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The Madrid Herald Page 3 MADRID LOCALS • Piincipal Strait is organizing a school orchertra. Mrs. Glen W. Beardon of Pots- dam, is visiting relatives in town. School Superintendent V. C. Warriner of Lisbon visited the school on Monday. A special harvest service will beheld in St. Philips chuich Sunday afternoon at three oclock. Mrs. S. H. Curtis is sick at her home suffering from a severe cold. Miss Hattie Hepburn of Ma- lone was the over Sunday guest of Mrs, A.. X. Pollock. Rev. E. T. Clements preached Sunday in the Presbyterian church, Potsdam. Mrs. Harriet Curtis returned on Monday, to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Brown in Coltoii. About fifty Madrid men went to Ogd. Saturday evening on the special to attend the Hia'g;hesi mass meeting James R. Lindley and family! went last Thursday to Potsdam, where they are comfortable es- tablished at 31 Waverly-st. Mr. and Mrs. George Mc'Fad- den of He'uve'l'to'ri were gueest cf J. R. Fisher ond sister Miss Mary Fisher on Tuesday. Rev. and Mrs. E. T. Clements attended a meeting by the St. Lawrence County Sunday School Association held at Potsdam on Tuesday s.nd Wednesday. Mrs. Margaret Aberne'thy is having a new ceiling put on her piazza and also is having a bath room installed upstairs in he residence. Miss Ethel M. Campbell and Emma Mann drove over on Fri- day to Potsdam with Leila Lind- ley and were guests at the Lind- ley home until Sunday afternoon. Atty. F.J. Mernman and Hon.: E. A. Everett spoke i n Helena last Thursday evening, and we hear't'hat Mr. Merriman was quite acceptable and successful. Mrs. John Hehrv and two childrenHarold and Mabel of Mas- sena were week end guest of ner parents, Mr. and Mrs. George E.,'Graves. On Wednesday John Wade 1 accompanied by two gentleman friends from New York went to Hollywood on a hunting trip. Charles Vieth took thern in his auto. We should have said last week 'that Fred Clark, of Bucks Bridge was going to move into Wilbur F. Coffie's sepaiate tenant house instead of into the south side of his double house, for W.J. Ayers and family are there already. Mrs. W. E. Howitt of Bangor came Thursday evening and was joined here Saturday even- ing by her husband, who is at- tending S. L. U. at Canton, and were over Sundsy guests of Rev. and Mrs. E. T. Clements. Miss Mabel LaBarr and sister, Miss Jessie, have been visiting at Timothy Sullivan's the past week. also calling on friends and rela- tives, Mabel has gone to Water- town to spend the balance of her vacation Jessie has returned to her home in Canton. Halloween passed off without serious depredaticns, the older young men apparently leaving to the kids to perform theii less harmful pranks. Yesterday morn- ing the bandstand was filled with a piano box, a still large goods case and other trumpery, and some front steps were moved about. On Friday evening Oct. n a very happy surprise-birthday party was given at the spacious Turnbull home to celebrate the anniversaries of the births of Walter Turnbull and Vivian Hughes. Thiitysix of their schoolmates, with their teacher, Miss Ethel Campbell, who is al- ways doing something to add to the happiness of her pupils, ar- ranged the affair. Although the evening was very stormy the happv childred gathered at the home at the appointed time \and it was a surprise indeed. The evening was pleasantly spent in playing games. After refresh- ments were served the young people presented Walter and Vivian -with gold tie clasps as a reminder of the anniversary. On Tuesday afternoon the annual meeting of the United Helpers was held in St. Jor.n's parish house in Ogdensburg. Miss Ida Handlin returned on Tuesday to Ticonderoga after spending two weeks vacation with her mother Mrs. Kate Hand- lin. Miss Etta Gates and Elmer Conorr. formerly of Oceanville N. J., were married Sept. 18, r i6 by Rev. James Robertson. They will reside in .Oceanville, N. J. Week-end caller at George Geandrew's were, Mr. Homer Claffy from Norwood, also Leon- ard Murphy fr^m Waddmgton, and Mr. More from the West, S. L. Porter from Knapps Station. The usual practise of school singing is being varied by Mr, Strait who teaches marching les- sons every Tuesday morning and gives the pupils helpful talks on Thursday mornings. The Camp Fire girls met with Hazel Cogswell this week to dress dolls and make picture books to send to hospitals or in- stitutions where they are reeded at Christmas time. Mrs. Oris Dezelle has been spending a few days with her father, who is moving from his home which he recently sold vo Alfred Ballard. Mr. Wade will make his home with his son J. H. Wade and family. A letter with some Waddi-ig- ton hews items came to our office but we are unable to them as the letter boie no signature. We are always glad of the news items but the sender -must siyti their name to ensure publication. Emma Mann and Margaret Griffith entertaineu twenty-six of their friends at ahalloween party given in the Rebekah lodge rooms on Friday. An evening of games suggestive of halloween was greatly en joyed by tig; young people. The meeting of the Civic Study Club was postponed from Satur- day evening Oct. 28, to Thurs- day evening Nov. 2 the meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Clements who gave an immensly interesting and instructive paper on \The Social Evil.