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Page 12 The Madrid Herald, December 7, 1910 HON. BERTRAND H. SNELL FOR STATE CHAIRMAN His Friendship for Governor Whitman is Main Factor in Choice—Mr. Snell also has been Wisely Independent of Factions. An article evidently inspired appeared fiom Potsdam in the Watertown Times of Satuiday afternoon. After slating that Mr. Snell had left for Washington and should be addressed at Room 350, House Office Bldg., the article stales the probability oi Mr. Snell's accepting the very high honor and further declares tha 1 the predominant factor in the situation, according to the Congress- man's friends, is his friendship tor Governor Whitman, with whom he has been on close terms for years. While the. fact is not gener- ally known, the Governor and the Representative fiom the 31st dis- trict have been intimate friends since their college days in Amherst College together, and Mr. Snell has been a frequent visitor at the executive mansion in Albany since his election to congress a year ago. A newcomer into the field of politics, Mr. Snell has steered an independent course, having no embarrassing affiliations and owing his success to no one save himself. It is pointed out that Mr. Snell has the respect of the state administration and friendship of the Governor, which are necessary for the harmonious working of the state committee and at the same time he does not face the downright opposition of the so-called Old Guard, though poss'bly the latter may not prefer him, owing to his support of the anti-Barnss forces at the meeting of the organization iu New York last spring. The Congressman, himself,is something of anorganizer, the vote which his county 1 oiled up in the campaign just passed having proven this. When Mr. Snell succeeded to the reins of the G. O. P. in St. Lawrence he assumed a task which was scarcely enviable. Long years of boss rule had created distrust and general discord which the election of the late Congressman Merritt to another term while on his death bed had intensified. Contrary to every precedent the new congressman set out about the county after his election, driving through all sections asking the people what they wanted. There were frank gasps of astonishment in all quarters. The tak- ing of the people into the confidence of the party was something new, but how well it succeeded, the condition of the organization today shows. There is good feeling and harmony where discord and petty jealousy prevailed and it would be difficult to find today a Republican in the county who is at odds with his party's manage- ment. Matters which have lain dormant for years in the congress- ional district, unable to make headway on the representative's desk at Washington have been cleared up and, above all, the county and the district have had a representative who has given his services for the salary he has drawn. Ashe devoted himself to business, Mr. Snell has devoted himself to congress and he has been a hun- dred per cent congressman. Mr. Snell is not greatly given to taking orders, a fact which some members of his party discovered in New York last spring, but neither i s he prone to give them. His success in the political arena in the North Country has been due, his fnencs say, to find- ing out what the people want and giving it to them as nearly as it lay in his power. Those who have known him since boyhood believe that he would have no difficult}'in applying these principles to a state organization, particularly as he would have two 3-ears to acquaint himself with his new duties before an active campaign set in. We who have known \Beit\ from boyhood and appreciate his energy and tact feel that he would make an excfllent State chair- man. It also is significant in this connection to remember th it Governor Whitman fY,er£e« from the tlection as New Yoik\s favorite ton fortht vrt .