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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, October 15, 1913, Image 13

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. „ . - .>aaA '5*: v j?or*tb:e next 30 day.sWet wilt inalje\ our best iff-of I '$z^fJ>iatorie-teeth for $7, \either upper or. lower.' \ ' I N-the Cady Dental Of­ fices each branch of the profession^ is in 5 cP Tn this way each opera' tor develops extraordi­ nary skill. No matter what your particular tooth trouble! maybe^you-cah^festasr \ sured that a thoroughly experienced speeiahgjt. is —here ifeady to care:'ifor you. Our operators are, without question, \ v t he • best dentists in the pro- ... fession. They are inde- fff*:^** ** *- • fatigable in their efforts -master every problem of modern dentistry. SKQRCELAIH CROWNS $5.00 ^ GOLD CROWHS $5.06 ^BRIDGE WORK $5.00 GOLD INLAY ' $5.00 PORCELAIN FILLING $2.00 PLATINUM'FILLING $1.00 PLASTIC FILLING Si .00 EXTRACTION 50c CADY DENTAL CO. 30 NORTH PEARL ST., ALBANY, N. Y. The Knox Dental Co., 249 State St., Schencetady Open 8 & nu to. 8 p. m.-rSundays xi a. m. to x p. m. •Mf. •4ajr ;nad ..MM/Tftnreri Oliver, Mias QJjJI'r'*' and lira. Shoii ol-pittsfieia. ' ^ \J .Special 8cr.vie4B will bo held in tlj^ 'church each evening' this week. Kev.' ^r. Bowers of North ^Hiathain officio.^. ing on on'\ Tuesday ijindorliook Rev. B,- <3. AdnmVof ; Chattam-Coiitel!;, on Tlnrrsday evening. - *• - *\ There will be oo meeting of the Junior League .this week. - Tho annual ele'cthm at' officers'am _rac-nnfi.>B< ,)f fr^Shplfil TTnAinn. wfTl 1m- held at tho parsonage on Friday afte*^ Boon. . \ '- .Jtfra. James-Morey of 'New York was an overv'Sunday gnest at • Bert Brad- ley's. • M.egs'rB \VVarBer Ashemead of Jamai­ ca, Daniel MurreJl of Jamaica atid'<GJf' n'nrtl iWick \of \V-alatie wera guests of G. A, iBCulbert at the liotneBto-id on, 'Monday. C ^trjS. fiofeprt Thompson who Iras been in the Albany city hospital for some tliue for treatment is reported to be do­ ing nicely.. . ^Mossr Bernard and George Redmond attended the world's baseball series in !NW York. v Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wheel- ftr, a daughter, Dorothy 0—' \ rr> .It 1 ..* „f -*wi. J. W itluJbugb ..VegJon^ iriefc--* In^iit'j^ere three women and four •men-^-On?' of the men' had u aisny yifirsj aa Editor and Propria- J . tor =.oJL 8ntf Stop ^Plains, XJSerald, IJ vorite-Beioeay. WJbila I enjoyed not on\f the bnsiness relationship out the personal friendship ot i>r. Kennedy, I have never, until now,,pai4ilm a long standing obli­ gation. ToVaiany years, as my f ne'nds so well know, I pofferod excrutiating pains from rheumatism.-' Many were the nfghta •when itjvas impossible to aleepr Wi^iout tench faith, I ndini^, Z 'triad as a;*ort of last resort, a Bottle of X)r.\'Kenhedy'sIayorite , , Remedy, just as thousands of others had done before, ancPIike them I found perma- Favonfce- Bemedy has stood young facei-bu^was prematurely gruy. , nent relief. Favonte- He.kept Ulft^ellow bassenget-s from be- j «**«»»e and 1 believe it is &e best 7 ' - i^iiftfei JL HI„„ „J medicine in existence for eiFeotually eipel- romlng; -.^(l^tPllng-stories ^1^^ of rueuM tunn=nricaoid, otherwise amu ^ttfg theui. V\ hen the ! M y «that I haVe neglected to make coach rea?'lietlXa;lfiloy { nfe left It and this frauk confession loug ago- It makes those he \had .^nteftalnQd were sorry ' my Kidneys do their work properly, tones to parte witli'tlijnC v up the Uver and makes one feel that life is Xhe\ eoacll lfad' not gdne far on the' worth living. I publicly and earnestly sd- ' . .''>i..*f. _ .__.\! vinn nil rav frinnris whn nrA Rlliferinn from caiQ 'e- .t^ro^gZ^wn frotu the B8£T j at oncBt .-^Ehere ia no use in putting it. tomeaiatlQ ^ilgmap With white hufr off as I did. S. T HO AG, Editor.