeialltuUii g th e forest taaeaiie aa no w fixed by law, ahal l b e forcra t kept aa wild , forest land. They shal l not be laaeed, sol d o r exchanged , or b* takes) by any corporation , publi c o r pel rate, nor ahal l the tim­ ber thereon b e .told, removed or destroyed . But th* leifblatiir v stay tf/ ste*ier-al law* frovidc far th* tut of not tmcttdissg three) per Centum *t Such land* for the oaeurtructton and utajs v feasance of reservoir* f*r muntotpal teatcr sup­ ply, for the, canals .of the *tat* y a»<t t», regu­ late the flow of streams. BucX rtterioir* thall it constructed, owned end controlled by the itftte, hut tueh Kork shall not ia undertaken until after the boundariu and high flout lint* thereof thall have been occyraScly surveyed a*Wf\xea~. \am i arttf imoJtf J iWi ^-ArarlB-rVtRd \ defermtnaflsn that tueh land* ere rcauired for tueh public use. The eapenae of any each ' Returning to the house. Mrs. Martin ' pleads with her liusbind, Dr Krelslei, tn Eive up his evil profi-Maion . He r,»f use»s ! but says that i f h*> lf» taken airi*l n U*> »ill kill himself Hurlf> ent«?rs nn.l unhuiils , Mrs. Mnrtln for hurlwrinK Mi*i M.i/iir-i He makes nmn> duma^in^ a<Jrr»i »i>ion-, which th© AlctoKraph rvconds. Kayton nppr-nr H on the* scfre^ tr ihr* uh ! aexice of the ..thers ami plend^ »nli M.s I Martin to flv «Mt h llws Jlnzur, 1 riin- I refilBes Kri-tsliT retmnfl stinl tur^ati-n* I Kayton. w h.-.s^ i»>rsnn a hty I s now knuwi I to hiin. T CHAPTER XIII. This house is watched'.\ IIIO piurani-e o-f the two weaker moiiilMTs -of the confederncy mis somewhat turpultuoUB. <!»KP l>urst into the room chat tertng iDroheroutly like a mdnkey He •was follow e«t by n thick set coarse 1 young man wry muph tbe worse for j Greentvirh villnge whisky. I Mrs. Martin and Krelsler eyed them ' coldly unmoved until Gage managed , to- sputter out \This house Is watched!\ \Friedrich- Rasped Mrs. Martin. At j the word her constant fears became 1 fulfilled prophesies of evil But KrelB- ) ler's pale gray face remained calm. 1 \Nonsenser he-said doubtlngly. J -Crag*, without waiting for comments. [ begun feverishly opening secret caches and packing his belongings in a suit case. Skidd lurched forward against the 'table and 'brought down his fist •with a crash that spattered acid about \Dont you?\ he demanded, drunjeen- Jlt* \Well da you beliex« rm-dwnfc?- The German's disgusted growl was sufficient answer. \Well.\ went on Skidd, \they didn't •stpTOcewnK stall he apportioned on the pub- 1 HeTea 'tot'JZTv^b^.^t j «* me so dnmk I couldn't keep my Any tueh reservoir thall altcay* be operated by the ttate and' the legislature than provide for 9 charge upon the property and municipal­ ity* benefited for a reasonable return to th* ttate upon .ike value of the) right* and prop­ erty of th* state used and th* services of th* ttate'lrendertt; which thall he /Iced for term* af not exceeding ten year* and be readjuttabt* th th* end of any tcrtn. Vntanitary oond<- fiona eXall-nof J« Drejjieel or otrarinaed ~*y tmy such public tcort*. A violation of mny of th* provision* of this section snay be restrained mTVut tuuif th* people or, tcith the content- *>f the itprepe court in appellate division, on notice to th* aUarncy-BCnerat at the) emit of any ettfjen. 