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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, October 15, 1913, Image 12

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_ Fjursuant to tbe Election Law of th e State of New York; *\' notice of ny Gen- : ' oral Election t o be held Nov. 4th, 1913 \;T\ ; tata-bBeB-'roeeived-by us from the Sec- retary of State, of which ^he following ' .\ is a copy: • STATE OP KEW YORK Offi-e 1.2 the Secretary of State. Albany, July 29, 1913 To tn e Custodian of Primary Becords of toe County of Columbia: Sir.—XOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN • that, at the -*Generar\ETection t o be' held in this State o n the Tuesday suc­ ceeding the first Monday in November, next (November 4th ) th e following officers may be lawfully voted for, t o • wltt , A Chief Judge of the Court of A p Ei^rafe<pBa3«, in the place of Edgar M. Cullen. i^^^&EiSssoclato Jndge l>i the Court of ' Appeals, in th e place of John Clinton Gray, whose terms of office will ex pire on the last day of December napt A Senator-for the 20th Senate Dis- trict. comprised ef the counties of Co- lnmbia, Dutchess and Putnam to fill an unexpired term coding December 31st, 1914 County and oVtrut Officer-* also to be elected for -ai.l 1 onnty One Member of \«-enili|v • A Surrogate u. B. Coffin, appoint' to fill vacancy A 1> stru-t \\. Willnun B l»:i'< v ABSTRACT OF PROPOSED AMEND­ MENT NUMBER THREE. At the said General Election there Is also t o bo submitted t o th e people for approval, the following -proposed amendment t o Section Fourteen o f Ar tide Six of the Constitution, herein­ after designated as Amendment Num­ ber Thr»e, r-rovid-pg for an increase of two in the number o t ooanty J^dgas in Kings County, also providing that the Legislature may increase the -num- GrVEN under' my office of tho Secretary of State, at the City of 'Albany.- ftiis [L. S.] twenty-ninth day of July,\ in the\ year jnwr -thousand nine hun­ dred and thirteen. MITCHEIiL-MAY, J3o\oretaty- of State. AVKBB&AjS,' arrears of tattos for year 1912,. charged and imposed puj? NOTICE is also hereby gi on, that at said General Electron. November i, _ 1913, the following officers jnny be I ber \oFcoTtnty judge77nTny\\county j lawfully voted for i n the City of Hud- not to exceed a total of one judge fo r lilace of Samuel liv the governor > u the place of Two thur 1 .41 on -t A will roroii' 1 \ !• Tr i ! wh.>-e '• app' amontiment- T 1 pl.M'p of Ar 1 itoii J I'almer ol)ire will expire 1 >.I. t .r i,err i .i i \:il i- li'i-t ion : here t . ' -ii tin- people for Ki.'Jortiup jro/io-ril the constitution ABfTH \' T OF rROPOSKI) AMU.ND \Il-\ I' \1 Ml'.! K ONK n>. MI •! (ti'iirral KleetiOti there Mibm tted -ii tne [icople for ap the follow'n^ I'roi'osed amend , Sei-tion >e\eii of Article One ' mi-! ifm ion. hereinafter dp.sig - X-iu'iilnient Number One, in •o in* n.riho'l of ascertaining*, -ition en *'iK n<r private prop- - j. ii. ii- v-e iimi empowering ',-iulnre in nu'.lionze niuau-ipali iniie-iin }>-op*rtv m excess of At will I pro* - men of it natf rela- rom li­ en > the r tiet o o«i i'de.1 fo r public. tbe onn: -i< iii ! pa-f f'reet aid plm-e-. f MFNPMLNT M MHKK ONI Anx-cding i ion Seven of Article ODI it' tin 1 oi-t:tiition Stt .on \ Alien private property shnl ie tal.' n 'II' niv I'libln' use the corci\ • -at,< r. tn be made therefor, whTr *-urh I'OTiprni'.'irioii rs not mo-de by u * state -nail l»e ascertained by a ju\' or by t5ie supremo court with or without a jury, but not with a ref­ eree • • >'v nut .e-- trail three ronuni 1 * siorn - \ nppoirte.l l.v a eonrt o f resold as Bt.i.'l lie | re-, r l.e«l by law Priv­ ate •( ads ni.-n h e opcuod in the man­ ner •\ be prescribed by law , but i n ever\ >-asp the necessity of the road and :t- amount of all damage to be susttjned by the opening thereof shall , be iirs-t determined by a jury of free Itolae*-, ^nd such amount, together ~ witt -he expenses of th e proceeding, * ihaJC be paid bv the porson to be benefitted General lays may be pass «d pti.-mltting the owners or ocenpant« ' of agricultural lands t o construct and * mawtsjn for the drainage thereof, necessary drains, ditehes and dykes up­ on th e lands of others, under proper restrictions and vw'h just compensa­ tion, but no special laws shall be en notod fo r such pu r poses. The legislature may authorize cities to take more land and property than is needed for actual construction l a the laying out, widening, extending or re­ locating parks, publ c places, highways Cf streots;- provided, however, that the additional land and property so autho­ rized to be taken shall be no more than sufficient to form suitable build ings sites abutting on such park, pub­ lic place, highway or street. After -so much.of tho land and property has -been appropriated for such park, pub­ lic place, Highway or street as i s need «d therefor, -he remainder may be sold or leased. ABSTRACT OF rr.OPOK^R AMIND i MENT NUMBER TWO. At th