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Page (5 Ttif Madrid Herald ^- M DEPARTMENT RED MILLS 1 Jan.. 24—Oh, *> cold! Praisier MeDoi\ild entertainer! the Ice hiairvestera \Wednesday 24th. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce- Livingston-© •pent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. William Patten. Wetrust Bruin may mot be-rouse-d tooim his slumbers until after the •ecoinid ,af February. Mrs. Amamda G-owrley of East- wood, N. Y., is visiting friends and fela'tiVes i n 'this vicinity. DeiLoyd McOurdy of Fl'ackvillo •wlaid the week end (guest of his Mc- Ocwmick and Livingstone\ frie-nds. fully. It v» fxirpip-vtlv requested tlwn 1 Mils In* d-oT> Avithin S w^pk-'. \^h^ T, V.M. f»«Vyi-n.d a VPTV Tilpas- ant m^'efiTiy with Mrs. Tra 'EgglM- to^ lMH'tv n f r^vntn-n-n. ^j-,,-^-,-,^-.. ^-^.^ served to nboitiit fifty TIPOITOP. A valentirup T>ir\' lT will bo lipid in Simmons hall Fridnv evening, Fpb. 1fith. A cordial invitation is extr-raled to all. TO ^TJI \MT717 A XTO'RTH'KI'RN N.Y. POULTRY ASSOCIATION ' Thomas W. Bulrvis, who* has be^n visiting-at the Sparrow-hawk home, returned Saturday accompanied by Mrs. Robert Pnrvos. Mrs. D. E. Sloan., who hni hewn. oaring for 'some of her relatives in Oaniada who have bcwi ,=iek, re- turned home last Saturday. GRIST 0 OVE Telegraphic and Cable Items Recording a Week's Events, FROM FORTY-EIGHT STATES Happenings In All Parts of the Union —Decisive Battles in the World War—Washington's Latest Gossip —Reports of Crops and Business. ^fmiitiiitiniiiiiii[Trii[[tiiii[imniini!itiiirninint(ir;t!nii>irnmiiiiTnTnnTnTi!n;Ei'ii;miTirfiiriTiiftQ 1 War Bulletins § SM!!lllll!inil[»l|[|l5!il![[l!l[liilll!!illUIIK[[l!llilllllimillllllll!lllill!llll!l,l]ll!li;i;»B!S5l!!lIllli!il The theory that the German des- Last Thursday was Tyiulrry dnv at Caniton, and in connection with this chere was a lw-ptiiy: called by Dc-an H. E. Cook for fchp.mu-po-ae of organizing a Northern New York poultry association, for the im- . troyer , were driven f rom zeebrugge provement of che poultry hnsine-s . by \ i( , p is not givell muc h credence, alo.mg utility linos. Manager V/. E. j A RUrv i vor 0 f the German destroyer Church of the* poultry department i ^.gg interviewed at Ymuiden says the Charlie Lavier and GeorgeJEustis 0 £ the School farm was made chair- j m ain action occurred at a point thirty man, making a fine 'speech on or- 'miles off Zeebrugge. His vessel with •ganizatioo,, as also* did Dean Cook. \ another torpedo boat destroyer form- Poultry breeders presenrt were \ ed the rear guard of a flotilla of called on.. Messrs. Mealon of Gouv- eleven vessels. „' „ „ „-.-•, /~i-4 Renorts reaching London from Hol- er new, E. 3-. Brown ot Maple City ! reports n-aum. b The State Racing Commission In Its annual report urged the restoration of race track betting In New York State under the pari-mutuel system. The amount of whiskey consumed by the American people in 1916 was greater than in any previous year since 1909, according to the tax re- turns to the Treasury Department and ' |ii»»iiiiiiiiiiiliniiiiii!liiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiri iiiiiiiimiiminiiiniiiiiaiiimiiiMi! the amount of revenue collected by g the government on whiskey, beer and M. cigarettes during the year was the ^auctions existing coiicrmofis m laex- ico and sanctions what the Mexican Government is doing. Gen. Funston sent