11, Eeeolvtd (I t tka Assembly concur). That 'Che-ibrecolsa; amendment be submitted to tbe peepla for approval at the reneral electio n as be held in The yea r nineteen hondred and tUt> tees, ta avwordanot «rlt k la* provisions ol the eleetloa law , SUte et Xew Terk, la Sesata, April It, ltlt,- The httgotBg resolution was duly passed , a a*s> Jorit y o f the Btnaton elected Totint ia<fxv*r tbereD C HjT, erde r o t ft* Senate, XAETOf X. OIiTOJtV rtesi-lint . . Utat * ti Xew.Twk, In Asecaibly, ^pril 90. .0111. J —The fcreeolrji* rnolutlon wai duly pawed,' » SMjorfty ,ot .al l .ilia rnembcrt elected to the'Aa. •wnUr'Ycilnj; l a IMr'tieieot '• 'By. order^^et iM X-eml4r, AlrK>OT'£-;ollTrTl.-SpelOcer. .ibeesauid -,!aJair;iirB*T^;'^ui d ^ttrh^ewnJ -'JCH ^MH «aaUlA*< ssse i peeaw»:'e»-,ea»; aaj H — 'il ^ r «Swt«'«V' J*TTprVfr^»'^(ecf»iar> V *»t ; taN)::sayaaaestAef y' eawa>aweaairiew k . oaata^-,eeaaaor>ie'-i«e«il«'lae T ^aaad^liaVjWyaitleasssai '.'l ^e l ;esje>- Uclstatlceo bs^sprwei t. naucm.Bi \TWi otD 'MArntJi v-'A-':.- IXrUaJtATtOH— MATTM is) ^atiTT«~i*,'t*^CIJtT »/n 3>™ rA'-^y>;wi'6atrTyCT>.iV^;jj.<i^' J w.^.^.-. •o*'-rH9 i V '^'aawai <^io '''ta^'peei< haisawi'vef ..'as^oei^eawr'av'sr^e* * ' ^ a^te^.VrraeiTjOaeatliaaysavWitW 'a»a»e~e» '.slew': *te-'.\ lerai .aiia -eaMtieat^ra^^hiMseVsJ.aad, aa>e«y-«ee~es' aks »>e<^lUw.':aw4J*a to Uiaeiy.erlvearihaS.UM , ^ . ^ >iliJ<Br.R5.r>Ofi,R, J\ •^fl ; , »^P^!f?7^.-«'^d»^t^te-»>seei«ei-»Vr<»>^ ef.rAreicle a ».TenJ«y~flk\Oi«^ll>aUai^e»ela^Bt ^ f »a\ »a KAe—neW.t ^«rea.iW ' •^l 1 r*OTld1r)g',.for:-'.h«ieaaC:ayJ t»i_ ; ^»ut e ,e< : aea ~ to ',^t^J^ree r»v >nraiw'-y.\;U>e.\saewat'^pwiiiir• s^ IBBISI \fat.\ ihe^ren-trpcfioa^^sniJ ' 'r^iBteneice.^ef \ aesie-coolrolie i ''n.»:i_iolrsj*»o'r; : \ »nurJclr« l %'«nrtev.' e^^lJV icr; ibe/WRitev^t'U«..i»i»r5 «'n<l yo\r. ,, tl«e > r*arelai,ion)\BT-lhe-'fi3^ , ot^i«jn\.^amli imrt* J - - F ** nl -\.'Jbaa fo r i;i j .«iii^-;t{or.rrifr-.i i^i.'' \ •rij,. jad. .\JutilcipilllIC!; >»^.rSie5LjM. l)>? !.'1,'*~?.' .'thereof, 5>a .•Hpi'OvrdJ <-' '^\2. ~S eyes on tbem He dropped Into a chttlr, gmmbllnp: defiantly Mrs. Martin approached him trerrrrrrcrtisly. \What Is it? What has happened?\ \Some one's on to ns,\ snapped Gage without turning his head. Skidd wav­ ed hi s hand for silence and told his story with the exaggerated lmpressive- nesa of the importantly drank. But It was none the less -alarming. \A. wise young guy tried to warm up to me in a saloon,\ he said, while Krelsler and tbe woman listened close­ ly, \and I couldn't get him drunk. And 1 , believe me. .there's something \33* tag when I «in*t;get * laaa drunk. \And there's a new newsboy over am the corner. That's derh runny, -now, ain't 1t7' Without t^^htest'hjrirry or e^ressio'n.bf alarm K^slerbeg ^n packlnff his thltigs aWa^^:ttel ^hiaV' in'g pjdees, ' ind ^Skl.tMr^rondlio^^^ Impression.he had made,continued: . \Viiid-%hat txvant to ambw^ii^/ire \WolL » fly ttilscoop lb the mornluV'^ * lie \(ToVTawT— \eiirly . tmOrulnH VVo'ro jiotliinl Lint a pack of ''.'f }eacoS^ Skidd plckloil, your pocket plcked'n.hd i^'-pet- tlcont dawn in the parlor-tud't.you can't get Introduced to'l Me, for PhHadel- pblji •'• KrcNler's ll|i curled contemptuously I »<iuld .iih ISL ' tlien, Mr tiiine \ be beuuii 'that you take\— Tlie door burst open, dndL,Sklilil ning- gered Into tbe room. All tliree started fat the expression of his round