e 9nid General FlectioD thprp is also t o be snbmilteil t o the people ior approval the following proposed amendment t o \rticle One of the ( on stitution, b y adding a new section to be known os Section Nineteen, herein 'after designated is Amendment Nora ber Two, providing that there shall be sc eonalit'Jt , \n»l limitation npon th e •qx>wor o f the Legislature to enact laws for th e protection of the lives, safety -sor health of employees, for the payment every 200,000 population or major frac­ tion thereof; prescribing th e time of election of additional county judges; and providing that the tqrm of all county judges shall bogin on th e first dnv of Jann-.ry following thai- elec­ tion. AMENDMENT NUM3ER THREE. Amending Section rdurtecn of Arti­ cle Six of the ^Constitution. Section 14 The existing county courts are continued, and the judges thereof now in office shall hold their offices until the expiration of their respective terms. In the county _of Kings there shall be [two] four coun- tv ludges The number o f county judges in an y county may also b e in­ creased from time t o time, by the leg­ islature, to such number that th e to­ tal number of county judges in an y one county shall not exceed on e fo r every, two hundred thousand, or major fraction thereof, of th e population of such :ounty (and the additional conn w |.nl_e- -hull be chosen at the next ijrni'H 1 election held after tbe adop tin ot tin- article ] The additional county Judges in th o county of Kings shall be cbosm at th e general elec­ tion held in th e first odd-nttmbered year after th e adoption o f this enact­ ment. Th e additional county judges whose offices may bo created by th e legislature shall b e ch„*en at the gen­ eral election heia in the first odd-num­ bered year after th e creation ef such office. [The successors of tb e several] All county judges, including succes­ sors t o existing judegs, shall be chosen by tne electors of the counties for the term of six years from an d including the first day of January following their election. ( ouoty courts shall have the powers and jurisdiction tliev now pos <i'«« and al- o original jurisdiction in ni Hons fur the recovery of money onlv whpre the defendants reside in the <oni\v anil in which the complaint de minds judgment for a oiiui no: exceed ing tw o thousand dollars The Ipgis lature may hereaftei t.-'argc or re «tr i ' the jurisdiction of the county court- provided hnwp\er that their ,iirisdiction shall not be so extended a- to mthorr/c a n n.'tion therein for the rcco\ery oU money only in which the = ii in demanded exceeds two thou« m.ij .l.'llarK, or r> which an y person not a resident of the county is a de fendant <'ourt- of sessions, except in the county of New York, are abolish ed from and after thp last day of De­ cember eighteen hundred and ninety ffve All the jurisdiction of the court of sessions m each county except the countv of Ne w York shall thereupon he \csted in the county court thereof and all actions and proceedings then pending in such courts of sessions shall be transferred t o said county courts for hearing and determination Every county judge shnll perform such duties as they may bo required by law His salarv shall be established by law, pay able out of the county treasury A countv judge of any county may hold count v courts in anv other county when requested by the judge of such other connty AP.STKUT OK PROPOSED AMFVD MKNT NUMBER FOUR \; the said General Election there » ulso to be submitted t o the people fur npprmal the fo'lowing proposed •i ner Intent to SectiOB Seven of Arti ile Seven of the ( onstittition. herein •if'e- des gnntcd as Amendment Na m l.»T I-OUT providing for th e use b y the *>\-i'i' ef not t o exceed three per cen •IIT • the forest preserve lands for '1. instruction and maintenance of ^tv - nut rolled reser\oirs for munici i i' w i er -iipp!\ for the canals of the Sti • iid for thp regulation of the flm> -'ream-', and imposing regu,***- • on- >«>' the apportionment between property and mnnict^jalities benefitted of the expense 'hereof \\1F\HMFNT NTMBER FOUR \nien.ling Section Seven of Article Se\en of the Constitution . Section 7 Forest preserve. Tbe lands of the state, now owned or here after acquired [ ] constituting the for­ est preserve as now fixed by law, shall be forever kept as wild forest lands. They shall not be leased, sold or ex­ changed, or be taken by any corpora son, New Yorit, tD wit I A City Treasurer. A City Assass'cr An Alderman for th e Fir3t Ward. A Supervisor for th e First Ward. I An AlderAxn for th e sedon-1 V.'ard. 1 A Supervisor far th e Second Ward, t An Alderman for the Third Wird. j AJJSupervisor Jot the ThfeUrtfard. I A» AldoroKCa. long tcrm^^-|ox^ia l Fourth Ward. I A Supervisor for the Fourth Ward. I A n Alderman, short term, for the I Fourth Ward. An Alderman for tlr> Fifth Ward. A Supervisor for the Fifth Ward. Witness our hands the day and year first above written. MICHAEL ARKJSON, C E. BARRETT, Commissioners of Elections and Custo­ dians of Primary Records. slihnt to }aw, remain duo andVonpaid. i aU i, . fmjn, on easterly side of QO_,the several tracts, lajs, pjftccs and. 1 - - • - - - ' * • \ - parCCjIs\ ~dr> Triad, described in tho fol- [•.lowingjlistj.viz,: (Tihe names given be* ing tbose^ 'oi ' tho owners or occupants as; the same,,appear, on the-assessment rdlli', for' said year an d tho- -amounts including the taxes, interest,' expanses and other charges against the proper­ ties\ for such year ) TOWN OF AbSTERLITZ. .... Parcel N8. 