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Tit••• M^trki n^i'MHl #ag* 3 \AND HIS SM SHALL BE CALLED WONDERFUL!\ Strong, Moving Sermon Uttered In Choice Diction and in Beautiful Imagery Preached by Rev. E. T. Clements Sun- day morning in the Cong'i Church. aih, bult ic'ihad beeu realized on a gTianidei- scate than man '&, Jesus did moit fulfil ichie spectacular Messianic ejcpecbatioinis. The cry of economic injustice raised lay due prophets was mot answered by J©sua. But does. He fulfil reasonable expectations? lYos, fotr ihia wonderful birbh and ;lifo have left an impress like none oither down, the corridors of time. His siniessness!, His iinnicnae powers amid influence, His idea of God's loving and just facherhood, Hiaf conception of man's - possible per- fection, also His miraculous deach resuspreotioia—ohese all (attest the prophets correccitude in calling- _^ . , . , . T . , ™ Him \Woimderful.\ The, igrave could !ft«eajehjjn!g firolm Isaiah, IX, 6, the t- i u u - m- i n xu- ,, ,„f _ . ' .' . ,not hold him. Wich ah this won He-v. Mr. Clements (gave 'chiehistoric •,„,,,.. •• , . >. -=*,•„,•. „!,. • ~ r u x ,, , -detfiul life and love what are you •©Gang, tsbowurg Israelite troubled; , . „ . „ „• t tfbaice with wars and rumors of wars, f> m f ^ J ™ T,\* ^ \ but Ieai.aH declared, his purpose to ^ H( \ caa t& T f y „ \wait on. Who Lord,\ whereas, the. wd ' anlrteh y0lUr <**\\*«* '•excited people were eomsuldng thei ft/5 A HF? in I OP AI ^ Boothsayers and idbe, astrologers m.tt.i-'ixii^ i_w\^rt.L.o Such umspii-itual hope is weak, while Miss Martha Hamma is gaining. Isaiah's hove, is strong, being clear Her con dition appears to improve m ltd vision, as ooo actual facta! fcom d , ay today. Her manv friends and mighty in 'crust in God.. He sincerely hope she may soon, recov- saw there could be n peace uracil er he3 . UMal j^auh. the nations looked to G-od. So in our day the world will beoonvulsed Miiss Ethe,L Campbell, Miss Ethel with war uracil the nations look to Boy den. and Miss Kimball, teachers JGod ana prepare for the coming ia ou!r Hi ° b S' ehj °'°l. ™ & spending. of the Prince; of Peace by obeying lthe ***&*•?* iri ,tMr respective His laws i homes in, Waddington, N. Y., Canan- Seethe angry, foolish nations to- dai ° ua ' N - Y - aIld B ' astc \ 11 ' Ma ' ss - dlay each calling the other the ag- A fe'iemd discovered in oar Madrid gressor a&d <aach, claimiiag to be Herald file of May 26,1904—the first fighting in defease. Men of all issue of this paper—that cheese sold countries now judge, ishallowly by., on, the Wacertown Board on May 21, mere, hearsay, whereas, the omly.i 190i> £ or 7c _jt>, s 22c mow. Two week* Jujrt judigmenc is wis* mdgnreot, ^ batter sM oi n Caallt< m Board , Thank what might have been avoid- ed if men had judged matoers to at \ l-2c-now at 45c. ©cfuity and in righceousness, in- Robert D. Mclver of New York •toad of in anger, ®elfishnesa and cHity, who is junior einigiri>e;er for 'the prejudice. There never will he the inspection and .supervision of East loraged-f or umiversal peace until jft V er tuinntel construction, came on •ihiefrekaleaguieof 'die iniatioua for- Tuesday of last we;ek to spend the bidding and preventing individual holidays with his mother, Mrs..Flora nattion aTmamentts. . Mjclver,.a.nd sister, Mrs. Belle Beck- Eecu!rri.ng to Isaiaih, 'che preacher w ibh. He returns to New York this •aid Isaiah's vflsion had \beem real-j we iek Saturday. iaed aa to 'cihe comimg of the Messi-J A MISTLETOEMAID MADRID LOCALS . There will be service in St Phil- ip's mission miext Sunday at 2:30 The •vesbry room of St Philip'a hiaa been doinie over. The walls are Boys\ knickerbockers, wear 1 well . tinted a lighc greeni,an.d newshades igood quaility—J. B. Mondciue. have been hung at the windows. *Mr.s. Sellar I/eishmanof .Wadding The days are getting longer, be- ton, was calliug on friends in town giraning .Priday, itihie 22d, hut for Tuesday and Wednesday. tw wee}oB from last Priday th&mn Miss Jennie Ruddy has gone to rises later each (morning until, on' ?or aTvo we C elcr^ iaS 0<m « ****• **~ \ * iS ™ at ;:30 ' „ r _ , , ,, . ,, ^ . fo,ul1 ' min,utes later than, on Dec. 22d. • We are pleased to be able to re- R „, t .,.,„- _,„ Dnro ^„ T \ / port Cashdea- Prank M. Peck's con- ?