face. Tbe drink bad died from his eyes His skin ivns pink and whito-and tb<? wbole expression was one of utter terror \Mrs. Martin,\ he gasped, \there's a man—tbere's a man doWu there'\ Before any of the three could recover the power of speech there was 11 sound of quick, firm, footsteps and a rustle of skirts, and Kayton..strode into trie ' room, followed by Miss Mazuui Tbe detective's eyes were flashing with an 1 ger as they rested on Skidd. The oth 1 ers, save Mrs. Martin, he lgnoreil \What do you mean by trjing to 1 force your way Into this young lady s mom?\ he demanded, advanrint; tliruut- emnply us Skidd retreated be fun- him 1 ',Mrs. Mnrtln. Is this the sort <>f pro teetlon p> have in your house'• 'Who is lie?\ demandtil SUliM of Krelsler How did he get lu v The Ccrnnn swiftly seized him by the .-in n i n a powerful grip tint im pnsinl xjlell.'f • Mr Slciild so to your run-n nMer eil Mr« Mnrtln severely \I\ t\ the sitii.'itlni i instantly nn.l in'.n.l M Km fun Willi 11 half npolopeii. mi .i n 1 lie - liei 11 ill ' llklllff sil l 1 \, 1 .11 ill ' \\ In. thi <le\ il is he\' '1. 111 imle.l SI.I1I1I hut mil with his feu ri i 1 tielli_ - ereiw •• He « it-* Inwardly \• M '.ileti '\ cowed and frightened. ' T\ lint liustiK'ss Is It of mi !>.'•\ de ni .iiide d Mrs Mnrtln nngrih \rr mil run iln^ this limtse'' Go (o \i.ni i-imm' t; nU'I\ look his arm nnd dri^ved him relmtantl.t In I lie door. Skidd Mill pro testing feebly \Of rnursp if he's drunk\ s .iid K;i\ ton after they lind conp 'he prohablt , made 11 mistake In the room I in ~.>ny If we 1IU1 urlieii von • \nt n t nil\ returned the wniiinn pnlltelv • I didn't know you had • ailed liortor will vo« see if \lr Skidd all right 1 ' \t'ertntnly \ said Krelsler nnd fol lowed tire others down stairs \Mrs Mnrtln. can't you arrange to give her n room near your own r asked Kayton quickly when tbey were alone Mrs. Martin nervously moistened ber Hps and spoke with a visible effort \Mr Kayton, 1 think It would be hetter tf-much better— If YOU would take Miss Mnzurpt away \ou see for yourself that I can t protpi 't ber In a house of tt.ls sort I can 1 have the responsibility \ Kayton drew nearer nnd lowered his voice. I ran t get her nwn> \ he said \This hoii-e is being watrlied I'nknonn tn herself Mrs Martin 's hand flew tn the i ollnr of her dress \What do vixi mean''\ she asked fal terlngly \It has evidently leaked out that she Is here ' replied Kayton \TUey may hp reporters they may be police de terllves Rmce has the whole Torce searching for her I can't take her out without VietrayinK my hand, and she can't go alone Isn't there a back way that you could escape with her to a hotel 1 \ \It's impossible ' \Mrs Mnrtln, the men wbo are watch­ ing this house are operatives of tbe government secret service.\ said Kay­ ton swiftly, and tbe woman choked back n cr> \Some one living here h*s been uttering counterfeit money I cannot have Miss Maxuret Involved In a scandal of that sort T didn 't tell you at once because I dldnt want to alarm you nnnevcessarily \ \My Ood'\ moaned the woman ber bauds pressed to ber face, Kayton watched her for a moment in a dead silence. Then she made a quick rush for the door, but he barred the way. \Wait a moment.\ he said grimly. \I can't permit yon to speak to any one In this house or do anything to defeat the law ia this matter.