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The Chatham courier. (Chatham, N.Y.) 1907-1967, October 29, 1913, Image 5

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__i, .<-j£i •HI! AjWQMAN^^Jt with ail ' the essentials of the higher gradje, shoes. ' • T^hey^nP-they wear—they , 5'_,.7 i . 1 }-.'«<-:.l_'.. - • IT IS Hlfi WGMA HALT ln.l|ie-Squa*i !Fiflf4li8 Fybliii Money li^iniiKJitfc^tate Administration. 1THE REGORD OF-THREEYEAfiS pos. Fee^rey Son 23-25 North Pearl Street; Albany AC •PH_ti_tONT \WOMAN INJURED. 1 '' j Surpasses «I\n».'^AVatte Extravagance, Confusion and Inefficiency Anything Ever Seen Before—Republican As- j terribly the Remedy. I Albany, Oct 28.-^Since the election of JoJin A, Dlx as governor on a plut form charging the Republicans with extravagance and promising economy | the cost of government In this state ' has advanced by leaps and bounds un t til It has reached a point that is notli ' ing less than alarming. After two years of Dlx as governu, the showing was so bnd that IMx w»> cast aside, his administration repudi i ated by his own party mid Sulzer put Classified MoUenviUo' Man's Appointment. ^tocjcholdera* ileatlatr.- A Jirpoti-OR of t-e stockholders of the Chatham Co-operative Telephone Com­ pany • will be held -Tuesday evening, Nov. 10 at 8 o'clock at village ball, ehatlfam, for the purpose of elfifltlng a bo\rd of directors and transao'ing such other business as may come be for\\ the meeting. P. B. \PBATT. Sei 'y. William Vaaderpool of- M-allonvllla I * bas been appointed assistant grand lee 1 A tarer of 'tlte Order of the Rasters Star for this district. \T - - -• r Card of Thanks. W f » IK I I to thank our t'r . n.l- aini mighbors who responded :it tne alurm of tire so promtply last Tuesduy Prank S. Hall and family East Chatham. TOE BENT. TO LET—St,oj» 42 Main street In .quire of Hk OllflsKyf 1 Chatham 102221 FOB RENT- -Four room flu! < otirn i T. R, GREENMAN UNDERTAKER Nassau, N. Y. A Customer I TO RENT—A furnislfed or unfur __!! 0 £« 0 \'?^£i_! acc or stovp !°3\.'\ Refers to our store as fol­ lows: Box 835, Chatham. 1022tf TO RTCNT—On Austerl • reex nn .'ilinrtmeut house coosn-in _ of £'\ room*, with city water s r table fi\ i small family Mrs 0 K I > il.-y 1 '-J'.'h TO ltKNT—Five room flu v. ,, on Hiuiiim avenue. Heiirv Knag, <\ i .n'. ham _ _ ' 1\-1 > 'J I TO I..KT—The farm 1, ..» n thi- l'eter Harder, Jr, farm nu> ••iin; of 193 acres on the post roal --iV rnad i noar the post road cro*- n,; -\J.lre.-- \I pay more for Shoes as good as yours, as much for Shoes considerably inferior, and only at your store can I John G. Myers 37, 39 and 41 No. Pearl St., Albany Women's and Misses' Sui There is no line on the Cloak Floor that is more engaging and interesting to every woman The garments are in a medley of styles, and everything is of the most exclusive cut and type. Most of the Suits forming this stock are exclusive We aim t» provide exclusiveness, and