™J the ' 8 n ,un . fla » ^ J ' an - 6th at dition as much improved. 4:44 > ** 12 manultes lates. than on . „. „ , _ . , , . D&c - 2 ^d, ao ojur dlay then. wiU have Miss Helen La viae had the mis maimed .pi.p-ht mi™,*.,. ;„ l^^n.+i, fortanetofaUdownstairsSaturday. h' *-, ei *\ nuraxteb in length. No bomes were broken, bu!t her face I*™!*® 5 1 a s this information is, few was badly bruised. have even the principles of it in Miss Clara Dennis of the Normal t^\ 4 cleaffl y» b ^ fc y«\u own find it came Saturday evening to visit her * 01 ' yourself im amy almanac. friends in Madrid for a few days, , p ML Ho ,sley aud Wm. McLaughlin The Royal Tailors are offering returned on Tuesday to Rochester •some great bargains in gen'clemen's after spending Chriscmas with their •suits and overcoacs at McCormick's. patents here. They reached Mad- Stephen S. Merkley and little son rid Saturday morning a t nine oclock Had^via went to Bouclcs Hill, Out., a£teT walkin ^ up ircm No , rwood as to spend Oteistmas with his par- ,, ° u, ^ lauail «orwooa, as •eats. the > snow was too deeply drifted Mrs. Delia L. Daitey went Satiar- X<51 ' a ^^wyman, to te,t a horse go day and visited until Tuesday with out - They were four hours walk- her daughter, Mrs. Ernest S. Cros- ing on the railway track the nine bie, in Canton. . irjlg 0 , n the Mllway track-some big Miss Leila Lindley of Potsdam walk at lo.mesome hours' LatP.r in came Tuesday evening fo visit for M 1IB ^ av TT^™™ n •. ,', , ', a few days with her friend, Miss ^ r T* ,f OogsweU and Jas. Emma Mann. ' . A - wdaell made the same, 'trij>, as John R. Loekwood has returned ^'train cam© in on the Rutland home after a trip icf several weeks road unitil ten. oclock Saturday at representing Dr. Williams Ply & might, and the boys wanted to ffet Insect Destroyer. i„«,«,^ -nr. -.,_.., ... . ' 6 Mrs. Leslie K. Smith „and dauijh- ter Mary came from Canton Satur- day liij-ht to. spend Christmas with her moitiher, Mrs. Mary Consicynie. home. We admire their pluiek! Card, of Thanks. The Spirit of Christmas m HAT the spirit of Christmas is upon us one need but walk through the shops these days and be convinced. Visit the toy department of any store and learn that Christ- mas, with its kind old Santa Clans, and, in fact, the whole Yuletide spirit lie deep in the hearts, of the children. Perhaps there are among the grownups some who haven't noticed that Christmas dolls and rocking horses and skates and such delectable things are ever so different from the common or garden variety of the year round. Miss Bessie, the Christmas doll, for instance, is not to have her silk clad body and waxen curls swathed in brown paper and delivered by an ordinary delivery wagon. Most emphatically not! The spirit of Christmas is abroad, and he whispers of Santa Claus and reindeers that pull the jolly old man and his sleigh over the snow covered roof tops and stand prancing and pawing at each home while Santa slips down the chimney. For it is in just this way that the Christmas dolly, the Irish mail, the'rocking horse and even the big toy automobile are transported from the show cases and windows of the depart- ment stores to a place beneath the Christmas trees of eager lit- tle girls and boys on Christmas eve. If any one doubts this let him ask even the first little girl or boy he meets in the toy- lands.—Washington Star. ADVERTISE IN THE MADRID HERALD *•••••••••#••••«•«•••••••• »•••••••••••••••••••••«••• ^P By Minna Irving To all the friend's and neighbors All Millinery marked down below who were so. kind diurini^- the recent cost-great reductions on aU coats, sickness and death, of our beloved sink waists, iskircs etc.—see our New Trni . h , IM . „_ ,„ ,, u oeiovea Year's cards—Mrs. P. H. McOormick KOIJlet ' we > would express thanks E. R. Crandall went on Tuesday ?™* <W r «iation, *W the many of lasc week too spend the holidays .