\ Wm. S. Wert came to town Monday from Cornwall Hospit- al where the third toe of his right foot was operated upon for an injury received in the Union mill at Potsdam, where about two weeks ago the toe was crushed by a casting falling on it. William seems t^ be elected to trouble. Mr. F. G. Mann, Mrs, A. C Meeker, Mrs. Olive Ricalton, Mrs. J. Albert Fisher, Mrs. Ed- win Ai'chison, Mrs. Ella Young, Mrs. J. W. Aitchison and Mrs. W. E. Griffith attended represent- ing the Madrid branch. Mrs. J. Albert Fisher being a delegate read the annual report of this branch. The year closed Oct. first therefore airy donations after that date will be credited to the present year. EVOLUTION TO STAY SAYS DR. ATWOOD Socialist Meeting On Saturday evening, Nov. 4th, there will be a socialist meet- ing in Madrid Opera House ad- dressed by Editor O. A. Babcock. No attempt at oratory will be made because the pressure Of the bread and butter struggle hitherto has forbidden that practice in public speaking, as well as that preparation which are essential to finished oratory. The writer be- lieves he has a message, but he holds out no promise of entertain rhent to any who wish merely to be amused. If any Madrid peo- ple wish to hear from him the real issues of this campaign— which are not mentioned by the old parties Decause they are helpless to meet them—he will he very glad to speak to such people. With malice, toward none, but with charity toward all he will discuss the issues of this campaign withoutpersonal attack of any sort anb in a spirit of can- did inquiry rather than in heated argument. Who should not follow Roose- velt \who sold them out\ back into the reactionary Kug-hos camp. The Progresbives. Sermon Of Literary Finish And Of Plain Candid Directness About God And His Unchanging Law- Preaching from James 1, 1*7, •'the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shad- ow of turning,\ Dr. I. Murray Atwood in the Cong'l chuich Sunday morning gave a familar talk in the pleasing style for which he is noted, reconciling the modern scientific ideas with the Christian conception of a loving God. Some things, said he comport ill with the goodness of God idea. James Lane Allen's \Reign ot Law\ shows a young man brought up in orthodox Presbyterian faith who goes to college, learns of the immutable laws of science, loses his faith and goes adrift. The late great and noble Prof Huxley declared that he was un- able to find a particle of scienti- fic evidence that there was such a God as the Christians taught But what is law? A person? No<, simply an unvarying method of doing things. For instance, the mutual attraction of all bodies of matter. It is equally law 10 a man to forgive his eiri'mg broth- er ; or, as Jesus put it, for one to find his life by losing it in an un- selfish endervor. \Order har- mony,.grandeur, guard the Uni- versal throne.\ Law is not 'the power but merely the method by which God does things. Evolution has come to stay and we would better adjust our views to it. It is not a question; of God or law, but God and law. The great Rev. F. W. Robert- son said reverently that lawrules even Diety. Plan and order in the universe are the very best proofs ot God. What if there were no order? What if water failed sometifn'esi to run down hill ? The best defini- tion of an atheist is a believer in luck. It is impossible for God to suspend His laws. God is not free except within His laws, jus. as man is not free except within moral obligation. Why, ihen. do we pray to an unchanging God? So we may \draw nigh unto Hun for it is then only He can ''aia* nigh to us.\ It therefore exalts God to say he actson!\ according to law. Love is law and law is love. Love thinketh uoevii, is not puf- fed up, is not easily provoked; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but re- joketh in the truth ; love thinketn no evil, and beareth all things. Thus believing we can say with Henry Wads-wofth Longfellow, \O God in whom we live and move.\ JOHN SCOTT On Ttueadiay mcwmnig-.at six O'clock \actoiber 31, 1916, occurred the death, of J'oihin. Socrtt in this village attetr a 'siefexass of six yoaira foam loco- imoltolr albaxia. The tonleral \will toe hieGid on EVidiay aftanhiotom from fflne ML E. •chiulrch. ialt ''two oclodk, Rev. W. TL Jiago officiating; burial in tihie nie'w oetmebefry. ' Mr. Sco'bt •wa'a \bon-a iin \West MJoralCton,, One., August 22, 1867, the itWird icfoiM of Thomas and Eliza Soolfct, having always teem aimed at (homo oia itiue fainm luinitil be -wfas leiigiiteea -years of la/g-e, -when he •hesgian sailing ah the Oreafc Lakes, -working orp from fireman t o chief engineer. He \waiB reckoned very •expert in. his profession. Jianiuaary 2,1906, Ihe married Emielihie M. Goih.