from what everybody says, it is ad ideal stock from which to make selections The Suits are of every kind and style They are in the splendid and fine materials: Duvetyne, Broadcloths, Plushes Bedford Cords, Matelasse, Cheviots and Novelties and fancies without end. .The colorings are browns, blues, taupe, grays, wisteria, mulberrjf, terra cotta, mahogany, greens, etc The sizes axe from 16 years to 46 bust. The styles are the cutaway and others, while the skirts are the peg-top and draped styles slit and c'.osed. Women's and Misses' Tailor-made Suits, <U y8 to 5.129 50 Women's and Misses' 3-piece Suits, S30 50 to Si3o 50 Intermediate and Junior Suits, S12 98 to $40 50 BED BOOK. Ii'eg Was Broken by Track. Hudson Auto Mrs. Frank Kpuney of Iliilmout was run- down in that village a few day* ago • by an auto truck belonging to; Eugene Sullivan, a Hudson tea and |, coffee distributor Her left leg —a- • broken and crushed near the ankle. She is in the Hudson hospital for treat meat. Mrs. Kennoy is soinewhnt deaf and'-did not hear the auto approach ing. The Macedonia tax payers improve­ ment association will hold a meeting Saturday evening, Nov 1 at I'r-e-Mdent l* flibbins' home If Mornr\ the fol lowing Saturday. Oecirge Powell spent the \eel cml iu l'lttsflcld. Mrs. <'rarv of Brooklyn lie re. rhaTles Powell formerly of Kinderhook will leave to sail for England this week NEW BRITAIN. 1 iMt ing 111 'Treet TO l.KT—New eight .., ,, hon*e wr.li jil, nty of barn ron n « . o- « 1 h out Inn aeres of land <i nul f fm n Pittsfield postoffice, fiio <• n.i:e> v ^nl^ to trolley Sjie^inl J>r1. .• t \;.r!I (' • < •a-nweli , I'lttsfi. . 1 .- 4 WANTED \\ ANTED—Full npi>lc>. 111 am . tity Unle to Oeotr^e A i,',ntn,i BUT TOOK OLOTHINQ OF J. H. DtTDIiEY, 145 STREET, PITTSFIELD, MASS. ALBANY'S LEADING THEATRE • F.. Ray Comstock, Mgr ^.'* Ai ^flohd'ay -and- Tuesday 3'\ ^November 3-4 '5PKIAI ELECTION MATINEE [^nrrrrerstetri J jiPfesenIs the Musical.Farce Mms Kvelyn Haynei «'no ha- n'eii a patient at tho Albany city hospital has returned much improved. James J 'Dunn left for HrooM.rn Saturday 1o attend the funeral of John M.'Kv oy All who^ure interested in the New Britain cburrh ar« rotjueflted to meet at the chapel Saturday evening, No-> 1st at 7.30 to discuss a new roof ami other matters. Ladies are kindly ask od to attend the meeting as their xoice i< also needed. l'lttsflcld, Mass. \\A\TFD- \ t.irmo Miur far m and 11 will 1,1 ri-iit for ou r MT\ tee- 1 ninjileted, an d the n nii h sellin g commissio n >< : 1 eutra l Si |iiare, 1 liatha m NEW LEBANON. On account of other entertainments the-Thicken pie supper at grange hnll, announced in lact week's ( ourier for Friday evening will lie g:\en Thursday e\e.nmg. Out. 30 1 SPENCERTOWN. The U-ulie>-' \n( Society of the l'res 1 meeting Thnrs.lav Oct tn at the home I meeting hursdar. < i, t ;n. at the home of- Mrs. Fred Kuliu \1) members are re<pieMcd tu f-t pie*-eu: iih new oticcr- -for the roming year will be -olrctcd — o « Successful Hunting .Mott l!e-t and llnrry Hasbroiick of I'liiltnoiit i -ilptnred *ix' rnlilnt- ihree patridjjix .111J QUI ; ^ia> s4u .mil ui n da^ him: 1 ^ recentl.v T Kgbert Turner, 112 1 forward tvlth a fresh promise of eouii | .Schenectady omy. After eight months, during win. h the cost of government was iiuostcd eveu harder than under Dix Sulzei wns Impeached by bis own party mid has lieen niiccevdeU liy Mivrttn II (Jl.viin whose first promise is that lie will give the state 1111 economical id niliilstnitliiii the snine promise tb n was imii'.e bj Olx and Sulzer. What lilynii will do reiuulns to lh seen but what Ills predtN t'ssora, wlmi wei-e imiiiliiiitt'd and elected by flu-j siimc purt.v tbnt elected him, did, U kni.vtii to till men who care to exam j inc the record 1 In three year, the Democratic nd I ntiiii-tnitioii nns creuteil new board-! and I IIIIVIIII K at n cost of $T89.53C..R2. I It bus created «pe> lal eommlsslmi- niiil Sin estimations that bave <'ost tli< t.-i\p.ivei-s JliCtrLVHi. It bus spoilt for commissions •»• nioiiiiiiieiits and celelirutious $01.\1.50 (1, It ha- sieut for eoujmisslons und de pnrtnieuts for drafting uud oodifylng statutes SI 1 !MIM> It Ims nn reused llie states payroll $^kt 7 J71I.IU Xfter dcnoiiic ing as \Xtrnvagiint the emidovinent of a speiinl counsel for state 1I1 |mi tinents It bus. conttiined the lira the and m< rcn-ed the expenditure ____________ therefor s.Mn.jr, \ I 'D 'tsMI-' r\i 1 By the p.issace of the I.e\> elt« T1 • • -1.> - i.argam < \ Invi It has in, iciseil the cost of eli« nun 1 enter \ \ tjoiis ?I \ifK) nun Tlirou.b the svstem of repairing thi' obtain the best shoes at your f prices.\ Our Men's High Top Tan Storm Shoes at $3 to $6 per pair are splendid values Mail or phono orders lifii the 'lav received 1-roe deli\er\ of gomlh t< w\. in te­ statu m anywhere\! .New No'- Married 2 'i Years Entered Agricultural Si huot pia« - i o 'ilOSt I*/11 cAaj jennv Making Delicious Crullers Is Easy ff I L Jill I I CKKI Whi -ti vou IIM > \Do-Ne-I)o\-llie HCTS utHtmr Main Street, Chatham, N V. FOR SALE. turnips S \ I (•' - I ejerv H F Mack,'i )i . ahl. ge and ' optei FOK SALK— \rgan licitcr, nearly new, al -i .\loore Itl^nt PV- .1.. ihl- \ I' l \s-f FOK SALE-Soasone.l WHO I -a%\ ed in stove lengtli *. r i «0 j.er ,-,•! I .leh\ erpd M 1! Dies. Spen ertu« f. phone liiJl 'L'T FOR rt-\I.E---or exchange, a farm — •t 1 ' goo-l hnil.lings for \illnge prop enre I onrier 1 Itf \Jd -i • I'rnpt I II del! I'm, -^IIJ I * i i.ai h ii 1 1 i V U I'llR A t. I- Si x • i-OT^ It* 1 JIN K S By Otto Hauerbach and Rudolph Fiiml ' f - all star cast including ' JELIZABETH MURRAY \and TOM LEWIS >Ls6 S-NGHTG AND~DAWCE f ING CHORUS OF FIFTY Shot Hoot Owl. i lari'ine Bristol of Canaan \shot a boot owl last week. In* tho past these birds were plenty in Columbia eountv 'nit it is onlv oecsionally now that one is