a radio message to Gen. Pershing asking when he would be ready to start to withdraw frpm Mexico. spent apart of last week in Canade With the intentionn nf purchasing a team of horses for Mr. Eustis. Miss Ruth Sam.mo.nis of Flint, Mich., spent a few days the past Wefetk at the hoime nf Mr. an id Mrs. D. Houghton and Mr. and Mrs. W. Kyd©. A number of oiur young- people felfctenid'ed a party given by Marga- ret Sanderson of Tilden on Friday •e 1 : leiriirug. A very pleasant time i's rejported. lieutenant Frannk Rogers left Halifax on Wedmesdiay of this week for overseas service. We uader- Bfbamd that Lieutenant Hog-era ex- piects to enter the aviation corps. Tho Misses Ruth Rearden, Mary E. McOormick' and Elizabeth Fitz- gerald attended the physical cul- tulre lesson at Lisbon Saturdayp j m., 13th, at the home of Supt. War- ! tinier, given by Miss Ada Stone, i The many friends of Miss Mar-, g-afc-et Yownig are pleased to know ' that she is fully recovered from | the operation she underwent at tibj© City Hospital a few weeks ago. I At present she is visiting Mx3. Gil- ; bert Nelson, j Mrs. David Clements spent from Poultry Sales Co*., Mr. Howard of Pyrites and. Win. F. Arm-strong of Lisbon, which last spoke in con- nection Willi the formation of an organisation. Now that the plana are well ten- der way, it i s expecced that a first- class poultry show can be held in 191S at Cancon to farther the pro- duction oi utility breed fowls. The show this year was a fine success with upwards of 200 birds entered, was more than expected because of th© very small amount of'adver- tisinig. It is expected that we can offer some fiojo specials 'the coming year, so that it will be well worth. v hdle for everyone to send a few ev tries if the show is held. JOHNSON DISTRICT Jam, 27—Exams, over, and pelnty Tuesday until Tuesday of last week hard,too-! art. Dekalb with Mrs. Purvee, who Claud© TTacy was at the Falls has been suffering from an attack Saturday on business. of congestion of the lungs. We Farmers Week at Canton was at- are glad to know that at present i tended by many from here. Mrs. Purvee is improving. Cbas. Cunningham is taking Ellis The pupils of Dist. No. 19 were j Randall* place on the hay press, enitertained tor a short time last j _The_few from here who atiended Thursday morning, when the oil tank, turad turtle opposite- the Bchoolhouse. As the-fai.k was emp- ty, it was soon Tight ed with the assistance of a few men, and Mr. Wood, the drivr-r, xn-oci-c-dr-d <c. lua way. the Flackville play pronounced it. ^ cry goo-d. j •Ceylon Johnson and Ellis Randall! arc- at home for a short time from | , their hay pressing job. I I We hear that Arthur Raec-isso-rin i t o move to our neighborhood. We i are glad to welcome him. .WEST POTSDAM Jar;.2<i—Blr-<w Ihf rain '. Mr. anid Mrs, Wm. P. Haggerty were i'i Ogil. Thursday. LaBit dance before Len- Fi-iday •vening, 8th, in Simmons' hall. The Larlip*- Aid Society met at Mr«. Eggleston's Friday evening. j What has become f.f .HI:- Wu ni- /-\ (j/* I bridgeCorroers reportei'? Wr would Q-'('.&S'.*'< ' , like to hear from h-er agai'i. Town Tax Collector F. 0. Xor'\i (va« at the Falls Tuesday, daughter, Miss Rita, i- d F. friend accompanied him. Th ere was an envelo n -• at Floyd Patterson's '^.i night. A good sized present, and all fbc-mselves. His lady IPi.Tl hr-ld Th-ii-rcdjiy PTowd wa • ^er-mpd f^-j enjoy Wewnre •c.Hrprisfd t.