-i.ienti.il nomination in 192'X As such Mr. Snell would In- i!,t* (JIAIH.OIV pi.lineal maD;;gt-r. This opens up possihilili'-- i r '• >ur I','!'\ quite hf wili.tiiii^r in n .i^nilude, hut vu* and ;;11 hi-- li.ei.il- : > -. :- iurn c.ipal'ic Ot uv-\i • u. iiig up t<. ,it,\ resp'-J s'h'l lit.- \ii- 'v.'-. • . *l •]•.!.. Polyglot. Even in Now York city, where noto- riously till tlio races of tli& inhabited globe are east Into the fommon meltiiiR pot, it is not (it'ten Unit one sees the eoinnosUeuesii of the population quite so concretely Illustrated as it was on a subway ear the other clay. On one side ot the car. sit.tinc; akmsslde of each other, all in a row. were live men and one lone woman. Aeeonllns to (he observant and veracious straphanger who reports the occurrence, one of the Ave men was rcadinc a Herman news- paper, the next was absnrlied in an Kalian sheet, the third was occupied with an Enuiish paper, (he fourth with a. paper in Jewish text, while the lifth was busy villi a (ircck maw.zlne. The lone woman, sandwii bed iu near tV middle of (he line, was reading a Trench masazine. Presumably there were some lew persons in the oar who were content with purely Auierirn.ii lit- erature, but the straphanger, who hap- pens himself to be Irish, does not men- tion them.—N'ew York Post. Not Very Flattering. Bobby, aged five, though just two years his sister Lucy's senior, was fa- therly toward her, always explaining everything to her that she had the least doubt about. One day we over- heard this little lecture on tke discrim- ination between beans and human be- ings: \Now baby, a benn Is some- thing that's good to eat, but a human bean—wjhy, that's a lady.\ More Than Bridget Could Stand. Mistress—\If anyone calls, Brid- get, tell them I'm engaged.\ Bridget —\Thin mum, 01 must give yez notice to lave. Oi always thought yez was married to luc gintleman Oi call mas- ter. Slch i state av things is dis- graceful, an 01 won't sthop in the house.\ Smile Always Gets Results. Do you know that when your face wears a smile, other people smile, too, without knowing why? Or when you look cro v ss or downcast, other faces beeoine shadowed? It is a fine thing to pass your lightness of heart along, but how about the other? If we are feeling sad, let us try to keep it to ourselves, and not, by an overcast face, pass it on to someone else.—• Evangelical Hera'd. Makes for Success. The talent of success is nothinr more than doing what you can do well, and doing well whatever you do, with- out a thought of fame. Teachicfrs: drawing paper only 25c per 100 ehie-e-ts at the Herald office; add 6c for postage—only one-third the coat of drawing books. Ladies' Furrier And Tailor I remodel Ladies' Suits and Goats, as -well as Fur Coats, Muffs and Scarfs, best work- manship at lowest prices. R. Rothenberg 12S Knox Street, Ogdensburg The Cause of Gray Hair. j A northern woman was visiting a friend down south. One morning the northern woman, Mrs. IC, was prepar- ing for breakfast. She stopped a mo- ment, rather alarmed at the number ot gray hairs that were beginning to be sprinkled among the black. An old colored woman came into her room while she was looking at the gray locks in the mirror. \Oh I'm getting old, Mary!\ she re- marked to the colored woman, busy with ber work. \Old? \VThy honey, you looks like n spring lamb!