^amoiul flowers, and to the choir wiih his daughter, Mrs. A. H. Mc- f<5lr ™ beautiful music. I Knight,and her husiband at Naples, Mr. and Mrs. DanielH Rutherford,' ^ York - ; MM. Wm. K.'Rutherford, Mrs. S. H. Curtis spent the holi- Lucius P. Rutherford .days in Goliton on account of the Clarraiiro T? P^W^F^,!^ sickness of ner mother, of whom we ^arenee R. Rutherford. are pleased to learn that she is re- , ^ covering. | j Mr. and Mrs. Alien H. Wears en- VILLAGE CREAMERY BOOMING teirtiain&d at Christmas dinner Mrs. Moved by the high prices of cheese in L he Spring of 1915, Wells J. Agen, proprietor of the Madrid tvillage mutual creamery, Inistalled a cheesemaking plaat, but, before he could get started at cheese- making (in August, 1915), the bottom dropped out of the cheese market, and his cheese plant made cheese only two. months. However, in September of this year cheese prices began to look up, and in October Mr. Agen began adding cheese to his regular butcer production, and the steady Tise of cheese prices since 'that time has enabled him as a mutual creamery proprietor to net $2.30 per hundred DO- the pat- rons during November, while the prospect looks perhaps a little het- ,ter for this month of December. Unitil Monday, December 18. he was making whole-milk, or full-cream, cheese, but since that date the price of 60 per e&ntt-^skim has been so aitcractive that he has changed lo manufacturing that .grade of cheese, which he expects will nee •the patrons a little better for De . cember than for November. Ordinary expectations for thie creamery would be 2,500 lbs.of milk but so. enticing are ihe prices now that 4,500 lbs. of milk are oomiag in every day. So. large a ^uanticyof milk compels him bore^uire patrons to bring 'their milk daily instead of every other day, buc nobody complains when he is getting a (good price. In fact, chis makes the substantial basis possible for a real merry Christmas. Abouc 1,200 cows now .are contributing to this cream- ery as against 225 with which it started in April, 1915. Charlotte Wears, Mr. and Mrs. Ar- thur J. West and daughters Bernice, MaTian and Dorothy. Miss Mae Bullock, 'the efficient saleslady in S. J. Hosley & Cote, ihiasgO'iie Itoiher home at Dickinsons Landing, Ont., just opposite Mas- seina, to spend the holidays. | \Mrs.\Thomas LaBrake and Mttlo sou Clyde of Massena arrived Sat- | Urday evening to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney B. Robinson, and family for a few days. Little Wendell Strait has been quite sick for a week. Principal Straic went to Stockholm Monday evening, visiting until Tuesday with his parenlDS. His sister, Miss Ada Straic of Renss. Palls,returned with Mm for a \brief visic. Mrs. Fred P. Andrews returned Saturday to her home in Philadel- phia, N.Y., after spending a week here with her father, P. M. Peck, wuo has been quite sick at his boarclinghouse, Mrs. Albert H. Bul- iard^. He nonv is gaining gradu- ally, \being able to sic up. Mrs. 1 Catherine Lovely, who had been niursing Mr. Peck for a week, re turned to. herhor-«a at Waddington Smniday. Pre-lnventorySale! Now is the time to Save Money ON A CLOAK, SUIT, HAT,DRESS, WAIST, SKIRT, OR ANYTHING IN OUR STORE. * SKIRTS That sold, regularly $2.98 to $6.00 • • • • • for • Sale price • $1.98 and $2.50 • • Beautiful HATS t COATS That sold regularls for $18.50, §20.98 to $35.00. Sale price $10.50, $11.49 up. : • Eegular §4.50 and S3.75 Hats. Sale price. $1.49 SUITS That sold \regularly from $35.00 and $20. Sale price $9.50 and $10.38 EXTRA SPECIAL BARGAINS on HOLIDAY GOODS SEE FOR YOURSELF. •••••••««••••• F. JOSEPHSON. x • « 4 • • CoovrKht. 