-, h*ar nf ti.r. death of Jay Va- Dvi : .-. n ^--. linfl had not heard hp W,TS :n TT^ Tas WP-11 k^jtiT) in ihi^vici-niiv. M\p>- RMnpalliy is exte-dr-d to- hi?* pa-r- Tbe Bchoo-1 pupils of this place' \its Mr. and \ Mr*. Arr-h!^ Van who took Reg'C'S exams, all passed, j Dyke. Raymond Fobes- of Potsdam was i stoirmed in rnoar h«p lasi Sunday ' evening Mrs. E. W. Bacon and Barley Ba- con nf the Half-Wav gloiuse spent Thursday in this place. John Sullivan nn-d moth-pr snenc latgt Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. Nor- man Austin at Norwood. Mr. and. Mrs. W. H. Ro-senberg «penit IaiRt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Alton Walker of Henvf-lton. Leo Menininit? of this place is tak- ing a chpeaemakinig oourse in the Sftalfce Agric. Sehoiol at Canton, Mrs. Dennis Sullivan has been -spending the week in Ogd. with \fclolr isis'tor, Miss Abbie Casey, at the -City H-O'spiral, who is gainimg. Iusipibe of all the bad roads this l^inlter, oiutr R F. D. Carrier Barnes to* not missed a day and Mr .Whit- ney O'f Oanbon missed only one. W'e are verv sorry to ?ir-ar 'hai our frieri'd, Miss Ruth TVird. of 'Tin LVIIP-M' - AHisfer road had ''\• mi--- forftiTP to dislocate h«r ii\ vnwiing. We hope Mr. K. South road will cnll offe-- not stay so late hipreaftcr. 1'land indicated that eight Prussian j war vessels were sunk s n skirmishes in the North Sea, while an official I British report in mentioning two of the encounters reported one destroy- er on each side sunk. Viscount Motono, Foreign Minister, declared that in 1S9S Germany had intended to occupy China, and that Japan had entered this war because the peace o£ the Far East was threat- ened. He and Count Terauchi, the Premier, delivered addresses in an- swer to criticism of the new militar- ist Cabinet in Japan. Russian troops on the western Mol- davian front repulsed a Teutonic at- tack, Petrograd announced. Compar- | ative quiet has prevailed on the re- I mainder of the line in Rumania. At- i tempts by the invaders to advance in ! the River Oituz, were arrested by the I Russians. j In the eastern Carpathians minor I advances by the Russians were re- I pulsed, the German War Office an- nouncement says. j Berlin reports that on the ea'st- I pro front, east of Baranovich, Ger- I man raiding detachments entered i Russian trenches and hrought back 117 prisoners. U|IU]UlllliUIl!MIIlIiIl]lllini!lilllllit>il1llUUIJlllUI|]Irl11tliLlJ|};!IlUnillt:miUUl[iMllE11l!!llHIlIlttllI^ 1 Washington Siiinimiiniiiiiiiiiinuiniiiuiiiiiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiu The American Ambassador at Ber- lin has been instructed to adopt Ger- many's offer to permit an Investiga- tion of the condition of deported Belgians. [ The House RUIP Committee modi- fiPd it* request to the Stock Exchange fur thf- rrcords of fn» \lfak\ period and agreed to fhitMl any brokers' customers who?? names may be brcugiht into the inquiry. Senator Jom?* of War-hington intro- dui-t d a bill providing for abso.utp prohibition in Alaska. Secretary LansdnK ai-ked Congress fur an appropriation of $75,fifi'i to enable the President to make si'Via! allowances to Ameriran dipVimalic and con-ulpr officers in China, f-n as to adjust their offu-ial income to the tort of living. Dr. Cary T. Grayson's-, nomination as rear admiral was tr-nt hark by the ppnate to the Committee on Xaval Affair?. Regulations designed to rf.