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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, October 22, 1913, Image 7

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• \\'V'•,.-,'••• '^\»^^;p^^tf§v? .town****** >';^6f Shoe §TYLE and shoe QUALITY at Fearey's many a'man won? ever paid the -rt other fellow five good x^TT &llars when four woul4 ,;^:^have filled the bill just as .... - *^ St a Trufitt l;^j|sAnd you'll have ncTother. ~ Jos. Fearey & Son r; 23-25 North Pearl Albany, N. Y. •FOR SA1<E—My residence on Payn avenue,' Eight room house, all modem imjirovem.ontSj also bay mare, ten \years\ 613, weight 075 pounds. William Oi Sitw, Chatham. 827tf \fOB SALE—Pive cows, 15 horses and several seta of harness. Foster Cookingbam, Chatham. lOltf FOB SALE—or exchange, a farm with good buildings for village prop­ erty. Address Property, care Courier lltf Night School not Popular. Evidently a night school has no at­ tractions for the residents of Philmont. ! The principal of the day school in that village signified his' -willingness to instruct night classes if there was sufficient demand for snch a school but up to the present time there have been but ten applications and this number is not sufficient to warrant starting the evening sessions. FOB 6AI/E—Or exchange, Ford run­ about square box behind, suitable foT businesB or pleasure, good Tuning or­ der, also- 50 Indian Runner ducks, lay­ ing. H. L. Decker, Main Street Livery Chatham. 10221t FOB SALE—Mapledalo Buff Wyan- dottes, the breed that lays is the breed that pays. Have a fine lot of Buffs old and young. Prices reasonable from first prize cockerel at Albany, also Silver Campines. G. W. Bain, Nassau. 10224t - FOB SALE—Furniture, consisting of leather xhairs, parlor table, dining from suit, beAsoom \Suit large size glass, marble base, kitchen stove- good condition, plush rug, also numerous household articles. A. Milkowsky, School street, Chatham. Dr, *Stark 'a houso second stoop. , 1022U Guaranteed Hot Water Bottles V Every Kantleek Water BottleJtguaranteecLfoL two years, and \guaran­ teed for two years\ means just that in the largest meaning of the words. * If ,anytirne within two years from date of pur­ chase, a Karftleek Water Bottle leaks, we give you a new one free of charge. Even if the leak makes it's appearance but one day before the two years are up and the -bottle is actually worn out from hard service, you get a new one. Don't buy a. water bottle until you have seen the Kantleeks, the most economical water bottles. Sold only at Branion's Drugstore Chatham, N. Y. Both Phones. It - REYNOLDS STORE NEWS - Lots of news this week of more than usual importance— new pack CANNED d50DS, new pack Syrups, new Pancake Flours, new Dried Fruits, etc. are coming, and better still, lower prices on several important lines. The^ first of the aaw (J.&13) crop Dried Fruits came last wnek. The quality is unusually fine, We quote: Fancy Evaporated Peaches ( 13c Ibrj-Fancy Evaporated Apricots 16c lb.; Large Meaty Prunes 13c lb.; Fancy Seeded Rasins 9c lb. j California Hams are 13c lb. now, and the quality was never bet­ ter.