1 --^Description of promis­ es, etc., far*, bounded, northerly by highway leading from Spenoortowh. to, Hillsdale, easterly by land of Frank Wolfe, southerly b y Jands of Franls Wolfe and westerly by highway lead­ ing from. Spencertown to Hariomvillo. Acres 6'r dimensiorjfc43. Owner or oc­ cupant, Charles O&rry Estate of. Amount due, $20.28. Parcel No. 2—Description of prem­ ises, etc., House and...lot, bounded? northerly and easterly .by- lands of^. Eliza Iioomis, southerly by\ lands of Ada Sawyer and westerly by highway leading from Macedonia to Spencer­ town. Acres or dimensions, 1%. Own­ er or occupant, John tHoward Estate of. Amount due, $11.91. Economy Hints A penny saved is a penny earned^ Benjamin Franklin. T , TOWN OF CANAAN. [ Parcel No. 3—Description of prem- j ISPS, etc., farm on westerly side of I highway leading from Adam Moshi- j nier t o New llebanon Town line, bound- ' ed. northerly bv land of James D ' Blakeman, easterly by above mention- 1 ed highway and land of Elizabeth 'Mos- himer, soutberlv bv Murpliv and laud of E. V Kirhv and E. B* \ \ it liani.s and westcrlv Moonex Acres ( l Owner or occupant Michael Moonpv Amount due, N\> TOW N OF < HATHAM l'arcol Xo I- description of prem ises, etc , \acant lot street, in the village of t h.ithara bounded, northerly bv lands of Mrs. W. H. Ten Brucek. easterly by Aus terlitz street, .southerly by lands of Dr Willard Stnrks and westerly by Cottage nvenue Owner or occupant, Mrs. Julia Allen Amount due. $10 60 Parcel No. 5—Description of prem ises, etc., proper!v known as Cottage Hotel, bounded, northerly by lands of William A. Dnrdess and Mrs. H B Meach, casterlv bv a driveway leading to the house of MrM. 11 B. Meach. southerly by highway leading from ( hnthnin to Valatie and westerly b \ land of William \ Dnrdess. Acres or dimensions, '! Owner or occupant, Frederick Knoliloek \nioiint due, TOWN OF IilVIKGOTON.*, Parcel\ No. 17—DoBctiption of jircra- I'urcel No. *' i-e- etc liousi as i liesterman crl\ bv lands i .1 ( lirk's esta. Iv owned bx I lv by lands of ward Brizzie, New ( on> dimensions Kobert .1 McK 1'a reel N'o. T other lands of Ucsrription of prem Vain and land, known I'lnc lioifhded, north it .1 oil ii Barford. Mary i am) property former iihn llnmseman, easter .lnhn Harford and Erl • initherly by lands of and \dam i^impinan tin- turnpike leading nnl to < hathnm Veres '.\ Owner »r occupant. Amount due. IVM nption of prem Hubert J McFarlan. ensterly by lands of Robert J McFar Inn. southerly liv turnpike loading from New <\onrord t o Spencertown and wc-stVrlv I v lands of Kdwant Brizzte Acres or ii meiisions, 0. tWnsr or o* tin' phmitrre I '-upant, Wobcrt .1. McFarlan Amount Hi.- value .if l '»e. *'* Uari-ol No. R — Description prem i-es etc.. lot, bounded, nortfrerrv by northerly by lands of John and Mar­ garet Phillips, easterly by lauds of b\ lands formerly owned by Daniel | , ps ptp _ f nrm Known as the Lower Corman Acres or dimensions, \i Own , je ar \ m on .h 0 t h sides of state highway. OT occupant. Heirs of Bridget | „\y 0a \ one m ilo west of West Ijebnnon ... ^ or of compensation for injuries to or • death Of employees resulting from such j tion, public or private, nor shall -infories- and 'IT the adjustment of timber thereon be sold, removed fissnes arising +rom snch legislation. i destroyed. But the legtelatnw may by . AMENDMENT DUMBER TWO.' | general laws provide for the nse o f ^ad.tng Section Nineteen to'Article HERE Is a deal of s o called economy that Is senseless ei- triiMignin «• mid defeats In It­ self thi- purpose of economy. Too tonu.v wuiui-u tu their effort to save fvi'rytliing throw uway a large ninoiiut ot material that euuld be ex­ pended or used in n much better way ami in t-Ue end atUUn a result that is far from grain i ins There Is more tliiin the nine sa\niK <>t ,i routs worth uf leftover fmnl I\ lie i unsldered In tlie prut tlit* uf ii uiioUiv. imtab'y labor, the i o.st \f I net ti tie and tin* 11 nal re­ sult uf tin* «li.ih 'J*lie desire In six- li.ilf nf JI live rent I Kilwnnl Rnz^!. loaf nt' bread whi.lt i-nuses I'liuc wo- and westerl% l» men tu use i •iii.nt u f eight rent milk fioni and four egL- at A »v \> c-etiti apiece, , 9 li.ill a n liour - lime .1111] 10 relit\ north ' uf Iui*l In ord. i tn piuiliico a dish that mi I>III» liken aiid Hint I lie whule fam­ ily refuses to eut 1- tbe result of a mis­ taken Idea of tsonomy l'ur better would be tne