- \way of Madrid, aiiid te 'them one 'cfhild' wm \bona Thomas Qowway Scolte, ybo trafr-viveiB, lais 'a&efc atoo Mrs. Scoifcc 'aad Mr. Scottta nine hrolfchers aird »is;ceins, namely: \Will- iam ; Belle, Mrs. \Wm. Merrifield; I*a<niny, Mrs. George GbJighitly; EmmJa, Mrs. iEdiward Betogelr; ai of West Morfcoon, Oht.;AimM,Mirs. H. J. Niear; iSedima, Mrs. James- iStaairt, of Skatford, Ont.; %&v. Thomas SooitJc of Aurora, Ontario; Archibald 0co«t of Duiluth,, Mtaa,; Riehiajrdof TaLfowdville, AlbeirAa. Mr/Sootc was a mqmlbesr of Elma Lodget, No, 456, F. & A. M., of Monfctomi, amid h& also was a msirh- •hei' of tliie InidepeUdeac Order of Itopasterrf. Hisla Wdher Masomis •will conduct die burial services at thie gray©. Mr. Scope's death, is an occasion o£ idoejp Borspow to mawy, for his •caireftil, dlBcre;et, hoMora'bie mammer of life oommanid'Oid tine inespecic of all oiulr jva&ple„ Large in physical JpTopor'tiona, he had 'also 'a bign'ejSa amid kindness of heart lalciogether worthy of any man. Euic it is the afflicted menrbera of 'due family circle who u'rlK3tei^>stolod , besc the um- failing patience), ©veai in ex'crenie Bickness, the unbounded generos- ity .aiid the t&mdier sympathy of him wiuoAn they have lost. His wn- timeLy going will long be moMtouedi, but Ms .raemoey will 'ever be ra- dian, t in praises for thiols'©, traibs that amnobl'e, and \beautify human character. Do you -wish to see your son slain on the battlefields? If not Vote for Wilson. >*•••••••••••••••••••••••• A PICTURE OF HUGH2S. The New York World, which once was outspoken in its admiration for Mr. Hughes, now declares that the people do not know where Hughes stands, or what he stands for. This Wilson organ had no such criticism to make when Mr. Hughes was gov-* ernor. The World said on May 17, 1910: \He dictated no nominations, controlled no convention, trafficked in no patronage, made no bargains with office-holders. He has 1 awarded no- body Tor supporting him and punished nobody for opposing him. What in- fluence he has wielded over public opinion has come through his appeals to the voters themselves.\ That is the estimate of MT. Hughes given by the World six years ago. It 'is a pretty fair letter of recommendation. Could the World say rs much for President Wilson? Hardly, for the president has done all oZ the things from which the World absolved Hughes.—Kansas City Journal. GUARDSM'EN PAY TH E 'PRICE OF WILSON'S ABASEMENT. Having condoned the repeated murders of Americans by the Carranzlstas, and having abased himself before Carranza, and having aided in placing Carran- za in power, what is Mr. Wil- son's reward? and who pays it? The reward is that Mr. Wilson has to place 150,000 troops on the border to partiafly prevent the raids and murders that his friend Mr. Carranza will not or cannot prevent; and the pay- ment is made by the soldiers who are slain and by the fam- ilies of the guardsmen who go in 'want because their husbands and fathers \have been called to the border to make good Mr. Wilson's refusal to let the regu- lar army administer such punish- ment to the ba. dits as to inspire in them a healthy fear.—From the speech of Col. Theodore Roosevelt, delivered at Lewis- ton, Maine, in behalf of Charles E. Hughes. ' !l •••••«••••»*•••••••••••«>•* J FARMER GOT JUSTICE FROM DEMOCRATS Waited Fifty Years for Republicans to do Some- thing for Him, But Wait- ed in Vain. Hughes admits he has no program. Refuses to say what he would have done, or will do, if he were President. Promises nothing except \personsl support\ of the federal amendent for woman suffrage. \Wilson obtained Unpreced- ented prosperity for his country after nine years of depression following the \great Roosevelt panic of 1907. Prevented a great railway strike that would have des- troyed the nation's prosper- ity. •••••••••••••••••••••••O** MartmRutherford Contractor & Builder Madrid Springs - - - N.Y Contracts taken for the con- struction of all kinds of buildings plans and specifications furnished on application. Estimates given free. All work strictly first class Also agent for Cortright Metal Roofing. Bring in your bills and let me figure on them. Orders taken for windows, doors and all kinds building materials •*«•••••••••••••••••••••••* Who kept us out of war and with honor to the American .eople? Wilson. *•*«+••••••••••••••••••••• *•••••••••••••••••••*••••••«.•••••••«•••••••••••<,••••• 9H • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 67 Isabella Street, Iff « B3 That Please Them All To be always fair we use un- usual care in both the fitting and. featuring of shoes for wornen, men, girls and boys; all ages re- ceive all attention here, no detail is neglected because no detail is too small t o be overlooked. This is a store of true service—a family service whose worth has been tried, tested and trusted for two years. No novelty is too new for lis to show in our -women's shoes; no smartness too \smart\ in our shoes for men; no foot-form linos too correcting in shoes for girls and boys. We're here to please them all with shoes for all! 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