\ Sbe stared at him, and her lips bare­ ly moved as she asked. \Who is it?' \I am not allowed to tell yoo.** Her eyes questioned again, but he shook bis head. \I advise you to go with Miss Maeu- ret Will you?\ \No!\ she gasped defiantly. His Jaw . , , ^ _ clicked, and be stared at her a moment ' Us ri * ht '\\a nnd made «» tt despair \It has. come.\ he snid simply \Put up your bunds!\ snapped' Kay ton. Krelsler glanced rtt him lndlfTer ently ami found himself fating tin steel circle, of the muzzle of a second revolver Then bis eyes came back tn the woman IJ IM look at Kayton .1 ml the rcviilMT «;h no inure thnn that «e give a stranger on tbe street 'Tut up your hands'\ repeated Kay ton »arnlflgl.v. The German. Ignoring him, kissed tbe woman's dunk forehead gently dlsen gaged bis nruj nnd lenting her stand­ ing rigid with eyes closed turned bis \back on Knyton aud talked slowly to tbe door Here be suddenly threw up .•iv Lebanon in snid t_uuut-y, dee i -ffrsed, that thev a're required to e*X- litbit the same, with, tbe vouchers in support tnercot, to the .Subscriber, - the eaucutyr under the last will and teats,- ment of said defeased nt his place nl t r iti-.i- 1 i. r- .1- -ueri e .YiVU tnf n! fr ..rti i- .f II,i,r\ ,| 1 raw:»rd, H.'.ii..^ l'jr Mii .l t.\r. \-jr So 76 Maiden J.ane in the 1 ..v of Aioaay, N ^ un or before tnf ^Tth dav of Dei emoL -r next i>ale.l thi.- ^Iday nt June, ltfli J KiiANK iul^LAN Executor Henry J . Tawiord Attorue\ iur Kxei ntor, 78 Maiden 1 -nut - Albany, .N Y etc. IT . . . .11 1 W It ll M l fi ting tn ».l\e 1 < • 111111111 it Inn fel t I I li e le»|iei I- iiinn ii'. t is it i r Krel-'er .|\ \ . md • I lin, h.TM'll <l Ihe qui. k thnl' nf idnnra I for . i>urage I hat n feels wherever he lie replied .iiuin^i un \ \ He 1- iiupli. a let] .tiler* 111 tin* , .-nnntin • offered hei a -him if -lie will lell « lm V1 g\ le murder She\ ' FOEECI^psUEE SAlja. of 4 j.hfp 1 ii 1 I TKe Worr-aa ThreiA, Herself Across L ifeless Body 1 11 :ig - i 11*: 111 orle •velnl fill -s fa e : kered in s he 111 d t MI 111111 li a*- the 1 ,erinan s in terrupted qinetU S5||e klH.M- Iliitlllllg llimit it UllW shmtUl she''' She kiii .n-. e\erytbiug aIxnit It\ re toried KiMnii hrir-tlilili\ 1 rirsi his wife fiauti.-' ly \< ml \nii iln »nniethiii^ ' Wllii tin -.jn-efl and Mnnnt lme-.s ..I' 1 sli -iirUt hiiwi e\i >eri in 1 did . .n. ili*iii.iii--ti 1 r i<in (In- • nimii -rreiter - li 11 \\ eilt In III - hip |\ •• l. i 1 I . \ill. I kill him he - nd . a pift!\ as i f ir \ 1111; tn tiu i l, e up 111- 11111 i d K M Inn who earned Ills -nft dirk lilt in In- n^lil liimd let 1t fill in the tl '~«r and di -rlo -ied 11 small aiifniuatli plsi.ii \n' gaspeil UIP woman seizing tier liu-hai d - arm With a low moan Miss M.izuret. who hail shrunk bnek against the mantel and watched the si -errp with staring frightened eyes sank unionsi -toiis in to tbe old oak bench \Your daughter'\ ft. Iilmed K art on In a new rone 'She's fainted'\ And for the first time lu Ins life Kayton lost control of th *p situation In n vital crisis Forgotten was the min­ der the i -otinterfeiters his rpputnfio-.i bis life—everything—as pe tx-nt over tbe pale faced girl Mrs. Mnrtln seized Kre-isleKs arm \He knows'' she gasped \Tie knows she's mv dniigtiter\' Knyton throw lock his head and straightened up. \I>o you