purchase of it quart nf i. e < i-e.nu nt Titt i-pnri iv Will would save ber time, laljnr mid fuel and gin- Hie f.unih of a luxury nnd ;nlil t u the IIIi-lHI. If Ui nftspt tile evpen.se- Of the h-e ei-ecui she eoiild be fnugbr Do buy less bread, cut It carefully Juat what was needed for eaeh meal and no more, to use half slices and broken pleees for erout«ns, thete would never i be an y more stale bread left In ber i bread box than she would need for . breading croquettes or chops once or ' twice n month. If In xpite of careful buying and 1 ratting shi* «honWl some day-find her- ' B«?lf with Jiurf of a loaf of bread t o dis­ pose of -the uilgbt much better throw awny th e 3 or + rents' worth of food than expend 30 or 4<> rents to save it. If a tablespooiifni ojr.pcas susrgests no other disb tbitn irn omelet which calls for six eggs to bp garnished with the peas they bad better b e thrown out. If tbey ran go Into tin* stock pot, to­ gether with fntvr or fnnr other bits of palatable vegi-firblfs w Wrh will give a good flavor f\ srmp tbev will hnve been well iitllhtpil but it I* tin evirnv- ngnnr** to build ui> n ne w dfc-h nrouinl thetu There In wren bed waste In savlnir the littlf fieee <>f fat wlilcb is left from the steifc tf it tikes an hour\«i ti'ne tu r. mler into elwir white drippings for fr\ m;. If there !*• ;i law imotntt of fat that eiin bp tifed In sue b n way and It can he done witlmcrt taking time from other neeessurv trisks tt wttl be n real economy to utilize all such fat. but there are many other things besides the cost o f laril to bp computed when fig uring the amount saved by this process. The real begnmliiK «f economy is t o I studs F tbo denmnds of the family nnd to Iettrn to buy carefully, just enough nnd no t too- much nor too- little, and tne ! the woman w-ho masters tMa phase of I b y thtr town line ef -Gallatin and Ed* the problem will not find: any diffictil- ] ingstom. Acres or dimensions,.IS. Own>- tlcs to understanding tne- rest of the ' ' v snbiect highway from Elizavilla-\. .to,..Bnydfij-. villo, bounded, nottaijrly by lanjls q£ George H . Weavor and o f the Es­ tate of \German Hngar, southerly by'i lands -ef Edna Miller ani westerly by- lands of• flaid-Edna iUillor andJof-tho Estate 'of 3fary XVentwprth andL^S!* highway. Arjss or dimnnsionsj 185, Owner ot oocupant, Douglas Young hanse. Amount due, $62.30. TOWN OF IfBW DEBASSION. — Parcel No. 18—Dcsefiptio'n 'of- premb ises, etc., \wood lot on fives (Hall so«| called, bounded) northerly by lands, of 5. J . Tildeh, easterly hy land-pf Thom­ as OhuxShill, lying west of* highway leading from 'New Lebanon to'Canaan, known a s Quecchy road and lying east of Hilt road to Canaan, not touch­ ing either highway. Acres o r dimes* _sions, 4, Owner or occupant, ^TB.. B. ^iownian ^stato, Ahiount due,' $tfi,IiL| ^''Parcel No. 1&—Description' dfryr'c'nv\! ises, etc., wood Tot in School District No. 2, on West 'Hill, so called, 'bound­ ed, northerly and easterly by lands of 6. S . Sands, Estate, southorly 'by lands of Silas Perkins and westerly toy land of H. Hand. Acres or dimensions, 10. Owner or occupant, Hojlis Bowman, Estate. Amount due, $11.35. Parcel No. 20—Description of prem* ises. etc.. farm on Peel Hill, 'bounded, northerly by lands of \Villiam_ H. Har­ rison, easterly hy lands of\ Arthur Cnrelton and of tho Estate of Thoma.3 R. Clark, southerly by cross road to Pittsiield highway ani westerly by cross road leading to East street bigb- hv land of John I way Acres or dimensions, SO. Owner dimensions 100 or occupant, Estate, of Michael Crowe. Amouna due, $48.75. Parcel No. 21—Description oi prem ises. etc., wood lot on south side of road from Lebanon Springs to Bagg Fnrm. hounded, northerly by said on An.sterlitz | road, easterly hy lands o f t'nroltoa and lands of Babcock, aoiitherly by lands of and westerly by lands of Fnnnio Carpenter. Acres o r dimen sions 2. Owner or occupant, fcstato of Michael ('owe. Amount due , $11.36. Parcel No. 22—Description of prem ises, etc.. farm known as the Bradford < nrpenter Farm, lying on, both sides of the highway loading from New LrOianon to Canaan, bonnded, easter­ ly by , southerly by land of G Steuerwald and westerly by land of i \\. II. Dounelly, northerly by land 'of J Hiught Acres or dimensions, 223. Owner or occupant, H A. Hovey , Amount due, $7G.!)0. Parcel No. -3—Description of prem j ises, etc . farm on easterly side of i highwnt from Nen Lebanon to> Can­ aan, bonnded, northerly by land of T Nenlon and \MTInin Scott, easterly In­ land of A S. HiiiRht, southerPy hy ( lnn.l of .1 Scott and westerly by land ( of M Scott and said highway. Acres I or dimensions. (>•,' Owner or occupant, I [ Sn-ati nnd Helen Hand Amount due. | $JS ss. Pa reel Xo. ti —Descrrrrrirnr of prem- • I ises. etc land of Henry Johnson, cs > i tnte bounded, uortherlv b\ lands of 1 W Hill, easterly liv highway lending to < annan sonfherlv and westerly hy . lands of Olive Blunt estate Acres or I dimensions. 