seen i , PRICES: --^atifi-e, arScto^i .sc 4' • Evening, 25c to $2.00 ONE WEEK BEGINNING MONDAY, NOV. 17 Convention for Clavtsrack. The next Columbia county mission­ ary convention is \to bo held In Cla- •verack on a date to bo chosen. Dogs KUled Sheep. Doga recently >»ttacked a fine Hock of sheep owned by George JDolanrnter in North Hillsdale. Orie was lolled and two others sbrionsly injured, I-oi; s \I.K t lime l .ri \l rini |on-«e gee «i liuftieil poition of Hie cipltol under the „. r „ p ov ijnlln \ pen-eiita^e -ysteui it bo wasted in i-Kiriliug to the estimate of the cscs u the >.ii.IIt-.i-. :-.II:I.«KU ) 1 liroimli ibc iiictlimls pur»ii«<l l>> tin liiuhwn.i ilep:ii-tni<'ii « bh b have lieen luvttj ' 1 lioromrhlj mh ertls«M iluvlns the pn-t iviir It h.:~ wasted as <— ti initial l>i tli,. i>xi*iuti\e auditor .<v mm .in 11 The ''iilhllps of the liargp c mm I wu- orlirltiallv to have cost $101.(ltHt.iXm When the UepnWIciiii ndmlnlstration WIK su,-, ^shsl I y the Dlx ndinlitistri tlon with s7 per cent »f the work com ptetisl or iriil.-r eoittnn t It was p<~. slide t • rislu ,• till- .-ttuuite to f - .Snn.flfiti. Last viinter the I»i»mo<-nitli stat-e eniriueei paid that $lil,Oi >0 iitai iiloi>- Hi.- 11 llie original estimate w .i.i '.l be reipilrml to flnNh the raiial and since then it bas been estimated* th.-u the ultimate cost wiH be nearer $120. 000,000 If the work is continued under Democratic administration. While signing bills appropriattng nearly $48,000,000, the Democratic gov. ernor declared that $25,O00,0Q0*\-wns snfflflent to pay all, the expenses of government and that $17,000,000 WAS WASTED OR STOLEN ANNUALLY NEVER IN THE HISTOK? OF THE STATE HAS THERE BEEN SUCH AN EXHIBITION OF WASTE. I Do \ IDl I- I's I rg. -t • il,'li\ i reil S:i Mi j - in la cl «l nr l.i \ - \\ • 1 e e I.I .1 , Ml I. I - I I II . • I M! 1 llllllll- l 1- l- t I I I t .1-1 II nil i- -t. i tci \I I- fwel rl ou ieife- ngiia'i I h it nam J. Dardess & Son GENERAL GROCERIES CURRANTS. CITRON, i_MON AND ORANGE Pi._L. _ VAPORATED PEACHES \PRICOTS AND PEACHES, DATES AND FIGS LEMONS, GRANGES GRAPES BANANAS. CRANBEERIES AND CELERY MIXED r .UTS. FE—BEETS, ENG LISH WA1J-UTS AND ALMONDS JONTECTIC NARY, CAKES Afl CRACKERS, MINCEMEAT, BOQ-EI CIDER. . COMPLETE 1UE OF CANNED AVI BOTTLED GOODS EDAM. PINUArPBE AMERICAN AJ^D ROYAL LUNCHEON CHEESi. .1. DAKDESS * <0N A.N. Van Den sen Undertaker n n When \oti u-c \Do-Ne-Do\ —the HOTS |)te |iare d ('ruller 1- |.*.jr \ ou ctin t \;ti wroiiR— jvi>t iw-ltl water, roll nut. cut and drop m hot lard, thats all Full pound package 10c. <I Sweet Potatoes -till rciiiam the < heapest \ egetable ut Uie market. Medium -ize sound and mealv cookers toda\, Mun- da\ arc onl\ l'lc jieck \nd the quahtv i^ splendid f$ Here's a snap for tlin .