\ and. wljos^'^ra ^e* was concealed by a I Write to Dr. David Kennedy Co., Bon- mask- -^ae'^to ^tlie side of the coach | dont, N Y., for free sample bottle and free Where the.passengers could see him and medical book containing valuable informa. -- - tion. ljarge bottles sold by 40,OOOdruggiflt*. ordered 'i£pai.fp'step out. line up and dlsgorg?. v TU4J>r<Ier was obeyed by all except one,'man,- who wutcbinjr his opportunity, struck the robber a blow on tbe.jcheelcj>*the striugs whh h tied 'on his mask? were broken and It fell Record for Laziness. The laziest man is reported in Ax- to.-.thS s^ud','VevealjingVfu\«v\ that ^ an _ 8a ^_ ^f.^ b .!„.!° Cd \ C , t . 8 „Jf„„ 8b °„ e excited tljeastonishment of all ~ Just Unusual— at such a price $3.00 -4- \\\Are - the kind you would expect to pay more for. The Service— \The kind you ob- \ * ~ tain\ from the'higher priced ones The Comfort Well, that's worth , a lot more than three dollars. „ 's \New Model\ ' DRIED SWEET CORN. Dried sweet^corn may be sort of old •.fashioned, but when \It is secured at the Jprbper,.time 'and\ properly dried if is preferred} by- iriany to tho best grade*, ot canned e'ecn. For drying pur­ poses, 'torn should be selected that Is consideredvpriuie for the table, meaty, but not tougU.«v*it cdiould be carefully husked ntid nil sllkn removo<l. The cars should Uicn be put iu bolNug A Bia BOOST FOR GOOD ROADS. On Aug. 20 and 21 an unusual good roads campaign was carried out in^the state of Missouri. As the result of *an- appeal by Governor Major o vast army of men, estimated nt n quarter of a million, and mule teams put in two days' work Improving the highways of tho state. The work of these moo and.] teams was volunteered, and in many cases where physical disability pre­ vented working money was donated to hire a substitute. For the purpose, of emphasizing the 1 governor's appeal, the county courts • (supervisors) of prae- 'tically every county Issued appeals td citizens to gi\;e two days' .work. In nearly evejy section the work was sys­ tematized, the road overseer* of the various districts having charge of the volunteers, so that tho greatest amount of good could be accomplished-. Boys that were too small to do road work were kept busy corrylog water and running errands. In many of the larger cities boy scouts volunteered- to serve in any capacity in which they were needed.* The \use of Implements needed in doing the rond work was contrlbnted by many dealer*, who felt that they had a common interest with other citizens In the making of better roads. There fs lfttle question that this rather -spectacular campaign will be worth>BQore as a means, of calling pub­ lic attention to the need of better roads in a rather striking way than In the actual work tieconipllshed during the twe- -days it lasted, as a week's wet- spell will undo a great part of the good work accomplished, the work being done on dirl^ roads and not on perma­ nent highways. But in any event' the campaign is commendable, and If Is to be uopedHhat the spirit on the part of Mis^qUKjans* which prompted It wttl=| ^£1/ .prove catching. In jthe-jobber they recognized their ^fellow traveler who had but recently fiartcd from them. E|e shot the man who liud utt«< ked him, collected tbe'vnluables of the pas sengera and rode away One of the men, uiouuted-tX)the bo* ilml drove f> the next relay. The robbery, wns.reported :<nd a de- seriptloiiipf the robber given A I>OSSC was organized a-nd scoured the 1 uuii try round aoout But they did 5 not have to go-far to And their man He was found/On tte porch of a tavern smoking a clgat.After looking at him ' a moment the sheriff arrested him •\.What do you -want with iue v he asked in real or pretended astonish ment ^ \You're wanted for the robberv of the coach ^hftt was held up and thet murder 'ot tvro persons. What's your j name?\^ \Edvv&rd tlvermore.