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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, October 22, 1913, Image 2

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ice Inspired in Distinguished Clothes Has Gocie a ward Making the Success of Many a Man Who is Now Famous Throughout This Big Capitol District. Yes, indeed, and a list of such men would form a long roll of honor from Three Cities- The clothes these men wear-The suits, the over­ coats they put on every day represent the personalities at their best—And you cannot afford to invest your good money in clothes which will MISREPRESENT yours! Come, let us show you a suit and overcoat which will add to your personal appearance. We know we have just exactly what you are looking for to-day— You can tell the minute you slip the garments on and look in the glass -And if they do not fit you to perfec­ tion we will not let you take them away. Suits, $12.50 to $50.00--Overcoats, $12.50 to $75.00. A friend $% our's noticed one of his valuable cockerels picking about in a horse'stall; no particular attention _was given t6 the cockerel at the time, aa it •} was -not an uncommon thing. A -few minutes later, this saint bird came out in the. barn yard—apparently noth­ ing; thejuattcr-with Jjim—and suddenly | -began-^to^Btagger and -gaspf -st)mlten.[ and^laid- down and <}>e(L What was the cause of death? Poison you sayt yqs. \V^hat poison? • Just plain salt, ,'such as any farmer gives his cattle. When the bird died, our friend began -,to- wouder.. juat_sdiat«^re~\had eaten .'tha6<wo\rid3£poigmj himj- ne ^ehT back into the horse stall where he last saw the bird and under the manger he fouud a small accumulation of salt, which had from time to time been dropped in small particles by the horse and unmlstnkable evident that the •eoekerel had been piejrfng it .up. Our friend was in no way to blame. Thero is a lesson in this misfortune (and a severe misfortune it was, as the bird was valued at SoO) , take every pro- caution that fowls cannot get to a supply of pure salt, whether it be a fine, coarse or rock salt On the oth­ er hand, see to it that they get salt in their feed, thev must have it t o do their best, only ,n i quantity sufficient to slightly flawir I lie fooJ In Our Fur Department A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE accrues to the early buyer to-day—The advantage of a first selection from the choicest as well as the largest display of prime furs we have ever shown. „ We- Feature Fur and Fur Lined Coats, Fur Sets and Small Furs made up in the height of present-day fashion by our own workmen in our own workshop A little trip to our 3rd floor, (via elevator) will prove most interesting in showing how \generously good\ beautiful and rich furs can be made. And if you have any fur repairing to be done now is the time to drop in and let us make an estimate on rhe work to both your and our advantage before the hurry-up days begin-and they are not far away to-day. BABBITT & CO. Albany's Greatest Clothiers and Furriers 451-453 BROADWAY - \ - ALBANY, N. Y.! Mentioning tin- v alue o f this bird— , $.->0, brings up an old question which 1 WP still often hear How is the val me of a bird eil limited? A bird's val ue is judged bv th e lirecding in back ' of it , it's close oouformity to the re- j quirement of the \menean Standard o f Perfection, and th e ability of the par­ ticular strain or famil y t o which i t i belongs t o produce voung o f as good quality a s them-rl\es. In other words a \fixed type ' Yo u may sa y that al l Barre d Rooks \ m >k alike They do , j bu t only in a genera l way Take for • instance the human race We reeog 1 nize b y the features people o f say Irish, German. Sweedish or French blood yet they are each composed o f | - n multitude of families , many o f these ' families havng certain characteristics j of face or figure whic h is nanded down i fo r generations, characteristics so prominen t that w e recognize