-c \\\\>> I my otliei {irocenes of us. tail 25 pound cloth hag l>e»t Standard Fine Granulated Sugar onl\ $1.15 reinenilier, ihi- price onl\ abou t 4 l-2c pot'fd. V\ e guarantee full weight am ) absolute punt\. » ^ Absolutely Pure Imported Olive Oil 1- lower owing to a reduction in the tanfl dutu- We -ell Paes Finest Sublime JUS fine quality as can he produced, lull inea.--ure quart cans, were 9oe. now 87c each This is the pure OlneOil -ufh as Ph\sician.- presenhe for the patients . cU London Cream Crackers are en-p tielfuni - and tast\ and slightlv -vieetened No milk cracker e\ci made > .in better the qualit\ no matter how packe d or what the price. We net fresh stot k e\ er\ week and nian\ tune- oftener 10c pound. ^ We call \ our special attentioi, t>> i f(>\\ low prn c- on e\ ery da\ staples kernsine (>il I Oc uullon Hist White He.'tii- 10c quart l^enox Soap N bar- 25c W alter Raker- i !ioc..|...t t . I Si • akc Old Dutch < Wan-.T . !i,.\,- 25.' RuttertK ( onden -e.: Milk % . an- 25. REYNOLDS & SON, The Valatie Grocers am tu ill t-ii-i I>, ,ei I. I-' I > 1 ii'2«i I 111.. 111!. ..- - I'o - 1. JSitt FOK hAl.K—One fino large vounp Holstein cow, new milker, calf bv side Nice milker, a bargain. .1 <' Winn, Ohent. Colnmbia 'phone lOSfJlt FOR SALE—Five prade Holsteias, - two promium winners and duo Nov 4 Also 50 R. C R. Leghorn hens, 30 Rhode Island R<>d pullets and hens and 12 mated Indian Jt-unnor ducks. E. A Johnson. Chnthnm Co-op phone. 102i>2t' HALLOWE'EN PARTIES at 34 Kinderhook Street, Hunting Deer. FOR SALE —Mapied&ie Buff wyan-, (Sonii place) where day and _ -dot-is^he- breed that lajs is the breed j <__j?EusioNr -rNEF^^ mv « a Sne Iot ? uffs i night calls will be promptly EXTRAVAGANCE FOR ALL OF . ? 811 y° nn B- I\»cos reasonable from • ° r r J E. O. Mnttoon and\ three nopl/ews 6f Canaan hove gone to the Adiron dneks to hunt .deer. o Bnilding House in Philmont Jo&n Olasscr is building a residence in Phijmo'nt. BUT YOUR. CLOTHING OF ' >. J. H. DUDLEY, 145 NORTH STREET. WHICH THE TAXPAYERS IN THE pND HAVE TO PAY. ' The first step toward remedying the conditions which have become a scan^ dal to the state can he taken only by the election of n Republican assembly as a check upon further extravagance during the -remaining year of the pres­ ent state administration. And it Is safe* tp say' that the voter* will taketliat step next Tuesday. TAMMANY'S ONLY HOPE. THE PLACE TO Your DRUG SUPPLIES II>TlA_IC-~__r___. ; _5i_:_i1: i ^ljnder^vood^ ; ^,:-^._4' r t - - ' -*• *^ - • ed is; at i .'iarfr..\- - r^m^^yji lfiBp|iSf«iclf olLWiliS - TH^RE JS ONE , IMPOR­ TANT PACT THAT V EVERY VOTER -SHOULD /BEAR IN MIND WHEN H E GOES T O THE PO-LSTNEXT TUES.- - sDAV AND THAT l8>''TMATt THE T>N£ HOPE~~OP -TH E TAMMANYIJJED DEMOCRA­ CY L \E 3 IN THIRD PARTY .- .CANDIDATES. .IF-THE ANTj« „ -TAMMANY VOTE j .lK -THE ~ '.STATE. CAN BE,;DiyiDED -THIS Y^AR dN2 ASSEMBLY . V ';CAND1D'A,TES ..\AS. - IT\ jW'AS.,- il ',l3l -V.lDEDi; UAST YEAR^'ON'^ H\H E'/.. STAT E 'f ^Tl C K ET->TAM-. - ,«'MAKY'*--f.GETS..A*:.ANOTHER- i i ' &YE\A\B'*'/.~EXS'E '\6p %f ! Ni;A UU* B RAN C H ts=0 t-fTtt ^stA.T'e^SOV.