\ '\Well 'Xtvermorc. If that's your , name, we're gplng to take you to the'' county seat to be tried Come along' . Jilverm6re assured flie men that tboy were waking a mistake but they paid no attention- tb what he said and took ( \him to iafl, He begged to h'a\e » speedy ftial since he was looking for mining property and the mistake that had beep made was delaying him His request Vtns granted partly bei ause the evidence o'f •.'the other passenger* ot , the coaeh^in Whh-h -lie had traveled'! was required and they were unJsioiix..*\ to go about'iheir business At the trial every one of them swore that r^VCTDJO^e was the robber and -murdorGr,\vArl6ther thing against IUIIJ was that he'had come to the tavern, nil a horse the same color as the robr] bcr had- ridden when the coai h wns'ut tacked. Uvermore explained, -this by: saylug that v be had hired <lie* Uor^g near the relay where he liad left the s^ore In a little town A woman en­ tered hi^ qhop one day and said she \ wanted to buy a pair of shoes The 1 lazy man. who was sitting on a box I at one end of his establishment, look­ ed at her, yawned wearily and then said \I can't wait 00 you today Come , In some time when I'm atandln' up.\— San Francisco Argonaut t Divisions of the World Boughly speaking, the world Is dl ylded into two classes ot people —the people who can shut doors and the peo­ ple who cannot Not a person in the courtroom but believed the prisoner, and the robber were the. same .person. He bad but lit 0e evidence to .give In Uis behalf, nnd {.when It was in ..the public prosecutor rested the case.\ The judge instructed Ihe jury, which retired and in half -»n hour returned with a verdict of guilty The judge wjfs about tq pass seD tence when a tttan, who said- Uc was n ' barber, entered ^the courtroom nnd{ nsked to b&£h.eafd. He said that the • -day N before' the robbery a man. who' resembled the;accused, had entered bis 1 SILK ATTRACTIONS FOR THIS WEEK Brocaded Crepe de Chines Fashion asserts that this lovely silk fabric is the correct natehal for Autum's roost stilish' dresses for traveling and street wear 40 inches wide and-all up -to -the-minute shades, S1.7S per yaid Plaid louisines Standard and new combin­ ations, 27 inches wide, only 95c per yard 40 in. Silk and Wool Poplin Ask to see this popular weave, SI»00 per yard PE'RKINS SIL'K SHOP 119 STATE STREET s ' ALBANY Domestic Rugs At Low Prices Our Domestic Rugs arc good values at our regular prices. Many who have LOOKED elsewhere .and BOUGHT here tell us so. Therefore, when we mark them under price, as we are doing now, they are worthy of your attention if in need of floor coverings. These special value offers consist of discontinued patterns—those which the mills are no longer making. They will give just as good wear and are ju»t as good to look at as any Rugs of similar charcter we have. Axminsters, 9x12 feet, at $19.60 and $25.60. Were $24 and $29.50. Wiltons. -9x12 feet, at $29.60, $35 and $47.60. Were §42.50 and $55. Brussels, 9x12 feet, $16.69, were S22 Wilton Velvet, 9x12 feet, $23.60, wen- $30 Scotch Art Rugs, 9x12 feet, $26, wen $20. Other size domestics proportionately reduced I H ffl H m m Oriental Rugs in a large variety of sizes and de­ signs from $4.50 to $500 Artistic Saxony Rugs are perfect re­ productions of Orientals in designs and texture and much lower in price. Cotrell & Leonard \On Broadway\ J,7J-J,?J<, or 15 James St., a sfwrt cut from State St., or Maiden Lane, Albany. t 1914 BUICK MOTOR CARS water anil-allowed tn.cook for four.or' five mlmitis:'. It should thou lie &xt>\ shjn,to, he_ sBsyedf During.tlie shtir ffcom thr wlw^nmFivut on platen or\ln pans dry. If weather conditions^ nre^ not -faviSrable for drVUiK in the* sun. the \drying may berdone by Icyvr, heat In the oven Avlth the door left slightly open tn prevent burning. The crop of sweet corn thnt will be canwSif ft f this season Is not