-lir-ve thp ?horf.age in conl cars and h'-'p lower thf present high price-- •«•<••::• rre-Tib- f'l by the Interstate Commerfe l'um- mission. greatest on record. Alabama, particularly the district in the vicinity of Birmingham, will be the first inspected by the board desig- nated by Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy, to investigate and ad- vise on the most suitable location for the $11,000,000 government armor plate factory. American battleships in Cuban wa- ters are smashing targets faster than they can be made by the Norfolk Navy Yard, which for several months has been turning out all kinds of ob- jects to be fired at by all kinds of guns on all kinds of war ships. Sugar cards are to be instituted in France. American exports for 1916 were val- ued at $5,481,000,000. The price of gasoline in Alabama advanced one cent a gallon. The United States Army Depart- ment acquired 2,380 motor trucks dur- ing 1916. The Fidelity Trust Co., of Roches- ter, increased its capital from ?200,000 to $500,000. Proposals for a general increase of 15 per cent, in railway passenger and freight rates was submitted to the finance committee of the Chamber of ! Deputies by the French minister of I subsistence and labor. ! A fight between native bandits and American marines in the Dominican republic, resulting in the death of jone marine and the severe injury of i another, was reported to the Navy | Department. MEXICAN CAMPAIGN Villa forces are reported to be at strategic points in the north and con- siderable speculation was aroused by a report that the rebels had cut the railroad south of Chimiahna. Such interruption of traffic will hamper Carranza when. Pershing departs. With the return of Pershing's com- mand to American soil the President will initiate a new policy in Mexico which will be along the line followed before the experiment of last Spring was adopted. Henry P. Fletcher, the American Ambassador to Mexico, will j leave shortly for his post and Car- ) ranza, will be invited to send an Am- ; bassador to Washington. In? other | words, when Mr. Fletcher presents ! ins credentials in Mexico City it lm- i plies that the United States Govern- \&o=± in a. siaxta-tn decraa at lasct SportinQ j Les Darcy, middleweight champion of Australia, has been matched to meet Al McCoy in a ten. round bout at the Madison Square Garden in New York on March 5. Darcy will receive ?30,000 as his end of the purse. Argent Dazzle, a champion shaded silver male, won the award for the best cat at the Silver Society show, New York. . Tha Navy basketball team scored first defeat against Georgetown by 31 to 23. By defeating Columbia Club, the Yale Club took the lead in the inetro- politan Class B championship at squash tennis and is now sure of at teast a tie for the title. Cornell defeated Pennsylvania in an intercollegiate championship bas- ketball game by 24 to 11. Princeton basketball team defeated Yale in close gome. Score, 20 to 19. Carey won the National Class B squash tennis championship, defeat- ing Livingston Piatt in the final. The purses at the New Orleans race meeting have been raised to $600. h. A. Hamilton, National Links, made low gross score in advertising men's golf tournament at Plnehurst, ._ r~r3Cii nic'Uier WHO Killed &*•\ baby because, she said, its father was a German soldier, has been acquitted of infanticide by a French jury in Paris, and the court room audience applauded