think* I d bare sent her here if you weren't ber mother\ he | snarled savagely \You ought to have 1 gone when i told you to Good Ood' Haven't yon nny feelrasr for ber at all\' 1 migbt bnve known I couldnt trust ber to n woman who left ber when she w-ns a baby for a man like Krelsler'\ He hnd apparently lost all sense of the terrible situation save in «o far is the girl's name might be smirched With a woman's rrnick intuition Mrs Martin saw nnd lier face 1ft with a fierce Joy \Frledrtch'\ she,. {Tifid, in a shrill voice. \W«'ve got hlmf\ The German's burning, stpndy eyes had never left thp detective's face but had Si 1. I 1 \ \\ III, her-i '1 M.11 Ill'l-s ,, ' rnntl sen-iii • lui li\. I Im 'l 11,,! - 1 li e • ' I 1 i',|M , Il U 1 I n In - \ 11 f \l ri* •1 N I \ ill -III f •! . I, - ,. — il l , .| l iniiti rhe ' 1 s llfelei*- wsl In th, - fin-,, . I In 1 ir. 1 1 mu 111 11 IMH]\ mst -i ntller llli'l 1! — t mi 1 1I1 III! -t ' . i n m-t un I I n 11 he OOUNTT COURT COUNTY OF COLUMBIA In the Mattel of the Appointment ol Terms of the County Court ol th* County if Colimbla I\ LEGAL j mi . r f • I 1 1,^ .1 ,1... , r« 11 tbe j p. ' aw of the ' TIT \ / 11 1 41* reV. v a , \ I • Y , • i , m; . mi rt a •, ! • c t l.n t t- r 1 HI 1 r I. I 1' Ttiat ! • •prn.i of : ne . iur 1 n t\ ., f I .1 in II.M f - :r at . n w an • isfit r« the 1 miLt v 1 mitt H OU:,P Hudson \ at 'w. , sin: a of Xat) .\tale of New i-i be l 1 unty ,- tbe .dee er:n« of aaid - Li\reh v ne \,-..r lilii r: if 'DC 1 oun- r .1 if isH 'jee 1* ne'' it ttf 1 ty of urt ID \b( 'MM I. II afternoon ni, the days f Sei -enii Mon.lav m Maritt Th rd M .ndav ,n ,Sp ;,tem',pf Secoiid Mnndnv in rVirmWe\ That for the year ly]', Terms of the ( ouniv 1 our» 1 ouniv of 1 nlumbia f. r 'he nnd dei «mn of motions and I'W Lg V •*<pseu u of th« bearing for tnij • I r , 1:111 - - 1. s^-\ 111 ,\ 1 i>r;^ . 1 .1, -ir \ n Mi, I 11 t. *a I li-.-, nf 1 II < r. g .l.i M I.li ­ the* :t ,\ l a - -i>.| at ind. I \I • rt .1 • ! • h 1: - 11 \,.r l.-ii .1 \11- • - i t ii. » li 1* h 1111 h i 1.1 if . - \ 1 1 o r and other proceedings w tbout a jary, >>e hi'd at the ' nuntr 1 ourt Hou»» i» he . .t% .'t Hndron, *s Y . »J l«n i .ock , n the fomnonn of the days fol .owing, viz. Fir-i Monde iii renriiary t\r^' Mondav in April ^ First Miimlev in Moy First Mondav in June K r^t Mondav in October * 4 Fir^t Mondav in November That a Trial Jury be drawn evael sutnrroned to attend at the terms to b# held resi»ei *T 1 ve,, ,»h the second Uo s dav- m March, the third Monday ia ^t -pieniber and the second Mondav in Ilecemlier, i \I Ji rv hp driwn and a 1 1 P r I f h, t erm to b« fur,; .Moris'- :a >*epteiD r |IU INK Hll dm 1 1 'lirdess \furne\ for r\ic j'cr 1 hathnm, N Y Thnt «umrn«npd T hp d , r. IDP l>pr Th^t r, 1 , l»p 1'« w n • f M 1 to- , ..r.lpri- 1 Ha'.d 1'A Mil W %u£^'fo'£&y,tM^ .^n^^''i.r|myl • ^..^ ^ ;-:^0 *i^^-itiiiyiL«a ^o ^ r a^ r'ii'n'ikjgii-iiicti^iarrrj.^i-^ , „* -'-«.,'; , fiuivhi 11l ^^^^Yg ^iiJd ^Vtdd ^iiV from under narrowed lids. \Very well, then,\ said ho quietly: \Sit down a minute.\ Mechanically she obeyed, and he stood opposite, talk­ ing to her across the table, his back to •he closed door \Mrs. Martin, my awn men are watching the house. The personal which you answered was a plant.