* They are lean, tender and fine flavored. Morris Supreme brand Hams .are also lower and we are now quoting them at 21c lb ! And Sweet Potatoes—medium size and splendid cookers—at the' most unheard-of price of 18c peck. j With other groceries we offer the very best Standard Fine Gran­ ulated Sugar/full weight 25 pound bag at $1.16 We do not care to sell other stores at this price, as we prefer to give the benefit to ourj own customers. We are offering splendid values in Canned Salmon. Before we mention the price let us remind you that every can, no matter what the price, is guaranteed. Light Color Salmon 10c, 3 cans 26c; Med­ ium Red Alaska Salmon I5c, 2 cans 25c; Dark Red Alaska Sal­ mon I7c Special prices on lots of a dozen or more. New crop (1913 Columbia River Salmon, the finest packed in the world small cans I5c, larger cans 25c. REYNOLDS & SON, The Valatie Grocers Will Address Orange. Flag for School Put $5 to $23 in Your Pocket Pay Less and Get a Better Stove Why pay a dealet $S to $23 profit on that stove or raage you're thinking of buying > Buy direct from out factory and podtet the profit yourself We do not icll to dealer! and we have no salesmen thafs why we can .give you a belter stove for lets money Our business has been established lo' 1? years. Back of every Gold Com Stovr or Range is this 53-year record We guarantee in writing to refund your money in full any time within -one year if stove isn't satisfactory.* We pay freight, ship promptly, guarantee safe delivery Raaces $19 .00 lad as- Fr«t.t,™« and \'\P ,tov< \ *\ PoItah«i ready to sel up. Gold Coin Stoves and Ranges At Factory Prices on Ong^^jggx't, Our factory a modem and up-to-date. We use only the best oi< materials and employ the best workmen. All our stoves are of the most approved design and contain every possible improvement. Thousands of housewives all over the country find that they save fuel, work and trouble. Write for Free Illustrated Catalog Or Come to Our Factory before you buy a stove or range. See how much you save - see how much better value you'll get for less money Write or come today Don't wail. Investigate our guaranteed stoves, low factory prices and liberal guarantee Take Oakwood Avenue or Sycaulay Car at Union Station THE GOLD COIN STOVE COMPANY Buwey'a Foundry Oak wood Avenue, Troy, N Y Stoves $11 SO %&d s p Fretfbl paid mi Oliver B . Kipp of th e Berkshire In .I,,),,, J< I'lpi-ee tru-tiv of th e K..uv dustria l Farm will addres s the Mulle n K II -ilio.W tonn of Kindcrhook ex vill e grange Mondav cwiiinn Oil -'\ (,-.«.,... th e thank* of tin iistrir t '<> his subjec t being \ Ho w to raiie good l(„i, \li,|. r ; S i allu n to r a «, i i rrops. \ I 'i flag rcientl\ pres. \ . .i DalUlas In Bloom. Trial Term i i.r'- on* t m t,i \-on-. n iati\e In i-D'i il-lf \ egtnuT ion Mr s Wilson '•it HI had i !..'d o f da' ,f 11. \ rial tt-n n nf 1 1 • .ind fo r ''oJnnd ' •* id MullilHt ^<>\ I\ FOE SALE—Studebakor two seated surrey (bicory made,) canopy top brake, two seated upholstered bob slod, also fine lot of S. .C. Brown Leghon pullets, cockerels, liens, etc. Three Buf­ falo and one Cyphers -Incubators and throe model brooders. C. M. Weeks, Canaan, N\. Y. 1015tf FOB SAI/E—Two Modoek black . eolts,-:three and four years old next • t June, geldings, haltor broke. One ^-waniting'-an intelligent, gentle fine ap- —psarlirgj SedififiTsize pair, for carriage or farm purposes can feel assured of ., being much -ploased.' Will sell the old­ er one alone. Eight choice Shropshire huck lambs of -Ontario stock. Several will weigh each over a hundred pounds Fifteeni to-.20 tat. Bhccp and ewes. J. - ' W. ateijgnsj South Berlin. 10221t * FOB BALE—My farm, free from all encumbrances^ known- as Charles Do Groff farm, located in Red Bock. Good water, average' buildings, large woiod lot that can be developed into lumber , and. shingles in sawmill about Tialf mile ' away, Eeason for selling money want- ^ ^edv7-out~f6r* r other investments. For J _ ItMmai&ddrosSJMisa Jessie'M. Webster,. ...