the verdict. The British Minister of Munitions refused to permit Hadfield (Limited) to proceed with the contract for shells for the American navy while the war continues. Manuel Baudouin, president of the Court of Cassation and who was At- torney General of the court at the time of the famous trial of Major Al- fred Dreyfus for treason, died in Paris, The casualties to Friday, January 19, from London's munitions explo- sions are officially announced to com- prise 69 killed, 72 seriously injured, and 328 slightly injured. This, i t is stated, is believed to be the complete list of casualties. The United States collier Caesar which sailed as a Christmas ship to the relief of war sufferers in the Orient, has arrived at Alexandria, Egypt. The vessel carried food and clothing estimated at $250,000. Exports from France to the Tlnitad States during 1916 were valued at -$110,304,591. MartinRutherford i Contractor fi Builder Madrid Springs - - - N.Y Contracts taken for the COH- struction of all kinds of buildings plans and specifications furnished- on application. Estimates given free. All work strictly first class, Also agent for Cortright Metal Roofing. Bring in vour bills and let me figure on them. Orders taken for windows, doors and all kinds building materials. TeachieM: drawing paper •only 25 e per 100 sheets at the Herald of flee; add 6c for postage—only onie-'thiirtt th© coat of drawing boobs. Lovely cute lictle colored calen- dar padis 11-4x15-8 inch, 11-8 2 &tw and 13-8x21-2 in., at -cite EteraK Office. First icwo sizes, 3c eaek thitrdsiae, 5c each, *••••«••••«••••••••••••••• • • We Are Now Showing Some Exclusive Patterns in All the Latest Period Dining Room and Bed-Room Sets at specially prices attractive 1 Our large and varied stock equals . anything you will find in large cities and prices much, lower. L. McGILLIS FURNITURE CO. Ogdensbnrg - - - N.¥ • t •• «- • • • • • • • • • • • 1 *••••••••••••••••••••••••« Whit© tissue papelr le ia 'afreet air thie Herald Office. 1.-T.SV. f r>-- aid SUCKER BROOK West Potsdam M. E. church -scw- ricea every Sum day at 2:30 p. m. •liu'Tdavaebool at 1:45; <*vr«ry onr-is <K*rdiany invited; Rev. Ernest R»\.agg Pastor. TJbi&S, S. Teorganiised on Sunday, •Jan. 21, vj'lh lhr> f/illowi'ij: offic-iM atnd teachers: R&v. B. Bragg, A'Btrt. Mrs. Nawy Egglcwton; Biblo. Claw t«ach«r, Mrs. W. Chimin o r c; Young Peolf+'rt, V' r - T orn Tlill: P'-im.'ir-y, Mrs. S'lflln Kvirrn: '-Tinist ar><l ©RiCrff' *''' T'~ .(•! rT- r n..r; fr--i* •Mirer, M\; .-. Tl'clx- T -r;-' ••: - •• -.- •pO'Tidon! '<nd reporter, Mri*. Stella IJvania. A raovi'inr-il J* fin foot in fug.in- 'w a library i-i ^onni'fiion with the S. S. The boolra will be free bo everyone-, and all are asked to «oinluri.bute. Anyone bavi'ig hooka <br> donate may leave* or nenrl tbvtn TVpiddi^T bc]lo. TI-O <ionn \-n Tin\. ,Tnn.2H—Bwa-ntiful wr-atbr J r but c ir-Ti T,.if-r>\h-holr*s' Ml** Ulni-vhie Mnrif-a wqn arp-cent cnHfr o-n AT»*. Ph-ii'l™- <3;mrifvr. TT'ome'r RnV'ii n-\d .To'^'n Dovlparf 1 - (\'\jiij; vnirl for- Frpd Po^t^OllS. Tm. SnTfw dflivfrpd fo'titr •n.pw milch omwj last wiv«lt to Mr. Dan- ir*K Ogd. A WW\ 1 ,? mvn TroTn T)iid\T- rv.-_ li>« lnnst \CS-n-rnrlnv- vwia-nrng blooded .cair of Mr r'nTr'i which w !11 bf i\ >r i f h.f>- mnirVr-f AOOTI. ' Mr. n-nrl Mrs. Chirfl-? \ Tlnrlf^ foriik in the niw. r morio. nf Ogd. and Tr r.r.^f i*n .Tpflt \m-ccess. T, i',p ATari-p-.