10 Owner or occupant ! II Johnson, \Heir\ Amount due I.$11.35. I Parcel No. 2.T—Description\ o f prem [ i isps. etc, farm on northerly side of i j luahwny from ('. SllPnnan's to Davis 1 tiro £<jnssela.er and! Columbia?turnp'fl <ej thoncblnorthiTO'dcg. 83 miii. £o;UjVSIa* Itar Jine; thence-south along. th»iMah>t'. line 15 aeg .Mo ntin, W 503 fcoU'tJionce, north •Along*-the-Mithnr line 715 flog. -50 rain. W <J06--fent; thence- north G -deg^ 22-min, E 330 f ootid thh-imi road .to, Cantfaa;?.ih&ri*cb''nQrth'. 8'y'dc\g. ,40 •,-\\ 4 ' .}yV S ^r ^-JSotMhel^ef^ratlr;* 60 30 min. TJ;-'3 t 62''footi-;therico.'.BouV deg. 363 feet to the pia'co of beginning; -containing 40.39- acres- mor-o or Jess. Commencing at a point,on th e road- ber,' J913, muy^then remain- duo ^i^iJ^^ pectivcly, r costs-and charaes Iwhutoh Ijve.JkrtJ? lA \ r .?'-\i\\ • .„J ,«i.oil'itafill. and-ison-v; loading from the .Colnmb'la and ^ttstl*? , * 0 ? n ' J 1 * s- th ' , '/- & ?^ , ^ S ^1l§»^t Hattie C . Boy'cc where'-tho- lands^pf; \tlnf^Titden - Estate and—tho—lands—ofi Howard, and Avery Btown meet\ and, rtihnitig south. 45 dog. 55 min. E.-Vif/ feet; tnonc.e north 22 deg. 30 miri/;JJ' 30f jPcet along tho knds of- the B/o'^i : Estate} thence south 70 -deg. 25-{min;. E 52& feetj. thonco aouUi SI dogi io njin. w 4-37 J\eet> thence south 31 dog- 57 tain. W 471 foot t o the lands S\f drow Beod;, thenjsOBialong said-lands' :aorthr-72,Jeg .'50 ^min.-*VV--310 .fiftt -^VcT tho center M w tliTTfigiI 5 5iy 'mentio,ned- ; hereinbefore; thence north aiong^sdid\ highway 54 deg. 22\ min W 375 foet; thence north IP dog. 47 min. \V 800 feet to the place of beginning, con­ taining 14 .00 aires known as the 14 aero lot of tho S . J. Ti;den Estate. Commencing at appoint near tbe land of P. H. Cashman and running south 10 dog. 44 foet to tho Rutland rail­ road; thence north along the lino of said railroad 57 .dcg. ^JNmin. W 1020 foot; thence north 16 deg. 49 min. E. G84 feet; thence south 78 dee. 48 min E 470 feet to n fence whore the lands belonging t o Augnsta_H Tilden and this land join; thence south 38 deg 45 [ min E 1268 feet the place of begin ' ning, containing 23.78 acres. Commencing at a point whore the lands of tho Catholic church and this piece join and running north 11 deg. 50 mm. K 383 feet to the-lint land rail road; thence south along said railroad, 26 min. 57 dog. 15 min. E 923 feet to a creek, along said creek 150 feet, thence south 15 deg.20 min.W 17H feet; thence sont,h along said creek 4 deg. 28 min. E. 169 feot t o tho Columbia and Rens­ selaer turnpike; thence north, 65 deg purcnasors m wu t t , „ amount of thoir respective bids totte-\^\; County Treasure*, irithin forty-eight * hours after,the last da y of tho sale,*' r« and roeoivo ^certificates describing the.. _ }1 lands purchased, 'the sum paid, and \ tho time tvoon tho purohasors will,be — ^ entitled to' deeds; and after tho ex- . j piration of one year front tho last d»y i of such sale, they shall be pntitlod to • receive conveyances of the lands so purchased by them, respectively, un- V '- less tho owner or occupant thereof, -or some other porson interested therein^' , pursuant to law, shall have previously •• - redeemed tho same, by paying to tho Countv Treasurer, for the use of the purchasers, his heirs or assigns, tHe sum mentioned in tho certificate, with interest nt the rate of ten por eent from the date of such cer- per annum tilicnte, nnd any tax which tne bolder of J.tiil certificate shall bavo paid be­ tween tho days of sale and redemp­ tion, together with the sharo of e x pen.se ot the publication of notices to redeem the real estate sold for-unpaid- taxes, as apportioned by tho Ooumty\ Treasurer to.tfic real estate so redeem­ ed 9 fcet; thence north 20 de g 13 min F. J 190 feet; thenco north 65 deg 17 min ' \V 51 feet; thence north 17 deg. 3.1 mm E 2 5 foet; thence north 68 deg 5 min. \V 766 feet to the place of be ginning containing 6.99 acres. Owner or occupant, Ly V. Randolph and (leorge Smith, surviving exrs. nnd trustees of the Estate of Samuel J Tilden Aeros or dimensions, 151.31 A mount due. $76.90. Parcel No. 31—Description of prem ises etc . commencing at it point where the lands of Thomas Churchill nnd the Tilden property join nnd running north H4 de g 6. mm \\ 2fil'-j feet, thence north 78 deg 40 mm \\ 7J4 feet, tbeuee north 8.\> dey 1\> mm Vx i 259 feet t o the lands of one Bnrk j thence north 3 deg 30 min E .\i82'-j ' feet along the lands of Adam Son. thence south alonf the Vugcnt hue 85 dcg. 3 0 min. E 200-1 V> feet ( OMimenring at the point of begin ning and riiiinine south 79 deg 41 mm ' E 2*4 feet, thence south 71 .leg. nun K 20 2 feet, thence north *>4 dug f 48 mm. K 270 feet, thenrr rorth 2 ' deg. 17 min. E 718V. feet, then join , ing with the lino of 2O04U. feet mak ing 29.76 acres. Commencing at n point near the Hop nouse comer on the road lending from JOHN CONNOB, Counly Treasurer. An Place, bounded, nortlrerly 'by land of , {hp tT onsp PO m-,r t o McMtlliams S. Khcrman nnd Mnrsden. easterly by lands of A S. Haight and o f Charles Sherman, southerly by *tajd highvynv and westerly by laudf of E . Smith. \cres or dimensions, 275. Owner or occupant, C J Nightingale. Amount The Nearest Approach. .