\ exclaimed the old color- ed servant \No I'm old. I know it. Look at my gray hair. That's the best sign I know of. Gray hair means old age to me.\ \Law missus, gray hair ain't no sign of old age. That's jist a sign of worri- ation and a weak mind!\—Indianapolis News. Armed Plants. Many plants protect themselves from their enemies by the use of spikes er prickles and venom, just as certain ani- mals do. Of those using the first nam- ed device there are, as a naturalist painted out, innumerable examples. The bramble' the gorse and the holly are familiar instances of shrubs and trees \armed to the teeth,\ so to speak. Many plants imitate the reptiles in arming themselves with venom. Of these are the deadly nightshade, or belladonna, and the nux Tomica. Less destnii-lively inclined are those XJants which are simply protected by their disagreeable taste. The common j buttercup, whh-h is one of 1-hi-Ke, is generally shunned by horses and cat- tle. A plant whirh is profe.-ted by e I disagreeable smell is the figwort. Onl; 1 that hardy and insensitive animal the \ goat, will touch it.—London Answers. REPORT OF THE CONDITION Of the Madrid Bank at the Close of Business on the 29th Day of Nov- ember 1916. It ESO URGES Stocks and Bonds, viz: Pnblii\ securities, (book value $11,(100.110), market value- Private Securities, (book val- ue, 51l3.iU5.20t,market value Heal Estate Owned Mortpcaees Owued Loans and Discounts secured by bond and mortgage, deed or other real estate collat- eral Loans and Discounts secured by other eolateral Loans, Discounts an d bills purchased no t secured by collaieral Overdrafts Due from approved reserve Depositaries,less amoun t of offsets $33906.. Due frcim trust companies, banks and bankers, not in- cluded in preceding item$ 266. Specie U. S. Legal Tender Notes & Notes of National Banks.. Cash items— Revenue Stamps -• Exchanges & checks for next dav's clearings Aci-rued interest not entered on books a t close of busi- ness i m above date 2,049 $11,052.50 113,0X7.96 1,000.00 ll.0S9.0o 11,912.50 66,313.42 S9.39 01 34,172.49 1,356.(11 10,650.00 71.82 226.87 .93 2,049.93 Egg Sandwich are made better here than any- where else. We also have a special knack for all kinds of HOT LUNCHES We cater with special care to calls for quick service. ICELAND LIABILITl ES $263,071.94 $25,000.00 20.000.00 15,870.25 35.S70.25 Capital Stock Surplus on Market Values— Surplus fund Undivided profits Surp'iison book values 36.585.06 DepoMi>— Other Hi-posits secured b y a ph-dneof assets P.O.S.S . . 455.17 Pri-ti-rred as follows: Othi-r deposits due as execu- tor, administrator, guard- ian, receiver, trustee, com- mittee or depositary N'.t rreferred. as follows: T)c-p. -its subject to cheek 121,639.32 Denvoid (\ertrneates of Dep's 77,857.06 Cen ried Checks Unpaid Dividends Due Tru-t O I'S B'ks &B'kers f.0.14 TOTUI Deposits 200,001.69 Otln-r liabilities, viz: A\ Tin dinterest-not entered 1,000.00 E-timatwl unearned dis- i-..ui,ts 1.200.00 2.200.00 Waddington, New York LEGAL NOTICES PT.RSUAUT TO AN ORDER OP Hon Alric R. Horrirnart, Surrogate of t'he Oounity of St Lawre,nce, and •according to the Statute in eurih' cases made and provided, Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against tfce estate of Je»ae L Youmtz late of Madrid in said County, deceased, that tliey are re- quired to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, at the Madrid Bank, in the village of Madrid in said County, on or be- fore the 15ch day of December next. Dated June 6, 1916 Ella M. Young Executrix The Autumn Leaves call to mind the approaching winter. How about your home? Wouldn't you like a new library table, a tea cart, or an easy chair for the living room, a new set of $263,071.94 -(••{•••}\S\M\i\i\5\5\S\5\i\5\5\5\M\i\5\5-S-*-'-*• £-f*M*-§\>*>*>**->**^*^*f-^*f*S*-5**5* > r*5*'5**5*-5*'5\ A Christmas Store Full of GIFTS sepiisorrs FURNITURE for the dining room _or your refurnished? Call and see our stock of new and artistic designs. -;- ?