\ IMIWP on thp list Mlw \ftvi P>aY\ifV n-rl \Pmnrv Fr\r;iMori -wpTf* <»nl1 prt at Mr. OnTfB. L. Wirfin 'Wife a \=1f*iVhload of v.ir\T T.p.'-.T-'l'-' ''n *T)mr)d (ho f'Vr»m\r with TWii-i M Sa-ndr-TRfin li\\.* •\'r-r-l:. Mr. n^d M'oft TTow-ird Rnl'nipv Wf-r\ MIIITI* at Milo Ro^'s Tlinr-- •R.-.ffii\ n'OPf »llfil+'.' f '\•I r ''' <•'\Hf\\ '•pr-l-r.r Hrfc-i'\?.nr\r\nv (• VP-ning and rp-port(*d some fjpovpr-i rfiurrinp: li,.me. ' Mr. fnnrl MrO N. ntndlf k <hi- nir-w foTpfn.'i*i fit Wm. Salton's. Mini Hnzfl Putwycilled in Oprd. i'.w* past woek. Mir. and Mrs. Tsaac- Marro-a wo •callfd tn Norwood lost Tu\?*day by £_ •• :-..;nrii:.j!ijiiL;riii,[n]iJi|f|;\>rt(ff:;!!i!L!:!ri:iii:ii;rfij!ijrd TrTr'jiiiii[,!nri[!!''-?!f;[i'g | General | hiiinianiKiiiBiraiiiiii^ijiiim-iiNiiniiiiliiiiEiiiiiniiiiiiiiiliiHniiiiiiiiiiBiiiEraiiiiiHHHiiSl A woman bus presided as fpf-akisr OVI.T the Oregon Hoase of Reprt^en- tali vet; for th« first time. Speaker itobert X. Stanrieli! retired and turfed the gavel over to Mrs. Alexander Thompson, a Representative. Cigarettes yielded internal revenue to the amount of $31,541,200 last year nu4 $22,424,402 the year before. The House Committee on Naval Af- fairs will recommend that the appro- priation for new navy vessels be in- creased to $351,000,000, -Willi an alter- native appropriation o£ $12,000,000 to equip navy yards for the construction of first line vessels. The charter >of the steamer Newton by the New England Coal & Coke Company to the Prance & Canada Steamship Company, at a rate said to approximate $100,600 a month, has been announced. The vessel will be operated as a part of the latter com- I pany's fleet between Boston and St. j Naaaire, In the delivery of steel and j munitions to the French Government, j The first sailing under the new con- i trart, which will run for a year, I will be made from Boston next ; month. ! Tlilevfs robbed the FIr.-t National s-3gac<3i<a^.<yg>tgB^g«awa*3P«A^ 1912 | 1913T 1914r | 1915 1 1916 1 ML TT W*T \Let's see—if a scuttle of coal costs a quarter\— \HTHAT same quarter buys about two A gallons of SOGONY Kerosene, which will keep a Perfection Oil Heater going full blast for twenty hours. And not a cent's worth of fuel is wasted. The Perfection is on when you need it and off when you don't.\ nK 1 Wi-'l tli In),i i'lii' nni; of Fairview, Mo., and Pm-aped 5.000. Jnlm Thrift r.i-i-l.wtfi, nl At- . lily. N. J., v.-:i. ;:~rr nd in | h-lphia. i-iiarp,ed with nuluv. the tu Hi fraud. C'-iint Franklin K. L;mc, Jr., of .rinv S-'lj-mil Cnrii-. v.a- ordr-red • v.-port \ev.-h Va., to pr;uiii'f< Wm Ereel Harper, Potedam\ \R.7 tlle deffltl1 flf thek ' ^teMn-law, *^* they will be accepted, grate- f M^- Sm&y Hemry. ! tin i tu : 11; Inc. IK, \V!l!i;im V. HiltJiuml-. iiIriTinr of alitleli'-- of Wiehinclon I'lthiftiiy, ri: iippoinled dirr-.'tor fif ailiU-tii.-', at the I'nlver.ity of Verruoht. h-.usic T. Proyer, of San Antonio, TPX„ was elr-eted preftlilfnt of (ho American National Dive Stock Asso< elation. WisHLLL KEROSENE) Save money and keep warm. Burn SOGONY KEROSENE Remember it's SOGONY Kerosene, the Standard Oil Company of New York's best grade of refined Oil. fviy SOGONY to the grocer's boy. (.•«,!< for the SOGONY Sign at your dt; f •'•.. t*&l STANDARD 0ILC0.KN.Y. STANDARD OIL CO. of NEW YOltK (Prinoip»I Offices) ALBANY BOSTON NEW YORK BUFFALO wujuwai)ram»iM:iiCTJiMV'iyi'%i^

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