-_ English tourist visited Arntt and being a keen disciple of Izaak Wal­ ton was arranging t o have a day's i good sport Being told that the cleff. ' or horsefly, would suit bis purpose ad- > minilil.i fur a lnre. b e addressed him­ self to ( hrlsty th e highland servant • girl. \I SII.I. my jrir}, can yon get ma some hort-ellles*'\ Christy looked stupid, nnd he repeat-- eil his question Finding that she di d not yet i oinprebcjid blin, be exclaimed: \Wlii girl, did you never seje a. horsefly'\ Nyu sir\ said tb e girl, \but a ' wnuse saw n <-no jump ower « preshi- pUe \ A Mollified Subject. Nollekens. the sculptor, was a man of pretty wit nnd of neat resource In com­ pliment lie bad a t one time for a sit- i ter a woman of great beunty, but of an extremely nervous and impatient tern* perament Durinpr her sittings she would i-onstaiitly <*bai»ge ber pbslBOHi~ , and with eni-h shift o f posture her ex­ pression <-b.-mged. At last the 8cnl{K John lIcN'amara estate, south\»rIy by ( Sne ^ 84 0 3 . ,., » , - lands of John F. Conkey and westerly i> arrt> i No. 2ft~ne8cnption of prem j [h/ w *,^*^e'of T\triangle. and running south .12 deg 31) min K 307'/j fe«t; thence south 20 deg 45 1 ,. c= ^„„ min E TOO feet, thence .south 3tJ 4eg. | , at ien.-p pive wav 10 min E 3211 feot to a point where - MadaB1 - np ,. ritfd . »of Whnt avail I» yow beauty Jf you will not sit still fill- have reflected It In my medel?\ tbo road hereinbefore mentioned and the road leading from Thomas < hurrh 11's -fo MeWillinms' join, this being O'f'onnen. Amonnt due. $13.49. Parrel \o>. 9—Description of prem* ise^ etc. houtp and lot,'bounded, north ' eriv by /and of Henry 'Watson, elister lv by' Highway lending from Chatham- ' Tenter tn i tint ham. southerly by iand of John f> Van Alstyne, nnd wrsterly bv land of JOrnily A Vedder Acres or dimensions. I 3. Owner or occn pant, Mrs. Sarah Van A Ilea Amount dire $1.1 TOW A OF COPWCE Parcel ^To\. 70.- -Description of prem pses Vetc . land or wood lot known as tup \Shaver Land\ r.nd fnrnierlv ownr-d bv the late N\ulter Shaver, bounded, nurtiwrly by laatis of W T>. Ten Uroecl, Mrs. John Rrink and Sterling Viidhargh. southerly nnd eiist U h\ bind of Arthur Utirdiek Acres or ilum •I'-iuns 10 Amount due M0 \1 I'll re* t Vn II—Description of prem isps, etc hotise and lot bounded, \nnrthprlv bv lands of Jacob Hi\-\ F- tnte. eaotprl-* by lands ot Mrs Nun - V.'ish. -outherfv b y lands of Michael ' i ole und westerly bv the highway lending from < rarvville norttferly Acres or dimensions. 1 Owner or oc cirpant, ltobert Trafford Amount due, | $13.1*;. ! Commencing nt n point near tbe house known as the South Farm House O., bonnded. northerly by lands of I ? nd \\\7°* 84 . 4R f E » ] ? A. K C.nv.tt ond BtmthVrly lands f« et to, the point above mentioned of Frank Fellows. Acres or\ dimen- , . kon * P°' n ? ^ a ' k commpnr.ng .tt -ions. 131 Owner or nrcnpnnt. Allen \ ^ olnt JMMhr- Farm D. SachPtf Amount due, W-«? UonS ,- 1 S?- I -/ , \ m ^, T h •!' -Pan-cl No •J7_|.esori f .f.on of prem m,n h 131 -'> *?* '\V^ ' >ol,,t * hr isps. etc.. farm known rts the Hill , B 1 \'\^- rontaming 10 10 acrr«. Karroo cro-s road from state road to . »t a point where he Hanrf Hollow road. hmin*d, northerly lan , u ^. •? ?• ^ •* Bamlolph l.v t«nds of (harle. 1.. French nnd ». H»a , •.nnii- r W soi'rtrherlv l,v buds of trporgo Burton I n ' M \ M * T\?\\ 0 / ,hp r''- of , rn t \cres or d,n,cnsi 0 n 6 . I2J Owner or ^ o - * it ° n 1 d ore^pant. Allen D Snckctt. Amount of B '\ eon J°i B nt th J \\rtl.west .om ,, „ 'un,. te r and running sonth 24 deg u HUB -HIP. w.ai. . |l\ 190 feot; thence sonth 3* deg. 45 , Pa-i-cel No. 2R-nescnht.on ofprcm- | nlin _ K 934 f e( . t . , hpn( . p pon ,|, -, ? ^ The sitter smiled -with gratified vnn» ity and was as motionless ns a lay fig­ ure during the remainder o f her alt- tings. -St. Louis Rcpnbllc. YOUR APPOINTED WORK. I am glarj to think ] am not bound to make the-world go round. But only to discover and to do, - - ' With chcetful heart, the work that God appoints. ^ J —-Jean Ingctow, 7 min YV 2t>3 feet, them- Shaker line north S I deg •* 1585 fppts thence north S dec E fl*\r feef; thpnee north -in nlonc ifc»- i ii- r. \\ 1\ mm • leg '.n mm \V 3711 feet; tben,rr> 1 ntn along the Nugent line SO leg 4n mm U J2S feet, rfiCllie sulitll ~9 dig 4 '> \\ I61 fee-t. thence squth 42 dc min. Y\ 14*1 frrt thence north till deg :in min \Y 174'v feet, thenci «2 deg .K> nun \\ V» l f. et Historic -St. Sepulcber's. St. Srpnlchefs, the city church nf • tbe pud of Holborn viaduct, wboso-; chnrrhyanl Is open to-tUe public, ilales, | as the n.imp irriplies. trom the Hino-of the tin-t • rusnile. Of the present odi- '- , fl. i « hi' ii had t-nifTeircd' sadly front \resii-rcr*-.