___NJ<EK,f.r> first prize cockorol at Albany, also Silver Camnines. O W. Bain, Nassau 10224t ^ FOR SALE—Studebaker two seated sbrrey (hicory made) canopy top brake, two seated upholstered hob sled, also fine lot of S, C. Brown Leghon pallets, cockerels, hens, etc. Three Buf­ falo and one Cyphers incubators and, three model brooders. C. JI, WeekST] Canaan, N. Y. 1015tf FOR SALFy—Or rent on shares, 150 a^rcs lying one-fourth south Borden Station. Unfailing water, great deal of frnit, two houses, stables and milk house, up to \premium requirements; ISO ton silo, full modern equipment including ensilage outfit. Call or ad­ dress, Nx»v o to 15, B, H.- SwceV Old\ Chatham. ^ 10231' has removed from Park Row Chatham and his office and undertaking rooms are now will be far from complete if there's none of our delicious, appetizing wholesome PUMPKIN PIES MINCE PIES v and other pastry and cakes for the members of the affair. Just try OUR pastry today —its superb, rich quality will delight EVERYONE. C. D .TUTTLE Main Street, - - Chatham responded to. A. N. VAN OEUSEN Undertaker 34 Kinderhook St., Chatham. Both 'Pones. Tnai are a treat to the feet that wear them and a feast for the eyes to look upon. Few shoes so good and none better than* T. D. Barry's Shoes for men. $4 and $5 Chatham, N. Y. POIt SALE—My farm, free from all encumbrances', knows as Charles Do GroIf-farm r located in Red Rock. Good water, average buildings, large wood lot that can he f&voloped intq_ lumber and shingles in sawmill about half mile xy^ny. Beason for soiling nidney want-' \ed out for 'other jiivcsttJients, itor' 'terms address Miss- je'ssio M. WoVfiter, owner, -85 .Elizobctfi-'strecVj ~3WttsfieId,- ot 'see.-Lester '\Kebstet East. Chatham. . V,>J015tf. maS.OELLAIG-OtJS .B»)i'->-.t_;. pi»* •'\VjstViOH' —*3l— \PP'JV '-fe--° *?V-r?! ?? ^'-xai^** P .•ir )Vu |wllv -i-£ut »pf» i^A;;i^lS.!* v 11 nz'Ux: J's»*ii |»ri .q; \JOp -.-i')! VpW^ OVO^ T*!}\ •linq^'taorii r *».f»i.7s*/'V[r ! .?t \7* k \i *i25iP3 ! ^q\X !, ^^*l ^?Sp ^t,'\^\^filc >o*. *,'^i ?3 fp\^ In map |tra,_-: «q ; a »q m~pwt n oq f \i !»uu ___:-_»-_=_ Uaflliiiory;. •^luil^aufo.rtots;. tangoviats;'; vah &^-ar ^icos'^htclf^nttot-;b&>Mf^^Sli ,._5^ St' S.'Sivul, ilain i;'st'rd\oJr. 4 fc'CfewiWt, ;at •rCa>tit'au^a : sto'ro;; -BfeU^-to^-! '\\H '^B 'iI i>irr»__Y~ ; I ;iC ^_4^bii^ Fresh Marshmallows ! '^\t3 ;? __Kibbx • I JraiuoB 's^Bnigstort ft^^^___i______ WANTED HAY AND STRAW I will-pay the highest market price for _3aledv >: Hay and Straw, delivered at Chatham, Bast cS 'a^- ham, Chatham Center, Niverville, Van _^rhent. - • • _ - ; - * , . r^i. ^•••^^&&rHgan^ Store' Ghatham ' • Bear Set x »iQ<li!.^at---I*pay''Stric^j spot xash.^ri 'No )Qxi^:\ T a 'iuxi4 -fc»:c Yo* tl ^-*J JO &*'VV\ -~ ; JACOB A CINDER MAtN' OKEICE . «... . $£H^ti^p^$^?tg. ^ ^wA$;_.B:Qt;s^ -BethTeKeiri, '-BaHsi .on. Xake; '/5rt»i ;v'-i'»;.'*

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