•• T; A -loir full i.f Hii^r-li. '•'•i! :• - :,!.•: I\'. -, for ill ;ire now -1 ]i,'irli<-u]ar Xi M. Katzman, Water St., <>-'• -Imrp LEGAL NOTICES THE PEOPLE OJF'THE STATE OP New York, to Samuiel Porieous of 722 Orehard-st,, Saoita Rosa, Colo., David Porteoua of Moorehead, Minn..; Theron Porteous of Q-ra&sy Butte, North Dakota; Hattie Pifer of Chase Mills, N. Y.; Hiram Por- teous, Grand' Porks, N. D.; Hazel Safford, Waddington, N. Y.; John Porteous and Agnie® Taylor, Wad- dington, N. Y., sureties on the of- ficial band, creditors, legatees and next of kinv to-Calvin Porteouis late of the town of Waddington in the County of St Lawrence and State of Now York, deceased, send (greet- ing: whereas, Adina Safford the Administratrix of the goo di», chat- tels and credits of the said Calvin Porteoms deceased, has liacely ap- plied to our Surrogate- of our Coun- ty of St. Lawrence for a judicial set- tlemenrcof her account as such Ad- ministratrix in pursuance of the statute i n such case made and pro- vided. You and Each of You are therefore cited \and required, per- sonally, to be and appear before our said Surrogate at his office in Ogdensburg in the County of St. Lawrence on the 11th day of Decem- ber, 1916, at 10 oclock in'the fore- noon, then and there to show cause why such judicial settlement should not be had. And if any of the aforesaid per- sona are under the age of twenty- oaue years they will please take no- tice that they are required to ap- pear by their general guardian, if they have oae, and if they have none that they appear and apply for the appointment of a special guardian, or in the. event of their failure or neglect to do so, a special guardian will be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for them in the proceedings In Testimony Whereof, We have caused the seal of office of our said Sarrogr'+e to be hereunto affixed Witness, Hon Alric R. Her- riman, Surrogate of said (L S.) County, at Canton, i n said County, r 1 !© 6th day ot November, 1916. Ceylon 3. Chaney, Clerk < \ the- Surrogate's Court. E. P. Martin., Attorney for the Administratrix. 24-28 arlK-Jf l.e: A M-l: P' --<-,-.' '•I:.. •••' • . - . !\•• .;. .Mr--.!..!., , .... -I 11,, f...,,;,r,1 • • .. •_-.. • 11 i i. • ... r i',. Cf,I,lr:i..,.. ,.!.!• M, i K',1., I y., U V.'lll.-J • i ;. ' '...? :.' ' 1 • '>', Ti-a 1 --. Mil,;.\ !'iit .' I, l,:<- ;.- •: t\ Mlmi'l thai ,\n!i nil is micM,. tliri 1 *!,. li , n' 1<j ,gf-t t'i lii-iit cri full !i!i..iif .,i,i f» JJ tnl lionlh nl si .'Wit ii mill'\-- l:rm,l l>n Eft gle. The Perfect Figure. \Jriliu. Owir.\ ijuprif\] llm tnnrii: wife. gliUK'JjUK IJI> from Hit- jih.vsi<-i.l udvice magazine nl><' wi, pr-rusaitr. \ivhut ha your idea of n jn»rfwt fjjrnre?\ \Well.\ replied her Imslifind, \$100. 000 may not be perfw'tion, lint it's near enoujrlt to wil'lufy a man of my •simple tuples.\— chii'iigti News. The Philippine*. The aetuul laud area of the Philip- .pine Islandu in about 140,000 square miles, equivalent to New EnRluud, New York and New Jersey. Tlie ureu -of tlie Philippines is somewhat less than that of Japan proper, which has an area of some 100,000 square miles.