\ mily the line tower, one ttf. north ' i^niii'ii's himiuinrks. retains medieval thence ' nuisiuirj I-'rmn thp top of this tower TtAWX O F GAIiLATUf. Parcel No. 12—Description of. protu- PSPS, etc.. land, bounded, northerly by land of G-corge Ht Weaver, eastjjrly by land - of John JJ. Weaver, southerly by i land of nenry A. -Coons and\ westerly ises. etc.. building and' lot a t Tjebnn :inon Springs on easterly Ride of high wav passing Columbia Hall, bonnded: mirffcerly by snid t^olumhia Hall prop erv easterly nnd soutltBrfy bv lands of IBinny i'nrpetitcr and westertr bv sJnd highway Acres or diniPOM oris. '._. 1'«ncr or occupant Henry St. Low rcmr Amount due $*l9.*(7t. Pitrppl .N'o, 20—I'escripnon o f prvm i*w. etc.. < olumb.n Hall, building and land nt Lebanon Springs on the south erf^- and westerly side of hTghwav lPad inp t o the Lebanon Springs V O., bonnded, northerly_ and easterly by ; ]85 repr.;. tvenrp nor[n ,„ „ said highway, soiitfiprl.v- by lands of 1 E 3 o 2 f„, t . tbeuce soutb ^ tbe • Z my m \' k \ sirtd Bacon, to Queen L. H. V dd and westerly by lands of Thomas Churchill propertv S7 dec tn ' I '' 1,7aMh - '' sl > a l' «?o It Jn a manner m -' Mary Hand. Veres1 or dlrtrensions ML min . E S51 feet; thence north «s deg I a * >,r I><x«\>rton-dM it,\who walked % Ovvner or occupant, Colnmbia Itml | 4 £ min . K 1C3R feot. thence north 4«\'' '\<> bnttlPraentt, of tbo rtmrcb-^ ^' m .rZ; ^ E l^t* the.ee «mny days and .^onk. a *w ^ &atb. Amount tluc, $0W.58. 1 north f Unit « min v o^n * . . 1 11,_ „i^ ,1 » ,, - ^ -iV*V;•.Vr-i?:^-S: Parcel No. 30-DcscripUon of prom 79 Xg\. 40 inin K \84 \feT ' ° U \' f0 \•\-^ndon-Chroriicle. ises, etc^ commoncinfat a point in the , thenco- south 71 dcg. \25 m ] 0 B 202 north 5 0 de g .72 min \\ T'I feet,, \rich iKxllngton,\ iRa lirothpr-ln-law -thence north 4 2 deg 40 min \\ 229 1 of Walslnshiim, threw himself to feel, thence north 47 deg. VI mm Wlm,,.,! „ rlmin erv lawsuit. \If I <Jr> 188 feetv tiienep north Hi dr-g 17 mm. 1 („.,..,(; mv m .,.' ; ' ' E 322 fe*et; thence south along thp.' deg :tn ! deg I Youog- j_ On.e of ttie Constitution .;./•_ Section 19. Nothing contained in tbls'.constitn.tion shall t>e construed to ; ; iimlt tbe power of the legi^tju-e t o i'J. fijicct laws for the protection of tie i% litce, health, or safety of employees; £ jtor ior the nayment, either by mploy- »fc>#rJV-or b y employers and amployeea tier niiiiej^Tis^ alther directly or throng' S,,i^.;a':si3,io pr other Eystenf of insurance or 'bil&wise, of compensation for-tnjur- 9,r^ls« to employees or for death of em- ^J'jjloyees resulting from snch injuries .?J?.^--*ii»an.fc recited to fault- os a-cacao ^fejHliejlijuwdp ejnploy«--lib-^rinip.«.ook613te ' *'-;i.»oih«T,, or -where T5*> \3j &7u5y ^iesiB.fe «ot «=\1 whlcn'_. ma j ;»ris»v under. JinchTiejjf-\^ «-~_.q «i :;:or~-to ptovide ' t\nat\\thi: Sig -hti ^•r ^f ^^ahjOlTbe, ' «xeiuH^«~of~i.II^6tliT •^.^'i^i»^^l^iiiiim' r : tor jnjudci to IO-P.:: ,ri j^^ypt-'^taxt^g^aixiag from: not exceeding three per centum of such lands for the construction and maintenance of resersoirs for nmnici- pal -water supply, for Ore canals\ of the state and t o regulate the Aow of streams. Snch reservoirs shall \be con­ structed, owned and controlled by the state,, but such work shall sot be m v deftaien\ until after the boundaries and nigh flow lines thereof sb*U have ,be«n-accurately surveyed and .fixed, and after public \notice bearing-and: -determination that such- lands are^i*- quired for -such, public ttse. ;.The'-ex­ pense pf any .such 'taproreme^rsiall bo app-ortfoiied ptt tt*iiPiAlicVii^\pri^;' .Tate - ,prop«r^-an'd.«Tin3c^aiiii?e ben- rsceiveti^ .\lAnyi sn&.x*»ianrSx-:j^^e 1 •wagrs.be-oserated-b^ ^ejta^iw^tSai Ic^»tax*^Ii^^pr^dej^r,^ TlTJon-ih'eXjpfpp*»^_ v an^ -t3^^b\^t)>t>^the -4afaa-f>?-jtJte^tJg&t»- •ind^ p'ropejrtyn.of-' the state' Ti*>d^aii'd'.- the- \nitinxfXf^otJXht-^ ^tjite^-iffliderid^ .which ^h»ll. Tie\;.fixed ior/tenni^ of; Sot-- Twrcewfin s-t-5n*^e»«*-'»^'-W;i*»^uat» aw | •.j5]-> »t- the-,;«o4-4'ojt7<ujy~te£rn'.y-'TJjiiiSuii;. ;t«ry' bond.itons/«h»l[ v aoi..'k*Jcr*ata(i;-or. How te Mak» Jams Attractive. It is an excellent idea la doing Up Jeflies, \either; fer home use or for a woman's exchange, where tfce neatness •and- attrttctiveaess o f a glass, often in­ tended as a gtft to the. sick, .count for mucC, to- fasten arecmd tb e edges of the wiate.paper •p»e^r-c^;-t!he;ftop..the- narrow; strips of^eolored'and' already gummed •• papers^-wMcb are sold\ foi£ use' to.-the poseefpartbut of frames for pictoreB'^nnd wWcb^inay 'always, lie bopgbt of any jr^'ib a*te.Btationef, the expense being-inslgtriaca.nt - '-\;' Tnese bands, in^addltibn^tb.iiie, gain In* tteatotes'-awi-^pntfiness; 1 . nlsqP^lvW' l^r^t^R.securi^'in-the (matter:iSf.'. nlt-j JeUyi\Jftmo? cWsgr^g^wttaln.' 