\ She half started up with an exclama- j-tion and then sank back as If crashed. \I discovered that your husband. Dr. Krelsler, and yourself are encaged with others In a gigantic counterfeit­ ing scheme. Now, Mrs, MarUH, I can­ not make you any promise ofjmnjrjiii- ty from prosecution, but you kajMr that It yon do -what is-right ,by *»»Ut- tag the law that fact will.he taken into consideration by the prosecuting Lofficers. I.taay be able' toiffeslst you tiere, but i n return you mu8trlo'\ionie- thing for xae.\ \' •• . -J,'* '^He-p'apsed and ^faited .4' \j- - T^fjVfiatJ*\ iiilred*^a^wcwe^'?aImiSt : ^aeilrknT ^-niowiird^lier-iiaa-xatii-Jo'w,. [iteafe\TOl «: ; ''-\'V'\ \ --iy^'Spi.\!-'^.; ^f^iffl1^o^lniow--wlio, ^led^melsi started before—but tbls time it fulfilled Its errand. It was concealed in the folds of Mrs. Martin t* skirt \What do you mean ?\ he growled. \He's In love with her'.\ Her finger pointed to tbe scene across the room and Kayton winced as tf tbe hand had thrown a spear at him. \Whatever yon do to meV erred the •woman .triumphantly, -you'll do to berl She's my daughter and I'll claim berr Kayton'e eyelids narrowed, and be gritted teeth. \Ton'ru \ k x v rotten pair!\ he said slowly. But the woman was all but hyster­ ical. ^ \Tve got ber-out of tny life until no^-ind you brought tteYTnto Ul* she cried-\ • , 'BWta'W6w % dn'fthe'll get what j. guts' ••'•>- • ^yon^cib^'drar^er^sfy/loW rthat t wbn 'tfanig. lw^)«rcfetl' v dj^^ this '$i^t^^sti^i^*)bi ^*^4ann'i cWar, J&: X -by'*st^^'n« .^oa'uj^* ;i , I 'dS^fip^Traytoh ^rp ^urlca/^ tbs^ c nyaVreyoIy^ I\ I'l Ksl'ANuF ol* AN ORIM-K of had I \ OD ? * nmt,c l ^ t'offin. Surropnte of the l( nnnfy of \^olambia n„ti,e m liereby (fivon nccordinp to law, to all fierxon- liaving claims against Nicholas S \ ed der, late of the town of Chatham n said County, deceased, thnt they arp required to exhibit tbe sarrje. wtib vouchers thereof, to the subscriber? at their place of transacting business as executrix and executor, etc., of said deceased, at the place of business of Bobort Hoes, the aforesaid executor. rail lurv nor Trial Jury mimni inpd to attend any - e« a» herembefor* i-. 1 r N Y Jsn g 191J. \ d.NA.VEE, ' . lee 1 olomhia PonatT Napoleon and Italy. V'lrmfpnii «n- l>orn in AJaoco, on the l-land \f 1 .iroicn and was by breed nnd In-tln t iu Italian He never-was, ept 1, ilii extent of language and +n>iifu« 1 Frenchmau. To his dying dn> he wa« a dear lover of his native land and w bile life lasted be remained true to the little island that gave bim to tbe worlds It was -while he was a charity student In France that Napo« .^^i at Maiden Bridge in the town of Chat- 1 )eon eTot bis first knowledge of the lantf. ham, on or before tlw 101h_day of I that.was to assist hlnr-to WfSe-*saL S 'lS April; iTflT \ I tasHng fam*„—New Tork American; Dated Maiden Bridge, N. Sep ttember 2Gth, 1913. Catharine M. Vodder, Rohert Hoes, Exetutrix and Executor. Dnntz & ^Herrberg, Attorneys for Executors, Hudson,^, y. ^OW<ffi'\fO ^r^ ot- l,^er ^bftsiniB6l ^j\Cote ihjrg^^vem. wtdro^'ir in:-3ajir, ita •ait! Tpfiisda?va1ivlrig-'eiliims ; ior demaflosf Ollim^ ----- --. tt ^iS^fci^aS 'rr -^.aic '^t THE SIMPIJE LIFE. If one advances cbtiEdennVm the dtfedioa of his ffreams •ajnid a'dciC-JBj .'-i bii to live ike lifewbicK.W^iai ^pi^iy apnea bejwiD^ meet wlh>,£uccr*si mjcEfi'Mff • »*^&?fi'*''

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