more^thun 5ff tier cesfe_P.f^.the nonnijt, hence the house- [^lfe*%6b wtshes to manage 'economy ^c<utyr8ltould : s<ift or dr^ y.lmt corn she- ueah/jfor the prices, of theacanned goods t'wllll.rafage?';'considerably higher thaii 'fast year. ••- ~ ' • lng he hdu'talkod -with the barber, who ! told hioi-^h^t he., had -recently <-ora<s' from the \east •with o, fcetomont^of a stock. Including some wigs. The c \\A ' tonier uaAporclia&ed^a 'white one. ^ This to^|monjima.'de an Impression on,alt i n .court e^ceptj^the Judge lie eonsia^rcd^lt for a ffevy, nalnute^, then announced thnr_;Ue had decided not to j. regfri,ti^*Slx jfellow^.passengers ot , 3^$jp&<$g£, had^.sw;otn»that ) he wa» ' UJepiurderer^'^rh'e sfery'dfiihe-^arber J was orttts faci^'Jcheajjrdevice \bn the \ ,part of- some friend, fo^ve finii^ It | would -;n£t' accord-^vltfi. the la\\*s • 6r i —iji— i-L. »\;»i i ':v.„«««i s ;*(«„ „„ i«., evidence-regard -conflicting as it did wlt&tfiVtesrlmony .sOf so iriany Ols- laterested wltnesse^ipt^goocl cbarac^br.- \ For the'bcneflfc ofethcVifarnier wlio hi in doubt whethcY.fj^Wll! jiry Win-to J .rHtSP.a?ijJo some:deOujtft-figure& mny- be SlyenC- -It has\ ln;en-fonn.d that un­ der ordinary <sbriqitlous 100 iioujids offbotieht>aie ,mlBfe can'be produced v -for QQ ceuts wheu.ensllqgo is usocL. while the same ^aWa ^^th^t-tlje alio r^sts- $1.03. .The.ebs* of iirpduclng a pound of but- tei-fatls butl3c<ints if silage loused: i;f^d p &ietip^/^jgainv.the''chcapest Deftt' •*-—•-'— M.~.'*^«w^t v«« n '<u Kat,»n^ -trrennuro^inply^afelalSd nts ^o;-tj^tfiTfaCit^ also Bituminous, 313 & 515 Gifford Place, rtejffie, saying thai tie Tep rolBber Baa - — . i ijotrght^the -white wlg?f or ia .disguise to help coneeat his Identity. The vrit *Desses had bee^ deceived. byitUe slm-i ilarily lh l;be a'ppearance r of the twip : us Hveliias' that vrlilch; fctphes\ the hl&£ ^ypjct^iu^Vxh'^aXkei Is that gru;, ;dvic^1by,a?sHagVlegume,ration. f An- ^oaie'^advanWge ot tii&.sllc which J ih^pJ^aVeftFelght ,witb.the ranner ; r uaYto^f;H*mltM fdtimtgr of. Acres la C. J. Dutcher Successor to M. C. Bailey & Son. GO A L «.'i<S M...1. . H For 1914, He offer Hi^h Grade; Finished, Econom­ ical, Serviceable Buick Motor Cars —with Delco Electric Starters, Electric Lights, Left-Hand Drive and Center Control. * -AND- WO OD M o.l i-1 K M».l. I H Moi. . I'. RUNABOUTS. -f.ji;: -«.-. H i' TOUEINO CAES. Mot. I U - $10S0—28 H T M„l, l: tT $l\>fi- H P ' > M...1. H -*1MH.'> -48 H P Go if} E|iteher's. He handles the feest of coal. All sizes in ii r -.\ ' Exclusive Agency F. A. STUPPLEBEEN • U Srnithing and Cannal coal Hard and soft wood. -j,S. &-SH7 5 ^*een Trading lh ,. kll „ wtate . iail , nrttnymirM . h , K ,, hu ., >s OT-Hr Gasn JJiscount>i\™ 0 w - , ' r ''>»»\> uttu-twiiKsi«« imiu.twi Hudson, IV. Y. I HAVE FOVND r>. A faster Prop and Prln. LYON BLOCK MARKCT «gi \M C. J. DWTCHER /Opposite Gonrler Office Both Phones. .. Chatham. ' Having, listened to rtnliistotemefit^yen WjtJ.jfconand hatf ton^i^ ^^•Juflw--J?4^*%^^^?»<»^coraers. Patronagesolicited. 1 denining the'iconyicteainanto benang-U _ ~7 ,. . < 'flnnA nnnlifv ^onVcect^r ^ut 'fifisaieff g^tHMy motto is ^ood quality (ng^iils'lnnoeence and-pfealcang-^at'haftl Honest Quantity. - solfff day ^e ^a^Tpuid^erer. 'youtd.f liirh-iipv V v>\ \ t The^urder and execnrlon were- fol- loVed by other 1 robliejleij. apparjejitly by*.dlfferent> pe^SsjJtoc '^^ojvete dressed! alike or loqkefe;alUt]k,th.oughp 'fie'lhgial^ays masUeJa.'W^Xaces werei n.e'v^s*eenp Finally oneVpt^tHem -was attested aM\co^v)cte^^Thie7.eveulng v m M ultio U. nn- lii no uort I also fOUHO^VV.r5 ttiui hi-lp,-.) i n make tho school VtBi-tS^ «Li. n. .i>U an «uc<i>ptionally Rood posltlori..\i r.'j >I.N^-» SilKHil. THE SOHOnr, ONiT&fe: r ^i w CAPITA! COMMERCIAL SCHOOL v ^&^M ALBANY « N Y .- -/'-v£ '''??-V'i

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