'J. I-\/; , or or* orenp-nnt, Donglns It: hansox Amount due, $13.13\. i Parcel No. 13—Descriptinn of prem- » ises, trktz, iionsc ono\. lot on. castorfy sidfr of Mglnvay leading iVom Saydei-- vilte to Iynko Chrirlotira, bonn-Jed, northerly by laatd of Hfenry Beheld, easterly and &*ntbor)y by 4SH4S .of .Cns'aries Weavet and .westerly b y high­ way leading. ^m^Snyderville h> Ix-Jcn Charlotte. A'eres ; or dfmenslotrs; 6%. Owner or r ti-«nparit;^\Waiter \Snyder. Amount Qii&-$15&2.'-. *, -: in- 'no: continued, \o-jrraoy .*mch^'.-|><l^j^o;woTlr.s; c ^•^o1a »gg- •^fgaa^otrfU^pTOygilw^ \IDLENESS; \ji>ont»e^tKefe ^jn-P%wn^=^ 1 • ~ ^ie'- man\:—•TKornir- v^arly) eV!r v^s,\\ jyhencoTioith\ 83 'd'eg.-4S>mtn' \'-\-\Ifcftcae^'nor^^Sr^ejvTrSD feot and contaiiun-jiflfJiOG j^^^0ii&erl^^^ n ^ < l O ^''>P4 frall-^ttcros^'this- hoitrg,.propdriy^.taKeij:.by VoadVcbimpany-'a'nd Jands'of jiiccfb Stop- B. ; »3'.i-Tilden in the division -between --Jrpl&ega-->(ri;oiTO^ hiTr-aplfand We-irtfj.'rf.-'ynden In^fcy o4-6yJv*^jo^^vonbnrgli. -.-Acres, or-.or <rub \9jr'.lS92 and.sTnce- ocbaptied 4>y 3. ^^i*ij6,niibil3, : , \Ovier or. occupant, ,J< \Itilden. <3fi5njaonclng'at-fc point op* -Honry''^nninghcaij^state'r ^Amount- pos?td ; iha Hop House 'cjjrher cnH run- \a r 'aCf .inS .53.- i-*=Jj.*^\-y. \* *- * • ^nllis-vsouii. 32- deg-.'JO-iiitt,. S 874K .... ...... ». ..foet. t'hf.tlgf. MvXh gQ flBg.rrii^'.Tcllti. ~S, center of tho- highway leading from the Hop Bouse corner to the* Quecchy road at a point where the land of M«Wmiams and the property herein described join and rnnntng south 5 deg. 12 \min. west 154% feet; thence south 30 degrees, 18 rain, W 22r«fectj. thente •south 32 deg. 30 mta W 791% feot; thence south 51 dog. 50 min. E 182 feet; jtbence south 51 deg. 50 min. E 525 feet; the*re<rsouth 43 degv 17 min. E 62 feet; thence Bouth 50 dfegZi'7\ min. E 139 feet;' thoate north 62 deg.. 30 \min. E 40 -feet; -thoncb south 75\- deg..28 min. E 102% feet; thfence'south 77 d:eg;-.48,.-Jnitii E 104 feef'to tho -Bouth or .Qncechy restt^'hoihg tne-'highway to Canaan;.. Ihbocc.\;jymth ,23...,Jlcg.. J5 '.vain'.-. \\ lliZi feel;'.*. Aionce'^'north-ilS deg.; : : 3i>.jmin..i;jv;:1101 •'febt* along/'|»e ' iPar'cel No.'-^-^pMCTipUpn^of pfem^ ,.isc3',' vet'tw'-i*arm'^'6n : \ efeteriy ( side ',{<4 roan-tea.d^hg ffrbrii : /<^en^^ fOTrtiVnitadciS^'iibVthe'riy.-'by lands.bf -ltib.',6f-,'theVB'aeqn'igrbp>rty,^ ;SViffiam\MddrV by rands;,late*i -ing^al^a' poihljlwher'o 4b.eVS$eba'jfcopy- 3yToWfi^:S^S*^»tb'7..bfe\^W^ j rd^eas'ed^'sbuthe.rlyJrby,.;^ •.ana'-Iriinnin^inVa:;disgbnat ,Jine rtpjar pA 'ejria or.'dimonsibus-)'90. O.wnerjb^.^oij--. ,\^^ ^fnpftn^-.He'n-rv^^Cunnin^ ^ahdUijrj^encc; •feniie.'noriy.B^geig. 'JS* ^AmoWiT.d.rtb^^tirT. ; --'•• -\ \'f£?£.^min^^4<&cctt<r.iho&i&TrJ!&Xeii3E£ ilarias-Vf\George^Ufi^hbnee^flbbt¥ ParbeJtNdV-aS^lJcscfiptionof^^^^ •Chnrchins'*-jo , : --3*IoWil-i along said lands? 9 degTW-.'min.-tW.'STt Hs^iCT*>..ri»irtii*»^a'na^iol-ln:-^i]lks north 48,'ae'»r J #3:roin'.''.E- -feot to piacb' bf-be-rinniri^/'coniiainln-ri' feet; thence north -84 deg 4S min E 081 feet. From this point start .-atNthe point of beginning running in a diagonal lino to a fence .about 403 feet and thence north tf dcg. 15 min. E 19J4% feet to the. road lending from Thomas Churchill's to AtcWilliams and con­ necting with tbo point described as- north 8 4 dcg. 48 min., 681 feet, this .being the property taken by Georgo. H, Tilden i n the division betweon he' and-S. J. Tilden in .May,or Juno 1,692 j»n j drheld''by him up to 1905\ when' tbe.;| same was purcha*cd,by fi.JJ, Tildea. andj since that time occupied oy 5. \J. Til!\ don; containing91.61;acres. > i Commtxt^inf^tti^lt^Trttia^ on ii.. •lnrr*njia>ariaV < Eensssla'or; furniiikc where , i*.--.VJ {VI ing north 64;dcg. 55;miri;:.W.'W9,^feJBt ; tbfnV \cre?itj| MVenceTneirin' ^^1-2-3; '.mini* \Y J169 jf eetj'tlieiice'\ hbrih'il5Jde'gV, •>\•-*-' 1 irail'rbad^ t3ien'co'tbuOi r along 'sat0alj-j l road\ 57.deg. 15 min. 675 fftet-'tti the .5.63 A^-^t3^-}f^Q»mtti^SMcr: loss. ~' ' '7\I/:V>LV.'|?; Coramenoing at a.pointfinl ihCLCcnte'r', of the iiigh'way Uading'-'-.-frbm Hho 1 blacksmith-Shop\ to Mrs. 1 UoycB's'Vliers' the lands bf_Patrl8lc <;asht)ta.rt nnd itac following property join, fetid, running north 78 deg. 50 min, y7 252•foot Slbng the Jiao' of CasKraaa*\ thauca ?ov*Ux .10 ^°-§L 1*. 376 * ce t ilohg tho. '3sna»' of fieixed the. Opportunity^ There wcnr-bol(£ tb'levcs aud,bbld:' : -,-.i; methods ••• \ -»—-J- ft-<v.-''.»- Jlere Said tr> a velt \llres^^«ijfutR^^^ < $piS|f^ *l«i.' 3 »* u 'b1\ f«* ' I^VI, LU^ criticalVT^eV^e?^ •and-;pasiUri^'hVxor::-\d^ ploa^^ttont.ift^helw^d:^ Hr?natcVwi;.tMtUlrticle^ yrind, - li»vlng-'blm';^vltii'?ii ; : ,-i ^ •r-*Hf.***gVi-.^^^-- r -i'yw-g5-.tf ^^H^r^?pl[^n«nlu^1^!i»*ever^3 twc|i wiirawiy*- i»»»»^^*-i^»%;. ~lb«e made'quatft.ld4a»^re .^Jtrtlst \icjxie lli«> \^nwil^Vc'nM-^ri?^ llip wotlA TOM^iri^r^^i saying Oiatwridcyejae&'i^i^lf'ro'r; ''f% icelhings as they wVcVi!) ^him'-. ; f\ ^filf Clft Ct A Ver\' j-riMifJ -orrftLn ~?*c-? •it is only Ly lB-i.<^i3l -cir,cW'rr;to^: v lulcly doing Ils^owb--'woc^i^ts--

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