people I w_Jy> ar e otherwise straagers to us as i being one o f th e Smiths, Jones o r Browns as tho case may be . On the jtother hand there ar e families, without 1 marked distinctive feature's which may ! ' haw existed in past generations— , thos e features having been los t , through the introduction of new blood. , If th e features which have been los t | I b y thes e families, were desirable fea­ tures , and no improvement has been made through the new blood which removed these features, the n those fam ilies ha\e not advanced hu t have' \gone back \ ' •>5 ffSu SATURDAY-:- 7 ;^ J I will offer the greatest values- !n.$ja$ll0^^^^^' town. Over 1000 Coats in stock and ev©^^&^5 menf will be specially marked for Friday ^an^|p^ Saturday. ''^S3$$0& : ~ SPORT G04f^ $4.98, 6.98, 9.98;-11.98 Made in every desirable material and colors.' FANCY MIXTURES and ZYBELINES at $5.98 About 100 Coats in this lot and every garment worth from $10.00 to $12.50. CHINCHILLA COATS From $8.98 to $24*98 Chinchilla will be one of the season's leading fabrics and we have them in all colors. PERSIANNA and ARABIAN LAMB Another of the season's most desirable mater­ ials. A beautiful assortment from $11.98 to $29.98. Plushes and Sealettes from $13.98 to $39.98. Suit Department Our assortment in Ladies' and Misses' Suits is the largest we have ever carried. For Fridayand Saturday you will find exceptional values at $11.98, $14.98, $16.98, $19.98, $24.98 {LESTER MANN! £ Cor. Hudson Avenue and South Pearl Street Albany, N. Y. This i s the situation that th e poul­ try mni>. who geos into th e breeding of thoroughbred stuck , ha s to faee This i s why we have a Standard of Per faction From time to time thi s Stan dard is re \ ised, that uadesirable fea­ ture s in any oue bree d or variety (fea tures which time proves ar e undesira hie ) may b e removed from the re 'guirenien^s of., the Standard, and that new and better features may be re ijuired If you were to ljsten t o a group o f seientiflc breeder s talk vo n might hea r suc h remarks a s \that strata i s \er\ strong in wring color \such a strain ha s the best under eo l OT I ever «nw.\ \this strain ha s the ' bet hackle produced today\ perbnps you would laugh a t them \Don t di> it IJreeding Standard poultry t% u beautiful stud}, and good money is t o be earne d from it. Th o Standardizing of poultr v was the biggest factor in improving the quality o f al l poultry, through the Mudy given it, came the bi n impro\ ements in th e matter o f housing and feeding which have come to\ pas s within the las t te n years. structive posi3ble We al l know that thos e who first fel l in line with th e march o f progress , reap the greatest benefits, be wise and plan to exhibit wite o f your fowls a t this show GREEN RTv~2E. week Mi- wee k r.iy yuigg o f New \ork » end guest o f hi s mother s Blanche Alni^tend **pent in Hillsdale la«t The Misses Georgia and Maude Fit7 patrick were week end gnestfs i n North Kgremont Charles Van Hoesen is in Lakeville. Ot., with hi s brother (.' Laurin o f Pittsfiel d was in town Inst week \Mrs. J. W Tan Hoesen wa 3 a Sun dny guest in Great Harrington Stnndish Kellog ha s resigne d hi s p o «itijon .i« coachman at 1.. K. l^uigg s It i\ rumore d that Florian Bills has\f -old hi s hote l to Kinderhook parties lx»onard I^efferson wh o ha 4 * been spt'iulir/g some time nt Albert West oxer s ha s returned t o hi« home in \ev\ \ ork. Ambrose \\ llcox spent Sundiv M Aharon <M. To Build Pariah House STOYVBSANT FALLS. site 1 uii >t>' i\ Stuyvesant Falls hu\e purchase d near their rhureh in d will erect a par i«h house \n ofl-Tin^' for the boil 1 -** i ftiu.l « l- '<•. . u \\ inde ud about $1000 | f iv«r- i -ni'l' 'MITI •> i :nloidt'.l Tli.