\pWaerp85'~3Elisabeth street, Fittsfield, _—br-^«oiI*6st4ri2Websterr-East -eirathom. ... '^Vy. '.• . \ 1015tf A Heating and ' Plumbing Record , to be Proud ot. It is This: 1 i Every person for whom we I haved [installed plumbing ori heating outfits is perfectly satis­ fied with our work and our moderate prices. _ We use only the best material and our mechanics are all com­ petent. At least permit us to submit an estimate on your work. W. T, Vosburgh Heating and Plumbing Church St. - Chatham, N. Y. • v Co-op. Telephone - .-JflSCELIsANEOUS 'A'\*1 ' IiATEST''DESIGNS —Fall millinery. -Hash- aufo -hats,, tangd hats, and a 'Special lino of. children's hats in • prices vwhieh cannot be surpassed. Mrs 8. JB.- Swift,\ Main street. Chatham. C. E. SARGEAUT, Optometrist and optic&n of 52 Columbia street, AI- ^ \bany will Tie at. John Pendleton's, Hudaon- avenue,- Chatham, Wednesday, Oot. 29. i If appoiutment in ovening is • i ..w ,VAcalre4s- notify me at Albany. One day I '^^•.nljv, \ 10221t\ \jV We Are Pioneers and Veler*' . 7 an* at Selling Farms. 18 ••A ;^|^a?L3yi oyer Western Massa. \f;&wH$£i \iad Eastern New York at J- : lir%uprtp-d»te, htutling company. < '^•'iovlfligvid* in the county tar* *V.'^a ? ¥^!^>' 6ffl ce in Ifew York city. .^.•'•:> ;^- v !»iirlt«nns and try us. * W^$&$Moz,Mmu Ok CO Young Men's Shoes... Made on the new English last.TAN and GUN METAL Laced. $4.50 $5.00 $5,50 and $6.00 Stetson Shoe Co., M. A. Packard, Co., and Walk-Over Pull Line of Raised Toe Styles Button and Blucher $2.00- $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 $4.50 and $5.00 WILSON TERRY Main Street. Chatham, N Jf. ^>^5^P'-'?'\>'-''4i''*-''tSl'*-'\ : < :;! t •» ^^SllWKlace-to 4 1 l m ALBANY BARGAIN CO. 54-56 South Pearl St. Sole Agents for McCall Patterns Opposite Proctor's Theatre ALBANY, N. Y. H. R. Phone 2354-J ECONOMY IS THE ROAD TO BANK ACCOUNTS We certainly do all we can to help you along that road, as our \Small Profit System\ enables you to buy most every kind of wear­ ing apparel at a considerable saving in price. The specials arranged for this week go to prove the importance of buying at this \Bargain Store.\ Sale of Infants' Wear 50c KNIT JACKETS shell stitch, white, pink or blue combinations 65C 25c KNIT BOOTIES to match 10c $3.00 CHILDBEN'S COATS, of white curly bearskin cloth with quilted lining S1.08 $5 WIDE ' WALE CORDUROY COATS, in white, ftlue and brown $3.98 $3-00 LONG AND .SHORT BED­ FORD COED COATS, with trimmed capo . . . .. .SI 98 SI LINED Sn.K AND POPLIN BONNETS AND CAPS, hand em broiderod or trimmed with fur 49c 50c INFANTS' LONG AND SHORT FLANNEL SKIRTS 25c ' $1.60 CHILDREN'S RUSSIAN DRESSES of white poplin, sizes 1 to 3 years 98c WOMEN'S BLACK STOCKINGS of \Burson Make\ slight seconds of tho 25c quality .15c CHILDREN'S RIBBED AND PLAIN SCHOOL STOCKINGS, Mac fcand whito; 19c quality, 2 pairs 25c Most Women Would Like To Save $5 to $7 on Thair Fall Suit or Coat This is just what they can do here and at the same time enjoy choosing from a very extensive assortment of Finely Tailored Garments of the most popular styles. MEN'S ' BLACK COTTON STOCKINGS withVbito feet; 19c quality, 3 pairs for 25c Harmanus Bleecker Hall Monday Ma.tmee and Evening OcC 27 Popi^ar.Priced. Matinee' Only Appearance in Albany The World '2£os):Taike;d F. Hay Co^r^tMkjijQdiMp^tis,GeJSt '^'«VaV**-=S!-V'*Vfc*JUa\:.