— New York Aroeriean. PCWIOB S Churches . There were no pews In (he elrurcbes of Scotland before the reign of Charles I., and people who wished to be seated -while attending sen-lees took stools With them. For the evening wrvlc-v tJbe parishionwK provided themselves ifdth their own candles. J >i '•jij-i ., f-a:ii-] Tiit'M • 1ljii.ii ' . fjil-ln-i ' • •• Of. lUr. •„ • • rioli'-in.' !',• had £••' him \Wht. K,r. hear Hint < great sloven • 'z A p f cr.rrri^i;. vrcj/K.), •' : Dili'-i • if II V, itll ll (I l-'i • .il IlIlU 'u^-ijilii'i v.ns ti < vfrt ¥»>• .ill ni,-li. iit..l 1.I-. friend. I.UI-.J.I-. HI jniri'd v. 1J., he • •if up MI splrl; and i-jian. rejilii'ii Tir. .|ohrj«on. \I ilih-mltU. who Is u very . Justifies his diwregard of cleanlineKK by quotliiK my practice, and I am dpKirotw this nifrht to sbnw him a better example.\ Consistency. \Charley dear,\ said young: Mrs. Torkins, \(lid you forget to bring the things 1 toid you to bring from the store 7\ \No. TbiB in one time I carried out testpoctions to the letter. Here's the whole bundle.\ \Oh I'm so sorry. I've changed my mind about wanting. I was sure you'd forget as usual. It's eo hara to de- pend on a man!\—Washlngtoa Star. Didn't Need It. A book cjinvasser went into a bar- ber shop and asked the proprietor-if he could sell him an enrTclopedla. \What'H that?\ asked the barber. \It's u book that contains informa- tion on every subject in the world.\ There was a victim iu the chair, and he put in feebly, \He doesn't need it!\ •[ E\cry„;.c apprtCoUs suggestions; look over:-: :> our covrt:rs rr.u to?: 1 .;-:-, yon v/IH receive plenty ? '•\• and good Z'c^.ez'i'iozc: X -.j Gifts IQT Cl'ildren and Baby's | •I., i.' ^ >.;•:• ;,1i i -. I,; i <''..;il- 1M..-M Jl i .'..v.- Mitt, P- I'.iv.il. r i!.,- , •-. S;!'• > 111 • ••- 1 »«»JI*— tfil.i-s ll;iin\ lii.'fV • ii-i-rv !* tir- ' 'ii]Tll» Si 1* })' inli'i'S Liltli\ Ii'.^s Kuliliils Many Others no Room to Mention Gifts for Girls and Women T< njUfi- Sf-arf HcU Cumli and Briihh St-tt- Boas Bath Rulies Hosiery \Waif-ls Kilibon.s Party Bags Drww-'h Coats Clocks Skirls Hats Powder Boxes Jc-wfl Boxes Pin Holders Soap Boxes Pocket Books Mesh Bags Swi-alers ZVlanirure 8rls Handkerr-hiet's TojJet Sets Boudoir Caps_ Aymnn Keclrwear Suits Corset Covers Hair Receivers Camisoles Beads For Men Neckties Millitary Brushes Suspenders Ties and Socks Smoking Sets Ash Trays Shaving Sets Shaving Glasses Armlets Neckscarfs Many Others You Can See When You Come in I Ford St. ! St. Lawrence Comity Savi««:s Bank % | Oguensburg, K.Y. * ,• 2']. •:>-\ 1,M1I- v.-]i;il .JaiD'-h .1. lliil. ill.' 'ji il r.i tin ni'l I • t art'l Miiiiir.- 'iliil-li'T'. said: \Jl\ vi,n v.-aul li kn-i'v '.'.'.• tin-r t i V * * % VoU ai*' 1 - 'I' -lilu'd to In-a hUi-i'i.\-- nr im1. ;.I,II ran <-,'-iiy • J; tiij-1 onl. Tiii* t< .-1 i s hiinjii'' and infallilili•. Av>- VMII al.ii* J jj to Mt\ i- lTiMia-y; if Hot. dro]i oUl. Ymi v, ill lo-i-. \\><il J |J may think iiol, lnit you will 1n,--f a- suj-.* a> ial«-. im tin- J \t ***d of Mic-ci fc.s i s not in you.\ Bns'hj'-ss l»v mail so'Jic*it\d. F. Josephson Ogdensburg, N.Y. fi> jlVIII-.ElV IllVIM.. I'll -i,l< I't .1. I.. Kl.I.li. 'I J, a UilT « • • *<>*»*'><!l-*«-«*»*.*#**»*»-»'••*»•«'» •'••'••••••••-•••^••'{••••••••••••••\fr* » Mend The Breaks * * * • • • Z Perhaps you haven't time, or maybe you haven't 1 J the tools, hut it is the better policy to keep your farm • • tools mended. % 5 • J Our specialty is to do the mending, to do it honestly I • and skilfully—that's what Wre here for. When any X % tool or machine on the farm has a break, just call on or J • -'phone % • 1 ! | 1 Madrid Machine Shop & Garage ROBERT W 0 MAHTM, Prop. f +^4.^4^I^4^4^ + ^^ + ^. + ^ i |. < , ++++ ^ + ^ ++++ ^ +<>+iH , +i j, +eJ(+ ^ +iJ)+<J _ + ^ ++ +*<>•**+++••*+*++«+•*+*+—+***+***+++++++***+++*+++++

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