- He \l I 1 Me.l < oun'lni* Van \lslvne will -..uu . ,.l j in w '•lu'd an d nagon ho u j on r, auto 1 'arm at Fairv.ew . ar of ' flu proceeds o f the clam pie soc <il I ...I «t the home of Miss Nettie .an ;ne li e : ilurse u last Tharsday by tho Itofornie.t | \ihnnv ' liunh society were $105. j j Workmen have completed a founda j Ition fo r a tenement house on the ''is birds excel! | Perhaps vo u will say How am I I to begi n to acquire th e necessary I kuowledge to distinguish the good ' fro m th e bad featurcsT Th e very best place is in the show room G o to a poultry --hon, go to a s many shows and a» often as you can , and inspect whatever breed you may be interested | in note th e birds which have been i awarded the winning ribbons; note i th o differein e between thos e and the j other exhibits which di d no t win prlz : es . W hilc a t the show, get some wi i mng exhibitor to show yon who' P n Bight here, we wish grounds formerly I'nrtx «heds . k m TB as Island Steel Cow Stanchions, Complete, $1.50 Iron Corner Feed Mangers, for horses, $1.50 Bargains in Lumber Wagons, single or for teams. Corn Shelter, Grinding Mills: Gasoline Engines. Reduced prices, for the fall and winter months, oi» all Farm \7 T Machinery; 13a H rgains ToF'tlie f~\ ~ thrifty man who knows a bargain when he sees it,- . |ffel|B#ani;.Fa 'nTi Machinery Store: ^.jSc[«ax'£-i)eiil Always'* Examination for Postmaster. On ,.\'ov, 8th an examiuation at Li n lith\»o a n examination will be held for the positiou* of postmaster in that vil­ lag e Look Well—Butl Be Sure You See \Well\ j| Beauty isn't alwayp djs;' counted by a pair .of nose^ j giasseB..,;' Yer^.„flfte^t4a v en-r-j hanced.\ -I3ne,.ialways? foc-kB\I fp ^relitelleMuTfl^lje^ 'ing.glas3ei. ^; \ - ^J\ •= . Hon't~ wear glasses,if ';yo\i' I don't need tltepi y sloipljr. .b.e^j - calisie th%ar;e. ; bVcomingKibuM jdqn't.go without them Fpr^ny';' ^riB^aOiHt-^nao -b.eeB.t1)iem.':&V \Vtmity : must, not trifle with*- 1 j wisdom, ... . , to state that there is no class of men that wo know of, who will more freely and cheerfully talk of their bnslnejs than poultry exhibitors. Bettor sti.! select what jou consider your beit bird or birds and exhibit them at a [poultry, show, tito • efltry^ fee is v.c.y smnll and generally.: entitles, you to ndmissioo to tie' show. This will bring you into direct. contactwith .the other breeders, and if^ypn-arto fflSXpclfieuced' will be a source' 6i r great profit to you, jfprthcrmore, yoo>'ean then compare your birds witbr others at closo fange. ,!The judges nt.ppt^try.shows are always jpjeascd. to explain to inexperienced' ex­ hibitors just-why,' certain birds are bet- fe/'ihan others,' •Ji ..\.WoL-hdte ^cen-to. a- great jnonj- pouj-; ItrjiJsSows, 3^^^^jAirtrat]i{^^Jia^ that:.we nercr^attended ^one.^but.jwhaf; ' wij rftjT?ajs learnecl, soteething,ihitWasj a-benefit to ns. --i can.aimost^ea'psbm!^ ;'b£ioqr rea'dors'say, ',fHe is tjmfaf^tpj; 'the' poultry sh ow^whi^li^U.,be'hgld^in^ ; \if^lifj.'.j^e .-foel', ,$hal.;patticnlaVfsjibw'. 'Aieans' ta\t<i& to 4h;o.^rds)>enty!-S^ithfe' pbul't'rj--raisers of\ Golnmbia coiiity;;\ii -Wilt JKs.the •,'beg^ning- of a'geV^Ogikj proVemont inr\ the- qnaUEy^mhVxioub'L 1 try. rained^ In this, section.-.. The t&hjt*-; bi^on wiii \bo tat Tit hdvan'ee of Sn^. yii'ng that can be ^e'en at \- fail .fait.' BLACK Moire Velours Moire Antiques Moire Failles Moire Renaissance. These goods range in price from 95c, to $2.75 per yard. One exception Black Moire Velours Eull yard wide, $1.39 per yd Great values in ' Colored Messalines All the Wanted Colors &4 Yard Wide^.- ^ Yard Wide (& ftfc NO CUT OFT UPPER One Pair of Morgan Shoes will outwear^two of ordinary shoes. Made In black and ten ji^i^ f. nd JP?y a V Pric „ e *2.S0 to $4.00. FoV^SI^: the Following Stores: -v, -.V : BLUNT & VINOENT, Ohatham, N. T. A. VAN ALSTTNE, Ohstham Canter, jM^ it-, P. H. SLATTEET, East Onatham, N. T. JAMES REDMOND, Old Ohatham, Nl Y. •tS|re'et\'SKaaesf^;-B!aclS '. , .(,,.-'3 ~ ! ffi9 ^ffllSTREET |i BENJ,^OAO^Q^eia,^yrj;--^ i •\ 0 '•^- ii •: ^kh ifM*®8&z%^^ jff ypltr.metchfinge^iinofe supply'you 'wit | write•{^s.dixec^ name, \ '»^ iYrvSHftWSi'iT

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