1016, b» American Prcn A—ocUtion J KISSED her -yes, I did-beneath The mystic mistletoe When Christmas bells were pealing out Across the drifted snow. She was a maiden sweet to see And just my style to boot, And so upon .tier ruby lips 1 placed a sw^ft salute. jpOR she had twined the berried bough On chandelier and wall. And wreathed it all around the door, And draped it in the hall, And pinned it to the picture frames. And hung it on the latch, And tucked it in her hair, and so i had to toe the scratch. * ST. LAW. CO. HOLINESS ASSOC. ANNUAL CONVENTION.WHITE MISSION, OGD., DEC. 31, JAN. 1-2 Kov. Gresor^a N. Buell of Sandy Or&eik, State Secretary, and Evan- gelist \Walter Clement of Laoana will ooiiKliuct meetings. Serviees.on Sunday at 19:30, 3 and 7:30. Watch ni^-ht servico begins 10 :30 p . m. and coir)itiniu«d until midnight bells ring. Maniday, 2:3D, 7 :30. Tuesday, 10:30 2:30 (preceded by electioTi. .Q£ offi- ce*s\ and 7:30. People froim onlt of the city who. intenid attending will fci-n.dlycommiu.nica.te with Mrs. A. B. StejP'hiQTiBOii, 22 ^Washington-st, 20 to 22 dag. below fceTo Tuesday rnoirninig, whale Chiristmas morning was 'STi.appy efnonigh, altboiugh fairly bright, bu: tbie roiarls wore henVy froim 'tihie big «T>iOW;sic.OTm amid blow of Friday 'and Priday 'nii.,?h.t. Mails were blocked «o badly \thmr Chirist- mas packages itook fT.om tbiroe to five diays >to >gat here from New York . Tburs day's, Friday's a.tud Satcra'day's Watertown. Tiimrts. cirne> toig^tbieir to the writer on S'umiday, Posttnasitc'r Hajiirh.es and wife wnrk- inig late Saturday evening and a torige part of Sunday at thie'Ch.riflt- m.nis mail, which, is very wearisome to- TmnrlLc* at befit wben« it comes in regularly. Christntes paegages nml catdis are wtill'siTlniginig in, our New Yrfwk Sunday paper arrivimg We-d- ncstday morning. So. rare is it to so© a hieavy blockade o.f the rnnd-( in December, that we have asked several old fesidents in vain for a Tecn.llecMo.n ol a similar December blockade. On Satorday Oliver W. Rutherford, carrier on route No. 5, could not iget through. Nlccliao. ol m.em.'a wool and flan- nel ifthirfcs—J. B. Moiniquff. ChriBtmas Long Drawn Out. Jt has lieeome the custom to imagine that every ceremony connected with the Christmns holidays in old England was observed on the holiday itself. Nothing could be further from the real facts. It should be remembered that In England of old, and to some extent even In industrial England of todny, Christmas does not refer only to the holiday itself, hut to the twelve days and nights immediately following the | feast of the Nativity. It would easily ho discovered by anybody who took the trouble to give a few moments' ! thought to the subject that it would be nigh physically impossible lo fol- low all the ceremonials and customs connected with the Christmas seusov on one day. Indian's Keen Sight. The eye of the American Indian is said to be 10 per cent keener than that of the white man. Smile Always Gets .Results. I Do you know Unit when your face I Wears U SlUllr, Miller iHMipli' Millie, too, 1 without knowing why? Or when you look crews or downcast, oilier faces ( become shadowed? It is a fine thing j to pass your lightness of heart along, , but how ahoul (he other7 If we are ! feeling sad, let us try to 'u-i-p it to ourselves, and not, by an e\\rcnst face, pass It on to someone else— Evangelical Herald. Did you know that we often carry specials in candy, toilet articles, rubber accessories, soaps, etc.? Many oi our friends take advantage of trtis to save money. Thes4 specials are offered you at various times to make busi- ness for us. The goods marked at reduced prices are all from the regular stock. We are at your service dur- ing these special sales and al] the time. Prescriptions a specialty. Lefous serve you. Fred^ricfe: rsres, Ogrden&bizrg: PHARMACIST ••••••••••••••••••••••••••* »•••**•••••••••••••••••••• < WRIST WATCHES I More and more people are reulisan^ how handy and convenient it is to have a watch on the wrist and they are demanding real watches in. place of the former ornamental ones. You sliMiM take great care insseleoting one that is above all accur- ate, whether it be decorative or merely plain. Our vviiHt watches are fully guaranteed to keep good time. Our stuck includes silver, gun metal, gold tilled and solid gold cases. H. L. McGarter, Ogdensburg • • • « 4 4 4 4 « 4 • * • »*# *••?>•••*••••*•»••••••••* •*••••*•*•*••••••*•••••••• HERALD HOME NEWS BEATS ALL.

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