« ^.Vi ^~ - • , ICC rt ^AM FOR SALE HERE '.V NEW B«CUN0 KITCHEN Miaunee-^Qrchesta 600 Seats' WOMEN'S WHITE UNION SUITS, FLEECE LINED, high or low neck, long or short sleeves; 75c grade 49c WOMEN'S WHITE UNDER- WEARj fleoco lined; 85c quality 25c GIRLS' AND BOYS' CREAM •pTR -RTm UNION SUITS, 35c grade 25c CHILDREN'S KNIT AND FLEECE LINED SLEEPING GAR- STENTS, with f^ect; S5c quality 25c Women'sJajI^GIoyes \KAYSER'* ' JIAKE OHAMOI- - .SETTB 'OIipyE8 in -wliUe, gray, t^black isn j.£hamolS;'C61br^ ^OoTijualt I. ty ........... .-.,V,v*... 89e r ; TOWBaSP \K3D fGLO^ES. 'in : l>lftcic, white and'it.an; $1 '.quality •i . ^ ..<. ': .v 'i Wc' it '.. ' . •• '•• : V'.- Ijgi .OUT^EAM, OLpy^U'$1.00 $20.00 Womea's and Misses' Suits $14.98 Two are illustrated. Choose from ten different new styles of excel­ lent quality Epongee, Bedford Cord, wide wale Diagonal and Fancy Worsted in navy blue, new blue, brown, gray and black. These Coats are lined with guaranteed silk or satin, the Skirts are of newest high girdle effect, prettily draped or tailored. $7.50 Skirts at $4.98 192* Very effective new models in Scotch Plaid, Poplin and fine Serge in plain, draped or two- tone effects. Women's and Misses''$15.00 SPORWMFS .... $9.98 Of fine Chinchilla, Boucle and Duvetyne, in bright and dark colors, including cerise, new blue, hunters' green, tan, olive, etc. - These are very smart garments with Raglan shoulders and wide belt. Women's and lsses'{$20.00 TOP COATS, at - . $12,98 One out of several styles is illustrated, ' Made of Cut Velour, English Zibeline, Astrakan CJotti and other new \fabrics. About twelve styles to choose from in all thefashionable lengths. We show blue, brown, , gray, mole and i>lkck.|. , ~~~ $8, m^^t^^smdk ^j^Mj^mtti^ejgh ^0pn ^^jn^^ L-A^EMBBOIDmEb'T^^pk^ANr; jX»LEAX>OTD;'>\3BED^,^ttEET)^ ! ir^^:^^l:^,-.-^^~'-iTAr.n\^v^ : '»A -^.T-'^'iri»i> Girls' $10 Stylish New Fall Coats at $6.98 \ i - 1 u n r, n .t' . r \ i t a t>i« i uat*- »»i com , »j ! i * \ \ i» - i l< i n h i In* • ortinrti-v -» 1 1 V* ure* / I . . f J* - \ - T ' , • t . • IJ- • li 1 i r i i :i u <* 1 IIIIM 1 '(Hi, w • i, , \ f \ i ' ** n n*>' i» I r;i r * v » -' * » - 1 > * ii , 1 fiii*l 'it \ whrr* t - , • \. l II >Vi n. , i -» t»si*r l:»t' etT ^i T v, fhsh . - r .ln i \ i 11 > I i w *v v fit . ' w 'I .j> I r„, \ , lv, \ BOYS FALL AMD WINTER COATS n iH« t u i \:t. <- -i/»>*. tii to • 1 ' \ • 'i•? \ win. < S3 9 8 WOMEN S NET WAISTS u p(Tf*r<- t fini-Ju ! a t b *\r i ^ u. i » m hrnuler v ' .Min n^s , *T ••(• \-t n. Si 98 WOMEN S WHITE VOILE WAISTS M: a n imkr o f no w stvlo.- with hem**; Ui h.*\ *ok< > and dro p A p* $J \ .ilin- 98c Women's Flannelette Gowns HIJ: i urii ; i of terns n:th ilnunlr \ I- -1 |>at • Mime 49c WOMEN'S LONG FLANNEL­ ETTE KIMONAS ii :i mimbi-r of prcm !%tujtj>ii- $1 i\ qn a 1 11 v 98C WOMEN S BLANKET BATH ROBES w tli norstfd t;irdl<>, choice of blui' gra> ta n r«nl nnii si>\pral otb»>r *had(>v $3 qunlitv $2.25 WOMEN'S MESSAUNE PETTI­ COATS, witli (>laite<t itgunc-p, ton iliffprpnt ooUir- m«*h)din(;. white an<] Mark \>i> qiin/ity .$1 .69 CORSETS OF LATEST MODELS desifrned for tbe new fall costumes; R. & G . W B.. C B„ P. N., War­ ner 's. Thompson'S nnd others $1.00 WARM BED BLANKETS; doti ble fleeced 11-4 size; white'or gray; • $1.25 quality . .. ... .98c LARGE SIZE CJOMFORTABIsES^;' hand or machine \made; pnre clean*; filling; $1.39 grade .980 J New Neckwear for WomeiiJ, 60c to 75c SL3SVHI.IX3 r j GTJIMPS 25ft And 50c V' -soc to $1.00 nosers, ss .o W ISOC'T! PLAIWNO, .plain, net ' ox/ska^V ••ps£*t* .•^^•l^a$e - , yfl .4-' ^•liiSe^Teroam'affa \Mack •:.25^; .\XtSEtObtEE® XAOE . tJoi^'r J^-OTiST-SEiS t.. ,. -s r, '.i ..Sea T -l P 9 •Q' mm eaters* :|2Q^lk r m

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